Xmas Spread

Written by The Anonymous One / Oct 10, 1999



My wife joined me at the bar as we were waiting for dessert to be served. We had just finished one of the finest dinners ever catered and were enjoying the Christmas party thoroughly. She sat next to me and smiled her warm smile that melts my heart easily, and probably every other mans too that sees it. We talked of the party and how much better it was then last years. The hall was much larger, the food much better and the band played a wider choice of music.

They announced that dessert was being served in five minutes and to start returning to our seats. My wife looked over to me as we finished our drinks and asked if she had to sit at the same table again. I think so I told her because all the tables are numbered, why honey?, I finished. She then said to me that the sales man that was sitting next to her was trying to feel her all during dinner. What was he doing I asked my wife. He keeps running his hand up my thigh and trying to get under my dress, my wife answered. I swear I will snap his fingers if her does it again she finished.

You could do that hon, or you could do something else I answered her. I could do something else?, like what she asked me. I then asked her if she was getting excited by his touch. Some what honey she answered me. Is your pussy wet from his hand stroking your thigh I then asked my wife. Yes darling I was getting hot she answered me, but what does that have to do with me snapping his fingers for him she asked. I want to really bend his fingers backwards,if he gets like that again she finished.

Honey, instead of snapping his fingers if he touches your thigh again, you could just spread your legs for him instead, I said to her. My wife looked at me funny for a moment and asked. You want me to spread my legs open for him honey? If I do, you know he'll go right up to my pussy she said. I know baby I answered her as we walked to the table. I then sat her at the table and went to join the executives table.

As dessert was being served I noticed that the salesman again sat next to my wife. I also noticed that from my seat I had a perfect view under her table. In about ten minutes he had his hand on my wife's thigh again and was slowly caressing it. This time she didn't move his hand, but let him feel her thigh. As his hand moved up her thigh, she looked at me for a moment, and they started to spread her legs open for him.

He lost no time in getting his hand under her dress, and as he moved his hand further up her thigh, my wife spread her legs wider. I could tell when he touched her pussy and was feeling her from the look on her face. This went on for several moments, then he must have slid some fingers into her pussy, because my wife was moving her body to his hand. She was actually moving with his fingers and trying to get them deeper in her pussy under the table. After ten or more minutes of this, I saw her grab the edge of the table and hold it tightly. I knew she was at that moment cumming on his fingers buried in her pussy. This went on for several minutes, until another executive got my attention and started to discuss something of the day.

When I again looked over to my wifes table, there was no one at it. I excused myself from my table and went for a walk down the corrider to the mens room. As I passed the clock room, I heard moans from under the door. Trying the handle, it opened, and I walked in the room. The sounds were comming from around the corner, and as I moved to it, I could see around the edge of the wall.

My wife was naked on the couch, and the salesman was between her spread legs, pushing a thick hard cock gently into her pussy. He was completely into her and was moving slowly to start as they became accustomed to each other. Soon he was fucking my wife faster as she was now moaning more loudly with his every thrust. I watched as she did cum time after time with him, and was meeting his every thrust into her. He was slamming harder in her now and giving her his whole cock with each push . After several minutes of this, and my wife cumming several more times, she gasped , don't cum in me, I'm not wearing any protection tonight. Her statement was just a little too late, because with the next couple of thrusts into her, he moaned, I could see his ass twitching.

My wife gasped, oh my god, your cumming, your shooting in me. And he filled my wifes pussy with many long spurts of his sperm by the way his rear twitched. After several minutes, they lay collapsed on the couch, as she moaned, you came into me, I'm probably pregnant now, this is my most fertile week. Just then the other door opened and a friend of his walked in the room. I thought I heard noise in here he said, then stopped dead in his tracks. He saw my wife still spread open as the salesman got off her and said, I want some of that pussy too. His pants were down in a moment and he was between her legs moving hid hard cock against her pussy. Another minute and he was deeply in her, fucking her harder with each stroke.

God, she is hot he said, you were able to cum in her too he asked. Yes I did cum in her the other salesman answered. My wife groaned, don't cum in me, I'm too close to becoming pregnant. The second man was fucking her harder now and answered, baby you have one load of cum in there now, and I'm going to give you another. She tried to push him off her, but to no avail, and within a few minutes he was adding his hot sperm to her already full pussy. My wife must have cum another six times at least before it was finished. Then both men dressed and left,and I slipped out the other door.

Some fifteen minutes later she again joined me at the bar. I asked her where she had been. She answered, you wanted the salesman to feel me up hon, well he did. The we went to the cloak room and fucked she answered, I figured he made me cum with his fingers, he could really do it great with his cock she finished. And did he I asked. Oh yes he did she replied, very well too. He even made me cum many more times hon, before he also did cum in me she finished. He did cum in you I asked my wife. yes baby, he did and his friend did too she answered. His friend came in the room as we finished and just took me too she explained. He was good too honey, and also did cum in me she finished. You were right in telling me to spread my legs for him she smiled.

As we walked out from the party my wife said. Oh by the way darling, neither one wore any condom, and I wasn't protected either, since this is my very fertile week, so hon I'm probably pregnant right now she finished. It was a great xmas party this year, she concluded.

The anonymous one
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