Jill 3

Written by Tim M / Jun 15, 2004


Jill 3

After what we called the "The Lawn Guys Incident" we settled back into our regular routine. I could get hard just thinking about it, and she could too. Our Friday night dates were the highlight of our months.

One night I had dinner with Ray, one of my major materials supplier from Atlanta. We had some drinks and later the conversation got around to our relationships. We talked the usual guy talk about getting older and the hard-ons getting fewer. We talked about how it seems all relationships must gradually cool in passion.

Ray said "A couple of years ago Sue and I got in with a group of friends that swing. Have you ever tried that?"

I wasn't ready to share our two experiences and anyway I thought swinging involved couples so I said "No. You really tried that?"

"Yeah, are you interested in trying it?"

"Well, I'm sure interested in knowing more about it. How did you get your wife to try it?" I asked

"It was a low pressure situation and either one of us could back out at any time. By the time we got to the actual act it just happened naturally." Then he told me the details.

There is a "group of friends" from all around the east that get together to swing. It is people like us, professionals, and business people, with disposable income. It is not a formal organization, with membership and all. This avoids some legal problems. Each new couple has to be recommended by one of the friends. Then they must go to a private and otherwise legitimate clinic/spa/resort, ostensibly for a in depth physical, which we would in fact get. The clinic does not accept insurance so its clients/patients must be able to afford the cost. One of the friends is associated at the clinic and has access to the records and confirms the financial and health status of the new couple. While at the clinic the couple has dinner with a lady who sorta interviews or screens the new couples and explains the situation if she feels they are the sort of folks who would fit with the rest of the friends. If the new couple is interested she arranges for a couple from the friends that seems to be similar to call the new couple and arrange a dinner date to get acquainted. How things go from there is up to both couples. If things work out the new couple is accepted into the group of friends and is introduced to other friends. There is a fair amount of anonymity and lists of names are not passed around. You get to know others by being introduced or by attending one of the parties they have occasionally. If you don't want to you don't have to give last names, addresses or phone numbers to anyone except the screening lady.

Ray told me to think about it, talk to my wife, and if we were interested to call Phyllis and gave me her number. He said he would call her and let her know I might be calling. She would tell us about the clinic and we could go from there.

I talked to Jill about it and she said "Well it sounds like we don't have anything to lose except getting a good physical, which we probably need anyway. Apparently we can back out anytime we want. Do you know this Ray well enough to trust him?"

"Well, we've been doing business for years and he's honest and reliable in business, for whatever that means. He's a nice guy and I got the impression everybody else is too."

"Sure, I'm game. It's probably safer than me screwing the lawn mower every time you get horny for seeing me with somebody else" she teased.

"Well, I haven't noticed you lacking for interest in all this" I prodded back.

A few days later I called Phyllis. She gave the number of the clinic near Greensboro NC and told me to call her the night our physicals were over.

I called the clinic and sure enough had to supply them with credit references and make application to visit the clinic. We were finally approved and scheduled our visit, two months later.

The clinic was very nice and through. We were poked, sampled, prodded, and scanned in ever imaginable way. On the afternoon of the second day we met with the medical director and he reviewed our results. Jill was in great shape although a little anemic. I found out my blood pressure and blood cholesterol were both a little high and it was no surprise that the doc said I was twenty pounds overweight. The clinic supplied reports for us to take back to our regular physicians along with copies of a diet and salt reduction program for me.

That evening I called Phyllis and made a date to meet her the next day for lunch at a nearby restaurant. We arrived and told the hostess we were meeting Phyllis and she took us to a private booth in the back of the restaurant.

Phyllis was waiting. She was about fifty and matronly looking. She had medium length light brown hair that was plain in color and style. Her dress was plain as well and in retrospect I can't seem to remember exactly what she was wearing or really all that much about her.

During lunch we chatted and discussed the group of friends Ray had told me about. In addition to what I had already learned from Ray we learned there were a number of special interest groups, interracial, female dominance, female domination, cross dressers, spanking, and etc. The one basic requirement was that no singles were in the group of friends, all were couples. Periodically there were large get togethers at a resort that was friendly to the group, but most of the friends activities were parties of two to ten or twenty couples at the homes of each other. A couple could indulge in what ever activities the rest of the group was interested in sharing or they could, if they chose, limit their sexual activities to themselves. In fact there were several friends in the group who did just that. They were attracted the excitement of the parties and enjoyed the company of their friends. Here was the second basic requirement, every thing done within the group of friends was consensual, although Phyllis said that in some cases it might not appear so to an outsider. Phyllis said that drugs were frowned upon and alcohol in moderation was acceptable. Phyllis said that we would enjoy ourselves and the rest of the group would enjoy us if we viewed the group as dear and true friends and acted as such.

She told us what we already knew, that we were in good health and had no STD's. She said she felt we were the kind of folks who would add to the group and that her group of friends would be happy to include us in a couple of their parties and we could all see if we fit in with the group. She told us our first party would be with one other couple. She told us of a couple named Steve and Lisa who were 43 and 31, respectively. She said Steve was a doctor and Lisa a pharmacist. She said Steve or Lisa would call us and arrange to meet. After lunch we left Greensboro for the four hour trip home.

Two nights later, on Friday at about 9:30 PM I answered the phone.

"Can I speak to Tim or Jill please" a lady said.

"This is Tim"

"Oh, great. Tim, this is Lisa, my husband Steve, and I are friends of Phyllis and she suggested we call and introduce ourselves."

"Hi Lisa, Phyllis said you might call. It's nice to meet you, if you can call this meeting" I laughed.

Lisa laughed and said "I guess it's sorta meeting. So, let's meet for real. Roanoke Virginia has a nice old hotel, called the Roanoke Hotel by coincidence, how about meeting us there two weeks from tonight?"

"Well, I need to talk to Jill" I replied.

"How about I call you back in fifteen minutes?" Lisa suggested.

I told Jill about the call and she said "Well, we can get our own room and if we don't hit it off we can beg off. How long does it take to get to Roanoke?"

"It's about three hours. Let's go for it, I think we can always back out whenever we want to."

Jill answered the phone when Lisa called back, but it turned out to be Steve calling this time. They laughed about the switch made on both ends. Jill agreed we would meet them in the hotel bar for drinks at 7:00 PM in two weeks. Steve said if we were not too tired we could have dinner at the hotel and maybe go out dancing afterwards. Jill said he made it all tentative enough that she didn't feel like we would be under any pressure to do anything beyond having drinks in the bar.

During the week prior to the trip to Roanoke I could feel a build up of tension running under the surface of our relationship. I mean excitement tension, good stuff, an increased awareness, a kind of knife edge. We made love three times in that week, a little more than what had become usual for us, and it was more intense than usual.

In the car on the way to Roanoke we talked and laughed.

"I'm not too sure about watching you carrying on with another woman" Jill said.

"Oh, is that right" I chuckled. "You sure didn't mind carrying on in front of me".

"It seems to me you set me up to get all this started" she replied.

"What's good for the goose is good for the gander, or vice versa, or whatever. Which is the goose and which is the gander, by the way?"

"I think you gandered while I got goosed" Jill laughed

"Really, I don't know what I will feel like watching you paying attention to someone else" she continued.

"I don't know how you will react but I know how I feel watching you. It's such a tremendous conflict between two extreme emotions. First the jealously knots up my stomach and then the erotic nature of watching you have sex turns me on so. I think part of the attraction is the high I get from the excitement of that conflict. Like I've told you before what makes it bearable is that I view it as something we are doing together, it is a sex act between us, and the other people are just sorta props or something like that." I explained

"I don't know, it's really all mixed up. We'll see how you feel after. Of course, if it doesn't feel right you can stop it anytime you want. Most of all I want you to be sure you are OK with what we are doing and I don't want us to do anything that will come between us. You and I together is more important than playing these games." Sometimes I have a tendency to ramble on, especially when I get worked up about something.

Jill had booked us a nice, large room at the Roanoke Hotel. It's a nice, old, Tudor grand hotel in the middle of downtown. We didn't have a lot of time to get ready. After I was dressed in slacks, blazer, and tie, Jill ran me out of the bathroom so she could get ready in private. I watched the news on CNN.

I just about swallowed my teeth when Jill came out of the bathroom. She had on a red lace sheath dress with spaghetti straps and a scoop neck line. It came down to about three inches from her knees and had a split up the side of her left thigh. There was gold flowers and leaves woven into the lace of the dress to give it a gold and red look. She wore a long sleeve, shear red lace jacket or sweater type thing over it. She had on natural colored stockings and gold high healed strapped sandals. The dress really showed off her long legs and nicely complimented her modest tits. Her tits aren't small but they aren't big either. What they are is beautiful, perky with up turned cone shaped nipples that harden into pebbly little knobs. Jill's hair is brownish red but this dress brought out the red and revealed gold highlights I had never noticed before. Now Jill is not model beautiful, but she sure does dress up good.

"Goddam! You look awesome! You are SO beautiful!" I gushed. Jill has a slightly off center face and her nose is a little crooked. I don't know if other people think Jill is beautiful but I do. When she dresses up I always get a little scared by her looks. Other guys are always watching her. She moves in a way that makes men salivate, she is one of those women who seems to ooze sex from their pores without any effort or even really noticing it. I am almost always surprised that someone so confident, sexy, and good looking would be interested in me, I'm no prize, a little(?) overweight and kinda rough around the edges. I knew the other guy at this party was going to be interested in my wife but I wasn't sure the other wife was going to be interested in me.

"You look pretty good yourself, Slick" she grinned.

"Yeah, sure" I laughed. I couldn't keep my hands off, pulled her to me, grabbed two ass cheeks, and squeezed.

There was only one lone couple in the bar. They were at a small round high table with four stools.

"Steve?" I asked

"Hi, you must be Tim and Jill, this is Lisa. Why don't you join us?" he replied and waved for the waitress.

Lisa was striking. She was about the same height as Jill, just a little taller, maybe 5'9". I didn't think she was nearly as pretty as Jill, but, and this is a big but, she sure knew how to get the most out of what she had. She had blond hair cut just over her ears and collar and fixed in a ruffled and flyaway look. Her tits were a lot bigger than Jill's and her entire body was fuller and more voluptuous and she probably weighed 135 or 140 to Jill's 125. No fat or flab but a lot of woman. She had on a white satiny semi-transparent blouse that was open in a vee down to her bra, showing a lot of cleavage. Her white lacy push-up bra was visible through her blouse. She was wearing a knee length blue skirt with buttons up the top of the right thigh, the bottom four were open. She had on shear white stockings and her shoes caught my attention. They had four inch heals, were white and the heels and wing tip toes were blue. They were both breathtaking, in different ways The only thing I could think of was "You're in over your head Hot Rod".

Steve was a decent looking man (I'm not a very good judge of what's a decent looking guy), about five foot ten and maybe 180 or 185 with salt and pepper hair. He had on a pair of slacks and a golf shirt. I guess it seems I have spent a lot of time describing first Jill and then Lisa. Well I am a visual kind of guy. The way women look is very erotic to me. When I am on my back and Jill is riding on top of me I am just as happy looking at Jill's tits as I am touching them. I just this second realized that may be one of the reasons I get so turned on watching Jill fuck someone else. Well live and learn, or is it write and learn.

I sat down across from Steve with Jill to my left and Lisa to my left. We began to talk as we sipped our drinks, getting to know each other. I told them it was interesting that Jill and I worked in related careers, construction and real estate while they both worked in health care. It turned out that Lisa no longer worked as a pharmacist but was a drug rep for Merck(?) drug company. It gave her a unique position as a sales person and she made more money selling drugs than filling prescriptions and it was more fun as well. We were getting along very well. Steve and I both had some interest in fishing and golf. Jill and Lisa were laughing and talking like two teenagers. There was a lot of laughing around the table. Obviously, I was looking at Lisa. She was sitting with her left foot on the chair rung and the right leg crossed over. The split in her skirt on top of her right thigh was spread open revealing her thigh about half way up. She quite animated in her conversation and moving back and forth. I was getting wonderful views of her cleavage. Lisa and I were exchanging quips and making good eye contact. She would occasionally pat my leg or hand. I noticed that Jill was twisted somewhat toward Steve and he was enjoying openly watching her. The early part of the evening was such a whirl I can't tell much of what was said. We had three drinks and finally Steve said. "Please excuse me while I visit the mens room".

"Wait a sec honey and I will walk along with you" Lisa said.

As they walked away arm in arm cuddling and chatting with each other I said "Well, that was smooth, they get to be alone for a minute and decide whether to continue the evening and they left us alone to make our decision."

"I'm having a great time, lets not stop now" Jill said with some apparent concern that I might not be having a good time.

"Hey, I'm just hoping I will have a chance to get a better look at Lisa's tits" I teased.

Jill punched my arm and said "Asshole, you had to bring that up didn't you".

As Steve returned to the table he said "Would you all like to have dinner with us?"

Jill touched his arm and said "Sure, we'd love to".

Steve had a van and driver hired for the evening so we could go out to dinner and not have to worry about drinking and driving. He sat down in the back of the van beside Jill leaving me an open seat beside his wife in the seat in front of Steve and Jill. Lisa turned around sorta sideways leaning around the seat back to banter with them. Her legs were splayed open giving me a view of golden skin above the white lacy tops of her stockings. She turned back around and casually rested her hand on my thigh as we talked. She was sitting to my left and I had my left ankle crossed on my right knee. This put her hand on the inside of my thigh and she would pat or move it as she spoke punctuating what she was saying.

We quickly arrived at a nice restaurant. We were shown to a banquet, you know one of those booths shaped in a "U", in a quiet corner. The girls ended up in the middle with Steve and I on the ends. Lisa was closest to me and I guess you can figure out where that put Jill.

Dinner was an animated affair. We all chatted and laughed loudly. I think we divided our attention pretty much equally between every one of our dinner partners. Jill and Lisa laughed and joked and I noticed they were quite interested in each other. They seemed to have a lot in common. The banquet was small and barely large enough for four people so there was a lot of body contact. Jill and Steve spent a lot of time flirting with each other and I couldn't help but notice he was very interested in her eyes. Lisa and I talked and laughed too. I couldn't stop looking at her very nice breasts through her nearly transparent blouse. Our butts and legs were in full contact with each other. There was an unmistakable heat and energy around the table.

After dinner we rode the van to a dance club. It was still fairly early and there was not a lot of dancing going on. We put a stop to that. We brought our own energy with us. It didn't take long before there were others up and dancing as well.

I couldn't help seeing us as the other people must have seen us. Two middle age men with two young and sexy women. The way we were mixing it up it couldn't have been clear who was with who. We were have so much fun we were ignoring everyone else there and in a world of our own. We danced together as a group. During slow dances I usually danced with Lisa and Jill with Steve and we talked between couples almost as much as we talked alone. During the fast dances it was a four way dance. The two girls danced as much with each other as with us. They stood side by side and bumped, crouched, and stepped together, laughing and goading each other on. They were a sight to see. Can you imagine two glorious babes side by side, with their skirts hiked up, crouched down, bumping asses with each other? I swear. It was awesome! I got many glimpses of Lisa's stocking tops, garter, and shear white panties and her eyes would twinkle when she would catch me looking. Jill was flashing her red garter and flashes of her pussy hair since it appeared she didn't have on any panties. Jill had taken off her sweater/jacket after dinner and she was showing off her tits as she moved around letting the dress top droop and sway open.

During the slow dances Lisa filled up my arms. Her tits were a presence between us and her whole body seemed to overwhelm mine. Her blouse was open another button and I could look directly down into her cleavage. It thought I could see the edge of a nipple peeking out of her bra on one side. My dick was standing up between us and I could feel her rub her belly against it.

I don't remember who suggested we return to the hotel but it was only about 11:30 when we got back. Steve invited us to their room. It was a three room suite, living room and two bedrooms. Lisa started some dance music and we danced a couple more dances. Steve and I walked over a sideboard where there was a bar set up. We fixed drinks and chatted while we watched the girls continue to dance and laugh.

I was surprised a slow song came on the CD and they moved into each others arms to keep on dancing. They had their tits pressed against each other and their hands were moving around the others waist and hips. Seeing their tits pressed against each others was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. It seemed to me they thought it was erotic as well. After a few moments they leaned their heads back and stared into each others eyes not speaking.

"Is Lisa bi-sexual?" I asked Steve

"Not that I know of. Is Jill?" He replied

"I'm sure she's never touched a woman like that before."

"Wow, first time for everything, I guess" Steve said.

We could see the sexual tension flashing between them and I imagined the feelings of intense excitement they must be feeling. After the slow song ended they continued to slow dance to the fast music. Their movements were some of the most erotic things I have ever seen. I have to admit I was feeling a little left out and jealous. I mean, first I had to share my wife with other men and now it looked like I was going to share her with women, including one meant for me. Poor, poor, pitiful me.

Watching them was making my dick hard. Finally Lisa took Jill's face in her hands and kissed her lightly on the lips. Jill responded by reaching around Lisa's neck and head and forcing her tongue into Lisa's mouth. Now they were moaning and kissing deeply.

They broke and Jill breathlessly said "Oh god, I have to touch your breasts" and moved her hands down to them. Lisa leaned back to give Jill access while she slid her hands down to Jill's ass pulling her into her own groin.

With wonder Jill said "They are so much bigger and fuller than mine" as she cupped and lifted them. Jill unbuttoned Lisa's blouse and removed it. Lisa slid Jill's skirt up her legs and over her ass exposing her stocking tops and garter belt, Jill didn't have on any panties. Lisa stroked her ass cheeks and slid her hands up and down the crack. Jill was busy moving her hands back and forth over Lisa's bra. Lisa tired of this and reached behind herself to remove her bra. Doing so she thrust her chest into Jill. When unsnapped her bra fell away revealing large and full breasts with big nipples. Jill put one hand under each tit and lifted them to her face. She stuck out her tongue and licked around a large nipple that contracted and became pointed as she did so. Then she moved to the other one but took the nipple into her mouth and I guessed she was nibbling since she does that to me every time she gets a chance.

Lisa had her hands on the cheeks of Jill's ass pulling them apart. She moved her hand up and down those smooth cheeks. Then she moved her hands around the sides of Jill's body and up under her arms and then out to her tits. She then lifted the straps of Jill' dress over her shoulders and made Jill hold in her arms while she slid them down and removed Jill's dress. As I guessed Jill didn't have anything on underneath except her red garter belt and skin tone stockings. Lisa brought her finger tips slowly back up the sides of Jill's body and I saw Jill shiver as Lisa passed her waist. Then Lisa had her hands on Jill's tits and was feeling them like no tomorrow. Jill pushed Lisa away and began to remove Lisa's clothes and it wasn't long before they were back in each others arms naked except for garters and stockings. Lisa wound her hands behind Jill's neck and pulled their faces together. They kissed first gently then more passionately. Jill's hand was again at a tit. Lisa took a step backward and then pulled them both down onto the bed and rolled almost completely on top of Jill. They continued to kiss while Jill fondled Lisa's big and beautiful tits. Lisa meanwhile stroked her hand down between them toward Jill's pussy. Jill pulled her right leg out from under Lisa and raised it up with her knee bent and slightly open. Lisa moved her hand over Jill's mound and stroked between her legs.

There was no hesitation, reluctance, or inhibition between them. They both relished in exploring and being explored. They took turns kissing and sucking each others tits and stroking all over each other's body. Finally, after it seemed like forever, Lisa moved her lips down Jill's prone body past her navel and then between her legs. She stopped there and gently moved her fingers around Jill's pussy exploring what she must have felt before but never seen so closely. After satisfying her curiosity she stuck out her tongue as far as she could and began to explore the pussy with the point of it. Jill almost immediately shuddered from this contact. Lisa inserted the point between the lips and seemed to savor the flavor. Jill reached out for Lisa's leg and pulled her over her face and the girls were in the classic 69.

Steve and I looked at each and smiled these shit eating grins and he said "Holy Shit!!" I couldn't have expressed it better myself and found a chair to relax in so I could watch what most men dream of seeing. As I stroked my raging hard on the girls rolled back and forth a couple of time trying out who liked to be on top and who liked the bottom. They finally settled with Jill on top. They didn't have their timing right together and Lisa came first. I moved where I could see between Jill's legs and see Lisa eating all the pussy she could get, her face glistened with Jill's pussy juice. Jill began grinding her face into Lisa's mouth as she came. They didn't stop til they had both cum twice and then Jill came up for air.

Jill swivelled around and lay on top of Lisa between her legs smothering Lisa with kisses. Then she lay her face down on Lisa's bosom and they caught their breath. The next thing I saw was Jill beginning to hump her pelvis into Lisa's. She raised up on her elbows and said "I wish I had a cock so I could fuck you. I want to fuck you so bad"

Lisa looked up at Jill and said "Well I guess you can always buy one of those strap on cocks. But I don't really know, I might not let you fuck me."

Jill grinned a cocky grin and said "You just might not have a choice."

I came out of my trance when Steve must have decided it was now or never and moved onto the bed. He kissed first his wife Lisa and then Jill. Lisa wiggled out from under Jill and grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the other bed. She said "Now I'm gonna get fucked and she attacked my cock with her mouth. Lisa was the first woman I had fucked since I had gotten married to Jill. She sucked cock more aggressively that Jill and even used her teeth to apply pain to the point I was about to push her away, then she let up and gently licked and sucked. Then she did something I had heard and fantasied about. She slid her mouth completely down my cock til her nose was buried in my hair. The feeling was like the tightest bottomless pussy I had ever felt.

"Jesus Christ!" I blurted. I glanced over and saw Jill watching. I smiled but she did not return my smile but wrapped her ankles around Steve's back and urged him on.

I couldn't believe it when Lisa began to mouth fuck my face sliding up til just the tip of my cock was in her mouth and then all the way back down. I could take that but just a minute and just the thought made me nearly cum down her throat. But I wanted to fuck her more and pulled her off my cock.

Lisa climbed on top of me and I reached up and grabbed two big tits. I rose to meet Lisa's thrusts. Our rhythm was off a little too and we were awkward and I was not pushing up to meet her. We kept this up for about two minutes and then I rolled her over onto her back and began to fuck her. This worked much better and in a few minutes I had my head back and grunted with satisfaction. Out of breath I collapsed onto Lisa who held on to me with her arms and legs. To be honest I truly don't know if she came or not.

After a minute I rolled off rolled off and lay back on the bed catching my breath. I glanced over at Steve and my wife. They were laying beside each other and Jill was looking at me cooly. She got up and said curtly, "Can I speak to you for a moment please" and walked into the bathroom. I got up, looked at them with raised eyebrows, and followed her into the bathroom. She closed the door firmly and stood in the middle of the floor with her feet spread and her fists on her hips.

"What's the matter Baby?"

"I saw how much you loved fucking her!" She was mad. "We're leaving right now. I'm not going stay and watch more of your pathetic attempts to pretend you don't!" She spat and walked out of the bathroom.

As we dressed she explained that we were leaving because it was getting late. They were clearly distressed and asked if something was wrong.

Jill said "No not really, I really enjoyed myself. Lisa, that was my first time I've been with a woman and I just loved it. I'd love to try that again some time."

We walked back to our room in silence. When the door was closed behind us Jill began stomping around the room picking up our stuff throwing it at me. I held my arms up blocking most of the stuff, mostly clothes anyway. Finally she ran down and stood spitting fire with her eyes. I had never seen her like this before.

"Well, You Fucked Up Buddy, that's the end of our extramarital sexual adventures. I'm not going to torture myself watching you enjoying yourself screwing other women."

"But Baby, you had sex with both of them." I said trying to deflect her anger.

"That's different and you know it. You've seen it before and for some sick reason you like to watch me fucking other people. Well, I DON"T! You can sleep on the floor for all I care."

I was absolutely flabbergasted. I had never seen any serious jealousy from her before and I sure didn't expect her to get so mad if she did get jealous. It's funny, my jealousy came out as sexual arousal and hers came out as just plain anger. t3b42637@go.com
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