Cuckold Training

Written by TJR / Oct 10, 1999


Cuckold Training (1) (or How to Avoid a Divorce (maybe)) by TJR ghostwriting for Pamela X. WWW.Midnightx.Com

Hi, I dont know how many cuckold training stories are written firsthand by women, but Iv'e known TJR from chatrooms for years and he thinks I have some experience other wives considering Black lovers could benefit from, or even white cuckolds.

I had dated Black Men in college pretty exclusively, but after my career fell apart I married a slightly older white engineer I'll call Elliot whom I did like and he tried very hard and I hoped it would grow into something more. Anyway, I grew restless and by chance one of my old boyfriends (Black naturally) happened to connect with me, and after one quick motelroom afternoon, I knew it ( my marriage) just wasn't going to work. I was still attractive, 29, blonde and shapely, no kids yet, and I knew I'd be seeing Tyrone again, actually whenever He wanted.

But when I told my husband I couldn't stop seeing Black Men, he reacted different from what I expected. I was up front because I'm no good at lying anyway or sneaking around and said it was either an open marriage or divorce, and he agreed to try an open marriage. I was surprised but happy. It wasn't all easy. At first he had a lot of difficulty being home alone when I was out, but we made a game out of it.

I would tell him in detail what I did and with who, and like a lot of hubbies I met on the chat room he found that very exciting. If he was good I would let him orally clean me after my dates and at first I masturbated him with my hand. After being stretched out again by Black Males I couldn't even cum on his smallish penis and that was a stumbling block until he accepted it. I encouraged him to take charge of my Black social life, and he helped me get ready for dates, made arrangements and waited up for me. Elliot bought clothes for me, helped me bathe, painted my toenails while I talked on the phone to my Black lover. This was the best period because I was the envy of all my girlfriends. I had the financial security of a successful marriage, a submissive dutiful forgiving husband, and my sex life was just heavenly as I was Black sexed several times a week.

My next Black Lover was Jamahl, who was more possessive than Tyrone, even though He shared me with His friends. My husband and I had our first real fight when I let Jamahl use one of our cars and He wrecked it. But I knew what really upset him was I had stopped masturbating him after my dates. I was up front about that because I relayed Jamahl's orders that I couldn't even touch his penis or any white penis any more. Jamahl told me that my body was exclusuvely for the pleasure of Black Men, which I agreed with and felt I needed to make that commitment. You may notice I always capitalize Black. In fact I felt liberated and at peace when I admitted to myself I worshipped African Men and wanted to spend my life serving and being bred by Them. I joined a couple of Black Power organizations and wanted to contribute all I could, but Elliot wasn't willing to do too much. This showed up at home with little things like I also had several nude pictures of Jamahl in my bedroom so I could see him from any angle, especially when my husband was kneeling between my legs after a date to clean me out. However, it was important to me that he also kneel in front of a special photo, my African Shrine I called it, when he masturbated. Even though he knew these little rituals were very important to me he had difficulty with them.

So, before going any further, it was at this point I believe that the marriage began to crack. That's why the 'maybe' is in the title. Perhaps if it had stopped there and I hadn't wanted to bear Jamahl's baby, or get the clit and nipple rings, or even little things like having Jamahl pick me up at the door which Elliot hated. But there were also demands from Elliot that I compromised with. He wanted and persistently begged to watch me and my dates make love, which I didn't like at all but I did sometimes. Many times when I came home late, I really just wanted to shower and sleep but instead like a good wife let him clean me while I tiredly tried to remember what exactly I did and with who.

So, anyway, hubby cuckold training isn't easy but it did work for a while to both our satisfaction, and I think the answer is a willingness to compromise. I hope this helps you all. I am divorced now but have had 2 Black babies, still date exclusively Black Men but I do have a white boyfriend who accepts my lifestyle and his position in it, and I'm very hopeful about our future because he's agreed to wear a chastity belt which wev'e sent away for. Maybe in another letter we can talk more about chastity belts for white males and hubbies because I know several Black-owned wives whov'e found this a perfect solution, but let's see if it works for us.
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