Beach Blanket Bimbo

Written by X. Marx Despot / Oct 10, 1999


Beach Blanket Bimbo.....

by X. Marx Despot

The first day on a new job is always hard I guess. I was really feeling like the odd man out that day though. I was 22 years old and had graduated from college by the skin of my teeth. I never had been a good student but somehow I made it through school and my Dad had gone to bat for me and helped me find a job. The only reason I got it was because a friend of my family had vouched for me so I was really nervous about letting him down, not to mention letting down my new bride, Lisa.

I had always been a bit of a screw up but the one thing I did right was when I married Lisa. We had met a year before when I was 21 and Lisa was only 17 and a junior in High School. Then this summer we had both graduated and as soon as Lisa turned 18 years old we got married. Our parents tried to tell us we should wait but I just couldn't wait any longer to have her for my bride.

One of the reasons I wasn't about to wait was that Lisa is so gorgeous that every guy in our hometown wanted to date her. She's a really nice girl but I have to admit she can be a bit of a spoiled brat if she doesn't get her own way. I don't mind though and as long as I don't piss her off she can be very sweet. Her parents were very religious so she hadn't dated much before we met and she had insisted that we wait till we were married before we made love, even though she loved it when I would massage her clit through her panties and make her cum. She refused to jack me off though saying that I could do that when I got home after our dates.

Let me tell you it wasn't easy for me to keep my hands off of Lisa while we were dating. My little 18 year old virgin bride has long blonde hair down to the middle of her back and big green eyes that no man can resist. Add to that her cute little button nose with just a sprinkling of freckles and her full pouty lips and you can see why I had to have her. Most of all though is that incredible fucking body of hers. Lisa is barely 5 feet tall but her measurements are a firm 34DD-22-33! No taller than she is her DD-cup tits look absolutely huge on her small frame. The only problem was that even though she insisted that we wait till after we were married to have sex, she loved to tease me and make me jealous by being sure I knew how many other men wanted her. Her parents would never let her wear any really skimpy clothes but she would always leave one extra button undone or wear her skirts a bit short, anything to make sure that the boys at school noticed her. I was really frustrated when we had to skip our honeymoon because my Dad's buddy got me this job on short notice. The day after our wedding I had to be in the office in a another city and we drove all night to get there. When we arrived we were both so beat that we fell asleep without making love and so here I was the first day on the new job and my new bride at home was STILL a virgin!

I was trying to get to know all the guys and one of them was really friendly. "Hi", he said, "My name is Joe, you must be Ricky Blane", Welcome to the company!" I was glad to get to know someone and soon we were chatting like old friends. Then Joe asked me if I was going to the "Beach Party" at the President's lake house the next afternoon. He said everyone who was anyone would be there and it was good for your carreer if you attended. Then he said something I didn't understand. He mentioned that he was going to "buy his wife a new bikini and see if it helped his career". I asked him what he meant and he said, "I figure it this way Ricky. This is a big company and they hire a lot of new guys each year. Anything you can do to be noticed can only help your career so if I'm seen with a pretty girl in a nice bikini the big bosses are more apt to remember me when the time comes for promotion".

On the way home from work I got to thinking about what he said and decided that maybe he was right. Back home my Dad always used to say "The squeaky hinge gets oiled first" and maybe this was that kind of situation. I stopped off at the mall and went into a women's store and picked out a bikini for Lisa that I thought she would look really hot in. It was a hot pink color and the top was tiny, really hardly more than a couple of triangles of fabric held together by strings that tied behind her back and around her neck. The bottoms were thongs with a little triangle in front and a little one inch long triangle of pearls that hung from the waistband in back and seemed to point to her lovely ass.

When I got home Lisa was already upset because she had made a nice supper and since I stopped at the mall it had gotten cold. I tried to explain to her why I was late and my idea about getting the boss to take notice of her and me but it just made her madder. "You must be kidding!", she said, "You expect me to dress like some kind of slut in front of all the men you work with so you might get a raise or something? I'm your wife Ricky, not some cheap whore!" Then she turned and stomped into the bedroom and locked the door leaving me to sleep on the couch. Lisa could be a really spiteful little bitch when I made her mad and I knew better than to try to approach her until she was ready to make up and forgive me. I was so frustrated I didn't sleep all night and how could I, considering the fix I had gotten into. I had been married to the sexiest woman I ever saw for two days and I still hadn't got to fuck her yet!

The next day I woke up with a stiff neck and a stiff dick. As mad as Lisa had been the night before I figured one would do me about as much good as the other. I stayed out of her way most of the morning and then realized it was almost time to go to the beach party. "Lisa, Honey?", I said sheepishly as I knocked on the bedroom door, "It's time for us to go to the party. Are you ready to go?" I heard movement from inside the room and then the door opened and Lisa stepped out wearing a cute little robe made out of terrycloth. "Ricky, you know I love you", she said as she looked at me with her big green eyes, "And I want to be a good wife. If you really think it will help your career for me to wear this to the party, I'll do it for you". She smiled a mischevious grin and then shrugged the robe off of her shoulders revealing that she was wearing the hot pink bikini. Her big DD-cup, 18 year old tits were almost completely exposed and they hung out on both sides of the tiny little string bikini top. Her nipples were about the only thing covered by the bra it was so small. Her tight round ass was naked except for the band of elastic that ran between her ass cheeks and her puffy little virgin pussy was covered by a tiny triangle of fabric. "Do I look O.K. Ricky?", she said in her meek little voice, "I mean, I want you to be proud of your wife in front of your new friends, you know?" I was really surprised because usually when Lisa gets mad she stays mad at me for a long time and really makes me squirm before she forgives and forgets. I guess she was feeling like being nice so I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth!

I laughed and said, "Oh Baby, you look more than O.K.! You will be the hottest woman at the party. All the executives will know who I am after today!" "All right Ricky, if you are sure this is what you want me to do.", she said as we walked out to the car. She asked if she should take any other clothes along and I told her not to because we probably wouldn't stay all day and I loved the way she looked in the bikini anyway! "Now remember Lisa", I said, "These people are my bosses and if I want to get anywhere in the company we have to make them like us so really try to get along O.K.?"

We arrived at the lake and found the home of the boss and it was really nice to say the least. He had his own private beach, a nice speedboat, and they had picnic tables and a volleyball net, plus a good stereo hooked up. There were tables filled with food and booze and people everywhere.

We got out of the car and walked over to the beach, feeling a bit uncomfortable since we didn't know many of the people yet. I was relieved to see Joe, the guy I had talked with the day before and I led Lisa over to where he stood. I introduced him and his wife Gina to Lisa and I could see that he was impressed with Lisa from the way his eyes almost bugged out when he saw her tits. The girls started chatting and I pulled him over to one side and said, "Hey Joe, your wife is really pretty but I thought you said you were going to have her wear a sexy bikini today?" "Well, I was", he said sheepishly as he looked over at his wife who was dressed in a conservative one piece bathing suit, "But when I took it home Gina hit the roof and said there was no way she was going to dress like a slut just to impress my boss. She said that no woman would come to a party dressed that way unless she was a complete whore". When he realized what he had said he looked over at Lisa and said, "Uh, I didn't mean it like that Ricky, I mean uh, your wife looks great, I'm sure all the men are going to love her".

Well he was sure right about that. Every man at the party was staring at my virgin bride like she was the last glass of water in the Sahara desert. I can't blame them the way her big tits were bouncing every time she took a step and with that tight ass of hers hanging out of her little thong bottom.

We decided to go in for a swim and when we came out of the water I noticed that Lisa's already tiny top had seemed to get even smaller after getting wet. Her big brown nipples were poking through the wet fabric and the drops of water ran down between her firm breasts and glistened in the afternoon sun. She sat down on the blanket we had brought and began to rub sun tan lotion into her skin, up and down her sexy legs and then over her bare tummy and up onto her mammoth tits. She turned over on her stomach and handed me the lotion, saying, "Rub some on my back Ricky. Do you think your new friends think I'm pretty?" I laughed as I massaged the lotion into her soft smooth skin and whispered in her ear, "I'd say so Lisa. I don't know why else all the men seem to be converging on this part of the beach!" When I looked around I saw that there were at least a dozen men who were standing in a group a few feet away from my sexy wife trying to pretend they weren't staring at her almost naked body. She saw them too and I was surprised at her reaction when she said, "Don't forget to put lotion on my little bottom Ricky. You don't want me to get a sunburn there do you?" Then she raised her almost nude ass and gave it a little wiggle and sighed contentedly as I began to massage the lotion into her soft skin. As my hands rubbed my wife's firm, round 18 year old ass my cock began to harden in my trunks and when I looked up at the group of men I saw that several of them had stiff cocks as well.

Lisa reached up behind her back and untied her bikini top and allowed the strings to fall to either side of her pretty back, causing her big tits to bulge out on each side of her body. "Put some lotion where the straps are at Ricky." She said with a mischevious grin, "I want to be sure I get an even tan on my back". "My God Lisa", I whispered in her ear, "Put your top back on, you're going to drive these guys nuts!" "Oh Ricky, I'm just having a little fun, so don't be so uptight. You're the one who wanted me to make sure they noticed how pretty your wife is, remember?" Then I watched in shock as my tiny 5 foot tall bride raised up on one elbow and turned toward me and the group of slobbering men, covering her big DD-cup tits with just one of her little hands. She had both of her tits mashed together to try and cover her naked nipples with one hand and even then the edges of her nipples peeked out at the staring strangers. "Would you get me a nice cool drink Ricky?", she said innocently while the men stared at her naked tits. I grabbed her bikini top and covered her big tits with it and tied it behind her back to the great disappointment of her gaping fans. "For God's sake Lisa", I said, feeling a little agravated, "Keep your top on will you? What do you think you are doing?" "What's the matter Ricky?", she said teasingly, "I'm just giving you what you said you wanted. You were the one who wanted to show off your wife's sexy body to get the attention of your boss. I'm going to make you sorry before I'm done today, I'm going to make sure all these handsome older men get a real good look at your sexy young wife! Now go get me a cool drink and hurry up about it too!" It dawned on me that she had only been pretending to forgive me for our fight the previous night and that she was giving me a dose of my own medicine to get back at me. I decided I had better get her a drink before she got anymore pissed at me so I headed over to the table where all the food and beverages were arrayed. I was looking for so The only trouble was I couldn't find Lisa. I went to where I thought our blanket was and didn't see her anywhere. Then I realized that the group of men who had been watching her had moved over to where she was and were standing all around her in a circle talking to her. At first I could barely see my wife, let alone get to her, but finally I edged my way through the crowd of men to her side. There was my young wife almost naked in the bikini I had picked out for her being stared at by the whole group of men while she flirted and talked with them as if she had known them all her life! Finally she noticed I was back and she said, "Oh here is my husband now. Hi Ricky, guess what? This is Sam your new supervisor! Can you believe that I happened to meet him first?" I looked and saw the man she was talking to was a very tall, good looking guy in his early forties who was about 6'3' tall with an athletic build. "Hi there Ricky", he said while continuing to stare at my wife's huge tits, "Nice to meet you. This is sure some fine little wife you've got here. Don't you guys all agree?" All the yes men around him agreed and for once they were really telling the boss what they thought.

Sam tore his eyes off of my young wife's body long enough to shake my hand and then he said, "Nice to meet you Ricky. Hey, we were just getting ready to play some volleyball and we have 11 guys who want to play so we need to make it an even dozen, you know?" This is it, I thought to myself, He's going to ask me to play and I'll be one of the guys and it is bound to help me in my career. And then Sam said, "I'm sure you won't mind if we steal your sweet little wife here and have her play with us, will you?" Without waiting for an answer he grabbed my wife by the hand and together they ran down the beach to where the volleyball net was set up. Lisa turned her head back to me as she ran and said, "Be a love Ricky and get me another glass of wine!" Sam added, "Bring us all some beers would you Ricky?" And I watched as my young bride ran laughing with my boss, her big tits jiggling and her almost naked ass swaying with every step.

As humiliated as I felt there was nothing I could do but fetch the drinks. Sam was my boss and every one of his group of guys was in upper management and I needed to be on their good side. As I was walking around the corner of the house I heard voices and then noticed they were talking about Lisa. I peaked around the corner just enough to see that it was several of the wives of some of the top level executives! Their voices were in a whisper but I couldn't help but hear what they were saying.

"Can you believe the way that little blonde tramp is flirting with all the men? Who in the world invited her?", said one of the women. "Believe it or not", said the second woman, "She is the WIFE of some new office boy they just hired. He won't have much of a future with a slut like her for a wife!" "That's his wife?" the first one said, "I thought he had hired a prostitute to come to the party with him or something. I'll tell you one thing for sure, The way Sam has moved in on her I'll bet he'll have her in his bed before the night is through. You know what a stud Sam is!"

My ears were burning as I walked past them. I didn't want to face them so I decided to go into the bathroom before I got the drinks. I went into the house and was looking for the bathroom when I heard several men, also talking about my wife! I glanced in the room and saw it was the President and two top vice presidents of the company and I know I shouldn't have done it but I had to hear what they were saying! "Did you two see the pair of tits on that little blonde bimbo in the bikini?", said Mr. Evans, the president, "How would you like to suck on those big nipples all night long?" "She's got great tits, in fact I heard that the little slut had her top off a little while ago and was showing a bunch of the men her nipples!", said the vice president of marketing, Mr. Jones, "What I like though is that tiny little ass and in that bikini I've seen as much of it as that wimpy husband of hers has seen I'll bet!" "I'll bet you're right about that", laughed the VP of sales, "I don't think that "Little Ricky" can handle a piece of ass like that little slut, I'll bet she can fuck all night long! She's only about 5 feet tall and I'll bet you she has a little cunt that can squeeze the cum right out of a man's cock, don't you think so?" "Guess what I heard?", said Jones with a wink, "Sam has got the little whore out there playing volleyball! Let's go out and watch those big tits of her's bounce around. All the other men are out there watching already!" I ducked into the bathroom so they wouldn't see me and they walked out of the house.

As I stood in the bathroom I realized that if I stood on the edge of the tub I could see out the window and the volleyball net was right beside that part of the house. I could not only see my sexy young wife with all those men, I could even hear them as they laughed and carried on. As I watched, Lisa jumped up to hit the ball and her big tits bounced and jiggled and all the men hooted their approval. Another guy, who was behind Lisa, was staring at her ass and kept rubbing his cock when she wasn't looking much to the amusement of all the men watching from the sidelines. I was upset and jealous but for some reason I was also hard as a rock. My cock was harder than ever before and I couldn't help myself and I worked it out of my swim trunks and began to stroke it as I watched my young bride show off for the group of horney men. Just as my climax began to build Lisa jumped up and stretched to hit the volleyball and tie strings on her top popped open and her top fell to the ground leaving my 18 year old virgin bride with her naked tits on display in front of all my co-workers! All the men hooted and whistled and when Lisa realized what had happened she bent over and slowly reached for her top, causing her big tits to swing and sway invitingly. As she cupped her big firm tits in her hands to place them back in the bikini my cock began to spurt and I sprayed cum all over the side of the shower wall!

As I pulled my trunks back on I realized that I wasn't like other men. Any other man would have been green with jealousy and in a rage at the thought of his beautiful teenage bride displaying her naked tits to his co-workers. While I did feel humiliated and jealous, I was also incredibly turned on at what had just happened. As I watched out the window and saw my teasing slut of a bride laughing and showing herself off I could feel my cock beginning to stir again. That was when I knew that what I really wanted was to watch my virgin bride get fucked good and hard by another man. My cock swelled at the thought of seeing Lisa on her back while Sam and the other men climbed between her smooth teenage thighs and shoved their long hard cocks into her virgin pussy. I could almost picture in my mind what she would look like with their cum running down her cunt and dripping onto her firm round ass cheeks. I decided right then that one way or another I would watch at least one of them fuck my wife that night. After thinking about it for a minute I knew just how to get the little bitch to do it.

I went back outside and they were taking a breather to get drinks before finishing the game. Lisa was standing by herself for a change and drinking what must have been about her fifth glass of wine. I pretended to be upset with her actions and said, "What in the hell do you think you are doing? You look like some kind of fucking whore the way you are flaunting your tits and ass to all these men like some cheap slut! You are my wife and I ORDER YOU to cover up and stop cockteasing all these men!"

Lisa got that look in her eyes that she used to give her Dad when he tried to tell her she had to be home by curfew or else. She looked at me with her green eyes flashing and said, "Who the hell do you think you are to order ME to do anything? This whole thing was your idea anyway remember? You're the one who wanted me to wear this bikini so we would be noticed and now you can't take it because some REAL MEN are falling all over themselves to get a good look at me! If you think I've been cockteasing so far just wait till you see what happens now!" She downed her wine in one gulp and refilled her glass and then wiggled her beautiful ass back over to where the game was resuming.

Beach Blanket Bimbo.....PT2....By X. Marx Despot

My plan was working perfectly. Lisa was mad as hell and determined to show me that I couldn't stop her from acting like a slut, when actually it was exactly what I wanted her to do. I went back over to watch the game and my cock began to swell in my pants as I sat there.

All the men on both sides of the net made sure that Lisa got the ball constantly. They couldn't have cared less about who won the game and besides when ever they hit the ball her way she would jump up making her big DD-cup tits bounce and they were all hoping her top would come loose again. When it was her turn to serve, she aimed and took a big swing and got an ace. All the guys on her team cheered and she jumped up and down with excitement and then ran to where Sam was standing and jumped into his arms in celebration. Although they pretended they were just being enthusiastic about the goal it was obvious to everyone watching that she was going a little overboard. Being only 5' tall Sam caught her in his arms easily and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they hugged, her big tits smashed against his naked hairy chest. All the men hooted and hollered and it seemed to start a team tradition and then every time anyone on Lisa's team scored a point she would jump into the arms of the man who scored. Before long every one of them had felt my virgin bride wrap her smooth young thighs around them and they had all enjoyed her tits on their chest. A few of them grew bolder as the game went on and began to cup her tiny ass in their hands while holding her and she did nothing to stop them, in fact when they would put her down she would give them a pat on the ass before going back to her position. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst as I watched my young wife play the part of the village whore to the utmost. I knew that soon I would get to see her fucked by at least one of them.

One by one the wives and girlfriends who were there got disgusted with my wife's slutty display and they took their husbands and left. By the time the game was over it was rather late and Mr. Evans let it be known that the party was over. Most of the guests had left when Sam came over to me and took me aside and said, "Mr. Evans has asked if you and Lisa would like to stay for a drink after the others are gone? This is a big chance for you Ricky and if I was you I would not refuse his invitation." I told him we would be happy to stay and he took us into the big house to what appeared to be a den, with books lining the walls and a couch and several comfortable chairs. Lisa had had so much to drink that by this time she could barely walk and was giggling and slurring her words. When we got into the room she plopped down onto the couch with her legs spread apart and her head tipped to one side. She wasn't passed out but she sure wasn't feeling any pain. Sam and I sat on each side of her and Mr. Evans was in the chair staring appreciatively at my wife's big firm tits and her smooth young thighs.

"You know Ricky, I'm very impressed with you", Mr. Evans began, "You seem like a young man who could go far in my company. The kind of man who knows how to best use the assets he has, if you know what I mean." As he spoke he stared hungrily at my teenage wife, still wearing nothing but the tiny pink bikini. "What Mr. Evans is trying to say", said Sam, "Is that a good wife can be a valuable asset to a young man if he knows how to uh, make the most of opportunities that arise. Do you know what I mean Ricky?"

"Mr. Evans?", I said softly, "Would you like to see my wife's naked tits?" Then I reached over and untied the strings that were holding Lisa's top on and pulled it away, leaving her 18 year old DD-cup tits naked before both of the horny older men. I reached over and pulled her long blonde hair back from her chest and then began to knead and squeeze her big tits causing her to moan. I moved to her big brown nipples and twisted and pinched them and she made no move to stop me, but only layed there on the couch with her eyes closed. I wasn't sure if she was really asleep or faking but I decided to see what else she would allow me to do. I reached between her splayed open legs and began to gently rub the mound of her virgin pussy. She moaned and spread her legs further and raised her hips off the couch a bit to meet my hand.

Both men had huge hard ons bulging out and I thought they would cum in their pants when I said, "Do you want to see her pussy?" Not waiting for them to answer I reached down and slipped her bikini bottom off and she raised up to let it slide down her smooth young thighs and I threw it onto Mr. Evans lap. "Oh my God", Evans said in a hoarse voice, "She's a natural blonde, look at that tight little blonde pussy!" "Do you want to touch her cunt?", I asked him and smiled. He was over there like a flash and he rubbed his hand across her silky blonde pussy hair and said, "It feels so soft and warm I have to see it closer". Then he put his head between my young wife's thighs and began to spread the lips of her virgin cunt apart.

"Be very gentle", I said to him, "She's still a virgin". Evans looked up in shock and said, "Are you kidding me? You mean you have never fucked your own wife?" "No Mr. Evans", I said as he stared at her young blonde pussy, "I've been saving her for you! Do you want to fuck my virgin bride?" "Oh God Yes!", he said as he stood up and began to tear off his clothes.

"Only if it's O.K. with her", I said as I began to gently shake her awake. Lisa came to and was in a groggy stupor when I reached down and began to massage her swollen clitoris and asked her, "Lisa, Do you want to be fucked? Tell me if you want a cock in your cunt." "Oh God yes!", she moaned as she came around and looked at the two older men, "Please fuck me, I need it so bad, I want you both to fuck me hard!"

Evans had his clothes off by now and he pulled her forward on the couch and said, "I've watched this fucking slut wife of your's cocktease everyone all day Ricky and now I'm going to give her the fucking she deserves! But first I'm going to lick her tight little virgin cunt till she begs for my cock." He put his head between my wife's legs and began to thrust his tongue in and out of her, causing Lisa to moan and raise her hips to meet his hungry mouth.

Sam got up and as he pulled off his swim trunks he said, "I've heard about guys like you Ricky. You actually want a slut for a wife don't you? You love to see her being treated like a whore. Well you are going to get your wish tonight Little Ricky!" "Yes", I said, admitting my secret to another man for the first time, "I want you both to fuck her like the cockteasing whore she is. Please fuck my wife for me, fuck her hard!"

Evans had Lisa to such a fever pitch that she began to beg him, saying, "Oh God, Please fuck me! Put your cock in my cunt, I need to be fucked now!" "Go ahead!" I cried out, "Please fuck my wife while I watch, fuck her hard!" Evans crawled up between my virgin wife's silky thighs and placed the head of his cock against her sweet tight cunt, where no man had ever been before. Then he slowly began to shove it forward until his cock spread the lips of her tiny blonde pussy and began to enter her depths. "Damn, this slut has a tight fucking cunt!", he said as he pushed his dick deeper into her warm pussy, "This is the tightest cunt I've ever fucked!" "Oh, IT HURTS!", my tiny wife cried out as he broke through her cherry, "But it hurts good, don't stop fucking me! Oh yes, now fuck me harder, fuck me harder!"

Sam had moved down to the floor and was now holding his big 10 inch cock in his hand right in front of my young wife's face. "Your husband wants me to treat you like you deserve slut", he barked, "Open your cockteasing mouth and suck my fucking dick you little bitch!" Lisa opened her mouth like she couldn't wait and took his cock between her lips. Then she started to lick it up and down it's length, paying special attention to the head, making littles swirling motions all around it till he grabbed her by her blonde hair and shoved his massive rod into her eager mouth. He face fucked her and at the same time Evans continued to plow into her cunt as she thrust her hips up to meet him.

"Oh Damn", he yelled, "I can't hold off anymore, I going to cum in her hot little pussy!" He shoved his cock deep inside my young bride and began to fill her with his hot sperm, drenching her fertile young cunt with his load. As he crawled off of my wife he looked at Sam and said, "What a tight cunt, you have to fuck that pussy. That's the tightest hole you could ever stick your dick in!"

Sam pulled his cock out of my wife's mouth and laughed as he said, "I'm sure you're right about that little cunt but I know one hole that's even tighter and it's still cherry, but not for long!" With that he grabbed little Lisa off of the floor and flipped her over onto her hands and knees and said, "Get that tight little ass in the air whore, I've been wanting to fuck you in the ass all day!" He got behind her and quickly shoved his big dick into her pussy almost driving her crazy with lust and then fucked her just a few strokes to get it nice and wet with her own juices. Next he spread her ass cheeks and placed his cick head at the entrance of her tiny asshole and slowly pulled back on her hips as I pulled out my own cock and began to stroke it feverishly.

"Is this what you want to see Ricky?, he said with a sneer, "Huh! Do you Ricky? Then say it out loud, be man enough to tell me what you want me to do to the slut you married!" "Please", I begged as I stroked my rock hard cock, "Please fuck my wife in the ass! I'm begging you to fuck her hard in the ass like the whore she is!" He began to work that huge cock into Lisa's tiny asshole causing her to whimper in pain. He reached around in front of her and began to stroke and finger her tiny blonde pussy and soon she was shoving her ass toward him trying get every inch of it into her bowels. "Fuck me in ass!", she whimpered, "It feels so damn good in my ass! Fuck me like a whore, Please keep fucking me in the ass!" "Here's what you want slut", Sam cried out as he plunged his cock all the way into Lisa's tiny ass, "Oh Yes, I'm cumming in your wife's ass Ricky! I'm filling this slut's ass with my cum!" "I'm cumming too!" Lisa cried out, shaking with the force of her orgasm, "Oh God I'm cumming! Please keep cumming in my ass, it feels so damn hot in my ass!"

Sam looked me straight in the eye as he slowly pulled his big cock out of my teenage wife's ass. He looked at her once more and then left her lying on the floor, cum running out of both of her well fucked holes. "She's all your's now Ricky, Don't you want to fuck your bride?", he laughed.

I went over to where my wife lay and rolled her over onto her back and then straddled her big slutty tits and began to stroke my cock until finally I started to cum, first on her face and then it ran down into her mouth. Then I wiped my drained cock on her long blonde hair and left her to sleep it off while I talked about my new raise with Mr. Evans.

My career has done quite well. Whenever Mr. Evans has out of town clients who need "Special attention", I always see to it that they are well taken care of. And they all seem to get an extra thrill from the fact that the whore that they all fuck is my own wife. I know I do.
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