The First Swap

Written by T. Hicks / Oct 10, 1999


The First Swap

By T. Hicks

My wife and I married when we were both young, about twenty years old. Amy was, and still is the sexist little thing I have ever known. She is only five foot one inches tall, with dark hair, blue eyes, small perky breasts and the nicest round ass in the world. While we were dating, and I knew that we were getting serious, I thought I should tell her about some of the rather unique ideas I had about marriage just to see what her reaction would be. I told her that, although I had never tried it, I had always been interested in group sex, and that I especially have always thought that watching my wife getting fucked by other men would be a great turn on.

I asked her what her feelings about "swapping" were. She was only nineteen when I asked her this, and although I knew she had had some experience with a couple of other guys, she certainly had never done anything as kinky as what I was proposing, but if I was to marry this girl, I needed to know how she felt about the situation. Much to my delight, Amy looked me in the eye and said, "that might be fun to try sometime." That was all I needed. I was willing to be patient as long as the opportunity was there.

We were married and for seven years we enjoyed the greatest life together. We did not yet have children and were able to do what ever we wanted. Our sex life was also fantastic; although, whenever I would bring up the topic of swapping she would always tell me "not yet."

Finally one day I brought home a local swingers magazine and as we were sitting down to watch a porno and indulge in our wonderful, but routine love making, I showed it to her under the pretext that it would just be fun to read some of the adds. We sat naked with each other, having a little smoke and casually feeling each other out while we took turns reading the ads.

Most of the ads were obviously from well experienced swingers who had definite preferences in what they were looking for. But one ad stood out to us both. It was from a couple the same age as the two of us, they had never swapped before, had been together for a long time, were very much in love, but wanted to broaden there horizons. They were looking for a couple they could be friends with as well as something more. They seemed to be in exactly the same situation we were at the time.

Under the influence of the smoke and the hand jobs we were giving each other, I got Amy to admit that after over seven years of having the same cock inside her, she would kind of like to feel what it was like to have another man's cock thrusting into her pussy. She gave me permission to contact the couple as long as we could take it slow and not force anything. If something were to happen great, if not, we at least gave it a try.

We answered the ad and a few days later we received a call from the husband, Tim. I talked with him on the phone and he and I got along very well. He and his wife Carla had never done anything like this before, but had talked about it for sometime. They had received many bazaar responses to their ad which was really making them give some second thought to their decision to give it a try, but when they received our response, they were elated. We made arrangements for the four of us to meet the next weekend at a nightclub so that we could all get to know each other better.

Amy and I had arrived at the club first. As we had not exchanged pictures, we had to try to identify them by the descriptions they had given us. Tim was about six feet tall, muscular build, with blond hair. Carla was small like Amy, only five feet tall, petite build, with red hair.

We found a table with a good view of the entrance and waited. It was not long before we saw them come through the door. As I was most concerned that Amy have a good experience, I checked out Tim first. Without making myself sound shallow, my reaction was that he was a stud and Amy was in for a good time. I then noticed Carla. I had never dated a red head before and that in itself made her very interesting to me, but she was also cute, with a small dainty figure, and as we sat talking, I realized very personable. No one had hit on anyone or done any pawing. It being our first time we were all a bit timid, but still very excited. By the end of the night the four of us were like long time friends. We made arrangements to meet at our place the next weekend. Although we had all acted very respectable thus far, it was obvious that we all were looking forward to getting to know each other on a much more personal level.

That week of anticipation was great. Amy and I made love at every opportunity, fantasizing about having sex with Tim and Carla. We had fun preparing each other for the attentions of another. I took Amy out to buy a sexy outfit, we even bought some temporary tattoos and put a rose on Amy's breast and a little devil just under her panty line. It was an incredible turn on helping Amy prepare to fuck another man.

The day had finally came and when they arrived that night we were all a little nervous. We all decided to take it slow. We sat and talked, had a few drinks, and finally someone suggested a game of strip poker to get things going. Everyone must have been feeling a little horny by this time as there were no objections and Amy literally ran to get a deck of cards. Amy and Tim sat on the couch and Carla and I sat on the floor on the other side of the coffee table.

As we played, Amy was getting the worst of it and found herself in her bra and panties while the rest of us were still almost fully clothed. There Amy sat in front of two people we had just basically met with her nicely trimmed dark pubic mound clearly visible through her panties and her arousal visible from the growing spot of dampness between her legs. It was exciting to watch Tim stealing nervous glances of Amy's body as we tried to keep our attentions on the game.

To be fair, Tim, Carla and I all agreed to take off our clothes down to our under garments. After I took my pants off and sat back down, I noticed Carla's eyes fixed on my crotch. I looked down and saw that Amy was not the only one with visible signs of excitement. I had a raging hard on that was plainly visible through my underwear and my pre-cum had made a wet spot over the tip of my erection. I looked at Carla and she seemed to be licking her lips. It was evident that the sexual tension in the room was reaching very high levels.

The next hand Amy again lost. She hesitantly looked at me for a moment as if to give me one last chance to back out of the situation, then she turned to look into Tim's eyes while she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. It fell to the floor and her breasts were exposed for all to see. Tim fixed his eyes upon Amy's breasts like a hungry animal. You could tell that he wanted to fuck her bad and probably would not be able to contain himself much longer. I then looked back at Carla. She gave me a lustful look and then looked down at my raging cock, longing to taste the pre-cum she knew was hers for the taking.

The next thing I can recall, Tim went for Amy's breasts, squeezing them as he sucked and licked her hard erect nipples. Amy thrusted her head back in submission to his advances and, softly sighing, held his head tightly to her breasts. No sooner had I realized that my wife was now seriously making out with another man, than Carla lunged toward me and gave me a deep passionate kiss.

Carla then tore her lips from mine and wrapped then tightly around the engorged head of my cock. As she slid her lips up and down my hard shaft, I looked up at the couch and saw Tim had now buried his face between Amy's legs. Amy's hips were thrusting into Tim's face and she was moaning in pleasure. It was unreal, after years of dreaming, it was now really happening.

Although I was very much enjoying the pleasure that Carla was giving me, I had to taste her. I gently pulled her head from my cock and laid her on the floor. I spread her legs and for the first time viewed her pretty cunt. It was of course framed in a beautiful triangle of soft red hair. Her clit was already very swollen and her wetness was gently flowing from her opening. We looked into each others eyes for a moment and then I lowered myself between her legs.

I started by licking the sweet juice from her opening. I then gently licked up and down the folds of her pussy lips. Just as Amy had been doing to Tim, Carla was thrusting herself harder and harder into my face, attempting to maneuver my tongue to her clit for relief. I then gave in to her frustration and gently began twirling my tongue around her engorged clit. It was not long before her legs wrapped tightly around my head and she shuddered in an intense orgasm.

After Carla had begun to relax, I took my head from between her legs and looked to see what Amy and Tim were up to. Amy had just been giving Tim head and he was now leading her to the floor. Carla and I both watched as her husband laid my wife down, put her legs over his shoulders, and slowly penetrated her steamy hole with his big stiff cock. Carla took this as a cue and, as I laid on my back, she straddled herself over me, took my cock into her hand and slowly lowered herself onto it. Don't get me wrong, I love Amy to no end, but the feeling of a new cunt around my shaft after seven years of marriage was incredible, especially considering the fact that Amy was in the same room watching and getting fucked herself.

Carla was looking into my eyes as we fucked in a way that left no question that she was fucking me rather than me fucking her. I did not mind at all! As I was being fucked by this sexy little red head, I heard Amy begin to moan in a way I knew was a precursor to an orgasm. I looked over to where Tim and Amy were fucking and saw that Amy still had her legs over Tim's shoulders, but he was now fucking her at a rapid pace and she was obviously appreciating his efforts, matching each of his thrusts with one of her own. He was buried within her to the hilt as she came with her cunt convulsing around his big stiff dick. It was not long before I heard the sound of Tim spraying his hot cum deep into my wife's hot pussy.

Inspired by our spouses' performance, Carla and I shared a gut wrenching simultaneous orgasm and she collapsed on top of me. After we all settled down we looked over at one another and began laughing. We each remained in the arms of the others' spouse as we cuddled and caressed talking about our experiences. As we talked, Carla began to casually stroke her clit and finger her pussy which had my cum slowly flowing from it. We all looked at each other, broke out in mischievous smiles, and started the whole thing over again. Needless to say, at the end of the night we were all exhausted and satisfied. We continued to see each other and shared many more naughty nights together. I will leave those stories for later.
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