Von Is Seduced (and husband watches)

Written by First But Not Last / Oct 29, 2004


Von is seduced and husband watches

By: First but not last

It was Sunday night and my wife Yvonne or Von as I call her was out dancing at a club in Vegas called OPM. We were having a great time dancing and drinking.

On several occasions, I had left to go get drinks or go to the bathroom and returned to find Von dancing with some guy or talking to another. Von who is 36 is very good looking she is 5-3 about 120 lbs 34b-28-36 with dark blonde hair and sexy green eyes. Tonight Von had on a short black, silk mini skirt, thong panties and I tight white silk shirt with no bra. I noticed that she had been turning quite a few heads all night at the club. I was coming back with another round of drinks when I spotted Von on the dance floor again.

This time she was dancing with two guys, two black guys one in front of her one behind her. They had her sandwiched between them and she was grinding her hips on both men as they danced. Both men looked to be in their late 20?s to early thirties with shaven heads and goatees. They were also I would guess around 6-5 and 280 lbs of solid muscle.

I watched as the three of them carried on dancing and grinding themselves against my wife. At one time my wife actually had her hands on the man in front of hers ass. I could tell things were getting hot out there and I just sit there memorized by it.

The guys had worked my wife?s skirt up several inches and you could now see her firm ass checks as she danced. I watched the guys squeezing and rubbing her bare ass several times. I knew I should stop this but I could not, I was enjoying the whole thing to damn much. The whole club was watching now as the three of them carried on.

The song ended much to my disappointment and Von and her friends came over to the table. ?Honey? my wife said to me ?this is Chad and Bruce and they play football for the Oakland Raiders? she said with a grin. My wife proceeded to tell me Chad and Bruce had invited us up to their suite for a little party. My wife said she really wanted to go so we headed up. My wife was tipsy and was giggling and laughing all the way up the elevator. The suite was amazing hot tub, big screen TV you name it, it had it. Chad fixed us all a drink and Bruce turned on some music. In know time Chad and Bruce had my wife sandwiched between them dancing and grinding on her body. I just sipped my drink and watched as both men?s hands began to explore Van?s body more and more. I could see my wife was becoming extremely aroused as these two men touched her. ?Let?s get this thing out of the way? I heard Bruce say as he unzipped Von?s mini skirt on the side as her skirt feel to her ankles. ?That?s better Bruce said as he began rubbing her bare ass with his huge black hands.

Von stepped out of her skirt and continued to dance with the guys as their hands explored her body. ?Nice ass? Bruce said just as he smacked it. Ooohhh my wife whimpered in pleasure. ?Oh I see our little lady likes having her ass spanked? Chad said. ?I wonder what else she likes to do? Chad said with a smile as he unbuttoned her shirt and slid it of her shoulders. ?Nice very nice? Chad commented as he began caressing Von?s breasts and hard nipples. Chad then leaned down and began sucking Von?s nipples and she let out a soft whimper. Bruce was now kissing up my wife?s neck and her breathing was becoming very heavy. Slowly I watched as Bruce and my wife kissed as Chad continued to suck her sensitive nipples. I could not believe what I was seeing; this was so hot I thought to myself. Chad then took my wife?s hand and placed it on his crotch ?Her baby why don?t you play with this? he smiled. ?Yeah Chad has something I know you are going to like? he said as my wife fumbled for his belt and zipper.

Von undid his pants and out feel the biggest fucking cock, I had ever seen it had to be 10 or 11 inches long and as thick as Von?s wrist. I watched as Von went to her knees and began licking up a down this huge cock as she stroked it with her hands.

Bruce undid his pants and pulled out an equally impressive cock as well. My wife was no down on her knees taking turns jacking one off with her hands, licking, and sucking the other. My wife switched back and forth between the two men?s cocks for a while until I heard Chad say ?Let?s open this pussy up for your husband while he watches?. Chad picked my wife up a carried her to the bed, where he laid her down.

Von crawled up in the bed and opened her legs wide and you could see her shaven pussy was dripping wet. Chad moved in between her legs and began rubbing his cock up ad down her slit, playing with her clit and swollen pussy lips. My wife was arching her pussy up wanting to be fucked so bad it hurt. ?God fuck me with that big black cock? I heard my wife whimper ?please fuck me? she begged Chad. Chad slowly began pushing the enormous head of his cock inside Von and she was whimpering like mad. ?Oh fuck, god you are so big? she whimpered. ?Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk? my wife screamed as the head and a couple inches of Chad?s cock popped into her pussy. My wife?s head was flopping side to side as more and more of Chad?s thick long cock inched its way deeper into her. ?You don?t mind if we open this pussy up a bit for you do you? Bruce said with a smile as he stroked his big cock and watched his friend. ?Ohhhhhhhhhh my goddddddddd? my wife moaned ?Feels so good inside me?.

Von?s tightly stretched pussy and she was going crazy with pleasure. I had never heard her moan and whimper as she was. Just then my wife screamed ?I?m cumming, oh god I?m cumming? and she grabbed his muscular ass with both hands. I noticed just as my wife began cumming Chad thrust forward burying the entire length of his cock in Von. My wife was whimpering and moaning like crazy, as Chad held his cock balls deep in her. ?Oh god Chad you are so deep, god you feel so good,? my wife moaned.

Slowly Chad began to work his cock in and out of Von?s pussy fucking her with more and more force until he was fucking her harder than I had ever seen anyone fuck. My wife was now whimpering and screaming in ecstasy as her pussy was turned inside out. ?Oh god can?t stop cumming, soooooooo gooddddddddd, yesssssss fuck me, fuck me hard, I love you?re big fucking black cock? she screamed. Chad pounded my wife?s pussy until he was dripping with sweat. Chad?s cock was like a battering ram now slamming back and forth like a machine. ?Here it comes baby? Chad grunted as his body tensed up. ?Oh god? my wife screamed as she felt a huge blast of hot cum squirt deep inside her. ?Yesssssss fill my pussy with your cum, god feels so good? she said to Chad.

Chad emptied his balls into my wife and held his cock deep in her as she ground her pussy against him, milking every drop from his cock. ?Alright Chad my turn to open this pussy up some? Bruce said as he stroked his thick cock. Bruce quickly turned Von over, got her on all fours, and with one stroke buried the entire length of his cock in Von?s cum filled pussy. Bruce started with fairy slow strokes but it did not take long before he too was pounding Von?s pussy without mercy. ?Oh god yes? Von whimpered as Bruce?s big black balls bounced of her ass with every stroke.

Bruce reached up put his hands on Von?s shoulders and began driving in to her with brute force. ?You like that big black cock don?t you baby? I heard Bruce ask my wife. ?Oh god I love it, I love black cock? she moaned back. Bruce then grunted and told Von here was another load for her pussy and he pumped her pussy full as well. After a couple of minutes Bruce pulled his cock out of Von?s red cum filled pussy and squeezed out the remaining cum in his big black cock right onto my wife?s asshole. ?There you go Chad? Bruce said with a smile ?Got that asshole ready for you?. Both Bruce and Chad had my wife?s ass that night filling her with ass with hot cum. I finally fell asleep about three or so and they were still fucking my wife in every way possible. I woke up about nine the next day to find the place empty; I looked around and could not find anyone in the suite. Then I heard a noise from the balcony, I opened the curtains to find Von on all fours on a lounge chair with Bruce behind her fucking her pussy while she sucked Chad?s cock like a pro. Now it was broad daylight and the three of them were out on the balcony for all to see. I looked around and saw several balconies with people on them watching my now slut wife put on a show. The guys finished fucking Von and then said they needed to be going, but said we could use the room for the day if we wished.

Bruce and Chad left, but they left Von there number and told her to call them and they would fly her down for a weekend for some more fun. My wife told me that she hoped I would not be to upset but she planned on going to visit them soon.

Hope you enjoyed

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