Gash For Cash

Written by Shooter / Jun 25, 2004


Gash for Cash: the Jan Miller Story


From where I sat in my car I could see the building. I watched my wife and two men go into the building nearly an hour ago, but there had been no other activity. Why was I spying on my wife? Damned good question and the answer is complicated. My name is Jack Miller and my wife?s name is Jan.

It started about a month ago, I think. It was a series of little things that got my attention. Jan, my wife of eight years started acting funny. Coming home way late got to be the rule rather then the exception. Working weird hours. Acting preoccupied and withdrawn. Jan just seemed different.

Two years ago I opened my own investment business and Jan agreed that she should continue to work until the business was better established. It wasn?t unusual for Jan to travel with her job, but lately she seemed to be doing a lot more than normal. Until a few months ago she never had to travel on weekends, but that suddenly changed and she seemed to be worn-out when she got home.

None of these thing by themselves were noteworthy, but then there was the strange calls. Jan has her own line with an answering machine and I never checked her machine. It wasn?t any of my business, I thought. One night I was looking for a ballpoint pen that worked and I went into her office to see if she had one. While I searched the phone rang and the machine picked up. A male voice said, "Jan be at 1239 East Street, Friday night at seven o?clock." The caller hung up. I thought that was a weird call and I hit the rewind to listen again. The call that I had just heard was the third call on the tape or whatever is in the machine. The first call, the same voice as best I could tell, said," Doghouse at seven." The second message said, "Evan?s at eight, dress down." I had no way to tell how long the messages had been on the machine.

I left Jan?s office highly perplexed, but finally decided that it was business calls and put them out of my mind. I wouldn?t have given it any more thought if I hadn?t accidentally picked up a throw-away magazine that advertised the strip joints and video arcades and that type of adult businesses. The ad for the Doghouse caught my eye. The Doghouse apparently was a tittie bar on the east side of town. I recalled the message on Jan?s answering machine that mentioned "doghouse." I remember laughing at myself. What was I thinking? What would Jan be doing at a tittie bar?

Jan isn?t certainly isn?t a prude. In fact she is very inventive in our bedroom. I guess we have tried everything a man and a woman can do, at one time or another. Jan and I married right out of high school. We took turns going to college over the next six years. Jan was a knockout in high school. She works out a couple time a week and looks better now then she ever did. Jan fills out her 36C bra very nicely and while a bit on the petit side, has a killer body.

During the next few weeks I begun to harbor suspicions. I tried to put them out of my mind, but it was hopeless. The thoughts were there and I couldn?t ignore them.

I started checking up on Jan. On Tuesday of last week when she announced that she had to go out of town overnight, I followed her. My sweet little wife did not go out of town. She went to a motel at the outskirts of town and checked in. It hit me like a sledgehammer. My wife was cheating on me!

The next evening when she got home I gave her several opportunities to confess and tell me what was going on, to no avail. I followed her on Friday night and she went to that tittie bar, the Doghouse. I waited outside and she came out after about half an hour. She was with a black man and they walked down the street to the corner and caught a cab. I followed them to the Midtown Hotel where they went in and disappeared. I was sick to my stomach and frankly, I didn?t know what to do.

Now it was Saturday night and I sat in my car watching the building where Jan and the two men were. I was so mad and hurt I wasn?t thinking straight. I knew I wasn?t, but I really didn?t care anymore. I put the car in gear and drove toward the building. Somebody was going to get hurt tonight.


It was a concrete block building that had been a gas station at some point in the past. The pump island was still there but the garage doors had been blocked up and the large windows were now small residential type windows. I parked next door at a closed dry cleaner, got my pistol out of the glove box, and made my way on foot to the back of the place. Lights were showing from the back windows and I silently crept to one and peered in. The window was open a couple of inches.

I guess I should have been prepared for what I saw, but I wasn?t. It shocked me to my very core. Jan was on her hands and knees on a low table and a fat white guy was pounding her from behind. She was holding on to the edge of the table because the fat slob was slamming into her hard, causing her tits to swing back and forward. I looked around the room and saw another man. He was a black guy and sitting in a chair stroking his cock as he watched the fat guy fuck my wife.

"Hurry up, man," the black guy said. "I want to fuck the bitch at least one more time before Dog gets here."

"Keep your shirt on," the white guy said huffing and puffing. "Oh yeah you ain?t got a shirt on do you? Hey you hog, you done fucked her twice. Give me a break."

"Yeah, but I want to pop her ass before we have to go. Dog said he was coming at eleven and it nearly that now, so get to fuckin?."

"Maybe this cunt don?t want that black dick in her ass," the white guy said. He had slowed his action down, but was still hammering Jan hard.

"Don?t matter what she wants," the black dude said. "Dog told her to let us fuck her and she ain?t got no say in it. Do you whore?" Jan didn?t answer him, but shook her head in the negative. "You want my cock in your ass don?t you?

Jan didn?t answer him and the white guy reached around her and grabbed both nipples and pulled them in the opposite direction, causing Jan to yell out in pain. "Answer the man, cunt," he said grinning. "The man wants to know if you want his cock in your ass."

"Yes," Jan said. "That?s fine."

"What?s fine?" white guy said. "Tell the man what he wants to know."

"I want his cock in my ass," Jan said raising her voice. She was flushed and I could tell she was nearing an orgasm. I could always tell when she was about to come.

The fat guy pulled his cock out of my wife. Jan gasped as he did. He pulled her off of the table and lay back on it. "Get on, honey," he told Jan. "Ride the pony. Me and Abe is going to double up on you. How about me in your cunt and Abe in your ass? You like that?"

"Yes," Jan said climbing up over the man. "Give me both cocks."

The black man, Abe I assumed, came over behind them and waited until Jan had gotten the fat guy?s dick in her before he shoved his cock into her ass. Jan squealed and for a moment I was tempted to open the window the rest of the way and shoot both of the fuckers. I was actually reaching for the window when I realized that it was not a squeal of pain, but one of pleasure. Now I didn?t know who I wanted to kill.

"God, she?s tight!" the black guy said. "Dog has some prime pussy here."

"Yeah man," the fat guy said huffing and puffing, "Fuckin? cunt is going to kill me."

"What a way to go, huh?" the black man said. "You like this, Jan?"

"God yes," my wife yelled out, "Keep fucking me, damn you!"

"Hell, cunt," Abe said laughing, "This is just a warm up for Dog. He?ll be along later to fuck you. Wouldn?t be surprised if he don?t bring a couple buddies to hose you too. What do you think about that? You like Dog?s big fat cock?"

"I love it!" Jan screeched. She was having what she called a jumbo orgasm. I slid down below the window and didn?t know if I wanted to puke or cry?or both. My wife was a whore and she obviously was enjoying it.


Later that night I made my way home and slumped down on the couch in the den. I picked up a bottle of whiskey on the way and took a healthy slug of it. I had watched as the two men, Abe and the fat guy fucked my wife and when they finished with her Jan disappeared into another room. A light came on through a small window further down and I assumed it was a bathroom. I crouched down beneath the window and waited. My instincts telling me to get the fuck out of there, and not to watch any more of my wife?s depravity, but I couldn?t leave.

It was a little while later that I heard a loud booming voice say, "Where my pretty pussy?"

I raised up and peeked in. Standing just inside the doorway was a large black man. He was very large, standing nearly seven feet tall and weighing nearly three hundred pounds. Not much looked to be fat. He was completely bald, his head shining in the light.

"She?s in the shower, Dog," Abe told the man. "Me and Duck has been fucking her hard for a couple of hours. We doubled up on her and she loved it." He and the man he called Dog, high fived.

"That?s good," Dog said with a rumbling laugh. "Too much fuckin? ain?t no where enough for that little gal. Who got her ass?"

"I did," Abe said. "Nearly took the skin off of my cock. She?s tight, man."

"Yeah," Dog said, "Did I ever tell you boys about the first time I fucked her? Bitch passed out two or three times while I dicked her. She started out cryin? and screamin? for me to stop, but in just a few minutes she was cryin? and screamin? for me not to stop. Got to love a true slut, don?t ya?" He raise his voice, "Jan get your pretty ass out here and give me some sugar and some head. Your Daddy?s here for some lovin."

"Did you bring me something?" I heard Jan?s voice ask.

"I sure did," Dog said, laughing. "I brought you nine inches of hard cock and a quart of come. Get your ass out here and help yourself."

I watched in dismay as Jan came out of the bathroom. Naked and glowing pink from a hot shower. "Goody," she said running and leaping into the giant?s arms. They smooched for a long time.

"You boys can go on back to work now," Dog told Abe and Duck. "You?ve had all the pussy you going to get from this whore tonight. I got a couple friends that will finish fucking her after I get through pounding her gash."

It didn?t take Dog long to shed his clothes after the other two had departed. The big man picked my wife up and carried her to a king-size bed that I hadn?t noticed before. It was over against the far wall and I had to relocate some to see it. The big man carried her and threw her down on the bed hard enough to cause her to bounce. Jan was still laughing and giggling when he crammed his big cock into her. That immediately stopped her laughter.

The way they were laying I could see between their legs and I could see, even in the shadows, his giant cock piston in and out of her. Jan was apparently wet because he had no trouble getting into her or with fucking her. When he withdrew it looked like her pussy was being turned inside out. Jan screamed out in delight several times while he fucked her. I wanted to run and keep on running, but I couldn?t make my legs move me away from the carnal, animalistic scene. My wife was being mercilessly fucked over and over again. It took over an hour for the big man to stop the pounding of my tiny wife.

When he rolled off of her Jan raised up and went down on his cock. From where I was watching his cock didn?t seem to be completely soft. Jan sucked and worshiped his cock and when it was back to full hardness again, she mounted him.

"Oh God, Daddy," she said, "I love your cock in me. I feel so full." She began to rise and fall on the black pole. She fucked him for about ten minutes, having several more orgasms while she did.

"Turn around and get my cock in your ass," Dog demanded. "I want some of that ass that had ol" Abe so shook up over.

Jan got off of the man and got a tube of lube out of a night stand drawer. Apparently this wasn?t her first time here. She coated his cock with the lube and while raised over the man, guided his big cock to her puckered hole. As she eased down onto his glistening dick she made little cooing sounds.

"Oh shit," Jan said with a grunt. "Oh my God, Daddy! Ohhh, that feels so fucking good."

I was amazed at her words. Shit and fuck were words she never used. Something had changed my Jan so much.

She rode the mans cock for a while in that reversed position and then she suddenly got off and got back on facing him. "Now fuck me hard, Daddy," she said loudly. "give it to me. Come in my ass!" Dog did as she commanded bouncing her high as he did.

I don?t know how long I watched them. A couple of hours I guess. I was just about to leave when two other men showed up. One was black, like Dog and the other was a white man. Dog graciously gave my wife to them and they fucked her. One at a time then two at a time. My wife seemed to like it all. Dog watched and offered suggestions to the men who fucked my Jan. Once he put his foot on the white man?s ass and shoved him further into Jan, causing her to scream with delight. They all laughed at that. They were still fucking her when I managed to drag myself away from the place.


Now I was sitting alone in my den, heartsick and drunk. I was trying to think and plan what I was going to do but I was in no condition to think about anything. I?m not sure exactly when I passed out.

The next day, Sunday, was a lost day in my life. I woke up in the middle of the afternoon, still sitting on the couch in the den. I managed to get up and get to the shower.

As the hot water splashed on me I kept having vision of the debauchery I witnessed the night before. I couldn?t get it out of my mind.

Later I was still hurting from the whiskey I had drank so I got a beer out of the frig and sat on the back porch. The beer helped so I had some more. I was still sitting on the porch when I heard Jan come home. I heard her rummaging around inside for a while and then she came out where I was.

"Hi honey," Jan said giving me a quick peck on the lips, "I?m home."

"So I see," I said, "Did you have a good trip?"

"So so," she said, "the usual, I guess."

"I guess you?re tired, huh?" I said. I was aware that the beer I had consumed was making my tough thick and my words were slurred.

"Yeah," she said. "A little. I see you spent the day drinking beer." There was a pile of empty cans around my chair. Jan sat down in a chair beside me.

"So," I said, "want to tell me about it?"

"What? The trip?" Jan said, yawning and stretching. "Boring stuff."

"No, not about the trip," I said. I turned so that I could see her face. "Tell me about Dog. Tell me all about Daddy." Her expression couldn?t have been more shocked if I had slapped her. She turned ghostly white then red and ducked her head. "Come on Jan," I said, "I want to hear about the Doghouse and about Duck and Abe, also. I don?t know who the others are or I would ask you to tell me about them, too. I just know it?s going to be a great story." I was amazed at how calm I sounded, especially since my inside was churning. Jan didn?t say anything for a long time. She just sat looking at the floor. After a few minutes of silence I blurted out, "Dammit Jan talk to me. What the fuck happened to you?to us?"

Jan got to her feet and started for the door. "Later, Jack" she said. "I don?t want to talk about it right now. We?ll talk when you are in a better frame of mind. I?m going to bed now."

Better frame of mind? Was she kidding? What fucking frame of mind does one have to be in to discuss their wife being a whore for black men?

I managed to get to bed about two hours and another six pack later. Jan was asleep or pretended to be and I was careful not to wake her.

Monday morning I got up and got dressed without waking her and I left for work. Monday evening we were coldly polite with each other, but her conduct and her activities were not brought up. I think maybe I was afraid to discuss it by then. I suspected there were some things that I didn?t want to know. I wanted to know, but I didn?t want to know. I know it doesn?t make a lot of sense.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday, and Wednesday started out the same way. It changed when I got home. Jan was waiting on me when I walked in the door.

"Jack, honey, we have to talk," she said. "Come on in the den and sit down, please."

I followed her to the den and took a seat in the lounger. "Okay," I said, "Talk."

"I?m sorry," she said. "I?m sorry you found out the way you did. I?ve been trying to figure out how to tell you for a couple of months, but I couldn?t find a way. How did you find out?"

"I?m not as stupid as you seem to think I am," I snapped. "I followed you a couple of times. Not all that complicated to figure out."

"I see," she said. "So now you know that I?ve been cheating on you. What now? Do you want a divorce? What?"

"I don?t know," I said. "I guess I want to know what happened to us? What did I do wrong?"

"Jack," Jan said softly. "You didn?t do anything wrong. At least not intentionally. We got over our head last year. We got behind on the house payment, the car payments?just about everything. You remember when you reinvested your pay back into your business for three or four months? It was then that things got real bad. Anyway I wasn?t making enough to cover the things we needed to pay. I happened to mention it to a girl I work with. Her name is Missy Ryan and she told me that she worked a couple of nights a week as an escort. I know what you?re thinking. I did too, but Missy explained that it wasn?t a sex for hire company. It was a bona fide escort service. No sex. I tried it and she had told me the truth. I went out with several men over the next few weeks and I made some good money. Everything was going okay until a few weeks before Christmas. I went to a party with an old geezer and I guess I wasn?t much company for him. He asked me what was troubling me. I had had a lot to drink so I told him I didn?t have enough money to by you a nice Christmas present. He listened to me and told me he knew a way for me to make some real big money. He told me that if I wanted to do some call-girl work he could fix it up for me. He gave me his business card. I laughed, but I kept his card. He told me that I could make a quick two hundred by giving him a hand job. The bottom line was I gave him a blowjob for five hundred bucks. I blew him in the back of the limo on the way home. His name is Matthew Hollis. I don?t have any excuse except that I was drunk and broke and Christmas was right around the corner."

"So that?s how you were able to buy me that digital camera?" I said. "Hell, Jan, a blowjob in the back of a limo is a long leap from what I saw Saturday night."

"I need a drink," Jan said getting up and going to the bar in the corner. "yeah, you are right. It is a big leap from that to where I am now. Are you sure you want to hear this sordid tale?"

"I have to know," I said. "Get me a drink, too."

"Anyway after that distasteful episode I swore to myself I would never do anything like it again," she said and handed me a drink and sat back down. "I even stopped the escort business, but it didn?t last. We got right back into debt again this time even deeper. I knew that even with some really good tips I couldn?t make enough to bail us out this time. That was just after the first of the year when the engine blew up in your car and the furnace quit working."

"I asked around and somebody told me where I could borrow some money. I had already tried the banks and the finance companies. I suppose I gave them a good laugh. I found this hole in the wall place downtown and applied for a loan. I told them I needed ten thousand and they didn?t even bat an eye. I had the money in less than ten minutes. I signed the papers and nearly ran out of the place. It was the easiest loan I ever heard of. I guess that should have told me something and I should have read the papers I signed. When I figured it out I realized that I was paying a thousand percent per week. I nearly died when I realized what I had done."

"Why didn?t you tell me," I said. "I didn?t have any idea we were that bad off."

"You had enough trouble," Jan said with a wave of her hand. "I couldn?t bring myself to give you anymore."

"But?well never mind. What happened then?" I asked.

"I found the card the Mister Hollis gave me. He an insurance man, and he has a big office downtown. He has a bunch of people working for him. I guess he?s a millionaire or something. Anyway I called him and told him who I was and that I?d like to talk about his proposal for extra work. He laughed and told me to come see him at his office after I got off from work. He?s a nice old guy and when I got there his staff had almost gone for the day. We went to his office on the top floor of the building."

"Dear Jan," he said, "I made a few calls and I think I have something for you." He sat me down and got me a drink. He sat down beside me on the couch. "Tell me more about this loan trouble you have gotten into." I told him about the loan I had made. When I finished he was shaking his head, "This is more serious than I thought. I?ll have to rethink this a bit."

"I need something soon," I told him. "I have a payment tomorrow and I don?t have enough." I was crying and he patted me on the thigh.

"Now don?t get yourself worked up," he said. "I?m sure we can workout something. The short term isn?t the problem. We need someone with some clout to get the loan shark off your back for good." He slowly rubbed my thigh. It dawned on me right at that very moment how he was going to work out my next loan payment. "Oh well," Mister Hollis said, "I?ll think of something when I?m more relaxed. Do you want to help me relax, Jan?"

Jan had her head leaned back on the sofa, her eyes closed. I waited for her to continue.

"So I became a whore," she said as a matter of fact. "Mister Hollis laid it on the line for me. I stood up and took off my sweater and skirt. I was wearing that black thong and black bra with the gold flowers on it. You know, the one you bought. It sure made Hollis sit up and take notice. I slowly took off the bra and let it fall to the floor. I slowly turned around so that my back was to him and ever so slowly slid the thong down. I looked back over my shoulder at Mister Hollis. I thought he was going to have a heart attack right there. I?ll have to say this for him. He?s a randy old goat. He took me right there on his couch."

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked her.

"Yes and no," Jan answered after thinking about it for a while. "I didn?t come right then, but I enjoyed the absolute power I had over him for that short period of time. He was randy, but he didn?t last very long. At least not that time. When he got off, he had me sit on the couch and masturbate while he sat at his desk and made some calls. That felt strange to me, but after a while I managed to get myself off. Hollis like it when I came. It apparently recharged his battery and he took me again. This time he lasted long enough so that I had a small orgasm." She paused and looked at me, "Honey, are you sure you want to hear this?"

I assured her that it was necessary for me to know so that I could understand. That was the truth, but for some perverse reason it excited me to hear her tell it.

"Mister Hollis gave me the cash to make the vig, as they call it, and a slip of paper with a name, phone number, and an address on it. I didn?t call the number on the paper the next day, but by the following day the desperation was back. I called and made an appointment to meet with a man named Dog at the Doghouse. I guess you know it?s a strip joint downtown." Jan got to her feet, "I?ll fix dinner," she said. "If I sit here drinking, I?ll get hammered and I damned sure don?t need that right now. Come on into the kitchen and I?ll tell you some more of my stupidly."


I followed her to the kitchen and she got busy putting together our dinner. She talked while she worked.

"I don?t remember what excuse I gave you for working late," Jan said, "but I went to the Doghouse after I got off work. I ask where I could find Mister Dog and the bartender laughed and told me to have a seat and he would tell Dog I was there. I waited for a few minutes when all of a sudden this giant was standing by my table."

"Hi Jan," he said to me, "Welcome to the Doghouse. I?m Dog. Come on back to my office." He took my hand and led me back through the crowed room to a back office.

"So tell me your story," he said motioning me to sit down in the chair in front of his desk.

"I told him what I had gotten myself into. He listened until I finished. I could almost feel him staring at me as I spoke."

"I know your lender," he said slowly. "I can fix it but?" he let the but hang there for a long time.

"But what?" I asked.

"It?s going to cost me ten grand plus interest to get you clear. What?s in it for me?"

"I?ll pay you back," I said hurriedly, "Every penny of it."

"Yes you will," he said with a smile, "That goes without saying, but how do you propose to do that? Hollings can fix you up some, but that will be only chump change. How are you going to pay me back in a timely manner? You?ll have a fifteen grand debt and even with a legal amount of interest you?ll never get it done. So I ask you again, How are you going to pay me back?"

"I don?t know," I said. I was crying. It was looking like my out was not going to work.

"Are you open to suggestion?" Dog asked me. I assured him I was open to suggestion. "Okay then," Dog said leaning back in his chair. "Have you ever been fucked by a black man?" I told him I had not. "Then you are in for a treat. Okay, I propose that you come to work for me. You?ll be my own personal whore for six months and I?ll wash your debt off the books."

"Even thought I had made up my mind that I would have to prostitute myself I was still shocked at his words. I guess my mouth dropped open because Dog laughed at me."

"What?s the matter, Sugar Tits?" he said, still grinning. "You?ll never make enough free-lancing as a call girl. You don?t have the time to get yourself organized. You got a loan shark that will beat all the pretty off your face or break both of your pretty legs if you don?t pay up on time. You can?t buy time by flashing your tits or giving him a piece of your ass. He?s a flaming queer and it won?t work. I?m offering you the best deal you?ll get. Six months and you?re home free."

Jan sat the warmed up left-overs down in front of me. I didn?t have the heart to tell her that I didn?t have any appetite right then.

"So I guess you took the deal?" I said pushing some food around my plate. "Did you sigh a contract?"

Jan smiled and shook her head, "No there were no papers signed. Dog told be how it was going to work and I agreed. He told me that I was to make myself available to him or whoever he said, anytime he called. He laid it right on the line."

"You fuck whoever and whenever I say," Dog said. " I know you got a hubby and another job so I?ll keep that in mind, but the deal is off the first time you balk. Do you understand?" I told him I understood "Good," he said. "Get your ass over here and suck my cock."

"I got up and went over to where Dog sat. My legs felt like rubber. I undid his belt and unzipped his pants and when his cock came into my view I nearly fainted. It was bigger then anything I had ever seen, even in the porno videos you brought in. I finally got the hang of sucking that big thing and Dog leaned down and said for me to swallow his sperm. When he came I choked and most of his come dribbled down my chin. I thought he would get mad at me, but he just laughed and said I had tried and that?s what counted. Dog got up and stuffed that black hose back in his pants, "Come one, Jan," he said. "It time for your first black fucking, but I want to do it where we can?t get interrupted."

Dog led me out of the Doghouse, loudly telling everybody he saw that he was going to take me out and ?his words, "fuck the shit out of me". I wanted to die of embarrassment. I thought we never would get out of that place. Dog has several places around town, but that night he took me to the place out on Greenville Highway, he calls his snake ranch."

"Yeah I know where it is," I interrupted. "That?s where I saw you Saturday night."

"Oh, right," Jan said. "Well that?s where he took me that night." She paused and looked at my plate. "No appetite, huh? Let?s go to the bedroom. I?m worn out and I can tell this story laying down just as well. Grab a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and I?ll jump in the shower."


"So he took you to his snake ranch," I prompted after Jan got out of the shower and had gotten on the bed beside me. She put on a red nightgown. "What happened then?" Jan didn?t answer right away. She lay with her eyes closed. I poked her with my elbow. "Well I?m waiting."

"He fuck the shit out of me," Jan stated. "Just like he bragged he would do." She rolled over and looked at me. "Jack, I know we have an active sex life. I?ve always thought it was good and it is, but this was different. You and I make love; Dog fucked me. It was pure, unadulterated animal sex. I beg you not to think I?m making an unfavorable comparison to you when I tell you this story. It?s simply the difference in lust and love. When we got to the building, Dog took a seat and ordered me to do a strip. I did as he said and when I was down to just my panties he stood up and told me to take his clothes off. Standing beside him I realized just how big he is. The top of my head just barely reached his chest. He?s massive, but strangely quite gently most of the time. That?s more than I can say for some of his friends. Anyway, there we were, Dog with an erection and me nearly nude. I had already determined there was no turning back so I decided to make it work as well as I could. I took his penis, which, by the way, he insists I call a cock, in my hand and stroked it a few times. It didn?t get much larger, but boy did it ever get harder. You have to understand that I had never seen any other cocks but two, and a few in pictures and some videos. I had never in my life ever touched one except yours and Mister Hollis. This was all new territory for me. I was excited and frighten at the same time. I honestly didn?t think he could get his big cock in me."

"Is his cock the biggest you have to deal with since?since?what? Your new career?" I asked. I was mystified at how I felt about her revelation. I felt some guilt and remorse that I had been so wrapped up in my business problems that I didn?t see our personal problems. I also felt turned on as she told the story. It was almost like she was reading some erotic story to me, as she had done several times.

Jan shook her head, "No, not the largest, but by far the best. Dog works hard to make sure that I have a good time. He wants me to come as much as possible. I guess he does it to any woman he has sex with. Over time I came to realize that Dog is an educated man, a good businessman, he has compassion for others, and he?s a fucking machine. I think he took some Far East training or something like that. He can go for a long time with out a climax and it amazing how fast he can recover and go again. If I live to be a hundred I?ll never forget that first time. He went down on me for a long time. He had me flying high before he ever attempted to screw me."

"Dog was so hard, I think he could have stuck his cock through a cardboard box. I was so turned on that I did everything possible to help him get it in. I pulled my legs back as far as I could and as wide as I could. I thought he was never going to get it in. I told him to stop, but he kept on trying. When he finally got his cock in me I had a orgasm immediately and another within a few seconds. Like I said Dog is a gentle lover, if lover?s the right word. He didn?t move much until I told him it was all right. He pumped in and out of me a couple of times and I came again and I think I may have passed out for a moment. Over the next hour I had a hundred orgasms. I didn?t count, but I know it had to be at least that many. In the old days they would have said I swooned, but I guess the truth is he fucked me until he knocked me out?twice."

I poured us some more wine. Jan took a sip and looked at me. "I?m sorry Jack. I know this is terrible for you to hear. I know if you were telling me about you having sex with some woman it would tear me up. Are you sure you want to hear this?"

"Yes," I said. "I?m sure. Go on."

"Dog kept me there until nearly midnight," Jan said. "Most of the time we fucked, but we did talk also. He explained what my duties would be. The idea of having sex with strangers was still foreign to me. I had a lot of trouble getting used to that idea. Of course Mister Hollis was a stranger and so was Dog at first, but somehow it seemed different."

"Over the next couple of weeks Dog fucked me nearly every day. Sometimes it was when I was on a lunch break or when I was "working late". Once I met him early in the morning before I went to work. You have to believe me when I tell you I hated lieing to you, but I didn?t know what else to do. I didn?t have to be "the whore" until the third week, I think it was. It was the weekend I had to go to Lancaster in early May. Dog called me at work and told me to meet him at the Doghouse Friday night. I got there about seven o?clock."

"Tonight will a simple suck and fuck get-together," Dog told me. "You?ll go to the hotel and meet Mister White in room 4112. He?s already paid so all you have to do is get him off a couple of times and come back here. You can keep the tip if there is one. Mister White isn?t his real name, but don?t pry. Sucky-sucky, fucky-fucky and right back here. Any questions?" He handed me some condoms."

"I didn?t know enough to ask questions," Jan said to me. "I went to the hotel and by the time I got to the room I was a nervous wreck. I almost backed out and I guess I would have except I thought of what would happen if I did. Fear of that queer loan shark made me knock on the door."

"Mister White was a nice older man. He was almost as nervous as I was. It didn?t take but a couple of minutes until I realized I was in charge. I settled down and soon I sucked him some and he got on me and banged away for about two minutes. I took him to the shower with me. After about thirty minutes of fooling around he was ready to go again. He took a little longer that time. Sex with Mister White wasn?t great but it was all right. He made me come once. It wasn?t a biggie, but it was nice. I cleaned up and left the hotel. I was there for nearly an hour and a half and he tipped me two hundred bucks. He told me that he was coming back in a couple of week and he wanted to see me again. I told him to contact Dog. I?ve fucked him three or four time since then."

"I got back to the Doghouse about ten o?clock. Dog wanted to know how it went. I told him it had gone fine. He was in his office with a couple of guys. Abe and Duck. I guess they work for Dog. Some kind of security or something like that. I know they carry guns."

"Good," Dog said grinning at me. "I was thinking about you fucking that old guy and I?ve been hard for an hour. Come over here and give me some head."

"I glanced at the two men in the room. I guess I thought they would leave, but they didn?t seem to be in any hurry to do so. I looked at Dog and he was grinning. "Don?t worry about Duck and Abe," he said. "They like to watch, don?t you boys?" Dog had his massive cock out. "Come on Jan. Get to it."

"I did what I was told to do. I felt strange giving Dog a head job while people watched." Jan said.

"Boys help Jan get undressed while she sucks me," Dog told the two men. It was long before I not only was giving head, but doing it naked. Abe played with my boobs while I sucked on Dog?s cock. Duck had a couple finger in me. It wasn?t long before I didn?t really care who was watching me suck Dog. I would have gone out onto the stage and did it if they had kept playing with me. That was the first time I had serviced more than one man. Unlike the sex with Mister White they soon had me coming like crazy. Abe fucked me while I sucked Dog and they kept switching around. I had all three in me at one time or another. We ended up at the snake ranch for more group sex. That was the first time I was ever double penetrated. Duck was in my pussy and Abe managed to get into my ass. While they did me that way I sucked Dog. They called it making me air-tight."

Jan rolled over and was looking at my crotch. My cock was sticking up through my boxers. "Well look at you," she said. "This is turning you on. You?re excited hearing about your wife being gang fucked, aren?t you?" There was no denying it. I had a diamond cutter hard-on. I nodded and she put her warm mouth on my cock. I knew it wouldn?t take much before I came, and it didn?t. Jan swallowed my come and licked her lips, smiling at me. She had gotten better at it since her last time of blowing me. "I need more wine," she said. I got out of bed and got another bottle.

I came back to the bedroom and poured us another glass. "So that was your first time," I said. "What then?"

Jan looked at me strangely, glancing at my limber dick "You want to hear more?" I assured her that I did. "I?m happy and somewhat surprised at how well your seem to be taking all this. Are you sure you?re all right?"

"Yes I?m fine," I said. "I?m a little surprised that I taking it well, myself. To be honest with you, last Saturday night I planned on killing?well killing somebody. I wasn?t taking it very well then."

"Me? You wanted to kill me?" Jan asked, her eyes wide.

"You, Dog and the others that were fucking you. I think I may have thought about killing myself, too. You were not all that safe Monday or Tuesday for that matter."

"When did you have a change of attitude?" Jan asked softly.

"It was a two stage deal," I answered. "It started when you said, ?Jack, Honey we need to talk?. I reached a conclusion when you told me that you sucked a guy off to get the money to buy me that digital camera. Go ahead and tell me the rest of the story." Jan smiled at me and I could see tears glistening in her eyes.

"After that I met customers two or three times during the week and on those so called working weekends. After a couple of months it became obvious that I couldn?t keep working at my old job and be a whore for Dog. So I quit my job and went into the business full time."

"When?" I asked, surprised. "When did you quit your job? How come I didn?t know that?"

"I quit a several months ago. I still worked some part time with my old company to keep my cell phone, insurance, and voice mail," she said. "Why didn?t you know? I didn?t want you to know. Frankly Jack, you were so involved with the investment business I could have moved out and you wouldn?t have noticed for a long time. I?m not criticizing you, but it?s a fact. By that time I was making enough money in tips and other things to keep our check balance up. In fact I was making more money then I had been. Dog has been very generous. It worked out nicely. You were always up and gone before I was and with me working late and all, it worked out. I spent my days here, at the Doghouse or at the snake ranch. I had my cell phone should you call for some reason."

"So Dog is a pimp?" I said.

"No, not exactly," Jan answered. "He doesn?t have other girls working for him. He doesn?t have a stable, in other words. At least not right now. He did ask me to recruit a couple white women, but I haven?t yet. I?m not sure exactly how or why he get customers for me. I get the feeling that my customers are somehow in a business relationship with Dog. I ask him once and he told me that what I didn?t know I couldn?t testify to. That was good enough for me. I quit prying into his business."

"So you quit your old job, huh?? I said. Damn how far behind the information curve was I?

"Yeah a couple of months," Jan answered. "Closer to three, I guess. Dog didn?t ask me to quit, but he was a lot happier when I did. For one thing I was more available when a customer came up. Another thing I was more accessible for him and his crew. I was being fucked every day at least once, but more often than not, several times a day. When I got my period I went back to work at my old job."

"And you like all that," I said.

"Frankly, yes I did." Jan said. "I was like a big-eyes child in a candy store. It was and is a sexual smorgasbord. Again I?m not being critical, but you had withdrawn from me as far as sex was concerned. When I did see you, you were too tired to have sex. Suddenly I was getting all the sex a girl could ever want. Dog was happy, I was happy, his friends and business acquaintances are happy, if that?s what they are. Everybody was happy."

"Don?t you worry about disease?" I asked. "I mean there are a lot of bad STD out there."

"At first I did. I?ve learned how to minimize the risk and everybody except Dog and his crew always wear a condom. I guess I made myself stop worrying about something I couldn?t control. I was in the business to save my life and that was that. I?m not being overly dramatic when I say that. You remember reading about that man and woman and their two kids that were found murdered? The cops suspect that that Queer loan shark, Larry, that did it or had it done. He?s a bad man, Jack. Dog got me out of that situation and I?ll always be grateful for that."

"I guess you?we were lucky in that regard," I said. "Is?ah? I mean isn?t your pussy stretched from? all that sex?"

Jan laughed and put her head on my chest. "No not a bit. I got a book that taught me some exercises to do, but mostly that?s a myth. Lots of sex with well endowed men won?t stretch me. Dog says I?m as tight as I was the first time. The only thing I?ve noticed that?s different is I can do anal sex a lot easier. Do you want to see for your self?"

"I do," I said. "In a little while. Tell me more about your new job."

"I meet with a customer and I let him fuck me," Jan said. "nothing too complicated about it. Sex with Dog and the boys is completely different than with a customer. There is nothing kinky goes on with a customer. Oh of course I may let them fuck my ass, but that?s about it. With Dog and company it?s anything goes. It never occurs to me to tell them no. If they want to double up on me, fine and dandy. If one of them face-fucks me, so be it. A few weeks ago, I had my first honest to God gangbang."

"Did you like it?" I asked.

She thought a moment. "Yes, I?d have to say I did. I got a little tired before they got through with me, but all in all, it was fun."

"I guess Dog set it up?" I said.

"No, not that time. Dog loaned me out to Abe for the night. Abe got a bunch of his buddies together. They were all black men and most of them had never had a white woman. They were an excited and rowdy bunch, I can tell you. Abe took my clothes off and they were all over me. I nearly got smothered to death. It took a little while, but they finally settled down. A couple of them thought it would be fun to fuck me in the pussy at the same time. Neither of them were overly endowed so it worked. Actually I kinda liked it. Another couple of them thought they could do the same thing to my ass, but that didn?t work at all." Jan laughed. "this is so strange, laying here and telling you this. I?ve wondered how it would go if it came down to it. Hey look at that, you?re hard again!"

"Yeah," I said with a laugh. "I have to find out for myself if them big dick sons of bitches stretched your pussy. It sounds like if you can take two at a time you have to be loose."

Jan whipped her nightgown over her head and straddled me. "You?ll see big boy," she said leaning down and kissing me long and deep. She reached back and guided my cock into her. "Ahh, that?s feels so good. I love your cock, Jack. Don?t ever forget that. Ohh, God you feel good in me." She started a slow rhythm up and down on me. I?ll have to admit she didn?t feel any different than I remembered her feeling. Her cunt still felt like a warm velvet glove around my cock. Suddenly she stopped and started using some muscle or muscles and begun to squeeze my cock with her pussy.

"Hey that?s a new trick," I managed to gasp.

"Oh yes it is," Jan laughed, "I have learned a few new things lately." She started ridding me again. It didn?t take long before I filled her with my come. Jan got off of me and ran her finger up into her pussy and licked my come off of them. For some reason that excited me again. Jan gave me an evil grin. "So are you ready to go to sleep now?"

"No," I said. "I don?t think so. Not just yet. I want to hear the rest of your story."

"Boy you are a glutton for punishment aren?t you?" she said laying back on the bed. "What do you think of me getting my nipples pierced?"

I was startled. Jan has perfect breasts just as they are. I reached and took one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I rolled the nipples around causing her to shiver a little.

"I haven?t given it much thought," I said. "Why? Do you want to get them pierced?"

"Daddy, I mean Dog, mention that he like to get them pierced and put rings in both of them. He?s also mentioned getting my clitoris pierced. Not so sure about that."

"So why do you call him Daddy?" I asked. I had to think about rings in her nipples some more.

"That first time," Jan said, with a short laugh, "at the snake ranch. He was on me and we had just finished a great session with lots of jumbo orgasms. Dog whispered in my ear, "who?s your daddy?" I said "you are my daddy." It kinda evolved from that. Does it bother you?"

I had to laugh at that. "Hell, Jan," I said, "I think on some level it all bothers me. Daddy don?t bother me any more then some of the other things."

"Keep in mind that while Dog may be Daddy, you are still my husband. Unless you want to change that." Jan said her expression serious. "I guess you have grounds and it?s your call."

I rolled over on my stomach so I could see her better. "Jan, honey, I don?t want to divorce you. I?ve been in love with you since high school. This?this?whatever it is, doesn?t change that. Look, the business had really picked up. I just signed up three new clients last week. One real big and another one ain?t bad. The other was a retired man. The stock market has settled down some and business looks good."

"One of them was MH insurance, wasn?t it?" Jan said with a smile. I nodded, "See I?ve been looking out for my man. That?s Mathew Hollis?s company. The other big one is some company that Dog owns. Something enterprise."

"Golden Enterprise," I said. For some reason it didn?t seem right that Jan?s pimps and customers had signed on with me.

"Come on Jack," Jan said poking me with her finger. "They would have figured out sooner or later that you are the man to handle their money. I just hurried up the process a little."

I found it was hard to argue with her logic. "Point is you don?t have to work any more. How much longer do you have on your contract with Dog?"

"Would it surprise you to learn that I don?t want to stop working?" Jan said after a long hesitation. "Let?s be realistic. If I stopped putting out for Dog and Hollings, how long do you think it would be before they took their money somewhere else? I don?t know that they would, but you better be prepared for it."

"Bottom line is you want to keep being a whore," I snapped. "Is that it?"

"Let me show you something," she said going to her dresser and taking a small booklet out. She handed it to me saying, "My six months obligation with Dog was up over two months ago." I looked at the savings book and saw that there was a thirty-five thousand dollar balance. "Close your mouth darling," Jan said getting back on the bed beside me. "That?s what I banked in about six weeks. I also bought some clothes and paid some bills. By the way, you are a co-owner of that account. I forged your signature." She put her arms around me. "It?s not so much the money, but I do like it. I can quit being a whore in a heartbeat, but I can?t stop being a slut. Over the last eight or nine months I discovered that I like, really like sex and lots of it. I like the excitement and the adventure of meeting a new customer. I like being the center of attention at a gangbang. I love Daddy?s big hard, black cock, and I love the sexual situations he gets me into. Frankly I?m addicted to dick." Neither of us said anything for a long while. "You can change your mind about a divorce if you want to. I?ll hate it, but I?ll understand."

"So if Daddy wanted your nips pierced, why haven?t you done it already?" I said.

"It would have been too hard to explain to you," Jan said. "Not something you would not notice I think. I guess I will when my period starts next time. That will give me a few days to recover. Don?t leave me hanging, Jack," Jan said looking serious. "I have to know if you can handle it or not. It?s going to be whore or black cock slut."

"It would be stupid to give up all that money if you?re going to fuck around anyway," I answered. "Maybe I?ll take over as your manager. I?ll be your pimp. What do you think about that?"

"I love it," Jan said laughing. "I?d really love it Jack."

Well dear readers what do you think. Should there be any more of the Jan Miller Story?

As always, this is a work of pure fiction. What the people do in a story like this doesn?t have any place in the real world where there are a whole host of bad things that can happen to you. Unprotected sex is taking an unnecessary and stupid risk. Have as much fun as you can, but be safe.

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