Gagging For It

Written by Wife Watcher / Mar 9, 2000



Paula. Pretty, slim, petite and 18 years old. A nicer, quieter girl you couldn't wish to meet. Very well brought up. I had great difficulty getting her to indulge in any kind of petting before we were married.

Boy, did that ever change. Once she got the taste for sex, there was no holding the little slut. On our wedding night, on honeymoon, I had hardly touched her cunt when she went into a bout of multiple orgasms. She had never seen a dick and was totally fascinated by mine. She would play with it for hours, sucking me, wanking me, fucking me. I had to complain that I was getting sore and needed a rest.

She of course complained that I didn't love her anymore, that I'd had her virginity and was casting her aside now that she was 'used goods'. Her words. I tried to convince her that I was only human and needed a rest.

On the second night, we went down to the hotel bar. They had music playing and a small dance floor. We danced for a while, then sat a couple of dances out. I went to the toilet and when I returned, I was shocked to see her dancing with some strange guy. But they weren't just dancing; it was more 'smooching'. He was openly squeezing her bottom and what is more, she was letting him.

I was just going to rush onto the floor and break them up, when I noticed that my dick was standing straight out in front of me, making my trousers tent out. A couple walking past me on their way out laughed and the girl said 'Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?' And they both went off laughing their heads off. I was totally embarrassed and went and sat at our booth.

I didn't know what to do, my cock was throbbing. It was turning me on watching my bride of 2 days getting herself felt up on the dance floor. She eventually came and sat down.

"Mmmm!" she said. "That was nice."

"Did you have to act like a slut in public?" I hissed at her, mostly because I was annoyed at myself for my reaction.

"Would you prefer it if I did it in private?" She said, with a big smile on her face. "I saw you watching us, with that thing of yours sticking out. You were getting turned on watching me. Did you see he had his hand up my skirt? He stuck his finger in me and made me come 3 times. It was lovely." Just then, we were interrupted by another man asking Paula to dance. She winked at me and told the guy she would meet him on the dance floor, as she had to go to the ladies rest room. As the guy walked away, she lent over to me and whispered "I've got to go to the rest room to remove my panties." Then walked off.

I spent the whole evening watching her dance with about 10 different guys and everyone of them finger fucked her. I noticed one guy got her in a dark corner and got her tit out and was sucking on it. The sight of that made me cum in my pants. I went to the gents to clean myself up and when I returned Paula was nowhere to be seen. The bar was now almost empty as all the unattached men were also missing.

I went to the bar and whilst I was waiting for the barman to finish serving a couple down the far end, this drunk started talking to me. "Hey!" He said. "Did you see that young girl, a right fuck slut if ever I saw one." I realised he was talking about Paula. "I would love to give her one." Acting as friendly as I could, I asked him where she had gone. "Went with them sales rep guys to their room, for a good fucking I bet."

"Do you know what room?" I asked, almost holding my breath waiting for his answer.

"Sure do!" He said. "Them noisy bastards are in the room next to me."

"And what room are you in?" I asked, trying to keep my voice as calm as possible. I didn't want to frighten him off.

"All the 7's, lucky me. 777."

Before he could say anything else, I was gone.

I got to room 777 and was just wondering which side, 776 or 778 when the door of 778 opened and 2 guys came out.

"What a great little fuck." Said the 1st guy. "That little bitch is just gagging for it!"

"How old you think she is, 17 or 18?" Asked the second guy.

"God! My daughter's older than that." They both laughed as they went off down the corridor.

I walked over to the door, just then 2 more guys came out. "You going in buddy?" One of them asked me, smiling. "There's plenty left for everyone, that little slut just doesn't know when to quit." And off they went. I caught the door just before it closed and went in. There was only the glow from the bathroom light but I could see well enough. There were about 6 guys on or around the bed. One guy was between Paula's legs fucking her sweet young body and another guy was feeding her his cock.

Suddenly she began to cough & splutter as the guy shot a load of spunk into her mouth. Then, almost laughing, she called out "More! More cock!" And right away, another cock was stuffed into her mouth. The guy in her cunt started to moan as he shot his spunk into my bride. Another guy immediately took his place and shoved a fresh cock into her ever-willing young cunt.

I watched as each of the men either 'came' in her mouth or her cunt. Some of them fucked her in both mouth & cunt. Eventually they all had worn themselves out. All except my lovely slutty bride Paula. She was still begging for more cock.

One of the guys said to me 'Is she your wife?? I nodded yes. ?You can have the use of the room if you like. We'll give her another gang fucking later.'

After all the men had left, I lay beside Paula and told her that all the men had gone. "You'll do!" She blurted out. "Give me your cock. What kind of a husband are you, to see your wife going without? Suck me! Get down there and suck my cunt!" I was so stunned to hear her use such language, that I didn't resist as she pulled me down between her legs. When I saw her red raw gaping cunt, I just lunged straight into it. Burying my face into her sloppy, spunk filled loveliness. I slurped & slurped away. My dick was aching it was that hard. Her murmurings were helping to turn me on even more.

"Yes! Oh yes! That's it, lick just there. Suck a bit harder. Yes, yes that's it. Ooooohhh!!!" Another shattering climax ripped through her lovely young body.

After dozen or so more orgasms, she quietened down a bit. Then in a helpless little girl voice, she said. "Please can you go and get me some more cocks? Please, you know I need them. Please!"

By this time, I was finding the idea of watching other men fucking her, a great turn on. I persuaded her that it would be more fun and more exciting if she got dressed and smartened herself up and we went to a night-club were she could let herself get 'picked up' again. She thought that was a brilliant idea. She said, "Yes, that sounds a lot more sexy and exciting than just lying her getting my cunt fucked. Let's go. You can take me out to get lots more cocks. You enjoyed watching them stick their dicks into me, didn't you?"

She was so right, I loved it. Loved watching strange men dick my sweet young bride.

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