Sixteen & Raped

Written by Wildthing / Jun 15, 2004


Sixteen By Wildthing

I am 23 tears old,blond hair blue eyes. 5' tall 100 lb. My first encounter with black men was when I was 16. I went to my high school football game at a visiting school. I was one of the cheer leaders for our team. I lived in Virginia at the time and we were playing in Petersburg which is mostly an all black school. While they normally have a great team we beat them pretty bad this time which did not make them happy. We didn't help with the comments we were making regarding there abilities. Well, after the game we went to the locker rooms to freashen up and somehow I got lost in the unfamiliar school. My friends all thought I was with another car and left before I found my way to where our cars were. I was standing there wondering what I was going to do when a van full of the opposing team pulled up and dragged me into there van. I screamed but there was no one to hear me. The took me deep into one of the local parks, ripped my cheerleading outfit off of me, slapped me hard a few times, then tied me spread eagle to 4 trees and gang raped me. There were 5 of them and they all took there turns raping me over and over. They called me names like slut and whore and asked what I thought of their abilities now.

While I was not a virgin at the time I certainly was not prepared for what they were giving to me. I was very petite and they were very large, very black and very well hung. They fucked me like animals in heat. They said they had never had a white girl before and that they were going to fuck me hard. Well they did. As I laid there crying and screaming in pain they continued to ram themselves deep into my pussy harder and harder. their weight was crushing me as they gang raped me. I do not know how many times each one took me but I am sure that each one came inside of me at least twice. When the were done with me they gagged me and put me back in the van.

They took me home but dropped me off about a block from my house. They told me they knew were I lived and if I told anyone they would find me and hurt me real bad. I never did tell. I was worried that I was pregnant but somehow even with all that cum in me I wasn't. Boy was I relieved. But ever since that day I have wanted more black dick. I feel that I have become a real slut as when ever I see a nice black stud I want him. I try to get envolved with gangbangs and rapes when ever possible. Am I addicted?

The End for now. by Wildthing

Raped By Wildthing

My husband and I went to visit a friend of ours in Loisville Kentucky last week. I was dressed very sexy since I do love to tease.I am 23 yrs old,Long blond hair ,blue eyes and about 100lb. I was wearing a very short skirt,nylons, garters, 4" fuck me heels, and a sheer white blouse. No bra and no panties. My friend is a white male whom we visit for great sex about once a month. I am an exibitionist and we go out to the bars for me to tease the guys.When we all get hot out of our minds we go home and fuck like bunnies(I love threesomes). Well we went to a few bars and finally ended up in a little dive joint off 7th steet. We were the only white people in the bar. I did not let it bother me as I went about being my normal tease. I brushed my ass and tits against every guy I could. The black studs kept buying me drinks and playing with my tits and ass. I could tell that they were expecting to get lucky.I Played the juke box and bent over to expose my bare ass and garters. I was getting real hot and my husband was getting a little nervous. I went back to the table and told them that I was ready to leave.

My husband started to get up when he was grabbed by 2 of the black men. I was grabbed by another. Our friend just sat there with his head down. The bartender told my friend that he could leave now as he has satisfied his end of the deal. Appearently he had gotten himself in debt with this guy and the bartender had agreed to waive the debt if he delivered a beutifull blond for him and his friends to gang rape. Our "friend" got up and left. My husband was then beat up by the gang and left tied up in a chair to watch them rape me. I struggled and screamed to be let go. I was then repeatedly slapped very hard which sent my head spinning. My skirt and blouse were ripped off and I was pushed to the floor as I was held spread eagle to the floor They began to mount me and rape me.

They seemed to want to hurt me as they rammed into me without lubrication. Their dicks were bigger than anything I had ever had. All I could do is scream in pain until they began to rape my mouth too. They told me that is I bit them they would cut off my pretty white tits and feed them to my husband. They were ramming down my throat as hard as they were fucking my pussy. At times I was turned around and had a dick shoved into my ass. After awhile I was taken to the pool table where a large black man was already laying down. I was picked up and placed on top of him. His big black dick shoved deep into my ass. I was pushed back onto him as another climbed between my legs and rammed into my pussy. My head was laid back and two big black dicks began to alternate fucking my mouth.

Black dicks were placed in each of my hands and I was told to jack them off to completion. I was being gang raped and felt they could not do any thing more when the stud fucking my pussy moved up as high as he could without leaving my pussy. Then I felt incredable pressure as another big black dick had moved in behind him and was pushing his dick into my pussy beside his. I tried to scream but could not with the dicks in my mouth. They continued to fuck me harder and harder. When one of the guys said hey I just found $500 in her husbands wallet I will give it to you guys fucking her now if you can all make your dicks dissappear into this white bitch at once. With that they all began to ram into be harder .One of them said fuck er harder guys...I bet we can fuck this bitch up good. Cram that meat into her. MY face was slapped repeatedly over and over . They laughed as they saw that the corners of my mouth was bleeding. AS one stud came he was quickly replaced by another. They raped me like this for hours. They had more guys coming into the bar all night. They were paying admission to rape a pretty young blond. As They continued to rape me I began to wonder if they would kill me. MY face was bruised and bleeding, as was my pussy and ass. I was also sure that a couple of my ribs were broken by the guys that kept ramming there weight onto me .

As the night went on I was tied to the pool table spred eagle. Two longneck beer bottles were shoved into my pussy and ass. I was left that way until someone was ready to fuck me again. only then was the bottle removed but was replaced were they were done. At 3:30 am my husband (still straped to the chair) and I were taken outside to a back alley. They place him in the chair facing an old abadoned car I was tied with my legs to the front bumber , my back on the hood and my arms were streched tight with rope and tied to the rear view mirrors. They left me there for anybody that want to fuck me. I was fucked by many more that night. Gang members..bums..and even the two black cops when they found me shove there big black dicks into me while my husband watched.

BY wildthing.
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