High Stakes Poke Her

Written by X. Marx Despot / Oct 10, 1999


High Stakes Poke Her.............by X. Marx Despot

"Not again", my wife complained, "Your buddies are always coming over here to play poker. Why does it have to be our house all the time? Those guys are always staring at my body and I know what they are thinking about." I knew Pam had a point, we did tend to get a little loud and drink quite a bit when me and my pals got together but what the hell, they were my buddies you know? None of their wives would let us play at their houses and we had to go somewhere.

In the end Pam was a good sport and she relented and let me have the guys over. I even talked her into making us some sandwiches and chips and stuff. She even agreed to serve the food and keep us in beer, I think mostly to keep us the hell out of her kitchen.

I really am lucky to have a wife like Pam. We got married last year when she was 18 and I was 20. She's a pretty good cook, keeps the house nice and is a real fox as well. Pam has natural blonde hair that curls down around her shoulders and is just 4'11" tall and weighs about 95 lbs. With her big blue eyes and her full lips she is a real cutie pie and I consider myself lucky to have such a great wife. What I really love though is her big tits. She is a D-cup and on her that looks huge. She was a cheerleader in high school and she still does aerobics every other day. Her only bad trait is that she knows just how good looking she is and she tends to be a bit of a tease in the way she dresses and moves when she is around other men.

The guys arrived and we set up the table and chairs. My buddy Tom White was there, as well as Jim Smith and Ted Miller. I had hung out with these guys in school and they were a crazy bunch for sure. Tom was always the leader and the rest of us were quick to do whatever nutty thing he came up with.

It was a really hot night and when Pam brought in the food and beer, she was dressed in a pair of shorts and a sexy halter top. I have to admit she looked really good. I was a little jealous when I noticed the other guys staring at my wife's body but then I noticed that whenever she was in the room they started losing. Evidently she distracted them enough that they didn't watch their cards very close. I ended up winning about $55 that night, which may not sound like much, but to us it was a real Godsend.

After they were gone I told Pam what had happened. She laughed and said that maybe she should wear her bikini the next time we played poker and I would really make some money. "Those jerks would lose their shirts if I really wanted to distract them", she bragged, "You know how much better my body is than any of their wives".

I knew that she was telling the truth even if it did sound a little conceited for her to say so. Every guy in our high school had wanted to fuck Pam and I was the only one who ever did. I used to really rub it in to my friends, you know, describing to them how firm her tits were and what a great fuck she was, that sort of thing. I guess I shouldn't have done it but I was just so proud of my sexy wife that I couldn't resist teasing them about what I had and they didn't have.

Later that night we were in bed together and I said, "We sure could use some extra money." "That's for sure", Pam replied, "I ran short again at the grocery store today and had to take back those steaks you wanted so we're going to have hot dogs again tomorrow night."

She thought for a minute and then said, "Let's do it Billy, I bet we can make some decent money and we'll get back some of the money those guys have won from you over the years." "Are you serious?", I said, "Would you be willing to purposely wear something sexy and throw off their game?" "Sure", she responded, "It might even be fun to make those smart asses all horny and then let them go home to take it out on their wives! You know how bad they have always wanted me."

The next week we had the guys over as usual. When they arrived I told them that Pam had consented to serve us again and that she had even made a plate up of pretzels and chips and so forth. We sat down to play and a few minutes later Tom was complaining about being thirsty. "Hey Pam", I yelled into the kitchen, "Bring us some more beers would you Honey?"

Even though I knew what she was up to, I about had a fit when I saw her. Pam had a tray of beers held up over her head like a pro waitress and she looked sexy as hell. She was wearing a tight blue dress made out of a very clingy knit material. It had a plunging vee neckline that really showed off her big tits and a pleated skirt that swayed with every step she took. It was clear that she wasn't wearing a bra since her nipples were showing through the dress. "Hi Guys", she said in a cheerful voice, "Who's winning?"

Tom laughed and said, "That depends on how you look at it. I won the last pot but I think Billy is the real winner to be married to a babe like you Pam! You look great tonight." "You're a big flirt Tom", she cooed, as she ran her finger down his chest, "But thank you for the compliment. Do you guys care if I hang around in here tonight? There isn't anything on TV that's any good at all."

Then she jumped in my big recliner and leaned it all the way back. She was so tiny that she looked like a little girl sitting in her Daddy's chair except that not very many little girls have D-cup tits! She was right behind me so all three of the other guys had a clear view of her and I could see her reflected in the big mirror that was on the wall.

She laid back in the big recliner and squirmed around as though she was trying to get comfortable. As she wiggled, her dress rode up till her tanned legs were almost totally exposed. I could see all three of the guys sneaking looks at her when they thought I wasn't looking. In no time I had won a couple of hands and was up about $50 for the night. I looked up in the mirror and Pam was stretching in the chair, her hands up over her head and her big tits pointed at the ceiling. The next time I looked she had rolled over on her side and her pretty round ass was thrust out and her dress had ridden up even farther until you could see just a hint of her white lace panties.

My cock was as stiff as a board and I had no doubt that the other guys had the same problem. I couldn't believe how horny it was making me to watch my friends lusting after my wife. Finally Pam got up and walked over close to Tom and bent over as if she was looking for something to read in the magazine rack. When she did her dress rode up so far that we all had a good view of her ass in the little white panties.

Tom and I were the only two left in that hand and the next thing I knew my wife had gone up behind him and started rubbing his shoulders, saying,"You guys must be getting worn out after playing for so long. Why don't you finish this hand and Billy and I will go in the kitchen and get you something to eat." Her tiny hands were resting on his shoulders and her big tits were almost poking him in the back of the head and I knew that as close as she was to him he had to be thinking about her tight little body more than he was thinking about poker. Soon I had won the hand and we took a break and Pam and I went into the kitchen.

As soon as we were in the kitchen I grabbed her by her tight little ass and pulled her body into mine. As my stiff cock ground against her pussy I said, "Damn Honey, You're really doing a number on those guys. They want to fuck you so bad they're about to go nuts!" "Oh you're exaggerating", she replied, "I don't think they are noticing me that much." I bet her that they were talking about her right at that second and to prove it I grabbed her by the hand and we snuck into the hallway outside the den and listened to their conversation.

"Man can you believe Pam tonight", said Jim, "She's giving me a fucking hard on." "I know what you mean", responded Ted, "I would love to fuck that little bitch, she's got the nicest set of tits I've ever seen." "I've wanted to fuck her since 9th grade", said Tom, "Ever since the first time I saw her doing cheers at a ball game and saw that little ass of hers in those panties they wear. As tiny as she is can you imagine how tight her little cunt must be?" "She's sexy as hell", Jim agreed, "But she was a real cockteaser in high school, she was always getting guys all worked up and then sending them home with their dick in their hands!"

We snuck back in the kitchen and Pam started grabbing at my cock and kissing me deeply. "Oh my God", she whispered in my ear, "You were right, they all want to get in my panties. Does it turn you on to know how bad they want to fuck your wife?" I grabbed her, pulled her dress up and stuck my hand in her panties. "You're wet as hell you little tease", I laughed, "This is really turning you on isn't it?"

She admitted that it was a turn on and then she told me that when we started playing again she would fix it so that we would really take them to the cleaners. I took the beer and chips back into the den and told them that Pam was getting ready for bed. We started to deal another hand and suddenly heard Pam coming down the hall.

We looked up and there was my wife wearing nothing but a sheer black lace babydoll nightie and matching panties. The fabric was so transparent that you could see right through it and her thong panties were of the same thin material. She may as well have been totally naked. In the bright light of the den we could all see her big firm tits jutting out through the lace as she walked in and announced, "I hope you guys don't mind if I relax in my Jammies. I couldn't sleep yet but I felt like getting comfortable." Then she walked over to the recliner and stretched out, her nightie riding up her legs till she was almost naked in front of my friends.

"Hey Billy", Tom said as he stared at my wife's body, "We've lost quite a bit tonight, are you really serious about keeping all the money you won from us?" "Are you Kidding?", I replied, "You guys aren't trying to welch on me are you?" "No", Tom replied, "I just wanted to make sure how serious of a game this was."

As we started playing again, Pam was putting on a hell of a show, wiggling and squirming around in the chair till I don't know how anyone could pay attention to the game. At one point she rolled over in the chair and her nightie pulled clear up over her ass. There was my wife with three horny guys watching and her ass was totally exposed except for a little strip of silk covering her butt crack. I was getting really jealous and was having trouble paying attention to the game myself and the next thing I knew I had lost all the money I won.

A few hands later I was down to nothing and I went into the bedroom and got our rent money and soon that was gone. "Hey Tom", I begged, "You've got to give me a chance to win my money back, that was our rent money!"

"I'll tell you what Billy", he said with an evil grin, "I'll let you bet Pam's nightie on the next hand. You win, you get back your rent money but if I win she takes it off right here in front of us!"

"No fucking way man", I said. "Go ahead Billy", Pam said, "Call his bluff, you can beat him." I hesitated but I knew I had little choice. It was our only chance now.

We started the hand and I got my cards. Three Kings, a two, and a six of clubs were sitting in my hand. "Two cards", I said as I discarded. When I looked in my hand I was relieved to see another King sitting there like a gift from heaven. There was no way he could beat me now. I showed my hand to Pam and she couldn't stop herself from smiling.

"Hey Tom", she said, "Why not up the ante a little bit. Surely there is something else that you want that we could bet against all the money that all three of you won tonight." Then my innocent young wife lifted her nightie and exposed her gorgeous tits to the stares of my three horny pals. "How would you like to touch these?", she teased them, as she cupped her tits in her hands and pinched the big pink nipples.

Tom showed his hand to Jim and Ted, both of whom had folded. They whispered to each other for a minute and then Tom replied. "O.K. Billy, here's the deal. We will put in all the money the three of us have left. Combined with what's in the pot already that's over $500 bucks. You have to put up something of value too. If we win, Pamela is our sex slave for the rest of the night. Nothing is taboo, we get to have her any way we want till tomorrow morning and you have to watch. What's it going to be Billy, have you got that good of a hand?"

Pam whispered in my ear, "They want me Billy but only you get to fuck me. He's bluffing, there is no way he can beat 4 kings". "O.K.", I said in a hoarse voice, "It's a bet."

I knew I had him. I was already thinking of all the things we could do with the money when I laid down the 4 kings. "That's a hell of a hand Billy', Tom said as I started to pick up the money, "But this is better". I looked down in horror and saw 4 of a kind, all aces.

"Hey wait a minute", I stammered, "You guys were just kidding around right?" "Were you kidding about keeping our money Billy?, he asked, "You aren't going to welch are you?"

Tom got up and walked around the table and took my tiny wife in his arms, covering her mouth with his and running his big hands over her breasts and ass. There was nothing I could do. I looked at the other two guys and knew that they were serious about collecting on the debt.

Pam squirmed to pull away but Tom was far too strong and he held her effortlessly. He reached down and ripped the nightie away from her body and then pulled the little panties off leaving her naked. "I've wanted to fuck your tight little pussy for years", he said to Pam as he roughly groped her tits. "Every time I saw you in your cheerleader outfit I dreamed about sticking my big cock in your cunt and tonight I'm going to do it."

He pushed her down to her knees and let his jeans drop around his ankles. "It's time for you to find out what a real man's meat looks like you little cockteaser", he said as he pulled down his underwear. When his dick popped into view Pam gasped and did a doubletake. It was at least 9" long and twice as big around as mine. "It's so big", my wife said softly, "I never saw one so thick before".

"You been getting fucked by that little dick of Billy's for too long", he sneered, "Did he ever tell what we called him in the shower room in high school? Pencil Dick that's what." My face burned red with humiliation as my tiny bride stared in wonder at the huge cock in front of her face.

"You were a fucking cockteaser in High School Pam", Tom said bitterly, "But tonight you're going to do more than tease you little bitch". He grabbed her little blonde head and forced her toward his big dick and I watched in shock as my wife opened her mouth and began to lick the head of his cock.

She ran her tongue over the big head of his cock and then licked down the full length of it to his balls. "Suck my balls bitch", he said, "That's it, lick all over my bag, now take them in your mouth slut." I couldn't believe my eyes as Pam did everything he ordered her to do with no hesitation at all. As she continued licking his balls, her little hands reached behind him and grasped his hairy ass, pulling him toward her. "Now suck my fucking cock", he ordered my wife, "Let's see how that smart little mouth of yours feels when it's wrapped around my dick." Pam wasted no time doing as she was told. She opened her tiny lips and started licking his big cock and forcing it a little bit at a time into her mouth. Soon she had the head between her lips and he started pushing it in and out of her mouth as he held the back of her head tightly. "Your wife sucks cock pretty good Billy", Tom laughed, "If she keeps this up I'm going to cum in her mouth." Somehow Pam was taking his big cock all the way into her throat until her nose touched his pubic hair. She was stroking his balls as she sucked and her saliva was running down his cock and dripping onto her big tits. "Keep sucking slut", he grunted, "I'm going to cum in your fucking mouth bitch!" He shoved his dick all the way into my wife's throat and began to spray his sperm into her gullet. She did her best to keep it all down but a few drops ran down her chin as he pulled his dick out from between her pouty lips. "Hey Billy!", he sneered, "Think about me cumming in her fucking mouth the next time you kiss her goodnight!"

Jim grabbed her next and picked up her tiny body like she was a feather. He carried her over to the recliner and threw her on it with her face down. "Hey Pammy", he said, "Remember earlier tonight how you laid over here and showed us all your pretty ass and teased us? Well the teasing is over you little bitch and that ass is gonna be mine now." He grabbed a couple of pillows off the couch and shoved them under her pelvis so that her tight round ass was stuck straight up into the air. Then I watched in horror as he climbed up on the chair behind her and positioned his cock at the entrance to my wife's asshole. "NO!", she screamed, "Not my ass! I don't even let Billy fuck me there!" Jim grabbed her tiny hips with both hands and pulled her ass toward him, his big cock invading her rectum inch by inch. "Oww it hurts", she cried, "It's too big!" He took one mighty shove and plunged his cock the rest of the way into my wife's ass and then began a steady rythmn, fucking her ass without mercy. "That's the tightest hole I ever fucked", he said as he continued to pound in and out of her, "You ought to try fucking your wife's ass sometime Billy, I'm getting it all broke in for you!" He reached around in front of her and began to stroke her clit and finger her little pussy. Soon Pam was responding to his fingers and began to shake and moan, saying, "Oh that feels good, keep fucking my ass, fuck me good and hard, I'm cumming! Oh I'm cumming!" Jim gave one last shove and began to empty his balls into my wife's asshole. As he shot his cum in her ass he cried out, "There you go you bitch, that's for all the guys you teased with that little round ass!" Then he began to withdraw his cock from her bottom, inch by inch he pulled it out. He walked around in front of her and put it up to her face and she knew what he wanted. She opened her mouth and began to clean him with her tongue, licking up and down it's length till it was spotless.

I couldn't believe my ears when my wife rolled over on her back, spread her tanned legs and said, "It's Ted's turn, please fuck my cunt Ted, I need to be fucked!" Ted wasted no time and crawled between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance to Pam's tight little cunt. He rubbed his dick back and forth against her moist pussy lips and in no time the mushroom shaped head was coated with her juices. "Fuck me Ted, Please fuck me!", she said urgently.

As he pushed forward, his cock began to invade her tiny body and she started moaning with pleasure. Her legs wrapped around his ass and she used them to pull him deeper into her tiny moist pussy, the same pussy that she had promised to me and no one else on our wedding day. As he shoved it deeper into my wife he looked up at the other guys and said, "This is one tight little cunt, it feels like I'm fucking a virgin it's so tight." He finally got his cock in her all the way and began to pound at her body, her big tits jumping and shaking with each thrust of his rod. "Hey Billy", he laughed as he fucked my wife, "Are you sure she's not still a virgin? Her cunt is so tight it feels like she's never been fucked before!"

Pam grabbed his ass and pulled his dick deeper into her body and screamed, "I never have been fucked before, not like this! Keep fucking my pussy, please, I'm cumming, Oh God I'm cumming!" Her body shook and she was almost in tears with the force of her orgasm and then Ted shoved his cock in her to it's full depth and began to shoot his load into my sweet wife, drenching her womb with his sperm.

Through out the rest of the night they took turns fucking my precious wife. They used her mouth, her ass and her tiny pussy like she was no more than a cheap whore. One after another they filled her with their sperm and finally left her lying in a heap with their juices dribbling out of every hole.

The next week we tried to act normal as if nothing had happened. On Friday she told me that she had called the guys and they were coming over for Poker on Saturday again. "But Pam, I'm broke, I don't have any money left at all."

"Don't worry", she said with a sultry smile, "I'll cover all your losses."
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