Soccer Mom

Written by Titslave / Oct 10, 1999



By Titslave

Vicki Gordon had just turned 40, and life had settled in to a comfortable, middle class, sometimes predictable existence. She and her husband Tim lived with their two children, C.J., a seventeen year old son, going on eighteen, and Tonya, his twelve year old kid sister, on a quiet suburban street in a four-bedroom colonial. For the last ten years Tim had worked hard as an account rep for various hardware suppliers and traveled around the Midwest so often that he was spending more time in airports and in lunches and dinners than at home. But he was making good money, consistently.

One thing that had sort of slipped away in their otherwise pleasant marriage was their sex life. The passion had cooled, and they had intercourse once every two months, sometimes less frequently. She was the one who counted the days in between, and only occasionally he initiated it. He was the one who complained of fatigue and went to sleep after a hasty peck on her cheek.

They had been married for eighteen years, and Vicki was not any less stunning a brunette than she was in high school, when he had wooed her, then took her as his virgin bride. They had starred in boys' and girls' track, and Tim kept after her until she agreed to date him, and when they attended college together downstate she fell for him. They announced their engagement in their senior year. Throughout college Tim and Vicki had stayed active in competitive sports, both track and soccer, and the religion she had made out of physical fitness had paid off in her middle age years.

Her 5'6" frame was still well toned. Her legs were still smooth and gracefully shaped, and very sexy. Her tight butt was still a traffic stopper: plump somewhat, but in a dramatic curve out from her thighs - where a male eye appreciated it. It was fleshy and so finely rounded! As she walked her buttocks moved around so luciously - one would think she was teasingly swaying her ass on purpose - that she heard comments from wise guys. "NICE ass!" young high school boys had yelled recently, for example. She loved the compliment, and found herself looking forward to the next wolfish comment.

Her upper body had picked up some new weight over the years, and her arms were a little plumper, her face a tad fuller. But her waist was not showing a fat tummy yet, despite the two pregnancies. Indeed she was hardly a big girl anywhere - except in the chest. Her bra size in college was a 39D - Tim used to spend hours playing with her boobs in foreplay - but now she was up to a 42DD, an expansion out of proportion with the rest of her torso. The weight of her wonderfully shaped tits brought a slight sag, but they seemed to hang less on her than on some of her contemporaries who were less endowed. They were still firm, containing less fat than the tissue that gives breasts their firmness. From a distance, in a bikini or a sweater, the top half of Vicki was an arresting thrust out from her chest of two awesome knockers. It drove men wild.

Throughout high school C.J. had followed in his parents' footsteps and jumped eagerly into organized sports, particularly soccer. During this past year Vicki became vicariously involved, sort of as the soccer mom who did the most driving to games. Tim was out of town and rarely attended.

Watching C.J. and his senior year friends compete on the field was great fun. She cheered him proudly in his role as a forward, scoring a goal from time to time. She became a buddy to all the boys, and staring at their muscular thighs and lightning feet explode with energy on the field took her back to her own college days. She began to get into the sense of the team CJ played on, as if she were on it herself. It almost obsessed her, sometimes at the expense of the viola studies Tonya did well in, and certainly more that hearing from Tim over weekend dinners about his achievements in getting Sears to pick up another of his lines. She saw nothing odd in her deep interest in the team - lots of parents were immersed in their child's athletic activities.

All the boys on C.J.'s team really liked her, especially when she came to practices and games wearing shorts (often one size too small) and low cut tops. A striking, tall blonde senior, Eric, flirted with her clumsily while she stood at the sidelines, as did a shorter, bulked out lad named Tony. He blushed when near her, his Mediterranean dark features blossoming handsomely, his dark eyes, heavy beard and pronounced chin making his face a heartbreaker for the senior girls, she thought. She looked for them expectantly when she and C.J. came to practice or to games, and she sensed that they picked up on this interest she had for them more than some of the others. When she began to put them in sexual fantasies she shook her head and said to herself, "this is getting ridiculous. What the hell's my problem!" Then she would see them again and convince herself the rush these boys - especially Tony and Eric - gave her was innocent, insignificant. Nothing was coming of it, so she surrendered to an internal "crush" she had on the boys, these two in particular.

Vicki found herself starting a little custom before games, the "good luck hug". She had done it with C.J., in seasons past, before the game started. She noticed that other boys paid close attention when her son put his arms around her, as if they wanted her to do it to them. So on the first game day, Labor Day Weekend, she saw Eric come over to her at the sidelines, at the eagerly awaited start of the first game of the season in the Fall. She was standing with other parents and siblings, including Tonya, and could hardly wait for the game to begin. At first she thought he was walking toward somebody else, like his own mother, but Cindy was sitting in a folding chair thirty feet to Vicki's left. He was staring hard at Vicki, and Vicki's eyes, at first glancing appreciatively in his direction a few times, began to stare back with uneasy anticipation when it was obvious that he was marching over to her. She could take her eyes off his eyes.

He stood facing her. "Mrs. Gordon," he said, shifting weight from one foot to the other, looking intensely at her face, particular her mouth, "could you give ME a good luck hug, too?" He grinned from ear to ear, looking fleetingly at the others gathered and waving at them.

"Sure Eric!" she said. "These are my special boys!" she boasted to the mom next to her. She knew the boys felt relaxed with her, close to her, and appreciated the support she showed them. She knew it meant a lot to him and she put her arms around his waist, and hugged him quickly, leaning away at chest level as she called, "Good luck! Go kick some butt!"

Abruptly he put his meaty arm around her neck another around her back and pulled her to him, her fantastic tits mashing against his chest. He kissed her lightly on her neck. She pulled away from him slightly, embarrassed in front of the team and the others gathered nearby. She looked up at his bright brown eyes and said softly, so that others would not hear: "Let's keep our mind on the game, sonny boy!"

He smiled at her and as the whistle blew he ran onto the field, his beautifully developed calves pressing out at his shin guards. She stood and cheered, yelling "Get em' guys!". Her heart was beating, and she fought a subtle feverish reaction she had after Eric had held her tight. The spot where he had kissed her on her neck tingled.

Her eyes followed him. Eric looked for Tony and spoke to him conspiratorially. She watched them closely, then heard Mrs. Phillips, the coach's wife, "Hey Vicki, did you bring the oranges for half time?" Vicki looked over at Meg Phillips, "What?" "The oranges?," Meg said. "Oh sure, they're in the car."

She started to walk to the Ford Explorer but turned and looked around and saw Tony and Eric looking at her while Eric stood close to Tony, whispering to him as if sharing a secret.

The boys played hard the first half and tied it 1-1. Their copious sweat gave the area around Vicki a very masculine fragrance as they sucked at the oranges. Tony came over to her as half time was about to end and the other fellows went back onto the field, now reversed so that the team's star goalie, Kyle, was at the opposite net.

"Mrs. G?" Tony said, smiling nervously, "I feel left out. Can I have a good luck hug like the one you gave Eric?" A breeze had kicked up her hair, letting it toss over her pretty face.

He was looking at her chest, then back to her eyes, then back to her tits, imploringly. He stepped nearer, without waiting for an answer. She stepped back, then froze. She glanced over his shoulder and noticed Eric watching them, pretending to be tapping a ball between his feet but very interested in what his friend and Vicki were doing.

"Go ahead, Vicki!" Meg Phillips, the coach's wife laughed, "You're one of the guys, like the twelfth man!" She was referring to the extra player, the back up for the other eleven. Not wanting to look silly, Vicki hugged him, and he held on a few seconds longer than a normal hug, her bosom feeling the excited breath in his chest.

Several people applauded as he ran onto the field, yelling back at her, "Thanks Mrs. G! You're awesome!" She drunk in his finely built thighs and his taut butt, the wonderful results of long stretches at the weight room. As he joined Eric in mid-field he gave Eric a thumbs up and then, ever so subtly, imitated coital stroke motions. Eric laughed. He noticed that they had done this without her son seeing it, C.J. being coached about a couple of plays with Mr. Phillips. These two were not just interested in motherly affection, obviously!

A normal woman would have been just plain angry. A normal mom, who had seen two 18-year old boys, on a soccer field and in front of her neighbors, as much as tell her that these hugs were actually erotic explorations - an excuse to feel her breasts against their ribs, would have been disgusted or angry and backed away from this affectionate behavior. Part of her was angry and hurt that they had sent such a message after she hugged them both, but she was in some dark, innermost way, damn excited that they wanted her - sexually .

These close embraces, the suggestiveness of what had just happened, and the impact she seemed to be having on these two boys, and some of the other players, all were making her nervous - and dreamy. She had appreciated these boys' fumbling efforts to make conversation with her - - they made her feel like she was 19, and she had found herself trying to make every practice. Their gawking at her ass when they thought she wasn't looking had alot to do with it, she had to admit. No other parents could compete with her for regularity of attendance. Even when C.J. missed a week because of mono she went anyway. She had fixed him tea and nursed him along and then rushed to the park the team used for practice.

On the Monday after this game, the Gordon family was surprised to learn that a student exchange slot C.J. had asked for the previous spring had come through. He was invited to live in France for six months, and the school year there was about to start any day. So things happened all very quickly. Vicki barely had time to help him pack and make all the necessary arrangements, meet with school officials, help him bone up on Paris and his new family there. Within three days he was at the airport, with his proud parents and his little sister, saying emotional good-byes.

"One other thing Mom," he said as they stood at the gate. "The guys have really appreciated your support of the team. No other moms show up half the time at games, much less practice, and they really dig the fact that you act like one of us."

"They're special to me," she said. "I'm sure you going to miss them alot." She looked at him closely, feeling that he had something to add.

"Well, could you still go to practices, as a favor to me? And the games? They would be so grateful, and so would coach Phillips."

She smiled. "Consider it a promise."

"Eric and Tony just love you to death. Keep giving them those good luck hugs, okay? They say the hugs from the last game inspired them big time...."

"Did they?" she said, self consciously, looking down uncomfortably and then over at her husband.

"'Good luck hugs'?" Tim asked. "Are you the team mother?"

Vicki hadn't stopped thinking about the two boys attention to her since it had happened. Her feelings caught her voice in her throat and she cleared it then smiled: "I guess I am! Giving C.J. a hug" and she threw her arms around her son one more time, "seemed to be good for his spirits, so it's kinda cool to give those boys moral support. They have some tough matches coming up so I'll definitely be there!"

Then C.J. was gone. On the way home, while Vicki was picturing Eric's and Tony's faces, Tim broke her reverie and suggested they stop home and then go out for dinner, but Vicki said: "There's practice tonight."

"Let's go out," Tim said, emphatically, his glasses on his nose as his eyebrows rose in excitement. "I'm home for once. I'm hungry. Where do you want to go?"

"Mom, forget his team's practice." Tonya laughed, half listening to a Walkman in the backseat of the Volvo wagon.

Vicki could only think of the soccer field, with all those handsome young men working hard to get ready for the Sunday game. She really wanted to be there - for her son, and for herself.

They debated it heatedly until they pulled into the driveway. "It was the last thing he asked of me when he left here," she said, her voice shaking. "You go ahead and I'll see you when we all get back here." His husband said nothing, clearly angry, and he backed the car back out of the driveway.

Vicki changed her clothes. She had dressed for the airport in a somewhat formal pants suit that she was boiling in. She felt like changing into something cooler, looser, something that the boys on the team would like.

She picked out clothes that were thin and less stifling, and took her time. "I am not 40," she said to the mirror, "I am 19."

When she got out of the Explorer she may have felt less boiling, but what she had changed into was guaranteed to heat up the loins of the young men she had come to support. She was wearing a gray flannel blouse - with the two top buttons undone - and underneath a red lace bra that lifted her huge tits, showing them off, accentuating her generous nipples. The vastness of her chest that pulled her blouse out at the top left that wonderful sense of nothingness below, in the part of the fabric that occupied her abdomen. Admiring eyes would find that she was even more desirable because of the subtle suggestiveness of a big-titted woman in a blouse that was so loose below - because it was so stuffed with jiggling flesh on top.

And she wore khaki shorts that hugged the big fuck-me cheeks of her butt yet was loose fitting around the hems. Feeling sexually anxious she drove into the parking lot and strolled with a devilish sway in her hips out toward the field. It was so thrilling to see the boys drilling themselves in the far half of the great patch of green, contrasting with the white goal posts without nets, standing at each end of the practice field.

Coach Phillips yelled to his troops: "Hey, look who's here!" The lads turned and cheered. "Hey Mrs. G!" several yelled. "How's our favorite young lady?" Tony called out, and Eric walked over to her slowly as he got himself some water between drills. He looked her over more boldly than he ever had before. Outside of Phillips there were no other adults around, and the park was deserted except for two young kids shooting baskets some distance away.

Eric spoke quietly to her, like he was talking to a girl he wanted to conquer. He thoughtfully asked about the C.J. farewell, told her that he'd miss him, he was a great guy...and the removal of her son from the picture seemed to relieve some barrier, loosen up matters even further between her and Tony and these other boys. She was struggling with the feeling that a little more flirting back at these men-to-be would still be good fun and that was no big deal about it, and now she felt like doing it with more gusto.

"Mrs. G," he grinned, moving close to her and putting his hand on her arm, "how do you expect us to concentrate on the game when a beautiful girl like you is standing over here in such a stunning outfit?" He stood there grinning, cocky, learning how to talk to her with more smoothness. He stared boldly at her chest, for what seemed to her like an hour.

"Why Eric," she said softly, lighting up at the flattery and his open admiration, and loving the sound of "girl". She smiled from ear to ear, batting her delicious green eyes at him, which she had made up before coming here. "You're flirting with me, young man! What would your girl friend Carla say if she heard you?" She laughed and kicked his leg at the side gently with her shapely calf. She shuddered as he continued to stare down at her huge tits, not caring at all if it made her nervous.

"I don't know what's better," he said, backpedaling to join the others in the practice rather than turning his back to her. It was almost as if he could not waste the moment of losing sight of her, "....Watching you come in or watching the back of you as you go away. We all LOVE to watch you walk. I feel more and more like dumping Carla for my new girl!"

Vicki unconsciously put her hands on her hips and wiggled her jutting chest. "And who's that? Whom could you possibly be referring to?" She giggled.

He said nothing, just pointing dramatically at her.

"Just win on Sunday!" she called. His hitting on her made her let out a big sigh. So they all love to watch her walk. It aroused her to think what they watched. Her breasts. Her ass. Her legs, maybe even her crotch. But the brazen approach Eric was taking made her very uncomfortable. It's just a boy cutting his teeth, she thought. I should not let it get to me. Maybe I should leave, this is all a silly mistake. But she remained, going to the car occasionally to sit and ponder whether to put the keys in and rendezvous with her family at the restaurant. But each time she grabbed her purse for her keys she shook her head. "This team needs me," she said, watching the young men run like proud ponies on the field.

The practice wound down and the sun began to set. She had brought orange juice packs and the boys couldn't wait to get their hands on the refreshment. She had boys surrounding her, and felt a hand brush her ass, and another her breast, as she passed out the OJ. She bent over to pack up the cartons and felt a dozen eyes burning into her, looking down the deep cleavage that her massive tits so tantalizingly sprang out of the top of her blouse. There was something indescribable about the dark, mysterious, four inch division between her big boobs.

The coach got the boys in a huddle and announced: "Big game Sunday! You did well tonight. Thank you Vicki! You're our strength! When we fight the enemy on the field of battle it will be for you and your loving support! Now, I have got to go, and who needs a ride home?" He smiled at her and rushed to his van.

By the time those with cars, those riding with the coach, and those who lived within walking distance were gone, three remained with Vicki: Kyle, the 6' 3" football player converted to soccer and who had flourished as goalkeeper, Tony and Eric. They were just there, hardly talking, mostly walking wherever she walked. She could feel their hormones in overdrive, but she put on the face of the team's biggest cheerleader.

Although they all did, Kyle was another player who constantly stared at Vicki. He was struck dumb by her sexy curves and she marveled at by how nervous she seemed to make him. He was nowhere near as relaxed as Eric and Tony. Girls excited him but he was only learning how to respond to the undeniable forces within him. And he thought about this woman constantly.

He asked to use her cell phone in the Explorer to call his house for a ride. Then he had something else to get out. "Mrs. uh Gordon," he said, his throat tight, as she and the three boys walked toward her car in the dusk. "In case there's no time on Sunday could you give me a good luck hug now?" The other two were grinning slyly.

She had to watch herself; feelings and gestures were getting a little too crazy. But she did want to hug him, particularly to feel his youthfulness, his muscular shoulders and back. So they stopped in the field, no one around for some distance but the four of them, and she wrapped her arms around him. He pulled her close, and his arms were so tight around her that she yelled, laughing nervously, "Kyle! Not so hard, you'll break my ribs!" He's clumsy about this she thought, doesn't know his own strength.

He loosened his grip somewhat but still held on firmly to waist, and she put her hands on his chest, starting to push out but then just resting her hands on him. "You should not hug a girl so hard, honey." Her voice was maternal, and she wagged her finger up at him, giving him instructions.

"I don't think anyone could break YOUR chest," Tony said, in that same make out artist voice that Eric seemed to be mastering. He snickered, and Eric laughed. She heard them muttering to each other secretly.

"I think I know what THAT means," she laughed. "What has gotten into you boys this evening! Spring fever in September? Just focus on your game." She was surprised, awkwardly, to remember that Kyle and she were still holding each other, gently, but still holding. In fact, she found herself rubbing his arm with her hand and did not move when he started rubbing her back.

Tony and Eric were standing closer than they should have, Tony to her right, Eric sort of behind her. Each was a step away from her.

She suddenly let go of Kyle. She froze, unsure and excited with fear and with a heat that would not leave her crotch. "I think it's getting a little too close for comfort fellas," she said, pushing Kyle away. "Let's get your phone call goin'" As she turned her big tits jiggled in a way that made her lusty admirers pop- eyed.

She started walking to the car, ahead of them. "Incidentally," she said, turning her head with a wry smile, "Do you all need a ride? Since when do strong young stallions like you need a ride five blocks?" They watched her walk, one buttock wonderfully rolling one way, then the other rolling in the opposite. "She makes the chicks at school SO boring," Eric whispered to his teammates, gazing at her inviting ass. He wanted to grab it so bad, and he didn't care now if she saw his bulging crotch. He wanted her to be aware of how hard he was.

"Mrs. G," Eric said, as they all caught up with her. "I think we all need good luck kisses. For the team. We're just crazy about our favorite girl, and we want your blessing before Sunday. If you hug us we'll do our best. If you give us good luck kisses we'll do even better than that!"

His voice was more wholesome, less predatory. But this did not relax her. He was trying to put her at ease but the idea of kisses was a bold new step and she was too taken aback to say anything. They got to her car. She sat in the driver's seat and turned on the electrical, taking the phone off the cradle. She noticed that each of the boys' sheer soccer shorts were alot tighter in the crotch. I am giving them stiff cocks, she thought, oh my God.

Kyle stood next to her in the open door and then leaned in to the car to make the call. The cord was tangled up in the passenger seat controls underneath so he was standing over her lap, his right arm resting on the back of her seat. She looked down at his crotch and could make out that whopper of an erection up close. She moved in to the car more to avoid him and he moved with her. Her pulse was racing. He was acutely conscious of her shapely, tanned legs.

"I'll ask," she heard him say. He turned to her and said softly, "Could you give me a ride home? It's not that far." She agreed. She took the phone from him and he stayed there. She felt his hard cock rubbing against her leg.

"Down boy! Kyle, stop getting so close to me!" she yelled, embarrassed. But she found herself staying put as he continued to rub against her. "Kyle," she said more softly, "that's enough."

"Sorry Mrs. G!" he exhaled a ton of air and stepped back out of the car. "Let me make up for myself and help you get that cord untangled." He walked around to the passenger door and opened it.

"Kyle, that's OK" she laughed, trying to wrap up this encounter before it went into something that would be uncontrollable. Eric drifted toward her and said: "You know Mrs. G the clothes you picked out for this practice are the sexiest you have ever worn. You look like you're 19!" She reached her arm out and petted his cheek. "I do?" she said, completely thrilled at his sweet talk.

He took the advantage and moved his face next to hers. "How about that good luck kiss and hug?" he murmured, and without her answering he gave her a sloppy kiss, holding her neck and mashing her mouth against his. She was petrified, and began to moan in distress. But he held her and moved his tongue all over the inside of her mouth. She backed away from him, her head pressed hard against her seat.

"Eric! Stop that!" She laughed nervously, and after Kyle had warmed her up, Eric's kiss had really started to turn up the heat. Her face was flashing with a fiery blush. She half felt like fainting.

"Oh come on, Mrs. G! You're our team mom! It's just fun, like us guys patting each other in the ass. Don't take it the wrong way." He kissed her again, more tenderly, but open mouth, and sucked her tongue gently into his mouth. His arm snaked around her waist, high, so that he managed to rest his forearm against her right breast. Vicki was getting dizzy, and pushed him away. "That's enough, Eric," she moaned.

The tension now was getting to her, and to them. This was going somewhere, and it scared her. The boys' passions were on fire, and they smelled something delicious, something forbidden and something that would get their youthful genitals into her. Somehow they would get her.

Eric stepped out of car. Tony took his place. Tony said, "instead of the kiss in the car, why don't you get out and give me a good luck hug?" He began pulling on her arm.

She frowned, trying to catch her breath - trying to keep cool and collected. "Look, you can have your hug at the game on Sunday. We have GOT to get home. Kyle, forget about the phone cord."

"C'mon Vicki," Tony laughed, stepping back and opening his arms to her. This was the first time any of the boys had called her by her first name. "You're getting the wrong idea. Do you think there is something wrong when the coach or one of us pats one of us on the butt?" He made a display of patting Eric on the butt.

"Tony, I think we should leave. It's late, it's dark." Her legs were spread, her left knee bent and her foot tapped nervously on the seat. She was unthinkingly rubbing her thigh back and forth, her red nails, that had caught their eyes when practice ended, scratched softly against the fabric of her shorts.

"Just a quick hug and a quick kiss!" he pleaded. "It would mean SO much for the best looking young lady in town to cheer us on to victory in her own special way."

It had gotten almost completely dark and a full moon sent its mysterious rays through the windshield of her Explorer, lighting her up with a warm glow. She sat back in the seat, too wobbly in the knees to move, getting sweaty, and stretched her arms behind her, so that her hands rested over the back of her seat.

She twisted toward him slightly, then gestured toward him with her hand, pointing at him with her left index finger and then curling it back to her.

She could hardly be heard, but he had been hanging on every sound she had made since practice was over, and he almost went crazy when she purred: "OK, for the team. Come over here and hug me, sonny, before I change my mind."

Tony walked to the open door of the Explorer and nervously planted his wet lips on her open mouth. Her open mouth practically swallowed his tongue and her right hand fastened on his lower back, rubbing it feverishly. They kissed hard and sloppily, and she began panting. She pushed him away gently, and he stared down at her hands unbuttoning her blouse all the way so that her massive tits, practically bursting out of the lace bra, lay proudly on her chest, inches from him. He grabbed one breast, squeezed snugly against its twin, feeling the half above the cup and then the half below, stupefied by the size of her mammary. There was no way his hand could begin to take it all.

She reached down and pulled her magnificent titmeat out of her brassiere, the erect nipple jutting out. Her tits were so much bigger than he had thought! She was kissing his face and cupping her breast in her hand for his admiration. He leaned down and began kissing it, all over, then cupped what he could and mashed her erect nipple into his hungry mouth.

Vicki lay her head back with eyes closed, murmuring "Ohhhhhh". Eric, mesmerized, reached between Tony and her and found her other tit with his shaking hand. She climbed off the seat and stood on the bottom of the door, their mouths now feasting on her massive boobs. She draped her arms over their necks and pulled them into her body. Eric grabbed her left breast out of her bra and rubbed his face all over it. The boys' cocks were hard as steel, pressing painfully against their soccer shorts.

Meanwhile, just when she had beckoned Tony, Kyle had looked up and sighed. "Sorry ma'm. I think I made it worse. The cord is all tangled up. You're not going to like this." It could not reach more than three inches. So to use it, one would have to lean way down to the cradle. Oh shit, she's gonna get pissed, he thought.

But then he saw Tony french kissing her, and watched, wide eyed, as she unbuttoned her blouse. He knelt on the passenger seat and took in the scene: Mrs. Gordon was panting hard, her eyes closed, and she was licking Tony's face. Tony was devouring one of her huge mounds, and his stiff dick was poking proudly at full attention. Incredibly aroused, Kyle saw Eric begin kissing her again, on her neck, and grabbed her left tit, squeezing it like a lunatic.

Kyle was now leaning over the space between the two front seats. He wanted to kiss her too, and put his excited hand on her shoulder, pulling her toward him. She took her hand off Tony's sweat-saturated head and gripped Kyle's thin team T-shirt.

Each of the three boys was insane with lust for this woman. She hoarsely spoke, "Kyle, help me with my blouse."

He sat down in the seat, and she turned her back to him, pushing the other two away. Tony and Eric took turns standing in the doorway exploring her legs and crotch in the moonlight. While she faced them she leaned back against Kyle, who went drunk with the smell of her overheating body. Frantically and clumsily they removed her blouse, and her tits thrust out as Kyle pulled it off of her arms. He threw it absently in the direction of the back seat.

Eric's and Tony's fingers, finding the openings of the bottom of her shorts, desperately sought their way into her wet vagina. This sent a shock wave through Vicki and she reacted with a lock of her legs. "No. No. No," she whispered in staccato style, and when they tried again she repeated it.

Kyle worked her huge tits, in disbelief that his hands were playing with such magnificent flesh. As he squeezed her nipples she leaned her head against him, and she thrilled with the feeling of his rod poking against her bare back. She reached behind and unclasped her brassiere. Her great breasts tumbled out in the cool night air, the breeze softly kissing them.

She reached around and found the insistent bulge of his prick and began fondling it, hungrily. Kyle gasped and the touch of his cock under his shorts made Vicki even more stimulated. Kyle pulled his shorts down to his knees and out his manhood sprung, nine inches of flinching, purple flesh, hot to her amazed touch. She had felt no man's penis, ever, other than her husband's. She had a momentary feeling of guilt and embarrassment, but the feeling of this young man's tongue in her ear, his greedy kneading of her tits and his now dripping tool in her hand took control.

Sensing that she was jacking Kyle off, Tony and Eric began some competition for her and began pulling her out of the Explorer.

"Come out here Mrs. G," Eric said, his voice growled. It was the first thing said in ten minutes. "Kyle," he said, "it's my turn."

"Fuck you," Tony whispered, "it's my turn." He knelt down and began licking her inner thighs. She responded by opening them wider, stroking his neck vigorously. She was whimpering now with a sexual excitement that she had never known.

Then she got up slowly out of the car, her knees almost giving out. She looked back at Kyle, then walked between the two other boys, and threw her arms around Eric. He put his trembling hands on the voluptuous curves of her hips and knelt before her, burying his face in her chest. As he sucked hungrily on her tits he watched her moan and close her eyes. She felt his cock rub against her legs, and she found herself rubbing her thigh against it. He took his penis out of his shorts and she groaned as it began fucking her thighs.

Tony held her from behind, rubbing his thick boymeat against her ass, and he kissed her back and neck. "You're so beautiful, Vicki. We all wish we had girlfriends like you. In a way," he said, moving his hands over her sexy ass, and standing so that his mouth was close to her ear, "you ARE the team's girlfriend. Every girl we see at school has to pass the 'Mrs. G.' test, and no one ever does."

Her heart stood still, and she turned her head toward him, licking his mouth, pushing her ass into him.

Tony smiled to himself. The three boys had worked on those lines for an hour and a half the other night, waiting for the time to tell this horny, youth-obsessed woman the things she wanted to hear, to make her their girl-slut.

Kyle joined them, standing at her side, kissing her, fondling her aggressively. She felt six hands all over her, pressing, caressing, squeezing. She felt some of them - she didn't know how many hands and whose they were - try to pull her shorts down.

"Please, stop that," she said, though not as adamantly as the last probing of her crotch. The three boxed her arms in so completely that she could no longer resist. She felt her belt being unbuckled, and the zipper of her shorts slowly open. As their mouths worked her lips and her nipples, she fought vainly to stop them from moving her shorts down her thighs. At the same time it felt incredibly erotic to have her naked ass and cunt exposed in the darkness, and she surrendered to the touch of these many masculine fingers working their way into her crotch.

Eric began licking her mound, while fingering her pussy, now dripping from desire. Eric was behind her, also kneeling, holding her deliciously smooth butt cheeks in his hands and kissing her ample ass, moving his tongue up and down in the ass crack and eagerly pressing his nose in it. Tony, at her side, was going crazy: Vicki kissed him like a maniac while she, after excitedly fishing his boner out of his shorts, grabbed it and jacked it like there was no tomorrow. Each of the boys' hard dicks were out, jiggling as they mauled and feasted on her body. She loved the touch of the cocks' veins, their smoothly taut, dripping heads, the pulse of the turgid tissue that she so frantically was wrapping her fingers around. These guys wanted her!

Kyle played with her asshole, sticking his finger in it gently, then his tongue. The sensation of this oral and manual attention at both her front and back almost brought Vicki to orgasm. Her squirming butt moved involuntarily back and forth between the faces of the two kneeling. Eric and Kyle switched positions, and Eric practically came when he stared at her wiggling ass. He could not believe the sensation of licking and probing her sexy ass as its buttocks, dripping with sweat and the boys' saliva, ground into his teen age face.

It took them all, and mostly Vicki, a while to notice that her car phone was ringing. The boys slowly backed off from their lustful activity, and Vicki, moaning, muttered to them: "What?"

"Your phone, in the car, Mrs. G.," one of them managed to say. She was still jacking Tony off, and now all three were standing around her, Kyle rubbing his cock against her crotch, and Eric stabbing his hot dick against her ass. Her hands moved dick to dick, her huge tits shaking as she turned from one boy to another. What's a girl to do with all this hot cock? She was coming down slowly from a trance of overwhelming passion for these handsome young athletes.

The phone stopped ringing, then started again. She was deciding whether to ignore it, caught in the dilemma of letting these wonderful tubes of hard flesh out of her hands and sight. She sighed, pulled up her underpants and shorts, and wobbled to the Explorer.

The cord was still wrapped around something in the car. She found the phone display lit up - it had caller ID - with her home phone and she knew it was either Tim or her daughter. She leaned over and picked up the phone, with a cord limited to a few inches of length, causing her to lean far over, almost on both knees on the front seat.

"Vicki? Where are you?" It was her husband.

Vicki gulped, her mouth dry from the last hour of frantic sex. "Hi honey!" she said, trying to think up an answer. It was very awkward stretching across the front seat, so she knelt on it, and leaned across the passenger side, holding the phone to her left ear and bracing herself on her right elbow.

Eric spoke softly to Kyle. "Did you really fix that phone cord?"

"Yeah," he grinned. "I fixed it so she has to bend way over to talk into it. I figured her husband would be calling if we kept her here long enough..."

Tony spoke as they faced the Explorer. "Good work, partner. Mr. Gordon is our enemy, right dudes?" He high-fived Eric and Kyle, who walked around to the open passenger side door, his cock keeping a rock-hard erection that refused to go away.

Vicki hesitated. "Well, the practice went on until dark, believe it or not. How was the dinner?"

Tim paused. "Well the dinner was fine, even without you, but it's been dark for an hour. Where the hell are you?"

Kyle stood in the doorway, and Vicki looked up in amazement at his stiff prick, which he began to stroke, looking wickedly at her with its one delicious eye. Kyle scooted in a sitting position on the seat and pointed his manhood toward her face, only inches away.

Meanwhile Eric took the driver seat control and moved the seat back to as far as it would go. He began rubbing the inside of her moist thighs, while Tony got into the back seat, and moved around so that he reached into the front and slipped his fingers under her shorts, grabbing her delicious buttocks all over.

Vicki looked around excitedly, quickly, but went back to the conversation. "What, honey?" she yelled, trying to catch her breath and conceal her arousal.

"I said, where are you?" her husband repeated impatiently. "Well," she began, "some of the boys needed ice cream so we stopped for some, and ----- uh ---- one of the kids wanted a ride to his other girl friend, who lives up north. Kind of out, uh, of the way." Kyle had pushed his cock as far toward her as he could, holding it with one hand and caressing his balls lazily with the other. It was almost at her lips when she turned toward him.

Kyle then lifted her up with one of his strong hands, her hand holding the phone to her ear, and with his other hand moved her right hand onto his throbbing dick. She kept it there, then began to stroke it, sighing into the phone.

"Vicki, are you all right?" her husband asked, "You sound like you've been jogging."

"Just tired," she said. Eric now began to pull her shorts off. She turned, pushing the phone against her breast, "What are you doing! I'm talking to my husband!" She squirmed, but they had her boxed in, and as she put the phone back to her ear she felt the night air all over her bare ass. Eric and Tony tossed her shorts and underpants on the ground and fondled the inside of her ass crack and her pussy. Their hearts were pounding; they at the point of no return with this hard up woman. She felt fingers exploring her cunt, then hands lifting her ass up so that other fingers could play with her clitoris.

Her husband's voice became tender. "Vicki, I'm sorry we had that disagreement over the practice thing. I trust your judgment on this. It was something C.J. wanted. And you know what, I think it's fantastic that you support these kids....No other mom goes to the practices. They must really appreciate you on that team!"

As she listened to this she was unconsciously stroking Kyle's meat, and the more she did it the more her masturbation of him picked up speed. She gripped him harder and harder, lost in fascination and the suspense of his ejaculating - right in her direction. She looked trancelike at his cockhead, waiting impatiently for this boy to shoot his juices. He was breathing quickly and loudly, muttering "oh yeah", and finally she said to her husband, "let me call you back, there's been an accident". She dropped the phone on the floor and used her free hand to jack off this wonderful cock while she placed her other hand around his testicles.

Then she felt something incredibly different behind her. Eric was now holding her ass firmly and pushed his giant dick against the lips of her soaking wet pussy. "You shouldn't do that!" she said, but her body was reacting with an anticipation that amazed her. Her inviting ass moved wickedly toward him to receive him, and he plunged his cock balls deep into her starving cunt. She groaned as his manhood filled her neglected hole, and she tightened around him, causing him to cry out with pleasure.

The sight of Eric fucking Mrs. Gordon sent Kyle over the edge, and a hot rope of cum spat out of his cock, landing on the back of her neck and her hair, then another onto her brow and her nose, and then two others into her eyes. He rubbed his cock against her face, and whimpered uncontrollably. He collapsed back in the seat to the sound of Eric's cock stroking in and out of her, balls slapping against her hot body. Tony was transfixed by what was happening and reached under her stomach and found her clit again, rubbing it to make her come.

Soon, Eric shot his hot sperm into her, and she cried out, reaching a climax.

Eric withdrew, slapping her ass affectionately, and she reached around and grabbed his hand tightly. Then she happened to look down at the floor and, though in emotional orbit with this profound pleasure, realized that she had never hung up the phone. Meaning that Tim may have been on the line all this time, listening to her pleasure these young studs.

She picked up the phone, panicking, yet still reeling from the wonderful feelings enveloping her.

"Hello?" she said, her voice half in her throat, sweat dripping off of her and mixing with the semen all over her face and hair. Cum was dangling from her cheeks and filled her eyes.

She heard nothing. Finally Tim's voice hesitatingly came through the little speaker at her ear. "Vicki? What the fuck is going on?"

She tried to think fast. "This accident sent me off the road. I didn't hit though. I'm all right."

"Well I heard others, alot of - well - heavy breathing. I heard 'Oh shit' loud and clear and I heard you moaning, then you cried out. I was scared to death! Who's with you?"

"Kyle Evans," she said. "Do you want to talk to him?"

"Who's that?" As her husband spoke she felt another set of hands on her fanny, rubbing the cheeks, then pushing them together, then pulling them apart to the point where it almost hurt her. It was Tony, now in Eric's place and raring to go. She could feel his hard cock rubbing stiffly against her asshole and her cunt. He rubbed himself back and forth across her butt, desperate to enter her. This simultaneous conversation between her and her husband, who obviously was no match for them, made him three times as hard as he had been. She was so hot she was willing to fuck them while she was talking to this loser of a husband.

Vicki gave the phone to Kyle. "Say hello to him," she muttered. She wanted Tony to fuck her hard, and the sinfulness of doing this while speaking with Tim also made her crazy with desire. She wiggled her ass like a slut and reached around to feel his cock, then spread her cheeks invitingly. In he plowed, no cautiousness or slow entrance. Her pussy was loosened by Eric's fucking and was even wetter. Eric's juices dripped out of her pussy.

Tony pushed in as deeply as he could and she wrapped herself around him, rocking with his thrusts. She buried her contorted face in the seat to hide her cries, bumping into Kyle as he made small talk about the "accident". Her hands reached underneath and played with Tony's oversized balls, and this made him moan, almost like a man in pain. They fucked like animals, her tits hanging heavily. Tony reached around and squeezed one greedily. The touch of her huge mam drove him even more crazy.

Kyle, thinking things were going to get louder, told Mr. Gordon they had to hang up and that she would call him back. It was difficult to end the conversation because her husband kept talking and asking questions. Finally Vicki took the phone and hung it up herself, and went back to the hard screwing she was happily receiving from Tony.

She stopped restraining her cries. Kyle could not take his eyes off her big tits shaking as she got fucked and began squeezing them. His dick hardened again and when he let it stick in her face she gladly swallowed it deeply, as if she had not eaten for days. She was starving for cock. Her head bobbed up and down and quickly he shot cum into her mouth. Eric pulled him out of the passenger seat and replaced Kyle's dick with his own throbbing meat. Without missing a beat she grabbed his love spear and buried it in her throat, pulling it out occasionally to lovingly lick it and to pull his balls to her insatiable tongue.

She stroked it furiously and great gobs of jizz splattered all over face and shoulder. She called to Tony, "Don't stop!" She was thrilled that his fucking lasted longer than the other boys'. When he came he was slamming her so hard they almost fell off the seat, and his hot cum shot deep into her womb.

The phone rang again, as she lay on the seat exhausted, yet still itching for more, she said, "Boys, I gotta go." They helped her with her clothes. She ignored the phone call.

Her mood cooled gradully. The reality that this wicked frenzy was over set in. She kissed them each and tried to act like she had moved back to her wifely status. With unconvincing formality she said, looking down rather than at them: "We can never do this again. I can't come to practice. This was all wrong, even though I liked it. Now you guys live near here and I would rather be alone now."

They protested but she insisted. As she sat in the car, turning the engine over, Eric came over and said softly, "Don't quit the team, sweetheart. We can't have anyone else but you. You're such a pretty girl, Vicki. Darling." He kissed her. It was turning her on all over again!

She held him and then pulled away, breathing hard. "If I don't say no now I'll just keep coming back for more," she said, her eyes tearing.

"See you at the game Sunday?" he asked, pleadingly.

"I don't think so," she said. But she didn't mean it.

"We're not done with her," Tony said as she slowly drove off. She was barely two hundred feet away when she stopped abruptly.

The boys stopped, unsure of what she was doing. She sat there and they walked over to her, first haltingly then in a sprint.

They stared in her window. "I forgot to give you your good luck hugs!" she said, opening the door and swinging her body around to face them.

One at a time they went to her and put their arms around her. Each time they kissed, and she welcomed their tongues.

"Now THIS is the end of this," she laughed. "No more!"

"See you at the game?" Tony called.

"Well, maybe!" she said. Tony patted his teammates on their butts and laughed.
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