Tan Panties

Written by Tuleman / Oct 10, 1999


TAN PANTIES by Tuleman

I have been married to the best looking girl for about 7 years. When we first were married Sylvia was very niave but now at age 28 she is exceptionally good in bed. Ther was always something lacking with our sex life and on numerous occassions when the subject came up she would become rather defensive. I started to try and get her to come out of her sexually represive shell by trying to get her turned on with pornagraphy but this didn't produce the desired affects.

One night while getting ready to go visit her parents I watched her dressing and noticed that her panties were very plain--- white cotton, the kind you would suspect a little girl to wear. Well I decided right then and there that things needed to change because I saw this as a major turnoff. I walked over to where she was standing and then proceded to go through her underwear drawer. I found the sexiest pair of panties that i had ever seen. They were tan with a light brown, thin laced front.There was no cotton lining in the crotch just a seethrough layer of tan silk. I imagined what her pussy would look like with those beautiful panties on.

She asked me what I was doing and I said"I'd love to see you wear these tonight." Sylvia smiled at me and said "I don't see the point in wearing those skimpy little things." At that point I started begging her to just try them on. She kept turning down the situation and stated that we were going to be late. Well all I could think about for the rest of the evening was her walking around wearing those sexy panties.

Sylvia and I went on for several months with the same sexual routine. I tried to get more and more glimpses of her in her bras and panties but my mind kept going back to that night when I saw the perfect little tan panties in her drawer. I also had masterbated on a daily basis thinking of her modeling for me in those little panties. I thoght of how her little 5'3'' frame would look standing in a pair of black high heels and wearing those panties.

Saturday night came around and it was her birthday so I decided it was sink or swim time as far as our sex life would go I decided to hire 2 male strippers to perform for her. I wasn't sure how receptive she would be to this since she was considered a "christian girl." Before the fun was to begin I went upstairs and decided to watch her dress as she thought we were going out to dinner and a movie. She was standing there again in the most plain panties I had ever seen. I simply walked over to her underwear drawer and pulled the little silk tan panties out of the drawer.Sylvia stood there with a semi-grin on her face and asked if I was going to bug her about wearing those skimpy panties again? I held them out and to my surprse she took them and walked to our bathroom. I could see her reflection in the mirrow after she put them on.She was incredible and my cock started getting rigid right there but I new I had to be patient or she would get apprehensive and climb back in her sexual shell. I left the room and had to avoid playing with myself but I was about to explode from the energy of her wearing those panties and knowing that within the next hour 2 hot studs would be performing for her and trying to grind their cocks in her ass and legs. About that time the phone rang and it was one of the strippers calling to get directions and making sure they had the right name of my wife and if ther was anything special I would like them to do or what music that I thought my wife would like them to dance to. I was very frank with them and said that I didn't know how she might respond and that I might be leaving when she kicked them out! I also said that she was a christian and that I would love to see her "turn loose" for once in her life.They said they understood and asked if they were supposed totry to get her naked and if they were permitted to touch, fondle, and kiss her? I said yes to everything but that I wanted to see her in those panties and that if they were lucky enough (by some miracle from God) that they were to leave her panties on.

All was agreed to and 15 min. later my wife walked down stairs. She was wearing a skirt that was satin that came to her knees and a white silk blouse through which you could see her bra which was a half cup silk with white lace.Her chestnut colored hair was perfect and knowing that she was wearing those silk panties was killing me.At that time the doorbell rang and my heart almost stopped. Sylvia went to the door and when she opened it there stood a man that was wearing a construction workers outfit( jeans, tanktop). He asked for the man of the house and I went to the door to greet him I could not believe how sexy this guy was and I'm not gay either. He had dark hair to his shoulders and he was very muscular standing about 6'5". I invited him in and to a surprised wife said"this is your birthday present and I hope you'll like it". The man then sat down a boom box and flipped it on play. I led my wife to a chair in our livingroom and she was turning red as he began to strip. He got real close and started whispering something in her ear but before straightening back up he gentle glanced her ear with his tongue. Sylvia was so uncomfortable at this point that she started to get up but the stripper pushed her back into the chair. He stood there girating his hips and now he had taken off his shirt and was standing there with his ripped abs and starting to pour oil on his chest. The oil ran down his chest to his stomach and then to the top of his jeans. I noticed that Sylvia was trying to avoid looking at him but this seemed to just increase his dancing and actions even more.He pulled her hands to his abs and had to literally pin them in order for them to stop there.

He rubbed her hands all over his abs and then placed them at the top of his jeans and let go.Immediately her hands returned to her lap and at this time the door opens as the stripper is taking off his jeans and in walks a 6'2" blond with nothing on but a sexy pair of womens silk pink panties. He had a semi-erection and his cock was so large that the front of the panties could not hardly contain him. He danced right over to where my wife was and at this time both strippers were down to there panties. The first stripper had on a g-string and was actually playing with his cock, slowly stroking the silk material tthat rest between his hand and cock. Then the second stripper straddled my now shocked wife and started rubbing his enormous cock through his panties.

He asked my wife "would you like to lick me?"She didn't reply so he pulled her chin up with his free hand and started kissing her even though she tried to pull away I could occassionally see their tongues touch. He placed her hand on his pink panties and made her (with the help of his hand ) carress his now 10' cock through hus panties. I noticed as this was going on the first stripper had actually removed all his clothes and stood at the right hand side of thr chair and was jacking off. "Tell me what you have on under that dress little birthday girl" asked the stripper whose cock my wife was now stroking with very little pressure from his hand. "I can't do this I'm married and I'm a christian" stated Sylvia."Do you like playing with my big cock?" "Please no I just can't" "You're wearing some pretty silk panties aren't you?" The other chimbed in "I bet there real wet!"At this time Sylvia saw the man to her right stroking his large penis. Sha seemed to be in a daze."Lick my panties you little slut". "Pull her skirt up and lets see what she's wearing"stated the naked stripper.

The stripper whose cock (still covered with the pink panties)my wife was being forced to stroke took her hair from the back of her head and forced her face into the front of his panties. "Lick it you slut!"I could see her tongue moving--my God she's licking this guys cock. Her head started moving up and down the front of his panties. The wettness of her tongue now made his panties seethrough and you could see his thick hard cock. "You like it don't ya bitch ?" "tell him what he's asking you slut!"

My wife finally spoke and said"I love your cock." These are words that I never thought I would here her say. They then told her to stand and pull her skirt up. She did while french kissing one and rubbing the others cock. She pulled her dress up and stood there in those preety tan panties. The dark brown pussy hair that was now trimmed into a 1" strip was visible through the lace. They then sat her back in the chair and told her to spread her legs. I was amazed to see her do this so willingly.

"Do you like to play with yourself?"asked one. "Yes I do it alot" "What do you like to think about?"' "Big cocks" she replied.

"Start playing with that pussy then slut" said the stripper in the ponk silk panties who now had his cock out through the leg opening and was jacking off in front of my wife.I looked at her with her legs spread wide apart and one leg over the arm of the chair and could actually see her pussy through the wet sheer tan silk. She placed her hand on her panties and the stripper to her right started rubbung his cock on her face. She licked it without reserve and was licking the hrad as she stroked her pussy through the silk lining of her panties.

"What are you?"asked the stripper she was now giving head to.She didn't answer. "What are you ? are you a slut?" "Yes"she answered.

Her hand moved faster and faster and I new she was getting ready to cum. At that time the stripper in the pink panties started cumming and white cream spilled out of his cock and covered the sexy white blouse that now her nipples were visible through. "Where do you want me to cum?" asked the other. "On my face" she replied. She then leaned back hard against the chair and her hand was rubbing her panties frantically.

"I'm cumming" she screamed.

You could see the juice on her panties and on her fingers . The stripper finally took all he could stand and shot cum all over my wife's face. It looked like he shot a gallon of cum-- I had never seen so much in my life!!!!

The strippers left and we never talk about what happened but I suspect that she dreams and waits for her next birthday present but next year I'm gonna hire a few men to have her raped and shave her pussy.
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