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Written by User / Oct 10, 1999



By User

Reading all the posts gave me the idea that a lot of white wives may be curious about what they're missing and need just a little opportunity to lose their inhibitions and experience a black cock: to experience a good hard fuck outside the constraints of marriage.

I picked as my first encounter a young white woman who lived in an apartment just down the hall. She was often alone while her husband traveled. Although she tended to dress and act conservatively, she could be very flirtatious when he had been out of town for more than a few days. I judged her to be in her late twenties and I knew she had been married for 10 years.

I began my approach two weeks ago. Her husband had just left for three weeks and I met her in the party room where we played a few rounds of pool and I listened to her talk about herself. I could sense that she wanted some masculine attention. Interesting things came out, like her husband was only her second lover and the greatest sex she ever had was with her first. He was her high school boyfriend and they had to "do it" fearing they could be caught at anytime. The sense of danger enhanced her enjoyment.

Last week, the complex held a Saturday night barbecue. When I found out she was not coming, I called and urged her to come. It took some talking but she finally came down wearing tight, white shorts and a tee shirt. It was very much out of character for her and I sensed she might be thinking about exercising her sexuality. There was no VPL and she appeared to be wearing only a very light bra. I was instantly aroused, especially since I fully intended to fuck her before the night was through.

We talked some and I shared a few beers with her. I wandered off after a bit to socialize with others. About 10:00, she sought me out. She appeared to be a little drunk when she handed me a beer. We went out on the patio and talked for about an hour, drinking several more beers when I suggested we might take a stroll around the property.

The apartment complex is built next to a small lake with most of the opposite side still in its natural state. The management had built a bike path around the lake and, at night, the area was usually unpopulated. We walked slowly to the other side, sipping a few beers I grabbed as we left and talking flirtatiously. I took the opportunity to touch and caress without being overtly sexual. As we walked, she gradually moved closer and our conversation lulled to an almost nervous sense of quiet. I sensed some sexual tension.

We stopped to look at the lights of the apartments reflected in the lake. I moved behind her and began to massage her shoulders as we listened to soft music coming from the party we left behind. As she began to relax, the massage grew broader, moving forward almost to that soft and warm area where her breasts started to swell. She nestled back into my chest, enjoying the music and the gentle touch of my hands.

I began to nibble on the side of her neck and, in her gentle mood, she didn't realize that the tone of the evening had changed. She startled as I traced the outline of her ear with my tongue and attempted to move forward and away. I held her shoulders tightly with my hands and pulled her back, listening to her small gasps and her whimpered "no" as I continued to work on her ear and neck. Despite her whispered objections, she did not try to pull away.

Even as she tilted her head to allow greater access, she continued to quietly protest, telling me she was married and she would never cheat on her husband. I slid my hands forward until I felt her hardening nipples snuggle into the palms of my hands. Her mouth opened as if to say something but nothing came out but a quiet moan. She leaned harder against my chest and began lightly tracing my hands with her fingertips.

I started to turn her around but she resisted, not wanting to look in the face of the man who was about to invade the sanctity of her marriage. My right hand moved downwards and nudged her legs apart. Soon, I was supporting her weight with my fingertips as I slowly masturbated her to the first orgasm she had experienced with someone other than her husband in over a decade. It was a copious, wet cum that soaked the crotch of her white shorts.

I unzipped them and began to tug them down her hips. She leaned forward, bracing herself on a tree trunk as I brought her shorts and her very delicate, small thong panties down to her knees. They fluttered to the ground like a fallen flag of surrender. She gasped when she heard the sound of my zipper freeing my raging hard on. Now completely naked from the waist down and bent forward at the waist, she was well past the point of no return and waiting quietly, almost submissively, to recieve her first black cock.

I reached between her legs to bring her wet slit farther back and stroked it with the head of my cock. When I found the softness of her entrance, I thrust forward, burying myself in her completely. She came almost immediately. I reached under her tee shirt and pushed aside her bra until I held her unfettered breasts in my hands.

I could feel her starting to cum again and I stopped. "Take over," I whispered and she began fucking against me like a cat in heat, her back taking on an erotic rippling motion as she thrust back to take all of me in then arched to slip her pussy almost to the end of my cock. I reached between her legs and pressed low against her pubic bone, pressing her clit down so that it was stimulated more completely by the underside of my cock when we fucked in that position. In a few minutes, we both came hard. It was a phenomenal sex act that left me feeling tremendously alive and vital. As we walked back to her apartment, she wept softly at the memory of her indiscretion.

I spent the night almost feeling guilty. At 8:00 AM, however, I heard a soft knock on my door. When I answered, she was standing there in her robe with a cup of coffee in her hand. She handed me the coffee then untied the sash and the robe parted, revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath. I quickly pulled her into my apartment and shut the door. She didn't leave until after lunch. I taught her some things about fucking that her husband had never imagined.

I'll post again next time I seduce a willing wife.
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