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Written by Wife Watcher / Oct 10, 1999



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I took my wife Elaine to a sex cinema. She had never been before, I had only been a couple of times myself. I told her about seeing couples putting on sex shows for the men sitting near them in the audience and that some of them had let the men join in. I would tell her about this when making love to her in bed and she would get very turned on, making me tell her all the details over & over again. This developed into stories where Elaine was the wife being molested. We had some of the best sex ever during these shared fantasies.

One night I asked her if she would like to go to a cinema to see for herself. She blushed furiously, she was only 19 and despite having a very strong sexual appetite, was quite a shy girl. She said that she had been hoping I would suggest it. She said that she would be very turned on by being watched but didn't think she could let anyone touch her. I was the only man to ever have had sex with her, she was a virgin when we met.

Well, the idea of other men seeing her naked body and watching her come to a climax was one of my favourite fantasies.

So here we were in a sex cinema at last. As we stood at the back waiting for our eyes to become accustomed to the darkness, my dick was rock hard with expectation. There didn't seem to be many people in there, certainly no other couples were evident. We sat in the 3rd row from the back. Elaine was fascinated by the gang bang taking place on the screen and hardly noticed me fondling her firm young breasts and opening her blouse. She doesn't need a bra; her tits are small but very firm with delicious little pink nipples. Some of the men sitting near to us had certainly noticed and were changing seats to get a better view. 2 had sat in the row in front of us and were turned around openly staring at her tits. 2 were sat behind leaning forward to see over her shoulder and one guy sat next to her.

I spread her blouse as wide as possible and cupped her tits from underneath so that her erect little pink nipples were on display for all to see. My dick was straining against the rough material of my trousers; my pulse was racing, heart pounding, adrenaline racing through my veins. Elaine suddenly noticed that she was getting more attention that the movie. Seeing all these men watching her, staring at her bare breasts and that some of them had their dicks out and were wanking away quite openly was just too much for her and she came without her cunt being touched. Her slim young body convulsed as moans came from her lips. Aa. Aaaah! Aaaahhhhh! This excited me so much that I came in my pants, equally without my dick being touched.

Just then the movie ended and everyone straightened their clothing. Elaine fastened her blouse. I told her about my accident, cumming in my pants. She giggled at that, thought it was very funny. "Serves you right, you perv!" she said giggling some more.

"I'd better go and clean up a bit while the intermission is on." I said to her.

"OK" was all she could say as she was giggling so much.

I went to the toilet and using some tissue, cleaned the inside of my trousers as best I could. When I returned, the next movie had started. I was making my way into our row when I noticed that there were no empty seats near Elaine. 2 guys on her left and 2 on her right. There were now 4 men sitting in front of her and 2 behind. In order to get anywhere near to her, my best bet was to go along the row behind. As I got closer, I could see that 2 guys either side of her were sucking her tits. Her blouse was wide open and hanging off her shoulders. Her skirt was around her waist as the guys in the row in front were spreading her legs and one of them was finger fucking her. "Oh oh! Yes! Yessss! So good! So good! Don't stop! Don't stop! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! " Another climax wracked her beautiful petite body. The 1st climax she had ever had with anyone other than myself. A stranger, finger fucking my lovely wife in public whilst other men sucked on her wonderful tits.

I didn't know what to do. Jealously tore through me BUT even stronger than that was the all consuming sexual 'turn on' like I had never before experienced. I once again shot sponk down the leg of my trousers but my dick didn't go limp nor did my burning passion. I wanted this. Wanted to see my lovely Elaine used and debased.

As I was getting my dick out to wank along in unison with all the other men, a guy from the row in front of Elaine climbed over the seats and knelt between her legs. I watched, mesmerised as he took his dick in hand and, as the other men raised Elaine's legs higher and further apart, he shoved his long fat dick into my Darling's sweet young cunt.

Elaine started to moan again but not for long. A guy from behind stood and pulling her head back by her hair, fed his dick into her eager mouth. Yes, that's right. I did say eager. My sweet shy 19 year old petite wife had turned into a slut. A dick hungry fuck slut. The guy fucking her didn't take long, he was soon filling her with his sponk. As if this was a signal, the guy in her mouth let loose a load of sponk. She was gurgling trying to swallow it as he pulled his shrinking dick from her mouth. The sponk was on her lips and trickling out of the corners of her mouth.

It then became a game of musical chairs as the men kept changing places to take turns fucking her cunt, her mouth and sucking on her tits or shooting their sponk onto her tits.

Pretty soon everyone had had a turn and we were left alone. Then it was my turn. I licked and sucked every part of her sweet young body and then the sheer delight of sinking my dick into her sponk filled young cunt. She didn't know it was me. To her it was just another dick using her, giving her pleasure. My sweet lovely fuck slut of a wife just couldn't get enough.

That was the start of Elaine becoming a fuck slut of the dirty movie houses. I would take her 2 or 3 times a week but she would often go by herself during the day whilst I was at work. Just lately she has discovered a whole new world of 'fucking' entertainment. Video booths in the backs of book stores. But that's another story.
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