Innocent Bride-To-Be

Written by Black Demon / Apr 18, 2002


Innocent Bride-To-Be (m/f, i/r, n/c) by Black Demon _______________________________________ Standard Disclaimer! This is a fictional story intended for Adults only! ________________________________________

************ *********** Note: The story below is a story in itself. However, it is also a direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: Captive Young Wife ************ ***********

Attending the resort that was entirely booked for the employees and spouses or significant others of Spearing Corp., Terri Harmon hated herself for what she was about to do. Her husband Trent had advised her that his boss, Bubba Grimes, had observed her getting on well with the fiancee of young Mike McKay, a sales exec who had been with the company just under a year and was now starting his way up the mid-management climb. Terri wanted to refuse to do such a dirty deed but knew if she didn't, Mr. Grimes would get someone else to do his biding and repercussions would follow. Carrying her second child, Terri had to think of the family, knowing that if Trent lost his job that they would no longer be able to pay the mortgage.

Sitting in the Jacuzzi with beautiful Lori Pfeiffer, Terri learned that Lori had recently graduated from college where she had met Mike. Lori had obtained a degree in journalism and had just taken a job at a publishing company. In a couple of months, Lori and Mike were to tie the knot. Lori reminded Terri of herself at that age, just five years earlier, when she too was so na?ve and innocent. Looking at Lori's flawless ivory white body, so well proportioned, Terri knew that her innocence and sexy body were what had caught the devious mind of Bubba Grimes.

With all the employees out on the golf course for the company tournament, the spouses and guests that did not play the game had the resort facilities at their disposal. She had met Lori and hit it off with the young woman and had enjoyed each other's company. Lori had suggested they spend time in the Jacuzzi when the golf tournament was taking place and thus it had been set up to meet in the late morning. But last night in the room, when Trent got the phone call from his boss, she overheard him telling Mr. Grimes of her plans to meet with Lori the next morning. Seeing Trent's face when he got off the phone, she thought that she'd have to be 'nice' to Mr. Grimes again.

Terri had felt so relieved that she did not have to be 'nice' to Mr. Grimes at this function, did not have to spread her legs for Trent's lusting black boss. Though relieved of not having to go through the ordeal, Terri did not relish the thought of being responsible for putting the drug into young Lori's drink. She could see herself in lovely Lori, cringing at the thought of what lay ahead for this unsuspecting young beauty. Tears formed in her eyes, upset with herself for what she was about to do.

The next morning, Terri excused herself, advising Lori she that needed to go to the restroom and that she'd bring some cocktails for them on her way back. At the cocktail bar, she saw the bartender give her a nod with his finger tapping the top of the champagne glass, indicating it was the one that was spiked. As she walked back to the Jacuzzi, Terri wanted to just drop the glass containing the spiked drink but she knew her own livelihood depended upon. A moment later, she was handing it to the unsuspecting Lori Pfeiffer.

Relaxing in the soothing water, Terri could not but help but observe young Lori feeling the effects of the drink that had been prepared for her. Terri could only surmise that the drug was quite potent as Lori had consumed only a half of the champagne in the glass and her head was already tittering from side to side, appearing as if she was on the verge of totally passing out. She could also tell by Lori's speech that her words were slurring badly, indicating that her mind was getting quite hazy.

Moving closer to the young beauty, Terri steadied her so she would slip under the bubbling water. Looking up behind Lori, Terri observed the lusting Bubba Grimes smiling down upon them as he began to get out of his clothing. With young Lori nodding off from the spiked drink, she heard the gruff voice tell her "Undo her bikini for me! Let me have a look at her titties!"

At Mr. Grimes' orders, Terri reached over to undo the top tie of Lori's pink bikini, letting the strings fall, seeing the cups of her bikini top falling loosely upon her perfectly shaped breasts. Looking up, she saw Mr. Grimes now down to his shorts and could see the massive outline of his growing cock. From personal experience, Terri knew that the growing shaft was now only a third of its full potential with but in less than a minute it would be fully erect and stiff as a baseball bat. She was glad that her companion was not out totally from the spiked drink, glad that she would not be awake to feel the pain as this monstrous cock skewered into her innocent young body.

Terri watched as Mr. Grimes stepped into the Jacuzzi and began nuzzling at Lori's breasts, his face pushing aside the cup of her bikini to reveal one of Lori's pink nipples. Then she saw the bikini top float off to the side as Mr. Grimes undid the back of her bikini top to bare Lori's lovely breasts. Terri felt sick as she watched her husband's boss slobber at the tender breasts of this innocent young woman and she had played a big part in it leading up to this.

Watching Mr. Grimes lean forward to reach far under the bubbling water, Terri soon saw Lori's pink bikini bottom get carried off in the jet stream of the Jacuzzi. Now, the lovely Lori Pfeiffer was totally bared and at the sadistic mercy of the devious Bubba Grimes. Then she reluctantly watched as Mr. Grimes scooted forward, grasping the unconscious body closer to him.

Terri could only stare at the sight before her, seeing the devious man smiling as he was about to rape the lovely Lori Pfeiffer. As Mr. Grimes now fumbled at his crotch area, it became apparent that he was trying to fit his bulb-like cockhead into tight opening of the innocent young beauty. With him in position, she watched Mr. Grimes use both hands to grasp Lori's trim white hips, then brutally slammed himself forward. She felt so guilty in her role leading to the 'ruining' of this young pretty bride-to-be.

"Ohhhhh ???.fuckkkkk! Ohhhh, shit ?????sof fucking tight ???..I don't fucking believe it!" Bubba Grimes groaned loudly. As he withdrew his long plundering cock, he then heard a loud gasp from the lovely Terri Harmon on his right side as she looked on. Bubba turned to look at Terri's startled face as she looked down to where he was now joined to the unconscious blonde beauty. He looked down to where her eyes were glued, seeing just what startled her. What he had not or could not believe was in fact true, dispelled by the now bloody water. He had actually taken lovely Lori Pfeiffer's precious cherry!

Terri watched flabbergasted as the horny Bubba Grimes was besides himself at his good fortune, slamming into the innocent young body over and over again, burying his big black bone deep into Lori's womb. Then Bubba Grimes looked over towards her, chuckling "Mike McKay's going to be in for some surprise on his wedding night when he expects to claim this little beauty's precious cherry! I'd better leave young McKay something in return for copping the cherry that belonged to him , huh! Yeah, a little black baby sounds like a fair exchange!" Then the big black body slammed itself forward into the petite ivory body, grunting out its lust "Uhhhhhhhhhh ????....uhhhhhhhh ???.?arggghhhhhhhh ???????.yeahhhhhhh ?????.ahhhhhhhhhh!!"

Carrying the lovely bride-to-be carried out of the bloody water, Bubba laid her down onto a nearby lounge chair, leaving Terri to look after the raped beauty. Chuckling as he looked down upon the ravaged beauty, Bubba began to get into his clothing, taking great pride in seeing the bloody snatch of the little beauty. As he departed, he observed a teary Terri Harmon covering the beauty's nude body with a towel, drying her down a bit.

Armed with smelling salts that Bubba Grimes had given her, Terri had to awaken the drugged and raped beauty before anyone else came into the facility. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ???????..ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" came a moan from an awakening young Lori Pfeiffer. "Ohhhhhh ?????where am I? I ???..I hurt all over! What happened?" Lori sobbed in pain. "Ohhhhh ????.oh, Terri it hurts!" she sobbed.

Choking back tears herself, responsible for drugging the sobbing beauty, Terri stammered "I ????.I came back and ?????.and saw a man ????a big black man ????.on ????on top of you! He ????he ran off when I arrived! Come, Lori ?????let's get you back to your room and take care of you!" "Lori ??..are you ???..are you on the pill? You ???? are, aren't you?" she asked.

Lori's face registered what had taken place, the question posed to her and the agonizing pain between her legs told her that she had been raped. She sobbed, realizing that the precious jewel that she had protected for so long had now been torn from her. "No ?????no ????.I'm not on the pill! I was saving myself for my wedding day with Mike! We ????.we had planned on letting nature take its course and not wait to start a family!" Lori sobbed. She was relieved when Terri advised her they'd instead go to her room where she had packed along a douche for the trip.

Wrapped up in a terry cloth robe, Lori could barely walk due to the pain and was glad to have Terri assisting her. As she leaned on Terri's shoulder and sobbed "I ???don't know what happened!" Terri lied "Before he ran off, I saw a cloth over your mouth and nose. I ???.I think he must have used something on it to knock you out! Let's get to my room and we can call the police from there!"

As they entered the room, Lori sat on the chair and sobbed "Oh, Terri ???.what should I do? Terri ??did you see the man who ?????who raped me?" Terri nodded her head advising "Just from the back and a little from the side when he ran off! I didn't see enough of his face to identify him though! All I can tell the police is that it was a big muscular ??????.black man who raped you!" Lori sobbed loudly in despair upon learning that it had been a black who had raped her. "I ???..I can't call the police! I ???.I can't let Mike know that I've been raped by a black man! He'll never want to touch me if learns of it ?????much less marry a woman who's been 'ruined'!"

Going to the bathroom, Terri felt so awful in the part she had played in this young woman's demise, the fact that Lori had been a virgin made it that much more horrible. Knowing how much cum Bubba Grimes could generate and worst of all just how potent his semen was, Terri prepared a potent douche to combat the nasty seed. She knew young Lori would not report the rape to the police, afraid of letting her fianc? find out of her being brutalized and disgraced by an evil black man. She prayed that Bubba Grimes had not been successful in accomplishing the evil deed, that of knocking up the pretty young bride-to-be.

Finally, hours later, Terri had soothed the raped beauty so she could regain some composure. A sedative had helped to calm the distraught young woman. The agonizing pain between Lori's legs had eased with time and at least now she appeared to walk normally again. With a dinner and dance on the schedule for the evening, it was important to get Lori composed enough to make the event. Terri assured her all would be well and told the agonized young Lori to stay close to her that evening.

As the dance music played that night, Lori Pfeiffer felt good again to be in the arms of her fianc?, resting her head on his shoulder as they danced together. 'Oh, God ??..I love Mike so much! I successfully put you off for all these years, wanting our wedding night to be that much more special, but now that's all been destroyed! How can I ever tell you that I'm no longer the 'pure' innocent virgin you've been expecting to marry? That I've been raped and 'ruined' by an evil black man!' she wondered.

Terri watched the young couple dancing, hoping young Lori would be able to continue putting up the good front that she had accomplished thus far. She watched as Lori and Mike danced a couple of dances together, then were making their way back to the table where she was sitting with Trent. Terri gave a slight gasp when she observed Lori and Mike intercepted by none other that the deviant Bubba Grimes. A moment later, she observed Bubba Grimes leading the rather reluctant Lori Pfeiffer to the dance floor as Mike McKay returned to the table alone. After the ruthless Bubba Grimes had raped and ravished the innocent little beauty, he had the gall to take her from her fianc?, lead her to the dance floor so he could feel her up again.

Three weeks later, after worrying daily of having been impregnated by the evil rapist, Lori breathed a sigh of relief when her period came. 'Oh, thank God!' she sighed, not knowing what she would have done if she had gotten pregnant. Retrieving the slip of paper that Terri had given her should she need someone to talk to, she contacted Terri to give her the good news. "Terri! This is Lori Pfeiffer! I just had to call you and tell you the good news! I just had my period! Thanks so much for looking after me that awful day!" she advised.

Two months after the brutal rape, with the wedding upcoming, Lori was busy at work trying to get everything in order while she took some time off for the honeymoon. Looking at the mail that had been placed in her in-tray, she saw one marked in red saying 'Personal & Confidential'. Opening the large envelope, she saw it was apparently an 8"x11" color photograph.

Upon withdrawing it, she gave a loud gasp of horror. It was a picture of her as she lay unconscious in a Jacuzzi, legs widespread with her feet up at the water level. Between her widespread legs was a wide black body standing in the Jacuzzi and it was quite evident what was taking place. She noticed the color of the water near where the man was standing differing from the rest of the water in the Jacuzzi. She shuddered upon realizing that the photograph depicted the moment she lost her virginity on that horrid day. 'Oh, God ?????it was indeed a horrid black man who raped me! Thank God the douche that Terri gave me prevented me from getting pregnant! But what does he want? Why did he send this to me? Why now?' she pondered as there was nothing else in the envelope.

As the wedding day approached, Lori was quite nervous ever since receiving that awful photograph. For some reason, she had not torn it up or burnt it. Instead, she found herself bringing it out of hiding often, looking at herself being raped, squeezing her thighs together in wonder what it would have felt like if she had not been rendered unconscious. Ever since that day, she had often closed her eyes and she pictured a muscular black man part her legs and having his way with her body. Although she tried to dispel such thoughts, she just could not shake them from her vivid imagination.

On the eve before the big day, Lori broke out in a big smile when her mother answered the doorbell rang and brought in a huge bouquet of roses for her. The outside of the envelope read 'To the Lovely Bride!' She commented to her mother "How sweet of Mike! He's always so thoughtful!" Opening the envelope and taking out card, her eyes widened and her hands trembled as she read the note "Does Mike know that he's about to marry 'soiled' goods?" Blinking back the tears, she quickly made her way to her bedroom to avoid anyone seeing her distress.

Lori was beside herself, not knowing what to think, realizing that her rapist obviously was someone who knew both she and Mike, not some unknown person who happened to come upon her at the resort on that fateful weekend. She wondered just what this evil man wanted by sending her flowers at this time. With there being quite a number of blacks working at Mike's firm, many of whom he was friends with, she wondered just who could have violated her.

On the wedding day, all seemed to go according to plan, giving Lori a big sigh of relief. The wedding ceremony had been beautiful, all that a bride could hope for. Now she was the proud Mrs. Lori McKay. The wedding reception was to be at an elegant hotel where there would be a fabulous dinner and dancing. Then she and Mike would be spending their wedding night in the hotel's honeymoon suite. Her only fear was having Mike find out that his bride was not the virginal wife he had been expecting.

At the reception, following the lovely dinner, the young bride accepted the many invitations of the male guests for a dance while her new husband danced with many of the female guests. Between dances, many of Lori's friends pulled her over to the side to give her a toast. The same was happening to Mike as his friends insisted on a 'bottoms up' toast to celebrate the occasion. Needless to say, towards the end of the evening, Mike was feeling no pain and a bit unsteady on his feet.

When a nice slow song began, Lori looked up to see that it was Mike's boss asking for the pleasure of having the dance with her. As he led her to the dance floor, Lori soon found that in following his lead, they had danced off into the far corner of the dance floor. Being in the darkest corner of the reception room, far from the nearest tables and many other couples dancing between them and the audience, Lori felt nervous as she felt Mr. Grimes arm around her waist pull her even closer.

Lori shuddered in revulsion as her husband's boss bent his head down to nuzzle at the side of her face, shivering as this wet tongue traced the outline of her ear. She immediately tried to push away from this obviously intoxicated man but she was held firmly in his overpowering grip. Lori was beside herself, not knowing what to do to extract herself from this man's grip yet not wanting to make a scene. Then a shudder of horror flooded through her body when she heard him whisper into her ear "Poor Mike's not going to claim the pretty bride's precious cherry, is he? Got you're cherry popped in the Jacuzzi, didn't you?"

Lori's body froze to the spot but this went unnoticed to the crowd as the muscular black body obscured her from where the audience was situated. "You! You ????.you're the one! You're the one who raped me!" she stammered, tears forming in her eyes as she looked you into the dark leering face. "How ??.how could you do such a horrid thing to me?" she sobbed. "You ????.you'll go to jail for what you did to me! I'll have the police put you in jail!" Lori threatened the now chuckling man.

"My dear Mrs. McKay, the company reserved the entire resort that weekend and I'm well aware that the police weren't called for any reported rape! Gonna report me over two months later? I'll have at least a dozen people testify I was with them when the rape took place!" Bubba Grimes advised the obviously distraught young bride. "Tell you what, Lori! Let's go right over to your hubby and tell him I raped you! Tell him his beautiful bride doesn't have her precious cherry to give him tonight!" he challenged.

Bubba could see the dismay on the beautiful bride's face, realizing that she could no longer report the rape to the police nor tell her husband that she had been raped. With that, Bubba glided about the dance floor, forcing the bride to move due to his tight embrace. With her back to the wall, Bubba let his hand drift downward to grab at her slender ass through her wedding gown. Pulling the teary bride to him, he loved her agonized look of horror as he pressed his bulging crotch up against her belly.

When the dance was over, Bubba watched as the lovely bride was again in the midst of her girlfriends and being handed a glass of champagne by one of the girls. He smiled as he saw Lori quickly down the entire glass and then saw it being refilled quickly. Bubba then made his way over to the groom who was getting soused with some of the guys from the office. A scheme began to fall together in his evil mind as Bubba had another drink brought for Mike McKay and made a toast to him.

Twenty minutes later, Bubba got the groom another drink and toasted the young man before he went off with his beautiful bride. While drinking with the excited groom Bubba had learned that the honeymoon suite was on the 15th floor and would have a fabulous view at sunrise. Bubba smiled as the groom downed the drink and then rushed off with his bride, escorted by the best man and maid of honor. With the amount of drinks consumed by the young man, plus the last one spiked with a 'roofie', the groom would certainly not be in any condition to perform in the honeymoon suite.

Going up to one of the waiters, Bubba asked him the cost of a bottle of champagne and handed him the money plus a tip of $20. He gave the waiter instructions that delivery be made to the honeymoon suite in exactly a half-hour. Seeing that there was a $20 tip involved, the waiter advised that he would personally take care of that delivery in exactly the time called for. Twenty minutes later, the waiter passed by and advised that he would be making the delivery to the honeymoon suite in exactly ten minutes. Hearing that, Bubba made his way up to the 15th floor and waited.

Upon arriving at the honeymoon suite, it was clear that Mike McKay was not going to be able to perform his manly duties on his wedding night. With the amount of drinks he had consumed, along with the 'roofie' now taking effect, young Mike could barely walk on his own. With the best man helping Mike to the bedroom of the honeymoon suite, he and bridesmaids bid the newlyweds 'Good Night' and quickly departed. Lori knew she would be in for a disappointing night with Mike but in a sense relieved that he would not be able to discover her secret. Now Lori was rejoicing at the thought that she would be able to feign the loss of her virginity during the night and that Mike was too wasted to remember anything.

Ten minutes after the bride and groom had departed the reception, the doorbell rang in the honeymoon suite. At that time Mike was nearly passed out on the bed, his lovely wife had assisted him in removing his shorts, shoes, tie and dress shirt. Still in her wedding gown and veil, Lori wondered who it could be and called out 'Who is it?' from the inside. Upon hearing "Delivery for Mr. & Mrs. McKay!", Lori answered the door and was surprised to be presented with a bottle of champagne. Opening the card, she then cringed upon learning who had sent the bottle, then threw it onto the sofa with disgust. "That damned bastard!" she hissed in anger.

Looking into the bedroom, Lori saw that Mike was now totally out cold on the bed. Just as she began to undo her bridal veil, the doorbell rang again. Going to the door, she asked loudly "Yes?" Hearing the response "Another delivery for you, Ma'am!", Lori believed it to be the same delivery person and opened the door. Unbolting the safety latch and turning the doorknob opened the door to receive the delivery. Suddenly, the door sprang back at her, sending her sprawling backwards onto the carpeted floor.

"Uhhhhhhh ??????no ?????.. no ????..don't come near me!" Lori panted in fear as Mike's evil boss was inside the suite and approached her menacingly. Pushing herself back with her hands and heels upon the plush carpet, Lori tried to scoot backwards and distance herself between her and the man that had viciously raped her two months ago. "Mike ????.Mike ????.help me, Mike!" she yelled trying to awaken her husband to assist her. Turning, Lori managed to get up partially, stumbling forward in her attempt to escape her evil stalker, then felt her veil being grasped and pulled from her hair.

Stumbling forward into the bedroom, Lori reached her husband and began to shake him, trying desperately to awaken him. "Mike ????..Mike ?????wake up, Mike! Help me, Mike!" she pleaded. The she felt a hand grasp the opening in the back of her wedding gown, feeling the zipper give way under sudden pulling pressure exerted upon it. Trying to pull away, Lori fell off to the side of her husband as the wedding gown tore along the zippered area, feeling rough hands tearing at her gown. "Stop ????stop ?????please, no ?????stop, please! Leave me alone ????pleaseeeee!" she sobbed.

"Poor little bride on her wedding night with her hubby passed out light a light! Can't let the pretty little bride go without a man on such a special night!" Bubba Grimes laughed as knelt over the frightened bride, pinning her arms under his knees as he hovered above her. Inserting his hand into the front vee of her wedding gown, Bubba gave a yank to bare the sobbing bride's perfect breasts. Grasping her hands in one of his, he pinned her arms above her head while his other hand tore off the front of her wedding gown. Then he bent over to tongue and feast upon the succulent breasts of the struggling beauty.

"Please ?????..oh, please ?????.please, Mr. Grimes! Please don't rape me ????again!" Lori sobbed, her head whipping back and forth in disbelief. She shivered as sensations never before experienced coursed throughout her young body. Although she and Mike had petted during their courtship, never before had she experienced a mouth suckling upon her tender and sensitive nipples and breasts. She arched her back, feeding more of a breast into the slobbering mouth and sharp nipping teeth. "Ahhh ??..ahhhhh ?????..ohhhh ????oh, God!" Lori shivered from the unwanted sensations.

Lifting up from the sobbing young bride, Bubba began to push the torn wedding gown off her body. With young Lori trying to struggle and now kick out at him, the bending of her knees to kick at him was beneficial to Bubba, allowing him to push the entire gown from her petite body. Now Lori was clad only in her white heels, hose, garter belt and lacy white panties. A moment later, her thin lacy white panties were being torn to shreds by the anxious Bubba Grimes.

"Please ??????..please no ??????please ?????please stoppppp!" Lori sobbed and begged her attacker, her body now being covered by his much larger frame. "Please ????.please don't rape me! Don't rape me again! Please ????.I won't say anything if you leave now!" she pleaded. A shudder of revulsion coursed throughout her body as she felt her assailant fumbling between their bodies, feeling him positioning his blunt cockhead right at the entrance to her womanhood. She gasped and her eyes widened as she realized the size of the monstrosity that this evil man was about to plunder her with. "Oh, please ??..please ?????it's too big ????..I can't take anything like that!" she sobbed.

"Oh, baby ?????.gonna stretch ya out real good! Just like I did when I copped your precious little cherry! Did you see the photo ????..the water in the Jacuzzi turned all red when I busted you right open! You'll never be satisfied with Mike's little weenie when you get a feel of what Bubba's got for you, sweetie!" he bragged. Looking at the bride's horrified face, Bubba then pushed forward a bit, his blunt cockhead threatening to smash through her tight slit. Rearing back a bit, he then gave a might lunge forward, penetrating the now screaming bride.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeee ?????????aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ???ohhhh ????????ohhhhhh ??.ohhh ??????stop ?????..stopppppp ?????? hurtssssssssssss!" Lori screamed from the unbelievable pain. "Oh, God ??????.oh, God ??????.please ?????.oh, please ???stopppppp!" she cried as pain continued to shoot through her aching body. With her hands suddenly being released, she tried to push up at the muscular upper arms of her attacker but to no avail at all. She felt his arms going under her, gripping her asscheeks tightly, then he lunged into her again. "Ahhhhhhhhh ???????..ahhhhhhhhhh ????????..oh, Goddddddd!" she shuddered in pain as she was now brutally penetrated to the hilt.

"Please ??????.please ??????..please, Mr. Grimes ??????please, stop! It hurts ??????it hurts so baddddddddd! Stop, Mr. Grimes ?????..stop ?????you're too big ??????.you're too biggggggggg! Ahhhh ????ahhhhh ????..ahhhhh ????ahhhhh ?????.ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lori pleaded and sobbed as her husband's evil boss's lengthy cock sliced in and out of her raped slit.

Bubba laughed aloud as he raped the beautiful young bride while her unconscious groom lay passed out nearby, enjoying the tight clasping cunt sleeve around his cock. This fuck equaled that of busting her cherry in the jacuzzi, as he thought to himself 'Here I am raping the bitch and she's still calling me Mister!' "Oh, sweetie ???.gonna give ya a wedding night you'll never ever forget! Oh baby, gonna make ya climb the fucking walls! See if that fucking wimp you just married can compare to what I got!"

"Ah ???..ohhhh ????.ohhhhh ????.ohhhhh ????.ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh ???ohhhhhhhh ?????my God ?????ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh ??????my God ??????what's happeing? Oh, yessssss ?????.ohhhhhhhh ??????..ahhhhhhhhhh ??????ohhhh, yessssssssssssssss! Ah ??ah ????ohhhhhhhhhhh ???..oh, my Godddddddddddddddd!" Lori panted as the thick shaft continued slicing in and out of her, creating sensations never felt before within her young inexperienced body.

Bubba could feel the change taking place in the young bride beneath him. He slowly sliced his thick cock into her raped slit that was now clasping and squeezing back at him. He was going to have her climbing the walls, begging him to fuck her as he detected her lithe body beginning to arch up a bit as he sliced into her. 'She's starting to want it now! Oh, yeah, baby ????..Bubba's gonna have ya climbing the fuck'n walls soon!' to told himself as he slammed himself hard and deep into her womb.

"Nnnnnnnnnnnnn ????????..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddd!" Lori moaned through clenched teeth as her body shook and rocked under her vile rapist. Unconsciously, her widespread legs raised up to encircle her rapist as she arched up in a mind-shattering orgasm, her heels locking together as the thick cock was fully embedded in her raped slit.

A bit later, having been taken once again to the heights of another mind-shattering orgasm, Lori embraced her husband's demented boss as he began pumping faster and faster into her raped body. The manner in which Mr. Grimes was jackhammering into her, feeling his thick cockhead throbbing and expanding even more, Lori then realized that the evil man intended of spewing his hot potent seed into her. Recalling the ordeal she had recently gone through, the daily worry of having been impregnated by her rapist, she began to push up at him in desperation to unseat him.

"No, noooo ???????pull it out! Pull it out ????...please ????no ??????.no ??????you'll get me pregnant!" Lori pleaded, trying desperately to push her husband's boss off. ?Oh, please ???..please, Mr. Grimes ?????.please pull it out ??????.you're not wearing a condom! Please ??????please ????I?m not on the pill ?????please, you?ll get me pregnant ?????.?please!? she pleaded.

Bubba laughed and snickered, continuing his humping into the distressed beauty, determined on burying his throbbing cock into her fertile womb when he unleashed his baby-making jizz. He thoroughly enjoyed the fight she was now putting up, her petite hands pushing with all of her might in order to save herself from the possibility of being 'knocked-up'! "Ohhhh, Mrs. McKay, I'm gonna to fill you with hot nigga juice! What's Mike going to say when you give him a black bundle of joy, honey?"

Unable to hold back any longer, Bubba grabbed her soft cheeks firmly in his hands, then slammed forward to bury the length of his cock fully into the distressed bride. "Oh, baby ????? it cums ??????gonna fill ya up with my nigga jizz!" Bubba bellowed as his cock gave a mighty lurch. Then the hot gooey load exploded out in the fertile womb.

Lori struggled desperately as she was filled to the brim with the hot sticky goo, so hot and potent that it was burning her insides. The hot roe filling her womb sent shivers through her body, the hot throbbing shaft in her raped slit had her legs again encircling her rapist, heels locking together as she shuddered in yet another climax. "Ohhhhhh ????..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lori shuddered as everything then went dark with her body going totally limp.

Bubba's body collapsed upon the raped beauty, his cock continuing to twitch and ooze out its hot potent roe. Letting his massive cock deflate in the bride's tight gripping sheath, he finally withdrew his now deflated cock. Looking down at the now unconscious beauty, Bubba's cock twitched back to new life as he shucked at his reviving manhood. Shuffling up as he straddled the lovely bride, stroking his pulsating cock, he grunted "Oh, bitch ????you're gonna make a fucking sight when Mike gets up and sees his lovely bride! Ahhhh ???.ahhhhhhhhh" He watched with pride as spurt after spurt of is sticky hot cum jetted out to splatter onto the bride's beautiful face.

In the early morning, Mike got up at the urge to go to the john in need to relieve himself. Head pounding as he staggered his way back to the bed, he gazed at his lovely bride dressed only in her nylons and garter belt. He could see her golden curls matted down with a white paste, realizing it must be his dried cum. Stepping closer to the bed, he gasped at the sight of Lori's beautiful face streaked with streams of a dried white substance.

'God! I must have jacked off when she was asleep! It's been something I've dreamt of so many times! I just wish I hadn't drunk so much last night that I could at least remember making my dream come true!' he told himself. Going back to the bathroom, Mike prepared a warm damp towel to cleanse off the mess that he had made, not wanting Lori to realize the perverted act that he had done when she was asleep.

It was a honeymoon that Lori would certainly not forget, no matter how hard she tried to get the horrendous week out of her mind. She now wished that she had given in to Mike's sexual demands before they got married. She discovered that her husband was so inept in bed that had she discovered his shortcomings before they got married, the marriage probably would never have taken place. Lori found that Mike had only one thing in mind, that being to please himself. She found that he managed to please himself so quickly after entering her, being done in less than a minute, leaving her high and dry.

Lori could not understand how a vicious rape could have taken her to heights of such pleasure while making love to the man she married could be so quick and dull. 'Gosh, Mike just can't last for more than a minute! And ?????..and he's so ????.so small that I can barely feel him!' she thought. 'How ???.how can I love someone who only thinks of satisfying himself and not give any thought of pleasing me?' she wondered.

Another three weeks of constant worry and Lori was nearly a nervous wreck. The arrival of her period was a surprise to her, having been certain that Mike evil boss had impregnated her on her wedding night. Having her period also provided her with another benefit in not having Mike crawling over her body to merely satisfy himself. It had now gotten to the point where she cringed whenever Mike wanted to make love to her, knowing she would derive no satisfaction from his inept lovemaking.

Without discussing it with Mike, Lori made an appointment with her gynecologist and got a prescription for birth control pills. Although she still loved Mike, his ineptitude in the bedroom was really getting to her, feeling that he had no thought of pleasing her at all. 'Darn Mike, all he can think about is himself! What's making me feel this way? Why do I feel like such a slut in need of a man to satisfy me?' she asked herself as she squeezed her thighs together.

On a Friday night, Mike was going out with the boys and thus Lori thought it'd be fun to go out with the girls from her working place once again. Some of the gals were single and thus it was decided that they were going a country western bar where a lot of singles went to for drinks and dancing. The hangout was really set up in a spacious setting like a real western ranch with lots of areas outside where couples could pair off for a bit of privacy.

This was Lori's first night out with the girls since her wedding day. On her prior outings with the girls from work, she would occasionally dance, feeling it harmless as she was madly in love with Mike with no chance of anything coming of it. But now that she was married, Lori felt uncomfortable in dancing with a stranger and thus politely turned down the men that approached her for a dance.

Left alone at the table with all the other gals on the dance floor, Lori swallowed deeply as a stranger was suddenly standing next to the table, holding his hand out to her. Trying to get the nerve up to speak and politely refuse this man's request for a dance, she looked up at the smiling face. Lori couldn't get the words out then nervously extended her hand out to his.

With the dance over, Lori was about to return to the table as a slow dance number started and her dance partner grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him. She shivered as she was pulled up against the tall muscular frame, feeling his hand sliding down her back to caress her ass. Looking over his shoulder at the table where her friends had all returned, she could see all their eyes in her direction as she danced closely with the tall black stranger.

At the table, the five companions sat in awe as they watched the recently married Mrs. Lori McKay dancing up close to this stranger. There were naughty whispers around the table, various comments on the display the young newlywed was putting on the dance floor. "Look how close she's dancing to him! And she was hesitant in coming here, not wanting to dance at all, feeling guilty dancing with another man! She sure doesn't look guilty at all now, does she?" came the snide remarks.

None of Lori's friends could believe the change in their friend's behavior as Lori had always been so prim and proper, appearing to na?ve and innocent prior to her marriage. As the slow dance ended, they all were stunned as they watched Lori being led by the hand and out the side door. They looked at one another, then they all scrambled up to make their way to the back door, wanting to see just how far the prim and proper Lori McKay would go with this black stranger.

From a distance, they observed their friend being led down a dimly lit path and they quietly followed. Whispering to one another, various comments were thrown about: 'Bet that big black stud's going to get into Ms. Goody-Goody's tight little panties! Gosh, Lori's stepping out on her hubby and they've only been married a few months!' 'Lori must have a thing for a big black cock! She turned down so many dances but not when this guy approached her!' 'I don't believe this! Lori's always so prim and proper! Geez, I just got to see this!'

Hiding along the beaten pathway, the women could see their friend and companion move off the path and embrace each other. They could see the prim and proper Mrs. Lori McKay passionately kissing the tall dark stranger as he was edging her up against a sturdy log railing. In the shimmering moonlight, they could see Lori's trim white legs and heels encircling her dark companion's body. Each of them shivered as they heard Lori's sudden squeal "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ???????..ohhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssss! Oh, yessss ??????.I've needed this for so long! Oh, so biggggg ??????.so longggggg ????.oh, God ??????.yesssssssssss! Fuck me ????..fuck like the whore I really am!"

A half-hour later, Lori re-entered the bar and was greeted by her friends at the table, with one saying "Gosh, we were just about to look for you! We were wondering where you wandered off to!" Lori giggled and replied "Oh, I just needed some fresh air and went out for a stroll!" Then she added "Coming out with you girls again has been so much fun! I've got to join you girls more often!" All of Lori's friends knew that they would have their friend's company hereafter, especially after witnessing the type of fun she was really after.

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