Julie Loses Control

Written by First But Not Last / Oct 9, 2004


Julie loses control

By: First but not last

Hi, my name is Julie and this is a story about how my flirtatious ways got me in over my head. I am a 37 year old married woman who likes to flirt and loves the company of men. My husband Neil has told me he has fantasies about me being taken by two well-hung blackmen. I have told Neil the idea does excite me but I could never do anything like that - or so I thought.

It was a Saturday night and my girlfriends and I were hanging out at the bar having a few drinks. My husband was working the late shift so he told me to go out and have some fun. While at the bar, we had bumped into Charlie and Todd, a couple of men we work with and they were telling us about this party over at the building they lived in and they wanted us to go. Well after several drinks and some begging my friend Sam and I decided we would go. So the four of us jumped in Charlie?s car and headed over.

The party was great. Good food, good music and lots to drink. Sam bumped into an old boyfriend and before long him and her had disappeared. Charlie, Todd and I danced and drank for long time, I kept teasing the guys telling them not to rub their big black dicks up against me too much or I might lose control. About midnight the place got packed and very stuffy.

I told the guys I needed some air, so they told me to follow them. We headed out the door and headed for their apartment. They had a nice place and it was definitely a lot less stuffy and quieter. Todd fixed us all a crown and coke and we sat around shooting the shit for a while. Charlie spoke up: "You want to smoke a joint?" he asked me. "Sure!" I told him. It had been a long time since I had done this.

The three of us sat around smoking the joint and drinking our crown and coke for about an hour and I was feeling very good, when Todd turned the music on. ?Care to dance?? Charlie asked? "Sure!" I said with a giggle. Soon Charlie and I were swaying to the music, our bodies pressed closely against each other. As we continued to dance I could feel Charlie?s cock begin to harden. "Hey be careful with that thing!" I giggled. Charlie?s cologne smelled so good, his body was so tight and firm, I felt good being in his arms. As we continued to dance, I became more and more aroused feeling Charlie?s large bulge pressing against me. My breathing became shallow and erratic. Charlie and I were staring in each others eyes as we danced and our lips just kept getting closer and closer, until finally our lips met and we kissed softly. His lips were so soft and warm I just melted in his arms. I was so horny I could not believe it; I knew what I wanted to do but knew I should not.

"No Charlie, we have to stop!" I told him. ?Why, doesn?t this feel good?? he said as he kissed me with passion and began caressing my ass. I kissed Charlie back as my temperature rose higher. God yes I moaned it feels so good as Charlie slowly kissed down my neck.

That is when I felt another set of warm lips kissing down the other side of my neck. Oh, god I moaned as I felt Todd?s warm soft lips kiss my neck. Here I was standing in these guys' apartment; one in front of me and one in back both kissing my neck as their hands began to explore my body.

We have to stop I moaned as Todd?s hands cupped my breasts and he turned my head and kissed my warm moist lips. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my entire body felt as though it was on fire. I felt Charlie unbuttoning my blouse and unhooking the clasp for my bra in front. "Oh, fuck..." I whimpered as I felt my breasts fall freely out of my bra and warm hands touching them. I had my head turned kissing Todd as I felt Charlie's warm tongue licking my hard nipples. I was lost in lust as I felt Charlie?s mouth sucking my sensitive nipples and tasted Todd's sweet lips.

Charlie slipped off my shirt and bra as both men moved in front of me and began sucking on my breasts. Charlie came up and started kissing me as I felt Todd slide down the zipper on my skirt. "Oh god, please stop I can't do this" I moaned as I continued to kiss Charlie with all my passion. I then felt my skirt and panties drop to my ankles and I stepped out of them. I could feel the cool air as it hit my wet pussy lips. I was completely nude now as these two men caressed and kissed my body. 'What am I doing?' I thought to myself. 'Get dressed and leave before it's too late!' I kept telling myself.

Both men were now sucking my hard nipples and I felt one of them sliding his hand over my closely trimmed pussy hair. Next, I felt a warm finger brush my super sensitive clit almost making me come right on the spot. Charlie moved behind me and that is when I heard his zipper and then I heard his pants and shirt hit the floor. If I did not stop it now I never would. I was just about to say I stop I cannot do this when I felt Charlie?s hard cock press flat across into the crack of my ass, as his muscled body pressed firmly against mine. 'God he cannot not be that big!' I thought to myself, as his cock felt like it was huge pressed into the crack of my ass. Charlie turned my head and began kissing me as he began grinding his huge cock up and down the crack of my ass.

I was so lost with Charlie that I never heard Todd slip out of his clothes, but I knew it when I felt his bare cock pressing against my stomach. Her I was a 37-year-old married women standing naked sandwiched between two naked 29-year-old black men as they made me hornier and hornier.

I turned and looked down and gasped as I saw Todd?s cock. It was a foot long at least and very thick. Without even thinking I bent over and began sucking and stroking it. I could barely get the head of Todd?s enormous cock in my mouth as I began bobbing my head up and down on him. I was sucking Todd?s cock like mad, making slurping and sucking noises as I drooled all over his black cock. Then I felt Charlie?s cock as he began to rub his monster up and down my slit, driving me wild. My pussy was aching so bad for cock I could not stand it. I took my mouth of Todd?s cock just long enough to say ?God fuck me please!?

Then I quickly began sucking Todd?s cock again as I felt Charlie?s cock pushing against the entrance to my pussy. My god it felt like he was trying to shove a telephone pole up me. My lips were stretched so tight they hurt as he pressed harder. Just when I thought, he was not going to be able to get in me I felt this pop and it felt like someone had split me open. "Oh, Godddddd!" I yelled. "Too much for me Charlie!"

However, Charlie was not listening he kept working more and into me opening me up like never before. He had hold of my hips holding me on his cock as he pumped deeper into me with every painful stroke. I could not continue to suck Todd?s cock because I was moaning too much, so I just stroked him. With one final lunge Charlie grabbed my hips tight and buried his cock balls deep in me. I thought I would pass out, the pleasure and pain was so intense. Charlie just held my hips tight as he stayed buried in my pussy, I could actually fell his cock throbbing inside me as he held it in me.

After a couple of minutes the pain had disappeared and pure pleasure had taken its place. In my whole life I had never felt such pleasure. My whole pussy was throbbing as Charlie slowly began to work his beautiful black cock in and out of me. Before long, Charlie had a strong hold on my hips as he slammed inside me repeatedly and I began cumming almost nonstop. We had moved into the bedroom now and I was on all fours getting fucked doggie style while I hungrily sucked Todd?s cock.

For the first time in my life, I was being a fucking slut and I loved it. I was so hot and horny. It did not take too much longer before I felt Todd?s hot cum filling my mouth and within seconds I felt Charlie?s hot cum splattering the inside of my pussy. I came so hard as I felt them emptying cum into me I nearly passed out.

After we cooled down a bit, we all jumped in the shower to clean up. As we got out the guys told me I needed to shave my pussy bare, so the guys got me a razor and the three of us proceeded to shave my pussy clean. As I shaved, I noticed the guy?s cocks were hard again, and I noticed Todd?s cock looked even bigger than Charlie?s did. Well I finished shaving and then went over in front of the guys and took turns sucking their cocks. "Come on guys this slut needs some more fucking!" and I headed toward the bedroom. In no time, I had Todd?s huge cock buried in me as he fucked me harder than I ever had been fucked, I came over and over. As Todd fucked me, I looked up to see Charlie videotaping us and that just made me hotter. "Oh god yes fuck me with that huge black cock!" I screamed. "I love black cock!" Before the night was over and with help from some lubricant I managed to have Todd fuck my pussy while Charlie fucked me in the ass. I felt so stuffed it was unreal. I borrowed the tape and took it home to show my husband so I could make his fantasy come true. My husband loved the tape and I have even arranged for him to come over to Todd and Charlie?s place to watch me fuck them again.

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