Teacher Learns Her Lesson

Written by First But Not Last / Oct 25, 2004


Teacher Sherri learns her lesson

By: First but not last

My life has turned upside down this past week and I am afraid it will never return to normal, and the truth be known I am not sure I want it too. It all started Monday, you see I am a schoolteacher and I had a student, Michael that was failing my class. I had tried to contact the student?s parents but had no luck for the past several days. Finally, Tuesday I got of hold of the boys father and explained the situation, then ask him if he could come my office today. The man said no he was working late and was extremely busy. I even offered to come by his house, but he said no to that as well. Well after talking with him for several minutes, I discovered he worked at steel fabrication business that was not more than a mile or two from our house. How about you dropping by my house after you get of work I ask the man and after explaining where I lived he said sure he went right by their on his way home. We talked a little more and Jim said that he should be by around 8 o?clock or so. I told him I looked forward to meeting him and hung up the phone. The rest of the day was uneventful and at the end of the day, I gathered my things to head home. I fixed myself something to eat, then took a nice long hot bath and had a couple of glasses of wine and was soaking in the tub when the phone rang. It was my husband he was going to be working late and did not know what time he would be home. The wine was having the normal effect on me and that was making me horny. I shaved my long legs and pussy while sitting in the tub, which just made me even hornier. At 5-10, I have quite long legs as you might imagine and my 36 c tits make me stand out in a crowd. By the time, I got out of the tub my pussy was almost dripping with my juices, as I was horny as hell. I had to do something about this so I got the big black dildo my husband had bought me as joke last year rubbed some warming lubricant on it, laid across our bed and began rubbing over my wet slit.

God in no time the warming lubricant was making my pussy burn and I slid in the first few inches of the dildo. Ohhhhhhhhhh Godddddd it felt so good, it hurt a little but the pleasure more than made up for it. The dildo was nearly 10 inches long and very thick and since I had never had anything bigger than my husband?s 6-inch dick in me it was a tight squeeze to say the least. I had never done anything like this before and know I was wondering why, my god this big dildo felt fantastic. I had managed to get nearly six inches of this dildo in me, and was about have my first orgasm when the doorbell rang. I looked over at the clock 8:00 oh shit I forgot all about Jim my students parent meeting. With out even thinking I quickly threw on my robe and ran to the door, not realizing my robe was quite short and I had no panties on. I opened the door and their stood this mountain of a man, he must have been 6-7, 260 pounds of solid muscle. His body was glistening in sweat and his white tank top was dirty. Jim I presume I stammered as I starred at his huge muscled body. ?Yes mam, sorry I running a little late we had a load of steel to unload tonight? You are fine come in can I fix you something to drink I ask Jim ?sure a glass of iced tea would be fine.? I told Jim to have a seat but he said he was awful dirty and that he would just stand. I went to the kitchen and tried to pour Jim a glass of tea but hands were shaking so bad I couldn?t and I spilled some of the tea. I bent over to grab some paper towels and noticed Jim standing in the kitchen doorway starring at me. That?s when I realized I had no panties on and that my shaved soaking wet pussy was exposed for him to see. Just then, I felt Jim walk up behind me, put his hand on my bare ass, and begin rubbing it. I froze not knowing what to do. I felt Jim?s big black hands exploring my ass and legs. ?Nice legs and ass baby? Jim commented as his hand made its way between my legs and rubbing my swollen clit. Ohhhhhhh yessss I moaned as his string fingers worked my aching clit. Good what was I doing letting this complete stranger finger my pussy but it felt so good and I was so horny. Jim reached around and undid my robe a slid it of my shoulders as it fell to my ankles. Jim then began squeezing my tits and fingering my pussy as he had me bent over the kitchen counter.

I was humping his finger now as he finger fucked me slowly; ohhhhhhh yessssss feels so good I moaned softly to him. Just then, I heard Jim undue his belt and then heard a zipper, next I heard his pants hit the floor. Oh god what am I doing this stranger is about to fuck me right here in my kitchen have to stop this before it is too late. Then just as I was about to say stop I felt this huge cock sliding up and down my wet slit sending a wave of pleasure thru me. I quickly looked down to see the biggest blackest cock I had ever seen. My god the head of his cock was at least 2-1/2 inches across and it looked like he was a foot long or longer and very thick, my god he made my toy look small. Jim rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit several more times before finally stopping at the entrance to my pussy. The head of his cock covered the entire area of my pussy. Jim then began pushing forward with his mighty cock as I felt my pussy lips stretching wide open and my pussy opening up more and more. Ohhhhhhhhhh god I screamed as my pussy was opened up more than it had ever been. My pussy was stretched so tight that it was burning as the skin and muscles stretched wider and wider for his huge cock. The head of Jim?s cock popped into my pussy and as it did several inches of his cock followed, and I thought I had been spilt into. The pain was intense but my god the pleasure was overwhelming. The nerves in my pussy were on fire as thousands of tiny shockwaves of pleasure shot thru my tightly stretched pussy. Jim was working maybe five or 6 inches of his cock in and out of me and I was whimpering and moaning like a little virgin getting her first fuck. My god my pussy had never felt so full and so hot in my life. Jim just kept thrusting his black muscular as working his black cock deeper and deeper into me sending me over the edge over and over again. I had never felt such pleasure in my life. My juices were literally running down my thighs as Jim continued to fuck me slow and steady. Just as I was about to cum again Jim put his powerful hands on my shoulders and drove his ass forward burying all of his cock balls deep in me with one powerful stroke. I nearly passed out as the pleasure and pain exploded inside me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddddddd ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, hurts so good I whimpered as Jim worked his entire cock in and out of me now. Every nerve in my pussy was alive with pleasure. I could feel Jim so deep inside me in was unreal, never had I ever imagined sex could be this good. Soon Jim had a hold of my shoulders and was pounding me from behind tearing my pussy up like it was his to do with as he pleased. ?Teach likes this big ole black cock don?t you? Jim grunted at me as he thrust into me. God yes, I moaned never new it could be so good I whimpered back. He fucked me hard for 15 minutes or more and I had so many orgasms I lost count then he told me he was about to cum and asks me where I wanted it. I should have told him to pull out but I couldn?t his cock felt so good I didn?t want him to stop. Oh God Jim I moaned fill my pussy with your cum, I want to feel you cum in me I whimpered. He began to pound me even harder and faster as I felt his cock swelling inside me then he let out this deep moan and I felt a flood of hot cum filling my insides as squirt after squirt were pumped into me. I came harder than I ever had as I felt his hot cum blasting my insides. Jim held his cock deep inside me as I squeezed my pussy milking every drop from his magnificent black cock. Jim picked me up, carried me to the bedroom, and laid me on the bed, then he finished undressing. I noticed that as he climbed in between my legs his cock was already hard again and he soon had it buried in my hot pussy fucking me again. I had my legs wrapped around Jim muscular body as he sent me into orgasm after orgasm as he fucked me hard. We had been fucking for almost twenty minutes solid and I was moaning and whimpering with each mighty thrust of Jim huge cock. Both of our bodies were covered in sweat, as I held on tight to Jim?s muscular black ass, as it pumped up and down working his huge in and out of my tight pussy. Just then, I looked up to see my husband Aaron standing in the door way his mouth wide open starring at me as I got the fucking of my life. Ohhhhhhh Godddddd yessss I screamed as another orgasm shook my body. Oh god Jim I love your cock, I love it feels so fucking good I whimpered. Jim looked up at saw my husband standing in the doorway watching ?hope you don?t mind guy, your lady here needed some of this big ole black cock tonight? Jim said with a smile. ?Sit down and watch the show, let me show you how to fuck slut wife,? he said as he rammed forward with all his might. Ooohhhh goddddddddd yessssssssssss so deepppppppppppppp god so Godddddd I whimpered. ?Tell your husband how much you love this black cock baby? Jim commanded me. Oh, baby I love never felt something so good, I love his black cock, I moaned at him.

?This is my pussy now ain?t it baby? Jim said as he rolled me on my stomach and place me on all fours then buried his foot long cock in me in one stroke. Oh yessssssssssss, I moaned yours all yours Jim I love fucking your black cock. As Jim fucked me doggie style I could feel his big heavy balls slapping my ass with each stroke. God Jim?s cock felt so good so intense and so filling. Jim began rubbing the cr?me from my pussy onto my assholes as was some finger fucking my ass as he fucked me doggie style. I now had two of Jim?s big fingers sliding In and out of my ass along with his cock sliding in and out as well. That?s when I felt Jim pull his cock out and place it at the entrance to my ass, no don?t I yelled at Jim I have never done this stop please. I then felt Jim push forward Ohhhhhhhhhh shittttttttt I screamed as my virgin ass was stretched beyond believe. I only had a few inches of gyms cock in my ass but it felt like a telephone pole. I tried to pull away but it was no use. Jim had my hips held tight in his hands and was working his cock deeper and deeper in me. I was whimpering and yelling as he began to fuck my ass with authority, using all but a few inches of his cock. It felt as though my ass was on fire as I felt Jim slide in and out of me, ?Sorry bud? Jim laughed ? Looks like I took your wife?s cherry ass hope you don?t mind? he said to my husband who was setting in a chair at the end of the bed stroking his cock. The pain slowly went away and I began to enjoy Jim?s cock as it slid in and out of my ass. As Jim continued to fuck my ass a reached over grabbed my dildo that was lying on the bed a shoved it all the way in my pussy and began working I back and forth. ?Damn what a freak you got here,? Jim said, ?I see me and some of the guys from the plant will have to come by and pay her a visit sometime.? I felt Jim?s cock begin to swell again and then felt a rush of hot cum filling my ass as Jim smacked it with his big hands. Jim pulled out his cock with a loud pop and then told my husband to go fix us a drink. While my husband was gone, Jim and I jumped in the shower and I washed him and sucked his cock back to life. While I washed Jim, I could feel huge amounts of cum running out of my pussy and ass. When finished cleaning up and crawled back in bed. My husband had fixed us a couple of drinks and was sitting back in the chair with a wet spot on his pants. Jim and I kissed for a while, he sucked my tits, and I sucked his cock while Aaron watched. Jim spent the night and we fucked all night long while Aaron slept on the couch listening to his wife moan and scream in ecstasy all night long. When Jim looked in the room, the next day Jim was gone and I was asleep on my stomach with Jim?s cum oozing out of my well-fucked ass and pussy all over the bed sheets. I could hardly walk that next day and called in sick to work, my pussy and ass were red and swollen and all my muscles ached in my whole body from cumming so much. Jim took of the next day as well and took care of me I soaked in a hot bath and slept most of day. Jim called that night and said him and a couple of his friends would be over Friday night for some more private lessons. My husband Aaron just smiled and told me that he loved watching me and if I wanted to do it, again I could. I told him thank you and sucked his dick until he exploded in my mouth.

Cannot wait until Friday.

Hope you enjoyed

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