Hypno-Tricked Wives

Written by Watcher / Oct 10, 1999


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The Hypno-tricked Wives Part 1

First thing I should say is that the guys with wives who can be talked into stripping for their friends and even having sex with them are way ahead of me and any of my friends. But we do okay. We just have to appreciate small victories a little more. At our get-togethers, an occasional brief peek up one of the wives' skirts or down her blouse is about all we hope for. Without really even talking about it, it's pretty obvious most of the husbands hope for the same thing. We all make sure not to notice when a guy is sneaking a peak at our wife, and we expect the same in return. Kind of an unspoken agreement to encourage our wives always to wear skirts and the sexiest tops we can talk them into. But the unspoken part ended a month ago when I met Jason. He was new in the Sales department at our company and while I was taking my turn getting to know him over lunch, he mentioned that before this job, he'd done some entertaining. He said it was mostly lounge acts, an occasional guest MC job at one of the city's clubs, and his hypnosis act. I picked up on the word "hypnosis" right away. By the time we finished lunch, I'd heard the standard stuff about people not doing anything under hypnosis they wouldn't do awake, but also that putting someone under wasn't the big involved deal with lights and swinging pendants I'd always pictured. With the right subject, hypnosis could be induced easily in just a a few moments, using the subject's own concentration, and a brief progressive series of suggestions. I filed all of it away in my head as a possible entertainment for one of our company events, but the issue came up a lot sooner than that. As a bachelor, Jason was the object of all of our wives' social planning. This ranged from trying to arrange blind dates for him to inviting him along "to make sure he didn't feel left out" when two or three couples had an evening together. One evening, we'd invited two other couples and Jason over to supper and maybe some games like charades afterward. Since Jason was alone, we decided he would make up the names for Charades and act as the judge. During the game, Jerry's wife Shelly got a little carried away with her gestures and didn't notice a middle button come undone on her blouse. It gapped open a bit as she pantomimed her charade, and of course, I noticed right away. I took every chance I could to peek in at the swell of her breasts without getting caught, and I noticed Jason doing the same thing. When he saw me, I could tell by his facial expression he was a little worried I might take offense. So I raised my eyebrows a little as if to say "nice view, huh?" and then walked over to him and quietly said the same words in his ear. He got the message, and his expression relaxed. Then it took on a different look, a kind of a grin with a knowing look in his eye. He whispered back to me, "Yeh, great view, but I can make it better if you like." I asked him how, and he just winked at me. Next thing I knew, he was headed over toward Julie, Frank's wife. "Ooops, wrong lady to try" I thought to myself and stopped him to whisper in his ear again. When the other players noticed me whispering to Jason, they jokingly accused me of cheating, but I waved them off and told them I was just asking the judge about some of the rules. What I really said to him was that he should take it easy with Julie. Her husband Frank was one of the guys who didn't go along with his wife being looked at too much, though I'd noticed he wasn't shy about checking all the other wives out. "Well that's not very fair, is it?" Jason whispered with a smile, and then said "He'll never know what happened. I'm not going to do anything obvious. I'm just going to suggest to Julie that she's wearing a full, long dress tonight instead of that skirt she has on. The suggestion won't take effect until its her turn to do a charade, and she'll forget about it completely when she's done. Maybe nothing will happen at all, but...let's just see." Jason then announced that the charades were too easy, and he had new charades for everyone. He suggested we all take time out to get our drinks refreshed while he gave new charades to each of us and offered hints on how to act them out. He wrote out the charades on pieces of paper, and went around the room, talking quietly to each person. When we all got back together again, I was happy to see that Julie's turn came up first. As we found out later, her word was "Leapfrog", and she began the charade by jumping around the room, until someone finally guessed "leap". Her acting out the word "Frog" was a moment to remember. She got down on all fours, confident that her long dress was covering her, and made small frog-like jumps. Of course,the shorter skirt she was actually wearing began to ride up, exposing more and more of her thighs. Jerry and I were sitting behind her, enjoying the view which got better and better has she jumped around and her skirt rose higher and higher. Frank was in front of her and couldn't see how exposed she was, but I could tell he wasn't happy. My wife Kathy was sitting where she could see the same view I had, and she did a lot of throat clearing, trying to get Julie's attention and warn her about the show she was putting on. It was summer and none of the women had worn pantihose, so by the time someone guessed "Frog", Jerry and I had been treated to a spectacular view of Julie's great ass under the sheer white panties she was wearing. Of course, everyone tried to be polite and not embarrass Julie by mentioning the "accident", but I'll bet Frank was going to have a word or two for Julie when they got home. After a while the group broke up and headed home. Jason was the last to leave, and I walked him part way down to his car.When I told him how much fun it had been to watch Julie, he looked at me seriously for a moment, and then asked me if I'd feel as good about things if it had been my wife Kathy. I told him I might even have enjoyed it more. Kathy is a knockout, with great breasts, long legs and a fine ass. But none of that makes me jealous about guys looking at her. I get turned on knowing how much they like what they see. "Really?" said Jason. "Are you sure? What if I told you I didn't just put Julie under tonight. What if I told you I set up Sherry and Kathy to go under quickly whenever I said the word "sleep?" I told him I thought that was hard to believe, but I was interested in seeing him prove it. With that, he turned and walked back to the house. I caught up to him, wondering what I'd started. "Don't worry," he said, seeing the expression on my face, "nothing big, just enough to prove my point." He stepped back into the house and called to Kathy, asking if she had one more cup of coffee left. When she came into the room, he explained that he'd flooded his car, and would have to wait a few minutes before trying it again. He sat in the chair opposite our couch, and I heard him say something to her as she handed him his coffee. She didn't look or act differently at all, and just came to sit on the couch with me. As we sat there talking, I was surprised to see my modest wife sitting a lot more casually than she normally does when wearing a skirt. Her knees began to part now and then as she talked, and after a while they just stayed open. I could see Jason checking out the scenery without being too obvious, and after a while I just had to see what was going on from his vantage. I pretended I had a note from work I wanted him to see, walked over to hand it to him. and leaned over his shoulder from behind the chair. We both pretended to look at the note, but each time Kathy looked away from us, our eyes targeted in between her legs. Her knees had fallen open at least a foot, and her pink panties were clearly visible. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but before I could take it all in, she absolutely stunned me by swinging one leg over the end of the couch and leaning back. She said something about being tired and relaxing, but I barely heard her. All I could do was stare at her completely exposed panty crotch. He legs were so wide open, the panties stretched away from her thighs a bit, and I know Jason could see a few curls of her pubic hair peeking around the panties. Kathy just kept chatting on as though nothing were happening, and I tried to make conversation, but it was hard, with her leaning back like that, completely open to Jason's eyes. After a few minutes, Jason rose and told us he was going to try his car again. As he walked past Kathy, he lean down and said something to her, then straightened up to look at me. "Convinced?" He said. I couldn't believe he was talking about it out loud, but he just held up his hand and told me to take it easy. "She can't hear us right now," he said, or see us either. For that matter," he said, sitting down on the floor directly in front of her pantied crotch, "she can't feel anything either, except on the top of her head. When I touch her there, she'll wake up." "This is amazing." I said. "She just sat there, talking the way she always does, not a damn thing different except....she let us look right up her skirt. How did you do it?" "I just told her she was wearing slacks tonight. So she relaxed just the way I'd hoped she would," he answered. And with that he slid his hand up my wife's leg, and let his fingers rest high up on her thigh. "So. Are you convinced?" he asked again, and while I tried to get my head back in order, his fingers strayed up her panties and slid across, resting right on top of her pussy. By now my amazement had changed to an arousal I'd seldom felt. I sat there getting hotter and hotter as Jason's fingers began to rub my wife's pussy through her panties, all the way up and down, even pushing the thin panties into her opening pussy lips. After a minute or so of playing with Kathy's pussy, he took his hand away and said, "I have to stop now. If I keep going, she'll start to get wet and you'll have some explaining to do." "I thought she couldn't feel anything," I said, still mesmerized by the view. "Her mind can't feel anything, but her body can. She just won't remember about this or the slacks when she wakes up. But I don't want to leave anything she might wonder about." He started to get up, but then sat back down again. "Forgot something," he said. "I was going to prove my point by telling you what color Kathy's pubic hair is." And with that, he put a finger inside her panties and pulled them aside. "Ah. Brunette," he said. "Same as the hair on her head. Your wife is an honest woman." Well I can tell you, I didn't give a damn about what color anything was right then, I just stared first at Jason, then at my wife, as he leaned his head in not six inches from her naked pussy and said again, "Yeh. Brunette for sure." My cock was so hard I had to sit down for some relief, but my eyes never left his fingers. He sat in front of her a moment more, let his finger slide down the lips of her exposed pussy and back up again, and then let her panties slide back over her crotch. With that, he stood up, closed my wife's legs a bit, touched her on the head and said a few words to her. She opened her eyes immediately and began talking just as casually as she had all night. Jason bid us both good night again, and I stood there trying to hide my erection as Kathy gave him a little hug and said good night. She obviously had no idea that a moment before she'd been spreading her beautiful legs for him, showing him her sweet, soft most private parts, and even letting him touch her there. That night was the start of some incredible experiences for the husbands of some very innocent, modest wives who to this day still don't have a clue about how many of their charms they've shared.

I'll post further adventures if there's interest.
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