My Wife With Strangers

Written by WJ / Oct 10, 1999



The first time my wife and I went out to pick up a stranger for her to fuck, we really didn't know how we would go about picking them up. After we had a few drinks and had relaxed a little from the excitment, I suggested she "scope" the place out and find someone to dance with, so she left and was gone about 30 minutes. When she came back she said she had been dancing with a real young kid, but hadn't seen anyone that peaked her interest. We had a few more drinks, and she danced a couple of more times.

By now it was getting late in the evening and my wife had a pretty good buzz going on. I saw a couple of black guys just standing next to the bar a few tables behind us, they were mid 30's and they were solidly built. Normally, my wife is pretty shy, she would find it hard to approach anyone about sex, much less a black guy. I asked her if she would like to try him, and she said yes, but was very nervous about it. We had talked about her trying a black guy, but we had never acted on such a fantasy, plus she knew about the reputation that black guys were usually well hung. I assured her that this is not necessarily the case.

Anyway, after a brief conversation with her, I told her I would invite him to our table, and whatever happens would happen, she wouldn't have to do anything if she felt uncomfortable. I went up to him and said hello, and told him that my wife wanted to dance with him if he wouldn't mind. He told me OK and he had to go visit some friends, but we be over to our table in a few minutes.

I went back and told my wife that he may or may not be over after he visits with some of his friends. Sure enough, after about 15 minutes, this guy shows up and he asks my wife to dance. They dance several fast songs, and then the music turned slow. They danced two slow songs in a row, and then came back to the table, and my wife sat down, but the black guy excused himself to the bathroom. While he was gone, my wife told me that the first song he rubbed around on her, but during the second song he was pushing his cock into her, and she could tell he was BIG. I asked her if she wanted to get a hotel room and invite him to come with us, but she was afraid he would say no, I knew better because my wife is a slim, very attractive redhead. When he came back, my wife excused herself to the restroom, and I began to tell this guy that one of my wifes fantasies was to be fucked by a black guy. He looked at me funny, like is this a trap or what, but I assured him we were sincere and would cause him no harm, just pleasure. He said OK.

When my wife got back, I suggested we go ahead and leave, so we went to the car. I drove and she sat between me and him. On the way there we mostly made small talk. When we got to the hotel I went to get a room, while I was gone my wife told me he started telling her how he was going to fuck her and give her a big cock to try. She also said he had his hand under her skirt and was fingering her pussy. He had taken her hand and placed it on his cock, she said she could tell he was the biggest cock she had ever felt. She was very nervous, but at the same time she was excited.

When we got to the room, he went to the bathroom again, then my wife went, and while she was in the bathroom, I told him to take his clothes off down to his underwear and we would have her give him a massage, all I wanted to do is watch, not participate. He stripped down and was waiting for her when she came out. I asked her why she doesn't she give him a massage, so she tells him to lay down on his stomach and begins to rub his back and legs. She does this for about 5 minutes, and then she tells him to turn over. She started rubbing his chest and every once in while she would let her hand stray just under his underwear. Finally she grabbed his underwear and pulled them down and off, his was laying there butt naked, his cock was only semi-hard, but it was huge, not so much long (although it was long too) but more THICK than anything. She grabbed it and her hand would barely go all of the way around it. As she started to stroke him, he kept getting harder and harder until finally you could tell he was like a rock. My cock was also hard as a rock, but in a scaled down size compared to his, but that didn't matter to me, cause I was gonna see my wife fuck his big black cock.

Next, she started sucking his cock, she could get the tip in, but she couldn't go down very far. I don't think it mattered a whole lot to him by the way he was moving his hips and moaning. She finally stopped sucking him and she got on her back and spread her legs for him. That was so exciting to see her spread her legs for another guy in front of me, and a black guy to make it even more exciting. He got between her legs and positioned himself over her pussy. I must remind you that normally my wife is shy and not even that aggressive in bed, although she does have her moments. But the next thing she did turned me on more than I have ever been turned on. I saw her reach under and grab his black cock, and start rubbing her clit and pussy with it, she was working him into to her. I could see her grab him tightly and shove his cock into her as far as she could. Finally she had his cock and her pussy wet enough that I saw him start to ease it into her. In a almost reflex reaction, her legs came up to accomodate all of him and within just a few strokes he was bottoming out. She wasn't screaming, but was she was doing some serious moaning. It was at this point that I realized how much she was enjoying his cock, because she was grabbing his ass pulling him into her as deep as he could go.

After a few minutes of fucking like this, they switched positions. She got on top of him, and again as she straddled him, I could see her grab his cock and aim it at her pussy. We have discussed this position many times, because it is my favorite position for watching. She knew this and as she was fucking him, she would lean over him so that I could see more of his cock going into her. She was teasing me with his cock.

It was all I could take, I couldn't watch anymore. I stripped down and joined them. I asked them to switch positions again, I wanted him to fuck her doggy style while ate her pussy. Her pussy tasted so good, and I could tell she was loving it too. I could see his big black cock only inches away from my tongue, he would pull almost all of the way out and then plunge back into her. After my wife had an orgasm, the black guy said he was ready to cum. He said his favorite position for cumming was for the lady to be on top, so my wife climbed aboard again and began fucking him on top. Usually after she cums, she is ready to stop and tonight was no different, but since she had to get him off, she kept on fucking. It must have started feeling good again, because she started moving faster and riding him harder by pushing her hips down on him hard. She was also teasing me again by leaning over and fucking where I could see him go in and out.

We had done anal a few times, but it was never a big deal to us, nor is it a big deal to us now, but at that time, I had to stick my cock somewhere, so I got behind her and put it in her ass. It is hard to believe we did a double with a cock the size of his, but she said it didn't hurt because she was so turned on. It wasn't but a minute or two after I got in her that I felt him tensing up and moaning that he was cumming. I could feel him pushing his cock as deep into her as he could, and then finally just stay tensed up when he started cumming in her pussy. I came right after that in her ass.

Usually, I am definitely done after I cum, but we asked him to leave and give us a little privacy, which he did.

After he left, I was still horny. My wife had my cum in her ass which I couldn't see, and this black guys cum in her pussy and it was oozing out, which I could see. My wife loves for me to eat her, and I dove down between her legs and started to eat her while she told me how much she liked getting fucked. She came again, she says her orgasms are much more intense when I eat her after she has been fucked. I needed some relief, so finally I started to fuck her, and there is nothing that feels better than to fuck her pussy after someone else has fucked her.

We have done this about a dozen times in the last several years, but only this once with the black guy.
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