Kathy's Still At It

Written by Walt / Oct 10, 1999


Kathy's still at it.


The chauffeur sat in the car in front of the restaurant, patiently waiting. He looked in the mirror and adjusted his cap, making sure it was on straight. He had just come back from watching a movie while his employers had dinner, and he wanted to make sure he didn't look disheveled. Just as he was satisfied with his appearance, he saw the couple coming out of the restaurant. He pulled the car up to the door and got out.

"And how was your dinner, Mr and Mrs Cassidy?" he asked politely.

"Excellent, Walter," replied the woman, smiling up at her companion slyly. "I especially liked the special salad dressing!" She slid into the car.

Bob Cassidy stopped before following her in and whispered in Walt's ear. "The little slut jerked me off under the table and then used her salad dish to could catch my cum. Guess you could say it was a "creamy blow" dressing, eh?" He poked Walt in the ribs as he got into the back seat. Walt closed the door and smiled, thinking of Mrs Cassidy eating her cum covered salad. She had never done that when she was just Kathy Burt, his wife. But now that Mr Robert Cassidy had taken her away from him and told Walt she would function as his wife, she was a sexual dynamo. Walt was happy to see that Kathy was enjoying herself so much.

As he slid into the drivers seat, Bob was talking to Kathy. "I think we should do that, don't you?" He asked her.

"You know I can't say no to you, sweetheart," Kathy replied with a giggle.

Cassidy looked into the mirror and caught Walt's eyes as he spoke, "You are such a good wife."

Kathy kissed him and then spoke to Walt. "By the way, Walter, even though you and I are still legally husband and wife, I have decided that I will go by the name Kathy Cassidy from now on. Be a dear, and tomorrow get the legal papers for me so I can make that official?" She kissed Bob again, more deeply this time.

"Certainly Mrs Cassidy," Walt answered.

"By the way," Bob interjected. "You need to sell your house and quit your job. Kathy and I have decided to take you on full time as both a chauffeur and live in housekeeper. She will be moving in with me tomorrow, and you may move in over the weekend. We have a small apartment downstairs that will be perfect for you."

"Thank you," was all Walt could say.

"Now that we have that settled, let's go do what we talked about," Bob said to Kathy.

She blushed. "You're terrible! But I love you for it."

"Do you know where the x-rated cinema is?" He asked Walt.

"Yes sir," he answered quickly. In fact, he had just come from there!

"Good, that's where we're going, then." He put his arm around Kathy. "We're going to put on a show for the folks there."

Walt felt his cock stiffening in anticipation. "May I watch, Mr Cassidy?" he asked as he drove.

Cassidy looked at Kathy. "What do you think, honey?"

Kathy looked at him, then at Walt. "Only if he behaves himself." She said. "He can sit a couple of rows away and jerk off, but he can't join in with us."

Walt quickly nodded his head. "Oh yes, Mrs Cassidy. I promise I won't be in the way, I just love to watch you and Mr. Cassidy."

"Okay, then," Kathy said grudgingly. "You can come in, but not with us. Wait for five minutes, then you can come in."

"Yes Mrs Cassidy," he repeated, "wait five minutes, then come in."

"You know," she said sweetly, "you really are a much better chauffeur than you ever were a husband."

"Thank you, Mrs Cassidy, I appreciate that," Walt replied sincerely.

He pulled into the parking lot and went through the drill of opening their doors for them. As Bob walked away from the car holding Kathy's hand he looked over his shoulder. "Make that ten minutes, Walter."

"Yes, Mr. Cassidy." Walt sat in the car and waited patiently as the couple disappeared into the theater.

The ten minutes finally passed and Walt went into the theater. As he paid his six dollars, the guy selling the tickets, said to him, "Back again, huh?." Walt just smiled and went through the turnstile into the auditorium. He stood in the back, trying to see where Kathy and Bob were doing their thing. It didn't take long to figure it out. About halfway down on the right hand side, the male patrons were slowly congregating. In the middle of the growing knot of men was where he knew his wife and her new self appointed husband would be. He walked slowly down the aisle until he could see the couple, found a seat and watched.

Kathy's head was slowly bobbing up and down in Bob's lap, and Walt knew she was sucking his cock. Seven or eight men were seated immediately around the couple, one right next to her with one immediately in front of and behind her. The guy next to her had his cock out, and her left hand was firmly grasping it even as she sucked Cassidy's. The guy behind her was reaching into her blouse, fondling her tits, while the guy in front was running his hands up and down her legs. Bob was just sitting back, enjoying the sensations of her mouth on his huge prick, and the sight of these total strangers exploring her body. Walt's own cock was stiff as a board and he unzipped his fly, pulling it out.

As he was stroking himself, another guy sat next to him. "Some show. huh?" the man said as he pulled on his own cock. "That bitch is so hot she's gonna set the place on fire!"

"Yeah," Walt agreed. "She is one hot bitch!"

Cassidy pulled Kathy's head off of his cock. "Suck that poor guy next to you for a while," he told her firmly. "I don't want to cum right now."

Without saying a word, Kathy turned to her left and took the stranger's cock into her mouth. Walt had a clear view as the prick slid in and out between her lips, slurping sounds punctuating the action. The man stiffened after just a few minutes and grabbed the back of her head, pushing her down and driving his cock all the way down her throat.

"Oh my God!" he panted. "I'm cumming!"

He held her down until the last spasms of his orgasm passed and then let her up. Kathy sat up and licked her lips, smiling. "Delicious!" she said coyly. "But is that all there is?"

The man sighed. "Thanks, baby. You are one great fucking cock sucker." He got up, fixing his pants, and another man slid into his seat to take his place. The man behind her stood and shoved his cock into her face. She sucked his cock with a vengeance, and in an equally short time, he was sending his cum down her throat as well.

As Kathy pulled back, enjoying the taste of this load of semen, she looked at Bob.

"Lover, I need to get fucked!" she pleaded. "Please give me that fat cock of yours."

Cassidy smiled ear to ear as he stood up. "Okay, honey. I think you've earned this." He had her stand as well and bend forward over the seat back, presenting her ass to him. Bob pushed her skirt up over her hips, revealing her lack of underwear.

Walt watched as Cassidy approached Kathy, and place his cock against her her pussy lips. Walt's own cock was throbbing as he stared in awe. Slowly, Cassidy pushed forward, and his thick meaty pole began to disappear into Kathy's sopping cunt. Inch by inch it slid in, and Walt's cock throbbed even harder.

"Oh, fuck me, lover," Kathy moaned as the last inches slid into her. "Fuck me hard, Bob!"

"Always happy to oblige my little slut of a wife," he answered and began to fuck her with long, slow strokes. She came for the first time with a low drawn out moan.

Cassidy picked up the tempo, until he was pulling almost all of the way out of her and then slamming his entire length back in until his balls slapped against her clit. Kathy grunted each time he slammed into her. Walt was entranced and he stood to get a better view. His hands were at his sides, but his cock was rigid and swollen. He felt his approaching orgasm just before his cum welled up and poured from his untouched cock and onto the theater floor. The man next to him chuckled, "I guess you really like the show, huh buddy?" Walt didn't answer, but kept watching his Kathy being fucked senseless,

Cassidy continued to pound into her for several minutes before he proclaimed in a loud voice, "Here it comes, bitch!" He grabbed her hips and slammed forward, holding himself buried to the hilt as his massive load of semen erupted from his cock and filled her waiting pussy. He continued to hold himself deep inside of her for several minutes afterward. "Want to give those boys a chance to get at her egg." He told the men watching. "We're trying to start a family."

"Want some help," one of the men asked.

Cassidy looked aver at Walt and answered, "No thanks. I can do the job myself." He looked back at the man who had spoken. "But you sure can get your dick sucked if you like."

Walt got up to go and wait in the car. Kathy was busy giving blow jobs to the rest of her admirers. One of the men she had already sucked off was leaving with him. "Man, that guy is so fucking lucky to have a hot bitch of a wife like that!"

"Yeah," Walt agreed. "She's more woman than I could ever handle."

As he sat in the car, he wondered how long it would take Bob to get Kathy pregnant. Walt and Kathy had tried for over a year with no success, but somehow Walt new that Cassidy would have a baby growing in her belly in no time at all. He sat there for a moment and realized that he was actually happy for Kathy, now that she had a real man for a husband. His cock got stiff again as he recalled Cassidy's huge cock sliding in and out of her so easily. He pulled it out and jerked off in the car. Yes, he was happy for her, and he was perfectly happy to just jerk off. Mr Cassidy had made both of their lives complete.
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