Kathy's Saga Continues

Written by Walt / Oct 10, 1999



Walt got home and found Kathy in the kitchen. "How did it go?" she asked him as he gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Better than I expected," Walt answered. "He's really quite a man."

"Yes he is," Kathy agreed quickly. "A real man."

"I think you should see more of him," Walt said, checking what was on the stove. "He can do a lot for you that I can't."

Kathy smiled. "I'll be seeing a lot more of him now that I know what he can really offer me. He's set me up for some evening appointments as well as the normal daytime ones."

Walt walked over to her and put his arms around Kathy from behind. "Good for you. I really liked what I saw of him, and I just know he's got what you need. Things I just can't give you."

Kathy turned and kissed Walt. "You're so sweet." She almost glowed. "I just feel so relaxed and happy when I leave his office. He makes me feel fulfilled."

Walt smiled at her, "I know. He really puts himself into his work, and he knows exactly what to do."

Kathy smiled back. "Yes he does."

After dinner and some television, they went upstairs. They were both in bed and naked, when Walt started to reach for her. His erection was beginning and his desire for his wife building. She rolled over to face him.

The look of desire in her eyes faded when she saw Walt lying there naked. At the same time, as Walt looked at her, his mind visualized a large stiff cock oozing cum. His erection quickly subsided as did his lust for her. Kathy got a dreamy, far away look in her eyes, and rolled back over away from Walt. Without a word, he turned over and took a book from the night stand.

Kathy's pussy was sopping wet, but it was not from seeing Walt. She had the strongest desire to see Doctor, Bob, Cassidy. In fact, she needed to see him now! She got up and slipped her robe on.

"You okay?" Walt asked her.

"Yes," she answered. "I just need some fresh air. I think I'm going to go out for some coffee."

"Would you like some company?" Walt asked, starting to sit up.

"Kathy smiled dreamily. "That's okay. You rest those tired bones." She picked up a pair of stretch jeans and a T-shirt. "I'll be back in a while. Maybe I'll see if Sharon wants to go with me." She went into the bathroom to change, and Walt went back to his book.

He heard the door downstairs close and the car start a few minutes later. He waited a few more minutes, then threw back the covers. He had a raging hard on from thinking of that big man sized cock! Unable to control himself, Walt jerked off until he sprayed cum all over himself and the sheets. He fell asleep almost immediately, smiling.

Kathy arrived at Bob Cassidy's house, praying he would be home. She saw a light on as she parked the car. Nervously, she got out and walked to the door. As she approached, she heard laughter inside. She almost walked away then and there, but her incredible desire continued to mount, and all rationality escaped her. She rang the doorbell and waited.

As it swung open, and he saw who it was, a big grin spread over his features. "Well, Kathy, what an unexpected surprise." He motioned her into the house. She stepped in, pausing in the entranceway. Two other men sat on the sofa, watching television, looking up at her as she came in.

"Allow me to introduce Richard and James, associates of mine." He further motioned her into the room as he continued. "Boys, this is Kathy Burt, a very sensual woman."

Kathy blushed as she walked into the room. She really wanted Bob, and this additional company was proving awkward. As she sat down in a plush chair, she looked up at him. "I'm sorry to drop in unannounced." She started apologetically. "I just really needed to. see you." The hesitation was noticeable.

Bob smiled again. "No problem, my dear. My door is always open to you. In fact, please consider this your second home."

She began to relax at the soothing sound of his voice. "I don't know if you understand how much I really need you." Her eyes pleaded with him. She didn't see the two friends nodding at each other.

"Oh, but I do, Kathy," Bob sat on the arm of the chair next to her and looked back into her deep brown eyes. "I know exactly how much you need me." He leaned forward and his lips met hers in a kiss. Without any conscious thought, Kathy's arms moved around him and pulled him tightly against her. A moan escaped from her.

"Oh, Bob," she almost whimpered. "I love Walt, but I need more than he can give me." She kissed him again, slipping her tongue into his mouth insistently. She ignored the two men on the couch, and their wide grins. "Please?" she asked him.

He pulled her to her feet so that she stood in front of him. "You want my cock, don't you?" he asked her bluntly.

She blushed as she answered, "yes." Very quietly.

"Yes, what?" Bob demanded.

She looked up pleadingly, "Yes, I want your cock!" she said so that everyone could hear. "I need your big cock!"

Bob nodded. "I know." He looked over at his friends. "You really enjoy man sized cocks, don't you, my hot little bitch?"

Kathy's blush continued, but her desire drove her on. "Yes, I love man sized cocks." She looked directly at Richard and James. "My husband has a little boy cock that is just too small."

Bob put his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck from behind. "My friend have man sized cocks, too, you know."

Kathy melted back against him, enjoying his warm breath on her neck. "Really?" she asked dreamily.

As if in response, both men stood up and unzipped their pants, sliding them down to their knees along with their underwear. They sat back down, each slowly strking his respective prick. Kathy looked over curiously.

"They don't look that big to me." She stated flatly.

Bob led her over to them. "I bet if you were to suck on each of them, you would find out how big they really are." He pushed her to her knees in front of Richard. She looked at the stranger and then slowly took his soft member in her right hand, stroking it slowly. It felt soft and warm to her touch. She bent forward and kissed the head, then opened her mouth enough to take in the head. Richard groaned, and she could feel him starting to grow. She stroked him and took a few inches into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head.

"God!" Richard exclaimed as his cock came to life. Kathy continued to suck and stroke it as it grew stiffer, his erection slowly growing. She ran her tongue down the underside and sucked on his balls. "Yeah, baby, oh yeah," was all Richard could mutter.

When she pulled back to look, Kathy was amazed to see a rock hard cock that was even larger than her beloved Bob's. She continued to stroke it, fascinated by the length and girth in her hand.

"It's ten and a half inches long when I get really worked up, and six inches around," Richard said proudly.

"Beautiful," was all Kathy could mutter.

Bob came up from behind her and slipped her T-shirt over her head and pulled it off. "Stand up, baby, and peel those jeans off so we can get serious."

Kathy didn't hesitate, standing and shucking her jeans with practiced ease. Now naked, she returned her attention to Richards massive pole, dropping to all fours in front of him to continue to suck him. Bob removed his pants, exposing his own rock hard erection, and moved behind her. He positioned himself between her legs and placed his cock at the sopping entrance to her pussy. Smoothly, he pushed forward. Inch by inch, his cock disappeared into her steamy cunt, and she pushed back against him until he was firmly buried in her up to his balls.

"That feels so good!" she crooned, looking back over her shoulder, holding Richard in her hand. "Fuck me, Bob. Make me cum all over that big cock." She returned to sucking Richard while Bob began to slowly fuck her with long, slow strokes, almost withdrawing the head before sliding all the way back in.

This was too much for James, who was working his own erection with his fist. James' cock was every bit as large as Richard's, the significant difference being his was a deep chocolate color. "Man," he almost drooled, "You've got to let me have some of that." He said to Bob.

Bob smiled, pumped Kathy with a few hard, deep strokes, and the pulled out. Kathy whined on Richard's cock, but James too Bob's place behind her. He slowly began to feed his fat cock into her dripping cunt, and Kathy's eyes grew big in surprise. In her entire life she had never felt a cock that big inside of her. She came when he was only halfway in, almost biting Richard. When James hit bottom, she came again, shuddering like the bitch in heat she really was. As James fucked her, she went wild, continuing to cum every fourth or fifth stroke, until she almost passed out from the sensation.

Richard shouted "Here it cums, you little cocksucker!" and pulled her down as he slammed his prick down her throat. Kathy gagged as his huge cock shut off her wind and what seemed like gallons of hot spunk were pumped into her stomach. "It's the liquid protein diet" Richard laughed as the last few drops were sucked from his deflating prick. Bob laughed as he stuck his own cock into Kathy's now empty mouth.

James was fucking her with a vengeance now. His huge cock pistoning in and out of her with increasing speed, his nut sack slapping against her clit as he pounded home. She was screaming around Bob's cock in her mouth, her senses submerged into one continuous orgasm.

"Hey BOB!" James yelled. "Can I cum inside your bitch?"

Bob laughed as he fucked her face. "Sure man, she loves having a big load dumped inside of her. She's still not used to having real men fuck that underused pussy."

Even as Bob finished talking, Kathy felt James cock swell even more and then the hot spurting of his seed as it erupted from him and filled her. She did love that feeling. She loved the feeling and the thought of possibly being impregnated by these big cocked men. She let Bob's cock slide out of her mouth as James finished dumping his seed into her. She fell forward against the plush chair, and felt Bob replacing James inside of her now well fucked cunt. His cock entered her easily, and in just a few moments, he was adding his sperm to James' inside of her. Spent, Bob leaned over her back and kissed her neck.

It was almost two in the morning when Kathy finally got her clothes on and was ready to go home. Bob saw her to the door.

"I really needed this," she said to him.

"Yes, you did. And you need a lot more." Bob kissed her deeply. "A lot more."

She finished kissing him and looked into his eyes. "Yes, I do. I love you."

Bob smiled. "O course you love me. You will do anything to make me happy, won't you."

Kathy nodded silently.

Bob smiled again. "This is going to work out just fine." He led her outside and to her car. "See you Thursday for your usual session." As she drove home, she realized that nothing was ever going to be usual again.
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