My Wife, The Ring Card Girl

Written by X. Marx Despot / Oct 10, 1999


My Wife, The Ring Card Girl..Part X. Marx Despot

Overtime sucks, I hated my damn job. Forty hours a week in that hell hole and I still could barely make ends meet. It was my own fault that I was stuck in the mobile home factory, I guess. When Linda and I graduated from High School last year I had been offered a scholarship for tennis to a small Junior college but if I had gone, it would have meant leaving Linda behind and I wasn't going to do that for anything.

My wife Linda is a real fox. Long chesnut brown hair and big brown eyes are only the beginning of her charms. My pretty wife is 5'2" tall and weighs about 103lbs. She's got a body that could make a grown man beg for mercy. At 19 years old she is every bit as fine as any of the girls you see in the magazines, with a narrow waist, a nice round ass and a set of D-cup tits that can make your mouth water. You can see why I wasn't about to go off to school and leave her here alone for all the single men in town to hit on. Trouble was though that now we were both stuck working in this lousy factory without much hope for anything better.

The other guys that worked in the plant were always hitting on her and trying to get her to go out with them behind my back. She would always tell me to ignore them and that she loved only me. I knew she was loyal but it still made me jealous that all those creeps were always staring at her and making dirty comments when they thought I couldn't hear them.

At the end of the day though, she was mine and I didn't have to share her with anyone else. Just give me my Linda and a good boxing match on T.V. and I'm a happy man. She even got to where she liked to watch the fights with me too, and it was nice to have something to do together that didn't take much money. We were both excited when we found out that one of the local boxers was getting a shot at a big Championship and the fight was going to be held right there in our home town. We both wanted to go but I didn't know how we would get enough money for the ringside seats that we wanted.

The next day we were sitting around reading the paper and I saw the answer to our prayers. "Hey Linda", I said, "Look at this ad". "Ring Card Girl Wanted for Championship Fight, No Experience Needed, $500 and Two Free Tickets". "Don't be silly Danny", she replied, "I wouldn't be pretty enough to be a ring girl, aren't they all professional models or something? Plus I would be embarassed to be up in front of all those men in the skimpy outfits that ring girls have to wear."

I told her she was the one being silly, everybody always said she was the prettiest girl in town and it was no different than wearing a bathing suit to the beach. She was still uncomfortble about exposing herself to all those men but I convinced her and made the appointment for an audition the next day.

When we got to the promoter's office it was kind of a let down. It was in a run down part of town and he didn't even have a receptionist. He seemed nice enough but he sure was strange looking. He was a big black guy with a lot of rings on his fingers, wearing a $1,000 suit. What was really odd though was his hair which stuck straight up in the air like he had stuck his finger in a light socket or something. "Come on in kids", he said in a loud voice, "My business associates are already here. We interviewed a couple of girls yesterday but the job is still up for grabs. Did you know that if you get this job, it could lead to some modeling assignments?"

"Did you here that Linda", I said excitedly, "If you got into modeling you could get out of the factory, wouldn't that be great?" We both wanted her to get this job more than ever now.

He introduce himself as Leo and his partners as Big Willy and Rudy Garcia. I had heard of Big Willy, he was a black ex-fighter who now promoted fights and Rudy was a Mexican guy who used to be a cut-man for one of the big time heavyweights.

Leo sat down at his desk and said, "Now then Linda why don't you go in the restroom there and slip into your bikini. You're obviously a very lovely girl but this is an important fight that will be shown on national TV and we will have to see your body Sweetie." "Oh dear", she stammered, "I've never done anything like this before and I didn't know what to bring and I don't have a bikini with me sir. Could I come back tomorrow and bring one with me then?" "Well Honey", Leo said, "These are very busy gentlemen here and this is the only time we can get together so I guess you are going to have to miss out on this opportunity." He waited for a minute and then said, "You know what you could do Linda? Why don't you slip out of your clothes and we'll take a look at you in your bra and panties".

Linda's face turned bright red and she stammered, "Oh my, I don't think I could do that, I mean to just strip in front of men I don't even know?" "O.K. Baby, It's up to you, maybe next time it will work out", said Leo.

"Just a minute" I said, "Let me talk to her for a minute in private." I took Linda into the corner and said, "This is our big chance for something better Linda, you'll be on TV and you might get into modeling and you could leave the factory! And besides I really wanted to go to the big fight Honey, Please? It's no different from when you wear a bathing suit to the beach really." My little bride thought for a minute and then said, "Well all right Danny if it's that important to you, I'll do it for you I guess."

I went back and sat down beside Leo and Linda shyly walked to the center of the room. Her little fingers trembled as she unbuttoned her pink blouse. She shrugged it off of her shoulders and then undid her belt, unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of it. There stood my young bride in front of three middle-aged strangers in only her bra, panties and panty hose. She stared at the floor, her face as red as a beet.

"Very lovely dear", said Leo, But the panty hose will have to come off too. In the ring everyone will see your legs so we need to see them now." Linda bent over and began to tug the pantyhose down over her perfect ass and down her legs. Her big tits jiggled and shook as she bent over to roll down the pantyhose. Finally, there she stood in white lace bra and matching bikini panties in front of the three strangers.

Big Willy hadn't said a word yet but now he had a comment, "I think the broad we looked at yesterday had bigger tits, but I can't tell cause the bra covers them up too much." Rudy replied, "Yea, I agree, for the $500 we are paying I'm gonna have to see her titties before I can make the decision."

Linda was shaking like a leaf so I got up and said, "Please Baby, this is our big chance for something better, no one will ever know but us, just do it". I sat back down and gave her a pleading look.

My wife hesitated and then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Then she leaned forward and let the bra fall into her hands and stood up with her naked tits on display for the three men. Since she had been a virgin when we were married I knew this was the first time that any man but me had ever seen her beautiful tits. She stood with her shoulders slumped and her face down, almost dying from embarrassment, but still fetchingly gorgeous.

Leo stood up and handed her a big card that said "Round One" and told her to hold it up over her head and walk around the room so they could see her from all angles. When she held it up and walked, her big tits jiggled and shook and I found myself getting a hard on and noticed that the other three men also had bulges in the front of their pants. I was jealous as hell but also proud that my wife was so fine that these succesfull men desired her.

Rudy spoke first saying, "She's got one hell of a nice ass on her don't she?" "You better believe it" said Big Willy, "But her tits are what I like, nice and firm." Leo got up, walked over and patted Linda on the ass and said, "Honey I think you've got yourself a job, now go get dressed and we'll talk later. Linda grabbed her clothes and almost ran into the other room to put them on. Leo was a little concerned that she was too shy to get up in the ring in a bikini but I assured him that I could get her to do it. He told me he was impressed with the way I took care of details and maybe there would be a spot for me in his organization.

On the way home Linda started to cry and between her sobs she said, "I was so humiliated Danny, they talked about me like I was a piece of meat, like I was some kind of whore. Are you sure you want your wife to be involved in something like this?" "Relax Baby", I soothed her, "This is a big break for us, you might end up being a model and Leo said he might hire me too! We can get out of the factory and really start living."

The next day Leo called and told us that the Championship was coming up in five weeks but there was a local fight that weekend and they needed a ring girl for it. He asked if Linda would do it and I said yes, although maybe I should have asked her first. He said they would provide her with the outfit to wear that night since it was to be sponsored by a big beer company. It only paid $100 but that was still a lot to us.

That night I rented a video called "Best of the Ring Card Girls", and Linda and I watched it to let her know what was expected of her. "See how they really swing their ass when they walk Honey? Be sure to wear the tallest high heels you've got so your legs look good. Notice how she holds the card up high so that her boobs jiggle a lot when she walks? That's what you need to do if you want to keep this job". She put on the one piece swimsuit that she usually wears to the beach and practiced her sexy walk till she had it down cold.

Saturday night we went to the arena and Leo welcomed us like part of the gang. "Hi kids, good to see you. Are you ready to get your feet wet Linda? Here's your outfit Baby, we need you to be ready in 20 minutes." The whole time he talked to us he had his arms around Linda's waist holding her close to him and I could see she was a little uncomfortable about it.

We went into the dressing room and she took off her clothes. Damn she looked good. She had done her long brown hair so that it fell in waves down her back and her makeup was perfect. I handed her the bag with her outfit in it and she pulled it out and said, "Is this all of it Danny?" She held it up and it was so tiny it didn't look like enough to cover a toddler let alone a full grown woman. She wiggled into it and my dick got hard instantly. It was a tiny spandex thong bikini, covered with the beer sponsors logo. Her ass was totally bare except for the elastic strip that ran up between the cheeks of her sexy butt. Her big tits bulged out of the tiny top and it basically only covered her nipples, exposing the round globes of her breasts. "I can't go out in public like this Danny, what will people think of me? I look like some kind of slut!" Even though I was shocked at how tiny her outfit was I wanted this deal too much to let it fall through. "Nonsense Linda, you look great, and keep in mind that it's part of your job to look sexy. You'll be fine."

Just then Leo came in without knocking and said, "Damn Honey you look good enough to eat! It's time to get out there so let's do it." Linda started to grab a robe but Leo told her that the walk to the ring was considered public relations and she should go just as she was.

Leo put his arm around my wife's waist and pulled her out the door into the arena. His hand was resting on her bare ass but I didn't want to offend the boss so I ignored it. When she walked into the crowd the men went wild and started applauding and cheering. She looked terrified and I noticed Leo coaxing her on. He whispered in her ear and she smiled and started to walk a little taller. Some of the guys in the crowd reached out and grabbed at her as she went by, pinching her ass and grabbing at her breasts.

The fight was not too exciting, in fact it was one sided. The only good parts were when Linda was parading around the ring. The men would howl and scream at the top of their lungs, "Shake that ass Honey! Look at those fucking tits jiggle! How much Baby?", and all sorts of other lewd comments. As the rounds went by Linda seemed to get used to it and relaxed and really did a professional job by the end of the night. When the fight was over we went home and layed in bed and talked about the evening.

"I was so scared at first", Linda said "but Leo told me how beautiful I looked and said I should be proud to have such a good body. As the rounds went by I kind of enjoyed all the attention from the crowd. And you know what else Danny?" "What Honey?", I said. "I'm really horny",she whispered in my ear, "Let's Fuck!"

I didn't have to be asked twice, not after watching my wife prance around almost naked in front of thousands of horny men. Our bodies were on fire that night and we had the best sex we had ever had.

On Monday it was back to the factory. At first it seemed like just another day at work but then I found out that a bunch of the guys from work had been at the fight and had told everyone about Linda's new job and how hot she looked. I hadn't been there 15 minutes when Moose Evans, a big oaf from the welding department walked up and stood there grinning. "Hey Danny", he sneered, "I went to the fight saturday night. Guess what I saw? I saw your slutty wife's ass and her big tits! Boy I'll bet you took her home and fucked her good that night! I knew she was pretty but I never knew she had a fucking set of tits like that on her. If she gets to be too much for you let me know, me and the guys down in the welding department will take turns fucking her for you!"

I got mad enough that I forgot how damn big Moose was and I tried to take a swing at him. He easily blocked my punch and pushed me down to the floor and held me there. A bunch of other guys gathered around and he sat on top of me and said, "Hey Danny is it my fault if your wife likes to show off her tits to every guy in the county? If she's gonna walk around with her ass and cunt hanging out it's only natural that men are going to want to fuck the little slut." Finally he let me up and by that time the foreman had heard about the fight and we were both fired.

What I didn't know was that Linda was having her own problems that morning. She told me later that she had been in the bedroom of an almost finished mobile home and one of the front office guys had walked in. "Well hello", he said and then he introduced himself as Mr Walker, the plant manager. Linda had seen him but he had never bothered to speak to her before.

"It's funny that I should run in to you Linda", he said, "I was at the fight saturday and I saw you there. Imagine my surprise when I found out that a beauty like you was working out here on the assembly line. A girl with your obvious talents shouldn't have to work. A successful man like myself would be more than happy to set you up in an apartment and all you would have to do is just be friendly. You know how to friendly don't you?"

He suddenly lunged at her and grabbed her by the ass, pulling her to him and grinding his stiff cock into her pussy. "Stop that!, she cried, I'm a married woman!" He pushed her on the bare mattress and landed on top of her. She struggled to push him off but he was so much bigger than my 5'2" wife that he easily subdued her. His hands mawled her body, squeezing her breasts and pulling her shirt up over her head. He unhooked her bra and her pert tits were exposed in all their glory. His lips sought out her big pink nipple and he ran his tongue over her firm boobs. He began to tug at her zipper and was trying to pull down her jeans.

"Please Mr Walker", she whimpered, "I'm married and I don't cheat on my husband." "Are you kidding you little slut", he said in a voice that was raspy with lust, "No decent woman shows off her ass like you did to all those men. You were begging to be fucked and now I'm going to fuck you." He now had her jeans down around her ankles and was shoving his hand in her panties and fingering her cunt. First one finger and then two violated her tight young vagina which had never been touched by any man but me.

Just then three workers walked in the other end of the mobile home and Walker quickly jumped up and straightened his clothing. Linda was left laying on the bed with her shirt and bra up around her neck and her jeans and panties down around her ankles. She jumped up and tried to get her clothes back on but they walked in just in time to get a glimpse of her naked tits and to see her pull up her jeans.

"What the hell is going on in here?" one of them said. "Would you believe it", said Walker, "This little slut just offered to fuck me if I would get her a raise, she even had her clothes off! What do you expect from a whore who's part time job is as a half naked Ring Card Girl!"

Linda tried to tell her side of the story but no one would believe her. The next thing she knew she was out of a job too. When she got home and found out I lost my job she was beside herself with worry.

"What are we going to do Danny? We'll lose the house and our car if can't make the payments.", she cried. "Don't worry Babe", I lied, We'll be o.k., I'll talk to Leo and maybe he can help us out somehow."

When I talked to Leo he said he would try to help us out. A friend of his was a photographer and he was always on the lookout for pretty girls to use as models for magazines.

Leo's buddy was named Grover and he gave us the address of his studio and told us we could make $600 for an afternoon session. The studio was in the poorest section of town and we were a little afraid to even drive through, let alone stop there.

We knocked on the door and Grover let us in and then locked the door behind him. "Nice to meet you two, Leo told me you were gorgeous Linda but I didn't know you were this beautiful. Come on in and I'll give you some clothes to try on."

Linda asked where the dressing room was and Grover just laughed. "We're not that formal Sweetie, just go ahead and change right here while I load the camera. You'll be stripping down for the camera anyway so It's not like you've got anything to hide." "What kind of magazines are these pictures for?, I asked. Grover threw me a stack of mags and said, "These are the ones I usually sell my pictures to but I'll take anybody's money."

They were really hard core skin magazines with names like "Beaver Hunt" and "Tits Galore". Linda was beside herself and we talked but knew we were out of options. It was either this or lose our home.

My wife began to strip off her clothes and put on the clothes that Grover had picked out for her. There was a black and white western shirt with pearl snaps down the front, a black cowboy hat and a pair of black suede leather chaps with silver conchos down the sides of the legs, plus a pair of black cowboy boots. With her long brown hair and big brown eyes she looked like a cowboys dream date.

When she was dressed she nervously asked him where her panties were, since her ass and cunt were totally exposed. "That's the whole idea Honey", he grinned, "Trust me, the guys that buy this mag are gonna go nuts over you."

He had set up a western theme set with a saddle on a stand and a big oak four poster bed with a southwestern spread. He walked up to my wife and pulled the snaps on her shirt open till her tits were almost exposed. "O.K. Linda now let's start up on the saddle, that's it climb up there". He started snapping pictures and began to instruct her on how to pose.

"Beautiful Linda, that's great, now lean back in the saddle and rip your shirt open, now stick out those gorgeous tits, now reach up and cup your tits in your hands, now lean forward so I can get a closeup of your ass, you're a natural model honey, pinch your nipples baby, that's it, make all these guys want to fuck you".

"Now take your shirt off and get down on the bed, lay on your back honey and spread your legs, that's right, show them that tight cunt. Roll over and stick that bare ass up in the air, God I love chaps all that leather around a beautiful naked ass, now spread the cheeks of your ass and show us your asshole, damn you"re pretty.

Finally he had her lay on her back again and spread her pussy lips wide open and start to finger fuck herself. "That's it", he said, "Play with your cunt, now rub your clit sweetie, oh yea that's fucking perfect."

Linda started fingering herself faster and faster and began to moan loudly and then she screamed, "Oh My God I'm cumming! This feels so good, I'm going to cum!" Grover kept shooting and didn't miss a second of my wife's orgasm, knowing that the horny guys who bought the magazine would want to see every detail.

When Linda settled down Grover suggested we take a break and have a cola. "Did you know you could make a lot more money if you posed with a male model Linda?", he said, If you pose with a guy I could get a lot more for the pictures and you would get about $1400 more than you are getting now."

Linda looked at Grover and said, "Do you mean you want me to have sex with some stranger while you take our picture? I'm a married woman, I can't do that." "No Way", I said, "I don't want some guy fucking my wife." "It was just an idea", said Grover, "I know you kids need the money. Here's how it works, You get $600 for the pics we already did, if we bring in a guy just to pose with you I'd pay you an extra $400 and If you let the guy really get it on with you it's a $1000 bonus."

"Wow", Linda said thoughtfully, "We could sure use the extra $400 and it wouldn't really be sex, I'd just be posing like I am now." "I don't want you posing with some stranger Honey, I said firmly, "We'll get along somehow."

Linda knew the truth was that with neither of us working we desperately needed the money. It broke my heart but I was proud of her when she said, "I'll just pose with the guy, but no actual sex, we really need the money."

Grover said he would call the male model and while he was driving over Linda could put on another outfit. This time she wore a red lace bra and matching panties, plus black nylons and high heels. We walked back in the other room and Grover said, "Linda, allow me to introduce the guy you'll be working with, this is Paul."

Linda's eyes got as big as saucers and I doubt that mine looked any different. Paul was as black as the ace of spades and was at least 6'5" tall and weighed around 240lbs. His chest was massive and there wasn't an ounce of fat on the guy. Grover said he used to be one of Leo's boxers but had retired from the ring. Paul took Linda's tiny hand in his and said, "I must say it will be a pleasure to be working with you, you are stunning. She blushed like a schoolgirl and looked down at the ground. Linda was only 5'2" and next to Paul she looked like a little girl. I was jealous as hell but there was nothing I could do without blowing the deal and we needed the money bad.

"O.K. you two", Grover instructed, Get up on the bed together. Now Paul take her in your arms and kiss her on the lips. Now reach behind and unhook her bra, yea that's nice, now pull down the stockings Linda. Paul I want you to slowly pull down her panties, oh yes that's the way".

I was getting a little nervous, I had seen the look on Linda's face when she had the orgasm when Grover was taking the last set of pictures and now here she was stripped totally naked with this big black stud crawling all over her.

"O.K. that's great so far", Grover told them, "Now Linda, I want you to pull down Paul's underwear and look surprised, like you never saw a dick that big in your life." My wife didn't hesitate at all, in fact she seemed a little too anxious to obey. She grabbed the waistband of Paul's shorts and pulled them down to his knees.

"Oh my God", my wife said, "That's the biggest cock I ever saw in my life!" Paul's dick popped out and I knew she wasn't acting, his monster was at least 10" long and as big around as a beer can.

"Linda", said Grover as he snapped pictures like mad, "I want you to take his dick in your hands and move your face down close to his crotch like you are going to give him a blow job. That's it Baby, stroke it a little."

"Grover", my wife said, "Do I really get an extra 1000 dollars if I go all the way?" "You bet sweetie", he replied, "A thousand bucks cash." My sweet Linda looked at me and said, "It's only because we need the money Danny."

The next thing I knew my wife was licking Paul's big black horsecock like it was an all day sucker. She had her tongue right on the tip forcing it into the peehole and then she would lick the length of his rod and then back to the head. She started moaning and I watched in horror as her saliva ran down his big black cock and she ran her hands over his muscular ass.

"Good God Linda", I cried, "What are you doing? Quit that!". She didn't even look up but Grover stopped taking pictures long enough to say, "Stay out of it Danny, this is business and if you fuck this up you'll answer to Leo. Who do you think finances my operation?" I knew then that there was nothing I could do. If I pissed off Leo I was in big trouble, I knew he had mob connections.

Meanwhile, my wife was still sucking and licking Paul's big rod, trying desperately to get more of it into her tiny mouth. He pulled her off of it and started licking and sucking my wife's big tits, making red marks all over them. Then he picked her up like a feather and put her on her hands and knees and got behind her.

"That's it Paul", said Grover, "Now go real slow, put your cock up against that little white pussy, that's it man, just rub it on her cunt lips, O.K. now just push the head in a little bit. Linda started moaning very loudly and shoving her cunt back toward Paul's huge black dick, trying to get it inside her. "Please Paul", she moaned, FUCK MY CUNT HARD, I want that big cock in my pussy!"

Paul couldn't resist my gorgeous little wife any longer and he began to shove his huge pecker into her pussy. An inch at a time it disappeared into the woman that until today had been only mine. "Damn", he said, "This is one tight little white slut, My dick feels like it's in a vise man. What a nice pussy!" "Keep fucking me", Linda screamed, "I've never been fucked so good before, Oh God you're making me cum! Don't stop fucking me Please! I'm cumming!" Her whole body shook with ectasy and she began to whimper like a woman driven insane with lust.

"I can't hold out any longer, I'm gonna cum in this little slut", yelled Paul as he began to spew his black seed deep into my wife's fertile cunt. He pulled his big black cock out inch by inch until finally the head came out of my wife's pussy with a pop. He collapsed on the bed and Linda began to lick his cock clean, lovingly stroking it and kissing it almost as though she were worshiping him.

My Wife, The Ring Card Girl..Part X. Marx Despot

On the way home, Linda didn't say much. I was boiling mad and decided to let her know. "What the hell did you think you were doing? How could you let that big black bastard fuck you like that?" "Calm down Danny", she replied, "You know how bad we needed the money. I just earned $2000 in one afternoon and since we lost our jobs we need that money!"

"We didn't need it that bad", I pouted, "And you acted like you loved sucking his big black dick and having him fuck you. I heard you cumming your brains out. You're my wife, damn it!"

"That's right Danny, I am your wife and I love you. You have to understand something though. You got us in to this this by pressuring me to be a ring girl and now one of us has to make a living so we can survive. And I'm sorry Honey but I'm human and when a man as fabulous as Paul starts crawling all over me I get excited. That man really knows how to fuck a woman!"

Things got pretty much back to normal the next day. The only difference was that Linda started dressing really sexy all the time. When I asked her about it she just said that she now had an image she needed to project to her fans. Also, everywhere we went we saw some guy who had either seen her working the boxing match or had seen the new issue of "Slut Club" magazine. I was amazed at how fast they got her pictures published after she posed for them and now everywhere I went I saw the picture of my wife sucking Paul's big dick on the cover.

One day we were at the park and Linda was wearing one of her new outfits. It was a yellow spandex body suit that consisted of short shorts and a tight low cut top all in one piece. Up the front was a zipper that went from the scoop neckline to her crotch. She never wore anything under it since it was so tight that her panties would have shown through. The only other thing she had on was her high heeled sandals. Her long brunette hair was in a pony tail and she looked really hot. We were in a secluded part of the park enjoying the day when we heard some one come up behind us.

"Well I'll be damned", said Moose Evans, "If it ain't Danny and his slut wife. I seen the pictures of you sucking that big black cock Linda, he really fucked you good didn't he? That must have stretched your little cunt out so big that Danny has to tie a two by four to his ass to keep from falling in!"

"We don't want any trouble Moose", Linda said quietly, "We'll just be going now." "What's the matter Danny", Moose sneered, "Can't you talk for yourself? Who does your talking for you when your wife's mouth is full of black cock?"

I was stupid enough to take a swing at Moose again but this time he was ready for me. He easily blocked my feeble punch and knocked me on my ass. He hit me again and even though I was down he began kicking me in the side.

"Hey Moose", said my loyal wife, "Look at this!" We both looked her way and there stood Linda, slowly pulling the zipper down the front of her catsuit. "Doesn't this look like more fun than what you're doing now.", she said as she spread open the catsuit and bared her big firm D-cup tits.

Moose let go of the front of my shirt and I dropped to the ground. He walked over to my wife and grabbed her tits, one in each hand and began to pinch and twist her nipples. "I been wanting to fuck you for a long time", he said, as his hands roamed over her body and he plunged his dirty fingers into her cunt. He pushed her catsuit down to her ankles and began to slobber all over her big tits, as she stood there naked in the bright afternoon sun. My wife's hands pulled at his belt and unzipped his jeans and began to fondle his cock. "OOOOOHH Moose, you've got such a big cock, let me suck it, just like I sucked that big black one in the magazine."

Moose let his jeans drop to the ground, and Linda went to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. "Oh Yea", Moose said, "Suck me you sexy slut, I'm gonna cum in your wife's mouth Danny". Suddenly Linda bit his dick as hard as she could and slammed her little fist into his balls. Moose screamed and doubled over in pain and Linda shoved him back so that he lost his balance and fell over.

"Come on Danny", she yelled, "Run like hell!". She pulled up her clothes and we held hands as we ran. Moose tried to get up and follow but his pants were down around his ankles and he tripped and fell. She turned and shouted back at him, "I lied Moose, That little pencil dick of yours couldn't satisfy any woman. Are you sure your name isn't MOUSE!"

We went home and talked for a long time. I told her that I understood how much she must love to do what she did to save me from a beating. She explained to me that she loved only me and that the things she did with other men were just a job, although she couldn't help it if she enjoyed the sex sometimes.

Before we knew it the the big fight was upon us. I drove Linda to the arena and we got to the dressing room right on time. Leo came in and told us there had been a little change in plans. "It's like this kids", he said, "Since this is going to be on pay to view TV we don't have to worry about what the censors say. So we are going to break ground tonight and have the first topless ring card girl on T.V." He handed my wife just the thong panties that she had worn at the first fight without the top. "Are you kidding Leo", I said, "You want my wife to go out almost naked in front of a national T.V. audience and in our hometown no less?" "What's the difference Danny?", he grinned, "Everybody has already seen the pictures of her getting fucked by Paul." Linda stepped between us and said, I'll do it but I want an extra $300, O.K.?" Leo laughed and said O.K., and Linda stripped naked with him still in the room. She slipped the tiny thong panties on, and my wife and Leo started toward the arena. I went ahead of them and found my seat so I wouldn't miss any of the action.

When Linda walked in with her naked tits swinging the men in the arena went nuts. Leo had his arm around her waist and his hand on her ass like she was his personal property. Several of the men sitting on the aisles reached out as she went by and pinched her naked ass and some grabbed at her big tits. Unlike the last time though it didn't seem to bother her in the least. She walked with her head held high and wiggled her ass with every step.

The fight was pretty one sided with the Champion, "Crusher Jones", dominating the local challenger. Crusher was a huge guy, even for a heavyweight. He was even bigger than Paul had been and I saw Linda staring at his crotch when she first saw him. The most excitement was between rounds when Linda would get into the ring and shake her gorgeous tits at the crowd. Once she got right in front of the TV camera and turned around and wiggled her naked ass for all the horny guys watching at home. My cock was hard as a rock at the thought that there were several million guys thinking about fucking my wife at that moment. In the fourth round, Crusher's big right hook knocked the challenger clear out of the ring and it was over.

After the fight Leo asked us to come to his place for a celebration. When we got there I realized that Linda was the only female in the room. In addition to us there was Leo, Rudy, Big Willy and of course the Champ. Linda had worn a short, tight silk dress and high heels. She had on nothing but panties under the dress and she looked really good.

Leo introduced us to Crusher and he stood up and took my wife's hand. He was at least 6'6" tall and built like you would expect from the Heavyweight Champ of the world. He towered over my 5'2" wife and ignored me completely.

Crusher looked at LInda with lust in his eyes and said, "I got a tradition Baby. After I win a fight I always fuck the ring card girl, what do you think of that?" He pushed down the sweats he was wearing and pulled out a cock that made Paul's look puny. It was black as the ace of spades and a foot long if it was an inch.

Linda took one look at his magnificant cock and dropped to her knees and started licking. "Oh My God", she moaned, "I love your big dick, I don't know if I can get it all in my mouth but I want to try". She forced the head between her stretched lips and he began to work it into her throat inch by inch. She gagged but kept right on sucking his massive pole and soon she had about half of it in her mouth and her saliva was dripping off of it onto the front of her dress. He began to shoot his thick sperm into my wife's anxious mouth and she swallowed it hungrily. "Keep licking it bitch", he said, It'll get hard again real quick."

He picked her up and ripped the flimsy silk dress from her body and then pulled the panties off and threw them on the floor. She was now stark naked and all four of the men looked at her with lust in their eyes. The Champ draped her over the back of the couch and climbed up behind her and started to work his huge cock into her little cunt. She had already been stretched by her experience with Paul and before I knew it the Champ was plunging in and out of her pussy and she was screaming like she was in heat. "Fuck me with that big black dick", she cried, "I love getting fucked."

Big Willy pulled out his cock and stuck it in Linda's face and she opened her mouth in acceptance. His ebony rod pulsed and throbbed in her mouth as she licked it and sucked it deeper into her throat. "That's real nice Linda", he said as she caressed his scrotum and massaged his balls. Before long he began to spurt his load into her mouth and she swallowed it like the cum starved slut she had become.

Rudy seemed to be content to watch them fuck my pretty wife. He stood above her and stroked his cock as the Champ used her body until he shot his load on her face.

The Champ couldn't hold out much longer regardless of the amazing physical condition he was in. He continued to pound his huge member into my tiny wife until she finally cried out, "I'm almost there, Please cum in my pussy, I want to feel your hot load". He grunted and shot her full of his potent seed, drenching her fertile cunt.

Leo walked up to Linda and ordered her, "Suck my dick bitch, get it good and wet". She took his dick into her throat and sucked so hard that her cheeks moved with his every stroke. He pulled his dick out of her and moved behind her and placed his black cock at the tiny opening of her asshole. "You ever been fucked in the ass Linda?", he asked. She shook her head no and he replied,"Well you are now slut". He began to shove his pecker into her bowels and at first she cried out with pain, but soon she started to match his every stroke. Each time he pulled his cock out she would push her round butt back toward it and he finally could take no more and squirted his load into my wife's ass.

Later that week I called Leo's office only to find out that he was moving his operation to New York. Since there were no more local fights there were no jobs for a Ring Card Girl. Linda turned to the one thing we knew she was good at to make a living and support both of us. She called Mr Walker from the Mobile home plant and he set her up as his mistress with a nice little house and a weekly salary. He even lets me live there too as long as I take care of the yard and make myself scarce when he comes over to fuck my wife.
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