Punishing Your Wife

Written by Sybian / Oct 10, 1999


"Punishing your Wife" by Sybian

Punishment. He had left the times of whips and such far behind, they were the implements of his youth, before he came to the special knowledge of women's desires that he now held. Steven thought back to one of the times that made him realize that punishment for transgressions, real and imagined, didn't have to be always corporal in nature, didn't always have to involve the lash and the cat, the slap and the clamps.

Her name was cindy and he had found her in a shopping mall while he was trying on a pair of black leather trousers. They got to talking and she talked and talked, revealing the intimate details of her life as if they had known one another for years. Soon they were meeting for coffee weekly. She spoke of her fascination with the world of Domination and submission and her boredom in her marital bedroom. How her husband was so "vanilla" and after so many years of marriage they almost had a sibling relationship. As she spoke, Steven noted the dark desire in her brown eyes, accentuated by just a little too much makeup, the sign of the compliant whore lurking just beneath the suburban housewife exterior. Cindy told him that she had just recently read "The Sleeping Beauty" trilogy by Ann Rice, and it had opened her eyes to her true feelings. She felt that she wanted to be treated like a "slave", to get in touch with her submissive side. She wondered if he ever thought of such things. He coyly revealed that he "had some knowledge of these matters". She asked him if he would be willing to "play" with her, if he would consider it. He told her that he didn't care to partake in "games", that what he did was very serious business and would agree to a session with her only when he had outlined to her what might be expected.

She had enthusiastically accepted his conditions and during one of her husband's business trips, found herself being "trained". She had most recently talked back to him for she was full of spirit, which he loved in his subs, but she was constantly testing him and now needed to be corrected. He had her fully restrained and blindfolded on a bed, on a rubber sheet. Steven spent two hours working her holes with an assortment of dildos and vibrators, bringing her time and again to the brink of orgasm but never allowing her to climax. He spent much of this time working on her clit until it was incredibly swollen with lust and pulsed like a small penis, begging for release.

He played her like a piano, thrusting into her with either his fist or a giant rubber phallus until she started to spasm and then he would stop and let her settle. She was crying hysterically and begging for him to end this erotic torture. At one point her nose started to bleed from the tension within her. At the end of the two hours, he unshackled her hands and and placed the biggest dildo in them. "Go ahead, bitch, make yourself cum". He hissed at her, his contempt evident. Through sobs she choked the words; "Thank you, Master, thank you, I'll never talk back to you again, thank you, you're too good to this worthless whore", as she started to fuck herself with the massive toy. It's full length disappeared into her yawning fuck-hole time and again as she furiously worked herself. "Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God......."she screamed. It only took a minute, so close to the edge was she. As she started to spasm, Steven stood by her head and ordered, in a dark whisper, "Open your mouth, cindy, open your mouth and drink of me, your Master". He took his semi-rigid cockmeat and aimed it at her beckoning mouth. As her climax tore through her small body, he unleashed his golden stream directly into her head. As she pulsed with orgasm, his strong stream of urine overflowed her mouth. She gulped greedily and as she came and came, the words "Thank you, thank you", could be heard through her gurgling.

He returned cindy after her training to her husband and her suburban life. But she writes to him now and again, and to this day, she reports, cannot have a satisfying orgasm unless a man is urinating into her mouth. The sting of the whip soon fades, the welts heal, but the punishment of that long ago night is now a tattoo on her soul and will be with her forever. Though she would never ask her husband for such a thing as he climbs on top of her for his weekly fuck, she has found a series of erstwhile "Masters" who are more than willing to cater to her needs. Steven grinned his wicked grin as he thought of the poor unsuspecting husband who's wife is sneaking away, gartered and corsetted like a whore, to be tied up and pissed on in hotels, motels and basement "dungeons" throughout the city.
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