Public Sexcapades

Written by The Anonymous One / Oct 10, 1999



My wife and I had a real out and out fight several weeks ago. It was because she was overdue by three days and feared the worse. Naturally she blamed me (she was right) because I had let that man with the dead battery fuck her that rainy night. He not only fucked her once, but at least four times before he left the next morning. Each time he fucked my wife he shot his cum deeply into her cunt. I admit that I wanted him to cum in her. At the time I even wanted him to impregnate her. Not now of course, but then my lust wanted my wife pregnant by another man, a man we didn't even know but for twelve hours. Our fight and not talking with one another lasted for three days until it happened. She was not pregnant. As we made up slowly she asked me why I allowed that night to happen. I told her that I was really turned on and loved seeing her naked with her legs spread and another man's hard cock pumping in and out of her cunt. I ended by adding that I even liked seeing her cumming as he also was cumming in her. I told her that whenever she was fucked by a stranger, we had fantastic sex for the next several weeks. 'How can you say that,' she replied, 'it has only happened twice and neither time with my real consent.' She was right about that too. I kept going and explained that the sexier she dressed and the more she allowed other men to see her body, the better I liked it. Her answer was to remember the past, because it wouldn't happen again. 'I suppose you'd like a man to feel me and maybe suck my nipples when we are out,' she said. I admitted the idea was very interesting. That brought an end to the conversation. About a month later she asked me if I wanted to go out to a lounge that Saturday evening. Since we hadn't been out for quite a while I agreed. I dressed early that Saturday night and it seemed to take my wife forever to come downstairs. When she did I was shocked. She was dressed in a tight mini skirt with a slit on both sides, also wearing a matching jacket blouse that had a couple of buttons open. She wore nude stockings and a pair of high heels. She looked terrific, she was the picture of beauty and sexuality mixed together perfectly. She smiled as I whistled and said to me, 'I thought you might like it darling.' I wondered what she was doing after we had fought over just such a sexy outfit. We entered the car and I drove to the main highway out of town. 'Where are we going?' she asked me. I mentioned a lounge about forty minutes away. 'Why so far?' she asked. 'Because if anything should get going tonight, I don't want you to be fucked by one of our neighbors,' I answered. 'I'm not going to be fucked tonight honey,' she sternly said. But as for one of our neighbors, that man that moved in last year is nice.' she smiled. Now thats an interesting thought, I said to myself. 'If something does happen baby and I do get fucked tonight by another man, I want him to cum in me. I realized that the feeling of a strange man's sperm filling my cunt and what could happen to me by his sperm excites me to massive orgasm. You proved that to me, I want you to know, but I also don't want any man getting near me tonight,' my wife finished. She seemed stern on that point. The lounge was great and we stayed until closing. My wife and I danced most of the night and she also danced with other men. Some I could see that she was holding tightly, I even thought I saw one of them feel her tit, but I couldn't be sure, and my wife didn't say anything. As we drove home we were silent for several miles until I spotted another lounge still open. We had crossed a town line and here they were open later. I suggested we stop for a nightcap and we did. There was only one other male customer and ourselves. We sat at the end of the bar and ordered. The bartender informed us they would close in forty minutes or so and he preceeded to close down one end. That brought the other only customer over by us. He sat next to my wife and ordered another drink. My wife and I were finished ours and reordered. When we were served, the bartender left our side and started to read. Being somewhat tired we drank in silence until my wife softly poked me. I looked and saw that the other drinker has his hand on her thigh and was stroking it, while she wasn't stopping him. My cock started to twitch in my pants as she smiled to me. In five minutes she again poked me and I saw that she had let him uncross her legs and he was feeling the inside of her thighs. Of course he didn't know that I knew this. My cock was starting to grow hard. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he caressed my wife's thighs, moving his hand further up and saw her spread her legs. My cock was now rock hard as he continued to feel her. My wife did a small cough and I saw that her skirt was pushed up her thigh and his hand was now under her skirt. I looked for the bartender and saw that he was still reading. Whe I looked back down, her skirt was at her waist, her pussy completely exposed and the customer was finger fucking my wife. He finger fucked her for about five minutes until the phone rang and the bartender called to him. He got up to take the call, my wife looked to me and said, 'Do you want me to fuck him honey?' 'Yes baby,' I answered as she squeezed my cock, 'I do want you to fuck him.' He then returned and I made sure I was not looking as he sat down. He thought I was still unaware and continued to feel and finger fuck my wife's cunt. She let out a soft moan I pretended not to hear, realizing that he was bringing her close to cumming. I then heard a zipper being opened and saw that my wife had his cock out and was stroking it hard. My cock was trying to burst through my pants as I watched her playing with his cock. Several minutes later she moaned loudly as her orgasm hit and I looked down as she was cumming. Pretending to be angry I said aloud, 'What the hell is going on here?' My wife knowing I really wasn't angry, but picking up on my tone said, 'I'm sorry honey it just seemed to happen.' 'It just seemed to happen he's playing with your cunt,' I said in anger. 'You have his cock out baby, so he might as well fuck you too,' I said. 'Darling its not like that,' she replied, playing my game. 'Its not,' I answered, 'well he's going to fuck you sweetie,' I said in a strong voice. 'You want his cock, you'll have it,' I continued. I then turned her chair to face him and said to him, 'She made you hard, so you might as well push it into her cunt and fuck her.' I put my hands on my wife's thighs and spread her open. 'Come on and fuck her,' I said to him. Being a little unsure and now scared he moved between her legs, rubbed his cock against her wet slit, and started pushing himself into her. My wife moaned as he entered her cunt, pushing her back against me, and I held her as he fucked her. The customer now fucking her in earnest caused my wife to moan loudly at the feeling of his cock filling her cunt. This attracted the bartender who looked up and then went to lock the door. I opened my wife's blouse completely exposing her tits so he could feel them as he fucked her. His hands went to her erect nipples, he squeezed and pulled them, causing her to groan in delight. The bartender was now with us and watching his customer fuck my wife, which caused a large bulge in his pants. She had already passed some three orgasms as her cries were again building. I had a little trouble holding her secure on the seat as he was now pumping her faster and harder. I guessed he was also close to cumming. My wifes moans were now echoing in the empty bar as she cried out she was cumming. He rapidly thrust his cock into her several times and then pushed completely into her cunt, holding her and shooting his sperm into her. She cried out as her cunt was filled with his hot liquid and had another explosive orgasm. Slumping back against me, my wife's body shook, as she was now beginning to calm down. He moved out from between her legs and I saw his cum leaking from her pussy. It was a wonderful sight. The bartender now had his cock out and was standing hard as he said, 'Can I have some of that too?' 'Sure I said, she wants cock tonight, so she's getting it.' He slid into her saturated cunt easily and started to fuck her. She groaned at the feeling of another hard cock in her and was responding to the pumping actions with him. The bartender lasted longer than I thought he would, fucking my wife for some ten minutes until he grunted and unloaded his cum into her as she was cumming again. Now totally spent he moved from her and went back behind the bar. My wife slowly moved off the chair and asked for the ladies room. She then walked slowly to it. In ten minutes she was back, somewhat more rested as she sat next to me. We finished our drinks and paying the tab we left. Seated in in our car I asked, 'Honey is their cum still in your cunt?' 'Yes darling,' she replied. 'I'm dripping honey, I hope I don't ruin my skirt, its very wet in the back.' 'I guess we might have that fight again by the end of the month I said. 'No darling' my wife answered. I went to the doctor last week and brought protection against that possibility of that happening. I surprised you tonight, but then you returned the surprise and had me fucked by two men. So I guess we're even,' she said. As we drove home my wife said, 'I hope you'll let me have two men together again darling.' In stunned surprise, I answered her by saying I would try to arrange it. 'That's fine honey,' she said sleeply, as she dozed. I looked at her, thinking of the two loads of sperm in her cunt and knew I would do it again. We did, but that's another story

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