My Wife's Pool Party

Written by Tramp / Oct 10, 1999


My wife's pool party by Tramp

My story starts out very typical, the husbands the last to know as always. My wife June and I have been married for the past five years and our sex has no gotten really bad but the spark wasn't there anymore. Don't get me wrong, the sex was still good but not like the beginning.

We are both in our mid thirties, my wife stands 5' 8" with a pretty nice figure at 34-24-34, her stomach has a little buldge but thats about her only flaw. I'm 6' tall, medium weight, and starting to get a beer belly. We are childless by choice, there's a lot more freedom without having kids to worry about. We live in a middle class neighbor hood, I work at a large factory as a supervisor, June takes care of the home. Ted and Mary have been not only our neighbors but also our best friends since we moved here. Ted is of african desent, he stands at 5' 11" and near 180 lbs, Mary on the other hand is 5' 4" tall with large breast and a small waist. This is where my story begins.

It was a hot day in July when I decided to take the afternoon at work off and go home to hit the swiming pool in our back yard, it's nice and private due to the 6' stockade fence and the nearest house is Ted and Mary's. I pulled the car into the garage next to June's car then entered the house, I called out but got no response so I figured June was probably in the pool. I went upstairs to our bed room to get on my trunks to join her at the pool, but as I passed the window I froze, out by the pool was not only June but also ted and Mary, and none of them were swiming, they were all naked with June on her hands and knee,s with her face between Mary's legs while Ted was on his back with his face between Mary's legs. I was shocked to say the least, but at the same time I was also getting aroused, I quickly shed my clothes while still watching then grabbed my trunks putting them on while I was hurrying out of the house, I quietly followed the fence till I found an opening I could look in on the action, I heard both of the women moaning, as I peeked in I could see Mary's hips bucking to the expert mouth work my wife was giving her cunt, my wife was also bucking to get more of Ted tongue in her snatch, as I looked down Ted's body I seen this large pole bobbing in the air, it had to be 12", that sure was impressive compared to my 6", I was wondering how Mary could take it all. Both the women were nearing orgasm's as I watched, first Mary came, then shortly after it was June's turn, she came like I've never seen before, it was a good thing we didn't have neighbors near with all the noise she was making !

Once she finally settled down she stayed in the position she was in as Ted slid his face away and stood up to stretch, he then got on his knee's behind June while her tongue again started on Mary's cunt, I watched as Ted grasp his cock and began to slide it up and down June's slit, making it shine with his saliva and her cum on it, I knew he was lubing it up to enter June, but I was so excited that I couldn't stop it, I yanked my trunks down so I could stroke myself as he would soon be doing to June. He was now rubbing the head at her tiny opening, I thought to myself that she would feel like a virgin to him as his cock would be forceing it's way in, I couldn't take my eye's away as he started to push the head in, all I could hear since June's mouth was planted on Mary's cunt was a series of mmuufff's as he was pushing into her, it took quite awhile for him to get half his length into her tight hole, he stopped there for a couple of seconds allowing her cunt to relax, the lips were really stretched out at his size, once he felt a little give in her he fed her some more of his black cock, at about the 9" mark he started to pull back, as he did her lips were also being pulled back, he stopped with the the head inserted, then without warning he rammed forward sinking his shaft to the fullest, all June moaned of was ohhh mmyyy ggooodddd.

Ted then started a steady stroking going in and out of her cunt, she was soon loosening up, then she was moving a little to meet his strokes, he reached around her and slid his hands up her stomach and to her breast, he started to squeeze them in between each thrust, every once and awhile he would capture her nipples between his fingers and give them a tug, I could see the effect it was having on her, she was no longer eating Mary's cunt, she couldn't catch her breath doing that, the gasp's and moan's were coming quicker now as her ass pushed back trying to get even more of his cock in her, his hips were slapping at her ass cheekharder and harder as he too was nearing a climax, all at once he grabbed her hips to pull her tight to him, he let out a groan then stiffened up, I knew his seed was filling her good, I think she came at the first squirt by the way she was carrying on, they stayed locked like two dogs, till his cock softened and came out with a pop, June's cunt was starting to leak out his cum, I watched amazed as it ran down her legs, Mary seen this and told June to turn over on her back, once she did Mary's mouth went to work cleaning the cum from her legs, once they were clean her tongue went to clean out the rest in June's open hole. Ted was looking as June lay there, he then came up by her head dropping to his knee's, his cock was within inches from her lips, June looked over Ted then slowly moved her lips toward his cock, she brought her tongue out and started to run it around the head of his cock , then up and down the slit of it, she then moved her tongue back into her mouth and placed her lips a on his cock giving it a couple of kissess before she slid her lips over the head, she began to bobb her head back and forth sliding his cock in her mouth and near her throat passage, his cock soon started swelling back to size, once he was again fully hard he had her get back on her hands and knee's, she thought he just liked that position but he had another hole in mind to break in, when he first knelt behind her he let his fingers play with he clit, he would roll it between his fingers, then pull it back and forth like he was jacking her off, once she started moving her hips he slid two fingers into her cunt working them around trying to get her juices flowing again.

As he seen her juices starting to flow out of her hole he withdrew his fingers and got in close behind her where he again started to run his cock around her slit getting the head lubed for what was to come, Mary knew what he was about to do so she slid her legs under June and brought her tits infront of June's lips, Mary placed her hands behind my wife's head and forced her mouth onto her breast, she still kept ahold of her head though, Ted stared moving the head of his cock higher till he was rubbing her juices around her anal opening, all at once he flexed his hips forceing the head of his cock into her anal passage, she tried to scoot forward but Mary was in the way, she let Mary's nipple plop out of her mouth to beg Ted to take it out, he just laughed and told her she'd get to like it, Masry forced June's mouth back to her breast for some more attention, I watched as her mouth opened to take her tit in, mean while behind her Ted was admiring looking at her ass with part of his cock stuffed inside, he decided she needed some more in her and pushed forward again and again, till he had his monster buried, she was grunting and groaning, as he sank his cock to the hilt, he slowly withdrew a few inches then drove them back in again, each time he would pull back a little further till he was finally pulling back to where just the head was locked inside her anal passage, he then started a serious fucking of her ass, within minutes she was pushing back at him and starting a steady moaning, he must have pumped into her ass for over twenty minutes before he stiffened up and his cock started to jerk sending streams of cum up her ass, June had to have at least three orgasms during this time, as Ted withdrew his cock June collasped on her stomach gasping for breath, once she regained her composure she looked both at Ted and Mary and said that she wanted to do this again really soon, then asked Ted if he had any male friends he could bring along next time. Ted told her he had quite a few that would be more than willing to screw her and Mary, June said she could hardly wait. As I put my cock back into my trunks I thought to myself neither can I.

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