Like Daughter, Like Mother

Written by Teeney Weenie / Feb 27, 2003


Like Daughter, Like Mother By Teeney Weenie

Michelle and I have been happily married for seventeen years and have one child, her daughter by a previous short marriage, a beautiful, sexy 19-year old named Kimberly. Even though she's my stepdaughter, I was really the only father Kim had ever known so she always called me "Daddy". Both mother and daughter have blonde hair and strongly resemble each other. Michelle is 43, but looks nearly ten years younger and could pass for Kim's older sister. Michelle's and my sex life had gotten pretty routine over the years as it does for most couples. Truth be told, I don't think she was ever really into fucking me. Sure, I got her off regularly with my finger or tongue, but since my penis isn't even five inches long when totally erect, I knew it never did much for her. I also have experienced premature ejaculation our entire married life, so actual fucking sessions aren't very long. And that was o.k. with Michelle. She mainly loved the closeness we felt when I was inside of her. I knew she had had several lovers before we met, but we had been monogamous ever since. On a couple of occasions I'd been able to get her to tell me stories about earlier men, the sizes of their cocks, and how well they had fucked her. She knew it turned me on, and on rare occasions would offer up a little story as I was cumming inside her. She knew it really got me off. Yes, I had always had a fantasy of her fucking other men, but we never truly discussed it or acted on it. All of that changed because of our incredibly sexy daughter.

Kim went away to college her first year, but then moved back home to go the local university and save money. She made her decision about a month before actually moving back in, so, being the voyeur I am, I took advantage of that time to make some adjustments in the wall between my den and her bedroom. One weekend when Michelle was visiting her mother, I installed some floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in Kim's room and drilled a peephole in my den closet wall between the shelves which had a perfect view of her bed and dressing area. My only intent was to be able to see her naked and enjoy, while masturbating, the voluptuous body she had developed. On a whim. I did the same thing in another wall just above a picture in our own bedroom that was too high on the wall for Michelle to see. This way I could see into both rooms and observe the two ladies in my life naked and in their private moments. The most I was hoping for was to see one or both of them masturbating. Little did I know what I had in store for me. I had only seen Kim nude on a couple of occasions since she reached puberty, accidentally as she went from the bathroom to her room, and I have to say, her body is incredibly like her mothers, only more youthful. Kim has size 36 C breasts and Michelle's are slightly larger and are 36 D's. Since Michelle works out a lot, their asses are quite similar, although Kim's is definitely tighter. They're both about 5 feet 7 inches and have nicely shaped legs. Both ladies like to keep their pubic hair trimmed into a little "v" above their cunts so they can wear thong swimsuits.

The day Kim moved back in, my pulse was racing. How soon would I be feasting my eyes on her naked beauty? And would she be able to see the peephole? I usually worked in my den at different times in the evening so I made sure I was in there when Kim took her shower that night. I quietly sneaked into the closet. I had to step up onto a high stool since I had put the hole in the back of the top shelf, at an angle looking downward into the room. This way, she was never likely to notice it. I pressed my eye to the hole and was greeted with a wonderful sight, my naked 19-year old daughter standing in front of her mirror brushing her hair. I unzipped my pants and took out my little penis and began stroking it. Kim was now examining her full tits with both hands and it was turning me on something awful. Unfortunately, she was not naked long enough for me to masturbate, so I left my spot with aching balls. But it would not be long before I would be treated to something I hadn't really thought about. Michelle and I had a discussion before Kim moved back in that, now that she was over 18, she had a right to her privacy and could entertain men in her bedroom if she so chose. We wanted to treat her as an adult and let her room be kind of like an apartment. About three weeks after she moved in, she had gone out to a club and Michelle and I were in the family room watching tv. Kim came in about 11:00 and had a very handsome black man with her who appeared to be about 25. She introduced him to us as James and said they were getting some wine and going to the "apartment". For some reason, I saw Michelle's eyes light up when James extended his hand to her, and I thought he held it just a little too long. Michelle was sitting on the couch in a rather revealing nightgown, but we really hadn't expected anyone to come by. I'm sure James could see her erect nipples through the gown material, because I sure could. As Kim and James walked to the kitchen to get the wine, I could see that my wife was very flushed.

We heard quiet music playing upstairs, but no other sounds, and about a half-hour later, Michelle said she was going to bed. I told her I might work a little while in my den. I gave Michelle about ten minutes, went up to kiss her goodnight, then went into the den, locking the door behind me. I knew Michelle was out for the night, so I completely stripped, entered my closet, and got up on the stool. Placing my eye to the peephole, I could see that all the lights were out in the room, but Kim had lit several candles so the room was very well-lit. I could see James lying naked on the bed and Kim lying nude next to him. She was gently stroking the biggest blackest cock I had ever seen and it was totally erect. I cold clearly see his huge hairy balls, and James' hands were busy, one on Kim's big left tit and one on her pussy. Her legs were spread wide apart and he was alternating between massaging her clit and stroking his big middle finger in and out of her juicy pussy. I couldn't tell whether or not they had already fucked, but regardless, I began stroking my own much smaller penis with my left hand. I had to keep very quiet, although the music in their room probably was drowning out any heavy breathing I was going to be doing.

I was not disappointed as only moments later, James began sucking on Kim's left nipple, then her right, then he lowered his mouth to her cunt. My view was blocked by his body, until she began writhing on the bed, then he stopped, lay back on his back again, and I watched my beautiful, sexy daughter sit up and swing her right leg over his midsection. She reached for that big, thick, black dick and lowered her nineteen-year old cunt onto his meat. I could not believe how easily her cunt took his entire length which I estimated to be between eight and nine inches. This girl ahs been doing some fucking, I thought. As she began bouncing up and down on his prick, I could clearly see their joined genitals. There was no protection, she was riding him bareback and was going to take his whole load deep inside her pussy. I was starting to feel an orgasm building inside my balls, and suddenly they stopped fucking. Almost as if I were choreographing the lovemaking, Kim got off his rod, turned around, and sat on him again, this time facing me! It was sexual heaven for a true voyeur. She began riding a little faster and her big tits started bouncing. Natural tits are so great because they don't move together. James reached around and took both globes in his big hands as he fucked his monster cock up into her horny cunt. She was riding faster and faster and I could tell by her face she was starting to cum. He gave one final thrust and unloaded his balls inside her pussy. At the same time, I shot my load against the closet wall. I watched them come down from their sexual high, then quietly made my way across the room for some tissues to clean the wall and my spent penis. When I slipped into bed, Michelle was fast asleep. I could clearly smell the scent of a masturbated pussy and knew she had gotten herself off, undoubtedly fantasizing about the size of James' cock. Well, we're all happy, I thought, as I drifted off to sleep.

James visited regularly to the apartment and I managed to see them a couple more times. One particularly memorable one was of Kim on her hands and knees on the floor and James pumping her pussy from behind. I'd tried that once with Michelle but it just didn't work and I ended up cumming all over her ass. I admired James for his ability to stay with Kim's bucking ass. The next time Michelle went away for the weekend, Kim and I were in the family room. I was reading and she was studying. We'd always been pretty close and I felt no embarrassment when I asked her, "Are you and James having sex?" She as well was not embarrassed to say, "Yes, Daddy, we are." "I figured as much, Kim. I hope you're being careful." "Well, I'm on the pill so pregnancy isn't possible, and James has regular blood tests for his job, so there's no chance of disease." "Good," I smiled. "He seems like a real gentleman." "Can I ask you a question, Kim." "Sure, Dad, what is it?" " they say about black guys." I stopped, hesitating. Kim was looking at me and grinning. She finished it for me. "You want to know if it's true that black guys are hung better than white guys and one you go black, do you ever go back?" "Well, yes," I admitted. "Well, let me answer this way, Dad. James has a nine-inch long cock and it's pretty thick. I've not yet had a white guy who could give me that much. Not that I've been that promiscuous, but there have been several. So, so far, the answer to the first part is `yes'. I don't know the answer to the second part." We were quiet for a few minutes. "Do you think mom ever has?" I looked at her and she was smiling at me with her full pouty lips. "I have no idea," I said. "Not since we've been married, but she may have before." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "What are you thinking?" I asked. " told me once about you..your penis." I felt a stirring between my legs. "What.what did she tell you, Kim?" "Well, we were drinking a lot of wine one night when you were gone..and she told me.about your size problem.and.." Her voice trailed off. "What else?" I asked, now feeling a full erection in my pants. "Well, she said that your..penis really doesn't satisfy her.that you don't have much stamina. There, I said it." "Well," I said, blushing. "I won't deny any of that. But why is this relevant?" "I thought maybe that's why you were so inquisitive about James. That" "You're not thinking she'd take a lover, are you? A black one?" I asked. "I don't know, I just wondered if you two had ever talked about it. I saw how excited she got when she met James the first time." "So did I," I said. "Would you be jealous, angry, turned on, what?" "I don't know, Kim. I've never thought about it. I doubt if it will ever come up."

Suddenly, we were interrupted by the doorbell and Kim went to answer it. She brought James into the family room and introduced a friend of his, also black, named William. They sat down and Kim went to get us all beers. As we chatted, I learned that William owned his own business and did quite well, by the way he was dressed. I already knew that James was working on his masters in education at the university where he and Kim had met. I eventually left them alone and went up to work in the den. After awhile, I heard footsteps in the hallway and heard Kim's door close. I waited an appropriate time and stripped off my clothes, then entered the closet. Kim's room again was lighted in candles and I was shocked to see my daughter, again naked in her bed, but this time with one naked black man on each side of her. They were alternating between her tits and pussy, fondling everywhere they could put their hands. As I gently stroked by little hard- on, I watched as she gave one of them a blow job while the other expertly fucked her hot pussy. This was like watching a porn movie, but it was my own daughter who was the star. James seemed to have no jealousy, he was encouraging William to take every liberty with Kim. At one point, William spread a good amount of KY jelly all over Kim's delectable ass preparing her for a good butt-fucking. Id not yet seen her fucked in the ass and William's cock wasn't much smaller than James' so it took awhile to get in there. At first Kim looked to be in pain, but eventually she was enjoying it. She took two loads of cum in her pussy, one in her ass, and one of James' in her mouth before the evening ended. I came the second time William was in her, this time in her cunt. All I could think was that this body was built for fucking. As I stepped down from the stool, I accidentally knocked over a couple of shoe boxes. They made some noise and I held my breath, hoping if Kim heard, she would just think they fell off a shelf.

I stood very still in my den, not wanting to move to get my clothes. Then I looked a the door and realized I had forgotten to lock it! It couldn't have been more than two seconds that the doorknob turned and the door opened. There was Kim, standing naked facing me. I was totally naked and still had cum dripping from my penis. She looked from me to the closet door and I guess put it all together. James and William were standing nude behind her. "How long have you been watching me have sex, Daddy?" I knew I couldn't lie to her. "Since you moved back home." "The bookshelves..?" I nodded. She turned to the guys and said, "Why don't you guys head home. I'll call you tomorrow, James." They disappeared and she just stood there looking at me. There was simply no point in covering up. "We need to talk, Dad." Kim seemed very much in control of the situation. "Let's go in my room." She turned and walked away from me, her ass swaying seductively. I started to grab my robe and she saw me and said, "No! Leave it there. You've seen me naked, now I'm gonna see you naked for awhile." I followed her into her room and sat in the chair while she sat on the bed. She looked at me for a few minutes.

"Are you a voyeur?" I nodded. "Do you just watch me having sex, or do you watch me after I shower or when I'm dressing?" "Both," I admitted. I couldn't see any point in lying about anything. "Do you masturbate while you watch me?" I nodded again. She looked pensive for awhile. "How often do you and mom fuck?" "Maybe once a month," I said. "How often do you masturbate?" I took a deep breath. "I guess about twice a week." "If you're that horny, why don't you and mom make love more often?" I didn't answer and she looked into my eyes. Some realization hit her and she said, "Oh, mom doesn't mind only fucking you once in awhile, does she?" "No," I blushed. She was looking at my crotch now. My now flaccid penis had practically shrunk back into my ball sac. Only the little head was peeking out from the pubic hair. "Poor mom," she laughed. I had to chuckle too. "I know," I said. "Pretty pathetic, isn't it?" Again she was quiet for a moment. "I want to ask you something, Daddy. Would you prefer to masturbate than make love to mom?" I didn't know how to answer her. "I love making love to your mother," I finally said. "That's not what I asked you, Dad. Would you RATHER masturbate, given the choice. Does she even know you're jacking off two or three times a week?" I shook my head no. "I didn't think so."

"Did you know that my mother would like to have someone fucking her a couple of times a week, not once a month?" "No," I said. "How.." She cut me off. "She told me that once a couple of years ago. So let's see..Daddy likes to jack himself off a couple times a week.Mom likes to fuck a couple times a week.hmmmm.." Her mind was going over some things. Looking right at my crotch, my darling sexy daughter said, "Dad, how would you feel, if instead of watching me getting fucked by a big, black cock, you were watching my mother, your wife being fucked by that same big, black cock?" Involuntarily, my little penis began to grow to an erection. She looked from my eyes to my penis and back again. She spoke slowly for effect, "' wn.on.James'!" I was now at full erection. She looked at me grinning. Then she saw the full hard-on. "Oh my, you really like that, don't you?" I nodded. "I have to say this, Dad. Now I see why mom's only been letting you fuck her once a month." She giggled and shook her head. I blushed and my penis twitched at the humiliation of having my daughter laughing at the size of my so called manly penis. "I have a plan, Dad, just leave everything to me. But if I go with this, you have to promise not to try to stop it. I think I can make everyone very happy." "Will I have to stop watching you, Kim?" She smiled that sexy smile of hers and said, "Oh no, darling daddy, you'll be watching me more than ever."

When Michelle returned from her weekend away, Kim said nothing to her about our talk. Or about me watching her from the closet. For a couple of days, she cheerily announced to me each time she was going to take a bath or shower knowing I'd be back at my spot watching her. I guessed the peephole would be our little least for awhile. One night I had to work late at the office and when I came home, I saw James' car in our driveway. I went in and he, William, Kim, and Michelle were all in the family room, drinking wine. There were two empty bottles in the kitchen so as I expected, the four of them were pretty tipsy. Kim met me in the kitchen as I got myself a beer. "Are you horny tonight, Dad?" I looked into her eyes and saw an excitement and orneriness I had not seen before. I gulped and nodded. "Good," she cooed. "So am I." Then she whispered in my ear, "So is Mom." I could feel the tightness building in my balls. It had been several days since I had masturbated. We joined the others in the family room and when I sat down, I first noticed how Michelle was dressed. She had on a short skirt that was riding pretty high up her thighs and her tight blouse had the top three buttons open, revealing a good amount of the tops of her breasts. James and William were sitting in such a way that they had a pretty good view up her skirt. Michelle was slurring her words just the least little bit, which made me think she was beginning to get drunk. Kim went over and put a CD on the stereo and turned on some slow dance music. She turned off the two lights, so the only light was coming from some candles she had lit. She took James' hand and led him to the middle of the room and they began a slow, close dance where her head was on his shoulder and he was cupping her ass outside her skirt. Kim looked at Michelle and said, "Dance with William, Mom." She looked at me, then at William, and took his hand nervously. William and my wife began dancing in the same close manner that Kim and James had, and soon William boldly moved his hand down to Michelle's firm ass. She sighed and put her head on his shoulder, without so much as a glance at me. When a new song started, Kim kept dancing and began French kissing James. William saw this, then looked over at me. I was sitting there just staring at the two of them. He may have been thinking about what he saw in my den the week before, how pathetic I looked, standing there naked. He looked down at Michelle, lowered his face to hers, and began kissing her on the lips. Her lips parted to accept his tongue. When they broke the kiss, she looked over at me. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

When I next looked at James, his hand had undone Kim's blouse and he had it inside her bra, feeling her tits. Both William and Michelle looked over at Kim and watched in awe for a few moments. Then Michelle looked at me again. As our eyes met and held, William reached inside her blouse. She did nothing to stop him, and neither did I. He undid the clasp on the front of her bra and pulled it away, revealing her left breast. Her nipple was already hard and he placed his hand firmly on her tit flesh. He looked at me, triumphantly. I made no move, just quietly watched them. As he rubbed her bare breast, she looked at me again and smiled. Kim looked over and saw how William was feeling up her mother. "Um.Dad..don't you have some work to do upstairs?" I looked at her and she was giving me a horny, evil smile. "Um.yes, I do. If everyone will excuse me, I'll retire to my den." I stood up and Kim checked my crotch and found the telltale tent in my pants she was looking for. "Goodnight," I said. I went to the den and made sure I locked the door behind me. I had no idea what was going to happen or where. My heart was pounding, wondering if they would all be staying downstairs and start fucking in the family room, or if Kim would somehow engineer it so I could actually watch my wife taking her first cock outside our marriage. And a black one at that. I decided I had to trust Kim as she'd brought all this together so far. I stripped off my clothes and took my place at the peephole into Kim's room. I wondered if I would be using the peephole into my bedroom too. Would Michelle and William end up there?

I waited for what seemed an eternity but I'm sure was only about fifteen minutes and heard quiet voices in the hallway outside my hiding place. When I peeped again, I saw Kim and James in the room, both naked. That made me think Michelle and her stud had stayed downstairs. Was I going to have to sneak down the stairs to observe them? I watched Kim lighting the candles, then she turned and looked towards my peephole. She winked and blew me a kiss, then pointed toward Michelle's and my bedroom. I moved the stool to the other peephole and looked into the master bedroom. I saw Kim in there lighting some candles to illuminate that room as well, then she left to go back to her room. It was only a matter of minutes before Michelle walked into the room, stark naked, leading William by the hand. Her 36 D's were bouncing delightfully and William cupped her ass with his big hand as she walked. They stood face to face next to the bed and he took her in his arms, passionately kissing her, his tongue probing deep inside her mouth. Both hand were on her ass and his finger was probing her anal opening. Michelle moaned at the stimulation. William lowered his face to her right breast and took the nipple and a third of her tit into his mouth, sucking and lightly biting her nipple. His left hand was working feverishly to maul her left boob. Meanwhile, Michelle's hand was busy stroking his 8-inch black cock to a full erection. She then dropped to her knees as he placed his hands on the top of her head. She took his big cock head into her mouth and began swirling her tongue around the tip, then licking up one side and down the other. His big dick was actually twitching from the stimulation.

My own hands were busy, one fondling my now very tight balls and the other gently stroking my own much smaller erection. Michelle had only taken me in her mouth on rare occasions and had never given me a complete blow job. Now she seemed to be in love with this man's monster cock. She released her lips from his manhood and I heard her husky voice say, "William, why don't we get in the bed. We'd be a lot more comfortable." They moved onto the bed into a 69 position and William's tongue went ot work on my wife's swollen clit as she spread her legs wide to accommodate his probing tongue. Her mouth was back on his ebony prick now and she was sucking and licking more voraciously. He was bringing her to an orgasm and her breathing picked up in intensity. She began moaning and sucking harder at the same time. It was obvious she wanted to cum so badly and that she also wanted to taste his cum in her mouth. I had never cum in my wife's mouth and I'm not certain that any man before me had. Michelle moaned loudly around his prick as her orgasm hit her, and only moments later, William's balls contracted and his big dick began pumping its seed into her mouth. She swallowed a number of times and managed to get every drop down her throat. I had to squeeze hard on my own penis to keep it from cumming. As badly as I wanted to, I knew there was more to come that night and prolonging my orgasm was a real turn-on for me. When William's cock was completely spent, my wife lovingly licked it, capturing whatever remained of his semen.

They then moved side by side and began the passionate kissing again. I could understand Michelle's desire and need for good sex, for a good fucking which I was sure she would receive very soon. I couldn't quite grasp the kissing part. Our kisses were always passionate and loving, even when the intercourse wasn't that great for her. But the way she was kissing William seemed to go beyond that. It almost looked like a bride and groom on their honeymoon. Don't get me wrong, I found it extremely arousing and erotic. Much the same way I had seen Kim kissing James. Michelle was gently playing with William's cock now, coaxing it back to a full erection. "You're gonna make me want to fuck you, baby, if you keep that up," he said in his deep Barry White-like voice. "She looked at him and said, "I want you to fuck me, William. It's been so long since I had a nice big cock inside me." "Doesn't Bruce fuck you a lot?" he asked. Michelle laughed and although it hurt, I felt my penis twinge. "Maybe once a month, and then for only a minute or two. William, his penis is only about five inches long, it's nothing like your beautiful one." "Oh man, you poor sexy lady. If I were married to you, I'd be fucking you at least twice a day." "I'd probably make you do me three times a day," she laughed. "I can't believe that you are nearly twice as big as Bruce is. Are you ready to put that lovely cock inside me? I need it in my cunt, now, William. Make love to me." With that she spread her legs as wide as she could and William positioned himself above her, his fully erect thick cock just above the entrance to her pussy. He began to ease it into her, once inch at a time. She sighed contentedly, then moaned as he gbegan to go deeper and deeper. He finally made it all the way, his balls resting momentarily against her ass. "Finally, a man is inside me," she cooed. She kissed him passionately again and he slowly moved his big dick in and out of her hungry pussy. I had a clear view of their coupling and marveled at how well he could fuck her. They got into a rhythm and his cock was big enough to put good pressure on her swollen clit. He began fucking her faster until the headboard was gently banging against the wall. "Do we need to slow down so your husband won't hear us?" "No, William, you fuck me harder. I don't care if he hears us. Let him hear what it's like for a real man to be fucking me, not a little- dicked boy like him." That was all the encouragement her lover needed and he fucked her and fucker her for another ten minutes until she began an extended orgasm and he emptied his balls simultaneously into her love-starved cunt. I was in heaven myself, shooting my cum all over the wall. I nearly fell off the stool, my orgasm was so intense. Easily one of the best I'd ever had.

When I next looked into the peephole, I saw them cuddling and kissing again. There was a light knocking on her door and Kim walked in nude herself. Her mother and her lover made no effort to cover themselves. "Where's your dad?" Michelle asked Kim. "I think he fell asleep in the den, Mom." "Good," she replied. "I hope he couldn't hear us in here." " you mind if I borrowed William for awhile? James wants to join you in here." Michelle looked really surprised. "Oh my, are you o.k. with that, honey?" "Oh, yes, Mom. William and James have both fucked me and I think it's only fair to share James with you. You know, his cock is even bigger than William's. He's still so horny and I just know he wants a taste of your pussy." She led William by the hand and a minute later, James entered the room, closing the door behind him. Surprisingly, Michelle kissed James the same way she kissed William, very passionately and a lot of tongue. I was treated to a beautiful site as Michelle decided to ride James' big cock and the faster she rode him, the wilder her big tits bounced. He tried to rein them in a few times and would lovingly squeeze them, then let them go again and they'd bounce like crazy. James' stamina was amazing. Michelle had a fantastic orgasm riding him, then he did her doggy style, practically driving her into the headboard. It was sex and fucking at its best and I felt like I was watching a professional porno movie. I came a second time as James was pumping his load into Michelle's cunt to join William's semen. I finally fell asleep on the couch in my den.

I awakened to the smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen. I sort of figured the men had spent the night, so I put on my robe and went downstairs. The guys were sitting at the table in their boxer shorts, and Michelle and Kim had just their silk robes on. "Good morning, darling," Michelle said, giving me a big kiss on the lips. "Did you have a good night?" "It was all right. How about yours?" "It was fantastic. Thank you for that, honey," she said, kissing me again. "You're welcome, I guess." After breakfast we adjourned to the family room to drink bloody mary's. Michelle was sitting next to William on one couch, and Kim next to James on the loveseat. I sat in my recliner and as we drank and talked about mundane topics-work, clothes, tv shows. After a short time, both men put their arms around the two ladies. Michelle looked up at William and gave him a passionate kiss. Then she looked over at me, smiling. "I'm glad you're o.k. with this, Bruce. You are, aren't you? I mean, William and I kissing?" "I think he's fine with it, Mom," Kim volunteered. "In fact, I'd venture to say he's fine with anything that happened last night, right Daddy?" Michelle looked at me, a little surprised. She apparently didn't know how much I knew. I looked into Michelle's eyes and nodded. William became bolder when he saw me nodding and reached around to untie the front of Michelle's nightgown. It fell away from her chest, revealing most of her breasts. He reached in and began feeling her up, and her nipples responded to his touch. He loosened it further until her pussy was revealed and brought his other hand down into her lap to gently stroke her cunt hair and clit. He looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. Kim untied her robe and James began feeling her up. "This might be a good time to talk, all of us," Kim said.

"I'll refill the drinks," I volunteered and did so as the four of them remained on the couches. We each took a long stiff drink. "What are we going to talk about?" Michelle asked her daughter. "Well," Kim said, "Daddy, I assume you know that James and William spent the night here." "Yes," I said. "I did know that." "Do you know that William spent the night in your bed with Mom?" I looked at Michelle and smiled, nodding at the same time. She smiled at me and mouthed the words "Thank you". "Do you know that William fucked your wife, Dad? And that she gave him a blow job before that?" I again said, "Yes, I knew that." "And do you know that not only did William fuck her, but James did too?" "Yes. Yes, I know that as well Kim." "Why don't you tell my mom how you know that, Daddy?" I hesitated, not knowing what to say. "Go on, tell her how you know that." "Maybe you should tell her, Kim." Kim said, "All right. Mom, Dad drilled two peepholes in the walls of our bedrooms so he could watch us when we undress. And no, he's been able to watch you having sex with two men in one night. He's also watched me have sex with both of them one weekend when you were gone. " Michelle looked totally shocked, then she got this look in her eyes like she does when she's really turned on. She absentmindedly reached into William's boxers and brought out his big, black cock. She gently fondled it in front of me. "You really did that?" she asked me. I sheepishly nodded. "Now, Daddy, tell Mom how many times you masturbated last night." I swallowed hard and said, "Twice", my face flushing as I said it. When I glanced over at Kim I discovered she and James were now both naked and he was feeling her tits as she stroked his erection. My wife slid off William's boxers as he slipped her gown off her body. Now everyone was naked except me. "Uh, you're kind of overdressed, Daddy. Don't you want to be naked like we are?" "Yeah, go ahead, Bruce," said Michelle. "Take your robe off too. Let these guys see what you've got." Kim picked right up on that. "Yeah, Daddy, show these black studs what a white mini- dick looks like." She laughed as did Michelle. I hesitated, not wanting to reveal my lack of size, even though I knew they'd both seen me that first night. "You heard the ladies," said William. "Take the damn robe off!" He said it in such a commanding way that I quickly removed it. I sat back down till Kim said, "Stand up for us, Daddy. Why don't you model, you know turn around for us." I stood up, naked, and showed my penis to both sides of the room. It was flaccid at this point and barely stuck out an inch from my ball sac. "Wow, man," said James. "That is one incredibly small weenie." "Does it get bigger when it's hard?" laughed William. "Not much," said my wife. "More like a little boy's penis." She and Kim laughed together enjoying my humiliation in front of these black studs. Kim said, "Watch us stroke our men to their full hardness, then we can measure all these cocks. Sorry, our guys' two cocks, and Dad's little weenie." She and Michelle stroked the men as they fondled both sets of big tits and fingered their pussies openly. My penis grew to a full erection and soon Kim produced a ruler. She did James' first and his hit nine and one-half inches, then William' s which hit eight and one-quarter inches. Finally mine, which topped at four and three-quarter inches. All four of them laughed at my size and I blushed crimson red.

Kim said, "Do you see Daddy why Mom needs a cock like William's?" I nodded. "Mom, when is the last time Daddy fucked you?" "I'm not sure I remember. It's been several weeks ago." "Bet you'd like to fuck her now, wouldn't you Dad? See how William's got his finger deep inside of her pussy. He's getting it all wet for you, aren't you William?" William nodded and began sucking on Michelle's tits. Then Kim said, "Daddy, why don't you show us how well you fuck my Mom? Demonstrate for us the power of a little boy's penis." Michelle was now sucking on William's black dick right in front of me. "Oops, looks like she prefers a much bigger dick, Dad. Is that it Mom? Would you rather have William's cock inside you than your own husband's?" Michelle looked at my penis and nodded. "Then tell him, Mom, that's what he needs to hear." "Bruce, I'd rather have William's big cock inside me than you little one." "Good, good, now we're getting somewhere. Daddy, is that exciting for you to hear?" I nodded and grabbed the head of my penis to keep from cumming. "Then tell your wife that, tell her how excited it makes you," Kim said.

"Michelle, I..I'm glad you prefer William's cock to mine. I.I'm glad you want to fuck his dick," I stammered. Michelle smiled at me. "Does it turn you on to watch your wife fuck this black stud, Daddy?" Kim asked. "Yes." "Tell your wife," she prodded. "Michelle, it turns me on to watch you fucking William." "Now, Daddy, this part gets a little tougher," Kim said. "You have to reveal something to two superior black lovers that you've never told anyone before. It'll be hard to admit to other men. Should I go on?" Michelle interjected, "Yes! Yes, Kim, please go on. Whatever needs to be said, let's say it." Kim smiled an came over to me. "You heard Mom, didn't you Dad? She wants me to go on with this. Are you o.k.?" I nodded, already feeling humiliated, not knowing what might be coming. I heard Kim's voice. "Daddy, if you were to fuck Mom in front of these men, how long would your penis be inside her before you came?" I froze, not wanting to admit to my shortcomings. "Mom?" "No," said my wife. "He needs to say it. Tell them, Bruce. Tell our black studs what Kim asked you." I swallowed hard again. "About thirty seconds." Kim squeezed my hand. "Oh, Daddy, that's pretty pitiful. James, how long did you fuck Mom's cunt last night before you came?" "I don't know, it must have been a half hour, forty-five minutes." "William?" "Oh, maybe twenty-twenty-five minutes." "Do you hear that Daddy?" Kim asked. I nodded. "James, how many orgasms did mom have with you inside her?" "Two I think." "William?" "One or two." "Daddy, how many times has Mom had orgasms with your little boy penis inside her. I hesitated again. "Tell them, Bruce," said Michelle, very insistent this time. "None" I whispered. "What?" asked Kim. "We couldn't hear you. "None," I said a little louder. Kim laughed. "What?! Do you mean to tell us that Mom has never cum with your penis inside her?"

"James, go over and sit next to William on the couch. Mom, come over here by me," Kim said. "Daddy, you go over and kneel in front of our studs." She was giving oders now and really getting into it. I did as I was told. "Now take your penis in your hands, Daddy. Show it to James and William." I held it up to show them as she requested. "Tell them your penis is too small to satisfy my mother. Tell them you have premature ejaculation. Tell them you are inadequate. Tell them your little penis does not belong inside a woman like my mother." I hesitated. "Tell them!" I heard Michelle's voice behind me. "It's true," I heard myself say, getting so turned on and humiliated at the same time. "My penis IS too small to satisfy Michelle. I do have premature ejaculation. I am an inadequate lover for my wife. And yes, my penis does not belong inside of Michelle." "But," I heard Kim say. "There are two cocks in this room that should be fucking your wife, and me. And they're not quite ready to fuck us, are they?" I looked at the two ebony pricks not more than twelve inches from my eyes. They were semi- flaccid. "I think you'd better pay tribute to the glorious cocks that WILL be fucking us, Daddy. Ask permission to kiss and suck each of their dicks, NOW!" She said. I again hesitated. "Bruce," I heard Michelle say sternly. "Do what Kim says. I want to see your lips on those beautiful black penises."

"Please, James, William, may I kiss and suck on you cocks to get them ready for my wife's and daughter's cunts?" They both nodded and one by one I took turns kissing, licking, and sucking the two man-sized cocks before my face. Kim and Michelle urged me on and we're getting really worked up watching me work on those dicks. Both men were now hard and James returned to the love seat. Both girls already had very wet pussies from watching me service their men, so each of them easily sat down on their lovers' cocks. Two fuckings had started right before my eyes. "No peephole this time, Daddy," said Kim. "Why don't you sit in your recliner and watch how two men really fuck their women. Two real men." I sat in my chair and gently played with my balls and penis and I alternated watching the couples. Again, Michelle was passionately kissing William as she slowly rode his rock hard dick. In between kisses, Kim said, "Only one thing remains unspoken, Daddy. And you and Mom need to say it to each other. I think you both know what it is. And it has to do with "Once you go black, you'll never go back."

My wife and I looked into each other's eyes. I glanced down to see how she was fully impaled on William's black cock. "Help us, Kim. You're so good at it," Michele said. Kim said, "I asked earlier when was the last time Daddy fucked you, Mom. Now I'm asking a more important, probing question. When will be the NEXT time Daddy fucks you?" Michelle was quiet for a few moments, savoring the feel of William's dick. She looked into my eyes. "There..won't," she said between breaths. Kim grinned the biggest grin I've ever seen, then sounded shocked. "What? Mother, you mean..Daddy won't get to fuck you again?" "No," my wife said. "My cunt belongs to this black man now, not to your dad." "And why can't Daddy fuck you anymore, Mom. Why?" "Because he has a little boy penis, he cums too fast, and he just can't satisfy my cunt." "So he's never going to be fucking you again?" Kim asked. Michelle looked at me lovingly, then said, "Never." Kim jumped back in. "And Daddy, you're not even disappointed in that are you?..Daddy?" I looked into Michelle's eyes and shook my head. "Tell her why Daddy." "Michelle,.I..really shouldn't be fucking women, especially a sexy, voluptuous wife like you, with a penis like this. It just doesn't deserve to be inside a beautiful body like yours." Kim pressed on. "Tell her what you'd rather do, Daddy." "Michelle,..I'd rather you being.fucked.especially by superior black cocks..and masturbate than.actually fuck you." "YES!" Kim was exuberant. Michelle began riding William's cock even faster. She said, "" Then she looked over at me and said, "Watch us, Bruce. Watch how well a big cock fucks me. Watch William. He's going to cum inside my horny. But don't you cum yet. I have a surprise for you, my darling voyeur husband."

I had to squeeze my penis to keep from cumming as William clenched his ass muscles and shot a big load into my wife's cunt. Michelle came only moments after. She climbed off of William, keeping her legs held tight together. "Get on the floor now, Bruce!" she ordered. "Flat on your back!" I lay down flat and had my little stiff penis sticking straight up in the air. She came and squatted over my midsection. "This is my present to you, my sweet, devoted, voyeur, masturbating husband. This is the first of what I hope will be thousands of loads of black men's cum that you will take after it's been in my cunt." With that she opened her legs and my penis and balls were bathed in a torrent of William's cum. "You know what you want to do, my weenie husband. So do it. Rub that sweet black man's jism all over your little, insignificant, tiny penis and masturbate for all of us." As I furiously rubbed all of the semen all over my penis, my wife, daughter, and their black boyfriends laughed at my total degradation and humiliation. I shot a huge amount of cum all over my stomach and crotch to mix in with William's. As I finished, I looked up weakly at my beautiful naked wife and she said, "I love you." Then she took William in her arms and gave him a deep tongue kiss. Things were going to be very exciting.

To be continued

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