The Houseboats

Written by Wil / Oct 10, 1999


The Houseboats Late last summer my wife, Lil and I went to the lake for the weekend. We have a twenty four foot cabin cruiser, we call the Myth. Our idea was to find a private beach to anchor on and spend the weekend naked and having sex when ever the urge hit us. We even bought new suits to wear or not wear as the case maybe. My was a black gstring and Lil's was a flesh colored gstring with a matching pushup top. The top was held up by a thin strap around her neck. From ten feet or more away she looked naked. We stocked the Myth with drink, smoke, toys, sun tan lotion and lubricant. We were both thinking about the sexy fun we were going to have that we almost forgot about stocking the food. We put the boat in the water Friday morning.

While I parked the truck, Lil was on board waiting for me. When I was walking down the docks, I noticed several guys slow down when they were near our boat. When I got close enough I could see Lil moving around in the boat as she readied it for travel. She had changed into her new suit. No wonder the guys slowed down, she looked really hot. The suit displayed her body beautifully. When we were leaving the harbor we noticed about ten large houseboats also underway. Most of the people we could see were wearing as little as possible. It appeared that some of the women were topless. We cruised a little closer and could see that tome of them were indeed topless. I remarked to Lil that we should go where their are going. She replied that by the looks of some of those guys following them would surely lead to some sexy times.

We cruised out to a beach we thought was private enough to us to be natural in. It was a small bay about the size of two football fields. The bay was divided by small spit of rocks, creating a small anchorage for one boat and a larger one which several boats could use. We anchored bow out which put the swim platform two steps from the beach. We played in the water for a while, during which Lil lost her top do to my quick hands. After putting out a large blanket under our canvas gazebo, we relaxed with a drink. A few minutes later a houseboat entered the bay, followed by nine more. We watched them tie five of them to the beach and the rest rafted to each other and the ones on the beach. There were several ski boats with them which were soon put to use pulling people around on various water toys. A ski boat towing a slalom skier went by in front of us. Lil remarked how she would like to be doing that. We watched them change skiers a couple of times. There were two guys and a girl on board the boat. The woman was skiing, when she fell in front of us. She waded to shore carrying her ski. She dropped her ski on the sand and said, "Hi! I'm Jill." As she was taking off her life jacket, the ski boat landed on our beach. The two guys skillfully landed the boat and jumped out wearing a gstring like mine. I turned toward Jill, as she opened her jacket. She was also wearing just a gstring, she was about 35 and maybe 15 lbs over weight. As they walked toward us I noticed Jill's provocative walk and the enticing bounce of her breasts. Lil noticed the build and the equipment bulge on the guys.

The guys walked up and introduced themselves as John and Brian. They were both in their late thirties and according to Lil very good looking.. John was blond, blue eyed, six footer with a medium build.. Brian was the same height but with dark hair and a little heaver. As the three of them walked up to us I could also see that they were giving us the once over, like we were doing to them. Lil and I found out that we had indeed ended up with a large group of swingers. They were here to do the same thing we were there to do. My wife, who had previously told me that she was not interested in swinging, got herself invited to go skiing. John told her that they would be happy to take her skiing, but that as sexy as she was, he could not be held responsible for his actions. Lil responded by saying, she would just have to take her chances. Jill elected to stay on the beach to keep me company. I whispered to Lil to have a ball. She smiled and said she would have fun skiing too. My wife looked great getting into the boat wearing just her gstring. As I watched Brian put his hands on her ass to help her into the boat, I knew there was a real chance she would get laid while with those two guys.

Once they were away, Jill told me that she had seen that look in Brian's eye before and that she thought Lil was as good as fucked. She wondered if that bothered me? I told her that I was very excited by the prospect, but wished I could see it happen. She said not to worry, I had the whole weekend. Jill handed me a bottle of baby oil and asked if I would oil her up. I spent ten to fifteen minutes rubbing her back, paying particular attention to her ass. Then she rolled over and I started on her legs working my way between them. Jill told me to take her gstring off so I could oil all of her. Kneeling along side of her I oiled her breasts while occasionally sliding a finger or two through her pussy lips. I had done that five or six times when she asked me if I was teasing her? I told her, I did not know how far to go with her? Jill grabbed the baby oil and pushed me onto my back, saying I'll show you. She poured the oil onto my chest and began to rub it in. When she got to my gstring, she pulled it off and oiled my cock. It did not take long before my member was standing straight. Jill straddled my legs and leaning over she used her breasts to re- oil my cock and chest. She slid up my body and rubbed her pussy on my cock while I played with her breasts. When my cock slid into her, she smiled and said, "Ah! That's what I wanted." Her hairless pussy felt great sliding up and down on my cock. After several minutes with her on top I rolled her over and entered her missionary style. She locked her legs around me and we banged away at each other for another five to ten minutes.

I changed the angle of my thrusts which caused Jill to moan and open herself up. She told me that she was going to cum. I told her to let me know so I could cum with her. After a few more minutes she pulled her knees up and held her pussy open, telling me to ram it in there, hard. Her body tensed, as I slammed into her. I could feel that my orgasm was just a few strokes away, when she said, "shoot it into me now!" I could feel her pussy rippling around my cock as she came. One last thrust and my orgasm burst into her. Her hips moved back and forth as her pussy milked the cum from my cock. What a great fuck she was and I told her so. It was fifteen or twenty minutes before we saw the ski boat slowly motoring toward us. I noticed that an hour had passed since the boat had left. I wondered if Lil had as good a time as I did.

When the boat landed and they got off, I noticed that Brian and my wife were naked, but John still had his gstring on. I guessed that meant John did not get any. The five of us talked and joked with each other for another twenty minutes. Jill complained that she was hungry and wanted dinner, so they left us to go get something to eat. Lil and I fixed ourselves something to eat for our dinner. We were naked on the beach eating and watching the sun set, when I asked her how her skiing went. She wanted to know if I had fucked Jill, while they were gone. I told I did and related to her the details. She said, "good, now I feel better about what happened." "So tell me." I said. Here is what she told me:

When Brian and John climbed out of their boat, I can't say I was surprised by their lack of dress. What did surprise me was my body's reaction. As they had walked up to us, my nipples hardened and my pussy started itching. As I looked at Brian, I felt this sexual connection arc between us. I have not felt that kind of animal magnetism in a long time. When they invited me to go skiing, and Brian said he couldn't be responsible for his actions, I wondered if I wanted him to. The touch of his hand on my ass, when he helped me into the boat, really set my mind to wandering. I went skiing first and had a wonderful ride, then Brian skied. I watched him ski through eye glasses, which allowed me to study his body. John watched my bare breasts and naked ass, as I moved around the boat. I stood next to him watching John ski. His hand caressed my naked breasts, causing my nipples to stand erect and my pussy to lubricate. When we stopped to pick up Brian, I put the glasses on you. I saw Jill on her back with you rubbing her body. I figured that if I remained out on the boat another ten or fifteen minutes, you and her would probably end up fucking each other. At that moment, I realized I wanted Brian to fuck me, besides I knew that is what you wanted me to do anyway.

I stood close to Brian as John skied. He began telling me how sexy and beautiful I was. While he drove the boat, he ran his hand over my body. The boat was a day cruiser with a small galley and a v berth. When we stopped to pick up John. Brian, noticing how fair my complection was, suggested that I should go into the cabin, so I would not get a sun burn. It was a good idea, but not so I wouldn't burn. I felt a surge of sexual excitement, as I bent over to enter the cabin Brian caressed my ass, brushing against my pussy through the gstring. Brian was standing in front of the door, when I heard him say to John, "take your time getting back to the beach."

While he was saying that, he reached his hand into his gstring, rearranging his growing penis. His gstring could not contain his excitement and I remember thinking, "what the hell, I'll reclaim my sexual inhibitions after the weekend." Then I moved up to the door and reached up grabbing Brian's gstring and pulling it down. When his cock popped free, I sucked it into my mouth. My actions surprised him, to say the least. John pulled his gstring to one side and began to stroke his hardening cock while watching me suck his friend. After a few minutes of this action Brian pulled away and sat me on the berth, at an angle so John could watch. He noticed how wet and ready I was, when he pulled off my gstring. I laid back as he grabbed my legs, lifting and spreading them apart. Positioning his seven inch cock at my opening, he pushed it all the way into my pussy with one thrust. It felt wonderful. Brian began to fuck me with long lustful strokes, while playing with my clit. After about five minutes, my orgasm burst out of me. I pulled him into my pussy, while it's orgasm rippled around his deeply planted cock. While I was cummng both John and Brian were talking to me, saying things like, "oh yeah fuck that cock" and "do it Lil, do it." I couldn't believe how horny I was. Brian turned me around and positioned me kneeling at the doorway. He got behind me and rammed his cock back into my pussy, causing my mouth to open with a surprised, "Oh!"

John took advantage of my position and put the head of his cock in my mouth at the same time. John continued to steer the boat back to the beach, while I was being fucked from both ends. Brian reached around me pinching my nipples and caressing my breasts, while sliding his cock in and out of me. He slid his hands down to my clit and began to stroke it. A few minutes later I was cummin again. John told Brian that my mouth felt so good that he was about ready to cum. Brian replied that he was very close himself. They both held still while Brian grabbed my hips and began to push and pull me between them. Brian cried out and thrust deeply into me, jerking his hips against my ass as his cock erupted inside me. John's cock popped out of my mouth when Brian came. I grabbed it and jerked him off with my hand. What a horny feeling that was, to feel two cocks orgasming at the same time. I remember thinking, "what fun this is" and looking forward to the orgasmic pleasures, the rest of the weekend may offer. When Lil was telling me about the pleasure she experienced on the boat that afternoon. I was stroking my cock and playing with her pussy.

By the time she was finishing up, we were both ready to fuck. When I started to move between her legs, I noticed John walking up the beach toward us. He was as naked as we were. Lil watched his cock bounce and the way his body moved, as he walked up to us. "Hi, I just came by to see how you were and to thank you for cumming with us this afternoon." he said. Lil replied, "you are welcome. Have a seat." John sat down on the other side of her. He told me how lucky I was to have such a sexy wife and thanked me for sharing her with him. While he was saying that, Lil was watching him and had put her hand on his upper leg. I smiled and told him he was right about her being very sexy and thanked him for his complement. John smiled back at me, then shifted his eyes to my wife. His smile changed to a grin and his hand began to stroke his cock, as his eyes traveled over Lil's body. Lil smiled at him and said, "and what do you have on your evil mind?" "Exactly what you think I do," he replied. His eyes shifted to me and he continued, "if it's ok with your husband?" I nodded, as Lil reached for my cock.

She began to suck it, while John's fingers found her pussy. Lil was laying on her side facing me with John behind her. He played with her pussy for a few more minutes, then he moved his cock up between her legs. He lifted one of her legs and began sliding his hard cock against her pussy lips and clit. Lil put her hand on his cock and rubbed herself against it in response. John changed the angle of his cock and with his next thrust, penetrated my wife's pussy. She looked up at me with wide passion filled eyes, as John fucked her. She was beautiful. Shifting positions so I could see John's cock fuck her better, I began to stroke her clit. With in a few minutes she let go of my cock and cried out as she came. Just after Lil came we heard a voice say, "Wow!" Looking up I saw a slender well proportioned black woman standing about ten feet away. John said, "Hi honey, meet Wil and Lil." "This is my wife April." he said to us, with out missing a thrust. "Care to join us?" I asked. "Don't mind of I do!" she replied, laying down next to me.

I rolled toward her, put my hand on her belly and began to her explore her body. She captured my hard cock and began to stroke it. "How long were you watching?" I asked. "Since John sat down." she replied. My hand found her very wet pussy. Stroking a couple of fingers in and out of her caused her to moan and shift her pussy toward my hand. I began to slide my fingers up and down on her clit and in and out of her pussy. April's hand urgently stroked my cock. I moved between her legs to get a better look at my first black pussy. Bending down I replaced my fingers with my mouth and began to suck her clit. She spread her legs wide and arched her pussy toward me. Sliding two fingers into her I stroked her g-spot and sucked her clit at the same time. After a few minutes of this, she clamped my head between her legs and twitched her pussy against me, as she came. When she relaxed with the after glow of her orgasm. I moved up her body and began to kiss and fondle her breasts. My hard cock nudged against her pussy lips, when she said, "No, not yet." I looked at her questioningly. "I never fuck a man who has not kissed me first." she said. I smiled and nibbled up her neck to her lips. As we kissed, she slid the head of my cock into her pussy. One second later I had buried my sword inside her to the hilt. I slowly slid my cock in and out of her tight pussy, savoring the sensations this new pussy was giving me. April spread her legs and opened her pussy to get me in as far as she could.

I looked over at my wife and saw her on her back, with John preparing to slid his hard cock back into her pussy. As he slowly rode into her, she spread her pussy out with her fingers. Her finger tips slid along his cock as he fucked her. John began to build in intensity. He grabbed her legs, spreading them out and back. They were fucking each other as deeply as possible. Lil had a look on her face of pure sexual bliss. Her whole consciousness was center on her cumming orgasm. John began to pound his cock into her, grinding against her with each inward thrust. Lil cried out and grabbed his hips, holding him still as she fucked his cock with her orgasming pussy. John stiffened, driving his cock deeply into my wife. I could see his cock and balls rocking back and forth, with each ejaculation.

I had continued to fuck April as I watched my wife. With my wife satisfied I concentrated on satisfying her. Leaning down nibbling on her nipples and neck, I asked her what the best position was, for her to have an orgasm. She smiled and turned to her knees, presently me with a great view of her ass. She spread her pussy with her fingers and said, to just pound it into her. "With pleasure," I replied, sliding deeply into her. I held her hips and began to slowly thrust into her. I started to increase the speed of my thrusts. April matched me stroke for stroke, as we built toward our orgasms. April cried out that she was cumming. She laid her head down and held her pussy open. The sight and feel of my white cock fucking her orgasming black pussy, pushed me over the edge and into my orgasm. Holding my cock deeply inside her, I pumped stream after stream of cum into her clutching pussy. Our orgasm's seemed to go on forever. The four of us relaxed having a drink and smoking a joint for about twenty minutes. John got up and headed for the lake saying he needed a refreshing swim. The rest of us thought so too and went with him. After our swim, we heard music and laughter from the houseboats. April said that the parties must be in full swing. She got up and took Lil by the arm telling her, "come on let's see what's going on." John and I followed behind them. We passed a couple on the beach fucking each other doggy style.

I stopped when I saw the guy pull out of her pussy and put his cock against her ass. She wiggled against him telling him to fuck her ass. She moaned loudly when his cock slid in. He began to pound into her and she was telling him how good it felt. John tapped me on the shoulder pointing at the girls who were well ahead of us and just climbing on a houseboat. I reluctantly turned from the couple and walked with John to the boat the girls went on.

The boat had a big open space inside and two or three bedrooms in back and below. Their were people all over, drinking, laughing and feeling each other up. Most of them were nude. I couldn't see Lil or April any where. He told me not to worry they would show up. Four of the boats were designated the party boats. The rest were for sleeping and other non sexual activities. On the party boats anything goes. We walked through the first boat, with John talking and introducing me to many of the people. When we stepped on to the second boat a woman came up to John saying, "there you are! I have been looking for you. Let's go fuck!" John said to me, "have fun see ya later" As I wandered through the boat, I spotted Lil through the window on number three. Lil was just going through the back door as I came through the front and ran into April. I asked her where Lil was? She told me that she had introduced her to a friend. He had volunteered to show her the last boat. I stayed with April and talked with her and her friends for about twenty minutes. After thirty minutes and still no Lil, my curiosity got the best of me.

When I climbed onto the boat, I saw Lil standing next to a bed, talking to a good looking black man. From my position out side the window, I could see he was a well muscled man in his late twenties. He turned and laughed at something Lil had said. His cock was un-circumcised and appeared to be very big. He moved past her and laid on the bed. He motioned for her to join him, while stroking his cock. Lil just stood there watching him. I could see them taking while he stroked his hardening cock. When I looked at her face I could see that she was very intoxicated and horny. Her nipples were rock hard as she slipped her hand into her pussy. His cock was reaching full size and looked to be eight to nine thick inches long. He sat up and pulled my wife into the bed. Putting her hand on his cock she began to stroke it. Each time she would stroke down, the head of his cock would pop out of it's foreskin. Another man came in the open door of the bedroom and stood by the bed, stroking his cock. John had told me the bedroom rules were that if the door was open, it meant anyone could enter and join in the activities. I wondered if Lil knew about the rule. She did not seem surprised by the appearance of the second guy and did not seem to abject when he put his hands on her breasts.

I moved around to the side window for a better view of the room and bed. I could see people pasting the door, some of them stopping and watching for a minute or two. Brian and a very pretty dark haired woman came in. The woman laid on the bed next to the black man. Brian got between her legs and inserted his had cock into her pussy. They began to fuck each other right in front of my wife as she stroked the black cock. The other guy kneeled on the floor and spread Lil's legs. He began to kiss the inside of her legs working his way up to her pussy. She must have liked what he was doing, because she put her hand on the back of his head, pushing his face into her sex. The five of them continued like that for several minutes. The dark haired woman suddenly threw her legs up and out, bucking against Brian's pounding cock. Lil's body was beginning to shake as the guy between her legs fucked two fingers into her. A black hand was caressing her breasts and lightly pulling on her nipples. My wife's head and eyes rolled back and she ground her pussy against his mouth and fingers in orgasm.

After her orgasm, the black man said something to the guy eating her. He got up and took Lil by the arms pulling her to her feet. He motioned toward the bed and she climbed between the black guys legs. Her hands uncovered the head of his cock and she put her lips around it, moving her head up and down. My wife's pussy was pointed toward the open door as she gave him head. The guy came around behind her and continued to lick her pussy. I noticed a woman standing in the doorway watching the action. She walked to the bed and said something to the guy behind my wife. He moved back and she began to lick and suck Lil's pussy. I don't think my wife noticed the change until the guy moved beside her and began to fondle her breasts. She must have liked what the woman was doing, since there was no objection. Several minutes later the black guy began pulling Lil up his body. When her pussy passed his hard cock, the woman grabbed it and positioned it in my wife's opening. Using her hands on Lil's hips she pushed my wife down on that nine inch black cock. It slipped in easily and Lil began to ride up and down. My cock was rock hard watching that cock fuck her. With his hands fondling her breasts, Lil's ebony lover began to power his cock into her. The girl who had been playing with her earlier, was now on the floor being fucked by the other guy. There were three couples in that bedroom fucking the brains out, what a sight.

I noticed a redhead with big breasts and a shaved pussy, looking in the other window while stroking her clit. She saw me looking at her and signaled for me to come here. We met by the engine covers, which had padding on them. We said hi to each other, while looking each other over. She smiled when she saw my hard cock. Laying back on the engine cover, she spread her legs and beckoned me to her. I positioned myself between her legs with my cock pointed at her pussy. She whispered to me, "put it in." Her pussy was very wet and warm. My cock slipped all the way in as she rolled her hips up engulfing me. We fucked like crazy, both of us being ready due to watching the show in the bedroom. The redhead grabbed my ass holding me still, while she used her hips to fuck my cock into her pussy. She started shaking and moaning. She held me deep and ground her climaxing pussy against my cock. As she began to relax from her orgasm, I put her legs on my shoulders and began to powerfully stroke into her. She put her head back said, "Oh yeah! That's it! Do it! I want to feel your cock cum in me." Several strokes later I planted myself deeply inside her and came. We relaxed for a few minutes, then we said thank you to each other and she left. I still don't know her name and I did not see her again.

When I looked in the bedroom I discovered that Lil was gone. I was feeling very tired and decided to walk through the boats on my way back to the campsite. When I got back to our boat, I still had not seen Lil. I wondered where she was and decided to lay down for a while before looking for her again. My wife came back to our boat some time that night. When I woke up she was snuggled up next to me just like always. As I was drinking my morning coffee, Lil came out and said, "good morning" "Good morning " I replied. "What time did you get back?" I asked. "I don't know. But you were sound asleep." she said. "What happened to you last night?" I asked. "Well" she began, here is what happened. I saw you watching through the window while I fucked that black guy. I will start there. His name was Joey. I don't know why I went with him but I'm glad I did. He turned out to be a really great guy. When I saw you fucking April and you were having such a good time, I thought maybe I should try a black guy, too. When Joey met me he made me fell good with his complements and sense of humor. Since I was drinking pretty heavily and was feeling very sexy. The sight of all those naked people laughing and touching each other was a real turn on. I was ready to fuck by the time April and I hit the second boat. As we walked through the crowd on #2 boat, several cocks rubbed my ass and many hands roaming my body. April got her share of touchy feel-ly as well. On #3 boat there was a room with a black out curtain over the door.

April led me into the room, telling me it was one of her favorites and the only rule was that there was no talking. The room was too dark to see anything. April let go of me and said to have fun. A few seconds later I felt a pair of masculine hands touch my body. The hands moved to my breasts and on down to my wet pussy. A mouth sucked in a nipple, as a finger slipped inside me. My hands found a hardening cock and began to stroke it. A few minutes later, the hands began to gently push me down to the carpeted floor. I laid on my back, as the hands caressed me and gently opened my legs. I felt a man move between them and the head of his cock press against my pussy lips. I could not believe what I was doing. Here was a man I had never met and could not even see preparing to put his hard cock in my pussy and I was going to let him. In fact, I wanted him to. I was weird and exciting to fuck a stranger without talking. There was plenty of noise, when you consider all the moans and cries of pleasure. The cock slid into my pussy and began to fuck me intently. I knew he could not last long going at it that hard, but a quick fuck was just what I needed. We fucked for about five minutes. I had one small orgasm, as he came.

He kissed my nipples and left. I followed after him. Outside the room April was talking to Joey. She smiled at me and wanted to know if I felt any better. I told her it was fine for an appetizer but was still looking to the main course. "Well here he is," she said, and introduced Joey. She then turned and went into the darkroom, leaving me with him. We had another drink and talked for a few minutes. He volunteered to show me around the next boat, so I took his arm and went with him. I was a little frightened of his cock being so large. It took him quite a while to convince me to try it. The orgasm I had while on top of him was very intense. He turned me over and told me to spread my legs wide for him. He slowly slid back into me, until his whole nine inches was inside me. He put his arms around me and began to power stroke my pussy. Each time he hit bottom he would grind against my clit. My pussy clamped around his black cock each time he pulled back. Joey's thrusts were becoming more urgent and my pussy was trembling with my coming climax. He began to jerk his cock in and out of me and his body started to tense with his orgasm. He gave a loud grown and planted his cock deeply inside me, I could feel it expanding. My body and pussy opened to receive his orgasm. When I felt his cock explode inside me, my body and pussy came with him. After resting for a few minutes, we decided to go out side for a skinny dip. The water was cool and refreshing.

The swim sobered me up a little. When I came out of the water we met another couple sitting on the beach, Jan and Tom. They invited me to share their big blanket and a towel to dry off with. Accepting the towel I sat down next to Tom. He was of average build and kind of cute. Jan was kind of thick but not fat, just big all over. When Tom saw Joey emerge from the water, he said, "Oh! Jan will want that." Sure enough when Joey got close enough for her to see his equipment she said, "Oh boy, I'm in heat." Jan moved over making room next to her for Joey to sit down, which he did. As the four of us talked, Jan made it clear that she wanted Joey. She took every opportunity to touch him. She complained that the skiing that day had made her body very sore, Joey took his que and asked her if she wanted him to rub her back. She turned on the belly and he began to massage her shoulders. As he did his cock rubbed on the ass and began to grow. When Tom saw him begin to harden he turned to me and said, "I told you." After about five minutes, Joey's massage had reached Jan's ass and his cock was 3/4's hard. He was kneeling between her legs with his hands rubbing her ass, when he slid one hand down the crack of her ass massaging her pussy.

After I had fucked Joey I figured I was done for the evening, but watching Jan become more and more excited had put me back in the mood. When Joey began to slid a finger or two into Jan's pussy and she responded with pleasurable moans and gyrating hips, Tom turned to me and smiled wickedly. He reached over and slipped the towel from my shoulders. When my nipples came in contact with the cool night air, they hardened and sent tiny shivers to my pussy. Tom moved closer to me and took one of my hands and placed it on his hardening cock, while caressing my breasts with the other. Jan was moaning about how good Joey's fingers felt as he stroked her. She looked back a him and when she saw his almost hard nine inch cock said, "Oh boy! Is that for me?" She turned over on her back and sat up putting both hands on his member she began to stroke it and tell him, how beautiful it was and how much she wanted it in her. By this time Tom's fingers had found my pussy and he was gently rubbing my clit and lips. Tom moved between my legs and replaced his fingers with his tongue. Joey pushed Jan down on the blanket and positioned his cock at her entrance. As he pushed into her she said, "Oh yeah put that big black cock into me." It was a mesmerizing sight watching Jan's pussy gobble his hard cock up an inch at a time.

Tom's tongue and fingers had me ready for a cock of my own. Tom caught the look in my eye's and moved up my body. I spread my legs and lifted my knees in anticipation. When he fucked into me, I rocked back empaling his cock as deeply as possible in my pussy. Jan was telling Joey to fuck her over and over again. His long cock was penetrating her over and over again. With each thrust she would roll her pussy toward him like I was doing to Tom. We were both enjoying ourselves immensely. Jan began to stroke her clit. Her legs would jerk back each time Joey thrust into her. With a cry of pleasure she pulled her legs wide open allowing Joey to pound his cock fully in and out of her. The contraction of her orgasm caused Joey to lose control and he began to pump his cum deeply into her. Tom was galvanized by her climax. He began to moan and slap his cock into me. Jan and Joey's climaxes had the same effect on me. I began to ride Tom's cock with vigor. Several moments later, Tom stiffened and I felt his cock expanding inside me. With his first burst of cum, my pussy spasmed milking the rest of his orgasm as mine crashed through my body. A few minutes later I got to my feet and walked a little bow legged back to our boat and crashed next to you.

When Lil had finished telling me what had happened to her, my cock was rock hard. I put her on her back and we enjoyed a morning quickie. It was a great way to start a new day. We spent the rest of the morning playing on the beach, nude of course. After lunch Brian came by to invite us to have dinner with them. We were both highly aroused from the events of the last twenty-four hours. By the middle of the afternoon we had drank several wine coolers and were feeling a little tipsy. I was feeling a little dizzy and laid down for a nap. When I awoke Lil was not around. As I looked around I noticed seven or eight people about one hundred feet down the beach. They were squirming around with each other, on a mat of some kind. I decided to go check it out. When I got there I was amazed to see my wife right in the middle of the party. I will let her tell you how she got where she was.

We were laying around half drunk, when Wil said he was not feeling very good and went into the boat to lay down. A little while later just as I was coming out of the water, I noticed three couples walking toward me. They were carrying a large wadding pool with blow up sides. One of the women was the one who Brian fucked next to me last night. She recognized me and stopped to say hello. Her name was Julie but I can't remember the names of the others. They were going down the beach to find a soft level spot for a oil party. "A what?" I asked. They told me to come along and watch. And, if I wanted to join in, I was invited. I told them that you were not feeling well and that I was going to check on you. Maybe I would show up a little later. When I found you on the boat, you were snoring. I went back outside and relaxed on the beach. I could see the couples as they stood in the pool oiling themselves up. Two of the guys would take one of the girls to the middle of the pool, and the other two girls would take the other guy. The two would pour oil on the one and rub it in. The from their movements the one's getting oiled really enjoyed it, I decided to have a closer look. By the time I got there, the six people were slipping and sliding around with each other in the pool. Everybody was touching everybody else. The guys were sliding their hands all over the women's bodies, sometimes they were touching each other. The women were doing the same things to the guys and each other. One of the couples were laying to the side and were really making out. He had two fingers up her pussy and she was sliding her hand up and down his hard cock. When my gaze shifted from them, the other two pussies had either a cock or a finger in them. My interest in an oil party was growing along with the itch between my legs.

One of the guys saw me watching them. He said something to the other guys and they looked at me. Te three of them climbed out of the pool. They were looking at me as they walked to me and took me by the arms, leading me back to the pool. Once I was in the pool I felt six pairs of hands rubbing oil all over my body. Hands were every where, on my breasts, between my cheeks, and inside my pussy. One of the guys laid down and the hands positioned my pussy on his mouth. His tongue felt very good. Another guy stood in front of me offering me his cock, which I accepted willingly. I felt another hand probe my pussy and several more caressing the rest of my body. The fingers in my pussy disappeared and a hard cock took it's place. As it slid into me I looked up and saw Wil watching me. It must have been quite a sight, with one guy sucking my clit, one fucking me, while I suckled off another. The girls saw Wil at the edge of the pool and pulled him in with them. He was soon on his back with one riding his cock while one sat on his tongue. The guy licking my clit slipped out from under me and mounted the third girl. All eight of us were fucking and sucking like mad. I pushed the guy I was sucking over on his back and mounted his cock. The guy who was just fucking me moved over to Wil and his two girls. His hand caressed Wil's ass and balls, while Wil fucked one of the girls. Wil looked at him with surprise written all over his face. The girl under him whispered something to him and Wil nodded his head. He pulled out of her, as the guy laid on his back.

The girl mounted him and after a few minutes of fucking looked at Wil and nodded her head. He moved up behind her and placed his cock along side of the other guy's. She let out a squeal when both cocks entered her pussy, but from the look on her face she was really enjoying it. The third girl moved over to me and began to caress my breasts and body. Her finger moved down to my clit and rubbed it while I was being fucked. She knew exactly how and where to touch me and my body responded with a tremendous orgasm. Before I realized what I was doing I had my fingers in her pussy. She responded with a moan and look of pleasure. The guy under me began to power his cock into me. He arched up as he climaxed, shooting his cum deep inside of me. I rolled on to my belly to watch Wil and friend fuck the woman. Wil had a finger stroking in ant out of her ass while stroking his cock into her. He pulled out and positioned his cock at her second hole. The woman looked back at him and smiled. She pushed back sliding his cock into her. She went wild, her body began to buck into their cocks and she began to shake with her approaching orgasm. I watched as the guy below her began to ejaculate into her pussy and Wil's ass clench and unclench as he came in her ass. The woman orgasmed along with them, the three of them collapsing in a slippery pile afterwards. We went for a swim to clean off the oil and to cool down. The oil party was a fun way to spend the afternoon and we were looking forward to the evening's adventures.

That evening Lil and I walked down the beach to the houseboats. They had strung lights on the beach on poles and were busy with the barbeque's. Lil was wearing a long tank top and nothing else. I had on a pair of shorts and a matching tank top. Everyone else was dressed similar to us. We said hi to the people we had met during the last twenty four hours and got in line for some food and drinks. After dinner the tables and chairs were cleared away and a DJ started spinning some tunes. Lil and I danced together for several songs, watching everyone feel each other up and generally have a good time. I let Lil sitting on a blanket to get us some more drinks. I was gone about ten minutes when I got back she was sitting with two men I had never seen before. They were sitting on each side of her and the three of them were laughing at something. I handed my wife her drink and sat down in front of them. Lil introduced Arnie and Solo. Arnie was a dark complected man about forty and Solo with a blond norwegian, which explained the name. Arnie was insisting that he had met her before.

Lil was saying that she did not know him at all. A light came on in Arnie's eye and he said, "I know were I met you." Sliding his hand up her leg he said, "Let me feel your pussy and I know for sure." Lil laughed and opened her legs to his hand. After a two minute feel my wife was starting to squirm a little. When he removed his hand Arnie said, "Yes I thought so. I have not only met you, I have also fucked you." "What?" Lil asked. "I was the one in the dark room last night. You were a great fuck, thank you" "Your are welcome." she replied. "He has been telling all about the girl from the dark room. I was hopping to meet you but figured I never would. This is great." Solo said. "You only wanted to meet me or did you have something else on your mind?" Lil asked. "Well now that you mention it. Do you want to dance?" He asked as he stood up. My wife grabbed his hand and he helped her up, as they walked to the dance area, Arnie said, "Come on I see some unattached ladies who need our attention."

Sally and Ann were standing by one of the light poles when we got to them. We introduced ourselves and asked if we could get them a drink. After getting the drinks we found a place to sit and got comfortable. Sally was a short blond with huge breasts, Arnie was drooling all over her. Ann was a slender oriental girl with one of the best butt's I ever seen. As we sat and talking I would catch glimpses of Lil dancing with Solo. Her tank top was bunched around her middle, leaving her breasts and pussy bare to the night air. Solo had his lips locked arround one on her nipples and a finger in her pussy as they danced. Other couples were doing much the same thing. Sally asked if the four of us would like to go and smoke a doobie. We thought it would be a good idea so we grabbed our blanket and headed down the beach. Once we were about a hundred yards from the group we stopped and spread out the blanket. We sat on the blanket smoking the grass for about twenty minutes watching the stars and the full moon. The grass was very potent and we were all flying high when Ann said that she wanted to go for a swim. Arnie and Sally had other ideas, so I followed Ann to the water after taking off our clothes. Ann was well proportioned with her great ass and surprisingly large breasts. Once we were to our waists in the water she came into my arms and we kissed. Her body was warm and inviting. She laid on her back floating on the water and I moved between her legs. Holding her up with my hands under her ass I proceeded to nibble and lick her hairless pussy. After about five minutes of this she wanted to got back to the blanket. "What a good idea." I thought. When we arrived back at the blanket.

Ann told me to sit next to Arnie, who was enjoying Sally's mouth on his cock. Arnie winked at me as I sat down and Ann's mouth engulfed my cock. Ann was a very talented cock sucker and had me at attention in record time. Apparently Sally was good at it too since Arnie was moaning that if she did not stop he was going to cum. I was in much the same condition when both girls sat up and smiled at us. "Our turn." Sally said.

We changed positions with them and proceeded to make them cum with our mouths and fingers. As the girls were just over the peaks of their orgasms we sat up and positioned our cocks against their pussies. Sliding them in at the same time which made the ladies groan in unison. Ann's pussy was smooth, tight and slippery. When I hit bottom she wiggled against me and spread her legs out wide. Arnie and I fucked them like that for several minutes. I began to nibble Ann's breasts and neck which caused her to wrap her legs around my butt and use her heels to pull me in tighter with each of my strokes. I was very close to cumming when I pulled back from her embrace and slowly slide free of her clutching pussy. "Turn over" I told her. When she was on her hands and knees, that beautiful ass of hers was begging to be stroked and fucked. I moved between her legs and did just that. Arnie saw our new position and urged Sally into the same one. After enjoying this position for about ten minutes, Arnie asked if I wanted to switch. "Ok." I said. Both girls moaned as we with drew from them. We smiled at them as Arnie moved back and I moved over behind Sally. When they saw what we were doing them smiled with us. As I slid into Sally she put a finger on her clit and began to stroke it as I fucked her. About five minutes later Ann and Sally were cumming. Arnie and I were shooting our cum into them with pleasure. After about ten minutes of cooling down we made our way back to the party.

I asked Ann if she wanted to dance. While we were dancing I was looking for Lil. Almost everyone was naked and engaged in something sexual. Toward the end of our dance I spotted my wife walking down the beach toward our boat with three guys, all of them were naked. One of the guys had his hand on her ass. As they walked he would slid it up and down cupping her cute butt. Ann whispered thank you in my ear as the song ended and walked away. I went looking for my shorts and shirt. The action going on around me was incredible. Couples and groups were fucking each other and generally exploring their sexual appetites. I stopped by this one group of about five people. One of the girls was leaning over the back of a chair, while a guy fucked her from behind. She smiled at me and motioned me over to her. When I got close to her she said hi and grabbed my hips pulling my cock into her mouth. As I stood there enjoying her feel, I saw this black woman position a big hard white cock in her pussy. The contrast of her dark skin and his light colored skin, as she road up and down was fascinating. Looking at my watch I discovered fifteen minutes had pasted since I saw my naked wife walk away. I excused myself and grabbing my clothes, walked toward our boat.

As I got closer to the boat I could make people in the back where the swiveling captains chairs are. When I was about two feet from the back of the boat, I just stopped and stared. Lil was on the captains chair with two of the guys standing in front of her. The chair was turned so in could see that one of the guys had his cock buried in her pussy and was fucking her through an orgasm. His ass was clenching and thrusting into her as he came with her. After she relaxed the third guy, who was sitting on the other chair stroking his ten inch cock, said, "let Bill have her now Joe." The guy who had just came moved aside and the second guy moved into her. The third guy's dick was amazing. It was at least ten inches long and very thick. I wondered if he had already fucked my wife or was next. "That's it Bill get her nice and lubricated for me." I heard him day. Lil was moaning and groaning with each bill's thrusts. Her head was back as she reclined in the seat and willingly allowed her self to be fucked. Although she was giving as much as she received. I wondered what had happened to her which had evolved into this gang bang. My husband wants me to write about the circumstances leading up to my (as he calls it) gang bang. When Solo walked me out to the dance area and took me in his arms, he rubbed his semi- hard cock between my legs. I remember thinking "Ok Lil time to party". I felt my inhibitions slip to the floor and I knew that I would take on all cummer's that night. While on the dance floor Solo's hands roamed all over my body and mine roamed over his. I was pleased with what I felt and by the quickening of his breathing he must have liked what I found. Solo was not the only one touching me.

As we danced many hands and bodies rubbed themselves against me, paying particular attention to my sexual parts. It was during this time that my shirt was pulled up to expose my pussy and down exposing my breasts. A few minutes after I saw my husband and Arnie leave with the two girls, Solo maneuvered me to the edge of the dance area. There was a table there that he backed me into. When my thighs touched the table he picked me up and set me on it. He removed my shirt and then his shorts. With a sensual smile he pushed me onto my back and proceeded to lick and nibble my pussy. After he made me cum using his mouth and fingers he stood up and positioned his hard cock at my opening. I grabbed his cock with one hand and started caressing my clit with the other. I rubbed the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips, allowing him to put it in an inch or two, savoring the excitement of the moment. Finally I could not take it any longer, releasing his cock and spreading my legs I urged him to fuck me. I had an orgasm within a few strokes of his penetration. I don't remember ever being so sexually excited, here I was spreading myself wide open for a man I had just met. I encouraged him to fuck me hard and deep.

His seven inch cock pounded into me causing my pussy to pulsate and throb with each thrust. From the corner of my eye I saw another man watching us and stroking his hard cock. My body was on fire and the orgasms were cumming one after the other. Solo fucked me for about ten minutes when I felt him start to expand inside of me. I knew he would not last long enough for the big orgasm I knew was just a few minutes away. I heard myself pleading with him to not cum yet, but he was too far gone to stop and I felt his cock explode inside me. Solo pulled out and collapsed on the table next to me, leaving me wanting more. A few seconds later I felt a finger exploring my pussy. When I looked between my legs I saw the guy who had been watching us. He had his cock in one had and the other hand in my pussy. He slid two finger into me and caressed my clit with his thumb, while stroking the inside of my pussy looking for my g-spot. When he found it the combination sent me into another series of minor orgasms. I became aware that he was shifting positions and realized that he was going to fuck me and I did not even know his name. Involuntarily my legs went around his back and pulled him into me.

The introduction of this strangers hard cock inside me, broke my orgasmic dam. He began to slam his cock into me, building in speed and intensity. My climax started deep inside my pussy, as it moved to the surface it seemed to push several small orgasms a head of it. I lost tract of every thing around me, the only thing I was interested in was the tremendous orgasm that I was building up to. I don't know how long he fucked me. All I know is that it was long enough. My orgasm crashed through me, leaving me exhausted and satisfied. I became aware of my surroundings when I felt hands touching my breasts and caressing my drenched pussy. Looking around I was surprised to see three other guys sporting hard ons and devouring me with their hungry eyes. One of them had a cock that looked like a baby elephants trunk and I knew I wanted it. I could feel the sexual spark deep inside me start to grow, but I knew that I needed a rest first. One of them moved between my legs getting into position but I stopped him saying, "Not yet, I need a rest. Can you three give me some time to relax?" They were disappointed but agreed. "Thanks guys. Will one of you get me a drink? I'm dying of thirst." I said. They helped me sit up and get to my feet.

One of them left to get my drink and the other two introduced themselves as Joe and Mike. Bill was the one who went for my drink. When he got back we relaxed and talked. I did know how thirsty I was until I tried to stand up and felt the buzz of the drinks they had given me. They helped me to my feet and I told them that I was drunk and needed to sober up a bit. They said ok, picking me up they carried me to the lake. They waded out to their waists and dropped me in. The cool water was just what I needed. I felt my energy return and my body felt invigorated. We swam and played in the water for about ten minutes. I was a unique experience to swim with three naked men who were lavishing their attention on me. No part of my body went unexplored. The spark was burning brightly as they carried me out of the water and put me down on the beach. I looked around and saw my husband dancing with a very pretty oriental girl. I wondered if he was having as good a time as I was. Joe asked me how I was doing? I told him I was doing fine. He said, "good, cuz I want to eat your pussy." I told him that I liked his way of thinking. "Come on let's go to my boat." I said and grabbing his hand and starting down the beach. Bill walked on the other side of me and caressed my ass as we walked down to the boat. Once on the boat I sat in the captains chair and motioned for him to cum over. I put my legs up on his shoulders as he started to kiss and lick my pussy. Joe was very good at eating pussy. He had me cumming ten minutes after starting. When he stopped and moved to position his cock for his entrance that I was more than ready for. The feel of his long hard cock sliding into me was wonderful.

Sam was standing along side of me as Joe fucked me sensually. I reached for his cock and began to stroke it with my hand. The pace of Joe's strokes began to speed up and Bill's cock was getting harder as I stroked it. My body, particularly my pussy responded by opening up and then tightening up with each of Joe's thrusts. When he reached over and began to flick my clit and I felt his cock expand inside me, my orgasm burst out. My pussy pulsed with each of his ejaculations as we came together. When I heard Mike say, "Let Bill have her now Joe." I looked up and saw my husband watching us.

He just smiled and blew me a kiss. Bill moved between my legs and proceeded to effortlessly slide his hard cock all the way in. He was bigger than Joe and as he fucked me I realized that the three of them were working as a team getting me ready for Mike's cock. Looking at Mike's hard trunk I was glad that the team seemed to be working so well. Joe's cock felt wonderful. He was about two inches longer than Joe's seven and bigger around. My pussy felt so stuffed with his cock, but I still worried about having mike's cock in me. As I was wondering, Bill changed angle of his thrusts. With the top of his cock riding on my clit as he rode me, was sending delicious tingles throughout my body. My husband moved up nest to me and started kissing my lips and stroking my breasts. He told me how beautiful and sexy I was. He reached down and began to rub my clit the way only an experienced lover can do. Bill quickened his pace and was soon fucking me through another orgasm. Just as my orgasm peaked, he powered into me and ground the top of his cock against my clit. His cock seemed to double in size as he came inside me, jerking with each spray of cum. The effect of his orgasm was to hold me at the peak of mine, luxuriating with each blast of his exploding cock. I was sad when he grew soft and pulled out of me, but then I remembered Mike's big cock. He moved up between my legs, as Bill moved away.

I don't mind telling you that when he laid that monster against my pussy lips, I was a bit apprehensive to say the least. I looked at my husband and saw a look of wonder. He smiled and looked at me asking, "will that thing fit?" "I don't know. Shall we find out?" I replied. Mike nudged the head of his cock into my pussy. It took two or three nudges until the head popped inside. Mike waited while I caught my breath and relaxed before pushing three more inches into me. I was glad that the other two had just cum inside me or else I would not have had enough lubrication for him. He pulled back a little and shoved forward putting six inches of his cock into me. It felt like he was going to split me apart, then he stopped. He began to fuck me using the first six or seven inches of his log. After a few minutes my pussy relaxed and began to enjoy this big dick. The other three guys were gathered around me stroking every inch of my body. Joe and Bill each had a leg and were holding them open for Mike. They were stroking up my legs to my ass and belly, while my husband stroked and teased my breasts. Mike was stroking his cock into me faster and faster. With each thrust he would get a little farther inside me as my pussy stretched out to accommodate his size. I closed my eyes and snuggled my head into my husband's arms and chest. The feel of his arms around me caused me to relax and enjoy being so deeply fucked. I felt another very big orgasm forming deep in my pussy. I was surprised by it's appearance, but was over joyed to know I was going to have another record setting climax. My husband leaned down and whispered, "he is all the way in." My eyes flew open and I looked down to discover Mike's cock fully embedded in my pussy. I told him to fuck me slowly, because

I wanted to see his cock sliding in and out of me. I could not believe that my pussy could take all of him. He began to fuck me a little faster causing me to bounce on his cock. A series of small orgasms rippled through my body, setting me up for the earth quake I knew was cumming. I was surprised when Mike pulled his cock out of me. He told the guys to help me to the engine cover and put me on my hands and knees. "Oh good" I thought, "he is going to fuck me from the rear." My husband moved around in front of me so I could suck his cock while Mike fucked me. Spreading my knees apart and leaning down to my husbands cock, opened my pussy to Mike's intentions. Which was exactly my intention. Mike moved into position and placed his swollen cock at my entrance. When he started to penetrate me I looked up and caught my husband looking at me. We held each other's eyes as Mike's cock slid deeply into me. Even though his cock had just been inside me, the penetration took my breath away. It seemed to take forever, until I felt his hips stop against my ass. He put his hands on my hips and held me still while he rotated his cock into me as far as possible. Bill and Joe were standing on either side of me and started to caress my body. One of their hands slipped down to my clit, which was pressed tight against Mike's huge cock and began to gently rub it. Mike started to fuck in and out of me with long slow strokes. His fucking and the guys hands on my body soon had me climbing toward the big one. My husband realizing that I could not concentrate on sucking his cock moved to the side of us giving him a good view of the action. It took about ten minutes of slowly speeding up the pace before my pussy was stretched enough to allow Mike, to really fuck me. When he had me loose enough he began to slam into me. I though that he was trying to drive his cock clear through me.

The sensations were overwhelming. I was glad that the effects of the three drinks were still with me. The combination of Mike's cock, Joe and Bill's hands and my husband watching, caused me to have the biggest orgasm of my life. My head and shoulders went flat on the engine cover, pushing my pussy up and wide open for Mike's pounding cock. As my climax washed over me I felt Mike's cock start to jerk, as he began to shoot his cum into me. I was screaming and pounding my pussy back onto his cock with each shot his cock made. I don't know how long my tunnel vision lasted. The next thing I was aware of, was my husband's hands on my ass. I could feel him playing with my pussy but my nerve ending down there were so over loaded that the sensations I felt were minimal. I figured that he was probably fucking me from the way he was bouncing against my ass, but I could hardly feel him. Every muscle in that area was totally relaxed and I could not make them squeeze him at all. I felt him stop and reposition himself and I wondered what he had in mind. I did not have to wonder long. I felt him put his cock against my anus, but before I could say or do any thing he pushed it all the way in. I held my breath anticipating the pain I was sure he had caused. He was holding still with his cock buried in my ass waiting for my reaction as well. There was no real pain, just a slight discomfort and a very full feeling, much like Mike's cock felt in my pussy. After a few moments he started to fuck slowly in and out. The discomfort when away and was replaced by a very sensual feeling.

Someone put a couple of fingers in my pussy and started to rub my clit again. I felt my body start to sexually respond and I wondered if I had just turned into a nymphomaniac. "Oh well just relax and enjoy it." I told myself. My husband's thrusts were becoming more insistent as he built toward his orgasm. The hand in my pussy was rapidly sliding in and out while flicking my clit. I wondered if I was going to cum again when all of a sudden, wham, there it was. My husband held his cock still while I road him through my climax. I felt him trembling as he fought off the urge to cum until I was over the top. As I was crashing down the other side of my orgasm, I felt him jerk once inside me and pull out, spraying my ass with his cum. I collapsed and curled into a ball on the engine cover.

After my wife passed out on the engine cover and I said good by to the guys, I picked her up and put her in the forward berth. Covering her with a light blanket and kissing her good night I went and sat on the beach, thinking what a lucky guy I was. I had stretched out on our blanket and was watching the stars and the moon move around when I fell asleep. A few hours later I woke up with a warm mouth on my cock. Looking down I saw my wife sucking away. She told me that she a gotten hot in the boat and had come outside looking for me and to take a leak. After a short swim she had snuck up on me and proceeded to wake me up in a most pleasurable way. After getting me hard, she climbed on top of me and slid her warm pussy over my cock. I was relieved to feel that her pussy was back to it's original size. We made love to each other for about fifteen minutes, both of us had very satisfying orgasms. Falling asleep in each others arms we slept for the rest of the night on the beach.

The next morning after collecting some phone numbers from our new friends, we packed up and went home. I think maybe my wife does have a nymphomaniac hidden inside her. I hope to see that side of her again, soon.
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