Hubby's Humble Pie (Part 2)

Written by TJR / Sep 10, 2004


Hubby's Humble Pie(2) TJ Ryder Illustrated Blackowned Slut and sissy/cuckold stories!

Donna and Harold sat at a circular table with a big umbrella overhead, the women gaping at the black beachboys and giggling. Bob and Harold worked for the same company but didn't know each other until their wives met at the local Obeah club night. Both women were typically luscious, blonde, built, buxom and blackloving, although Donna was a few years younger than Laura and less experienced. Both men were similar also, slim, slender, pale office workers. Bob was nursing a hardon just looking at the hot babes posing around, including Laura and Donna in absolutely scandalous thong bikinis.

"But, well," said Donna, licking her full lips at the sight of a stuffed bathing suit, "is this part of Obeah, Laura?"

"No, honey, well, a little, but not part of the organization."

"Gosh, look at all these studs!"

Laura smiled, "much more selection than the club, honey, that's why I thought it was time to come!"

"OOh, I, I just don't know, what do you think honey?" she asked her husband.

"Well," he said, swallowing, "whatever you like, dear!"

"He'd love you to have fun, never mind what he says!" teased Laura. "And you know it, Bob! Just like Harold, he just can't wait until he sees you and a big black stud together!"

Donna giggled, "it's true. Bob's had me watching interracial videos, taking me to clubs, and even found the Obeah club for me and drove me there."

"Well, um, I want her to be happy!" Bob smiled, blushing a little.

"Well she'll be very happy here, Bob. Harold and I come all the time now that Iv'e gone Black!"

Harold shifted uncomfortably in his seat at the mention of his name.

"And he looks so sweet too!" Donna giggled. Harold half smiled, because he wore around his neck a silver chain with the OBEAH inscription just like Laura did. That wasn't the only similarity either. Both husband and wife had two tongue studs, nipple rings, lip gloss, and Laura had a clit ring and HArold's was on his penis knob.

Harold shifted a little, and Laura asked him if he was uncomfortable, smiling as she did.

"No, no it's all right, dear!" Donna smiled and asked why, and Laura smiled and said he didn't like his latest buttplug.

"Oooh wow," she squealed, "I see the nipple and tongue stuff, but I didn't imagine you put on a butt plug too."

"OF course, a nice big black one!"

"(giggle)" She enjoyed making Harold squirm and made eye contact with her husband then, raising an eyebrow, and Bob tried to look down.

"You have to show me what else youv'e done with Harold!"

"Not too much else, except for the chastity belt!"

"Oooh, that's sweet, do you like being in a chastity belt, Harold?"

"(Gasp) W-well, um, it's part of being in OBEAH, Donna! In the rulebook!"

"Bob, what do you think, do you think I should put you in one?"

"Not quite yet, honey!"

"Anyway, dear," Laura said, sipping her margarita, "do you like Mandingo's?"

"Oooh, it's very nice. Is it very expensive though?"

"Pricey, but not too bad if you don't pay for gigolos!"

"Ooh, are all these beautiful black men hustlers?" she said with a worried frown on her beautiful lips.

"Oh no, darling," Laura replied, putting a reassuring hand on her wrist, "most are just ordinary studs looking to hook up with white women. Some from town, and some from the military base, you can kind of tell those by the haircuts. Aren't they hunky though?"

"Oooh," she sighed, "aren't they just dreamy! I, I just can't wait, and Bob knows it, don't you dear?" She asked with a smile, and her husband blushed and nodded.

"Girls who look like we do in bikinis, honey," Laura said, "can get any stud we want, so naturally, we want the best!"

"mmmmm, yes! So, what happens? I see a man making eye contact right now with me, ooh look, he's arranging his cock in his bathing suit!"

"Yes," Laura smiled, giving him a wave, "he's one of the Four Horsemen, very nice, and very, um, endowed!"

"Four Horsemen!"

"Yup, he and three friends sometimes team up and get a room together. Would you like to meet him, honey, he already likes you!"

"I-I don't know, um, Iv'e never, well...!"

"Well, anyway, just think about it. Now, let's take a little walk shall we, you just have to see the lovely beach! The boys can stay and chat!"

The women stood up, and even with all the hardbodies around showing pink curves, they raised eyes and black and white cocks all around.

Bob was disappointed he was left behind, as he watched the gorgeous thong buttocks swish out the gate to the public beach area.

The long white beach at low tide was dotted with green foliage and palm trees, and mostly white, Donna quickly noticed.

"Wow, from the club scene I expected more blacks here!"

"No, it's a mostly upscale white township. All the blacks that come here are usually at Mandingo's. But there's a nice black dance club in town that caters to women like us," she added conspiratorially, "we can go there tonight if you like."

Hearing a wolf whistle from some young white college students, Donna giggled.

"I guess we have their attention!"

"Yes," Laura smiled, arching her big breasts out at the gaping white boys. "Lots of horney local white boys hang out near Mandingos hoping to hit on us!"

"I see other women wearing OBEAH necklaces too! They must be from the club too."

"Oh sure, theyr'e doing the tease just like we are!"

Donna giggled. "Oh, is that why their husbands aren't with them?"

"Probably, that's why I had the boys stay behind. Isn't it nice? In just a little while wer'e going to be back at Mandingo's, meeting up with super hung black hunks, but first, it's so much fun to tease all these horney white boys."

"Oooh, look that woman from the club is chatting with a local boy, and he has an erection too in his suit!"

"She's probably toying with him, getting him all excited, letting him buy her drinks, and then telling him she's going back to the club and sucking her lover's big black cock!"

"Oooh," Donna sighed, "that's so nice and mean!"

"It's fun, Iv'e done it myself. I like getting all these boys aching for what theyr'e not ever going to have, it makes me feel good when I have a giant black cock in me, pumping and creaming, thinking of all those beach hardons I caused."

"Oooh, your'e so mean, Laura. I love it! But don't you tease Harold enough?"

"Oh, honey, Harold isn't a real man any more. He's more of a pet, a nice little lapdog(giggle). Just like your Bob will be if you train him prooperly!"

"I don't know, Bob sometimes doesn't like what's going on, I think!" She pouted then, "and it isn't really fair of him either. It was his idea to hit the Black clubs in the first place.

"Perhaps he doesn't, but that doesn't mean you should stop. There's plenty of fish in the sea, men with a good job who would love to have a beautiful black loving wife!" Donna looked doubtfully, arching an eyebrow.

"Come on, let's stop at this beach hut bar for a drink, take a stool!"

Sipping a mixed drink, several avid white boys had moved closer to them, thinking of trying a pitch, as Laura encouraged them with a little smile and eye contact.

"I don't know, Laura, yes, I can't wait till we get back to the club for, well, you know. But my marriage to Bob, he's been really very good to me!"

"Of course," Laura sipped her drink. A little calypso band struck up and some couples started dancing, bathing suits and bikinis, "but he's not the only whiteboy in the sea. Here, these boys are going to ask us to dance I'm sure. Slip this around your neck and see what happens!"

Donna blushed as she received the silver chain and medallion. "I LOVE BLACK!" She also wore the MANDINGO Room key on a chain around her wrist so it was super obvious what she was on the beach for.

"OOh, how nice," she snapped it around her slim neck, "so is that to stop white boys from coming over then?"

"Some, but just to show you not all will stop! Last month I came out here with a single girl from work who had just divorced her husband after she went black, and she met this very nice young white boy. She says she sees him all the time after she meets with her black lover and she's going to train him in OBEAH like I did with Harold."

Just then Laura looked up at a white college boy, a lump in his bathing suit, who smiled hesitantly and asked her to dance. She smiled and accepted, and that encouraged his several friends, one of whom Donna watch come up, look at her insignia, and swallow, and change his mind. She wondered what to do if one boy asked her to dance, and sure enough, one slim young man did come up, stammering out an invitation.

"W-would you like to dance, ma'am!"

Donna hadn't danced with anyone except her husband in 4 years and was unsure herself, but she smiled, and soon they were fast dancing, her gorgeous curves in the tiny bikini making all the men sigh. AFter it was over, she said thanks, and made her way back to the stool, when another boy asked her and she was dancing again. After three dances, a slow one started after she was back at the stool, and seeing Laura was sitting at the end of the bar with a white boy, accepted.

The white boy was already erect as Donna came to him, hesitant about doing a slow dance in practically no clothes. But first she held him off, and he cleared her throat.

"Um, my name is Todd!"

"HI, I'm Donna!"

"Um, that's um, a nice medallion!" She knew he was also looking at her cleavage, but smiled, thanking him again.

"Your'e the most beautiful woman on the beach!"

"Oooh, thank you," she said, a little smugly.

"I-I was just wondering if, well, that medallion was real!"

She was silent for a moment as they brushed their bodies to the music.

"But, um, if you don't want to talk about it, it's really okay!"

"No, it's okay, but, I was just thinking that if I tell you, the dance might be over!"

"Oh no! I want to dance with you, Whatever you say" she smiled at his sincerity.

"Well then, even though my friend loaned me the medallion, I guess it is true!"

"So your'e doing the beach tease with your friend?"

"Yes, my first time, but does that make you angry?"

"Well, um, maybe, but I still really love dancing with you!"

Donna smiled, "that's sweet. I was a little concerned at first, but we can dance closer now if you like." He gasped, making her giggle, and soon his lips were brushing her slim fragrant neck, and her big breasts were mashed against his bare chest.

"Wow, your'e just so luscious! Fist time at Mandingo's then, because everyone knows about the beach strut?"

"(chuckle) Yes, a friend invited me, since, well, I love black studs so much!" She said it, and watched his face redden a little, but also felt his hard penis inflate even more against her belly.

"You love black men!"

"(Sigh!) Oooh yes! Everything about them. Their size(giggle), the way they treat me like a total slut! I, well, I just worship them, Todd, does that bother you?"

"Does it please you if I say yes?"

She smiled, feeling his hardon against her, and ground it a little, making him shudder. "Kind of. I do like to tease white boys more than I realized. My friend Laura was right, there are nice whiteboys who know their place today!"

"I, well, I'd like to see you again, sometime, Donna! No strings or anything!"

"Oh, well, um, I'm rather, involved at the moment, Todd!"

"Oh sure, it's just that I didn't want you to think that I'm just doing this to prime up and masturbate after you leave!"

"Oooh, " she frowned, feeling his hardon against her belly. "yes, I see what you mean, but," feeling a little disappointed at the idea of his getting off. She wanted to think of him and the other young men she had teased nursing their bloated balls and stiff cocks while she pleased big black men all weekend. Just like she wanted her husband to stay unsatisfied until the weekend was over and she milked his cock over the toilet. "I hope you don't do that, Todd! I don't think it would be right!"

"Really," he smiled, looking at her lovely face, "if it's important to you, I won't!"

She smiled, "you promise? That's very sweet," and she kissed him, her soft full lips taking him by surprise, getting sighs and jealous looks from his friends. She noticed Laura sitting back at her stool again, and smiled at her smug expression, and knew she had teased and toyed with a young man like she was.

"I tell you what," she said, kissing him again, "I'm going to be pleasing big black men all weekend, so I don't want to think of you getting off until it's over, can you do that for me, Todd?"

"Y-yes, anything you say, Donna!"

He gasped as she allowed him another kiss, and to cup her luscious butt cheeks, and then the dance number ended, and he walked with her back to the stool.

"I have to be going now, Todd, but remember our bargain!"

"I sure will, Donna," he replied, blushing as he tried to conceal the jutting boner in his bathing suit with his right hand.

"Ready to go, honey?" Laura asked, smiling with approval at the teasing number her friend had done to this boy's genitals.

"YEs, oh, and this is my friend Laura, Laura this is Todd!"

"Nice to meet you Todd, let me finish my drink and then we'll go. You two look like you had a nice dance!"

"Your friend is charming," Todd replied, blushing.

Donna sat on the stool, and moved her small hand to discreetly cup Todd's genitals, squeezing, "now don't forget out deal, Todd! And maybe next time I come here I'll dance with you again!"

"Oh, what was the deal?"

Todd groaned, and Donna bit her lip, and smiled and told her.

"That's very sweet of you, Todd, really, but why don't we up the ante on the deal. Let's face it honey, as nice a boy as Todd is, as soon as we leave he's going to think of us with a big black cock in every hole cause that's going to be what wer'e going to do! He'll just spray in his shorts no matter what he promises, I can tell!" Donna frowned, looking at Todd's face.

"Oh, Todd, really? I told you I want to think of you when I'm with a big black man and still having nice swollen blue balls!"

"Well, (sigh) I'm only human, Donna. I promise I'll try!"

Donna tsked, and Laura had a suggestion.

"Tell you what, kids, you seem like a nice boy, Todd, would you try harder if Donna gave you her phone number?"

"(Gasp) I-I sure would!" Both women giggled.

Donna looked at Laura, who winked. "But we need to be sure you won't cheat, accidentally spray off, and then call her next week!"

"You wouldn't do that, would you, Todd?"

"N-no, of course not!"

"But we have to be sure! LEt me see, here is Donna's number," she opened her purse and wrote on a card, as Donna looked over wonderingly, and smiled at the phoney number. And to get this," she held it in one hand, as Todd quickly reached for it, "you have to also get this!" and she withdrew her other hand from the purse, holding a metal locking chastity belt!" Donna sucked in her breath, and Todd gasped, and she half expected him to just walk away, but she also hoped he wouldn't, and arched out her big breasts at him.

"Yes, please, Todd, for me?"

"B-but, how, how will I get it off?"

"Look, it has a little combination lock. Just call the number and Donna will tell you the combination, and naturally she will want to inspect the lock to make sure you didn't cut it, but if you don't want this...!"

"No-no, I'll do it, really!"

"Good," Laura said smugly, expecting it. "Now let's find a place to put it on, shall we?" Donna took his arm, holding it to her right breast.

"This is very sweet of you, Todd!"

"Actually," he smiled, "I'd probably do anything for your number, Donna!"

Laura stood up, taking her beach bag, Donna was looking at her, wondering what was going on, as she followed the two to the beach portable bathrooms

"Here," Laura said, in front of an empty bathroom. It was a Ladies Room but the girls guided Todd in, Donna as puzzled as Todd, but feeling very in control.

"Here now, Todd," Laura said, standing in front of Todd now, his eyes on her own generous curves of female beauty. "Now, slip off your shorts, won't you, and I'll just put this on."

"Don't be embarassed, Todd," Donna said, "I mean in a little while I'm going to be seeing naked Black cocks and balls anyway."

"Yes, I-I guess...!" Slipping off the bathing suit, his erection slapped up against his belly.

"Oooh, pretty big, for a whiteboy that is!"

"Th-thank you," he blushed, as both women chuckled.

"But, oooh, I can't put it on with you hard, Todd!"

"W-well, um, I-I...!"

"Do you mind if I slap it down a little? It just hurts in the beginning!" Her soft hand cupping his cock and balls bewitched him.

"Put your hands in back Todd, Donna please hold him still!"

"But Laura, he's doing it for me! Shouldn't I be doing that?"

"But you don't know how to attach a chastity belt, honey!"

"You can do that if you like. All right Todd, is that okay with you?"

"S-sure, I-I guess...!" Soon Laura had his arms pinned expertly as Donna stood in front of him. She raised her right palm slowly, and lightly slapped him across the shaft, making him shudder.

SLAP! AAUGHHHH! Donna giggled at the way the pink meat rocked back and forth as her palm made its impact on the warm firm flesh. But he was still hard.

"Come on honey," Laura smiled, "Todd's a big strong boy, he needs a good slap down before his cock softens, don't you boy?"


"Do you, Todd?" Donna smiled, feeling her pussy becoming swampy now. She slapped him harder, making him shudder, and again and again, as he stifled his crying. "Oooh, Todd, I think I'm slapping some precum out of you. It's the first whiteboy precum Iv'e touched in a long time. I probably shouldn't be doing this!"

"U_f, Ummmffff, (Gasp)!" As soon as his cock softened, they quickly changed places, and Laura expertly snapped the chastity belt in place. It didn't totally prevent an erection, and Todd grimaced as it was in place.

"There now, now let's test it, shall we?"

"T-test it?"

"Yes, for being such a good boy," Laura unsnapped the back of her bikini top] and he gaped at her big beautiful breasts. Donna was jealous then, and did the same thing, and not only showed him her luscious firm swaying beauties, but she held Todd by his arms.

"Your'e being so nice, Todd, this is for being a good white boy!" She leaned forward and kissed him, her naked breasts against his naked skin, making him moan and then wince, as his cock tried to inflate fully.

"Yes," Laura said, squatting and putting her hand on his partially inflated constrained cock, the metal biting into his shaft. "That's a nice fit! Iv'e been with black guys so long I forgot how to size a white boy any more!"

"That's very nice, Todd, now I want you to think of this over the weekend," as she opened her wallet and took our a picture of her last OBEAH meeting. She was naked between two black men, and she tried to smile as she was rimming a muscular buttocks, her tongue half into the negroe's pink anus. It was her favorite slut picture that she loved to carry around with her. She loved Todd's expression, and seeing him moan as his cock tried to fully inflate.

As the girls strutted out, Todd moaned, half sobbing. As soon as they got on the beach, they broke into giggles.

"Oh wow, what a number that was! Tell me you don't do that all the time!"

"Sometimes I do more, but teasing is a two way street, honey. I'm getting itchy too, and thinking of all that big hard black cock a block away!"

MMmmmmmm, yes" Donna smiled, "but I thought Todd was sweet, and I could make him do anything I wanted, you know that?"

"Yes of course, I told you lapdogs can be fun!"

"But what phone number did you give him?"

"I gave him Mandingo's. I was going to give him a total phoney but that's all I could think of! Sorry!"

"No, that's actually good, Then if I see him again I can tell him I thought they could contact me in my room."

"Would you like to see him again, honey?"

Donna frowned, coming back to the entrance to MAndingo's private beach access, seeing the gleaming huge black muscles in tiny bathing suits, and sighed. "I-I don't know, maybe, afterwards..."

"It's fine, a girl like you should have your own lapdog even if your husband isn't ready yet!" Donna smiled as she swished into the pool area, smiling boldly at a soaking wet huge black power forward, half out of the pool so his sack was just showing, smiling back as the luscious blonde in the string bikini couldn't help gaze at his swelling log.

Harold and Bob watched their wives step into the pool, and instantly two big black jocks got out of their lawn chairs to join them. Soon they were smiling and chatting in the water.

"Um, say, is that one of the guys Laura was talking about, you know, the four horsemen?"

Harold peered over at them, trying not to gaze because his penis trapped in its chastity belt was beginning to sting. "Yeah, probably. The truth is Laura probably gave him some kind of a signal!"

"Really?" Bob sounded aroused. "You know Donna's only been with one black guy, and I was thinking, since I brought my camcorder for the weekend, you know, getting some really hot movies to take back."

Harold nodded, smiling ruefully, "that's what I thought once, I mean the guys would allow it with my wife but not Donna. She's too virgin for them like you say. And you couldn't be there anyway, you know. You have to wear the OBEAH medallion to even be allowed in the room."

"Awmannn," groused Bob. "But why not for Donna and okay for Laura?"

"Well, they have to really break her in first. If your wife goes up to the Four Horsemen's room, they'll keep her there until theyr'e satisfied, and they never fail. They got four huge big black cocks and full ballsacs and they work together. Hell, before the weekend is out, Donna will be a begging black cock slut like you never even imagined. Her pussy and ass will be so stretched out, and her mouth will be so talented at sucking and swallowing negroe sperm, like I say, they'll make her beg for it. Trust me, Bob, Iv'e seen them work. When she gets back, she'll never be the same, she'll be shutting you off totally and will love doing anything a black buck says. Say, look at her grind her tits against Jamahl now, man she's aching for it!"

Bob listened to what he said, half horrified and half titillated. "B-but, I - I thought OBEAH was for couples, not just the women."

Harold smiled, "if you pass the tests, it is, but Donna's going to get there way ahead of you, buddy. Hell, look at her tongue that buck's big thick lips, oh yeah, that's so hot. If you don't want her to be a blackonly slutpig that will fuck and suck any black buck who asks her, you better grab her hand and drag her out of here right now. Cause when she gets in their room you'll be lucky to get a handjob, and that's only if eat a quart of blackcum from her cunt first."

"Awjeeez," Bob moaned, arranging his little hard penis in his suit at the gleaming white and black bodies cavorting in front of him, his lovely wife teasing and splashing with big black hard bodies.

"I-I don't know. You think she'd even, I-I don't know what to do."

Harold nodded, "it's probably too late anyway, if you tried to take her out of that pool now, she wouldn't go, and most likely one of those bucks would beat the crap out of you and that would make her cream into her panties! Which will happen someday anyway!"

"Wh-what, Donna would never...!"

"Best thing to do is go OBEAH as fast as she is, what I did. IF your wife likes to see you humiliated and she will, best get into it. Cus a hot babe like our wives can find a dozen horney cuckold whiteboys like us anytime they want."

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