Hypno-Tricked Wives

Written by Watcher / Oct 10, 1999


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Hypno-tricked Wives Part 6a ("You can't cheat an honest woman.")

I was still pistol-hot the next day. My head was filled with vivid pictures of Jerry fondling my wife's naked body and I was more than ready for whatever Jason might have in mind next. To be honest, I think I was getting a little out of control. I had visions of Jason putting all the wives in limbo, and lining them up with their legs spread open for Jerry and me to taste one by one. You see what I mean about out of control. That's why I'm glad Jason was in charge of planning things. When I saw him the next day and told him about my line-up fantasy, he said, "I suppose we could plan something like that, but I'd rather set up something that could show us a little more of the wives in action." I knew he was right. Watching my wife Kathy in action last night had been a lot more arousing than just having her sit there like a lump. "Have you got something in mind?" I asked. "I do if we can find the right woman," he said, " We'll need a wife who's really jealous about her husband." "Jealous? That's an easy vote for me. It has to be Brian's wife Linda." "That's who I would have said too, but you've known her longer than I have. "Why do we need the jealousy?" "It isn't jealousy per se. It's what the jealousy may tell us about her. Does she give Brian a hard time if he looks at another woman?" "Yeh. All the time." "Has she accused him of having an affair? Or wanting one?" "I guess she does it a lot. I've heard him complain about it. So what's that tell you? "I had a room mate in college once. Marked all his stuff with his name. Every single thing he owned, right down to his shower shoes. You know why?" "Why?" "The guy was a thief. So he assumed everyone else was too. It's as old as dirt. The more you hear somebody criticize something, the more likely they do it themselves...or worry they might. " "So you think Linda may be the kind that plays around?" "I doubt it. But she might feel the twinges now and then. It's probably why she thinks Brian may cheat on her". "So what's the set-up?" "First, you need to talk to Brian. He'll have to be on board." "Brian's okay. I'll get Jerry, and we'll talk to him. He'll probably wonder why we took so long to let him in on things." "Let me know if it's okay. Then the next time I have a chance to talk with Linda, I'll plant a few memories. How long have they been married?" "Three years, maybe four." "Good. Not that long, but long enough. I'll give Linda some things she'd rather forget. Things that happened just before she married Brian. At one of her bachelorette parties if I can work it. Probably something about drinking way too much and and letting her guard down with some guy she didn't even know." "What if there really was something that happened?" "Then I'll use it. But she's probably guarded pretty carefully against that. Sometimes women use the jealousy thing to help manipulate a guy, and she'd want to make sure she was on solid ground to use it that way. "Okay, so you put the memories in her. Then what?" "Ever hear the saying, 'You can't cheat an honest woman'? We'll have some fun with it. Somebody Linda doesn't know will call and tell her he knows what happened back then. Maybe he'll even tell her has a picture. Then he'll ask for a few favors to keep quiet. If she goes the honest route and tells Brian about it, I'll erase the memories right away. Game over. But if she doesn't, we'll see how far she'll go to keep it all secret." "I don't know. She just might tell him. I mean, they weren't actually married yet. "On the other hand, she may not want to lose the moral high ground. No more using jealousy to control things? It's a lot to give up. But you're right. It could go either way." We did all the groundwork over the next couple of days. Brian was not only willing, but downright enthused. For one thing, he'd had it up to here with Linda's jealousy, and for another, he'd always had a thought or two about watching her in action. The only thing he worried about was Linda being safe. Jerry and I put his mind at ease on that one, telling him how carefully Jason always set things up. Jason got a chance to talk with Linda the next afternoon. She'd driven over to have lunch with Brian, and Jason 'ran into her' in the parking lot. Brian and I watched from one of the office windows while they chatted, and when Jason turned away from her to get in his car, he gave a thumbs up gesture in our direction. Jerry, Brian, Jason and I all met again after work, and Jason told us how he'd set it up. "When she wakes up in the morning the memories will be there. But they won't seem new to her. She'll think she's remembered this for a long time. The only thing new will be the call I make tomorrow afternoon. I'll keep it low key, but I'll make the message clear. Cooperate or Brian hears all about it." "Is she gonna know it's you?" Brian asked. "No. I'll change my voice, but even if she does recognize me, I'll erase it. All she'll know is there's a guy who can get her in trouble unless she goes along with what he wants." "What are you going to tell her?" Brian asked. "First, I'll have to convince her this is all short term. She might not be so tempted to cooperate if she can't see an end to it. Maybe I'll say I'm headed out of town for good in a week. I don't know. I'll play it by ear." "I don't know," Brian said. "She might be too scared to do anything." "That's the other part, Jason answered. "We have to make it easy for her to see her way out of this. I won't ask for a meeting. No contact. No threat. Just some things she has to do in a nice safe public place. Some place where she knows I'll be watching." "Yeh. She might go for that," Brian said. "Well, let's hope so," Jason said. "Remember, she might say no to the whole thing. You're going to have to be ready to look surprised if she decides to tell you about it." "I will. Don't worry about that part." "We'll make the first one easy. Probably out at the mall. Maybe just tell her to stand by the second level railing and see how many guys take in the view." "That sound easy enough," said Jerry, and then with a grin, "as long as there's more later." "There'll be more," Jason said. "But we can test her with that one. If she goes along, we'll know we can plan a few other things."

Two days later, on a Saturday, Jerry, Brian and I met Jason at the mall. Linda hadn't said a thing to Brian, but we didn't know if that meant she was going to show up or not. Jason had told her to be at the railing in front of the Gap store at one o'clock, and to say there until twenty after. We found a coffee shop we could wait in that had a window in just the right place. Linda wouldn't be able to see us, but we could watch all of the circular stairs that curved under the railing where she was supposed to stand. She showed up about five after one, and when Brian saw her, he nudged Jason. "I guess she's decided there's some things I don't need to know. Tsk. Tsk, Linda," he said in mock reproach, "what are you doing?" What Linda did was to stand at the railing exactly as she'd been told to, her feet about 18 inches apart. The full skirt she was wearing put her panties on display for any one who looked upward as they climbed the stairs. Of course, we couldn't check out the view from where we were, but it was almost comic to watch some of the guys climbing those stairs. Most of them had noticed her standing there, and they did their best to take a good look without being obvious. A couple of them actually tripped on the way up. The best guy came near the end. When he got far enough up the stairs to get a good view, he stopped and made no pretense about what he was doing. He didn't even flinch when Linda glanced down and saw him. And when she didn't move or even close her legs, the guy smiled at her and started up the stairs. That was all for Linda. She left the railing in a hurry, and disappeared in the crowd.

After she'd gone, the four of us sat there in the coffee shop and started planning the next set-up. The railing stunt had been fun, but we wanted something where all of us could see better. Jason told us it'd be hard to set something up where we could see her without her seeing us, and we all talked it over for a while, trying to come up with something that would work. Of course, it was Jason who finally had the answer. "Does she own a bikini?" he asked Brian. "Yeh," he answered. "Looks great in it too." "Okay. She's going to the pool tomorrow. I'll call her in the morning, and after the call, she'll tell Brian she wants to take one last swim before the season ends. Of course, you'll be too busy, Brian, so she'll go by herself. I can set it up so we can be there without her recognizing any of us, but it'll have to be short. That's four faces I'll have to blank out for a while, and I don't want to push it. Half hour, tops." "So what's the set-up?" Jerry asked. "Let me surprise you. Just meet me at the pool tomorrow at 3."

The next day we all showed up at the biggest of the town's municipal pools. We sat at a table near the pool, and waited for Linda. She arrived on time, sat down on a lounge chair and laid back. She looked fantastic. The bikini accented every curve, and showed a luscious amount of cleavage. Clearly, it was the kind of bikini women never swim in. Jason told each one of us to walk around the pool past her. He wanted to check the suggestion he'd planted. One by one we walked in front of her, and when she didn't say a thing to any of us, even Brian, we knew we could relax and watch whatever Jason had planned. When we were all back at the table, Jason asked us, "Anyone notice the bikini?" "How could we miss?" I said. "I mean the way it fits. Nice and loose. I told her to tie the top and bottom extra loose." "No wonder there's so much cleavage," Brian said. "I didn't remember that bikini showing so much before." "If things work right, it's going to show a lot more. Her instructions are to make sure a few accidents happen." We kept our eyes trained on Linda. After a few moments, she got up from her chair and walked to the edge of the pool. The loose fitting bikini attracted a dozen or more male eyes as she eased herself down the pool stairs into the water. She swam slowly, for a few minutes, while most of the guys watching her continued to stare at her bikini-covered ass flexing sexily with each stroke. Their attention increased when she swam back to the pool's edge and placed her hands on the ledge. She wasn't going to use the stairs to get out of the pool, and every guy watching her knew there was a good chance for even more cleavage as she lifted herself out. They got more than cleavage. They got the poolside dream of most males. Linda flexed her legs to get a good push off the bottom, and thrust herself up out of the pool. Water streamed off her body as she rose, tugged at her bikini top and then pulled it completely down. She continued to clamber out of the pool and then stood, smoothing her hair while her breasts stood out naked to at least fifteen lucky guys on that side of the pool. Her dark pink nipples were puckered and hard from the water, standing out from her breasts. She seemed not to notice until a nearby woman cleared her throat loudly and made a pointed gesture. With a gasp of apparent surprise, Linda covered herself with one arm while she wriggled back into the bikini top. She then hurried to her chair and sat down, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, her eyes downcast, avoiding contact with anyone who might have seen her. Brian should have worn looser trunks. He was hard and there was no way to hide it. Jerry noticed what I'd noticed and joked that we ought to send Brian to the snack bar. Brian flushed, but I told him to relax. There probably weren't any of us in much shape to stand up just then. Things were quiet for a while. Linda seemed to recover from her embarrassment and began smoothing sun tan oil on her arms and legs. When she'd finished, she laid back again and closed her eyes. "Anything more?" I asked Jason. "You're not very observant, " he said. "Why don't you take a walk past Linda again?" I didn't need any more encouragement. A close-up view of her in that bikini was worth the walk anytime, but I didn't catch on to what Jason meant until I was directly in front of her. That's when I saw what the water had done to her bikini bottom. It had been loose to begin with, but now it was even looser. Linda's legs were parted slightly, and when the angle was right, the leg hole gapped enough to give me a generous view of her naked pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed for the bikini, and did little to hide her sweet pussy lips peeking out from under the cloth. By the time I got back to the table and told Jerry and Brian to find some excuse to walk over there, Linda had gathered a few other admirers. For the next 10 minutes, each of us either swam or walked past her chair to take in the view. Then we settled back at our table to watch. Some young boys swam to the edge of the pool near her chair and stared openly. The adults were more subtle, craning their necks for the best view as they walked by. Then Brian and I decided to move the boys out and take their place. By the time we'd swum over to her, she'd shifted position, bending one knee, with her foot resting flat on the lower part of the chair. This opened the gap in her bikini bottom even more, exposing the crack of her ass cheeks and almost the whole of her pussy. As we arrived, one of the men who'd been watching got up form his own chair and walked over to her. Looking for any excuse he could find, he picked up her bottle of tanning oil, and offered it to her, asking if she'd dropped it. She opened her eyes, looked at him with a mix of annoyance and embarrassment, and accepted the bottle with a quiet, "Thanks." Clearly, she knew what kind of view she was being forced to give him, but wished she could slap him instead of thank him. He said, "You're very welcome," and actually leaned his head down a bit to feast his eyes on as much of her naked pussy as he could. By now Jerry and Jason had swum over to join us, and we spent the next few minutes pretending to talk among ourselves, with all of our eyes angled straight up Linda's lovely smooth legs. Soon after that, the half hour ended and Linda left the pool. We all stayed in the water until the image of her sweet naked pussy faded a bit and the tents in our trunks settled down.

End of Part 6a
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