Virgins In Vegas

Written by X. Marx Despot / Oct 10, 1999


VIRGINS IN X. Marx Despot

"Please Bobby Jo", I begged, "We've waited long enough!". "You know I love you, and we'll be married next week as soon as we graduate, let me fuck you now Bobby Jo", I pleaded as my cock strained to escape from my jeans. The windows of my Dad's car were covered in steam and we were both half dressed, but as usual I was being told to wait!

"No Jimmy now stop it!", said Bobby Jo, as she twisted in the car seat, trying to rehook her bra. "It is that much more important now that we wait Honey, in just a few days we'll be out of school, married and on our honeymoon and then we can make love for the first time in a bed with satin sheets like we always dreamed about. Besides Jimmy, if we don't stop now we won't be able to stop, like that time when we parked out by Simpson's farm!"

How well I remembered that night. Bobby Jo had let me take off her Cheerleading sweater and her bra, and her skirt and panties were in a heap on the car floor. I was between her gorgeous legs and just about to fuck the girl of my dreams when Old Man Simpson had come up in his pickup and chased us away, ruining what I had waited for ever since 8th grade.

Now it would all be different. This weekend we would both graduate from Hamilton High, and Bobby Jo and I would both be eighteen at last, and no one could stop us from getting married. And finally I would get to fuck the most beautiful cheerleader in the state whenever I wanted to.

The weekend came and Bobby Jo became my bride. I had it all now. My parents gave us a wedding present of $5,000 to use as a down payment on a home. And her Mom and Dad gave us a trip to Las Vegas for our Honeymoon. Here I was on a plane to the coolest city in the world, to stay in one of the best resorts, with the hottest woman any man could imagine!

Truthfully I couldn't believe that I still had Bobby Jo. We had gone together since the eighth grade and every guy in town tried to get her away from me. I've never been real popular or much of an athlete although I was a bench warmer for the basketball team. I am kind of an average looking guy but Bobby Jo always said it was my easygoing nature that she loved.

Bobby Jo on the other hand was a real golden girl. She was on the cheerleading squad all the way through Junior high and High School. Every guy in the county wanted to date her and it's easy to see why. She has a beautiful face, with big blue eyes and full sensuous lips. Her long blonde hair hangs down to her shoulder blades, and her body is well, shall we say voluptuous? She is 5'4" and weighs about 109lbs, with fabulous long legs and a butt that every guy on the basketball team noticed. As if that's not enough she has a narrow waist and conical shaped D-cup breasts, with big brown nipples that drive me up the wall.

All that mattered now was that here we were, on a plane landing in Las Vegas for our Honeymoon. Only trouble was we were both STILL VIRGINS! Right after the reception we had to catch the plane and now, during the flight, we finally had time to hold each other and talk.

"Jimmy, I have a special surprise for you," she whispered in my ear. "What's that Bobby Jo?" I asked. Looking up into my eyes she answered, "Since you have been so good and waited to make love till after we were married, I am going to make our Honeymoon extra special for you. I went to the mall before we left and I bought all new clothes for this trip and every outfit is the sexiest thing I could find. Nighties, lacey panties, bikinis and short dresses all for you Jimmy. All picked out to make you want to fuck your new wife every minute of the week!" Then she started stroking my cock under the blanket we had over our laps, practically making me cum right there on the plane!

Actually she didn't have to worry about me losing attention. Every guy in our school had wanted to fuck Bobby Jo since the seventh grade when she first developed her huge tits. You can be assured that even if the team was losing none of the guys ever took their eyes off the floor as long as she was there doing jumps and shaking her pom poms, if you know what I mean.

When we landed in Vegas it was really cool. We had never been out of Michigan before so we were in awe. As soon as we got off the plane there were slot machines right in the airport. I couldn't wait to try my luck so while I tried my luck, Bobby jo went to "freshen up" as she put it. I had never played slots and before I knew it I had lost over two hundred dollars. No big deal I thought, we've got almost $5,000. My Dad had told me not to take it all with me to Vegas but I was my own boss now.

About that time I looked up to see Bobby Jo coming back and wow had she freshened up. My little cheerleader was gone and in her place was a sex pot I could not beleive! She had made her makeup a lot sexier and now had on white short-shorts, high heeled clogs, and a little pink and white peppermint striped top with spagetti straps. The top hung only a couple of inches below her big tits, in fact if you were sitting down you could see the rounded bottoms of her breasts under the top because of the way it draped out over her big D-cup sized boobs. Her nipples were pointing through the thin knit material due to her obvious lack of a bra, making all the men in the airport do doubletakes as she walked towards me. Her short-shorts were made out of a lycra type fabric and so skintight that the shape of her puffy pussy lips could be seen through the material, and at least an inch of her ass cheek was hanging out of each side in back.

As she approached me she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Hi sailor, does this outfit give you any ideas?" Then she shoved her big tits against my arm and hugged me letting all the other guys know who she belonged to.

"Damn Bobby Jo!" I exclaimed, "I know you said you would dress sexy for me but you look like you stepped out of the pages of Penthouse." My cock was hard as a rock at the thought of fucking my beautiful bride. Also though, I was a little jealous of all the men who were staring at my new wife.

"Don't you like it Jimmy?", she cooed, "If you don't I can put on my old boring clothes. I just thought that since I am now your private property you would want me to look sexy, and besides I don't want you looking at any other girls while we are here", she pouted. "Don't worry Honey, I said, there won't be any men in the whole city looking at other women with you dressed like that!"

At the hotel, we left our bags with the bell hop and started to check out the casino. It was huge and with Bobby Jo at my side we got plenty of attention. Unfortunately, I had no experience with gambling and before I knew it I had blown about half the money I brought with me.

Bobby got up close to me and whispered, "Let's go up to the room Jimmy, you aren't the only one who has been waiting and I wanted to be fucked." "Please baby, take me up there and fuck me good."

"I will Bobby Jo but first I have to win back some of our money. I've got a system that can't lose, I read about it in a book," I told her. Unfortunately, my system didn't work and in no time I had blown the whole down payment for our house! She was mad as hell at me and we fought on our way up to the room and after we got there she went in the bathroom and slammed the door.

I thought I had better let her cool off so I went down the hall to get some ice and a couple of sodas. While I was there I met a huge black guy about 6'4" tall by the name of Fred who said he was a security officer for the hotel. I ended up telling him my whole story just to have someone to talk to and he was really a good listener it turned out.

"You know Jimmy, maybe I can help you out of this jam," he said. "A guy as smart as you is never down for the count as long as you have assets, you know what I mean? If you could just come up with a little cash, a guy with your system could turn it into thousands and before you know it, you and your pretty bride would have your downpayment back."

Fred made it sound so easy I couldn't help but think he was right. "Trouble is Fred I don't know anyone here and I don't dare ask our parents to wire us money, they already think we're just dumb kids."

"Don't worry Jimmy, I can help you out", he said with a smile. "I happen to know an amateur photographer who is always on the lookout for new models and with Bobby Jo's face and body I'm sure he would do a photo session with her as the model. Strictly high class stuff of course for his own private collection, no nudity, just bikini shots, and maybe nighties, things like that."

I told Fred I didn't know if she would go for that, but he convinced me it was the only way to get our money back, so I went back to the room while he waited for me outside.

"You want me to do what!" she screamed. "This is supposed to be our Honeymoon, and I'm still a virgin, you've lost all our money and now you want me to pose in skimpy clothes like some slut so a stranger can take pictures of me?" She looked at me and shook her head and said, "Well, I guess one of us has to get our money back, so I'll do it, but no nudity, you hear me?"

Fred made all the arrangements for us. He got us $200 and said we could shoot the session right there in our Honeymoon Suite. Fred came in and with him was Gary, the photographer. His two assistants Tom and Joey, had a whole bunch of equipment. Gary was just an average looking white guy, but not Tom and Joey. They were both big black dudes almost as big as Fred but younger with faces like models and they both had obviously spent hours in the gym. Gary handed Bobby Jo a bag full of clothes he wanted her to model and she started to go in the bathroom to change.

"No nudity, right Gary?", she asked hesitantly. He winked and said, "Only whatever you are comfortable with sweetie, just trust us, babe." He also had her sign what he called a "standard model release" that made all the pictures his property to use as he saw fit, though he again assured us that they were for his private collection. As Tom was handing Bobby Jo the $200, Gary snapped their picture and we all relaxed after that. Fred supplied us with a few drinks so Bobby Jo wouldn't be so tense, since it was her first time.

When my bride came out of the bathroom she was wearing a white lace nightie and white high heels. With her long blonde hair, blue eyes and big tits she was a vision to behold. Her big brown nipples showed throught the sheer white material and all the men sucked in their breath at the same.

"Damn Jimmy, you've got yourself one hell of a wife there don't you son?", said Fred. Tom and Joey both stared at my bride in a way that would have made me uncomfortable if I hadn't known that they were only there to help with the equipment.

Gary instructed Bobby Jo to get up on the bed and showed her some poses, although really she was a natural and before long she was coming up with her own. "Arch your back honey, that's it get those gorgeous tits up in the air", said Gary. Next he had her get on her hands and knees with her face on the pillow and her ass way up in the air like she just couldn't wait to be fucked. In some of the poses you could even see some of her fine blonde pussy hair sticking out around the edges of her white panties.

Gary asked me if since they were all busy if I would run down and get them some more film. He said they would take a break and Bobby Jo could have a couple more drinks to help her relax. Frankly I thought she was pretty relaxed already. She didn't seem to mind a bit that all these guys were watching her practically begging to be fucked, but I didn't know anything about photography so I just went to get the film.

While I was there I couldn't resist the roulette wheel and before I knew it I had lost all our money again. When I got back to the room and Bobby found out she was fit to be tied. Now what would we do?

"Tell you what Jimmy," Gary said, "I could see clear to front you another three hundred bucks but only if Bobby Jo could help me out by maybe showing a little more skin and making the poses, well, more creative, shall we say."

"Damn you Bobby, I guess it's up to me again", she said. With that Bobby Jo crawled back up on the bed and started posing again,but this time Gary gave instructions like, "O.K. Honey now let the straps slip down your shoulders, we want to see those big hooters", and before I knew it Bobby Jo had slipped out of her nightie and had on nothing but her sheer white panties. She was arching her back and all three of the other guys were staring at my wife's tits and breathing very hard. Next she got on her hands and knees, stuck her pretty butt up in the air and started to slowly pull her white panties down over her ass cheeks. She looked like she couldn't wait to be fucked and I thought, man will these be some good pictures for Gary's collection. I was really glad that no one but him would ever see my wife acting like such a tramp.

"Hey Jimmy, why don't you run down the hall and get us some ice for our drinks thanks a lot buddy", said Gary. When I got back I knocked but no one opened the door. I knocked louder and finally Fred pulled it open just a crack and said, "Hey Jimmy there has been a change of plans but it's O.K. with Bobby Jo so don't get upset."

When I finally got back inside Tom was stripped nude and was up on the bed with my virgin bride. His cock was hard as a rock and must have been 10" long and black as the ace of spades. Bobby Jo had both hands wrapped around it and was stroking it and smiling into the camera.

"Don't worry Jimmy", said Fred, "This is just simulated sex, they do it all the time for still photography." "Gary explained it to me" said Bobby Jo, "it will look real to the camera but there won't be any real sex, because there is no penetration. It is like being an actress." she said, with a smile on her face and Tom's big black cock in her hands.

Well it sure looked real to me, but Gary promised us an extra $200 so how could I say no if Bobby Jo was willing to go along with it? The next thing I knew, Gary was shouting out instructions again to my virgin wife. "Now sweetie, get that pretty round ass up in the air,and now pull down her panties Tom, yea that's it. Now Tom, you stick that big black cock of your's right up against her cunt, that's it just part that blonde pussy hair with that big cock."

Then I noticed that Bobby Jo's pussy was so wet it was dripping and she started moaning and wiggling. "That's it Bobby Jo," Gary said, "show us all how bad you want to be fucked by that black cock. Reach around and play with those big tits of her's Tom, that's it, and now Bobby Jo, wiggle your blonde pussy against his pecker, there you go baby, tell us what you want that big black stud to do to you!"

"I want him to FUCK ME!", Bobby Jo screamed,and then she reached up between her legs and spread her blonde pussy and shoved back as hard as she could against Tom's big cock. He grabbed my little bride and shoved with all his might and his cock went into her tight virgin cunt! At first he had trouble getting it in her tiny cunt but he shoved harder and she cried out, "Oh God it hurts but it hurts so good, don't stop fucking my pussy Tom, please fuck me harder!"

I tried to run over to the bed and stop him but Fred grabbed me and said, "She made her choice Jimmy this is no rape, she want's to be fucked, so just watch and enjoy it."

Enjoy it? How could I enjoy watching my virgin bride getting fucked by this big black son of a bitch? I had never even gotten to fuck her myself, and he was in her cunt clear up to his balls. I've got to admit though, she did look hot as hell, and I found myself getting a hard on in spite of my anger.

Meanwhile, Tom's cock was buried in her as deep as it would go, and she was begging him not to stop. Then I noticed that Joey had stripped his clothes off and was climbing up on the bed too, his 9" tool stiff and dripping pre cum, as he stuck his black dick in Bobby Jo's face.

"Hey wait a damn minute," I screamed, "You guys aren't going to gang bang MY WIFE!" Fred grabbed me, and suckered punched me in the stomach, knocking all the wind out me. I collapsed to the floor unable to do anything to stop what was happening. "I'm tired of your punk mouth Jimmy, now shut the fuck up and we'll tell you what is gonna happen!"

Tom was still pumping his black cock in and out of Bobby Jo's virgin cunt and she was so excited that when Joey shoved his cock in her face, she opened her mouth and started sucking it like it was a lollipop. Right then Tom started to cum and screamed, "I hope you've got your pictures Gary cause I"m busting my nuts in this bitches cunt. She is so tight I can't hold out any longer, man this is some hot little white slut!" He grabbed my wife's hips and pulled her to him, shooting his black seed deep into my little virgin bride. As he pulled his cock out, Gary moved his camera in close, saying, "That's it Tom, pull it out slow, we want to see your cum seeping out of this bitches cunt." "Oh man this is great, your cum has a pink color to it from her little cherry getting popped. Everybody that sees these pictures will know you just fucked a real virgin!", Gary exclaimed. "The guys on the internet are gonna love seeing this little teenybopper get fucked."

Bobby Jo was still sucking Joey's big black dick like it was her last meal. He grunted and said, "Damn this little slut could suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch, I'm gonna cum in her mouth so be sure you get the picture man." Gary moved in close and as Joey shot his wad in my wife's mouth, she gagged and the cum ran out of her full red lips and dribbled onto her big tits. They both collapsed in a heap on the bed, and Bobby Jo got a very guilty look on her face when she realized what she had just done.

She was totally spent, with cum running out of her cunt, and all down her face and tits. Gary kept snapping pictures, all the while talking about how much money he was going to make when these pictures went on the internet.

"Wait a minute", Bobby Jo said, "you promised us these pictures were only for your private collection. I would never have posed naked if I had known everybody was going to see them!" Gary laughed and replied, "I told you the truth Bobby Jo, but you see the name of my X-rated internet web site is "My Private Collection", and you are my latest star Bobby Jo. My customers are gonna love your performance with Tom and Joey. In a few days there will be thousands of horny guys jacking off while they look at your lilly white cunt getting it's cherry busted while you're sucking on Joey's big black schlong."

I knew enough about the internet to know that Bobby Jo's picture would be spread all over the world within days. "You can't do this to us, we'll go to the police." I said.

Fred laughed and replied, "Fine Jimmy, you go to the cops, and then we will show them the pictures we took of your little slut cheerleader taking $200 from Tom. Then we will show them the pictures of him fucking the shit out of her in the same hotel room. Bobby Jo will be in jail with all the other hookers before you know it, and her parents will be getting the call to bail her whoring ass out of there. Is that what you want for your new bride?" "Face it Jimmy, for the next few days, you do what we tell you, and Bobby Jo's sexy little white cunt and every blonde hair on it belongs to me."

Bobby Jo looked like she was in shock. I took her hand and led her into the bathroom so we could talk in private. "Damn you Jimmy, she yelled, "look what you have done with your stupid gambling. I'm gonna look like the biggest slut in the world when those pictures hit the internet. This is all your fault." I knew she was right but I was upset too, "Well YOU didn't have to pull that big black cock into your cunt like some common whore you know, not to mention the way you sucked off Joey like you were dying of thirst!"

"You bastard," she hissed, "I wore the sexiest outfit I could find and I begged you to bring me up here and fuck me, and all you could do was gamble and blow our money. Then you had me strip down to nothing in front of four men and have a big black stud like Tom rub his cock all over my pussy and I'm not supposed to get horny? Well here is a flash for you Jimmy, I loved getting fucked by that long black cock, and if that is what I have to do to get us out of this mess I'll fuck and suck every one of them."

Then she stormed back out into the other room, still totally naked and covered with sperm, leaving me to follow like some kind of lap dog. "Have a seat you two," said Fred, "and I'll tell you how the rest of this weekend is going to go. Jimmy, you are going to keep your punk mouth shut and do what I tell you, when I tell you. If I say to fetch a towel to wipe the cum off your wife's chin, you just do it. All you are good for is running errands."

"As for you Bobby Jo, for the next few days, I own your little blonde cunt. Your big tits are mine, and I will tell you who to fuck, what to wear, and whose dick you are gonna suck, starting with this one." With that, Fred unzipped his pants and pulled out his big black prick. Bobby Jo got down on her hands and knees and obediently started to lick up and down the length of it, then sucked the head into her mouth. Then she pulled off of it and held it in her hands, and licked the big mushroom shaped head. "OOOh what a nice big cock", she cooed and then licked the peehole. In just a few minutes Fred shot a nice big load in her mouth, past her lips and onto her soft pink tongue. She held out her tongue, displaying Fred's big load on it to everyone, and then she said, "May I please swallow your cum Fred?" When he nodded yes, she let it slither down her throat like it was ice cream, and then licked her lips.

"Now that's a good little slut," he said as he zipped up. "That's enough for tonight Bobby Jo," Fred told her as he patted my bride's naked ass, "You get some sleep tonight cause I have a big day planned for us tomorrow."

Then I was alone with my bride at last. She showered and got into bed, and even after all that had happened she still looked like my sweet virgin bride in my eyes. As she laid there in a little pink teddie, she looked so sexy I started to get a hard on. I moved over beside her and put my hand around in front of her and started to cup her big soft breast in my hand.

"Fuck off Jimmy!", she exclaimed, "You're nuts if you think you are going to fuck me now." I'm tired as hell, and besides you got us into this mess with your stupid "System". You won't be fucking or even touching me untill you figure out how to get our down payment money back." "Now let me sleep!"

Virgins in Vegas Part X. Marx Despot

Some honeymoon, I thought to myself, as I lay beside my sleeping bride. I had lost all my money, watched my new bride get her cherry broken by a big black muscleman, and had seen her suck off two different black cocks and all I ended up with was a stiff dick and my wife mad as hell at me. Plus there were going to be pictures of her getting those big black schlongs stuffed in her sent all over the world on the internet. There were plenty of our old classmates at Hamilton High who were on the net and they were going to love seeing Bobby Jo get fucked by that big black cock. As if all this wasn't bad enough, tomorrow Fred had planned who knows what for my gorgeous young bride, and there wasn't anything I could do to stop it. Not to mention I was STILL a virgin!

Funny thing though. As much as I hated the thought of Bobby Jo being fucked by Tom's big cock, I couldn't forget how hot she looked when she pulled down her white panties and he fucked her doggie style. The more I thought about it the stiffer my prick became, till finally I sprayed cum all over my hand while thinking about my virgin bride being fucked by that big black cock.

The next day we slept in till late afternoon. I got up and showered and then Bobby Jo started to come around. She asked me to run down and get her something to eat, while she showered, so I went down and came back up with some rolls and coffee. I sure didn't want to piss her off any more than she already was.

When I got back, Fred was there and Bobby Jo was sitting in his lap, wearing nothing but a pair of lacey pink panties and a towel. Over in the corner sat another black guy who I hadn't met the night before. Now Fred was a big guy, but this guy was a fucking monster. He was at least 6'6" tall and probably weighed close to 300lbs, with a shaved head and a big gold tooth right in front. He rose to shake my hand as Fred introduced me. "Jimmy I'd like you to meet a buddy of mine, this is Moe. Moe, this is Jimmy, the little shit for brains white pussy that lets me fuck and pimp out his new wife."

Moe's gold tooth glittered as he took my hand in his, almost crushing it. "You know I thought Fred was shitting me when he showed those pictures of this little blonde cunt and told me he was pimping her ass around town. I didn't think a high class white pussy would end up in his stable, especially not on her Honeymoon. Boy you must be one dumb motherfucker Jimmy, lettin a fine little poontang like that get away from you. I'm still not sure I believe this shit about Fred being the master of this fine white pussy though."

Fred chuckled and said, "Tell you what Moe, how about if I prove to you who owns this cunt. Bobby Jo, stand up and drop the towel, Moe wants to see just how fine your big white tits really are." My little cheerleader wife wasted no time in doing what she was told, dropping the towel and displaying her D- cups to Moe and even going one step farther. She stood there in front of those two big blacks and cupped one big fleshy tit in each hand, and then held them out in front of her as if offering her big brown nipples to Moe.

"That's enough now Bobby Jo," he snapped, "we're not gonna give it away for free today, we're gonna make us some fuckin money and have some fun at the same time. Now go put on some clothes, but make sure you wear something that would make a dead man want to fuck you, cause this afternoon we're gonna do a little advertising." My new wife picked up the towel and went into the bathroom to change, and I realized that the outfits she would be choosing from were the same ones that she had originally purchased as a special treat for me to see her in.

"Jimmy", Fred ordered, "Fetch me all those pictures that you brought with you from back home. You know, the ones of Bobby Jo at her 18th birthday party and the ones of her in her cheerleading outfit, oh yeah and don't forget the ones from your wedding reception". I couldn't imagine what he wanted with our private photos but I knew better than to argue with him, so I laid them all out on the coffee table.

He chose one shot of Bobby Jo at the last big game of our senior year. In it she was wearing her Cheerleader outfit and jumping high in the air to pump up the team. Her big tits were bouncing up and down and her white panties were almost completely exposed, showing her gorgeous tanned legs and her round ass. "When was this taken Jimmy?" he asked. "Two weeks ago at the big game against Fairmont High", I said.

Next he picked one of her 18th birthday party, which had been a pool party at her Mom's house. She was bent over a cake that said "Happy 18th BIRTHDAY TO OUR PRINCESS, BOBBY JO", and she was blowing out the candles. She had still been wet from the pool and was bending over to blow out the candles, so her tits were hanging halfway out of her pink string bikini. "When was her birthday party Jimmy?" asked Fred. "That was just 5 days ago," I answered, wondering why it mattered to him when they were taken.

His third choice was a picture from our wedding reception, in which I was pulling the garter off of Bobby Jo's leg. Her gown had been very low cut and in this picture she was leaning forward and laughing so of course her tits were again on display. She had even worn a white push-up bra to make them look more voluptuous than ever. Also, her foot was up on a stool for me to take off the garter and the stupid photographer had gotten down too low and you could see just a glimpse of her tiny, white lace panties and garter belt. The photographer had apologized and said it was just an accident, but I kind of suspected he did it on purpose and kept a few pictures of Bobby Jo's panties to jack off with later. "Our reception was just the day before yesterday", I said , knowing that fred was going to ask.

He put these three pictures and her driver's license in his pocket, along with the picture of Tom fucking her and the one of Tom's cum mixed with her virgin blood running out of her well fucked blonde pussy. "Well, these ought to drive up the price", he muttered.

Moe shook his head and said, "Fred I gotta hand it to you, you are a regular pimping genius. You mean to tell me that you actually have proof that as of two weeks ago this little white pussy was a real honest to God cheerleader, that 5 days ago she was so young you could go to jail for fucking her, and that two days ago she was a virgin bride and got her cherry broke last night while her new husband watched! You got every fetish covered man, you are gonna make a damn fortune," he said, roaring with laughter.

Just then the bathroom door opened and we all turned to see what Bobby Jo had chosen to wear. She had on a tiny pink top very similar to a men's underwear shirt but obviously designed for a lady, with delicate pink lace around the edges. It was so low cut and tight that her big tits stretched the fabric out and you could see the round bulge of her tits through the armholes on each side. It stopped right under her boobs leaving her flat tanned stomach bare, and her big brown nipples poked through the thin ribbed material.

Her white mini-skirt was as tight as it could be and not rip out when she walked. With her long tan legs she didn't need nylons and she was wearing her white high heeled clogs. Around her waist was a 2 inch wide, white leather belt covered with tiny pearls and silver beads. Bobby Jo looked over at the three of us, batted her big blue eyes, and said, "Do you think anyone might want to fuck me in this outfit?"

"I'll fuck you, you little cocktease," Moe said as he pulled down his zipper and walked toward her. "Not yet Moe, Fred insisted, this is business and you will get your chance later, right now we need to show off what we are selling."

Fred looked at her and asked, "One last thing Bobby Jo, what kind of panties did Daddy's little girl wear today?" My heart broke as she pulled up her skirt and showed him what she had chosen. She had on the snow white lace panties that she had worn under her wedding dress. "Are these all right?", she asked in a little girl voice.

In the car, I got a chance to talk alone with my wife for the first time since Fred had arrived. "Bobby Jo, I know we have to do what he tells us but you don't have to act so anxious to please him. It just encourages him do even more," I whispered. "And why did you have to wear the panties from your wedding dress today?" My precious Bobby Jo leaned back on the seat and let out a deep breath. "You don't get it do you Jimmy," she said,"I've got no choice since you got me into this, but now that I'm here I'm going to fuck and suck as many cocks as he'll let me have. I found out yesterday that I love being fucked and the power I feel when all these men want my body. And as for the panties, they are to help you remember that it could have been your cock fucking me but you blew it."

We drove for quite some time and finally we stopped outside of a run down bar, not at all like the big resort casino at our hotel. Fred, Moe and I went in first and sat down on one end of the bar. It was very dark inside and I was the only white face in the room. Fred had given Bobby Jo instructions to wait till we went in, and then to come in alone, as if she didn't know us. She played her part perfectly, and we watched from across the room as she wiggled by in her skin tight skirt and sat down at the bar.

The bartender was on top of her in a flash, offering her any drink she wanted on the house. Then he said, "Miss, I would love to have you sit there all day just so I could look at you, but you know this is a pretty rough place. A little white teenybopper with a body like yours and dressed like that is gonna get eaten alive by the guys who come in here."

"MMMMMMMMM," she moaned, "I certainly hope so." Then Bobby Jo took the cherry from her drink, held it to her full red lips and ran her tongue over it like it was the head of a cock. The bartender just shook his head and leaned back against his counter to watch what would happen next.

She gulped her drink and then rose from the barstool and wiggled her way over to the old Wurlitzer juke box. She stood there in her white skirt with her long tan legs spread apart as if she was picking out a song. The lights from the Wurlitzer illuminated her skirt and every man in the room could see the vee of her crotch through it as she stood there like an angel, bathed in soft red light. Then she "accidentally" dropped her quarter and she bent over to pick it up without bending her knees at all. Her little white panties were exposed and she took much longer than needed to pick it up, just in case there was a man in the bar who still hadn't noticed her.

A tall black guy came over and invited her to join him and his friends at their booth. There four of them in the booth, all very tough looking black guys. They had her sit in the middle of the booth with two of them on each side and we moved over closer so we could see and hear what was going on.

One of them asked her what she was doing in a dive like this. She flipped her long blonde hair and replied that she just wanted to see if she could stir up some excitement. The guy to her right put his arm around her shoulders and casually rested his hand on her tit. When she didn't object, he ran his hand through the armhole of her pink top and firmly grasped her pretty tit in his hand. Not to be left out, the big black on the other side ran his hand up under her shirt and started pinching her sensitive brown nipple, making her moan softly. One of the other guys stuck his hand up her skirt and massaged her pussy through her little white panties. Then he took his index finger and pulled her panties to one side exposing her blonde pussy. As he stuck his finger into my wife's cunt he said, "This little pussy is wet as hell, she's ready to be fucked."

They pushed the table away and two of them lifted her up and placed her on top of the table with her legs spread wide open. One guy roughly pulled her pink top up above her big tits and started sucking her nipple while another pushed her skirt up until her panties were fully exposed. The leader of the group had his cock out and it was rock hard as he approached her and pulled her little white panties down to expose her blonde cunt. He spread the lips of my wife's tiny pussy and was ready to shove his cock in when suddenly.....

BANG! The echo of Moe's .357 magnum got everyones attention when he shot a hole through the mirror behind the bar. Bobby Jo jumped down from the table, pulled up her panties, straightened her clothes and wiggled over to stand between Fred and Moe. Moe held his gun on them, and calmly said, "Now Fred here has something to say, and you are going to listen."

Fred stood with his arm around Bobby Jo's waist and said, "This little white pussy is my property, I own it. And I think you will all admit that this is about as fine as pussy ever gets. You can all see that she's got an ass out of this world and a set of tits like heaven on earth. Combine that with her long blonde hair and blue eyes and there's not a man here who wouldn't love to fuck her." Bobby Jo's face beamed with pride and she stuck her tits out even farther, happy to know that every man there wanted her.

"What you don't know," Fred continued, " is that two weeks ago, she was a high school cheerleader, 5 days ago she had her 18th birthday party at her Mommie's house, and two days ago she was a virgin bride, and had never been fucked. I've got pictures to prove that everything I'm saying is true." With that he spread out the pictures and her driver's license on the table for them all to see.

"Any of you who ever wanted to fuck a white girl, or a cheerleader, or if you like young pussy, this is your chance. If it turns you on to think about fucking a new bride while her dumbass white husband watches, then you just hit the triple jackpot. In this one little white prom queen we got all your fantasies. Tonight we're having a little party in the Honeymoon Suite at the Resort Casino. Bobby Jo here is the entertainment and the price of admission is $500 per man. Tell your friends because there won't be a second act. And if you don't want to see yourself on the internet don't be there cause it will all be photographed and displayed on WWW.My Private"

When we got back to the hotel, Bobby Jo was happy as a lark. She couldn't wait to be fucked and since she had teased all day she was more than ready. I watched in silence as she showered and washed her long blonde hair. After she dried off she put perfume behind her ears and along the sides of her breasts. Then she put on the white lace push-up bra with matching panties that she had bought for our wedding night. As she sat and brushed her beautiful hair, I wondered if she would ever be mine again.

Gary arrived and set up his equipment, including a video camera. A few minutes later Fred's "guests" started to arrive. Fred was running the vido cam and Moe was there to act as enforcer in case anyone got out of line. There were 11 paying customers each of which gave Fred $500 for the pleasure of fucking my bride. I also found out that Gary was paying him $4500 for the internet rights to Bobby Jo's pictures, so Fred was getting a quick $10,000 and all I was getting was the shaft.

When everyone was there, Fred laid down the ground rules. "O.K. everybody shut up and listen. You have all paid your money and you will all get to fuck Bobby Jo before the night is through. If you want to get a little rough, I don't care just don't damage the goods. You can titfuck her, and if you like a blowjob, I can tell you she is one of the best cocksuckers I ever met. There is one more thing. NOBODY BUTTFUCKS HER! After you guys are done with her pussy and mouth we are going to take bids on who gets to fuck her little white virgin asshole for the first time. If any of you guys try to stick your cock in her ass before that, Moe is gonna throw you out of here and we don't give no refunds."

"Now we need good pictures of this so we're gonna start with Bobby Jo posing by herself and you guys can watch. After that you can just fuck any hole she's got open and enjoy yourselves." He stood back and grinned like he was P.T. Fuckin Barnum, master showman.

The bathroom door opened and my sweet bride came into the room. She was wearing a white silk robe that stopped at mid thigh. Her long tanned legs were covered with sheer white nylons held up by a white lace garterbelt. White spike heels made her legs look like they went on forever and her blonde hair shimmered as it curled down over her breasts which swelled out of the vee neckline of her robe. She walked over by the line of men who were about to ravage her body and as she passed each one she let her hand rub across the front of their pants caressing their cocks. When she reached the bed she turned around to face them and then threw her head back tossing her blonde hair to one side, at the same time slipping the robe off her shoulders. As it hit the ground and they saw her body in detail they knew that they had spent their money well.

Her big tits were encased in a lacey white pushup bra causing them to look even more spectacular than normal. Under her garter belt she had on tiny white lace panties. As Gary snapped pictures, she sat on the bed and began to unhook her hose and pull them down her long tan legs. Then undoing her garter and laying down on the bed in her bra and panties, she leaned back with her legs extended and started to run her hands over her tits, arching her back and moaning. Moving her hands down between her legs she began to rub her pussy, her diamond engagement ring and wedding band sparkling in the light. She raised her hips up off the bed, slipped off her virginal white panties and then sat up. She slipped the satin straps over her smooth shoulders then reached behind her back, undid the hooks and leaned forward so that her bra fell into her hands, unleashing her breasts and letting her big brown nipples feel the cool air in the room.

She laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide and put two fingers inside herself. Then with both hands she spread her cunt lips apart and said, "Please, I want someone to fuck me now. I need a cock in my cunt."

After that there was no controlling the men in the room. They had all started taking their clothes off as soon as they saw her and they now approached her with their cocks stiff and one purpose in mind. A big black man got there first and crawled between her legs, rubbing the head of his dick against her blonde pussy hair. Bobby Jo spread her pussy lips with her right hand and with her left hand she grabbed his 9" cock and guided it into her cunt. She bucked and twisted to get every inch in her and said, "Oh God I love to be fucked, please fuck me harder." She could say no more because another man had reached her mouth and she greedily sucked his cock into her red lips, running her soft pink tongue all over the end of it and moaning with pleasure. There was a black man on each side of her rubbing their dicks against her soft white tits and pinching her nipples roughly.

The guy in her pussy groaned and shot his cum in her and Bobby Jo pushed at him with her hands, wanting him to get off so another could take his place in her cunt. One of the guys rubbing against her tits came and shot a stream that landed on her throat. The other one pushed him away and climbed on top of her chest and began to tit fuck my wife. Another black climbed between her legs and shoved his cock into her well fucked pussy and began pistoning in and out. The cock in her mouth began to shoot gobs of cum down her throat and she selfishly swallowed it as if she didn't want to waste a drop. As he pulled out of her mouth he was replaced with another and yet another, until she sucked off every man in the room. Some of them came in her mouth and others shot on her face until she was covered in cum. They had all fucked her, some of them twice and her cunt was swollen and stretched open, the cum oozing out of it in torrents. Bobby Jo had experienced several orgasms and had screamed during each one leaving no doubt that she loved being fucked and used by the army of black cocks that had assaulted her.


When the last of the hard black cocks had been pulled out of my wife's mouth and cunt, Fred told her to go in and take a shower and clean herself up. When she was in the other room Fred told us that there was one man who wanted Bobby Jo's tight little asshole more than anyone else. Big Moe had bid $1000 for the pleasure of being the first man to ever fuck my cheerleader bride in the ass.

The men who gang banged Bobby Jo relunctantly left the room, most of them wishing that they had raised their bid for her sweet lttle ass. Finally it was just Fred, Gary and his camera, me and of course Moe. Big Moe stripped down to his boxer shorts, revealing a body that looked like a mountain. He was 6'6'' and 300lbs of solid muscle. "Hey Jimmy," he sneered, "go get your little bride, I got a wedding present for her."

I led my naked bride into the room and when she saw Moe's gleaming black body, she said, "MMMMMMM, I guess I got lucky. I hoped it would be you fucking my ass Moe."

Then she walked to the chair he was sitting in and dropped to her knees. My wife's little white hand snaked into his boxer shorts and gripped his black cock. Her blue eyes got big and she said, "Oh My God, is that all going to fit in my cunt, let alone my ass?" "It sure will be fun trying you little bitch," Moe replied and stood up. My wife of two days pulled down his shorts to reveal the biggest cock I had ever seen. Close to 12" long it was about as big around as a soda can. The big mushroom shaped head glistened with pre cum and veins ran down the shaft as it pulsed in her hands. She lowered her full red lips to it and kissed the end of it, licking the hole and then running her pink tongue down the shaft. She opened her mouth as far as it would go and could barely get the head past her lips. This wasn't good enough for Moe and he grabbed the back of her blonde head and started shoving. As it got wetter, she slowly worked it into her mouth and started sucking his ebony cock like the cum starved slut she had become. When Moe pulled his cock slowly back out she struggled to keep it in her mouth but he had other plans.

He picked her up as if she weighed nothing and tossed her onto the bed. "Stick your ass in the air cheerleader," he growled. My wife, my precious Bobby Jo, put her head on the pillow and turned around so he could still look into her pretty blue eyes. Then she stuck her round white butt high in the air and reached behind her with both hands and spread the cheeks of her ass so that her cunt and asshole were on display like an offering to Moe's black cock. "Please Moe," she begged, "fuck my pussy first, I have to know what it feels like to have that big thing in my cunt."

Moe climbed onto the bed and the springs groaned under his weight. As he positioned himself on his knees behind my teenage bride, he said, "If you want it in your cunt whore, you put it there," and he pushed the head against her golden-haired pussy. Bobby Jo reached between her legs and with her right hand she spread the lips of her cunt, while with her left hand she grabbed his 12' black cock and pulled it into her womb. Her diamond engagement ring and wedding band glittered as she pulled that monster cock into the depths of her body and moaned with pleasure. Moe slowly but steadily fucked her and that was all it took to send her into ectasy with several orgasms ripping through her body.

"Now it's my turn slut," he said, pulling his cock from her cunt. He rubbed his huge dick around on her asshole making her moan with expectation. Then he stopped and said, "Hey Jimmy, I don't know if her cunt juice is enough lubrication for me to get it into her ass, come over here and see what you think." I hesitated, and Moe said, "Don't make me come get you punk or you'll be sorry."

Afraid not to, I went over and bent down staring directly into my wife's ass while Moe was still rubbing his dick against her pubic hair. Moe grabbed the back of my head and forced my face down against Bobby Jo's ass. "What do you think Jimmy?", he laughed, "is your wife's asshole wet enough to take my cock?"

Then my sweet Bobby Jo giggled and said, "Make him lick it Moe, make him lick my ass and get it wet for your big black pecker. At least he might be good for something." Moe shoved my face in her ass and said, "You heard your wife punk, lick your little cheerleader's asshole and get it ready for a real man's cock."

I had no choice of course. As Moe held my head down I ran my tongue all over my wife's ass and prepared it for his black cock. My face burned with embarrassment as Gary moved in with his camera to catch my humiliation and I knew that I too would be on the internet.

"That's enough punk," Moe said and pushed me roughly to the floor beside the bed. Then he took two big fingers and stuck them in Bobby Jo's asshole stretching her open. Next he worked in another and another untill finally he put the head of his black cock against her butthole and started working it in. She cried out in pain as his giant rod invaded her bowels but before long she started to moan and then began pushing back towards his big black cock.

"Please don't ever stop fucking my ass," she screamed, "It feels so damn good in my ass." Then she reached up between her long tan legs and began to fingerfuck herself while Moe continued to pound his 12" monster into her formerly virgin ass. "Oh God, I'm cumming" she screamed, and she began to shudder, her body shaking with the enormity of her orgasm. "Please keep fucking my ass, fuck it harder!"

Moe started pulling his dick almost competely out on each stroke and then shoving all 12 inches back in as hard as he could. Then he began slapping her beautiful white ass and saying, "Is this how you like to be treated prom queen? Do you like it rough?", continuing to piston in and out of her little ass.

"Do you want Big Moe to cum in your asshole cheerleader?", he screamed, slapping her ass and shoving his cock in and out. "Yes," she cried, "cum in my ass!" "Then beg for it whore, say please cum in my ass!" he said, still pounding into her.

"Please cum in my ass", she said, almost crying she was so crazed with lust. "I want to feel your cum in my ass. Please shoot it in my ass."

Moe began to fuck her even faster now, pulling his black cock out and shoving it all the way back in her tight young ass. He butt fucked her so hard that her head was banging against the headboard. Then he grabbed Bobby Jo's hips and plunged his full length in her one last time, and began to grunt with pleasure as he spewed his black cum into my wife's ass making her cry out, "Oh God I can feel your cum in my ass, it's so hot!"

Then Moe collapsed on top of her, knocking the breath out of her. He raised up on his hands and knees and inch by inch pulled his monster out of her once virgin ass. She laid there with his cum dripping out of her asshole which had once been so tight and was now gaping open, pools of his sperm beginning to form on the bed beneath her. Her butt cheeks were red from the spanking and Gary's camera zoomed in to catch every detail.

Suddenly I realized that I felt something sticky on the front of my pants. Despite my horror at seeing my bride violated, I had orgasmed while I watched my wife be assfucked by Moe. Bobby Jo laughed and said, "Look everybody, my worthless husband got his little pecker stiff and made a mess in his pants." Gary even got that on film of course.

Bobby Jo and I flew back to Michigan the next day. The pictures of our adventure were shown on the net and created a sensation. I think everyone in our hometown knew about my stupidity. Bobby Jo got the marriage annulled as soon as we got back, on the grounds that I had been unable to consumate our marriage. I spoke to her for the last time on the courthouse steps. "Couldn't we just see each other once in a while?", I begged.

"I don't think I'll have time for that Jimmy." she replied. "You know all those years we spent together and all those big strong football players who wanted to fuck me and how I waited and told them no so I could be your virgin bride? Well I'm going to be very, very, busy making up for lost time."

She turned to walk away, her body looking as good as ever and her blonde hair shimmering in the sunlight. "And by the way Jimmy," she said with a wink of her big blue eyes, "Everyone knows that "Systems" never work in Vegas, but thanks for trying!"
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