Screwed By The Boss

Written by B.P. / Jul 22, 2004


preg, humil, oral SCREWED BY THE BOSS by BP

Debbie and I grew up next door to each other and since we were the only kids in the area we played together and became very close friends. We played house one day and cowboys and Indians the next. We also played, you show me yours, I'll show you mine. By the time we were ten we would often play nude in the woods behind our houses. Our parents must have known as we had no tan lines, but they never said anything.

We began exploring each others body even before our hormones kicked in. In school we had heard about oral sex ( blow jobs and eating pussy ) and began experimenting on our own. I even tried to fuck her but that didn't work as both of us had no idea what we were doing. We quickly found that we liked oral sex and would sneak off for some sucking and licking ever chance we got. By the time we had figured out what intercourse was and how it is supposed to be done, Debbie had started having periods. Realizing that she could get pregnant, we were too afraid to try it.

Although Debbie started her periods at an early age the rest of her body wasn't in any hurry. When she was thirteen, her mother bought her a training bra but Debbie stopped wearing it after a couple weeks. She said it was too much of a bother and she had nothing to support. Her boobs were nothing more than gentle swellings on her slender chest capped with large puffy areola and cute pink nipples.

Debbie would come to me telling me how the other girls made fun of her boobs and none of the guys paid any attention to her. My social standing wasn't much better as I was still on the puny side so we would console each other and suck each other off to relieve our frustrations. So it went, all though high school. For the senior prom we had to go with each other as we still were not in demand. By our senior year I had filled out a lot and was as big physically as most of the guys but I wasn't into most of the team sports. Debbie still looked like, a cute thirteen-year-old.

Then we were off to college and there we continued looking for acceptance with the other sex. As always our efforts didn't meet with much success and Debbie and I would get together for one of our suck sessions. Intercourse wasn't even thought of as Debbie wasn't on the pill and I didn't like rubbers.

In our junior year, Debbie was asked out by Jim, one of guys on the football team. I tried to tell Debbie the guy was no good, but she was so hungry for a real date she ignored me. About two weeks after Debbie started going with Jim, Debbie called me, all excited. She told me that she had finally had sex with a guy. I tried to sound happy for her but inside I was hurt. All those years of oral sex had not mattered, all the times I had comforted her, and she let some clod, fuck her. I warned her to be careful but she wasn't listening.

Three weeks later, Debbie called, sobbing as she begged to see me. When she showed up, I took her in my arms and asked her what was wrong. Between sobs, Debbie told me that her period was late and it had never been late, even when she had been sick. Suppressing my anger, I assured her that everything would work out. Then I took her to get one of those test things and sure enough she was pregnant.

When she confronted Jim about her pregnancy he just laughed and told her to fuck off. Debbie was crushed, so crushed she was talking about dropping out of school and running away. Having an abortion was out of the question but she was equally afraid of her parents' reaction to her being an unwed mother. I suggested that we check into a motel where we could be alone and talk things over. Debbie, tearfully looked at me and said. " I don't feel like sex."

As I kissed away her tears, my heart ached for her. Then assuring her that sex was not on my mind, I helped her gather a few things and checked into a nearby motel. All Saturday we talked, talked about everything including all the things we had done while growing up. It was then that I realized that I was deeply in love with Debbie. I also realized that the simple solution to her problem was I could marry her.

When I told Debbie that I would marry her and raise her baby as my own, Debbie said no, she didn't want me to feel obligated. I assured her that I wanted to marry her and protect her from any more pain. After long discussions, Debbie agreed and the rest of the weekend we spent in bed cuddling and having sex. I even had intercourse with her. It was good but after we agreed that we liked oral sex better. She confided that after being fucked by Jim's 10 inch cock, my five inches just didn't do the job. She made me feel better when she told me, she loves sucking my cock more than his as mine didn't choke her when I shoved it all the way in.

When we got back to campus, we called our parents and told them we were going to get married while we were home for Christmas. After our parents got over the surprise they asked why so suddenly then there was a pause and they asked us if Debbie was pregnant. To our relief our parents accepted our explanation without giving us a big lecture. Debbie and I became even closer if that was possible. We became excited about the baby growing in her and put the fact that it wasn't mine out of our minds. Our parents vowed to help us and continue to help us finish college. In July Debbie gave birth to a healthy girl. That fall we went back to school and finished getting our degrees.


After graduation I got a job in another state and things were going nicely. Nicely, until about a year later when our company got bought out. They told us that our plant was being shut down and they told some of us we could keep our jobs but we would have to move. Having nothing holding us there, we elected to move.

To our delight when we arrived at the new plant Debbie was able to get a job in another department. We were excited about our new jobs and the company even had a day care center for Cindy. About a month after we started work, Debbie's enthusiasm for her job faded. When I asked what was wrong she just smiled and said it was nothing. About a month later I discovered that her boss was the same guy who had knocked her up back in college. When I told her that I knew who her boss was, Debbie admitted that Jim had been making passes at her and had wanted to see "His baby" (Cindy). I went nuts. Immediately I began looking for another job. Every time I'd go in for an interview the people in personnel would tell me I was just what they were looking for. Then the next day I would get a lame excuse that I didn't get the job. I also found out that we couldn't get out of our two-year lease on the house. They trapped me.

Debbie talked me into forgetting about moving for a while. She said that we could save up and when our lease was up then we could find other jobs in another state. That sounded reasonable to me so I settled down to make the best of what we had. To my surprise after six months we both got raises and promotions. Our promotions meant that we would be out of town frequently. At first I was thankful that we never had to go out of town at the same time. The bad side of it was I couldn't spend as much time with Debbie as I wanted. The good side was I got to spend time with just Cindy when Debbie was out of town.

After one of my trips, Cindy told me that "Uncle Jim" visited while I was away. Although I was upset with this news, I just hugged Cindy and changed the subject. Later, when I confronted Debbie, she just shrugged it off, saying that Jim insisted on seeing Cindy. Trying to calm me, she added that he had never mentioned that he was really Cindy's father. This went on for some time then Cindy told me that "Uncle Jim" had slept over several nights and she had heard strange noises during the night. Instantly my stomach knotted as I knew what that meant.

A Month later when Debbie told me she was pregnant, I wasn't surprised. However, I tried to tell myself that it might be mine as we had regular sex from time to time without protection. What I had over looked was most of the time Debbie had been on the rag. Debbie gave birth to a healthy boy that time. When she came home with the baby, Jim came over. By now I had gotten used to him dropping in whenever the mood struck him. I was even getting used to him touching Debbie. However, I resented his lewd comments on how much Debbie's boobs grew when she was pregnant and nursing. Debbie would quietly blush and look away.

For the month that Debbie was sexually out of commission after John's birth I didn't have to go out of town. Then the day Debbie went for her check up, Jim scheduled me to be out of town for two weeks. When I left for the airport, Debbie had already gone to her doctor's appointment.

Arriving at the airport, I was all checked in when they announced that my flight was delayed. I waited for a half hour before they started to call for us to board. No sooner had we started to go to the plane when they told us the airport I was flying to was shut down due to snow and wouldn't be open until morning. Instead of being upset I was delighted, I was going to go home and be with the loves of my life.

Driving down the street to my house I saw Debbie's car in the driveway then I noticed Jim's sports car parked next to it. It was already dark by then and the lights were on in the houses, all the houses accept mine. I drove on by and parked half a block away. I walked around the back and saw a light on in our bedroom. Quietly slipping in the back door, I noticed dishes in the kitchen sink from dinner, but only for two adults. On the dinning room table was two empty wine glasses and an empty wine bottle. About then I heard a faint moan come from our bedroom. Quietly I climbed the stairs then looked in Cindy's room her bed was empty. Down the hall the baby's bed was empty. Peeking in our bedroom, I was greeted with the sight of Jim's hairy ass driving his huge cock in Debbie's newly available pussy. Paralyzed with rage, I watched Debbie grasping Jim's hairy ass as whimpers escaped her throat. To my horror I felt my cock jump to attention. Here I wanted to kill this bastard for fucking my wife and my dumb cock was getting excited. As I stood there, Debbie whimpers became louder and she started babbling lewd comments. Jim was doing his best to give her what she was asking for and it was clear that no one was being forced here.

Jim grunted and jammed his cock hard into Debbie. Debbie howled then began babbling for him to cum in her, to make her pregnant again. Repeatedly she repeated the words until both lay still. Thinking they were done, I backed out of sight as I tried to decide what to do. Standing there I heard Debbie softly saying something to Jim. I moved closer trying to hear. What I heard next turned my blood cold and my cock wet.

"Poor old Bruce still hasn't figured out that I've been keeping him out of town so I can fuck your delightful pussy. Did he say anything about not being around to fuck you now that you are back in commission? " Jim asked.

"No, I gave him a nice blow job last night and that was that. Please let's not talk about Bruce, fuck me again. I'd forgotten how much I like being pregnant. Now I want to stay pregnant. We don't have to tell Bruce and he does love the kids."

That did it, my cock exploded when I heard that. My wife was begging a man she had detested to knock her up and I was standing in the hall letting him. For the next hour I stood there watching Jim breed my wife. I had to admit, Jim sure was a master at fucking and my wife's tiny little girl body looked sexy as hell squirming on the end of his pounding cock. I could see his balls drawing up, getting ready to blast another load of baby making sperm into her willing belly. When they reached their final climax, I quietly slipped out to a motel and caught my flight out in the morning.

The next evening I called Debbie about ten. The phone rang and rang before she picked up. When she answered, I knew I had interrupted them in mid-fuck. In the background I could hear heavy breathing and it was all Debbie could do not to grunt as she talked to me. What we said didn't matter to me, I had my cock in hand and was stroking it in time with Debbie's breathless grunts. When I asked her about the kids and other trivial stuff I was listening to what was really happening. Jim must have picked up his pace as Debbie's grunts were now quite audible. Although I knew Debbie would have loved for me to say 'goodnight', she answered my questions in her usual loving way. Her breathing was getting heavier and Jim's was loud. Suddenly I heard a loud grunt then someone covered the mouth piece of her phone. Still, I heard, muffled grunts and moans. When Debbie came back, she said she had coughed and wakened the baby but he was happily nursing. By the sounds I was now hearing I was sure it was Jim nursing on her milk filled nipples. Debbie said "um I wish you were here to suck on the other one." I told her I did too as my cock sprayed my cum all over a towel. Satisfied, I told her to give the baby a kiss for me then we said 'goodnight.'

Several nights later I called her from my next stop and got almost a complete repeat of the first night. However, after I hung up, I had to jerk off again, before I could go to sleep. I tried to be mad at either one of them but every time I thought about Jim knocking up my wife, my cock sprang to attention. I also reviewed our financial situation and after checking around I found that if I quit my job it would take me several years to recover if then. As humiliating as this set up was, there was any way out that wouldn't hurt a lot more than doing nothing and going along with their game.

As usual, I called Debbie every couple days and every time I called, Debbie was getting fucked by Jim. I found myself wishing that I were there and could watch them. However, what was even more disturbing was I found myself wanting to lick her pussy clean after Jim finished filling her with his sperm. Several times I had sucked Debbie's pussy after I had fucked her and it really drove her, wild. As these thoughts whirled through my mind, it occurred to me that recently Debbie hadn't wanted me to suck her pussy. Now I knew that it was because her pussy was still full of Jim's sperm.

I don't know what made me tell Debbie I would be on the later flight but I did. In record time I got my bag and was headed home with a raging hardon. Driving slowly by the house I saw Jim's sports car. We a big grin I parked up the street and walked back. A light was on in the kitchen but when I peeked in no one was there. Looking up at the bedroom windows I saw a dim light in our bedroom and nothing in the others. Carefully I eased into the house and listened. Sure enough I heard soft moans and grunts from upstairs. I was drawn up the stairs and slipped soundlessly past the closed doors of the kids rooms. Debbie was on her back with her legs on Jim's shoulders. Christ, every time he rammed his cock home it had to be on the verge of coming out her mouth.

With a dreamy look on her face she said. "God I hope you got me this time I don't want wait for another month."

Jim laughed. "I don't know where to send him for another two weeks. If it wasn't for you needing to feed the baby I'd take you to the cabin."

As I watched and listened my cock was soaking my shorts. As much as I wanted to go in there and break up their fun, I also wanted to see Debbie get knocked up, if she wasn't already.

"Boy, am I glad I had you put a towel under me I can feel your sperm drooling down my ass. I hope Bruce doesn't notice how stretched out my pussy is."

Jim laughed then said. "Just tell him it's still stretched from having the baby."

Debbie laughed at that then said. "I want the rest of the sperm in your balls before you leave so you had better hurry up. Bruce will be home in an hour."

I watched as Jim poured another load in my wife then I left as quietly as I came. Back in my car, I drove around the corner and watched for Jim to leave. Boy, did he cut it close. Not ten minutes before I would have arrived, he got in his car and left. That meant that unless Debbie had just douched her pussy would be swimming with Jim's sperm. I waited a minute then drove into my driveway. Not trying to hide my new arrival, I went right upstairs and straight to our room. Debbie tried to act like she had been asleep as I bent to kiss her. The room still smelled like a whore house although she had sprayed some air freshener. I told her not to bother getting up and that I was going to take a quick shower and come to bed.

The shower was wet but her towel was dry. Since I didn't smell soap on Debbie, it had to be Jim that took a shower. Cheerfully, I crawled into bed and cuddled up to Debbie. Without hesitation she was in my arms, telling me how much she missed me and how glad she was to have me home. I started kissing her neck and then down to her milky nipples. Knowing how hot that makes her I knew she wouldn't be thinking about Jim's sperm in her belly. Debbie was still moaning and babbling how much she loved me as I slid my mouth over her sperm filled pussy. Then suddenly realizing where I was, she tried to get me away from her pussy but it was too late. fuss. Her pussy was still so open my tongue went in without any resistance other then big globs of sperm.

Debbie gave a nervous sigh then relaxed as I continued scooping out, Jim's sperm. By the time I licked up the last traces of Jim's sperm, Debbie was building up to a big climax. In the past, I would stop when her climax started but I had read that when a woman climaxes her womb sucks up any sperm near her cervix. With a perverse thrill, I maintained my attack on her clit as I wondered if I might be helping Jim get my wife pregnant. I teased her clit until she begged me to stop. By the time I did stop, she had at least three big climaxes.

Drained by her climaxes, Debbie curled up in my arms. Several minutes later when she turned around and went down on me, her sucking, was truly inspired. For at least an hour she sucked my cock like never before. She then cuddled up saying she was glad I was home and then went to sleep.

In the morning I awoke before Debbie. As I laid there, looking at her, she moved so that her boobs came into view. To my surprise, I saw faint bruises around the base of her areola and several other places. Had Jim bitten her breasts? Did she protest? Was I upset that he had been rough with Debbie? Those thoughts were bouncing around in my head as I slipped out of bed and went to start a pot of coffee.


Saturday Debbie asked me to watch the kids while she went shopping. I told her I would be glad to and for her to have fun. While she was out, I opened her top dresser drawer and found her diary/calendar. I knew that she had always kept track of her periods and made other notes in it. Since John was asleep and Cindy was watching cartoons, I sat and started flipping through it. To my surprise the entries went back to high school. I found many entries that mentioned me enthusiastically then I came to where she met Jim. Her comments were very revealing. She called him arrogant, cocky and horny with a big cock to go with it.

Forgot what time of the month it was and let him fuck me. Oh shit, I think he knocked me up. The bastard did, now what do, I do. Talked with Bruce. He is so great, he is always there for me no matter how much I abuse our relationship. Bruce says he'll marry me, keep me from being a fallen woman. Who else would want me but he is so kind and I know he'll be good with my baby. Too bad he doesn't have Jim's cock and know how to use it.

From there on, I found a number of comments about missing a big cock. Then I read the entry where she discovered that Jim was her boss's boss and that he was coming onto her. Her next entry got my attention.

I'm torn between two lovers. One is a bastard who fucks me hard and rough. He wants nothing more than to knock me up and humble my loving husband. My husband is gentle, loving and my savior. Sex with my husband is good but at times he is too kind and doesn't ring my bell hard enough, he also hasn't gotten me pregnant. I guess that is unfair. I really haven't given Bruce a chance at knocking me up.

There is no way I can resist that bastard Jim. Came over when Bruce was out of town and fucked me in my own bed. Back the next night and the next. He is intent on knocking me up. Although I tried to resist at first, it was no use, my body is in his control. I hope Bruce doesn't realize this one isn't his too.

I was shocked, humiliated and pleased at what I read. Reading on, I read her entries about being pregnant with John and how much she enjoyed it. She mentioned that she was wrestling with the idea of letting Jim get her again. Then I read her entry of the day she came home with John.

Jim came to see the second baby that he had made in me. As he tickled our baby, he asked if I was ready for another, I told him yes. He grinned and told me he would send Bruce out of town when I was ripe, so he could breed me without interruptions. Poor Bruce, I feel sorry for him but I need Jim's big cock.

Looking at the calender I saw where she had her period after John was born. Next to that she had written "the last for another nine months." My cock was making a mess in my pants and my mind was whirling like crazy. I felt like my life was out of my control. I love Debbie and the kids, even though I know that my sperm didn't create them. To my surprise, I found I wanted Jim to continue fucking her, yes and continue making babies in her. I was shocked at my own thoughts. My next thought shocked me even more. I found myself wanting to taste Jim's sperm in her pussy again! Abruptly, the sound of John crying, interrupted my thoughts.

Before I could move, Cindy called out that she would check on the baby. I got up and by the time I entered the baby's room Cindy was removing John's diaper. Together we changed John's diaper and gave him a bottle. When John was happily drinking his bottle, Cindy told me that she really missed me when I was away but uncle Jim was nice to come over and keep them, company. She went on to say that some times he even spent the night. While we were talking about Jim's visits, I noticed Debbie standing in the door listening to us with a terrified look.

Cindy noticed the direction of my gaze and looked over at her mom. Cindy jumped to her feet and ran to her mother saying Mommy I was telling daddy how nice uncle Jim was to keep you company when daddy was away.

Debbie hugged Cindy and looked at me with fear and tears in her eyes. I knew that it was now decision time for me. John was now peacefully sleeping in my arms so I put him back in his crib. When I returned, Debbie had sent Cindy off to play.

"I guess you have figured out that I've been sleeping with Jim."

"Yes, you didn't make it hard for me to figure out. I guessed that you wanted me to find out but were afraid I'd make a big fuss. I could divorce you and leave you with nothing but if I did I would be the one with nothing. I could shoot Jim but then I'd go to jail." I went on stating my options as I watched Debbie squirm. She had caused me a lot of humiliation and this was my turn to give some back. Until the words came from my mouth, I wasn't sure what I was going to say. Debbie just stood there, speechless as tears rolled from her eyes. When I ran out of words, I walked in our bedroom and picked up her diary. Debbie took one look at what I had in my hand and fell to the bed sobbing.

Though her sobbing, she asked if I would let her stay until she could find a place to live. I wanted to tell her, that wouldn't be necessary but I wanted her to squirm a bit more. "No!" I answered. My answer, made her jump as if whipped. She sat up looking at me with tear-filled eyes, trying to understand what was happening.

"Do you still love me? Do you still want me as your husband?" I asked.

Debbie blinked her eyes and shook her head before she sobbed out. "Yes if you'll have me after all I've done."

At that point, I went to the bed and pulled her in my arms. As we talked, I thought I could detect the smell of sex on her. I pushed her on her back and flipped up her skirt as my face went to her crotch. Debbie protested weakly but it was in vain. I saw her sperm soaked panties. Roughly I shoved her panties aside and glued my mouth to her slimy, pussy mound. Judging by how swollen and red her pussy was, it hadn't been very long since Jim had fucked her. I drove my tongue into Jim's sperm deposit, scooping out gobs of his sperm into my mouth and swallowing them. Debbie was unsure of how she should react. Nevertheless, her body soon took control and began squirming and humping her pussy into my mouth eagerly.

"D-d-do you like the way, I taste?" She asked timidly.

I answered by sticking my tongue deep into her well-stretched pussy then nibbling on her clit. Debbie moaned lustily and began stroking my hair while I discovered that I wasn't turned off by the taste of Jim's sperm, it made me hotter. Debbie was now in the throws of a building climax and beyond understandable speech.

After her body quaking climax, I crawled up beside her, taking her in my arms. I don't know how long we laid together but Cindy calling for her mother, woke us.

As Debbie went to take care of the children, I laid there, thinking about what I should do. My mind was a whirl, I knew what a husband is "supposed to do" but as I had said, then I would lose the kids. I didn't want that. Oh yeah, I guess I could have fought for custody but then I'm not their father. It appeared that by accepting things as they had been I could still have what I wanted. However, I wanted one change. That night after the kids were asleep, I told Debbie, she had to make a choice. She would either stop, seeing Jim --- or--- stop doing it behind my back. Debbie's face went through the whole range of expressions. Still with a look of mild disbelief, she asked if I meant that I wanted to know about her dates with Jim. I told Debbie that is exactly what I meant. I wanted to know what was going on and where. I reminded her that I could divorce her without giving her or the kids a dime. I told her that I wanted to be a part of their fun and games and might even want to watch. She sat there stunned.

For several days, Debbie didn't say anything. At work Jim was all business. I was a bit puzzled as I really hadn't thought they would break off their relationship and was wondering if I had over played my hand. By Wednesday, I was about to tell Debbie she could play with Jim with no strings attached but before I could, Jim sent me out of town to take care of an emergency call. Dutifully, I hurried home and packed my bags. By dinner time I was on a plane.

To my great surprise, the emergency was for real and the company had requested me because they felt I could handle what needed to be done. Since their problem was vital, I worked for two days almost without sleep. The client was so happy they offered to put me up at a fancy hotel to rest up but I just wanted to get home.


As I hurried home, I found myself hoping that Debbie's pussy would still be swollen and wet from another breeding session with Jim. Would he be bold enough still to be at our house? A minute later, my headlights illuminated that back of Jim's car and my cock jumped to attention. Seeing that the downstairs lights were out, my cock got stiffer and I wondered if Jim still fucking my wife.

I didn't sneak in the house but I also didn't make any noise as I let Debbie's moan's and whimpers guide me to my bedroom. At the top of the stairs, I was surprised with how vocal Debbie was. Thinking she might wake our children, I peeked in the kids bedrooms and saw that they had been shipped off to a babysitter. Then I glanced at my watch and realized that John was three months old and Debbie was probably fertile. Hadn't the doctor warned her that while nursing the odds of her getting pregnant was lower, each month down the road the risk of pregnancy got higher?

As I stood pondering Debbie's fertility, I heard Debbie moan loudly then say. "Fuck yes! Bite my tiny titties. Don't hold back, Bruce knows about us."

Jim didn't say anything but the loud howl told me that Debbie's breast was going to be sore. Debbie's howl also got my feet moving and a second later I was standing in the doorway of our bedroom. Debbie was riding up and down Jim's massive cock as she pressed her milky nipple in Jim's mouth. Stunned by their raw lust, I stood not five feet from the bed.

After several minutes of wild fucking, Debbie lifted her head and yelled. "God yes. Mark me, show Bruce that you have bred me like an animal in heat." Her cry turned into a howl as she jammed her pussy down on Jim's cock and quivered in the throws of a huge climax. From where I was standing I could clearly see each glob of sperm race up Jim's cock and into my wife's unprotected womb.

It wasn't until after Debbie collapsed on top of Jim that I realized the front of my pants was wet from my own climax. Was this to be my role in my marriage?

For the next few minutes, I stood watching as Jim's cock slowly deflated. Then as Jim's cock slid from Debbie's well-fucked pussy, she let out a soft moan and rolled onto her back. Suddenly, Debbie and I were looking into each others eyes. With remarkable composure, Debbie said. "Hi Bruce. I didn't know that you were coming home to night."

I grinned and said. "Have you guys stopped screwing long enough to see if you are pregnant?"

Jim opened his eyes and glanced at me nervously. However when he saw that I wasn't holding a gun or knife, he gave me a weak smile. Debbie spread her legs, showing off her swollen sperm-filled pussy as she calmly said. "Well you wanted to watch, did you get to see much?"

Undressing, I said. "Was that the warm up or the closing act for the night?"

Debbie smiled at Jim and said. "I'm sure that he's good for at least one more round."

Even though I didn't detect any malice in Debbie's voice, her comment stung because at my best, I could only manage one climax in an evening. However my half hard cock was saying I was still interested in what I was seeing.

As I moved toward the bed, my half hard cock bobbed and wove as if it were sniffing for fresh fucked pussy. Debbie grinned and said. "If you are thinking of putting that, in my pussy, be my guest but I probably won't feel a thing. However if you want to play with my clit, I'll show your cock a great time."

Not being one to pass on such a great offer, I moved around to get in a sixty nine position, with Debbie. Even before my lips touched her pussy, Debbie was living up to her promise. Her tongue was tickling the magic place on the underside of my cock and my cock was already hard before I finished studying, Debbie's well-fucked pussy. Unable to resist the temptation of tasting their fuck juices, I opened my mouth wide and sucked on her swollen pussy lips as my tongue scooped up gobs of Jim's sperm.

Almost instantly, I knew Debbie was enjoying my pussy sucking because of the way she was moaning around my cock as she lovingly sucked it. Soon after that I lost control and started humping Debbie's mouth. In response, she humped her pussy up at me as she spread her legs allowing me to suck on her inner labia better. Several minutes later the sounds of our climaxes were echoing in our bedroom.

When I recovered from my climax, I realized that Jim was still on the bed watching us. Smiling casually, Jim looked at me and said. "You can have her mouth but her pussy belongs to my cock."

Blushing, I tried to think of something that I could say to bolster my position as the head of family. However, everything that came to mind, would only add to my humiliation. I then Consoled myself by thinking that with Debbie's sexual activities out in the open, we could restore some of our lost trust.


Every night for the next week, Jim came to the house to breed Debbie. After he would leave, I would tend to the "breeding marks" he had left on Debbie after cleaning the excess sperm off her pussy. To my joy Debbie offered to suck my cock any time the children weren't around. Debbie did something else that surprised me, she asked me to start sucking on her nipples even after Jim had been rough with them. When I asked why she would want me even to touch her nipples after Jim roughed them up, Debbie smiled and told me that sucking on her nipples made hr pussy drink more of the sperm remaining in her pussy and to keep her milk flowing.

Several weeks later I awoke to the sounds of Debbie being sick. Since I was awakened from a sound, sleep I didn't realize what was the probable cause of her illness. However when I hurried into the bathroom, Debbie looked up and said she was all right, just pregnant. I knelt at her side and hugged her as I told her that I loved her.

Only minutes after Debbie regain control of her stomach, John began crying. Debbie looked at me and asked me to change his diaper and bring him to her as she was sure John was also hungry.

As I picked John up, I forgot that I had no biological tie to him. The only thing that mattered is I am his daddy and that will never change. The change in tone of John's fussing reminded me that Debbie was waiting to breast feed John. To my surprise, I heard myself telling John to be gentle with mom's nipples as Uncle Jim had been especially rough with them the night before. Then after giving John to Debbie, I curled up on the bed next to them kissing Debbie's still flat tummy. Just as I thought about sampling the milk in Debbie's free breast, Cindy crawled up to Debbie and sleepily began drinking her mother's milk. I now understood my role in life.
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