Written by Whiteboy / May 30, 2002


Note: Sorry about the lengh of this story, I didn't meen to make this story so long but then again I didn't have much choice. I promise to make the next one shorter. Copyright All rights reserved.

Rape By White Boy

Rough Draft:

"No Alex... You know that I really want to wait until my wedding day." Joanne Olson said softly and shook her golden red hair irratably away from her soft green eyes, her nice average sized breasts jiggled with the movement. Alex Burtin sighed for a long moment, his brown hair blowing softly blowing with the summer wind. "I just don't know if I can wait that long, after all we've been dating for a whole year and not only that but we've known each other for a good two years now!" They were walking through a fairly ran down neihborhood which was unusual for a young white prepy couple. The neighborhood wasn't all that far from Alex's place, like two miles to be exact and it was an overall good place to just get away from mundane worries. Besides his car was parked just around the corner if any serious trouble showed up which Alex was inclined to doubt but did it never the less for his girlfriends sake. Joanne came to a halt, stoping her boyfriend in midstride and made a frusterated sound, carefuly looking directly into his hazel eyes she spoke these words carefully so not to hurt his feelings, "I just have a problem making love before we're married. I meen you know before we started dating that I am a strong believer in good Christian ethics and to have sex before marriage is wrong!" Alex knew by the way she said this that to approach it any more would just spark a fight and this was the furthest thing he wanted to do. He and Joanne very rarely fought but when they did it was usually long and bitter, and worse yet accomplished nothing. One thing he hated more than anything was fighting, especially over something that had already been fought before. This was an age old game between them and several times he seriously considered leaving her for another girl but realized he would never forgive himself if he did.

As they continued walking in silence Alex in frusteration at the thought of having to wait until their wedding day, suddenly a loud whistle interrupted his thoughts and Joanne gave out a cry of surprise.

"Hey look it's a prepy white bitch and a white boy walking in a place where they don't belong." A tall about six foot at least and young looking black guy said as he came out of an old looking shack that was ran down with weeds and other over grown grass.

"What do you think we should do Jerome?" A deeper voice asked and an even taller looking black man that looked to be nothing but muscle came out casually frome the same area.

"I say we take these two out to some place special. What do you say TJ?"

Alex was not in the mood to take crap from anyone right now but at the same time he knew better then to mess with these guys. They looked to be like stone cold felons that just wanted to find an excuse to hurt someone. Also by comparing his puny frame to their rock solid builds, he knew he would never have a chance if it came down to a physical confrontation.

So instead of trying to say any smartass comment that might get them both killed he grabbed his girlfriends hand and proceeded to back up with her in tow trying to ignore her wimpers of fear.

"Look we don't wan't any trouble here, all we're doing is walking through. So just let us go." Alex said nervously. Stiring his girlfriend back into the general direction where they parked their car at and hoping that niether one of these guys had a weapon.

Alex was in for a big shock. TJ reached casually in the back of his pocket and pulled out a fourty four magnum his brown eyes meening business. "Both of you stop right where you fucking are or I will kill you both."

They stopped obediently Alex's face pasty white and eyes full of terror while his girlfriend screamed and backed up against Alex, holding on to him for dear life.

"Just take our things and leave us!" Joanne said, teary eyed as the fear of being shot grew.

"Everything will be alright if you both just shut up and come with us into our nice little house." Jerome said pulling out his own gun, his eyes just as heartless as his friends.

Niether had much choice but to obey. So Alex and his love, Joanne meekly followed these heartless, both of them way to scared to do anything but obey.

* * * *

The fear in the living room was thick as Alex sat meekly on a wooden chair as TJ tied him firmly down with rope, all the while holding a gun to his head.

Joanne watched all of this while struggling fiercely agains't her assailent in the middle of the room with a horrified expression on her beautiful face that matched perfectly how she felt inside. Never in all her life had she felt so terrified, the fact that they had guns was even worse especialy since she absolutely detested guns.

"Stop struggling or I'll blow ya fucking brains out!" Jerome ordered angrily, his thumb cocking the trigger back. Feeling defeated, Joanne stopped her feeble strugles and bowed her head down in submission.

"Now take your cloths off nice and slow so me and my buddy TJ over there can see what your made of, and you better do a good job or we'll casterate your little white boyfriend."

"Don't do it Joanne! These bastards are bluffing, they don't have the guts to do such a thing." Alex yelled trying to get out of these iron tight ropes.

TJ, smirking pointed his gun at the direction of Alex's groin and said, "would you like to make a wager on it?"

Joanne bit her lip as she looked over at her boyfriend and knew she had very little choice in the matter so she hesitantly took her necklace off that her boyfriend gave her as a birthday present as well as her other jewerly and droped it on the floor.

"I'll do it if you let us go afterwards and promise not to hurt me and my boyfriend." Joanne said, tears still falling a little at the corner of her eyes.

"Sounds good enough to me, now enough talking and start dancing, and you better do a good job!" Jerome commanded his eyes blazing with lust.

She felt her face flush self concously as she tentavily, almost seductively took her blue shirt off. The appreciative whistles made her try to cover her glorios bra covered C sized breasts but pulled them away and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor.

Her breasts felt nice and free in the open air and her nipples were hard like bullets from the fear and cold. One thing many guys found attractive about her was the fact that her breasts stuck out and didn't bounce as much as most womens did. The only problem was that most people that have seen her breasts (which wasn't very many and only other girls), thought that this ment that she went through some expensive surgery, which simply wasn't true.

As Joanne took her shoes and skirt off she felt an odd sensation enter her body. She couldn't describe it other than that these guys including her boyfriend are the only guys who ever saw her naked before, other than her dad of course.

For a long momment of just standing in her pantyhose and her sheer white bikini panties than kept her pleading green eyes on Alex's brown ones as she took her pantyhose off, exposing her long and trim looking legs.

"I did what you said. Can we just leave please?" Joanne asked, afraid that they would force her to take her panties off.

"Not quiet yet baby." Jerome said as he came up to her with a wide cruel smirk on his thick lips and took the edges of her pantys and tore them right off, exposing her beautifuly shaved virgin pussy.

A loud whistle and a whoop of laughter filled the room. "Hey Jerome the bitch shaves her snatch. How much do you want to bet that the bitch is a virgin and white boy over here never had the courage to break her in?"

Joanne noticed Alex's face flushing in anger at this question and he screamed while redoubling his efforts to try and escape. She tried to push by Jerome to rush to her boyfriends aid but his strong hands held her in place like a vice. After a few fruitless struggles she gave up with her head hung down low.

"Let me out of this now you black bastards!" He yelled.

Two loud slaps and loud girl like crys that didn't come from Joanne's lips echoed throughout the room as TJ's open hand bitch slapped Alex, turning his cheeks red as tomatos.

"Shut the fuck up you stupid honky before I really get angry." TJ ordered quietly and to the point.

As Jerome took his black shirt off, showing off more muscle than Joanne ever imagined Alex having he said, "look baby this is nothing personal but me and TJ over there never fucked a white woman that was a virgin before and we've always wanted to see what it feels like."

With these words Jerome took his pants off and out sprang a cock that looked like it belonged to a bulls not a man! The head looked like a helmet, oozing white stuff that she knew had to be precum. It was the raw power behind it that truelly frightened her.

"Please don't do this to us. My dad has lots of money if thats what you really want, just leave us be."

Joannes pleas seemed to have no effect on either Jerome or TJ, rather it seemed that they were getting a kick out of it.

"Shut up bitch, get down on your hands and knees and suck my fuckin' dick." Jerome ordered, his eyes hard as twin stones and his gun pointing directly at her.

Her knees trembled slightly as she kneeled on the floor, staring at the floor she decided to close her eyes in hopes that he would just go away. This of course was all in vain for when she opened her eyes once more Jerome and TJ were now both naked and her horror doubled even more than it once was. TJ was a truely fearsome looking figure with pure muscle and slightly larger cock than Jeromes.

"Crawl to me on your hands and knees, bitch." Jermone ordered, his eyes briming with lust.

Sobbing bitterly she realized she had very little choice but to obey so she crawled on her hands and kneeds near to were Jerome with his big black dick was standing. It felt degrading doing this, especially in front of Alex, a man that she loved with all her heart. Joanne knew that he would be enraged and found herself unsurprised when she glanced over at him that his fair eyes were red and accusing, filled with utter frusteration. His cheeks were still flushed like a virgin girls and his normaly straight hair was now an utter mess.

Turning her gaze filled with pity away from her boyfriend for a momment she turned back to Jerome, his big snake smacking agains't her right cheek.

"If you don't do what we tell you to do we'll kill both of you so just put my fucking cock in your mouth."

Casting this cruel black man a pleading glance Joanne placed her right hand around the middle of it, not knowing how she could ever get such a big cock in her mouth and rather doubted that she would ever in fact accomplish this. Nevertheless she opened her mouth as wide as possible and placed the tip in her mouth, shuddering in horror and revulsion at this act she began to do the act that she never imagined herself doing. Slowly, what in fact could only be described by some as tentavily she bob her head up and down, making loud gaging noises all the while.

Out of the corner of her eye Joanne noticed that Alex, her boyfriend was now sobbing and muttering over and over to the empty air, "this can't be happening to me. Oh God why are these thugs doing this to us?"

Joanne gave a grunt of surprise when she noticed that she now had him half way down her throat. Not only this but to her horror she noticed that her left hand was now cupping his balls! With a relish she brought it back on the ground, and dismissed it immediatly as just a way to steady herself.

One fact that Joanne could not dismiss so readily was her arousal. As dirty and degrading as this act was that strange feeling in the pit of her stomach that she usually surpressed was starting to bare its ugly head. Desperately she quickly surpressed it, but still it was there in the background; what was more it scared her that she could even get aroused in a situation such as this.

This was an act of pure terrorism and Joanne and the guy she hoped to perhaps even marry one day were in the middle of this sick twisted act of perversion. The possibality of escape seemed to be next to nile, even if her Alex managed to get out of the ropes that these men tied around him she doubted he could do very much other than get himself killed and that was something she definetly did not want. For one they had guns while they did not and two they were stronger than her boyfriend or her by far.

As time drawn out to seeminly endless she finally heard a loud grunt and moaned in surprise as his cock jerked wildly in her mouth and cum just poured into her mouth. Instinctively she tried to move away but found stronge hands holding her in place and Jerome groaned out, "swallow it all or expect to see yourself at your little boyfriends funeral."

These words sparked fear in this young virgin girl and decisevely she swallowed every last drop, trying to ignore her boyfriends shouts and protests.

Jerome however seemed extremely tired of hearing this whiteboys feeble screams of rage. Pushing her off of him when she gave long drawn out gasps as fresh air filled her mouth, tinged with the taint of sperm. She watched as he stalked up to her boyfriend not knowing exactly what she should do so decided to do nothing. He slowly clenched right fist and locked his brown eyes with hers for a moment, and with a grunt slammed his right fist, the one with the golden ring right in Alex's nose.


Her boyfriend fell backwards with the chair and was nocked out or she dreaded for a moment that this thug might have killed him before hearing a slight muffled groan issuing from his lips. Getting up from her hands and knees she stumbled over towards Alex in full attention of helping her love out when she felt a vise like grip on her shoulder.

"Don't even think about it bitch, get back to where you fucking belong." TJ growled, shuving her forcefuly on the ground.

Joanne cried in pain when her knees hit the rough cement floor but knew better than to state any protest so instead stared over at where her love layed. She was starting to grow concious of TJ's big hard black cock swaying beside her and felt the strange need to turn and stroke it lovingly. She shuddered in revulsion as soon as that compulsion entered her body, she was taught by both of her parents that black people were not to be trusted. Yet all the same she couldn't deny she got a tiny bit aroused at sucking off her first black man in fact her first man period.

Jerome wiped his ring on Alex's pants leg with an almost disdainful look on his handsome ebony face before turning over to Joanne. She felt fear at this man's look and noticed to her disgust that Jerome was fully erect agian. It must have been the excitement over hitting a helpless person she thought with a cold feeling settling in the pit of her stomach.

These men were monsters, out to make her life a living Hell! How could anyone do this to her or Alex? After all they were good semartens and they both had jobs and believed in a good clean environment, yet still none of this stopped these two men from kidnapping her and Alex and doing terrible things to both of them.

"Bitch suck off TJ or I'll do more than nock your boyfriend out." Jerome said menacanly, his brown eyes totaly lacking any sort of pity or compassion.

Reluctantly she turned towards TJ, feeling intimidated by this mans presense. Their was something about this guy that just gave her the shivers. He had an icy coldness about him that was the oppisite of Jeromes fiery attitude, as if he would shoot his own mother for money. To top it off he had an even bigger and thicker cock than Jeromes.

With fearful look at this monsters huge cock, Joanne hesitantly took it in her small white hand and closing her eyes tightly in denial she tried to put it in her mouth, more afriad then ever but found to her shock that it wouldn't fit no matter how far she stretched her mouth.

"Your not going to fit in my mouth." Joanne simply stated dreading what this hulking monster might do.

TJ's simply smirked and said, "Is that so bitch? Well maybe it will fit in your other mouth, what do you think?"

Realizing what those words exactly ment she opened her mouth even wider but could get no more than the head in. It was embarresing looking so desperate in front of these men but she wasn't about to get her virginity taken by these cold hearted killers.

Looking over at her boyfriend at the corner of her eye she was thankful that Alex's chair was back in place and his eyes were closed. She didn't know how he would reacte if he saw her acting like such a slut, even if it was in order to save herself for him. As long as Joanne could remember she was always a good little girl who was taught that sex was evil and wronge yet now here she was giving a blow job to the biggest man and biggest cock that she ever saw. Even if it was agianst her will she still felt a flash of shame in doing this.

Noticing she could only get two inches in her mouth she sought to bring him off with her right hand as well, hoping that after this it would be the end to it.

"Damn bitch you can't do anything fucking right. Now lick my balls nice and good."

Lifting his huge cock upwards a moment and shuddering in disgust she licked his balls tasting even more of his raw animal scent. As sick as the act of giving a blowjob was to young Joanne, she found it even more disgusting to lick a mans balls. Yet despite the disgust she felt she began to feel a strange sensation enter her lower stomach once again as her pussy began to moisten slightly than the last time.

After licking it nice and good Joanne began to put his cock back in her mouth when TJ's hand stopped her.

"I'm tired of your pathetic attempts of getting me hard. Lay down on the fuckin' floor!" TJ ordered as Jerome snickered loudly.

"How 'bout you give me a chance to get a crack at this bitch? After all I am not as big as you and if she is a virgin like she says I could break her in a little." Jerome said to TJ as Joanne fearfuly did exactly as TJ told her to.

TJ smirked as Joanne tried to cover her tight looking white pussy. God why did she decide to shave today she thought as she noticed that even a half blind person could see the moistness of comming from her pussy. Her hard pink nipples were also a source of embarresment for her. Joanne always had sensitive breasts and although it could easily have been the coolness in the room that certianly couldn't explain her moistened pussy. Desperately she closed her legs and thought about other things such as that new job she might be getting and was thankful that her arousal slowly went away.

TJ was nodding his head while moving out of the way, saying all the while, "go right ahead my brotha, go right ahead."

Before she knew it she felt Jeromes hard warm body mesh agianst hers. His black eyes had a drunken lustful look and his once soft cock was hardening rapidly against her inner thigh. The feeling of having his flesh against hers was so natural that as her breasts flattened agains't Jeromes muscular chest that the moisteness of her pussy flooded back agians't her will.

"Please don't do this to me!"

Joanne pleaded, more than a little desperate as Jerome positioned himself at her opening, "I gave you both what you wanted just let me and and my boyfriend go, please."

"Your wronge, you only gave me one thing that I wanted and now I happen to want your little white pussy." Jerome said just before he thrusted all the way in, breaking her chery and smacking right agianst her cervix.

"OOOOWWW!" Joanne screamed in pain that she only dreamed of, putting her small white hands pushing agianst his now slightly elevated chest as she desperately tried to push him off her. It felt as if she was being torn in two! Never did she imagine it to be this painful, not even her friends reassurance that it always hurt at first compared to this feeling.

As she felt the blood began to flow from down below, salty tears slowly began to fall. For a long moment Jerome just layed still, she felt his balls resting agains't her lower pussy area. It was a foriegn feeling and more than anything it hurt, not knowing that she was unconciously spreading her legs wider.

Jerome grabbed her small wrists in his large hands and pressed them painfuly on the floor as he tentavily began to thrust in and out of her now painfuly stretched pussy, causing her to gasp in pain.

Looking over at her tied up boyfriend Joanne was horrified to notice that he was now stirring from the blow that Jerome delt him.

What made it even harder was how her pussy was starting to adjust to this monsters girth and she found that her body was betraying her. As his hot rod banged continuasly agianst her cervix, Joanne began to feel her fear start to litarily melt a way and a new feeling began to give way. A loud moan of pleasure issued forth from deep within her throat and almost agianst her own morals she began to thrust back as flush slowly began to creep up her fair cheeks.

What was she doing? Here she was, raped and deflowered by a black man who wasn't only foul but violent and what was more she was starting to enjoy it!

"OHHHH! You fucking bastard, get off me!" Joanne shreaked pushing as hard as her small white frame could against her assailents chest. All poor Joanne got for her efforts was a harsh laugh and even harder thrusts.

Joanne's mouth opened in a large 'O' as he hit her archiles heel and all Joanne saw for a long moment was pure white. Not realizing that she was screaming in a long and violent orgasm and her legs parted even further agians't her own violation and than closed around Jeromes buttocks, holding him in her, not wanting to let this feeling go even if it was from a vile rapist.

A few more violent thrusts in her and judging from his grunts she knew Jerome was about ready to come himself and when he belowed out his own yell she kissed his chest as he came violently in her white pussy.

They layed connected; like two souls that finally found each other. Reluctantly Joanne looked over to where her boyfriend was sitting and noticed to her sorrow that her boyfriend was now awake and this time he had foul looking underwear stuffed in his mouth. His eyes blazed in rage at her betrayal and tears started to fall silently down his flushed cheeks. Alex's once straight nose was broken side ways, blood was still pouring from it and she flinched in pitty, looking away before the guilt could overwhelme her.

Jerome pulled away from her and Joanne found herself regreting the loss of contact but quickly stopped herself realizing how stupid such feelings were.

"Come on white boy I'm not about to fuck a cum filled pussy." TJ was saying as he untied Alex.

A sharp gasp shot out issued from her lips as Joanne noticed that TJ and Jerome were holding Alex in a tight, painful looking headlock.

Bringing him down hard on his hands and knees, Joanne could only look away desperately trying to think about other things than what her poor boyfriend was about to go through. As she felt Alex's warm breath on her cum filled pussy she couldn't resist but to look down.

His eyes had a wild look to them that they didn't have before as he reluctantly opened his mouth and sucked on her pussy. Giving out a sharp in take of breath she looked away towards the entrance. How could this be happening? She thoat in in trepidation as she felt Jeromes cum in her pussy being emptied in her loves mouth.

"That's right faggot you better empty her nice and good and swallow all of it or I'll casterate you're white ass." TJ ordered, his empty eyes guaranteeing that he would do exactly that.

These words caused Alex's face to go slightly off color and he sucked even harder causing Joanne to gasp sharply as she began to feel the stirrings of pleasure at this act. Luckily he was done before she had another orgasm.

Getting up shakily Alex angrily turned towards the two thugs. That turned out to be his next mistake; right when he turned around TJ and Jerome came down on him hard with fists smashing down on his once handsome face and knees going sharply in his gut. Soon Alex was a sobbing mess begging for mercy that wasn't given until he was once agian nocked out.

As this was happening all poor Joanne could do was look away and sob quietly feeling hopeless to do anything but wait and hope that this would all go away. Yet as her boyfriend was once more angrily being tied up she couldn't help but realize that this was hardly the end of her and Alex's torment.

-To Be Continued-
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