My Wife's Infidelity

Written by Shybob / Aug 4, 2004


You think you know your wife or girlfriend pretty well? Maybe you should communicate with her alot more. I wish I had with my wife. Let me explain. I'm 39 and my wife Karen is 27. Yes a big age difference I know, but up until I met Karen, I had not met any woman I wanted to marry. I am self employed, and financially well off. I know now that is what really attracted Karen to me now. We have been married a little over two years and really are good friends and have alot in common and she has never treated me poorly. I have never felt nothing less than love and caring from her. I wanted her from the first time I set my eyes on her! Karen has coal black hair that comes to the bottom of her shoulder blades. It's thick and wavy. She stands 5'3" tall with a great figure, and weighs 110lbs. But her most amazing attribute is her tits! There a 36DD! So when we go to the beach she obviously stands out in her bikini! Another reason I was so attracted to Karen was the fact that she didn't want children. I have never wanted kids, especially in today's world. I never wanted to go thru the worry. That's why I felt she was the perfect woman for me.

But again, I should have really asked the tough questions or got her to open up more before we walked down the aisle. I'll explain. I recently found out that karen has been fucking around on me and that she has been doing it since we met! Even while we were dating, she was still fucking other men! How I found out was when I came home early from a business trip and saw her cousin (Mary) car and another car I did not recognize in our driveway. The house seemed empty until I went to the basement and found four very naked bodies fucking their brains out! It was my wife, her cousin Mary and two very handsome men that I've never seen before. I stood there mesmerized by the site for several moments before I made my presence known, and it was quite a site to see four naked people scrambling for their clothes. The guys and Mary left quickly. But as Mary was walking by my wife I heard her say to Karen "do you think now is the right time?" Then she left. I calmly asked my wife what all this was about, and how long she has been screwing around on me. Then my wife began crying and asked me to sit down and she would try to explain.

Karen began her story of how she has never stopped seeing other men. She told me of her addiction to sex and how she need's it several times a week. She continued to tell me that she tried to stop when we first started seeing each other seriously, by using sex toys.... but it wasn't real and warm like a real cock, so she started to fuck around on me. I stopped her there and asked "if you wanted to do it more why didn't you ask for it?" Her reply hurt me. Karen said "because.... I'm not only addicted to sex Bob, I'm addicted to big cocks." It's true I am not large in the cock department. I'm an average six inches, and have never heard any complaints before now. But come to think of it, Karen has never felt real tight to me. She has always been very wet and aroused during sex and I just attributed her lack of tightness to being very wet. So I was not aware that Karen had a problem with my equipment. I then asked her "if you like big cocks.... why did you mary me?" Karen replied "because of how you treated me, like a queen. Also the financial security you would provide." I then said "so.... our marriage has been one big lie I see. You married me for my money." Karen quickly responded "no, our marriage is not a lie! It may be hard for you to understand right now, if at all.... but I truly love you Bob! Like I said, I have an addiction to sex and larger than average cocks! I really don't know how to explain it to you. This is a wrong analogy maybe.... but why do some men like a woman with large breasts like me? That's the only way I can equate it. That's how it is for me. I like the feeling a larger cock gives me." I asked her "so I suck in bed?" Karen smiled thru her tears and said "no.... you're very good in bed. You have always been an attentive lover, and have always brought me to orgasm orally. Like I said, it's the cock size I can't seem to give up."

I sat there numb, not knowing what to feel after seeing and hearing my wife tell me of her male preferences. But as hurt as I was at her, I still felt alot of love for her and wanted to do her no harm. Karen was still crying sitting on the couch. The very couch that her and her cousin were sharing while getting laid. I got up and went to her and hugged her. She continued to cry in my shoulder and said "I am so sorry Bob. I'm sorry you saw what you saw and had to find out about me that way. I know I should have been open with you... your my husband. But I mean really.... how do you begin to tell your husband about something like this or explain it." I shushed her and just held her until she calmed down. Then she said "I suppose you want a divorce now. I can't say that I blame you. I won't put up a fight. I understand." I told her "let's not talk about that right now. Yes I received quite a shock this evening, but you know I am not a rash man. To tell you the truth, I still love you very much. Yes I am very disappointed right now, but I do not hate you. Let's just take some time and try to work thru this, and if after some time things aren't improving.... well, we'll discuss it at that time, OK?" She agreed and went to bed. I sat in the basement with a bottle and my thoughts about what I had rudely found out this evening. While I sat there getting drunk, my thoughts were filled with the vision of my wife and her cousins legs splayed open and young muscular bodies pounding big cocks into them, both yeyellingries of pleasure. It was straight out of a porno. To my surprise I was getting a hard-on! I've always like to watch porn.... was that it? Witnessing four people screwing like in video's? Or was it because it was my wife and her cousin that were getting fucked that was doing it? I sat there confused while my dick ststartedo bust thru my pants.

Days turned into weeks and I still had these mixed emotions about what I saw and my wife told me. Every time those visions came back, my hard-on did too. I went on the internet for help, looking for articles to help me deal with what I was feeling and as my wife told me was her addiction to sex with other men. After a several weeks of doing this, I came to the conclusion that we should see a sex therapist to help her deal with this, to try and save our marriage. Of course I didn't tell her of my erections every time I thought about the scene. She agreed and I made an appointment for the following week with a Doctor Chris Riley. She said that was great! Next week came and we went to the appointment. It was a very plush modern office with low lighting. My wife and I felt the comfort very quickly when we were waiting in the waiting room. The phone buzzed and the receptionist said that Doctor Riley would see us now. The young lady showed us in and I was shocked to see a very bubeautifullonde woman introduced to us. Doctor Riley showed us to a love seat and she sat in a chair across from us. She started quickly, "Karen, Bob, welcome. What is the situation that brought you in today?" My wife looked at me apapprehensivelyand I said "go on honey. Doctor Riley cannot help us if were not open from the start. We discussed this, and nothing you tell her is going to hurt me anymore than what's been done." So Karen spilled her guts and told Doctor Riley about her addiction to sex and larger men, and how the only thing that works is the physical contact with other men and how toys didn't help. Doctor Riley took notes and listened intently.

When Karen was done Doctor Riley turned to me and asked me "Bob, what are you feeling? My assistant told me your the one that called and made the appointment. Are you also in need of help in dealing with this? I'm sure witnessing what you did was very upsetting for you, but you waited several weeks before making an appointment, why?" So I explained myself to Doctor Riley. Told her why it took so long and how I was doing my own research about what Karen had told me about herself to try and understand on my own.... but felt we both needed professional help. Doctor Riley was taking notes again and nodded intently, then asked me "Bob, your not telling me everything.... are you?" I insisted that I was, but Doctor Riley leaned forward and said "no your not. I see that troubled look in your eyes. I'm here to help, not pass judgement. Besides, seeing me was your idea, since you felt you both needed help. Now what's really troubling you." It was an uneasy several moments for me, but I finally broke down and told her of the erections I was having every time I thought about that evening, and how I needed to mamasturbateo rerelievehe pressure so I wouldn't hurt. (blue balls) Doctor Riley smiled and nodded and said "there, that wasn't so hard now was it? But your situation is not uncommon Bob. Alot of men pursue another man to have sex with their wife, because they love and care about their wiwivesappiness so much, they want to see their wife experience all the sexual fufulfillmenthey can, and it's a turn-on to see them with other men. So relax, your not alone." It was a ssenseof relief to tell about my erections. I really did want to know why I was having them. Then Doctor Riley said "I don't want either of you to worry. Your problem is not uncommon. More couples than you think are experiencing the same situation, more with the man addicted than the woman mind you, but it's good that you both are talking about it and have come to me to seek gguidance That tells me you are in love and want to work this out and understand just what the heck is going on. From what I can tell so far, it is more confusion on both of your parts. Why does Karen have to seek out larger men, and still says that she loves you, and you are curious why your turned on from what you've witnessed. I don't want either of you to worry, and continue to communicate. That's most important. That will be all for today. I want the two of you to continue to be open and honest with each other and come back next week, OK?" We agreed and left.

In the car on the way home Karen and I sat in silence and didn't say much. When we were home Karen received a call from her cousin, Mary. After about an hour, Karen came into our study where I was working and sat in a chair across from my desk. I asked "what's up?" Karen asked me "honey.... why didn't you tell me about your arousal whenever you thought about that evening? It's got me curious is all." I replied "that's why were seeing Doctor Riley. I don't know sweetheart. I hope the good Doctor can help me too." Karen nodded and left the study. For two months we saw Doctor Riley and we were feeling better about our marriage and ourselves personally. Then in our last session Doctor Riley suggested something that both shocked and aroused me. "have the two of you ever considered swinging? Because it's obvious to me that Karen really does need a larger man to stay satisfied Bob, and from our sessions Bob I feel you really did and would enjoy watching your wife having sex with a well endowed man. I want you to consider the lifestyle to remain happy." I have heard of it but wasn't quite sure how it worked. Karen seemed to know all about it to a T. So Doctor Riley explained it to me. When she was finished I had a hard-on. Both ladies saw this and I tried to hide it to no avail. Doctor Riley continued to explained the lifestyle to me, and told us that we really should consider the lifestyle if we truly loved each other. It seemed that Doctor Riley was directing this at me more than my wife. So when we got home I asked Karen about how she felt about this and why I felt that it seemed it was up to me to save our marriage. Karen told me how hard it's been for her these last few months going without a large cock, and how she really needed one soon. She came over to me and kissed me and told me that she loved me, and said "it's just sex Bob. Nothing more than physical pleasure. I'm not going to fall in love with the guy. I already have a man that loves and cares about me." Then she left the room.

We continued to see Doctor Riley for a couple more sessions, she gave us some rereputableebsites to check out and Karen and I did discuss it openly. Then one night while I was in bed reading, Karen walked in our room naked. She came to the bed, threw off the covers and started to give me a blowjob. Then she started to talk to me while stroking me "Bob.... you know you want to watch a big cock fuck me, filling my pussy and stretching me to it's limits while I suck your cock." She went back to sucking, then continued "just think about it Bob.... I don't want to cheat on you anymore, and I really need this. Close your eyes and picture the scene.... a large fat cock splitting my pussy, brbringinge to multiple orgasms, your cock in my mouth.... you picturing it honey? Do you see that fat cock pounding my pussy?" Then I came all over her hair! She was right. I didn't want to loose her, and if this was the only way to keep her, than so be it. I pulled her up on top of me and fucked her harder than I ever have. When I was ready to cucumgain I pulled out and came on her face! Karen seemed to enjoy that. I went and got her a towel and cleaned my cucumff her face. We laid in bed and cuddled, then Karen asked me "honey.... what are you ththinking I replied "oh.... that we should find a guy with a huge cock so he can fuck your brains out." Karen excitedly raised up and looked at me with a shocked look and said "really! Do you really mean that!?" I then told her of how I didn't want to loose her, and how the sessions with Doctor Riley were helping me understand her obsession with larger men, and what she just did to me, telling me to picture the scene. But I did tell her of my concern for being discreet, and how I had no desire to be cuckolded, even tho technically that's what I'll be in our new lifestyle. I wanted to keep it from our friends. She said that she understood completely and felt the same as I did.

At our next session with Doctor Riley, we informed her of our decision to give swinging a try. Then Doctor Riley asked us if we were going to look for another couple or a single male to swing with. I looked at Karen and we both shrugged our shoulders and said that we didn't know. So Doctor Riley explained the pros and cons of both to us. After listening to the pros and cons to both, I said "I think we should look for a single guy since this is more for you honey. Don't you agree?" Karen replied "wouldn't you want someone to play with too?" I then said "let's be honest.... if we find a couple where the male has the equipment your looking for, do you really think his wife or girlfriend would want to have sex with me? Besides, Doctor Riley probably feels it's best to swing with single men in our case, don't you Dr.?" Doctor Riley did indeed agree with my assessment of our situation. Then Doctor Riley brought up a subject we haven't discussed. Doctor Riley asked Karen "have you ever had sex with a black man?" Karen replied "no I haven't. My friends and I hang out at mostly white establishments, so I guess I've never had the opportunity. Why do you ask?" Dr Riley said "I've learned thru my profession, and surrogate's I've used, that it is true that black men do have on average larger penises than white men. Most of my white female patients with the same addiction as yours, prefer them. And thru our sessions I've come to the realization that you have not had the ultimate lay, should we say. Am I correct?" Karen blushed and said "no I haven't. My friends and I have discussed openly seeking a black guy, because of what they have heard, but again lack of opportunity." Doctor Riley then said "I think your ad should include black men. I feel your chances of finding the ultimate cock would increase a great deal." Karen looked at me and asked "would you have a problem with me fucking a black guy?" I took a moment to respond, then said "what ever is going to make you happy sweetheart." Then Doctor Riley helped us set up our ad.

After doing this, Doctor Riley pulled out a digital camera and said it was best to put a couple of pictures of Karen in our ad. Karen blushed and the good Dr. said "not nude, in your bra and panties. We want to tease a little, don't we?" Karen agreed and stripped dow to her bra and panties. Dr. Riley took two pictures, one of karen in front and one from her back to show her beautiful ass. Neither picture showed her face, because we did want to be discreet. Dr. Riley posted the pics and then submitted our ad. Doctor Riley then said to go home and wait for all the rereplieso start pouring in. Then she told us how that she was very proud of us, especially me on taking such an important step to stay together. On the drive home, my thoughts were of my wife with a large black man and I had to adjust myself. Karen asked me what was wrong and I smirked and told her "nothing." About four days later I asked Karen if she received any responses. She quickly corrected me saying "you mean our ad. Were doing this together." I stood corrected. Karen took me to the computer and showed me three guys she was considering. Two were white with nice size cocks, and one was a black guy named John. He was professionally employed. He was showing just his upper body. He was 6'2" tall with a muscular build. His note said we would be very pleased with his cock. Karen asked me "what do you think?" I responded "what do I think?! Honey your having sex with them not me." Karen replied "I want you to choose, please." I read John's ad again and then told Karen "go with him, I'm curious too." Karen smiled and asked "really?! Your sure?!" I told her yes and Karen thanked me and replied to John right away.

Just a couple hours later Karen told me that we had a date with John this saturday at the downtown Hilton. She said she just got off the phone with him and he told her that she probably hasn't had a cock as big as his yet! She quickly told me that it wasn't definite that she would have sex with him saturday. Were meeting in the lounge for drinks to see if their personalities are compatible and told him so. But she quickly added that if their brief phone conversation was any indication to what kind of guy he is, then I would probably see her take the biggest cock of her life! Saturday seemed to take forever to get here. I dressed casually in dockers and a polo shirt. Karen on the other hand dressed like a woman looking to get fucked! She wore a red spandex mini dress. The material had a wet look to it. She wasn't wearing any underwear either! Her shoes were a pair of simple black high heels. I told her she looked great! Then we left to meet john. When we arrived at the hotel lounge, we stopped at the entrance and karen was obviously seeking him out. Just then a tall very handsome blackman came up to us and said "Karen,Bob?" Karen acknowledged him and we shook hands. He told us he had a booth and showed us to an out of the way corner booth. We sat and the waitress took our drink orders. We talked and got to know one one another a little. We told him why we were doing this. He said he understood and that this was not his first married couple he's been with. When a slow song started playing John asked Karen to dance. I sat and watched the two of them with mixed emotions, and a hard-on. They danced two songs and came back. John excused himself to use the restroom. Karen was now sitting across from me and excitedly said "Bob, he has to have a salami in his pants! My goodness, I can feel it!" I replied "so.... we found your man?" Karen continued "yes! I want to fuck him!" I said "well ask him. It's your call." Karen could hardly contain herself. John returned and sat next to Karen. Karen's left hand was under the table. We talked for several more minutes. At one point Karen looked at me with a wide eyed look and mouthed the word "HUGE". Karen spoke up "John, do you have a room here?" John said "no. You said yoweren't't sure if we would.... you knoW.... tonight. So I did not rent one." Then Karen said "well.... would you like to get a room and put this log I'm squeezing inside me?" Jon quickly agreed.

At the front desk, Karen and John were arm and arm. I was renting the room and the young lady taking care of me was smirking as she worked on the computer. She was very attractive. She was smirking the whole time while she was computing our reservation. She gave me the card key and told us to enjoy our evening, then winked at me. She knew what was up. We got to the room which was equipped with a wet bar. I asked if anyone wanted a drink and both declined. John wasted no time as he had his shoe's and shirt off in seconds. I took my seat to enjoy the show. Karen said "what muscles!" John grabbed Karen and kissed her. He released her and Karen kicked off her shoes and John said "I think this is the only muscle your interested in." John then dropped his pants and a huge cock was standing rock hard from his groin! It was at least 10" to 11" long and super thick! He also had a large ball sack that hung about 4". Karen was just staring at it mesmerized. I also was in awe and envy of what he had, and was going to put inside my beautiful wife. John said "well baby.... what do you think? I said you wouldn't be disappointed!" Karen replied "no I'm not! Wow! I never imagined this! What do you think honey?" I said I was indeed impressed, how could I not be. Jon told her to suck it for him and Karen grabbed a pillow and got on her knees. She grabbed his cock with plenty of room between her thumb and forefinger. Karen was gently stroking John's cock, Then she tried to get the head in her mouth but could not. So she spit on it and roughly began to stroke his massive tool. Karen lightly licked the entire length. Karen started to talk to John "your cock is so beautiful.... I can't believe how hard it is for as big as it is.... I can't wait to feel it inside me." John replied "How about you take that dress off so I can fuck those big titties of yours." Karen eagerly got up and had her dress of in no time. John grabbed her tits and complimented her on them. Then Karen was back on her knees and wrapped her tits around his cock and started to rub up and down his cock. John was moaning and told her how good it felt. Karen said "my pussy would feel better. How about it.... you ready to fuck me?" John replied "baby I've wanted your pussy since the first time I saw your pictures." Karen stood up and they embraced and kissed.

Karen pulled away, grabbed her purse and pulled out a tube of lube. She poured a generous amount on John's huge cock and worked it in with both hands to the root, then she rubbed some on her pussy. Karen said to him "how do you want me?" John told her "lay down. I'll take you missionary, that way you know you finally have a man on top of you." Karen laid back and spread her legs . John stood above her stroking his cock slick with lube. He asked her "you ready for this baby?" Karen said to him "oh yea.... I've been ready for a cock like your for years." John climbed between her legs, positioned his cock slick with lube at her pussy's entrance and began to slowly push into Karen. Karen let out a low moan and looked between her legs and said "oh that is so fucking beautiful! That's it baby, nice and slow, keep the pressure slow and steady." John bent down and kissed Karen. Karen was moaning and moving her hips slightly helping to work that big cock inside her. Then she let out a yelp and broke the kiss and said "that's the deepest anyone's been! C'mon, just a little more, your almost home baby." Then John pushed the final couple of inches into her and Karen let out a loud grunt and said "that's right baby...your cock has found a new home!" John continued to grind into her, their groins meshing as one. At this time I pulled out my own dick and started to masturbate. I came on the first few strokes! I was so impressed with the whole scene. How Karen was taking that huge cock was sawesomeme! I went to the bathroom to get towel's When I passed the bed John asked me "what.... not enjoying the show?" I explained what I had to do, Karen was smiling at me, then she asked me "what do you think honey? Isn't it a beautiful site, John's huge cock buried to the hilt in my pussy?" I replied that it was and went and got the towel's.

I returned to my seat and watched as John picked up the pace, hammering into Karen. Karen showed no pain as she was telling him how good he felt on each thrust. Moments later John drove his cock all the way to the hilt and in one motion flipped over with Karen on top now. Karen was bouncing on that huge cock, fingers in her hair and tits bouncing. John said to her "yea baby, bounce those huge titties." Karen leaned forward and pressed her tits in john's face, smothering him. John hungrily licked and sucked her tits as karen slowly ground into him. Then Karen raised up and leaned back and started to grind very quickly back and forth. John told her he was about to cum. Karen slowed and said "not yet, hold off." She slowly raised and lowered herself on John's Huge cock. Karen looked over her shoulder at me beating off and asked "how's the view from back there?" I told her "fucking incredible! Does it really feel as good as it looks?" Karen replied "sweetheart.... his huge cock feels so good! I've cum twice already and I've never done that with anyone!" She continued to slowly grind on John's huge cock and then John said to me "man, your wife's pussy sure does feel good! Is it OK if I cum inside her?" I told him whatever Karen wanted. Karen replied "yes I want your beautiful cock to erupt inside me now." Then Karen picked up the pace and was encouraging John "c'mon baby.... cum for me! Cum deeeeep inside me!" John was yelling out "yeaaaaa here it comes!" He held Karen on his cock as he erupted inside her. I came again as well.

Karen leaned down and kissed John passionately. I was cleaning up my second ejaculate. I could see their love juices leaking from Karen and down John's huge balls. Karen was still grinding on John's cock as she kissed him. She was saying something to him that I could not hear. Then Karen raised off John's cock with a plop and and cum gushed from her pussy. Karen looked to me and asked "well.... did you enjoy it as much as I did?" I replied "probably not!" Karen then said "aw.... too bad. well I'm just going to have to make it better." She got up and came over to me and got on her knee's and started to suck my cock. I looked over at John, who was stroking his massive cock. He was hard again! I said to karen "your new friend looks like he's ready for another round." Karen said "you mean our new friend." She looked over her shoulder at John and said "what are you laying there for? Can't you see this prime pussy staring at you and your just laying there with a hard-on! Get your ass over here and put that beautiful cock back in my pussy!" John got up with a pillow, laid the pillow down behind Karen and I watched as he positioned his cock at her entrance. John said "you know.... no woman has ever talked to me that way. I think I should teach you a lesson." Karen replied "shut up and fuck me!" John thrust his entire length into her. Karen yelled out "oh yeaaaa! Fuck it baby!" She looked up at me as John was giving her everything he had and said "oh Bob, he's soooo fucking deep! His cock feels sooo gooood!"

John was fucking Karen so hard that I had to hold her hands. Karen had my dick in her mouth and as moaning. John said to me "your wife's pussy is the tightest I've had in a long time!" I could see Karen's pussy being pulled back every time John pulled back. It was quite a site, my wife's mouth on my dick while she was being fucked by the biggest dick she's ever had. I blew another load then and Karen swallowed it hungrily. I've never seen her act like this! Karen was encouraging John "yea baby.... give it all to me! Fuck my pussy!" John said he was cumming and John told her that he wanted to cum on her tit's, and pulled out. Karen got on her knee's in front of him, and I watched John beat off and cum on my wife's beautiful huge tit's, all just about a foot in front of me. John was spent and went and sat on the bed, and we watched Karen rub John's cum all over her tit's. I have never seen my wife look more beautiful! Karen said "that was fun! Can you go again John?" John replied "no way! My cock is rubbed raw from your tight pussy!" Karen said "I'm feeling a little sore myself. But it's a nice feeling." Then she came up to me and kissed me and said very quietly "thank you." I asked what for and she explained "for being so loving and understanding. For allowing this to happen and being here with me to experience my first black cock with me." Then she asked "be honest.... did you really enjoy seeing your wife being a slut tonight? Being fucked by the largest cock she's had to date?" I said "well.... you saw me beating off,and I came in your mouth. What do you think?" She chuckled and said "just checking."

John and Karen showered together, then John got dressed and kissed Karen goodbye and shook my hand and thanked me again for sharing Karen. We made plans to meet again soon. But before John could leave Karen asked him "I have a few friends that would love to meet you John, would you like to meet them?" John replied "as long as there attractive and slim like you, sure." Karen said that she would set it up, and then John left. As Karen was getting dressed I asked her "I thought we were going to be discreet.... what's this about introducing him to your friend's?" Karen came up and kissed me and said "sweetheart.... I've just had the best fuck of my life. It's something my cousin and friend's have talked about for years. I just have to share this with them. Please understand." I asked her "yea but.... what are your friends going to think about me now?" Karen replied "My cousin already knows about tonight. I told her that we were meeting John, and I'm sure all our friend's know now because Mary can't keep her mouth shut. Don't worry about it. Mary thinks your one hell of a guy to do this! She's very envious of me that I have a husband like you. She doesn't think bad about you, and neither will my friends. Please don't worry about it." I was put at ease. Her cousin Mary and I have always gotten along. We have a good relationship and have always enjoyed each others company.

We met with Dr. Riley and told her how our evening went. After hearing both of our accounts, she released us from further sessions, but told us to call anytime if we have any questions. Then she wished us luck in our new lifestyle.


True to her word, Karen did indeed set John up with her cousin and all her friends. A couple of Karen's friend's are married with small children! One night I sat and watched as John fucked four women. At the end of this night he said that he couldn't do that again and if the ladies insisted on meeting in groups like this, that he would have to bring a couple of friend's to help him. The girls told him to set it up! I'm at peace with our new lifestyle, in fact it's quite a show to see a parade of women come thru our house for the sole purpose of getting fucked by a large black cock! The things I've learned about women thru this whole ordeal is that when they tell you size doesn't matter.... don't believe them! I have now met too many women who have told me that they only say this to save our feelings, because when a woman finally does find a larger than average cock, their mind changes to bigger is better. So I have come to peace with it and urge other men to as well, especially men with a wife or girlfriend like mine. Let her experience and don't fight. I promise you, you'll both have fun! There's nothing like watching a woman take a large thick fat cock live, just a few feet from you.


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