Written by The Cuck / Oct 19, 2000


Marci woke up the next morning and her door was shut. He had seen her. She decided to do it again tonight but this time she would put a pillow under her stomach so that her butt would be higher in the air than her head. She woke up feeling lips kissing her back. The light was out and it was absolutely dark in the room. She felt hands on her ass and then felt something hot, wet and hard pressing against her cunt. She moved her hips up a little and spread her legs as wide as she could and pushed back with her arms to push that huge cock into her cunt. Once Marci began moaning, he knew what she wanted and he was going to give it to her. The more she moaned, the harder he fucked her until he filled her with his cum. He had had vasectomy years before and loved the freedom it gave him to fuck Marci without a condom. He pulled out and quietly walked to his room without saying a word. Marci went to sleep in that position with her well fucked, cum filled cunt sticking up in the air. The next morning neither of them spoke about the night before. It was as if it never happened. Marci moved away to college 6 months later and never returned home to live, but during those 6 months, she would leave her door open three or four times a week for her silent night visitor who would pump her to glorious orgasms and leave her well lubricated. Other than a little moaning, they had never spoken one word about the sessions, to each other or anyone else for that matter. Some people really wouldn't understand. It wasn't like he had molested her and she was hardly niave. She would have to give him a call this weekend if she got back from Bills early enough. She would also have to remember to hide Sandy's hairbrush, from time to time. Gary always slept like this when it was warm enough.

Gary and Lori were still asleep and it would be an hour before the alarm went off. Gary looked cute with his little soldier standing there. She went into the bathroom and squirted a dab of lotion on her fingers, which she applied to her "honey pot" as Gary called it sometimes. She preferred "cunt". She was surprised that she wasn't the least bit sore anymore. She walked to the side of the bed next to Gary, raised her leg over him and lowered her cunt down on his erect dick engulfing it completely. Gary smiled and said "Morning Dear" barely opening his eyes. "It still fits," he said to her as she was rocking back and forth on his dick. She replied, "Of course it still fits silly, if you give it a little time, a pussy will expand and contract to fit the size of the cock that it's entertaining." "Oh I like that entertaining pussy talk, do you want me fuck you doggie style?" he asked. "No Gary, she said. I don't think that we need to do that anymore. I can get all the fucking I want from guys who can only fuck me. You are the only man who can make love to me and that is just for us. If you want to fuck me you can, but I think it would be more fun to make you go without." "Yea", he said. "It was a real turn on watching you getting it from Bill and all I got was my hand." Gary had noticed that Marci was wearing Bill's Black T-shirt as her new nighte. He ran his hands up under the shirt and held tightly to Marci's breast. Marci had been sitting straight up on top of Gary, grinding slowly. Now her eyes were closed, she was leaning forward and getting down to business. She was pumping her cunt up and down on her husband's smooth dick much faster now. Gary's eyes were wide open looking at Marci, but was picturing her standing by the bar in Bill's condo, with her knee raised as high as she could, giving this strange Black stud total and unrestricted access to her most secret spot. Gary couldn't hold it back and shot his load in her as she was sliding her cunt down hard on his dick. She kept going and his cum leaked down on his balls and into the crack of his ass. Marci was rising up to get off when Gary said, "did you get cookies Baby?" "No, but I really didn't want to. I just wanted to give you a little loving because I really do love you Gary."

Gary left for work and after Marci fixed breakfast for Lori, she went over to the computer and switched on the monitor. She had DSL now and loved it, no waiting for the connection. She typed in the address and her pass code for egroup and immediately went to BMWF and checked for new pics. Wow, there were a lot of them. She clicked on the first one and her screen lit up with a picture of a white woman with a wedding ring getting fucked by three well-hung Black studs. She had Black cocks in all three holes and cum all over her face. Marci stared at the picture for quite a while before going to the next one. A minute later she went back the first photo and decided to copy it to her "C" drive and she then hit print. While the photo was printing on her color printer, Marci let her hand drop to her lap and then a couple of her fingers disappeared into her still wet cunt. She had just had sex with Gary and didn't have an orgasm on purpose. Marci had grown very partial to the orgasms she had had with Bill a few days ago. In suggesting to Gary that it would be fun to abstain from sex, she had made a decision that she would only allow herself to have orgasms when Black cocks were fucking her. She would like to get off now looking at that photo but she would torture herself by bringing herself just to the edge and then stop. That should keep her pretty damned horny and make her just the kind of whore that Gary wanted. She thought for a moment that if she were single, she probably wouldn't be doing any of this. The more she acted like a whore, the more Gary liked it, and the more he liked it the more she wanted to be his whore for black cock. It was like the chicken and egg thing. The print copy would be on the pillow for Gary. With her one free hand she e-mailed the photo to Bill with the following message. "I would like to order off this menu Sir!"

Bill told the receptionist that he had a long lunch planned and that he probably wouldn't be back to the office until late in the afternoon. He checked his E-mail messages just before leaving and noticed one from Marci. She asked for his address Sunday and said she would send him some stuff that would make his face turn red. Yea, right, he thought. He opened the attachment and began to feel his cock moving in his pants within seconds. Where had Marci found this photo? It was great. The message caption from Marci was even better and made him wish he could get out of this appointment and drop by to fuck her for lunch. This whole thing was such a turn on. He had called four other guys he knew and told them about Marci and Brenda. Class acts these two and he knew just the kind of guys they would go for. Black, good-looking, big cocks, stellar clean, good sense of humor and long lasting. The guys were perfect and eager as hell to show Gary's women a good time. He was kind of glad that there would be four others beside him. Most whites think that all Black guys are fucking machines with 10" cocks and can go forever. There are a few, and he liked to count himself in that group, but in reality, he had met a lot of white guys with dicks bigger than his. Black women knew the truth about black men. His x-wife was Black and had 4 brothers. There was no seducing her with "suck this big Black cock you fucking bitch". Not to say she wasn't a great lay. Black women are a different fuck entirely. White women were a hell of a lot of fun, especially the married ones with husbands like Gary. The mystique and taboo aspects of the relationship between the races added to the magnitude of the climax and that is what it was all about. Getting off. He knew that Gary and Marci would eventually grow tired of him and that was OK, because it was a game and those were the rules. In the mean time he was going to deposit as much Black cum in her hot, white, married, fucking cunt as he could.

Marci glanced at the small calendar on the refrigerator and couldn't believe that it was only Wednesday. This week was creeping by. Well, she was keeping busy. She was kind of proud of herself. Gary had fed Lori her breakfast while Marci went for a three-mile jog around the neighborhood. After Gary left she had cleaned the entire house including the bathrooms. Gary never complemented her on how clean the toilets were. She guessed he thought they never got dirty. Marci was standing at the sink scrubbing a pot from dinner last night. She had slipped on a simple housedress after her shower and wore nothing else. He hair was up, so it wouldn't get in the way and she had her Walk Man head set on as she liked to listen to music when she did housekeeping. Gary's big stereo system was a hassle for her to play her CD's on. The back of her house was mostly glass that looked out onto the back yard where Lori would spend most of her day playing with her terrier. Marci could easily keep an eye on her and didn't keep the volume turned up so high that she couldn't hear Lori if she needed her. She loved her house. She and Gary were not rich, but if you had to classify them, upper middle class fit pretty well. They were financially OK and had been careful with their savings. Her SUV was paid off and Gary didn't owe that much on his Lexus. Gary had asked her to mail the payment today if she went out. Marci had taken a pot roast out to thaw and was going to fix it for Gary's dinner. She was letting her mind wonder without control and for some reason thought if Pot. It had been too damn long since she had a good hit and wondered if any of the Black guys would have any this weekend. She then wondered if Brenda would chicken out and not go. Marci would not chicken out because Gary would make sure of that. If Brenda didn't go then Marci would have all of them to herself. Well, fantasies are never as good as real life and she was thinking that she needed some SOS pads and that the white clothes in the wash would be done soon. She had Gary's shirts in the dryer and the dishwasher was chugging along. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something moving and then felt a hand come from behind and come to rest on her breast. Someone was standing behind her. She tried to scream but couldn't and instantly realized that it was Bill sneaking up on her, but it was too late, she had to go through the emotion of being frightened out of her mind. She hated that. "God Damn it Bill" she exclaimed as she removed the headphones. Bill was standing behind her with his hand on her breast and was pressing his body against hers and pushing her against the sink. His other hand went under her dress and then directly to her ass. She leaned forward just a little and put her hands on the edge of the sink. Bill was kissing her neck. Her hair was up and Bill was taking advantage of her soft white skin. He didn't know it, but it was one of Marci's erogenous zones. She closed her eyes and let Bill explore her body. Bill lifted the bottom of her dress up and laid it on her hips exposing her bare bottom as his large hands squeezed it, sometimes a little too hard.

"I've got a surprise for you Marci", Bill said. Marci looked back at her Black lover and saw a strange man standing next to Bill. "SHIT" Marci swore as she pulled away from Bill and with her face as red as a beet, she tried to straighten her dress, partly by pulling it back down over her ass. Marci's hands went to her hair, as she said, "Bill, I am going to kill you". The strange man was Black, about 240lbs and 6'2" tall. He was older than Bill but she couldn't tell how old he was because he had a mustache and beard that covered a lot of his face. God he had the most beautiful blue eyes. "Marci," Bill said, this is Ben.

Still embarrassed, Marci put out her right hand and said, "Hello Ben, I'm Mrs. Marci Clark, I am pleased to meet you". God, what had she said? "Mrs. Marci Clark." She just knew that he would probably say, "Yes, I could see that you are married by the way you were letting Bill rub your ass." No, he seemed to be more of a gentleman than that. She looked at his right hand, and expected him to shake her hand, but instead, he lifted his left hand and grabbed her on the wrist. She noticed he wore a wedding ring as he pulled Marci to him and put his other hand around her waist and pulled even tighter. "All he said to her was "I am very pleased to meet you too Mrs. Clark". Then he pressed his lips against hers and buried his tongue deep in her throat.

Everything was spinning. Marci had read how new super computers could actually handle a trillion calculations per second. Incredible as it may sound, the human brain can do even more and right now this young woman's brain was in overdrive. Everything for Marci was going in "slow motion". It was like when she fell over the rake that Gary had left out a few weeks back. Before she had hit the ground, she had thought about a hundred different curse words she would use on him.

Marci was getting mad. What had made Bill think he could enter her turf? This was her home and she and Gary had agreed to keep this swinger stuff away from their family. Now Bill brings a total stranger into her kitchen and this guy not only invades her home, and forces himself into in her personal 3" zone, he has his tongue in her mouth. Granted, she was letting Bill take some liberties with her, but that was OK because Gary had gotten Bill for her and he had presented her to Bill for Bill to use. Marci was just letting Bill do what her husband wanted him to do. This was different. Gary wasn't here and didn't know about, what was his name? Oh yes, Ben. This was wrong, she thought. It was adultery. That sounded funny considering she was going to be the main attraction at a local gangbang this weekend, but Gary was involved in the planning and that validated her. She realized that Bill was back behind her with her dress up high on her waist. He was biting her neck instead of kissing it and he had both of his hands on her ass. He must have his pants off because she could feel his hot Black cock pressing against her crack. He wasn't trying to fuck her; he was humping his cock against her ass like a dog. Ben was still exploring all of her mouth with his tongue. Her hands were flat against his chest pushing away with no success. Ben was strong and he was raping her mouth. Ben took one of her hands and moved it down to his cock. He was taller than she was and his cock was rock hard and sticking well above her waist. He had opened his fly and taken it out for her. IT WAS HUGE, much bigger than Bills and hot as fire. She knew it was Black. Just minutes before her world was going just fine. She was being little "Susie Homemaker", and now these guys had invaded her world and were raping and pillaging it.

Marci didn't know it, but the next few seconds of her reasoning would determine who she was for the rest of her life. Like all computers, her mind was narrowing down the data and was ready to spit out its final answer. The millions of male pheromones that covered Bills T-shirt were nothing compared to the quantity that Marci was sucking through her nostrils now. Both Bill and Ben were very potent human male specimens and their pheromones were acting on Marci the way they were designed to. Female pheromones (copulins), are more potent than the male variety. All female mammals on the planet give off copulins to let the males know when they are ready to be bred. Marci's body knew that there were a couple of studs nearby ready for reproduction. Marci didn't have any idea that her body was telling Bill and Ben's bodies that it was ready. Marci's heart was pumping about as fast as it did when she jogged, but there were other changes in Marci. She was a healthy young woman and all of her female reproduction parts worked perfectly, even though her doctor tied her tubes to stop the delivery of her vulnerable eggs to the danger zone. Her body was getting prepared. The extra blood supply went to various places. Her lips were now 25% larger than normal. Her nipples were hard as rocks and sticking out. Her cheeks were red and her face was flushed, but the biggest change was in her groin. Blood had gorged into her cunt including the lips of her pussy, causing them to swell and become enlarged. Marci had a fat twat in normal conditions. She always had trouble wearing shorts or tight fitting pants, especially when sitting. The seam in the crotch would part her cunt and her lips would protrude to the point of embarrassing her. Gary liked it though.

With all that was going on, it had been less than a minute that Ben had forced himself on her. Marci answered her own question; Bill told Ben that she was a "Whore for Black Cock". That had to be the answer. They were treating her like one, and there was no way on earth that Ben would try this technique the neighbor. Joan Hamilton would have planted her knee in Ben's crotch by now. No, this was a total misunderstanding. It was getting pretty clear to her. She had even told Gary that she wasn't sure where the "fantasy" slut left off and the "real life" slut began, and if it had confused her, it surely could have confused Bill. She had to stop them now before it went too far. She knew where it would lead, especially in the next hour. Bill and this Black man with the great blue eyes would fuck the crap out of her. Maybe Bill could invite Ben to the gangbang. Then Gary would be there and everything would be OK. That would do it. This whole Whore for Black Cock thing was partly her fault. Gary had picked up on it in a heartbeat and she liked it. She had never cheated on Gary. And she sure as hell wasn't going to do it now. Her family was too important for a quick fuck with a stranger. Her only reason to turn Gary in to a cuckold was to get a little "dark meat" on the side and she would be a good wife, doing what hubby Gary wanted, being a "Whore for Black Cock". She was wondering why that phrase had come up in her mind so many times. It was just a title. She told Gary she was one just to turn him on. Why was she thinking about it so much? A whore is someone who has no control. Not Mrs. Marci Clark, she thought to herself.

Marci wondered how her tongue got into Ben's mouth. She still had Ben's cock in her hand. In fact she had both hands on it. She was holding it like the pogo stick she had when she was a kid. It dawned on her that the bell on the dryer was going off telling her that she only had a minute or two to get Gary's shirts out and hang them up so they wouldn't wrinkle. "Saved by the bell", she thought. She had at least a minute. She had never had two men kissing touching, caressing, biting, humping, squeezing, feeling and wanting to fuck her at the same time. All this attention was a huge turn-on for her and she would take the extra minute. She wondered what it would be like this weekend. She grabbed a hold of her mind. It was time to say, "OH STOP, OH DON'T, - OH DON'T STOP!" She smiled. That had been a joke in college. Well she would stop them now because she had regained control and was not the Whore for Black Cock they thought her to be. She would tell Bill, who was now trying to stick his cock in her ass hole, to fuck off and never come to her house again. EVER!

As for Ben, he was cute and she loved his eyes, his beard and he had a great cock. She would tell Gary about this stud. Marci then wondered why no one had even touched her cunt yet? What did she mean by "yet"? She asked herself. NO - It was over! She pulled her tongue from Ben's mouth and her lips away from Ben's. She let go of his giant Black cock, as much as she hated too, pushed back a foot or more, and looked into his baby blue eyes and said. "Ben, you do not understand, I said I am MRS MARCI CLARK and".

At that very moment, Ben's strong hand was inches away from her hot cunt. Just as she said "and", he grabbed her cunt and squeezed. He noticed that it was hot and as big as a peach. He wondered if it would taste like a peach. Ben had long slender fingers and his longest middle finger found the opening to Marci's honey pot. As he squeezed her hot cunt he let his middle finger gently enter by only an inch. Marci's body had been preparing lubricants in anticipation of having to entertain two giant Black cocks and when Ben's finger opened her cunt, just a little, her juices flowed out covering Ben's hand and on down to her thighs. She was gushing but that wasn't all that was happening. As Ben squeezed her cunt, Bill's 9" Black, smooth and hard cock was entering her ass hole. Marci had waited just 6 seconds too long. Her body took over and she began to have her first of 5 orgasms this day. Every orgasm had been better than the one before and she thought this one would kill her. The woman who was always in control, lost all control. Her knees, now covered in her own cum began to buckle and Her arms and hands went up around Ben's neck to keep her from falling. She didn't have to worry. Ben had her and she wasn't going anywhere. She had begun to say something to him just as she began to moan. Ben said, "yes what is it Mrs. Marci Clark?" She took a minute to answer. She had to wait until she could talk. "NO, she said. I am Marci, Mrs. Gary Clark." Ben said, "Yes Mrs. Gary Clark"? She thought that is not right either. (She wanted to respond, but had to wait until Bill was on an outstroke. She couldn't talk when his cock was going in.) "NO", she said, "Actually I am Marci, Mrs. Gary Clark, Whore for Black Cock and you can do anything with me that you would like too." There, she did it! Ben asked her where the bedroom was as he released his grip. Marci stepped forward to separate herself from Bill's cock and crisscrossing her arms, in a single motion, grabbed the dress that was bunched up around her waist and pulled it off over her head. As Marci, started for the door to the kitchen, she glanced out the window to see Lori playing in the sand box with Oscar. Mommy had something important to do and hoped that Lori would keep herself occupied. As Marci passed the living room door, she noticed that someone had turned the dead bolt and locked the door. "Good thinking Bill", she thought to herself. Marci turned into the hallway to the guest bathroom, three bedrooms and the master suite. Bill was following behind her and Ben was a couple of feet behind Bill. Bill jokingly told Ben not to tailgate and Ben told him not to stop too fast. Marci glanced back over her shoulder in the dimly lit hallway and saw nothing but Black. They were big men and had completely disrobed as they walked. Both were fully erect and their bodies filled the narrow hallway. Marci had been letting her hips sway more than usual when she walked. All women are aware that when a man walks behind a woman, his eyes will stay on her ass. It wasn't ladylike to wiggle too much. Marci wasn't a lady, and she knew without a doubt what these guys were thinking. Marci paused at the guest room door for a second, then walked past it and opened the door to her bedroom and walked in. No man had ever been in that room with her besides Gary. There was something sacred about the bedroom and the marriage bed. It was where they had consummated their vows and where they had planned and conceived Lori. It was the heart of her home. Marci wasted no time in crossing the room to the bed where she immediately sat down on the shinny, silk, down filled comforter that covered the king size bed. She was on Gary's side, she thought as Ben and Bill walked to her. Marci was looking up at these two powerful men. Totally submitting, she lifted her ankles up close enough that she could grab them with her hands, then she let herself slowly fall back. As she was falling she pulled her ankles back as far as she could wishing that she had been limber enough to be able to get them behind her ears. She locked her elbows behind her knees and waited for the men to take her.

Ben had not realized just how lovely Mrs. Marci Clark was. When he entered the kitchen, her back was to him. He saw this young housewife standing barefoot at the counter, bobbing her head just slightly to the beat of some music that only she could hear. He watched as Bill snuck up behind her and frightened her. Then he watched Bill molest her and witnessed her acceptance of his passion. He had actually seen her beautiful bare ass longer than her face. Now she lay before him, nude and beautiful. No, correct that thought. She was "fucking beautiful". For a moment, he actually was able to take his eyes off of her shaved cunt, which glistened with her pre-cum, to admire her face. Ben thought that Mr. Clark was one lucky son-of-a-bitch! Kneeling down on one knee at the edge of the bed, Ben let his face fall against Marci's hot cunt. It tasted like the sweetest peach he had ever tasted and let his tongue go into her pussy as far as he could. He had wished that his tongue was as long as his cock because he would have liked to do to her cunt what he had done to her mouth. Marci moved her hips up and down and loved the feel of his beard on her shaved cunt and legs. She too had wished that his tongue was as long as his cock. It had only been a few minutes since she had climaxed with Ben's hand on her cunt, now she climaxed again with his tongue in her cunt. "OH GOD" she moaned as she filled Ben's face with her cum.

Wanting to finish what he had started, Bill climbed up on the bed, turned Marci around, and then turned her onto her hands and knees to fuck her in the ass "doggie style". He had put more lubricant on his cock and slipped it back into her rectum. It fit easily and Marci moved her hips from side to side to assist in the penetration. Ben was standing in front of Marci at the side of the Bed and handed her his cock. Marci took it and raised it over her head and pushed her lips against his balls. She licked his balls and then moved her tongue from the base of his cock, up the entire length, to the tip. Marci loved to suck cock, sometimes even more that getting fucked by one. She liked to show men that she was submissive, but what really turned her on was the pleasure she could see in the man's eyes, and the expression on their faces as she performed her art. When she had their cocks in her mouth, she had absolute control over these powerful creatures, especially when they climaxed. These big strong black studs would tremble and turn to mush when they would cum and she liked to be on the receiving end when they did. Eye contact was important but keeping eye contract with Ben in this position wasn't too easy, but Marci arched her back enough to allow her to look into those baby blues while she sucked his cock. Arching her back also gave Bill better access to her ass. He loved squeezing her ass while he fucked her. He loved her back too. He liked to massage her back and run his thumbs up and down her spine while he sunk his giant Black cock deep inside her. To get total penetration, he would reach all the way up and grab her shoulders. With her arching her back, he could pull back while he shoved in his cock. He thought for a minute, that if he pulled too hard, while he pushed too hard, he would break her in half. Little did he know that she would have liked that.

As Marci's tongue reached the tip of Ben's cock, she noticed that a large concentration of precum had collected on the end. Marci looked up at Ben and let the tip of her tongue collect the cum which she deposited inside her mouth. She then took the end of his cock in her mouth and started sucking as she jacked off the monster Black snake with both hands. Other than the way she had spread her legs for Ben, this was the most submissive sexual act she could think of. Both Ben and Bill were talking dirty to her and calling her names like slut and whore. She loved all of it.

Ben knew about the gangbang because he told her that he wished he could go but had to fly out of Portland tonight. Bill asked her if she liked gangbangs. Unable to talk with his cock in her mouth, she couldn't tell him that this was her first. She continued sucking while Ben asked her if she had ever been to a "Bar Gangbang". Marci turned her head sideways, and raised her eyebrows in a questioning look of "What is a Bar Gangbang?" Ben was talking to her while she was blowing him and Bill had reached around and had a couple of finders working on her clitoris while he fucked her ass. She could feel another orgasm building as Ben told her, "We have a lot of Black bars over in Oakland where hot white bitches like you go to get laid by strange black cocks. The next time you're in the Bay Area, look me up and I'll show you around." Marci began to think about sitting on a bar stool in some dirty bar with strange Black men taking turns on her. She had never thought what a great orgasm you could have by fantasizing about having Black men fuck her while she was getting fucked by strange Black men. She couldn't suck while she was getting off and Ben allowed her a minute to collect herself. He was getting close and wanted her full attention for his climax. "Suck that cock you fucking bitch", he told her. She knew he was coming. His cock was throbbing and she held it an inch or two from her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The first spurt went deep in her throat. She closed her mouth to swallow as the second spurt hit her on her lips. She liked the way Ben tasted. He didn't taste at all like Bill or Gary for that matter. "All men must have a different taste", she thought as she started playing "catch-up" on the collection and ingestion of Ben's semen. Bill was still going like the energizer bunny and was reading Ben's mind. Bill pulled out and came over to sit next to Marci. He and Ben helped Marci away from the bed and then had her sit her well-fucked ass hole back down on Bills cock. Her back was against his chest when both of them laid back. Marci's legs spread again exposing her cunt to Ben. This time though, there was a big Black cock sticking up her ass. Ben was still rock hard. "How did he do that?" she thought as she watched him approach her. Bill held onto her arms as Ben moved into position to mount her. Ben raised his ebony fuck stick above her tender cunt and then did what can only be described one way. Ben, with no last name, FUCKED Marci, Mrs. Gary Clark, Whore for Black Cock.

Marci screamed as he plunged his cock into her and it hurt like hell. She had never been double penetrated before and especially not with cocks as big as these. It felt like she were being torn as his cock stretched her wider than she had been in her life. She had taken the Lamaze classes but ended up having a cesarean with Lori. Marci was blowing trying to fight back the pain. Tears streamed down her cheeks and collected in her ears. "FUCK, that hurts" she yelled. "I'm going to gut you like a trout," Ben told her as his giant black piston disappeared in her cunt. A few more stokes and Bill and Ben got their act together and began to rotate their penetrations. With only a very thin membrane of flesh separating them, they could feel each other's cocks. The pain turned to pleasure as Marci began building up to her 4th orgasm of the day. Bill went first and injected his entire load deep up in her rectum. Bill slipped out and left Ben to finish her off. Ben was a machine and continued hard and fast in the same position. Marci's feet and legs were making erratic movements in the air and she was digging her fingernails deep into Ben's ass pulling him against her. She was rotating and bucking her hips up against his cock and taking it in as far as it would go. Marci wanted to say, "Fuck me Ben", but she didn't have the strength to talk. She was gasping for air and panting. Her breathing was coinciding with his thrusting and they were both soaking wet from perspiration. Marci was biting the shit out of Ben's shoulder and Ben had a big gold chain around his neck that was smacking Marci in the face. His sweat was dripping onto Marci and was running in a current between her soft tits. Bill was standing behind Ben watching his friend's black ass pounding the small white body under him. Ben's cock was appearing and disappearing into Marci's white cunt. Ben's balls were slapping Marci's ass so hard that Bill could hear them and realized that Marci was taking Ben's entire length and girth deep her belly. Marci was kicking Ben with her heels as he prepared to breed her. Marci could feel his body tense and knew that he was about to unload everything he had in her. A flood came over Marci as she allowed herself to climax first. Marci saw lightening and rainbows and flowers. Ben had been fucking her like a jackhammer and didn't slow down as he exploded inside her. He fucked her even harder and extended the length of time that her orgasm lasted. Ben gave her his final push and collapsed on top of her. It was a few minutes before he had the strength to move off of her. She couldn't have moved him if she had wanted to. As Marci lay there she thought to herself that Ben, with a little help from Bill, had just given her the best fucking she had ever had. Ben thought so too.

They were finished with her. Bill had gone into the master bath to clean up and Ben had gone backtracking thru the house to collect his clothing. Marci was sitting on the Bed resting. She still had cum all over her face and the comforter under her ass was wet from a collection of all of their bodily fluids. As Ben reentered the bedroom, Marci noticed that he had been in the guest bathroom. He was washing his cock with a designer towel that was hanging up for display purposes only. Ben looked at Marci and thru her the towel that he had been using. He didn't say anything to her as she took the towel and began to wipe the cum off her face. She spread her legs and was wiping her thighs wondering when she had lost her modesty. Both men were within five feet of her and talking to each other about her like she wasn't even in the room. Ben told Bill that she was a great fuck and that he would have to make it up to Bill for the favor. Men!. Minutes before, she had been the center of their attention and they would have tried to kill anyone who would try to take her from them. Now that they were through with her, she didn't exist. Ben could have at least gotten her a clean towel and told her "thank you", considering that she had allowed him to enter her home and use her for anything he had wanted, not to mentioned that she had also committed adultery. As they were walking out of the door, Bill walked over to her and stuck out his hand toward her face. He rubbed his thumb on her cheek and said, "missed a spot". Bill then cupped her chin in his hand and placed his thumb against her lips and transferred what he had collected from her cheek onto her lips. Marci bit his thumb and smiled at him. Bill and Ben were almost to the front door when Marci yelled, "Thanks guys". "Don't mention it" one of them replied.

Ben had late afternoon reservations on Southwest Air to go back home to the Bay Area that night. He had been there on business and would have loved to stay for the Marci and Brenda gangbang. It sounded like a lot of fun. He came up every couple of months so he figured he could have a little more of this fine piece ass later. Bill was a great friend even though he was an employee. Ben would have to "set up" Bill the next time he was in the Bay Area. Ben thought that he should also call Gary and thank him for picking up the tab for lunch the other day with him and Bill. He mostly wanted to tell him what a great wife he had. Never in his life had he had such a great blowjob. Black or white. He remembered how Gary had told him that he could have her as often as he was in Portland, but he didn't want Marci to know that they were acquaintances. Ben understood the turn-on. His wife, Trisha, was Black and liked to go out with other men. She didn't care what color they were. (At least Marci had good taste!) Bill had already fucked Trisha a dozen times, and like a true gentleman, Ben offered his wife to Gary. It was the least he could do. Gary said. "I don't think Marci would go for it. She is jealous as hell." Sandy and Brenda were Ok with her. She didn't think of them as other women." Ben smiled. He wanted to tell Gary that after what Marci had allowed him and Bill to do to her, she would be in no place to complain if Gary fucked Trisha. He wanted Gary to fuck Trisha and he couldn't understand where Gary was coming from. Gary wasn't that far away.

Gary thought that Baboons have a perfect sexual life. They mate for life and when their wife/partner or whatever they call her comes into heat, all the male baboons in their group, including her mate, line up, behind her. They all take turns on her until she has had enough fucking. These male baboons fuck her and then go to the end of the line, and stand in line until their turn comes up and they can fuck her again. It was fucking perfect Gary thought.

It would be a moment of truth for Marci, he thought to himself. He hoped that she would lie tell him about the affair. He was torn between, hearing from her cum covered lips what those Black cocks had done to her, and what her adulterous heart might withhold from him. That would consummate her complete metamorphous from a Loyal, sweet, truthful wife to the cum sucking whore for black cock that he had worked so hard to turn her into. He would start calling her Baboo. He smiled.

Someone had tried to call Gary while he was on his cell call with Ben. When the call ended, Gary punched "missed call" and the display said "HOME". Gary was only 5 minutes away. He changed lanes and headed for the off ramp to Rock Creek.

When Gary arrived home he found the front door locked. As he entered the foyer, he was greeted by Oscar. It took only a second for Gary to scope the main part of the house for Marci and Lori. Gary started toward the back of the house and glanced into Lori's room as he walked down the hallway. Lori was sleeping soundly. That was a good sign he thought. Gary then walked into his room. Marci was Laying face down on the bed, on top of the comforter. She was naked and any other time, he would have thought that she had summoned him to service her. He liked getting Booty calls. He started walking toward her and it hit him. The stench of sex was heavy in the air. He took another breath to verify and to add the scent evidence to what he was collecting visually. He noticed that she had spilled something on his side of the bed. There was a large wet spot on the comforter and the bed was a mess. He noticed a soiled towel, that he was never to use, lying on the floor next to the bed. Gary sat down on the edge of the bed as Marci turned over to face her husband. The look on her face and the smell that covered her told him what he already knew. Gary leaned forward and kissed her deeply. He identified the musty taste on her lips as the same substance that had spewed from Bill's large Black cock and covered his face only a few evenings before. Marci received his kiss then kissed him back. Without saying a word, she had confessed her adultery and had received absolution from the man she loved. Gary moved his face toward her midsection and Marci spread her legs. She knew what he wanted to do and would not deny him, especially after forgiving her. Gary buried his face into her cunt and thought he might just stay there for the rest of the day. It felt really good and Gary was a master at licking her clitoris exactly the way she liked it licked. She put her hands on the back of his head and noticed that her wedding ring looked odd. On closer examination, she found that it didn't sparkle because it was covered in cum. She had missed the back of her hand as she was cleaning up. Marci licked the ring and the back of her hand. "There, that was better, all nice and shinny again." She said to herself. Then, as she licked her lips another thought entered her mind. Hmmmmm Ben. Marci, Mrs. Gary Clark, Whore for Black Cock, closed her eyes and let her husband finish his task, of bringing her to her final orgasm of the day, while she savored this new flavor of chocolate. This orgasm was soft and mild.

After, Marci asked Gary to hold her until she fell asleep. She was a woman and needed to be cuddled, even if the man doing the cuddling was not the man (or men) doing the fucking. Gary was lying back against the big pillows and Marci was snuggled up next to him. Gary had thrown an Afghan over her bare legs and had his arm around her. He had opened his pants and had his free had in his boxer shorts massaging his hard dick. Marci had fantastic milk white skin but she bruised easily. Gary had to be careful not to leave marks where her touched her. You wouldn't need to be a forensic scientist to see what they had done to her. Handprints were everywhere, especially on her ass and back. She had been mauled. Gary was thinking about what had gone on in his bed the previous hour and how Marci had confessed. Well maybe she wasn't a cheating whore after all, and besides, he didn't think it could get any better than this. Marci was just dozing off and said, "Oh by the way Dear, would you mind if I took a couple of days and went shopping in San Francisco?" Gary's heart skipped a beat and replied, "That sounds like fun, when would you like us to go?" Marci, without opening her eyes, said, "I thought I might go alone. You don't like to shop and I could use a few days by myself." Gary said, so softly that Marci couldn't hear, "Good idea you cheating fucking whore for black cock", and then he moaned a little bit. "What did you say?" she asked. "I said it sounded like fun." Gary said. Gary then decided he needed to get up and clean the cum off his hand and change his boxers before he went back to work.

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