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Written by Wife Watcher / Oct 10, 1999


Hope people reading my stories get as much pleasure as I do from this type of Slut Wife story. To other writers "Keep up the good work, there are a lot of people waiting to hear more about your slut wives."


I really enjoy the stories on the Internet and decided to share my enjoyment with my wife. She read and enjoyed most of them, much to my delight, but the ones that most turned her 'on' where the ones set in porno bookstores. She was so turned on by the fantasy of her being used in a bookstore, that she wanted me to take her there to see what it would be like. We'd had a few 3somes but we were not very experienced, so I was a little apprehensive of taking her to the porno peep shows, who knows what would happen to her there. But I was swept along by her enthusiasm and agreed to go.

We arrived at the store just after sundown, less chance of anyone we know seeing us. As we entered, my wife caught the attention of everyone there, about 6 guys. She was wearing a very short mini skirt and a low necklined top and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. I got some change from the assistant and asked directions to the film booths. The guy asked me if I would like him to take us to the booths and show us how it works. All the time he is talking to me, his eyes never leave my wife's tits. As we enter a passage at the side of the counter, I notice that 2 of the guys who had been in the shop, were now ahead of us and the rest of them where following us.

At the booths as we slowly walked along, the assistant said, "Well what's it to be lady?" completely ignoring me now. "What kind of movie do you want?" pointing to titles on the cubicles. "Girls sucking big cocks or 3somes, one guy and 2 girls or Gang Bangs?" at that my wife halted and blushing furiously, gazed at the poster of a blond girl surrounded by a group of men, mostly black. "Oh we've hit a nerve." Laughed the assistant. "The little lady is turned on by Gang Bangs." With that, the 2 guys who were ahead of us, came up to my wife and grabbing an arm each, held her against the wall. "Well let's see what you've got." Said the assistant as he pulled up her top revealing her lovely pert firm tits. "My, my. Now aren't they just delicious." He sneered as he took hold of a nipple in each hand and squeezed hard.

I could tell by the noises that my wife was making that she was in pain but was also being turned on by it. He then started to pull her away from the wall by her nipples but the 2 guys held her flat against the wall. This had the effect of stretching her tits to almost twice their length. "Aaaaagggghhhhh!!!!" she screamed. "You like that, don't you, you little slut. Have a go boys." At his invitation, the 2 men holding her, started to play with her tits and the assistant lifted her mini skirt (she wasn't wearing any panties.) and started pulling at her cunt lips. All the other men who had followed us in, now gathered closer to watch the horny slut being abused and she was obviously loving every minute of it. The assistant had 2 fingers in her cunt, with his palm facing up and as he slowly fucked her with his fingers, his thumb stimulated her clit. "Aaaaahhhh! Yes! Yes!" she kept moaning as she was worked up to a climax. Then suddenly "Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!" she screamed as her petite body shook with the explosion of her climax. "Aaahhh yes! That was good." She said as she relaxed and fell against the wall.

"What about us?" asked the assistant. "It's our turn now, we want to fuck you, bitch!" "Mmmmm!! Yes that sounds nice." My wife replied without opening her eyes. "OK lads, take her into the cubicle." The men dragged her inside the small room and roughly stripped her naked, knelt her on an armchair with her arms resting on the back. The assistant got behind her, opened his pants and pulled out his already hard cock. I watched intently as he slowly rubbed it between her cunt lips getting the head nice and wet with her cunt juices. He then shoved it into my wife, deeper and deeper until his pubic hair was touching her arse, then slowly out again. He built up a rhythm going a little faster with each thrust. My wife's moans got louder and louder as his speed increased, then suddenly he let out a loud moan as he filled my wife with his spunk.

As soon as he finished, he was pushed out of the way and another guy took his place. Without any ceremony he just stuck his dick up her dripping cunt and savagely fucked her for barely a minute when he too let out a moan as his spunk shot up my dear wife's cunt. The rest of the men where too impatient to wait their turns, they just crowded around her, sticking their dicks where ever they could. Grabbing her tits, finger her arse hole, shoving a cock in her lovely mouth. They even tried to get 2 cocks into her mouth at the same time but her mouth was too small. They shot spunk in her mouth, on her face, on her tits, on her arse. Her hair was matted with spunk.

When they had all finished with her and had left us alone, my bedraggled and well fucked wife was still draped over the armchair and moaning. "More! More! Don't stop, I need more dick!" I took all my clothes off and stood behind her, I gently let my dick slide across her dripping cunt lips, I lent against her and put my arms around her and stroked her thighs, belly and tits. She was covered in the spunk of 7 strange men. I rubbed my face along her back as I sunk to my knees behind her and buried my face into her spunk filled cunt. I have never loved her as much as I did at that moment, as I licked and sucked on all the delicious spunk that was in my wife.

As we left the shop, the assistant thanked us for the entertainment and handed me 2 free passes for a porno movie theatre down the block..............


The free movie passes where 'burning a hole in my wife's pocket' so to speak. She couldn't wait to use them, every day she would pester me to take her. I was wanting to leave a little break from her last orgy at the book shop but after a week I relented and we went at 7 in the evening. I had phoned to check what time they opened and closed but they didn't, they were open 24 hours a day.

When we arrived at the theatre, my wife said "Would you be cross if I went in alone?" "What...?" I said, somewhat taken aback. "Oh I don't mean for you not to come in, just don't sit by me so that I can pretend that I'm alone." Well that sounded exciting, so I agreed. I gave her one of the passes and a 5 minute head start. When I entered the cinema, I stood at the back until my eyes became used to the darkness. I eventually saw my wife sitting in the centre of the 2nd to back row, so I sat behind her but 2 seats to her right. A man was sitting on her left and another man came along the row and sat on her right. She was wearing a low, loose fitting top and within minutes the men's hands were on her straps and they were being pulled down her arms and down to her waist. She sat there in all her magnificent glory, bare breasted for anyone to see... but not for long, her tits where soon covered by hands and then heads as the men played with and sucked on her lovely tits. I found this to be a wonderful thrill. To see my very own little wife being used by strangers, I had my cock out and was wanking slowly so as not to cum too quickly.

Other men were soon taking an interest and were turning around to watch the live action rather than the movie. Some came into the back row and were reaching over her to get a feel of her lovely tits. The man on her left put his hand on her head and pulled her down to suck his cock. It only took about one minute before the guy let out a moan as he erupted into her mouth. She sat up rubbing the excess spunk off her lips with the back of her hand. No sooner was she sitting upright than the guy on her right pulled her head down to his lap to suck his cock. Just as the guy shot his spunk in her lovely mouth and she sat up, another guy climbed over from the row in front, knelt down in front of my wife and lifted her legs over his shoulders and proceeded to fuck her lovely cunt. Seeing this happen, the way he just took her and used her, was just too much for me, my cock shot spunk high into the air without me doing anything.

An unexpected turn of events, as the guy shot his spunk into my wifes cunt and got up of the floor, a torch was shone on her and the manager came along the row in front and grabbing her by the arm, escorted her out of the theatre. I followed and as I entered the foyer, I saw them disappear in the manager's office. My mind was racing, was he calling the police? The scandal. What would our friends and family say? What...? What indeed. The only way to find out was to go in there. I walked straight in and was confronted with the sight of my lovely wife, naked and on her back on the desk with her legs over the manager's shoulders as he plunged his cock in and out of her cunt. Another guy was on the phone, he stopped talking, put his hand over the mouthpiece and said to me. "This is a private office!" "That's my wife." I said, without taking my eyes of the cock that was fucking her. "Sit over there out of the way and watch." And resumed his conversation on the phone.

"Yeah! Like I was saying, get over here quick, this bitch is red hot for cock and she's gorgeous." And hung up the phone and stripped himself naked. He started to fondle her tits with one hand whilst wanking on his cock with the other. Just then the manager, who hadn't bothered about undressing, erupted into my wife's cunt with a loud groan. He pulled his cock out of her and I could see his spunk seeping out of her cunt and trickling down the crack of her arse. The other guy immediately took his place and his dick slid into her cunt with ease as it was all slimy with the manager's spunk.

The guy fucked her steadily, giving her hard, long strokes of his cock. I had my cock out and wanked in time to his thrusts. "A, aa, aah, aaaaahhhhhh" my wife moaned as she reached a climax. The guy took this as a signal to just worry about his own enjoyment and speeded up his fucking. He let out a loud moan as he shot yet another load of spunk into my lovely wife's cunt. As he pulled out of her, he said. "Get over here and clean this bitch up. I've got friends coming to use this slut, so I want the bitch clean." I knelt down in front of her and the guy draped her legs over my shoulders. I buried my face into her delicious spunk filled cunt and slurped away, eating all the spunk that the 2 men had filled her with. My tonguing gave her another climax and she was screaming and was pulling my face deeper into her cunt as she rode herself to a fantastic, nerve shattering orgasm. There was a round of applause, I looked around and there where 3 more men standing watching. I hadn't heard the managers friends entering.

2 of them pulled me out of the way and started fucking her, not caring about her, just using her cunt for a quick fuck. The 3rd guy, who was black, just sat and watched. When the other 2 had filled her cunt again with their spunk, the black guy pulled me over to her and forcing my head between her legs said "Clean the bitch!" I licked her clean once more and ate all the spunk. The black guy said "Dress her!" I stood her up and slipped her top and miniskirt on. The black guy took hold of her arm and escorted her out of the office, at the door he said "Make yourself comfortable and watch the movie, I'll bring her back in a couple of hours." And off they went.

The other guy's where making remarks like "That was one horny slut!" "What a gorgeous little cunt, I could fuck that forever!" "It's a good job she is sex mad, cause if I know Max, she's in for one hell of a fucking!"

I went and sat in the back row of the theatre wanking on my dick, I didn't see the movie, my mind was too full of pictures of my lovely wife being fucked by a big black cock. I lost count of how many times I came but by the time I fell asleep my cock was red raw. I was awakened by Max shaking my shoulder. "You'd better come and collect your slut of a wife." I roused myself and followed him out to his car, my wife was asleep on the back seat. Her neck was covered in love bites, her skirt had ridden up and I could see that her thighs where red and covered in spunk. Her hair was matted in cum. I lifted her out of the car and laid her on the back seat of our car and drove her home. I put her to bed and as I was removing her clothes, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. "How was it?" I asked. "Humiliating, degrading, frightening and totally wonderful. I loved every minute of it." She replied. "He took me to a house and there where a lot of black men playing cards. He just gave me to them and told them to use me anyway they wanted. He just watched as they fucked the living daylights out of me and when I lay there exhausted, he carried me into a bedroom and made tender love to me. It was a lovely ending to a perfect day." My cock had sprung back to life on hearing her story. "The day isn't over yet!" I said, as I buried my face into her spunk filled cunt.
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