Wife's First Taste

Written by The Watcher / Jan 2, 2003


Wife's first taste of black cock by The Watcher

Every since I've been married, which has been almost 9 years now I have had this fantasy about watching my sweet sexy wife getting fucked by a well-hung black man.

I guess it all started in high school when a black buddy of mine and I fucked this little cheerleader I had been dating for a while. The three of us got drunk over at her parents house one night while they were out of town and one thing led to another and before the night was done Pat and I were taking turns filling her tight little body with our cocks. Terri (the cheerleader) and I had fucked before and she was a tight fit for my 7- inch x 6-inch diameter cock, but my black buddy as I was to find out was at least 9 inches long and probably 7 to 8 inches in diameter. Pat watched me fuck Terri, while he stroked his big black cock, I fucked her until I couldn't hold back any longer and I filled her tight pussy with my juice. When I finished I slid off Terri and ask her if she minded taking care of my buddy, she just reached out for Pat's hand and said, "Come give me some of that black cock baby". With that Pat got undressed and slid in between her legs and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her, he had her climbing the walls in no time. It took a little work, but before long he had the big black cock buried to the balls in her tight pussy. She was moaning and groaning with each stroke of his cock I swear it looked like he was turning her inside out with each stroke. After a few minutes of some really hard fucking Pat ask her what she thought about her first taste of black cock, Terri moaned "Oh God you're your so big, feels so good in my pussy, fuck me baby fuck me hard she moaned" Pat was ramming his cock in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer and it wasn't long before she was cumming in waves and he filled her with his hot cum. We got together several more times after that to fuck her during my senior year, she loved for me to fuck her to loosen her up for Pats big cock. Hell one night we even arranged a little gangbang for her with several of Pats black friends, but that's another story.

Back to my wife, she is 35 and stands about 5 ft 6 inches and 120 lbs with 36 c breasts, brown eyes and hair and keep's her pussy shaven bare for me. Over the last few months I had been talking dirty to her during sex sessions telling her how much I'd love to watch her get fucked by a really well hung guy. She would get so wet and hot when I would tell her this and after several months of me talking to her she finally agreed and said if that's what I really wanted she'd do it. I got a hold of my buddy Pat and told him what I had in mind and he was more than ready to help me out. The plan was that Pat and I would go out Saturday night and have a few drinks, grab a bite and then come back to visit my sexy wife. While we were gone she said she was going to take a nice hot bath, shave her pussy smooth then put on something sexy and have a few drinks till we arrived. Pat and I arrived about 9 my wife was in her short silk nightgown watching TV when we walked in. She was amazing looking her sexy legs were exposed almost all the way to her pussy, and her nipples were hard as rocks and her silk gown did nothing to hide them, my buddy Pat couldn't keep his eyes off of her. I offered Pat a drink and went to the kitchen to fix him, after a few minutes my wife came in and ask if I really wanted this, yes I'm sure I told her. Good because I'm so horny right now I'm about to die, well good then enjoy. I gave her a deep give and grabbed her ass tightly, I noticed she didn't have on any panties, so I slid my hand around to her smooth pussy and found it was soaking wet, I handed the drink to my wife and told her to take to Pat, and just smiled, I needed to go piss. As I headed to the bathroom I saw my sweet wife hand Pat his drink and sit down beside him, after pissing and some stalling in order to give them some time alone, I grabbed my drink and headed back to the living room.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I rounded the corner to the living room, there on the couch was my sweet wife locked in a passionate kiss with Pat; Pat had one hand rubbing her breast and the other slowly working over her bare and soaking wet pussy. His long black fingers were shiny from her juices as he slid them up and down her dripping wet pussy, then I noticed she was rubbing his big cock through his pants with her hands. I just stood there and watched as my wife slowly unzipped his pants and took out his large cock, she was stroking it slowly with her hands. I heard him tell her go on baby you know you want to suck that big black cock, give it a little taste baby see what you been missing, and with that she slowly lowered her head and started licking his cock and sucking it as it continued to grow. She could barely get his thick black cock in her mouth, but she finally did and she started sucking him with a passion. Oh, baby yessssssss! Ahhhhh, you suck like a pro sweetie, my wife was now sucking his big cock like a crazy her lips stretched tight around his thick black cock as she strokes it up and down with her mouth and hands. Finally my wife noticed me standing there and just continued to suck with all her strength and I also noticed that her eyes were glazed over with lust. "That's it baby suck that big cock," I heard Pat tell my sweet wife. My wife continued to work his cock over like a pro for several more minutes until I heard Pat say. Ohhhhhh .ohhhhhh Oh, God.Yesssss ..yeesssss here it comes baby swallow it all baby taste my sweet juices. Pat groaned as his cock twitched and exploded in my baby's mouth. She swallowed time after time as he kept squirting his hot juice down her throat. Finally Pat's thick cock quit squirting and he withdrew his thick lengthy black cock from her moist lips. Well glad to see you too getting along so well I say, Man your old lady is amazing, she is one hot lady, I can't wait to slide my cock in this hot pussy of hers, as he reaches down and slides one of his fingers deep in her pussy and begins sawing in and out of her. What you think baby, would you like Pat here to slide that big black cock in that hot pussy of yours. My wife just shook her head yes, and took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

My wife lied down across the bed and spread her legs wide for her new lover, as she did, I can see her pussy is dripping wet and her pussy lips are swollen and bright red. Pat gets undressed and slides in between my wife's waiting legs. Slowly Pat works his now rapidly hardening cock up and down her warn moist slit as he sucks her nipples, she moans in anticipation damn baby your pussy is on fire Pat says. Tell me baby what is it you really need, he teases her as he slowly slides his cock over her swollen moist pussy lips coating it in her sweet juices. "I want you to fuck me my wife moans fuck me hard with that big black cock of yours please", she begs him. Slowly Pat begins sliding his thick cock forward parting her moist pussy lips, stretching my wife's tight pussy as never before, My wife moans "Ohhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.stop ....Pat, stop! Oh, God ...Pat ..I think your too bigggg Awwwwwww ....it hurtsssssssss!" Pat holds his cock still in her tightly stretched pussy giving it time to adjust to the thickness, give it a minute baby trust me. After a few minutes Pat slowly begins moving in and out of her tightly stretched pussy again, she softly moans with each slow stroke of his thick black cock. She reaches up and puts her hands on Pat's ass. "Ohhhhh ...yesssss ....ohhhhh ..... You are so biggggg.soooo.deeppppppp ..no ones ever been this deep in me ohhhhh yesssss!" My wife moans loudly as his long thick black cock disappears into her hot slippery cunt in by inch, she grabs his ass tight, as he works it up and down driving deeper and deeper in her aching pussy. So tell me baby I hear Pat say "How's it feel to have your pussy stuffed full of my big black cock", " Oh shit I love it, my pussy feels like it is on fire, god I love that big cock of yours I've never been fucked like this before" Sweetheart I'm going to show you what real fucking is all about tonight, when I'm done with you you'll be begging for this black cock! "Yes, fuck me baby fuck me hard with your big black cock, I need it so bad. I notice that Pat's thick cock is now buried all the way in my wife's pussy, his big black balls resting against my wife's firm white ass, and I can see her juices running down the crack of her ass.

Slowly Pat begins working his entire big black cock in and out of my wife's tightly stretched pussy, as he pulls out her I can see her pussy lips desperately hanging on to the side of his thick black cock "Ohhhhhhhh, my Goddddddd. ..Yesssssss. ..Fuck meeeeee Pat! Fuck me, Pat fuck me with your big black cockkkkkk I love it!" My wife screams as his big cock slides deep in her pussy. Slowly Pat Speeds up the fuck, withdrawing and plunging his cock deeper and faster, "You like my big black cock in your pussy, don't you, baby? "Ohhhhh yesssss Pat, my wife moans you can fuck this pussy anytime you want". Before long my wife is begging him "Oh, fuck meeeeee Pat, please fuck me hard don't stop baby. My wife grabs my hand and looks into my eyes, "Oh baby thank you, God I love the way his cock feels in my tight pussy". Pat continues to fuck my wife hard and deep for several more minutes causing her to cum numerous times on his thick black cock. Oh damn bitch your pussy is so tight I'm about to cum in you baby.yes, fuck meee.ohhhh, yessssss ...cum ...cum in me.give me your cum ...shoot your cum deep in me! Fuck me ..oh, fuck me.yes ...yes, shoot it deep in me fill my pussy full of your hot cum. My wife is delirious with lust, Pat's thick cock is rubbing up against her sensitive clit and it's driving her fucking crazy. Fucking back at him like an animal, she wraps her ankles around his black ass, as he pumps it hard into her, she locks her heels around his back to draw him even deeper into her. "Oh ...so deeeeppp.oh.ohhhhh.I.I'm cumingggggggggggg! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screams as another, body and mind-shattering orgasm explodes in her body. Oh, Baby! I'm going to cum. .....Going to cum in you sweetie! Oh, yeah ....oh, yeah.....arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" It was quite obvious to me that my once innocent and sweet wife was having her aching cunt filled by Pat's hot cum and she loved it. I was amazed my wife holding on for dear life as he emptied his aching balls into her pussy filling it with his hot cum, she wanted to feel; no she ached to feel her pussy filled with his hot cum. "Oh shit baby, I can feel him squirting his hot cum deep in me filling my pussy, Oh god it feels so good".

After catching his breath Pat slowly withdrew his thick black cock and slid off my beautiful wife revealing her now stretched open pussy filled with his cum, I watched his cum slowly leak out between her red swollen pussy lips and down the crack of her ass. My dick was hard as a rock I had just watched my wife get the fucking of her life and I loved it. Come on baby my wife said to me, come fuck me, fuck your sweet wife's cum filled pussy. Pat was lying on the bed, next to my wife go on guy I think she needs some more dick. I quickly got undressed and slid my aching cock into her well fucked pussy, I could feel Pat's cum oozing out as I began fucking her with long hard strokes. My wife's pussy was so wet from Pat's cum and so loose from his big cock I could barely feel her as I fucked her as hard. I fucked her hard for several minutes as her pussy made sloshing noises, after several minutes I came and emptied the second load of hot cum in her pussy. After resting for a while and cleaning up a bit my wife ask me if I minded her fucking Pat again, I told her hell no baby go for it baby. My wife crawled into bed with Pat and slowly begin stroking and licking his big cock back to life. So my little married white slut wants some more her black daddy's big black cock, "Oh god yes, please give me some more of that big black cock I need it, my pussy is aching to feel you in me". Within a few minutes my wife had his cock hard as a rock as she continues to suck and lick his big cock like an animal in heat, "that's it baby suck that black cock you need so bad baby" I heard Pat tell her. Pat had turned my innocent sweet wife into a cock hungry slut and I couldn't wait to see her get fucked again. Pat was really enjoying my wife's attention and he knew she had totally surrendered herself to him; she was in love with that big black cock of his and would do anything he wanted, he knew this as well I did.

To be continued.
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