Cum Filled

Written by Wimp Dick / Dec 13, 2001



My wife and I have been married for 5 years. She is a sexy full bodied brunette with a great sense of style. I have a small cock that does not please her but she hides her frustration well. She has called me a sissy before and likes to hide my cock with her panties - something I secretly enjoy with or without her.

One week ago, my wife accompanied me on an out of town business trip. I was in conference during the day while she was at the hotel and shopping around town. Needless to say the first night there was no sex. Ireally wasn't expecting any at all. What I got was sweet humiliation at its best.

The second morning my wife commented that she was going shopping and she had a big surprise for me. Well, that was enough to keep my blood pumping during the day. I could just imagine what she had in store. Lately she liked me to wear her panties during sex because I get really hard in them. This delivers a little pleasure to Nancy. I couldn't wait. It had been quite awhile since I had cum in her presence.

When 5:00 finally came and I got back to the hotel room, there was my wife decked out in a beautiful navy short dress with natural stockings. Her breasts were about to burst out from underneath.

"Hello" she said. "Hi" I muttered, already shaking with anticipation. "I have a surprise for you" Nancy giggled. "What is it" I practically begged.

Nancy reached into a pink bag, on the bed, and pulled a shiny pair of pink satin panties along with a powder blue set. She then handed me the pink ones and stated "Now you have some of your own panties and you don't have to wear mine."

"You got me 2 pairs" I remarked as she took the pink panties back. "You will probably need them" she exclaimed. "Go into the bathroom and get undressed." She ordered "Put on my sleepshirt. The teal one." "Wow" I responded, trying not to show too much sissy excitement. I had not really put on any other lingerie in front of Nancy. "Yes, I want you decked out for me tonight. But your panties will wait for the moment." "Ok" I said and went to the bathroom to change. As I removed my business clothes and slid into the slippery sleep shirt, I noticed my small cock was at its fullest. Nancy must really have a kinky time planned. But why did she want me to dress in the bathroom. Little did I know for as I walked out of the bathroom my answer stood there in front of me.

"Sweetie this is David" Nancy said. "David this is my little sissy husband."

Here I was standing in front of this well built man in satin sleepshirt, with my tiny unit making a minature tent pole.

Nancy commented to David, "See how small it is." And she pulled the sleepshirt up above my cock to show it to him. "You weren't kidding. I'm sure your pussy is aching for a real cock" replied David. "Almost as bad as my mouth" groaned my wife.

David's hands strted to caress my wife's body - her breasts, her hips and thighs, her crotch. She broke his embrace for a moment and looked at me to say:

"Honey, you are welcome to watch how a real man fucks a woman. You must be quiet! You must be still! Sit in the desk chair and watch. And, I want that pathetic sissy cock covered. Put on your panties." she said signalling me the dresser drawer.

She wanted her stud to watch me be pantied by his new conquest. I walked to my drawer, reached in and picked up the pink pair and stared at them.

"Put on your panties. One leg in and slide them up gently." Nancy instruced.

David was snickering as my bulge protruded. The he laughed at me standing there and said "Nice panties." I was humiliated but so turned on that I was about to explode.

"You really like them don't you?" asked my wife. "Yes I do" I replied. My little cock was now rock hard in the pink satin. "Good because I have new panties too. And I am going to like this" she said as David took her into his arms and began hiking her dress so that I could see her new navy garter belt and panty combination. "I hope you understand now why I got you 2 pairs panties." Nancy continued as she went to her knees, turned her head away from me with a smile, and reached for her night of satisfaction.

She unzipped David's pants, undid his belt and pulled out a huge cock. Even she was surprised. It had been so long since she had felt one like this.

Nancy looked up at David, with almost a tear in her eye and said "I am so thankful that I found you today. I am so glad that you are going to put this into my pussy and fill me with hot cum." She continued "May I earn my kneepads now and place my lips on your cock?"

"Yes. I am sure it is foreign to you. But after tonight, you'll never have to settle for a wimp dick again." Answered David.

"Thank you" Nancy cried. There were tears in her eyes. She gently took his cock in her mouth like a tasty treat. She sampled it at first. Then she attacked like a thick milkshake with a straw. David looked at me with a smirk of absolute pleasure while I stroked the front panel of my panties. He couldn't help but laugh at me.

Nancy paused at the laugh.

"What's funny" she asked. "Your husband is jerking off in panties" David replied. "Oh I'm sure." She said turning her head to me. "He does it all the time. He is such a wuss. His cock is so small though, I felt like it should be covered in satin. It's so small and quaint" She then looked back at her lover and asked "how does your cock feel?" "Wonderful." David answered. "If you keep going the way you are, I'll be blowing a load pretty soon" "I haven't had such a sucking in a long time." He added. "Well I haven't had something so nice to suck on." Nancy commented.

She was about to continue when she asked a question that shocked me.

"Will you cum on my husband?" "Yes my dear. Where would like to have him glazed?" he inquired. "Cum on his face, then on his pantied ass and if you have any left, in his panties." Then she said to me "Come over here and get on the bed."

The room had 2 double beds. She motioned for me to get on all fours on the bed closest to the desk and window. Then she undressed David and the 2 of them took up position between the beds and Nancy started to suck again. Harder and harder until I could see the look in his face and I knew his rod was filling to the point of bursting. My wife could tell as well and she began to stroke his shaft. His legs were shaking, his hands and hips were thrusting her head and mouth.

"I'm gonna blow baby." He exclaimed. Nancy pulled her mouth off of his glistening cock and motioned, with her finger, for me to come closer. I turned towards the cock that she was holding and felt the warm gush hit my face. It was like a hose pipe. The juice hit my forehead across my face and chin and then down my sleepshirt across my chest to the tip of my sissy cock in the panties.

David just moaned with relief.

"Turn around so he can coat your ass." Nancy shouted.

I turned myself on all fours as she stroked him hard to get more of hot load out. I felt it coat the satin of my bottom like the hot wax of carwash.

Once my backside was creamed, Nancy barked for me to perch up on my knees.

"Pull up your sleepshirt and hold the front of your panties open."

I did as ordered. I held my satin gown shirt up with my right hand. Then I grabbed the front of my panties by the waistband and opened them for deposit. Nancy position David's cock over my panties and pumped out the remaining cum into my panties. His cum was already running all over me so why not here. It was then that I felt my rush of cum filling my pink panties. I had dropped my gown and began pumping my own little cock. My panties were soaked. I understood why my wonderful wife had gotten me a second pair of panties. Not only was I a pathetic pantywaisted sissy, but I was a wet one at that.

David and Nancy were now laughing uncontrollably at me standing there with creampies all over me. They did regain their composure long enough for David to get Nancy's dress and bra off. He went to take off her panties but she stopped him.

"I want to fuck me with them on" Nancy said "We'll put them on the cum boy's head once you've filled them."

He got behind her on the bed and drove his shaft home.

To be continued...
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