The Call Girl

Written by Terri / Dec 13, 2001


The Call Girl by Terri

Gene's secretary called me from his office around five. A client had come into town unexpectedly and my husband had been given the duty of seeing that Tuck, (that was the client's name) got settled at his hotel. I hung up the phone and thought how odd it was that my husband hadn't offered to have Tuck join us for supper. As I sat at my dressing table, I reflected on the conversation I'd just had. Something wasn't right. Then the phone rang again. "Hello?" "Hello, Teresa? This is Gene ------." "I know who you are! What's going on down there?" Something was up. Gene almost never calls me Teresa, just as I hardly ever call him Gene. Years of living with him, however, have taught me when in doubt, just play along. He continued the conversation with this "Teresa" person. Finally, I understood. Tuck must have been sitting right across from him and for some reason, he didn't want the man to know he was talking to me. Gene continued. "Terri, I've got a friend in from out of town, and I was wondering if you'd be available tonight to help him unwind. You know, show him a good time. Of course, the company will pay your standard fee." "Gene, I don't have a clue as to what you're doing." "Eight o'clock? That will be fine. We're going to have dinner and then go to the Sheraton for drinks. Why don't we meet there?" "Do you want me to meet you at the Sheraton?" "Good. That will be fine. Oh, and Terri, why don't you wear that lovely black outfit I saw you in last week? That was absolutely stunning!" "Gene," I asked, not quite sure what he wanted me to do, but intrigued by the fact that my conversation was not matching up with his, and starting to catch on, "Do you want me to meet you, but not let on that we're married?" "Oh, yes. That's a great idea. That's very good." "Is this going to be a game?" "I believe it will be. You are available, aren't you?"

"I understand. This is a fantasy isn't it?" "Yes, it is. You mentioned it to me not long ago, if memory serves." "Oh, sweetie, memory isn't the only thing I'll be serving tonight!" "Then it's a date, right? Eight tonight at the Sheraton." "Eight it is. Oh, and ate it will be!" I hung up the phone. I understood exactly what my husband was doing now. He was fixing me up with Tuck, but not as his wife. Tonight I was going to be a call girl, a woman who fucked for money! How exciting! I spent the next three hours getting dressed for the part. I'd just gotten out of the bath when Gene called. Sitting at my dressing table, I wore only my lace robe, which was opened, revealing my body in the mirror in front of me. I was so excited at the prospect of what laid ahead for the evening! Gene and I have a very open sex life: we both fuck whoever strikes our fancy. Many times I've fucked or sucked a total stranger in a restroom of a club, while my husband watched, or in the back seat of our car while my husband drove, watching me in the back seat through the rearview mirror. We have a perfect relationship, he and I. I love to show off, and he loves to watch me do it. My biggest thrill is sucking off a man while my husband feeds that man's cock into my mouth, often pumping it faster and faster into my waiting lips, knowing that soon the stranger will shoot a load of hot cum on my tongue. Gene loves to watch men touch me; watch their dicks as they disappear inside my hot pussy. Now he was arranging for me to fuck his client, but instead of this being a regular night of stuffing my pussy with strange cock, my husband was setting me up to be a whore! No wonder I love him so! I wanted it to be special tonight. Usually, I would have gotten dressed, gotten ready to go out and meet this new man, this man I knew full well would be pumping his cock inside my snatch before morning. But first, I wanted to do something I don't usually do. I reached inside my dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. I started cutting my pussy hairs. I usually keep my fur trimmed very close, close enough for men to see my clit as it pokes past my lower lips. But tonight, I had to have a perfectly trimmed pussy! After cutting as much as I could, I stepped back into the bath, razor and cream in hand. When I was done, I admired my work. My pussy looked perfect! I knew that in the next few days as the hair grew back, I would pay for this little bonus with constant irritation. But for tonight, it would be well worth it. My pussy was already soaking, and I hadn't even made myself come yet. Reaching down, my hand caressed my nude pussy. It felt so strange to touch myself there and, except for the blonde triangle, not feel the light coat of downy softness my husband loves to stroke. But he wasn't home right now; no one was, so it was up to me. My middle finger on my right hand started to flick across the clit I knew so well. A shudder went through me as my hand worked, slowly at first, than faster, until my finger slipped lower, leaving the ball of my hand to rub the clitoris. My finger had slipped inside me, pushing higher, trying to reach that place that Gene always touches. As I continued to sit on the edge of the tub, my hand masturbating my newly coiffed snatch, I lost myself in reflection. My mind was a montage of mental images, of men who'd fucked me, of men I'd sucked and fucked. I thought about Gene, how he loved to lick my pussy, especially when it was freshly fucked... especially when someone other than him freshly fucked it. I was on the verge of coming when the phone rang. Fuck it, I thought. I continued to finger fuck myself as the phone fought for my concentration. Finally, with my hand still stroking my puss, I picked up the phone. It was my husband. "Terri, did you understand what I was trying to say?" "Yes," was the only word I could muster. My orgasm was just seconds away. I wanted to come so badly, but I knew my husband wanted to tell me something. "Okay, listen, I don't have much time. Tuck is in the foyer talking to Linda. I told him I'd fixed him up with a very high-class hooker. He's really excited about meeting you. If you don't want to do this, just tell me, and I'll get Linda to fuck him. Okay?" I was breathing harder now, and couldn't find the words to say to my husband. In my mind, I was screaming... no, don't give him to her. He's mine! But in reality, I was lost in the orgasm that was about to overtake me. Sweet Gene-O understood my silence. He spoke again. "Are you fucking yourself? Is your hand on your pussy right now?" "Yes." "And are you thinking about tonight?" "Yes." "Are you about to come?" "Yes." "Then do it. Do it now! I want to hear you come over the phone. Come like the slut you are. You are a slut, you know? Only a slut would meet her husband's client and fuck him for money." "I know." I could barely whisper. It was time. I was about to come, two fingers now inside me, my husband on the phone telling me I was a whore, and mentally thinking about the man I was going to fuck. I came like a waterfall! "Oh, baby! I'm........." "Come, bitch! Come now! Come like the whore you are! Or would you rather I put this call on my speaker phone so everyone in the office can hear what a slut you are?" That was all I could take. As my husband listened on the other end, I lost all control and came like I hadn't been touched in months! Afterwards, there was silence. I wasn't sure how long I'd taken to cum, nor if Gene was still on the other end of the line. When I could speak, all I said was "Gene," is a very soft, quiet voice. "I'm here sweetie. Was that a good one?" "Oh, yes!" "Well, hurry now. You don't want to be late. Terri?" "Yes?" "I love you." "I know." I set the phone back in the cradle and thought about what I would wear. We don't usually go to the Sheraton. That's probably why Gene picked it for the meeting. I arrived at 8:15. When I made my entrance, there were few who didn't notice. Wearing the dress my husband requested, I glided across the floor. My four-inch heels made me appear taller than my 5' frame allowed. The dress, a satin and silk affair, is split up the side, about five inches beyond the knee. The casual observer would think I was wearing panty hose. I wasn't. Tonight called for garters and stocking, and little else. I had foregone wearing a bra. I don't need one and besides, in that dress, I couldn't really wear it without it being obvious. My breasts are 36C, ride high on my chest, and are capped with what my husband affectionately calls bullet nipples. Those bullet nipples were sticking straight out! The dress had no back, and precious little front. Cut very low, my breasts were displayed to their best advantage. The only way I could have exhibited them more would be if I were topless. For now, this was as good as it could get. The dress has a small troubadour type jacket, which allows it to be worn in a more modest setting. I wore the jacket, but didn't button it. When I entered the room, I immediately spotted Gene. But he was alone. He looked right at me, but made no attempt to hail me or indicate he wanted me to join him. I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. This was Gene's party, and I would wait until he moved it along. As it turned out, I didn't have long to wait. Before the bartender could fix my drink, my husband's client returned to the table. He was absolutely gorgeous! He must have been 6' 6". Gene is a bit over 6', and Tuck was a tad taller. And built! He was wearing an open collar shirt, unbuttoned to the third button, allowing his smooth tanned chest to contrast against his blonde shirt he was wearing. It made him seem all that more dark, more sinister. His sleeves were rolled up about three turns, and his forearms were pure sex! His face looked like it had been chiseled out of Irish granite, clean-shaven. I had never been so turned on by the mere sight of any man that I could remember. But this guy, and the thought of what we would soon be doing, had my pussy wet! His chest sort of tapered into his pants, pants that by this time I was examining rather closely. I knew I was imagining it, but it looked like I could see the outline of his cock as it ran down his left leg. And imagination or not, I was excited! Gene had pointed to me, as if he had just spotted me, and motioned me over. The games were about to begin! "Hey, Terri! Glad you could make it." My husband extended his hand to me, as if I were there on a business deal. Well, I guess, after a fashion, I was. "How nice to see you again, too, Gene." I shook his hand with my best Vassar girl manners. "Terri, I'd like you to meet my friend, Tuck. Tuck, this is the lady I was telling you about." "It's so nice to meet you." "It's nice to meet you too. Gene has been telling me all about you." "All of it nice, I hope." Gene entered into the conversation at this point. "I hope you don't mind, Terri, but I told Tuck about your hopes of becoming a teacher, and I explained to him that after your husband left you, you decided to pursue your education." What a crock! I understood why Gene had said those things. I am a teacher, by profession. I teach social studies at the high school. By telling Tuck just a partial bit about me, Gene had deftly explained why I didn't seem to be your average call girl. Talk about smart! My husband had already provided me with the perfect cover. Just as I was about to take a seat, the band started up. Tuck reacted with style and class. "Before we sit, would you care to dance?" "I'd love to dance!" was my reply. "Shall we then?" Before I knew what happened, I found myself with Tuck's arms around me, moving me as if I had no substance, no form. I fit into his arms like I'd been made just for that fit! I could feel his muscles as he led me, gently but with a firmness I would come to appreciate before the night was over. I seemed to melt into him. And I felt the hardness running down his left leg. No, it hadn't been my imagination. I felt a hard cock! He seemed aware of my recent discovery. "I'm sorry if I'm pressing you too hard. It's just that when I encounter a woman as soft and beautiful as you, I'm afraid I forget my manners. Is it bothering you?" There it was. He was referencing his cock, as if it were just something pushing against me. I looked up at his face and replied. "No, not at all. I like the feel of a man as he gets excited." With that, I pushed myself closer to him, and I swear, I could feel his dick harden even more against the softness of my legs. When the dance was over, I could feel he didn't want to let me go. But he did! Damn, I was ready to fuck him right there, on that dance floor, in front of a room full of strangers. And in front of my husband. My pussy was leaking with anticipation. We made our way back to the table. "Where are you staying?" I asked my new friend. "Right here." "How convenient." I smiled. As I sipped my drink, I exchanged looks with my husband. I was ready to get this show on the road, and wondered how I would know when it was time to move on, when someone would suggest that the three of us go up to Tuck's room. I was looking forward to sucking that huge cock, to having it enter my tight snatch, and I was looking forward to watching the expression on my husband's face as this huge stranger fucked me. Gene answered my unasked question. And he answered it with a statement that shook me to my very pussy! "Listen, it's getting late, and I have an early day tomorrow," my husband said looking at his watch. "Why don't I just call it a night? I hope you too won't mind if I leave?" Leave! Wait a minute, I thought. Where was he going? He wasn't going to leave me alone, was he? We've been swingers a long time, but only rarely did we ever swing alone, and certainly not before discussing it at length! Now my husband, who had already set me up as a prostitute for this stranger, was about to leave me alone. I would be on my own. He wouldn't be there to watch me fuck... and get fucked! I started to panic! But suddenly, I knew I'd be okay. Gene loves me; he'd never put me in any kind of danger. If it was all right with him that I go upstairs with this man, if it was all right with him that his client fucks me, than it would be okay with me. Still, I thought I should make at least a token effort to include him in the night's festivities. "Oh, don't rush off. I was hoping I could entertain the both of you tonight." "Ordinarily, Terri, you couldn't get me to leave without a police escort, but I do have a rather busy day tomorrow. I've told Tuck that you said you'd have to be back at your place by two and he understands that." "Well, can't you at least stay a little while?" I was almost begging. I couldn't get over the fact that my husband wasn't going to be with me. "No, I really can't." "You're not afraid to be with me, alone, are you Terri?" Tuck asked. "Oh, no, it's not that. It's just that..." I really didn't know what to say. Tuck smiled at me and reached inside his jacket that was lying over the unoccupied chair. He withdrew an envelope and handed it to me. "Gene said your usual rate was three hundred dollars for four hours. I hate to sound so business like, but maybe that will make you feel more comfortable." I looked inside the envelope. There were five one hundred dollar bills! I looked back at Tuck. "I don't mind being overcharged," he said with a grin. "Well, then, that settles it. I'm off." With that, my husband stood, shook hands with Tuck, winked and said under his breath, "Enjoy yourself, pal. And don't wear it out!" And he was gone! I watched my husband walk out the door and then turned to Tuck. I had no idea what to do next. "Are you ready?" he asked. "Yes. I suppose so." I was still a bit shaken, but I put on a good front. I stood, picked up my purse and smiled at the man who had bought me for the night. "Yes," I said, "I'm ready." As I turned to go, Tuck touched my arm. Nodding toward the table, he softly said, "Ah, Terri, you forgot the envelope." I felt like an idiot. Here I was, supposedly a high priced whore, and I'd left five hundred dollars sitting on the table! "Sorry. I'm just a bit nervous." What a stupid thing to say! But Tuck didn't comment. After I put the envelope in my purse, he took me by the arm and led me out the door of the lounge, the same door my husband had taken a few moments ago. Only I didn't turn right, out the other set of doors and to my car as my husband had. Instead, I turned left, out toward the elevator, and toward the room where I was about to be royally fucked! While we waited for the elevator, Tuck seemed to be the perfect gentleman. He chatted about the humidity and the heat of a Missouri summer. I was sort of relieved that he didn't carry the hooker/trick routine on in the lobby. But still, a woman dressed like I was, standing next to a man like Tuck, was enough to cause a lot of heads to turn. Just as the elevator bell rang, indicating that the door was about to open, Tuck reached his arm out and pulled me closer to him. He leaned down to me and whispered, "Grab my dick!" I don't know what came over me, I mean, we were in a public hotel, people walking all around, looking at us, and... to this day I don't know why I did it, but I did. I reached down, between his legs, and gave his cock a s-l-o-w rub, running my hand down the full length of his now steel hard dick! I felt so absolutely wicked! The door opened and we entered the elevator. I didn't look up, half afraid someone had seen my whorish behavior... and half afraid they hadn't! I was a whore for the night, I told myself, to act like slut. If this guy wanted to fuck me in the lobby, well, I guess I'd just drop my panties right there! But Tuck other plans. As soon as the elevator door closed, he turned to me and said, "Take it out." "Take what out?" "My cock, bitch. Take it out of my pants." He spoke so matter-of-fact-ly, that I wasn't sure if he meant right then, or in the room. I hesitated for a moment thinking about his order. I guess he didn't care for that, because he reached over and pushed the stop elevator button. It did, and he repeated his command. "I said, take my cock out of my pants. Do you have a hard time hearing?" "I didn't know you meant right now." He didn't reply. But he didn't push the start button either, so I figured, what the hell. I stepped in front of him and unzipped his pants. I don't remember a zipper ever being that long before. I know it came down instantly, but at the time, it seemed like several seconds elapsed from the time I first found the zipper tab and the time it was totally down. "Now, take it out." I did. Reaching inside his pants, I wasn't sure if I had hold of his cock or a snake. Whatever it was, it was big... and it was moving! When my hand came out of his pants, so did the biggest cock I can ever remember handling. And somehow, I knew it wasn't fully erect yet. I soon found out how un-erect it was. By the time I fully experienced him, I'd know what a cock could really be like. But at that moment, I was still to find out. Once it was outside his pants, I looked up at his lust-glazed face. "You know what to do." I did know. Dropping to my knees, still inside the elevator stopped between the ground and the first floor, I took his dick into my mouth. My jaws were open wide, but not wide enough. The head fit inside my cheeks, and unceremoniously, he pushed another two inches in after it. I thought I would die from lack of air. But I'd sucked big cocks before, and I made myself relax. Soon I was sucking him without difficulty, but the damn thing just kept growing, growing between my lips. I had just established a rhythm to my sucking when he leaned forward a bit. And the elevator started moving. He had pushed the start button again. I figured he wanted me to stop, and began to back off his giant cock. I figured wrong. Using his two huge hands, my new master just held my head in place as the elevator continued its journey to the sixth floor. Within a few seconds I heard the door open. And I heard a gasp from the couple standing in the hall in front of us. Tuck, the smug bastard, just put it away, zipped up and said excuse me as we walked past the stunned couple. When the man started to speak, Tuck silenced him with a look. He carded the door to the hotel room, and within a very few minutes we were nude and at it again. I resumed sucking his cock while sitting on the bed. I rolled over on my back, let my head fall over the side of the bed and ducked between his thighs so I could get my mouth to his balls, those sweet cum-filled balls that hung low in their sack. I kept stroking his hard cock with my left hand, and I brought my right hand up off my clit so I could pull at his sack, gently pulling it down so the balls would be tight, and the tongue bath I gave him would leave his sack wet. I kept trying to stroke him with my left hand. Well, "stroke" is hardly the term when you can only get your hand barely around half of a thick shaft. He was perfect, about eight or nine inches long and five or six inches around. My hand could barely encircle his cock. I gave him a frantic but enthusiastic blowjob and wanted to swallow his entire load. As I kept "stroking" and licking, with an occasional moan to vibrate his balls, I felt his hand join mine and hold it steady, as he started a slow thrusting movement, his cock sliding between our joined hands and his balls sliding across my open mouth and tongue. I knew his hips thrusting meant he wanted to cum soon. I felt his hand leave mine and both hands grabbed my tits. His balls pressed to my face as he lowered his shaft to the valley between them. I let go of his cock so I could hold both of my tits together, and I shuddered at the feeling of his engorged cock nestled there. I gave each of his nuts a quick suck, and then licked his cock from underneath to give him some lube (as if my sweat wasn't enough!). He stuck his cock back between my tits and started fucking in a long and deep stroke. Each time he drew himself back I licked and slurped at his nuts for the quick seconds I was given an opportunity. He slammed away between my tits for what seemed like an eternity since I wanted that hard cock buried in my dripping wet pussy. My eyes were closed and I was lost in the sensation of having my tits ravaged by his thick cock when his voice broke my trance. "Where do you want it, slut, mouth or tits?" I quickly came back to reality and answered him by grabbing his throbbing cock and pushing him back from my head. He stepped back far enough for me to open my mouth wide. I love to suck men off this way, an easier way to deep-throat as much as I can while he can play with my tits or lean forward and stroke my clit. But not this time. He just stood there with his hand stroking his cock as I licked his cockhead and strained to get my mouth over the big purple end. Finally he stepped forward and stuck a good three inches of cock into my mouth. He stopped stroking with his hand and used my mouth instead. I tightened my lips around his cock (best that I could) as he kept thrusting into my mouth. He asked if I could throat him and I nodded yes. With that nod of my head he thrust again until his cock hit the entrance of my throat. He asked again if I was sure I wanted to throat him. I answered by reaching both hands up and grabbing his ass, pulling him into my mouth. His cockhead pushed its way into my throat and my eyes teared as I fought back the gag reflex. He stroked his cock a few times and as my hands pushed him back a little to get some air I noticed that his balls were right in front of my nose and he still had 3-4 inches to go. This was about as far as I had ever tried to take anyone. He pulled back and left just his cockhead in my mouth. As I tried to slurp down all the saliva I had in my mouth, he asked if I was okay. I nodded yes and expected a moment's rest when I heard him say "Good" and he slid himself back into my mouth to the top of my throat again. Then an alarm went off when he said "'Cause you are getting it all the way to the balls, bitch!" My eyes flew open as he pushed forward and slid his throbbing cock into my throat. I lay there struggling, my legs kicking and my hands clawing at his stomach as he impaled my face with his cock. He grabbed my hands and held them as he sawed his cock back and forth into my throat. I soon felt his balls pressing against my nose and part of me cheered that I had taken it all. He fucked my throat for a few strokes then pulled back. He told me to breathe quickly and after a few seconds he thrust back into my throat. He fucked my throat for about 5 or 6 deep, long strokes, then pulled out for a few seconds and started again. I heard him say, "I'm going to see how this feels" as he stroked back into my throat. I wondered what he was doing as he slid in all the way with his balls on my face. I felt him use one hand to hold both my wrists and free up his other hand. I hoped he was going to lean forward and squeeze my tits but no. He reached down and started to massage my throat. It felt weird and I thought he was just gloating over his size again when he reached back and started to massage my Adam's apple (for those of you who don't know, massaging your Adam's apple causes you to uncontrollably swallow...) My mind tensed, as I did not know exactly how to react. My throat started to instinctively swallow at the stimulation I was given. I felt my throat tighten and release around his hard cock. I heard him groan in pleasure as he muttered, "Oh, yes, that's incredible". He pulled back out of my throat and I gasped for air. After a quick moment's rest, he shoved his cock back down my throat and started massaging again. My throat defied me by swallowing around his cock, and tears ran from my eyes as I was fighting the gag reflex. After a few seconds he pulled out and I coughed to try to fill my lungs. He thrust again and I felt helpless. My throat swallowed around his cock convulsively a few times and then I felt him shudder and release my hands. I felt his cock spasm in my throat and the feeling of hot fluid being poured down my throat. He shot what felt like two or three spurts down my throat and pulled out. He grabbed his cock tightly and told me to breath quickly. After a few gulps of air he shoved his cock in my mouth and let fly with the rest of his load. I moaned as I love the feel of his cock spurting in my mouth, and I swirled my tongue around the head and licked at his tip. I opened my eyes to see he had put his hands on his hips, which I took to mean that he wanted me to drain his cock. I reached up and started stroking his cock with alternating hands towards my mouth. I felt the last of his cum seep into my mouth. I then felt him grab my hands around the wrists and pull them up. He stepped forward and shoved his cock deep into my mouth again. I knew what he wanted. I tightened my lips around his cock and sucked for all I was worth. He then dragged his cock slowly out of my mouth, making a loud pop as I released him. I lay there for a few moments, catching my breath and letting my body recover from the delicious yet strenuous activity we just had. I knew not to get too relaxed; we were just getting started. I looked over to the bathroom door and watched him come back towards the bed stroking his glistening cock. I looked at him strangely; knowing that my pussy was definitely wet enough for him. He just smiled. I tentatively asked him if he was going to try to fuck my ass. He just smiled again, and then asked cautiously, "Why? Do you want to try it? Do you like it like that?" "No, I can't do anal," I replied. "It still hurts thinking about the last time I tried it. So why all the lube?" He walked to the other side of the bed, grabbed my ankles and pulled my ass to the edge of the mattress. I spread my legs and gasped as he roughly stuck the slick head of his cock between my lips. He slid in right to the balls on the first thrust and my voice went silent as my body arched at the sudden invasion. He then put my ankles up on his shoulders and held my thighs tight to his stomach and stood up, raising my ass off the bed. After he got into a good stance, he started jackhammering that cock of his into my pussy. I reached out and grabbed the sheets and held on for dear life. He gruffly commanded me to play with my tits. I let go of the sheets and started pinching and twisting the nipples on my bouncing tits. God, I love it when a man fucks me hard! I lay there in total bliss as my body was wracked with an orgasm. I came to my senses when he stopped and jammed his cock deep inside me. I looked at him, thinking he was close to cumming, but wondering what was going to happen next.

He told me to reach over and grab a pillow and put it under my ass. I did and he let my body down and pushed my knees back into my tits, then grabbed my ankles and held them together. He told me to cross my arms behind my knees and hold my legs down so he could fuck me "like a proper slut." I did as I was told. With my body folded over and my pussy at his mercy, he continued his assault. I lay there and tried to fathom the concept of where I was, who I was, and what my place in the universe was, as I was subjected to the most delicious of tortures. I was shocked back to consciousness as I felt his hand leave my hips and start to fiddle with my clit. I started to scream "no" as my body further shook with orgasms. I released my legs and tried to reach down and move his hand away from my clit. He shouted, "Grab your legs, whore!" and pushed my hand back. I feebly pulled my hands back and locked them around my knees, allowing him full access to my pussy. He continued to bang away at me and finger my clit, and my head swam with the delirious pleasure he gave me. I had long lost count of how many orgasms I'd had when he then sent me off the deep end. As sensitive as my clit is, when you pinch it between two fingers I lose all control. That's what he did next. I forgot my place and my hips started to strain and try to pull away from his fingers, making his pinch now become a slight pull on my clit. My mind was a fog as I thought I heard something. I looked up as he said "grab your knees, slut, or else!" Lost as I was, my mind didn't register what he said. I watched in silence as he pulled his cock out of me with a "pop". I started to sit up as I heard him rustling around in the bathroom. He came out carrying the belts from the terrycloth bathrobes. He pulled me up to stand and told me to put my hands behind my back. I did and he tied my hands together, not too tight, but tight enough I couldn't get them loose. He then put then other belt around my neck and told me to lie down. I lay back on the bed and he pushed my knees back into my tits, then he grabbed the two loose ends of the belt and tied them together holding my knees back. I was helpless with my pussy exposed and waited for him to continue fucking me when he stepped over to the cabinet next to the bed. He pulled a 10 inch studded dildo and an 8-inch vibrator out of the drawer. He grinned as he could see the fear in my eyes. My body tensed as I felt the thick head of the dildo open my pussy lips, and then seem to slide in by itself, once the head got in. I looked at his stern face as he slowly sawed the dildo back and forth in my pussy, letting one row of "pleasure bumps" enter, then pulled out, then two rows, etc. I laid there gasping and practically crying as he slowly worked the dildo deeper into me, knowing how a slow fuck turns me on. I opened my eyes to see another smirk on his face, and before I could ask what he lowered his mouth down and started licking and sucking my clit as he fucked me with the dildo. My body squirmed yet again as the pleasure rolled over and through me. I was on the brink of going completely mad when he stopped licking, stood up and pulled the dildo from my pussy. He told me to open my mouth and lick the dildo clean as he held it in front of my face. I licked and slurped at the fake dong and tasted my own juices. After he twirled it around so I could clean it like an ear of corn, he told me to open wide and stuck the dildo in my mouth. "Hold it there and suck it like my cock, you slut. Don't let it fall." I obeyed his orders as I felt his hard cock slide into my now very slick pussy. I tongued at the dildo bobbing obscenely in my mouth, trying to keep it upright but yet allow myself to breathe normally. He grabbed my hips and started banging his cock into at a rapid pace. After a couple minutes of hard strokes, he slowed up and kept a nice slow pace going, the kind that makes me scream. But I couldn't scream. I could only manage a stifled moan as I kept a hold on the dildo in my mouth. Just then I heard a slight buzzing noise, and then my body tensed as I felt him using the 8-inch vibe to play with my clit. That was it! My body and pussy betrayed me and I felt my asshole and cheeks become damp as my juices just started pouring out of me. I was cumming profusely. I was tied with my hands under me, my legs pulled back to my chest opening my pussy to his big cock, a vibe working away on my clit and my lips wrapped around a sizable dildo that tasted of my own pussy. God I was in heaven! As the waves of pleasure overtook me again, I lost my senses and let the dildo fall out of my mouth as I moaned. Seeing this, he stopped and pulled his cock out. I looked down in protest but too tired to say anything. He smiled again and shook his head. "It appears that my little slut doesn't pay attention very well..." he almost whispered. "I guess I'll just have to teach her a lesson." I felt him slide the vibrator down from my clit and all around my pussy lips. God, this was driving me nuts as well. After a few ministrations he slid the vibe into my pussy and seemed to ream it around. After his cock and the dildo, I doubted my pussy would feel the inch thick vibe. After a few strokes he said, "Now that it's all wet, it's lesson time." He pulled the vibe out of my pussy and in one stroke jammed it into my ass. My body arched and tried to get away from the intense pain, and I yelled at him to leave my ass alone and to fuck me hard and make me cum. "Oh, I will," he smiled and pushed the vibe deeper into my asshole. I am not an anal queen; in fact, I'm nearly a virgin there. I could feel the vibe about 3-4 inches deep inside me. Then he grabbed the end and turned the vibe on "full", and my ass clenched down as the vibe started to do its job. He then stuck his cock back inside my pussy and leaned forward so he was actually pounding me down into the bed. I lay there moaning in pleasure and pain as he fucked me hard, my hands trying to reach down and dislodge the vibrator. With my pussy in high gear, I felt his cock swell and I screamed as I felt him shoot his load inside me. He pumped into me a few more times and then leaned back a little bit, his muscular chest glistening with sweat, the same sweat that dripped on me. "Milk it," he commanded and I tightened my aching pussy muscles around his cock. He groaned at this pleasure and gave me a few more strokes. He climbed off me, pulled the vibrator out of my ass slowly and came around to my head. He pulled me by the shoulders to the edge and let my head fall over. He stuck his wet cock into my mouth as I cleaned him again, savoring the taste of his cum and my pussy juices. He untied the belt around my knees and my legs extended out in a "thump" on the bed. He rolled me to one side and untied my hands. I heard him go into the bathroom as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke some time later to the sound of the TV. The clock said 11:45 pm. I visited the bathroom and washed up a little, got a drink of juice and went out to join him. He was in the recliner with the dildo, the vibrator, lube and the two bathrobe belts sitting next to him. I asked him what was on and he didn't reply, as the screen was showing the day's sports news. I was heading for the couch when he said, "Come here." I stood in front of him and he said to hold out my hands. I did and he tied them together like before, tight enough I couldn't get loose but not tight enough to cut my circulation. He pulled the couch over close to the recliner and then told me to hold my legs together. I did and he tied my thighs together with the other belt. He then positioned me over the armrest of the couch. He laid a towel over the armrest and pushed me forward. My hands caught me and he slid me forward until my ass was on top of the armrest and up in the air. I smiled and asked if he was going to fuck me again. He said sure. He grabbed the vibrator and poured some lube on it. I was dreading it in my ass when he slid it into my pussy. With my legs bound tight my pussy was now a tighter orifice, certainly tighter than when he fucked me some time before. He turned the vibe on a medium setting and then pushed it deep in me. I moaned a little as I felt it working inside me. I then felt lube being poured onto my asshole. I shouted back at him that I couldn't take his cock in my asshole. I heard a laugh and then felt him slap his semi-erect cock on my ass cheeks. I protested again and pleaded with him as I felt his cock get harder as it slapped my butt. He backed away and I felt his finger probing my bunghole. This I didn't mind too much, though it was painful. Soon he was dipping his finger into my ass and I moaned as the pleasure overtook the pain. Then he added a second finger. This took awhile to get used to. I was expecting a third finger when he said ready, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him pick up the studded dildo. I felt more lube being squeezed between my ass cheeks and then I felt the head of the dildo being pushed against my asshole. I shouted no in protest but it was too late. I squirmed as the big head of the dildo stretched my asshole muscles. I tried to clench and keep the invader out but he slapped my ass and said open up slut! I kept trying but soon I lost when the head slid into my ass. My mind was screaming as it registered the pain of a thick dildo in my ass. I felt more lube being poured around my asshole and then he pushed it in another inch up to the first row of studs. He told me to hold it there and went off. He came back in a minute after washing his hands and fingers. I looked to my left and saw him sit on the recliner with a beer and a bag of chips. With his left hand he grabbed the remote and with his right he grabbed the dildo and began slowly butt-fucking me. He pulled it back until just the head was in, then he pushed in slow strokes until I took the first row of studs again. Then he pulled back, stroked a couple short strokes then he plunged in two rows deep. Back and forth he went, teasing me that he might pull it out then plunging it in deeper than before. Between bites of chips and swigs of beer, his left hand would stroke his cock. He would stroke whenever I would moan, and I noticed when I cried out in pain his cock would dance as if alive. I saw his cock was really hard when he let go of the dildo and got in front of me on the couch, telling me to open my mouth. I rose up on my hands and he stuck his throbbing cock into my mouth, filling me with another load of his cum, as well as the faint taste of the potato chips. After I sucked him clean he sat back down and kept working that dildo into my ass. He stopped and got up from his recliner. He came over and lubed up my ass again and told me I had about 5 inches of the dildo in my ass. I told him it felt like the whole thing, and that anything that hurt that bad should be bleeding! He went off and took the empty beer can and bag of chips back to the kitchen. I thought I heard him mumbling and he came back a minute later wearing the bathrobe and sat down again, flipping through channels and still pumping the dildo into my ass. He had stroked himself to another erection when I heard the elevator door and voices in the hall. Moments later the door buzzed and he went over and pushed the entry button. I asked him what was happening when he said, "Shut up slut" and covered my head and shoulders with the other bathrobe. I heard him say, "Don't take it off." I lay there afraid, with a dildo sticking out of my ass and a vibe in my pussy. I was breathing heavy as I heard him go to the front door in the other room. I heard it open and greetings being exchanged. After a minute or so I heard voices getting closer. I was frantic as I heard laughter and exclamations of "wow" and "look at that" and I was pretty sure I could make out at least another male voice with Tuck. I was also sure I heard a female voice say "I'll bet she loves that dildo in her pussy!" I heard Tuck say, "Go ahead and give her a try". Then I felt hands rubbing my ass and moving the vibrator around in my pussy. Then Tuck said "Sure", and I felt someone pull the dildo almost out of my ass and then stroke it back into me deep. I moaned loudly as my body reacted to the deep stroking. More lube was added and I could feel the lube and juices that were pouring out of me. After a few more moments of have my pussy and ass stroked by the toys, I heard the female voice say, "Damn, Danny, you must like that little blonde pussy! You're almost hard already." as I heard what sounded like pants being dropped to the floor. Someone got on the couch in front of me and I heard Tuck say, "Yes, she loves to suck cock. She's a suck-slut and loves to swallow." With that, the towel was lifted off my head and I first looked to my left and back. I saw Tuck as he had just pulled the towel off me standing to my left and starting to sit down on the recliner with his robe open and his hard cock bobbing as he moved. I then looked back to see who was working the toys. There was a strange girl on her knees working the vibrator over my lips and clit, and a strange guy next to her pumping my ass with the dildo. I noticed the strange guy looking at whoever was in front of me and feeling movement, I turned my head to see who it was. As my face came around, my eyes turned to saucers as they looked, then refocused at what was hanging in front of me. Another strange cock. A huge strange cock. An unbelievable piece of cock that made me clench both my pussy and ass together, a knee-jerk reaction to imagining what a cock this size would do to me. I looked up to see a guy smiling down at me with his hands on his hips. He was another stranger, but was smiling just like the guy behind me. "What's wrong, slut?" I heard from Tuck sitting to my left, "Don't like strange dick?" The guy in front of me spoke. "What's wrong, honey? You're getting paid, aren't you? Well, you're going to earn it tonight!" With that, he snapped his hips and his cock hit me heavily in the face. It felt solid. I didn't have a ruler, but I knew he was definitely 10 inches or more, and it had to be 3 inches thick - at least a full inch wider than my Gene. The foreskin overlapped the head about an inch or so... God, that meant he still had some growing to do! I started to look over at Tuck to plead with him when I felt him grab my hair and pull back, then twist my head around to face the cock. He said "C'mon slut... meet Danny. He works out with me at the gym. I saw him in the shower and asked if he likes to tame little pretender girls who want big meat. After Gene set this whole thing up, I told him to come over tonight after ten o'clock and bring some friends." "Now open your mouth. Taste his cock." He pulled my hair again and I opened my mouth wider as I faced the cock. Danny reached down and pulled the skin back to expose the head of his cock. The peach-shaped head was enormous, probably close to 3-1/2 inches wide and the slit was a half-inch long. Danny told me to lick the hole and I snaked my tongue out and licked his pee slit. He moaned a little and stroked his cock towards my tongue. After a minute or so, I noticed he stopped stroking and his cock was fully erect and bobbing in front of me without the support of his hand. He said, "Time to suck it, baby," and he started to push his cock into my mouth. My lips were spread wide as the huge head pushed it's way into mouth. The head was almost in when I heard him say "Deeper" and I felt the dildo being crammed deep into my ass. As my body flinched and tried to pull away from the discomfort in my ass, he pushed forward and shoved the rest of his cockhead into my mouth. My mouth was completely filled and I now knew what it meant to be gagged with cock. As my nostrils flared to breathe my eyes looked down the thick veined cock that ran from my mouth to his patch of pubic hair. It had to be almost 10 more inches. God what was going to happen next? I heard the door announce the arrival of the rest of Tuck's friends. I have to admit I do have a thing for tall guys. The others were Sandy, this ginger-haired guy with a funny accent, maybe Irish, and Rob, a dark man who was really muscular. I was feeling dizzy from all the sex I had already had, and a little from the drinking I'd done earlier. Next thing I knew, I was dumped face down on the bed. As I tried to rise, someone pushed me down, a hand in the middle of my back. The room was filled with laughter and crude comments and then someone grabbed my ankles! At least two of them were in on this. I thrashed a bit, but it didn't do much good. They tied my ankles, widely spread, and tied my hands behind my back. I could feel the pressure on my tits as I was pressed against the bed, because my legs were so far apart. Then they stood around me. "Hey, come on guys. Let me up. Okay, this is getting to be scary, not funny." I wiggled, trying to loosen the ropes. Tuck, grinning wickedly, knelt down in front of me, and flicked my hair out of my eyes. "I think it's still pretty funny, kiddo. Terri, baby, you are such a flirt. You've been driving me nuts for over a year, and I know you're doing it on purpose. You are such a hot little piece, and you are way, way overdue for a major fucking." I was a bit shocked, but I also felt my pussy get wet all over again suddenly. "Tuck...?" I almost whispered, staring at him. "I don't even know you, how." "I set it all up with Gene. And you picked the participants yourself, flirting like that over the internet. Sending stories, posting pictures. Shame on you, girl! If you want it that bad, you should ask nicely." Tuck ran his hand down my back, then slipped it down and roughly grabbed my ass. His strong fingers kneaded my soft flesh, squeezing and rubbing. I moaned and tried to keep from rubbing my pussy against the bed. Then, suddenly, he slapped my ass, quickly, brutally. "Hey!" I twisted against the ropes, trying to pull my thighs together, but it didn't work. Then Tuck leaned over and slipped his fingers under my thong, sliding them down the crack of my ass and then to my pussy. That felt way too good. Tuck slid his fingers back out, and then pulled the vibrator from my ass. I suddenly felt like such a little slut, tied over a bed like this, with my ass and dripping pussy bare, and my panties gone who knows where. I was so turned on! I twisted and wriggled more. "Mmm, baby... I could really use a piece of that." Rob said softly. I could hear zippers being undone. "You first, Tuck, old' buddy. Let the lady know what's on the menu tonight." Tuck chuckled a little, then stepped around in front of me. I just gasped at the sight of that fat pole hanging out of his fly. "Oh, my God... again?" Tuck slid his pants off and dropped them on the couch. "Listen up, Sweetheart. You are going to get some serious action in here. You've been a naughty girl, and I think you owe everybody here a nice apology." I blinked, not quite getting that. "Since you're a nice, generous girl, I'm sure you won't mind if we share you around." Tuck dropped the light, joking tone and leaned closer to me, with some serious lust in his eyes. "You're going to get fucked so hard and so many ways, you won't ever forget it. And you're going to love it, baby. We're going to screw every hole you've got, until we're all tired of it, and then maybe we'll do it some more anyway." That stunned me so badly I couldn't breath for a minute. Not just scared, though, I was also incredibly horny! Just hearing him say the words made my pussy buzz and my breath get short. Meanwhile, Danny had completely stripped down and stepped up behind me. He grinned at Tuck and began slapping his monster cock on my ass, beating it up and down and slapping the fat, purple cock-head on my ass at every stroke. "Pucker up, honey." Tuck said. Then he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back, and pushed his massive meat into my puckered little mouth. I left smears of lipstick on his fat shaft as he plunged into my mouth again. I moaned and gulped as he started fucking my face. I wiggled and thrashed, rubbing my hungry pussy on the bed. Danny, not able to take it any longer, grabbed my hips and jammed his incredibly thick cock into my exposed, sore pussy. It felt so good! Danny was just cramming me full, pumping in and out like mad, and it was driving me wild, how his thick shaft rubbed against me in there. I had never been so turned on. Tuck, starting to pant, pulled my head up a little further, and shoved his foot-long down my throat until his balls were crammed up against my chin. I was licking away, and gagging and gasping every time he pulled out enough for me to breath. The noises I was making around Tuck's cock must have been just driving him crazy, because he came down my throat in minutes, pumping a huge burst of salty cum into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could catch, but the rest dripped down my chin. Danny came next, ramming his cock so deep into my little pussy I thought I would burst, and blew his load deep in my pussy. I just hung there and panted for a moment, feeling wildly excited. Then, with no warning, Sandy shoved his cock into my pussy and started humping, working his long dick in and out of my swollen folds. Rob came around and grabbed my chin. "Lick my balls, slut." He shoved his cock and balls in my face. I stuck my tongue out and started lapping away. "Oh yeah, bitch, lick them good, suck me good and I'll fuck you so hard." I was just rubbing my spit and cum covered face against his crotch, licking and sucking like wild with Sandy fucking my pussy. He was starting to grunt, ramming me harder and harder, and I loved it! When I finally managed to get Rob's cock-head in my mouth, I just gobbled it, sucking and swallowing while he stood there grinding his crotch into my face. God, that felt so wild, his cock twisting around and around in my throat. I was bucking back and forth, pushing my pussy at Sandy and my face at Rob, and both of them came at once and so did I. I screamed, or tried to scream, around Rob's cock, and he just gulped and grabbed his cock and came all over my face, his cock jerking as it pumped out bursts of cum. And Sandy dug his fingers into my thighs and yelled. "Oh, fuck yeah, you sweet pussy! Suck my cum!" I could feel it flooding me inside as his hips slammed up into my ass. They all changed around again, fucking my pussy and mouth over and over for more than an hour. I think every one of them had my pussy and my mouth, probably more than once apiece. I came and came, squirming against the cloth. My mouth was sore, and my pussy was so stretched out and dripping with cum, I could hardly believe it. When they finally got tired of using me for a while, they all stepped over into the kitchen. I could hear the refrigerator open and close, and glasses clinking as they drank and rested. I was so tired; I think I must have dozed off briefly. I woke up very suddenly when something cold and wet slid down my back and off over my ass. "Yeek!" I jerked and tried to shake it off. "Hi there, babe. How are you feeling down there, huh?" Tuck fingered my cum-slicked pussy. "Kind of sore, kind of loose, huh? You know what, honey? Your little pussy is all fucked out." He shoved his finger into me, and it went in easily. "Yeah, fucking her like that right now would be like fucking a horse." Sandy chimed in. Tuck chuckled and continued. "However, babe, we're not done with you yet. We'll just have to do something else, won't we?" Tuck showed me the stick of butter he'd rubbed over my back, and then started smearing it over my tightly puckered little asshole. I shivered and wiggled as it softened and slicked me up. "Oh, not in the ass, guys, you all are too big! Come on, I can't do anal, I swear. I can't take any of you, let alone all four of you." Tuck shrugged. "Too bad, slut." Sandy said. "Not much you can do about it, is there? Go ahead, Tuck. Do it to her. Fuck her up the ass." Tuck rubbed my ass one more time, and then I felt his fat cock against my tiny hole. He stroked it up and down my ass-crack, and then aimed it very carefully at my butt hole. "Feel it, sugar? You're going to take it all the way." Then he started to push. I moaned and squirmed at the end of his cock as the pressure built up, then I jerked and almost screamed as he jammed his wrist-thick cockhead into my ass. "Oh, man, now this bitch is tight!" Tuck gasped, slowly pushing his cock in and stretching my ass. "Oh, My God, No! Oh, oh, oh, Oh God, you're splitting me open, oh, oh, it's too big, it's too big..." I moaned. Tuck just waited for a moment, and then shoved another couple of inches in. God, it felt so wild. Yes, it hurt terribly, but it also felt so incredibly good, feeling this huge thing stretch my asshole and push deeper and deeper into my guts. I was writhing as he fucked another two inches deeper, and he still only had half his meat up my virgin hole! He was grunting at every thrust, and talking dirty as he did it. "Yeah bitch (grunt) You're going to take it all (grunt) Take it all up that ass (grunt) As hard as I like it (grunt) As deep as I like it (grunt) As long as I like it (grunt) and I'm going to fuck you (grunt) And fuck you (grunt)..." I was just bursting with cock when he started pumping it in and out, and the sensation was beyond belief. I felt it sliding in and out of my asshole, pulling my pucker wider, and I was moaning and gasping and begging for it. "Oh yes, yes, (uhn) Fuck my asshole, (uhn), Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, RAPE ME! RAPE MY ASS, YOU MOTHERFUCKER! SCREW ME HARD, RAM THAT THING UP ME AND MAKE ME CUM, YOU BASTARD!" I was screaming as I started to cum around his cock. My whole ass just quivered and clenched down on him, and I came so hard I nearly fainted. "Oh GOD YES FUCK ME!!" And I slumped onto the bed, as my vision got spotty from how good it felt. Tuck yelled "TAKE IT BITCH!" and came up my ass. I could feel his spurting cum splatter into me as he rammed into me the last time. Then he pulled it out of me, and Rob crammed his whole ten-incher into me at once. I screamed as he slammed back into my tender hole. He pounded my ass, pulling all the way out and shoving his fat cock-head back in again. I was jerking and seeing stars every time he did it, totally out and in again, pumping his cock through my puckered hole. I came twice while Rob was doing my ass. My ass was slick with cum, and his cock was just sliding in and out of my while I thrashed under him. He started pumping hard, and I was thrashing and cumming almost constantly, one after another. It felt like my asshole was just on fire with sensation. I was so blown away, I almost didn't notice when Sandy took his place. But I did notice when he shoved his dick in and crammed it way up into me. "Oh, fuck! This is so wild! The slut's asshole is so damn tight! I love this!" He started fucking me so hard I was bouncing up and down on the bed. It was like fucking a demon, having this burning-hot fuck up the ass, and this massive knobby cock-thing pounding me relentlessly, as though the three of them were one. I was cumming so hard I blacked out, almost every time, again and again while they fucked my asshole. I could hardly breath for moaning. When Sandy was done screwing me, Tuck came around and knelt on the floor beside the bed for a moment, looking at my face. My eyes were so blurred I could barely make him out. Then he peeled off the restraints and let them hang off my bound wrists. While I was still dizzy, Tuck gently massaged my tits and rubbed them together. They were already wet with the cum that had dripped from my mouth earlier. He squeezed and fondled them for a moment, then started fucking my bouncy tits, pumping his cock up and down between them and pinching my nipples. I swear, that was all I could stand. I just screamed and passed out, overloaded. When I came around, I was stark naked, sprawled over the bed, and Tuck was untying my ankles. I was just covered with cum, dripping off my sore, throbbing ass, off my thighs, off my tits. Exhausted as I was, I nearly fell twice more just walking to the shower. Tuck wouldn't let me walk unaided thankfully, as I could barely shuffle, feeling my swollen lips and anus rub together as I walked. To keep me moving, Tuck held my arms and led me by them. It was the most insane night of my life. I took a long, hot shower to soak the aches out of my body, and at the end of it, Tuck pinned me up against the shower wall and gently made love to me one more time, teasing me by only thrusting when I moaned. Whenever Tuck makes it back into town on his trips, he's welcome at our place.
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