Adventures of Trisha part 2

Written by The Guild Master / Oct 10, 1999


Adventures of Trisha (PartII)

Author: The Guild Master

As Trisha was getting fucked she whispered in Michael's ear, you gonna suck it for me honey, sure baby cant wait to eat your pussy, 'no' Trisha replied 'I want you to suck Todds cock for me make him cum. Michael was staggered by his girlfriends request, but Trisha kept asking please baby you know its a fantasy of mine, Michael getting a pretty good high from the weed now, realized his girlfriend had hopped off his lap and grabbed Todd's huge cock with her little hand guiding it over to him, suck it for me baby, you heard your girlfriend Todd said to Michael , get on your knees and show your girlfriend how its done. Trisha grabbed Michael by the hand and guided him to his knees in front of the muscular stud, without any logical thought Michael took Todd's cock into his mouth and started sucking the huge muscle. That's it baby Trisha replied.

Todd was pushing his cock in and out of Michael's mouth while Trisha got behind Todd spread his ass cheeks and started tonguing his ass, while her boyfriend sucked for all he was worth. Danny now pretty stoned managed to get up behind Trisha's tight little ass and slip his 9 inches into her wet pussy hole . There they were Danny fucking Trisha, as she ate out Todd while Michael sucked on his huge cock .

Trisha turning to Danny said, 'fuck him in the ass or you'll never fuck me again. Without hesitation Danny withdrew from Trisha's pussy and walked behind Michael, kneeling behind him he pushed Michael forward as Trisha squirted some oil all over Danny's cock , Michael in the rhythm of giving Todd head suddenly felt Danny's huge cock head being pushed into his virgin ass. There he was satisfying his girlfriend's desires and her to large cocked friends, Trisha held her boyfriend's ass cheeks apart as Danny slid his cock in and out of his now not so virgin ass. Michael felt the cock in his mouth start to swell as Todd started bucking loads of hot cum down his throat , how you like it baby Trisha yelled. She stood there now with the movie camera Michael bought her for her birthday getting the whole thing on tape. The cock in his ass was pulled out swiftly as Danny sprayed a load of cum all over Michael's back, his girlfriend getting every squirt on tape.

Michael started choking as Todd yanked his horse cock from his virgin mouth. Cum dripped down Michael's face as Trisha eagerly licked the hot spunk from her boyfriend's face. The two studs finally looked drained , "we should finish the work in the back yard" Danny said to his friend. See ya later baby Todd winked at Trisha as both men got dressed and headed out back to finish the pruning job that they originally started hours before when they were side tracked by Trisha's hot little frame lying by the pool which constantly looked like it was always craving hard cock of any size or shape. Michael ate what was left of the studs combined spunk out of his girlfriends used pussy at this point he couldn't feel any more humiliated . Later that night after Michael and Trisha spent some time together Trisha lay in her bed her naked body wrapped up in the satin sheets that her parents just gave her for her 20th birthday.

She was sore as hell from all the pounding her little pussy took earlier that day. It was close to 1am when she heard the front door open and the sound of her Fathers voice bickering with her Mother, they were just returning from their weekend at the Cape. The yelling got louder and ended as her Mother slammed and locked their bedroom door and left her Father standing out in the hallway. Trisha could her her father mumbling as he walked further down the hall towards her room she could see the light enter further into her room as her Father peered in at her ."Honey,,, Baby you awake" her Father called out , Trisha could sense he'd been drinking and probably banned from any sex with her Mother when he was under the influence and what probably caused the fighting she heard. "you Awake Baby " her Father spoke again. He sat on the bed and started running his hand over her silk sheets caressing his young daughter's body which lay underneath the sheets.

She could feel his strong hands rubbing all over her ass cheeks as she pretended not to awake. After a few minutes her Father got a little bolder and his cock a little harder, he pulled the sheet back exposing one of her smooth tanned ass cheeks Trisha sighed to herself " not Again", . His hand eased his daughter's ass cheeks slowly apart, Trisha started to wiggle ever so slowly as her dad pushed his middle finger slowly into her hot young ass. Ohhh baby you're so beautiful, her Father spoke now with the full length of his finger easing in and out of his young daughter's ass. Trisha turned a bit now laying flat on her stomach and even though it was her Dad's finger that was fucking her ass, it still made her hornier then hell. She started bucking her ass into her Fathers thrusting finger. With his other hand free he was able to grab his rock hard cock from his pants, and start jerking himself off. The sight of his finger fucking his own Daughter in the ass and the now full view of her young smooth ass cheeks bouncing up and down on the bed was to much for this man of forty-eight years to handle as his cock started bucking a load of sperm all over his Daughters bedroom floor as he sat there on the bed with his hand up her ass and his cock in hand. Trisha sat up in the bed watching her Father milk the last drops of cum from his prick, she reached out and grabbed her Fathers cock with her little hand jerking out the last drops. He looked at her feeling ashamed he said, "love you baby you're always good to me". It will be all right she said to her Father, Mom will be calmed down by morning. Though Trisha never let her Father fuck her they played many other little sex games threw her teen years ,when her parents weren't getting along and her Mother didn't want to be touched.


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