Blackmailed Into Submission

Written by Tramp / Oct 10, 1999


Blackmailed into submission by Tramp

Henry Cadwell work for a large investment firm, but he was more or less just a clerk, he always wanted to give his wife the very best of everything. and since he couldn't do that on his wages he found away to get money out of the firm. He's done this for the past two years, the house they lived in was way beyond their means along whit the cars they drove. His wife June never ask about their financial situation everything seemed rosy, she would do anything for him. And soon she would have too.

June was twenty-eight and still had the body of a seventeen year old cheerleader. She worked out hard to keep in shape and it showed, her breast were firm, she had a twenty inch waist, men would always stare when she walked by. One man really wanted her and that was Carl Beesly the owner of the firm, he often talked about her to his colleague's and they all agreed they'd like a chance in the sack with her. At the firms Christmas party his hands would be all over her while she tried to fend him off, she hated him immensely. She would soon learn to hate him even more.

Henry took June on a two week cruise, he told her he'd been saving for it since last year but truth was he embezzled the money, while they were gone Carl had the books gone over, he knew something was amiss. The accountants found that well over $200,000 was missing, and it was all filtering down to Henry. Carl called down looking for him only to find he was on vacation and wouldn't be back for another week, at first he considered calling the police but then his mind took a different path as he thought of Henry's wife, his mind went into overdrive then, this could well be worth losing $200,000, he could make that up and more if he played his cards right.

Carl sat planning the whole week they were gone, now all that was left was to set it in motion. Monday morning couldn't come soon enough he thought. Henry was back at work when Mr. Beesley called him into his office, Carl told the secretary he didn't want to be disturbed., then turned to Henry telling him to have a seat that this was going to take awhile. Carl poured himself a drink then sat staring at Henry for awhile before starting, Henry I've had the books gone over and it seems your living high on the hog, do you know you could lose everything including your pretty little wife, no to mention the years in jail, your wife might be considered an accomplice in this.

Henry sat there staring at Mr. Beesley, tears were building in his eye's then he started to cry, good thought Carl all is going to plan. He let Henry cry for awhile then got up and pour a drink bringing it to Henry to calm him a bit. Now was the time to put the plan in place. Carl looked at Henry and told him I don't really want to see you locked away, maybe we could work out a mutual agreement, Henry looked at him puzzled, what agreement he asked. Carl sat silent for a moment then said Henry and June could together help to straighten this mess out and no one would go to jail.

He now had Henry hooked, now to pull him in. Well I could use your wife for a variety of assignments, first one being me, with that he stopped and waited. Henry just stared at him with hatred but also fear, he didn't want to end up in jail, lowering his eye's Henry ask what he wanted them to do, he had him for sure now. Henry you will not drive her where I tell you but you'll also have her dresses the way I want, Henry's heart sank at this, he knew his wife was to be used as Mr. Beesley's sex slave and he was powerless to stop it.

Take the rest of the day off Henry, you and your wife have a lot to talk over. Be here at 9:00 am to let me know whether or not to call the police, there was the threat again. Henry went home, his wife was surprised as he walked in, he took her in his arms and started explaining what happened, she was in shock, first at what he's done then at what he expected of her, she broke free and ran to the bedroom locking the door, he could hear her crying. He went downstairs and poured a drink, it was dark before she emerged from the bedroom, and came down to the living room to face him. Henry you know I love you she said and I'll do anything to keep you out of prison.

He took her in his arms and pressed his lips to hers, they lay in each other's arms knowing their lives were about to change forever. The following morning Henry was in Mr. Beesley's office agreeing to want he wanted, the first order came, you will have your wife at my house Friday evening, expect to spend the weekend there, also here's a list of the clothes you'll be having her wear and where to get them, now get back to work, I don't want to see you till then. That night Henry told his wife and showed her the clothing list, her heart sank as she read it, she never would have dressed that way, They didn't get much sleep the rest of the week, Friday morning there was a message left for Henry, be at the house by seven tonight. He called home to tell June what time they were to be there.

He got home a little after three, June was in the shower so he sat on the couch having a drink trying to get up the courage to hand his wife over to another man, it wasn't going to be easy he thought. After the third drink he heard his wife coming down the stairs, as she entered the living room he sucked in his breath, her she stood with a transparent gauze blouse and the shortest spandex mini he'd ever seen, it was about an inch below her panties, each step she took would cause the mini to rise, within four steps her panties were not only showing but they were also the same type of material as the blouse. He wanted to take her right on the spot but knew better.

They sat around nervous exchanging small talk till it was time to leave. On the way there it was silent in the car, neither one knew what to say. They found the address and pulled into a long windy drive, the house was far back from anything, Henry pulled up by the door letting June out and watching her try to pull the mini down to cover her near naked ass. He then parked the car as told, June was already inside when he got to the door, he rang the bell and Carl opened the door inviting him in.

Carl then said how about a few drinks to break the ice, the couple agreed, Carl slid his arm around June letting his hand rest on her ass as they walked to the den, this upset Henry but he knew his hands were tied. Carl got drinks for them all then motioned for Henry to sit in the chair across from the couch where he was leading June to, he watched as she sat noting how her mini slid up exposing the bottom of her panties, her face flushed as she seen his eye's on her body, she tried to adjust the mini but he stopped her saying he liked the way it was. He ask her a lot of personal questions about their sex life, she didn't'want to answer but knew they were trapped.

Then he got up getting another round of drinks for them, he placed his on the end table and excused himself for a moment, as he left they looked at each other in despair. Within a few minutes he returned saying he had to make a few calls and that guest would be arriving near ten tonight, they also noticed he removed his clothes and just had a robe on, he sat real close to June now placing an arm around her shoulder's, he then removed the drink from her hand placing next to his, he tilted her face toward his and placed his lips upon hers kissing her deeply, as he broke the kiss he told Henry if this bothered him he could go to the kitchen where he didn't have to watch.

Much to June's dismay, he got up and left, now she was alone with the man she loath, and again he placed his lips to hers. As his tongue was sliding between her lips, his hands was working its path down to her right breast, her nipples were already hard as rocks even though he hadn't touched them yet. She felt his fingers grip her breast, gently he would squeeze it then run his palm across her nipple, it was so hard now it hurt and was also pleasurable, he kept his fingers working that breast over before moving to the other, he would rotate back and forth, she was amazed at the gentleness of this man. He learned years ago from some Hindu people the art of turning a woman on to the fullest. He could feel shivers coursing through her body the more he fondled her.

As his tongue continued exploring her mouth his hand left her breasts and went to her legs, she was aware of how high the mini had ridden up her legs and knew he could see her gauze covered cunt. His hand was getting near now to her woman hood, she felt fingers brushing lightly over her pubic hair, searching for the button that would bring her over the edge, her breath sucked as his fingers made contact with her clit. He knew she wouldn't be able to turn back now, he started rolling her little nub in tiny circles add a little pressure each time, he could feel her hips moving in little circles in time with his fingers, he then took her nub between his thumb and fingers giving it a squeeze, this made her hips clear the couch. She let out a deep moan of pleasure, he let go of her clit and took her hand placing it under his robe, placing her fingers on his manhood, as she touched it she couldn't believe how long and round it was, she barely got her hand closed over it.

Soon his fingers were back on her clit while her fingers were feeling every inch of his manhood; she had a few men in her life but none as endowed as Carl. The fingers were playing with her clit once again to her delight, she couldn't believe in just a short time she was letting and enjoying the feelings this man was giving her, she actually couldn't wait to feel him inside of her. The more she thought about it, the more turned on she got, her hips again were moving to his fingering, within a few minutes he knew he would have her naked.

He stopped playing with her again to open his robe, the arm that was around her shoulder pressed against the back of her head forcing her face downward toward his cock, she knew what he wanted, she let her tongue come out and slowly teased the head of his cock running circles all around the head. Then she pressed her lips to it giving little kisses to the tip, then slid her mouth over the head and down the shaft, tightening her lips around his cock she began a steady bobbing of her head.

His hand traveled down her back till he got to her ass, the mini was near her waist now so most of her ass was exposed, he gave her cheeks a couple squeezes then slid his hand into her panties, he played with each cheek in turn then got his fingers in between her legs feeling her warm slit. She parted her legs to allow him better access to her opening, she felt a finger his finger slowly enter, reaching deeper looking for her g-spot, once found he started to put a steady pushing pressure on it, she began moaning around her cock filled mouth, which made his cock even harder.

Her hips were moving like a bucking horse to the steady finger strokes he was applying. He felt her juices start flowing and knew she was nearing an orgasm, as she came her body started shaking, then she froze in place as he hammered his finger in her, all she kept saying was, oh my, oh my, uuunnnnggghhhhh, yyeeessss, yyyeeesss. Now was his time, he stood her up removing her blouse, then the mini, and finally placing his thumbs in the waist band of her panties pulling them off, he laid her on the carpet spreading her legs as he crawled in between them.

Placing his cock at the opening he rubbed it around capturing some of her juices on it before he started pushing forward, sinking half his length in her warm channel, she was grunting and groaning as his cock was filling her. He stopped to let her adjust to his size, then pressed more of his cock into her, he had about three quarters in her when he started pumping into her, the more he pumped the deeper he got, she was never this filled. She wrapped her legs around his lower back digging her heels into his ass, it was then she felt his balls hit her ass, she knew he was all the way up her, she began lifting her pelvis up to meet each and every thrust of his cock.

Within moments she was again cuming, he let her cum then pulled free and flipped her over, he got her on her hands and knees entering her from behind, he started fucking her hard, his hips were smacking her ass cheeks turning them red, she couldn't believe the lasting power he had, she felt another orgasm coming, she's never had more than one before. He kept up his pounding even after he felt he muscles tighten around his cock, he knew she was having another orgasm. This time he kept his cock buried into her and slowly maneuvered her on the floor on her side with him behind her, once in this position he again started a steady sliding of his cock in and out of her, her juices from all her cumming was running down the back of her leg and to the carpet, it wasn't long now till she heard his breathing picking up, then she felt his hot liquid blast out and hit the very back of her womb, he kept spurting and spurting. Slowly his dick went limb and he pulled out.

He got up first and slipped his robe on, then as she started to reach for her panties he stopped her telling her to leave them off. She thought they were done but now realized, it was just beginning, he let her put the blouse on but she wasn't allowed to button it, next she slid of the mini, he stood there looking at her for what seemed like an eternity before he said, you now look ready to meet the guest that are coming. Her mind started racing, what would be expected of her and what would they do to her, he had her sit back down, he went over and made some more drinks putting a little powder in hers, it was to relax her for the up coming events, she would fully be aware of all that was happening.

Carl sat next to her asking more questions about all the sex she took part in, he wanted to know as much as possible about her. Nearly an hour passed when the doorbell sounded, she was perturbed that her husband never came back to check on her well being. Carl went to greet the guest and escort them to the den, Henry on hearing voices peeked out the kitchen to see who arrived, he seen seven men and two women enter, he knew they weren't there for a card game, but he was unable to stop it, his poor wife she'd never forgive him. The one woman he invited solely because she was a lesbian and he wanted to see how June could handle it, his plan for June was to use her to help him win clients over, and some of those clients were women.

As the guest entered the den Carl had June stand to be greeted by each guest in turn, The first to greet her a male and he reached around her back to grab her ass pulling her against him, he then proceeded to slip his tongue in her mouth while playing with her bare ass, the next male didn't kiss her he just reached to feel her pussy, she jumped back at his touch then remembered the spot she was in and moved forward to let him have his pleasure, each of the rest of the males held some part of her body.

Now Lilly went to her, Lilly was a little bi, she just kissed June lightly. June was a little shocked that she didn't kiss her on the cheek instead but thought that maybe this is the way the rich do things. Last to approach was Jamie, she looked sort of manly June thought, then she felt Jamie's lips pressed to hers, as her hand reach into June's open blouse to cup one of her breast, then she felt a tongue slither in her mouth, it was a woman's tongue, this had never been done to her before, she stood frozen to the spot not moving an inch, Jamie played with this new toy for a few minutes before releasing her. As she stepped away June notice that all the men watched what Jamie did to her, her face turned beet red. She new this wasn't the last she'd see Jamie.

Henry quietly left the kitchen to see if he could find a place to spy, to see what this group was doing, he knew he couldn't open the den's door a little without being caught so he headed upstairs hoping to find a grate he could spy through. He tried two of the smaller bed rooms but no luck, then he opened a door that led to the master bedroom, there was what appeared to be a big pane of glass against the far wall, as he approached he knew what it was, down below were his wife and all the guest, Carl had a two-way mirror installed in his bedroom.

He turned away from the mirror only long enough to find a chair and place it in front of the mirror to watch the show. Carl and the two ladies made drinks for the group then sat making small talk for awhile. As Henry looked around the room he noticed red lights around the ceiling of the den, as he looked closer he realized it was camera lights, the bastard was taping everything. It didn't take much longer for the activities to start, Lilly went over and put on some music, then grabbed one of the men and started to dance, really it was more groping than dancing, it wasn't long till Lilly's blouse and skirt were off, the guy was grinding into her, another man got in behind Lilly and sandwiched her between them.

Carl sat back watching the show begin, one of the other men walked over to June taking her by the hand to dance with him, he held her tight to him, his hands were on her ass quickly pulling her mini upwards, he then grabbed both ass cheeks forcing her pelvic bone to mash against his, she looked over her shoulder to see what Lilly was doing, she was shocked at first to see not only was Lil naked both so were both males, Lil was on her knee's taking one cock then the other in her mouth, she was alternating between them. Hum she thought that leaves four more men not counting Carl, she wondered what they were going to do, also there was Jamie, her skin crawled at that thought, the guy groping he bent his head placing his lips to hers.

It wasn't too much longer till she knew were another guy was going to be as she felt another man pressing his self against her backside, then she realized he was already naked, she knew she would soon be too. She didn't have much longer to wait till the two guys with her had her clothes off and down on her knees servicing both of them, she felt another body press against her back, she could tell it was another one of the men for he too was naked, she could feel his penis rubbing against her ass. She looked toward Jamie, and seen Jamie was watching her, her eye's traveling over her every curve, she wondered what she was planning.

The man behind June reached around her to grasp her breast, he was squeezing both her globes while using a finger to tease her nipples, it was long between the cocks she was sucking and the way he worked her breast the her body started pressing back against his, as he felt the change in her he let his fingers from the one hand walk down her body, over her navel and still lower. It wasn't long till those walking fingers reached her pubic hair, still they traveled lower, she spread her knee's giving more access to her, he too wanted to grab her clit only he would roll it between his fingers then tug it outward stroking it like a penis, then he would rub over the lips of her cunt. June again moved her eye's to the side to see Lil on her hands and knee's, one man was fucking her doggy style while she had two cocks crammed between her lips at the same time, just then she felt the cock in her mouth stiffen then shooting filling her mouth with a warm salty goo, she had to swallow fast to keep up with the huge amount of cum, he kept his dick lodged in her mouth till all his cum was spent.

She again looked back at Lil, she was now on the floor on her side with a men on their side in front and in back of her, and a single cock between her lips, it was then June realized the guy in back of Lil had his cock in her ass, she watched in amazement as Lil would push her cunt forward to except the cock pounding her pussy, then back to take more of the guys cock behind her, all the while sucking the other guy off. All at once she felt the guy behind her roll away then the guy in front of her moved to join the guy who was behind her, she was confused till she seen Jamie.

Now she realized the guys left her to watch as Jamie took over for them, she just stared in wide eyed as she approached her, June was still on her knee's so Jamie also got to her knee's and pressed her body tight against June's. Jamie placed her lips to June's kissing her lips and letting her tongue outline them, her hand snaked down to take one of June's boobs in her hand, she felt Jamie's tongue slid past her lips and into her mouth. June felt Jamie's hand leave her breast to move down, down past her navel, down till her hand was in between June's legs, there her fingers softly played with the folds of June's cunt, June never thought she'd be subjected to this but here she was and her body was betraying her to this woman's touches, she could feel a warmth traveling through her body the more this woman took advantage of her.

Everyone in the room could see Jamie's expertise taking over June's body, her eyes were closed as her body swayed to the fingers gently bringing June to the edge, Jamie stopped just long enough to force June to lie on her back, Jamie lay to the side of her again using her fingers between June's legs, as the fingers played June's hips started to rise and fall, her breath was coming in rasps now, all at once she felt something warm and wet on her right nipple, she opened her eyes to see Jamie's tongue making little circles around her nipple, then Jamie's mouth sucked it in, nibbling it with her teeth, then licking it again. She felt Jamie's hand back working her cunt again, then the mouth took in her other breast doing what she did to the first one.

Jamie now left her breast and started placing little kisses from June's breast toward her stomach, then lower, she felt kisses being placed around her pubic area, then Jamie's mouth opened to suck in June's clit, this brought her hips up clear of the ground, Jamie knew all of the ways to please a woman and she was doing them to June, her tongue would lap at her clit then go lower to tease her opening, then back up to her clit, within ten minutes of her tonguing June was reaching her most powerful orgasm of the night.

Henry was still staring through the two-way mirror, he couldn't believe what he just saw but his dick was in his hand and he was near cumming he was so excited by it. As he continued watching Jamie got on her knee's straddling June, she began inching her way up till her pussy was in inches of June's face, she reached down behind June's head, locking her fingers together, she yank June's head up till June's mouth was pressed into her cunt. June's eye's flew open, she tried to protest but all that did was give her a taste of Jamie's wet pussy, she heard Jamie hiss, suck me you bitch, June slowly let her tongue cautiously dart out tasting Jamie's womanhood , Jamie slid a little higher giving June's tongue access to her waiting hole, her tongue started worming into Jamie making her cunt ride the tongue. Jamie came really hard, mostly due to the fact she got so worked up doing June earlier.

As Jamie got up the guy's closed in on June, there were hard cocks surrounding her naked form, through the rest of the night she had cocks in her mouth, pussy and even her virgin asshole. The finally was yet to come for her. Most of the guys were spent from fucking June and Lil, most but not all. Carl hadn't participate in anything yet, and neither did Henry, Carl knew Henry was watching through the mirror, he left the room to get him. Mean while Jamie had strapped on a dildo and was closing in on June's widely splayed legs June felt what she thought was another cock entering her but then it didn't feel right, next her breast were squished but another pair of tits, woman's tits, as she again opened her eye's she was staring into Jamie's eye's. It was then she realized Jamie was the one, she was being fucked by a woman with a rubber dick.

Carl returned with Henry, he explained to him before they came down what he wanted, Henry agreed without a fight, he was so turned on he needed release and June was going to be the one to give it to him, after all she did it for all the other men in the room. They watched as Jamie fucked June, bring June nearer and nearer to a climax, as soon as Jamie seen Henry lie on the floor on his back she pulled out the rubber dildo. Carl raised June by her arms and led her to where Henry was laying, Carl helped her straddle him then told her to squat down and place his cock in her pussy, she did as Carl said, thinking how strange, she was fucking her husband in front of all these people, she then felt Carl's hands on her shoulders forcing her chest into her husbands.

This helped Carl too, her ass cheek were wide open giving him easier access to her anal passage, she then felt Carl behind her, then she heard a hissing noise behind her then her husbands arms went around her body holding her tight to him. Then came the pain as Carl shoved his cock up her opening past the head, she'd been fucked in the ass twice tonight, but no cock was near as big as Carl's and also not with her cunt filled, Carl proceeded shoving till he had it all buried in her. Both Carl and her husband started working their cocks in and out of her openings, the pain in her ass was subsiding slowly and being replaced with pleasure, she began to fuck both men back, meeting them stroke for stroke, her husband was the first to cum in her, then Carl followed, they lay on top of one another for awhile, then as they got up, Carl told both of them to get some sleep. He had clients coming over in twelve hours and he wanted her ready to take good care of them.

She looked at Carl and said, it'll be my pleasure, Carl knew his business deals would multiply using her, he gave her a light smack on the ass as her husband whisked her off to bed.

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