Night Club

Written by UKWide / Nov 1, 2004


My wife Lynn loves dressing sexily and then spending the night at a Club or Pub. She will normally wear a short skirt, or a skirt that can be undone at the front, she always wears Stockings and high heels, but best of all she will normally go out without any underwear.

We have been married for 25 years and at 45, Lynn looks better Now, than when she was younger, she certainly seems to attract more men now than before. We have a very active sex life, in so much that I really enjoy Lynn flirting with and fucking other men. I cannot control Lynn, she calls the shots and, she does what she wants, when she wants to do it.

We had been talking about our Friday night out for the last 3 days, Lynn gave nothing away has to what was in store, she never does. I watched her shower and trim her pubic hair, she trims it so it looks tidy, not short or long just natural and tidy. Lynn then started to dress. Firstly she put on a black garter belt and black stockings, high heels. She then put on a semi see through blouse, which allowed any one who looked, just see her nipples and a skirt which was about one inch above the knee, but buttoned up the front, she topped this all off, with a liberal splash of Cinnabar Perfume.

Once in the car, Lynn undid the first button on her skirt and said, "Tonight darling, when we get to the club, drop me off before you park the car, then follow me in". I said, "Why what's the game plan". Lynn replied by saying, "Tonight I feel like teasing some poor guy". We had often talked about her going into a Night Club alone, but in the past, Lynn has always insisted that I escort her to her seat and sit with her so that she felt safe, but tonight, she wanted to play the game.

I stopped the car just before the Night Club and Lynn gave me a deep kiss and at the same time rubbed the bulge in the front of my trousers, she smiled at me and said, "When you come in, just watch me tonight, maybe you'll see something you like". With that Lynn opened the car door and walked off to the Club. By the time I'd parked the car and entered the Club, Lynn was sat at the bar and half way through her first drink. I approached the bar, bought a drink and sat down so that I could see Lynn. I watched as she crossed her legs. Lynn's thighs looked absolutely fabulous, just the merest hint that her legs were encased in stockings and not those horrible tights.

A couple of guys asked her to dance, she did with some and declined the others, I then watched a guy approach her and ask to dance, Lynn finished her drink and said, "Why not". They both approached the dance floor and I watched as my wife danced with this guy. Lynn was obviously interested, I can always tell, by the way she looks at a guy. After a couple of dances with him, he escorted my wife from the dance floor, back to the bar and ordered her another drink. Has Lynn went to sit on her bar stool, I noticed her right hand move to her skirt and when she finally sat down, there was two buttons undone on her skirt. They sat chatting and every now and then, the guy with Lynn would lean forward and it was obvious he was trying to see her tits through her blouse.

They seemed to be getting on very well, Lynn was giggling and smiling, if one thing is guaranteed to get you into Lynn's pussy, it's to keep her amused. A couple of minutes later, Lynn said something to him and he turned and pointed to the other side of the Club. Lynn got off the barstool, which gave her admirer a quick flash of stocking tops and bare thigh, Lynn then walked away to the ladies. When Lynn returned, I noticed that she had undone two buttons on her blouse, so that her cleavage was visible and, also one more button on her skirt, she then sat back down on her barstool and began chatting with the guy again. I decided to get myself another drink and walked up to the bar in front of her, I looked her way and she smiled and went back to chatting to the guy. I looked down at her skirt and could clearly see her bare thighs above her stocking tops. If I could see her thighs, so could her new friend.

As I sat down at my table, the guy again asked Lynn to dance, which she accepted, the guy offered her his hand and they walked back to the dance floor. The song finished and a slow song began so they moved closer and danced to the music. I can always tell if a guy turns her on by the way she dances and, this guy was obviously turning her on. I watched as his hand moved round to her ass, Lynn didn't object and I watched as she pressed her cunt into his thigh. The guy began caressing her arse, at the same time he pulled up her skirt so that her stocking tops were on show. After a few more dances, they returned to the bar and Lynn once again sat on her barstool. The guy moved closer to her and placed his hand on her knee, Lynn smiled at him and uncrossed her legs and I watched as he slowly moved his hand up and down her knee, each time going a little higher, until his hand was under her skirt. Lynn didn't seem to object so he just kept caressing her thighs.

Lynn was watching his face whilst he spoke to her and caressed her thighs. I watched as Lynn's right hand moved up and slowly undid another button on her blouse, which was now undone to below her tits. It was obvious you could see her tits if you took the trouble to look. She then dropped her hand to her lap and I watched as she undid another button on her skirt. The guy's hand was well under her skirt and he was getting close to her pubic hair, Lynn moved her hand from her lap and I watched has she brushed her hand across the bulge in his trousers. The guy looked over his shoulder and nodded towards the toilets, Lynn smiled and nodded her head. The guy brought his hand back out from under her skirt, drunk his drink and kissing her lightly on the lips, made off towards the toilets.

I walked up to the bar and ordered another drink, I turned to Lynn and asked her what was happening. Lynn said, "He's been playing with my pussy hair and staring at my tits, he's gone to the toilets and wants me to join him in the centre cubicle for a fuck". I said, "And are you going". Lynn said, "Of course, he's got a large prick, well it certainly feels big in his trousers and, I'm sure you'd want me to sample a big cock". I said, "But in the gents, someone could hear you". Lynn smiled and said, "Yes that's the fun of it, why don't you go and stand in one of the cubicles and listen, you know you want to hear me being fucked". I looked down at Lynn's lap and could just see her cunt hair and thought what the hell, why not.

I walked to the Gents toilet followed by Lynn. In the toilets there was three cubicles, so I went into the far toilet and locked the door. I turned around and saw a hole in the wall between this cubicle and the next one in the middle. I looked through and saw Lynn standing close to the guy, from the sound that was coming from in there, they were obviously kissing and definitely not the type you give your grandmother. I watched has he dropped his hand to Lynn's left leg, he slowly raised the hem so that I could see her stocking tops and bare thighs, he then moved his hand round to her pussy and began rubbing her pussy. I heard Lynn moan as he massaged her cunt. I heard a zip go slowly down and the guy say, "Go on baby, take out my cock, wrap your hands round it".

Lynn began to moan as the guy worked his fingers in to Lynn's cunt. I watched as she moved her feet apart so that the guy, whose name was Alec, could finger her pussy deep. Lynn moaned "Oh yes Alec, go on, finger my hot cunt, get in deep". The sounds that were coming from next door were very horny and I suddenly realised that my cock was bursting to get out, so I released my cock and slowly wanked it whilst watching my slut wife take a strangers hand up her cunt. Whilst looking through the hole I watched as Lynn's blouse fell to the floor and heard Lynn say, "Suck my tits, suck my nipples you randy fucker, Oh yes do it, fuck me, I need your prick deep in my pussy". Alec said to her, "Turn round and bend over so I can get my prick in to your hot hole". I watched as Lynn turned round and bent over, she then moaned as Alec rubbed the head of his big cock up and down her pussy lips and arse.

Alec eased his cock into my wife and gripping her hips pulled her on to him, all the time Lynn was moaning and saying, "Yes please do it, fuck me, cum in my cunt, fuck me deep, spurt your cream into my belly, oh yes". Alec said to her, "You're a randy whore who likes to fuck strangers aren't you, does hubby like to see you getting fucked, does he like to see your cunt full of another mans meat and over flowing with his spunk, hey whore". Lynn replied by saying "Yes just do it, he'll be waiting at home for my hot fanny, now fuck me hard". I watched as Alec rammed his prick hard in to her and Lynn cried out in ecstasy. Alec said to Lynn, "Hey we got company, there's a hard prick in this hole, take it in your hand and give the guy a wank". I watched as Lynn moved her left hand from her knee and moved it up to grab the prick that was in the hole on the other side of the cubicle. I heard Lynn moan, "God it's black and, it's fucking big and hard". Alec pulled his prick out of her and said "Turn round Lynn, back up on to that black cock, take it into your hot hole, let him fuck your wet juicy twat".

I watched has Lynn turned around and backed her arse against the black cock poking out from the hole opposite, she reached round and guided the cock between her pussy lips and moaned as she eased herself back onto the cock. Lynn looked up and saw me looking through the other hole, she winked and smiled before moaning with lust as she slowly took all of the cock up her cunt. Alec moved to her side and pushed his prick against her face and said, "Suck my cock you whore, suck it". Lynn moved her head to the side and I watched as her tongue teased the head of his cock, she then eased her lips over the end and slowly moved her mouth down his shaft until two thirds of his prick disappeared into her mouth. Alec grabbed her head and holding it steady, began to fuck her mouth has the cock up her cunt began to ram in and out of her fanny. Lynn was really moaning and I watched as Alec pulled his prick from her mouth and shot his cum over her tits. Now that Lynn didn't have a cock in her mouth she was really moaning from the pounding her pussy was taking from the black cock behind her.

My own cock was throbbing with the erotic sight next door. I was just about to shoot my load when Alec told Lynn to stand up a little, as she did so, he moved around her and opening the door walked out and said, "See you in the bar when you've finished you fucking slut". Alec then left the toilets and Lynn moaned as the prick through the hole in the wall pounded in to her cunt, the guy grunted and then shot his load into her. Lynn stood up and I watched the prick slip from her hairy hole and withdraw through the hole, she stood there spunk running down her legs and on to her stocking tops. Lynn bent over to retrieve her blouse and blew me a kiss and said, "See you at home later, Alec's taking me for a drive". Lynn walked out of the Gent's still doing up her blouse, she smiled at the guys having a piss has she walked back into the club, I followed her.

When I got back to the bar she was stood next to Alec, who had his hand up her skirt feeling her wet fanny. I walked past them and having got into my car drove home. It seemed like hours before Lynn finally entered the house. She came straight upstairs and into the bedroom. Lynn said, "Well, do I look like a slut, I feel like a slut, a well fucked slut that's just taken 3 pricks whilst you've laid here wanking yourself silly". I reached over to her and ran my hand up her legs and past her thighs to her cunt, her pussy hair was a mess, all sticky and wet, her cunt lips felt all puffed up and well fucked. I said to her, "It feels fucking hot". Lynn undid her blouse to show me her tits covered in love bites, she said, "You should see my arse they fucked me there at least 4 times it's flooded with their cum". I ran my hand passed her pussy to her arse and felt their spunk seeping from her ring. Lynn climbed on to the bed and kneeling over me, gripped my prick and guided it to her pussy, as she sank down on to my shaft her cunt felt burning hot and very wet. Lynn said, "Does it feel good, you love to fuck me when I'm full of another mans spunk, just think tonight 4 different cocks have thrust their way into my womb and planted their seed in me, go on fuck me". Lynn lent forward to kiss me, as she did, I shot my load inside her, what a fucking slut.
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