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I had been to the gym a few times and my wife Sandy said that she felt she could do with 'toning up' though why I don't know as she is absolutely fabulous, a pocket Venus, 4' 11" and everything built to scale. 18 years old, cropped blond hair, small but firm breasts that don't need a bra and a lovely tight little bottom. She says that she wants to keep her figure that way and not let herself go just because she's now married

At the gym we had to change in separate rooms, I emerged into the gym first and approached 3 trainers who were standing talking. "Excuse me." I said. One trainer turned to me and said, "Just help yourself to the equipment." and turned back to resume his conversation, they obviously thought their 'talk' was more important than a customer. Just then my wife came out of the ladies changing room and the trainers stopped their chat and turned to stare at her. "Fucking look at that, wow! Things are looking up," one of them said as the 3 of them rushed over to 'assist' my wife. Apparently they do like to help customers, so long as they're gorgeous blondes. Mind you, I couldn't blame them, she looks stunning under normal circumstances but in her 'gym' outfit, she looked extra tasty. A tight short top that accentuated her proud young breasts and showed off her delicious little nipples to perfection. The top came to just below her breasts and showed off her flat stomach and the shorts were low enough to expose her belly button. The legs of the shorts where baggy, she said that this was so her exercises wouldn't be restricted.

As the guys surrounded Sandy, I pushed in and said, "As I was trying to tell you, my wife.." putting my arm around Sandy, " new here and would like some help with toning up exercises. "Well certainly, that's what we're here for." said one of the trainers. "If you would like to come this way." 2 of them escorted Sandy away over to the far side of the gym to the weight training area, the 3rd guy said to me, "I think you could do with some bike, treadle and walking exercises." I suppose that was to keep me busy and out of the way. After about half an hour I was feeling quite worn out and needed to take a break. My 'trainer' had long since sloped off. I sat down on a bench trying to catch my breath, when I noticed that I was the only person there. As I walked through the gym it seemed quite eerie, not a soul in sight. Then I heard the murmuring of voices, I followed the sound and as I turned a corner, saw a group of guys outside of the massage room. I came up behind them and standing on tip toe, was able to see into the room. My wife Sandy was laying on her back on a massage table, her legs were straight up over one guy's shoulders. He was just pulling his dick out of her cunt and another guy was taking his place getting between her lovely legs and I watched mesmerised as he took a turn at shoving his dick into her. At the top of the table a guy was fucking her mouth. Just then he pulled his dick out and shot a load of sponk across her face.

I found myself unable to move, there must have been about 12 guys there. Who knows how many had already fucked my young wife but it was obvious that they were all intent on having a go at her.

Eventually the crowd thinned as everyone had (at least once, some several times) fucked her. One of the trainers took me by the arm and led me over to my wife as she lay there, eyes closed and a big smile on her face and covered in sponk.

"Isn't she lovely." he said. "That was one hell of a fuck session, never met a bitch as horny as your lady, you're one lucky bastard. Aren't you going to have a fuck, shame to waste it." "Wha.... What?" I mumbled, still in a trance.

"Fuck the slut!" He almost shouted. "Have a go, shag the Bitch!" I stared at her as she lay there, I thought that she had never looked lovelier. My eyes focused on her pussy, it was so red and puffy. The redness made the white sponk stand out. It looked so inviting I just couldn't resist, I was drawn to it. Then I found myself burying my face into her well fucked cunt. I moved my head from side to side and soon my whole face was covered in sponk, the sponk of 12 strangers. my tongue started lapping away at her delightful cunt lips, I found her clit and licked and sucked. She stirred back into life, her moans grew louder as I brought her to orgasm. As I licked and sucked at her well used cunt, I was swallowing the sponk as it seeped out of my darling wife.

A few of the men came back into the room, they had been attracted (and turned on) by my wife's sexual moaning as she climaxed. "Do you mind if we fuck her again?" one of them asked. I just stood at the side and watched the men use my wife some more, watched as they shoved their dicks into her mouth and cunt. Watched as they poured their sponk into her. I was that turned on that my dick hurt, it throbbed and ached. Eventually I couldn't wait any longer and joined in the queue and waited my turn to shag her, waited just like I was one of the strangers. The situation was too much for me, as soon as my dick entered her sponk filled cunt, I came. Shot my sponk into her to mix with all the other men's sponk.

I watched for another half hour, until they had all had enough. Then when we were alone I went back to sucking on her cunt some more. I enjoyed doing this more than I enjoyed fucking her. I just hoped that this wasn't going to be a one off and that she would do it again. I needn't have worried, that was 10 years ago and she is still as keen as ever to fuck every man in the world. She takes them on in one's, two's, three's and groups up to 20. The biggest group was a stag party with 30 men.

She likes to go out alone and tell me of her adventures when she comes back home full of sponk. I listen intently to every word while I lick her used cunt clean. But most of the time I follow her and watch what she gets up to. I find it just as big a thrill watching her being 'picked up' in bars as I do watching her being fucked. I love to watch strangers grope her lovely body as they dance with her. Get her in a dimly lit corner or booth and finger fuck her BUT the biggest thrill is to see them share her with their friends.

This is my recipe for a happy life, well it works for us.
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