These Things Really Happen

Written by MadManK / Nov 10, 2004


These Things Really Happen



The following story is a true story. In an environment where fantasy, hidden desire and secret lust combine to produce intensely delicious stories there appears, every so often, a true account to remind the reader that these things really occur ? perhaps not on the scale many would want, but enough to validate the idea that behind all eventual legend and fantasy lies truth. The couple in this story is well known to me. I spoke to both individuals together and separately and received written permission to relate their story with the strict caveat that their names would be changed in order to ensure their ongoing privacy. Where there is graphic depiction I was careful to use only the descriptions given to me. I have blended their perspectives into one narrative in order to prevent a ?he said/she said? account and present a smoother narrative. With the foregoing being understood I will assert, again, this story is true.

At the beginning, Steve and Megan are in their mid-20?s. They are engaged to be married in four months and have been together as a couple for four years. They enjoy an active sex life ? Megan has been with nine different men before meeting Steve. She is five feet, two inches tall and weighs 122 pounds packed very nicely. Her hair is shoulder length, light brown with frosted highlights and she has hazel eyes. Megan is outgoing and flirtatious and has an engaging smile and laughter. Although short in stature her body is proportioned ? 34D chest, a 25-inch waist and 37-inch hips, nice legs and round, soft ass. Both Steve and Megan are professionals and work for the same employer.

As part of her job Megan is being sent cross-country for an industry seminar/conference. The conference lasts one week and although Steve is not happy to be apart from Megan for an entire week the hotel room and conference fees have been paid for and Megan is excited at being able to ?get away? from the daily routine. There will be several hundred participants to this conference and Megan is looking forward to the brief change in environment and meeting others in her line of work, socialize and exchange ideas. In addition, there will be several dozen marketing representatives from firms who specialize in supporting Megan?s type of work and the firms maintain ?hospitality suites? where conferee?s mingle with the sales? staffs for free food and drinks as well as marketing gifts, free give-aways and the like.

Megan knew Steve was a little apprehensive about her leaving and she knew why. Steve was well aware of her flirtatious ways and her reputation for being an ?easy lay? and he worried that she would get involved with some guy and end up ruining their wedding plans four months from then. On the morning of her departure Megan knew there was nothing she could do to allay Steve?s worries but she offered him a quick blowjob. She enjoyed sucking cock and Steve loved her mouth on him. As he sat on the side of the bed, Megan knelt on the floor, wearing only a pair of bikini panties, and pumped his hard dick as her mouth slid up and down on it. He had wanted to fuck but Megan didn?t want to sit through a five-hour plane ride with cum seeping from her pussy. She decided the fastest way to calm down her fiancee was the blow job and she worked his dick masterfully, finally hearing him groan as a large spurt of semen spilled over her tongue and she swallowed quickly. With Steve?s anxiety temporarily sated, Megan could concentrate on her trip. Steve got her to the airport and shortly before dinner of the same day Megan was registered in her hotel room and had signed in on the conferences. Since it was ?opening night? the various hospitality suites were open and filled with conferees and the attendant marketing reps. Megan wanted to get out, meet people and socialize as quickly as she could ? after all, it also meant free food, good drinks and the chance to pick up gifts and souvenirs.

For the discerning male, seminars like this are dreams come true. About 90% of the attendees are female and alone. In an environment away from home, where there?s a good chance nobody was watching, so many of those females, married and single, didn?t mind making themselves available to the attention of whatever men were around and enjoying themselves. The real trick was identifying those females and being able to take advantage of the moment. The rewards could be great. For Roger, the hospitality suite where he worked was a magnet for women. In the course of just a few hours there were at least 200-300 females wandering through and at least half of those females didn?t mind some flirting ? innocent or otherwise. Within moments of spotting Megan, it was obvious to Roger she was worth his effort. She wore a silk blouse with the top buttons undone, revealing deep cleavage and heavy breasts. Her slacks were tight, hugging a pair of firm, full thighs and clinging to a round, plump ass that captured his eyes right away. She was attractive ? not stunning ? in a sexual, perky way. He decided to see how open Megan was going to be.

Megan accepted the drink from Roger and gave him a big smile. He was black and Megan had never really socialized with blacks that much. Her family had been quite racist and never allowed her to get to know too many blacks ? male or female ? while growing up. Of course Megan knew the stories and jokes about black men and every now and then she had wondered if everything was true. She?d had some big white cocks ? one guy who used to fuck her somewhat regularly had been over 7 ? inches long ? and she had been curious about anything bigger. Megan was also aware that blacks always seemed to have a high sexual energy, an intense passion that people said made blacks so much more aggressive and different in physical relationships. Now, standing next to Roger, Megan felt a shiver of excitement, a vague forbidden feeling that just by talking to a black man, alone, she was doing something ?wicked?. And she liked the feeling ? she wasn?t worried who would see her or what they?d think. That was the great thing about being at a seminar half a continent away.

Roger and Megan talked easily. The black sales rep refilled the white girl?s drink twice ? Crown Royal Manhattans ? and watched with satisfaction as she kept drinking and talking and laughing. Even when Megan excused herself to make the routes to other suites, it seemed only moments before she was back at Roger?s suite, almost expectantly, ready for another Manhattan. ?Glad to see you?re back,? Roger handed her another drink. ?I just walked around to see what else was going on,? Megan said, blushing slightly. ?But it?s so crowded it?s hard to get into some of the other suites.? Secretly she felt comfortable in making ?friends? with Roger ? no matter if it was only for the opening night. He was a foot taller than she, very athletic looking with dark brown skin, shaved head, trim mustache and he wore a gold earring ? something Megan found ?sexy?. His clothing was neat and expensive, even if it was only a sports coat, shirt, tie and khaki slacks. He spoke well and had nothing of that ?thuggish? attitude so many black men demonstrate to show their masculinity. Megan had also discreetly checked Roger?s left hand and noticed he wasn?t wearing a ring. Roger had checked Megan?s hand also ? not that it mattered to him. Whether she was single, married or engaged he knew that relationship status meant nothing at times like this. He also noticed Megan was speaking slower but with an edge of excitement ? the drinks were having an effect.

?Maybe we ought to step outside,? Roger suggested. ?Some fresh air?? The idea appealed to Megan. The two of them made their way through the lobby to a wide veranda outside the hotel. Music was playing and only a few people moved about across the large space. Megan shivered when she felt Roger?s big arm encircle her waist as they passed through the doors. His body pressed against hers and she felt a mild electric twinge. In one gulp she finished off the rest of her drink and turned to face the big black man as they leaned against a stone fence. ?Will you be here for the entire conference?? she asked, looking up at him. ?Oh yeah,? Roger nodded. ?My company set me up in a room for the whole week. There?s about six of us here from my company and we each got our own room. What about you?? He wasn?t sure if it was on purpose but Roger would swear Megan had opened her blouse a bit more. The front was much looser and when he looked down he could see most of her tits ? the bra she wore had to be skimpy because he could see everything but her nipples. Megan was nodding. ?I have my own room, too,? she answered. ?I was lucky and nobody else from my office came here so it?s just me by myself.? Roger liked the idea. ?So are you married?? He asked. ?Boyfriend?? The question made Megan blush more and she hesitated to answer ? always a sure sign to Roger that a woman might be available. ?I have a fiancee,? she finally admitted. ?He wasn?t keen on me coming here by myself for a week, but...? her voice trailed off. ?Why not?? Roger wanted to know. Megan giggled, the kind of response that tells you what she says is the truth but doesn?t want to openly confirm it. ?Oh he thinks I am gonna be here for a week on my own and get crazy and get laid.? Roger smiled easily. ?Is that bad?? Megan shook her head, enjoying the conversation. ?Getting laid? Hell no,? she laughed. ?That doesn?t bother me at all. He just thinks that getting married in four months means I am supposed to hang on him 24/7 and not do anything on my own.? She paused. ?Are you married? Girlfriend?? Roger laughed and shook his head. ?No and no,? he told her. ?I date around but nothing steady or serious.? There was a pause between them and they looked at each other. In that microsecond Roger had a good idea that Megan was seriously considering doing something behind her fiancee?s back. ?You wanna dance?? Roger asked. The music outside had changed to a slow tune. Megan bit her bottom lip and nodded.

Holding each other, the black man took the white girl and they moved slowly in a small area. Megan pressed her cheek at Roger?s chest and smelled his cologne ? an expensive cologne. Her hands were at his waist and Roger?s hands were around her at the small of her back. Every few seconds of movement found him gently bringing her closer against him. At the same time Megan felt his hands edging lower and lower a sensation that gave her a lump of nervous excitement in her stomach. She?d never done this with a black man and it felt so different, so wickedly delicious and exciting. She wasn?t really sure how to act and she didn?t want the continuous series of sensations to end. The drinks had relaxed her a great deal so she took a deep breath and decided to just experience whatever feelings she might have ? she was on her own and didn?t care what anyone else might think, at least for one whole week. And she had to close her eyes tight when Roger?s hands finally slid to her ass, firmly gripping the round cheeks, gently kneading them in his hands. Megan couldn?t help but feel the hardness of his crotch against her ? a solid, heavy hardness that was unmistakable. She adjusted herself ? moving her hips so Roger?s growing cock fit right between her thighs and slightly turning her upper body so her big tits pressed right against the black man. Her breathing got more rapid and Megan realized she was pressing her hips intentionally hard against Roger. But the feeling was so electric. Every now and then she felt his cock flex and knew he was doing it on purpose. When the music died down they didn?t immediately move apart. As they turned to walk back inside Roger had his arm snugly around Megan?s waist and she welcomed it ? her arm was around the black man also.

?I have to stay at the suite until we close at 11,? Roger told Megan. The white girl nodded. ?That?s okay,? she said. ?I probably ought to check out some other rooms before I turn in.? They looked at each other expectantly. ?If you?re around,? Roger suddenly suggested, ?you can stop by at closing and maybe have a drink before we head out.? Megan smiled and automatically winked at him, her hazel eyes sparkling. ?We?ll see,? she said. As she walked away Roger could only gaze at her fine ass in those tight slacks and imagine what it was like bare. But he wasn?t really surprised when, at 11 o?clock, Megan suddenly showed up, a drink in each hand. ?Glad you could make it,? he told her, accepting the drink. ?I was bored,? Megan lied, ?and decided to take your offer on the drink.? She was far from bored ? she?d spent the entire time thinking of how the black man made her feel, the excitement and forbiddenness and wondering how to make it last. ?What floor is your room on?? She asked. Roger watched the girl drink half her Manhattan. ?I?m on the tenth floor,? he replied. ?You?? Megan smiled. ?Twelve.? She paused. ?Since we both have to go that way why don?t you show me your room? I wanna see if you sales reps get better rooms than anyone else.? She was a bundle of nerves. She hadn?t really thought about anything beyond looking into Roger?s room. She knew all the possibilities but didn?t let herself think beyond them.

The room itself was nice ? king-sized bed, huge bathroom, almost a mini-suite. Gifts and samples from Roger?s company were piled in bags in a corner of the room but otherwise it was neat as a pin. Megan sat on the bed and relaxed. ?Want to watch TV?? Roger asked, taking off his coat and shoes, throwing his tie on the desk and unbuttoning his shirt. ?Nah,? Megan shook her head. ?I just wanted to see inside the room.? Roger stood beside the bed. ?What time do you have to get up in the morning?? he asked her. Megan shrugged. ?The first meeting is at 9...? She stood up, inches from the black man. His head ducked and his mouth was on hers.

Megan didn?t resist. It was like she had waited for him to move. Roger?s tongue slid between her lips and plunged deeply into her throat. Tilting her head back, Megan let Roger work his tongue all around her mouth ? her first black kiss. The sensations were explosive, she?d never kissed like this. She opened her mouth wide, giving him full access as his arms went around her, holding her tight. Megan embraced him back, pressing against him. Her ass was in his hands, being felt and squeezed. Her hips moved at him and she moaned into his mouth. Roger fondled one big tits, feeling the softness but noting it was firm and without sag. His fingers worked at the front of her blouse, opening it wide, exposing the small bra she wore. He expertly scooped out both tits, baring them, feeling the big pink nipples harden and hearing Megan breathing faster. Then he had both tits in his hands, squeezing. He bent his head and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking and tonguing it as Megan?s hands went over his shaved head. Her eyes were closed and mouth open as Roger sucked both tits. She opened his shirt wide and when they kissed again it was bare tits against his bare brown skin. When his tongue was back in her mouth Megan sucked it, it felt natural. This time her hands worked at Roger?s slacks, unzipping them, pushing them down. She reached inside his boxers and inhaled sharply. Her fingers closed around a thick, heavy cock ? warm and pulsing. Pulling the cock out she began stroking it, feeling it thicken even more. Her first black cock. It grew, stretching. Roger and Megan looked at each other, his hands on her tits and Megan?s hands gently skinning up and down the massive black meat. ?Look at it,? he whispered. Megan bent her head and looked in amazement at the heavy brown cock. The contrast with her white hands was erotic. ?You like what you see?? Roger asked. Megan nodded, ?Yesss,? she hissed. ?Do you want it?? He asked. ?Mmm hmm,? Megan mumbled. ?Suck it,? the black man said. Megan sat on the bed and brought the cock to her mouth. It felt so warm and strong and her head began bobbing up and down. His balls filled her other hand and she pumped and sucked the shaft. It was easily the biggest cock she?d ever seen or had and, even though Steve wasn?t small in the penis department, Roger?s cock was just so much better, longer, thicker and seemed so much more powerful. The spongy head slid over her tongue, her lips were ovaled around the shaft and wet saliva marks showed the depth where she was sucking. Megan couldn?t help gurgling and slobbering on the big cock. Roger?s hands were in her hair, then around her face, feeling its contours with a cock in her mouth. His hips began moving, fucking her mouth, then he was holding the cock and rubbing it over her face as she tried to get it back in her mouth.

?You wanna go the whole way?? Roger asked. His voice and tone had changed. It fit the electric tension in the room. He wasn?t mean or evil, but now he was in charge, aggressive, sexually on the hunt. Megan gripped the cock firmly. ?Yes,? she hissed. ?Say it,? Roger insisted. ?I want you saying it. I want to know both of us know where we?re going with this.? Megan kissed the dark brown head of the thick cock. ?I want to go the whole way,? she repeated, making sure he heard every word. ?I want you to fuck me.? She squeezed the cock. ?I want to get dirty.? It was all Roger needed to hear. ?Suck on it,? he said, ?and take your clothes off, but don?t stop sucking.? Megan held the cock in her mouth as she threw off her clothes. When she got to her panties she paused to hold the dark shaft and suck more. Roger was nude, his muscular body poised in front of her. ?Enough,? he said. Megan knew what was next. She pushed herself back further onto the bed. ?Lay back,? Roger told her. He gazed down at the white girl. Her big tits were perfect, heavy and round, lolling on her chest, nipples hard. Her waist was narrow enough to accentuate both her big chest and the flare of her hips. Megan?s thighs were smooth and firm, full and soft. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties as Megan lifted her ass off the bed and felt the black man slide them off. She kept staring at the big, thick cock bobbing at her face. When the panties were off Megan opened her thighs slightly. Her pussy was covered by a thick, dense ?V? of curly brown hair and her pussylips were distended slightly just beneath the hair. The lips were open and the scent of juice filled the room. Roger lay atop her and they began french kissing again. His hands went to her pussy as Megan spread wider, arching her back at the feeling of a black man fingering her hole. His heavy cock rubbed against her stomach and she felt it, running her hand over its length. ?Fuck me,? she whispered hoarsely. All she could think about was the black cock in her hand. Black cock. Dark black cock. Her parents would have died if they had seen their daughter under a black man, a nigger, spreading her legs and asking to be fucked.

Roger moved to his knees, getting between Megan?s legs. He couldn?t stop touching her ? she had a body made to fuck. His fingers went through her pussy hair and he edged closer to her. Reflexively Megan drew her knees back, almost touching them to her tits, opening her thighs wider, opening her pussy wider. Roger held his cock and rubbed it over her crotch, feeling her swollen clit, massaging the clit with his dick. Megan groaned and reached to rub her clitoris. Roger held her hand away, denying her the sensation. The white girl moaned, hips jutting upward. ?Put it in my cunt,? she pleaded, using the word ?cunt?, something Roger rarely heard a woman say. ?Put what in you?? he asked. Megan sighed. She felt on fire. ?Your dick,? she answered in a husky voice. ?My BLACK dick,? Roger repeated. ?Yes, yes, your BLACK dick,? Megan responded. ?Put your BLACK dick in my white cunt!? Her big tits jiggled and she gasped for air. Roger paused. ?Please,? Megan asked again. She groaned. ?Put it in.? She looked down at the black cock and then looked at Roger. ?I have a diaphragm,? she told him quickly. ?I can take it bare.? The black man smiled. ?You sure?? He wanted her bare anyway. Megan nodded fiercely. ?Yes!? Roger felt the full bush. ?Good,? he said. ?I cum heavy. REAL heavy. You okay with that?? Megan nodded again. She wasn?t thinking of his load, all she wanted was to be fucked. ?Okay,? she panted. But Roger wasn?t ready yet. ?You gonna let me shoot inside you?? He tantalized her by flicking a thumb on her swollen, inflamed clit. Megan whimpered. ?Yesssss,? she hissed. ?You can cum inside me.? Roger bent over her and felt her hand on his cock. ?Guide me in,? he said. Megan?s hips lifted, her thighs strained and she pushed the broad cockhead up between her pussy lips. As the cock filled her hole Megan squealed and put her arms around Roger?s neck. His cock slid up in her, widening her pussy walls, opening them, filling them. The underside of Megan?s ass was a smear of slick, sticky pussy juice and the bedsheets were already soaked in a puddle under her. She held her body rigid as each inch of black cock entered her.

?Look down,? Roger said. ?I want you watching yourself take a black dick.? Megan peered past her heaving tits to see the thick black shaft disappearing beyond her furry bush. Then Roger stopped. ?How bad you want it?? he teased. ?So damn bad,? Megan was sobbing in lust. The cock was about ? of the way in her. ?Then hump on it,? Roger instructed. ?Hump on my big nigger dick and get it inside you.? The word ?nigger? set Megan on fire. She gripped Roger?s forearms and began humping her hips, fucking her pussy onto the black cock ? the nigger cock. Each movement was a slurpy, slushy slick sound and her fuck hole swallowed another inch each time. She was fitting him up in her without using her hands. ?,? Megan was panting. With a grunt she bottomed out. Her legs were splayed open, belly heaving and her arms were around the black man?s neck. ?That?s it,? Roger cooed in her ear. ?Now just fuck on the dick, baby. Let the dick make you feel good. You know it?s what you need.? Her body responded, hips rolling, belly slowly rubbing at his. ?This big nigger dick feel good in you?? he asked softly. ?Mmm hmmm,? Megan nodded, eyes closed, feeling the total enjoyment. ?Tell me how good,? Roger urged her, his own hips beginning a slow circular movement, driving the cock into the white girl?s cunt, revolving around the inside of her fuck hole. Megan felt sensations exploding everywhere inside her. She knew she was being fucked by a black man ? her first. She knew she had a black cock in her bare, she knew a black man was going to cum inside her and it all combined to totally intoxicate her. ?Tell me, baby,? Roger repeated. Megan sighed and held him tight. ?Feels so good,? she began whispering urgently but truthfully. ?Black...nigger black my cunt. Fucking my cunt so good. Feels so fucking good.? Roger fucked her easily, making sure the white girl felt everything he wanted her to feel. Her pussy was so hot and wet, so sloppy from her juices. ?Look at me,? he told her. Megan?s eyes opened, glazed in lust. ?If you love the way it feels,? he told her, ?squeeze my dick with your cunt.? Immediately he felt the pressure on his cock. ?Good girl,? he said soothingly. ?You know I want to keep fucking you, right?? Megan nodded, her body moving rhythmically under Roger. ?I want to keep fucking you all week,? he said. ?You want that?? Megan stared at him dreamily. ?Yes,? she mumbled. ?You gonna let me fuck you like that?? He wanted the white girl to submit totally. Megan nodded. ?I want to keep fucking,? she whispered. ?I want you to fuck me the whole time I am here.? Roger licked her mouth. ?And you gotta stay ready,? he said. ?Even for quickies. I want to be able to get at your cunt when I need it.? Megan captured his tongue and sucked it deeply. ?You will,? she promised. Then Roger licked her ear. ?You like to suck my dick?? he asked. Megan groaned. ?Oh yes,? she said. ?You gonna swallow?? Roger asked. ?Mmm hmm,? megan nodded. ?Every drop.? Her arms held him and as her hips moved she smiled lazily. ?I?m gonna be your white girlfriend for the week,? she said. Roger smiled and increased his pace, causing Megan?s body to jerk under him. ?I want more than that, baby,? he whispered. ?I want you being my sexy white whore for the week.? Megan grunted and her face reddened as she humped harder. ?Your....whore,? she repeated.

The easy, rhythmic fucking became faster. Megan?s cunt moved in circles. She lost count of her climaxes ? Roger?s lower body was rubbing at her clit and the white girl was writhing and spasming under the black man. His balls smacked wetly against the plump, round white asscheeks, the cuntlips were flared out around the girth of Roger?s massive shaft, rolling in with each thrust and then outward as he withdrew. Soon Megan was reduced to grunting in time with each thrust, ?unh...unh...unh,? and her smooth, full thighs were gripping Roger?s ribs. He felt his balls tightening. ?Gonna cum in you,? he hissed. Megan clutched at him. ?Gonna shoot in you,? he said. Megan?s head arched back. Her hips lifted so Roger could fill his hands with her ass. He shuddered and moaned. Thick strings of sperm blasted from his cock, heavy warm spurts of semen cascaded along Megan?s heaving cunt walls, burying them in sheets of slimy, viscous seed, his deep pounding pushing the sperm tight against her cervix, packing it hard at the funnel, heavy loads, emptying his big balls of all the seed they held. So much semen was spurted into Megan?s cun it slopped out around her cuntlips, big globs of pearly silver sperm dropped along Roger?s balls and smeared along Megan?s inner thighs, gluing the cunt hair against her skin. The black man was so aroused his cock remained half hard. As they lay together, his dick still engorged in her hole, Roger felt Megan?s hips rolling again and she wrapped her legs around his back and fucked her cunt on his cock, letting him lay still as she did the fuck work. The second time was a sloppy, gooey fucking, semen slopping from Megan?s enlarged hole until Roger grunted and a second load of sperm erupted from his cock, filling Megan?s cunt.

They fucked again the next morning and then again during a lunch break. Just before dinner Megan knelt on the floor in front of a full-length mirror and sucked Roger?s big cock, watching herself in the mirror, seeing her lips ovaled around the thick shaft, seeing him fuck her mouth. She held his muscular thighs and watched as he used her mouth like a cunt, fucking in and out, her heavy tits swaying and jiggling. His load was massive; a series of thick, warm strings of semen jetting over her tongue, bulging her cheeks, dripping in long, elastic strings from the corners of her mouth to her tits. He withdrew his cock, making her look at him open-mouthed to show the silver gelatin pudding. He ran his dick over her attractive face telling her she was a perfect whore for a black man. Megan swirled her tongue through the warm slime as he told her she was made for black cock. After she swallowed the massive load she nuzzled his heavy ball sac and mumbled that she was in love with his nigger dick, that black cock made her feel so hot and sexy. She played with her hairy cunt and told him it was meant for big nigger dicks and it was all she could think about. ?How you know it?s black dick and not just me?? Roger asked her as Megan humped her cunt on two of his fingers. She grunted. ?I don?t know,? she confessed. ?I just know your black cock is all I think about.? Roger smiled and withdrew his fingers from her gaping hole. Megan whimpered. He wouldn?t let her climax. ?Please let me cum,? she panted. Roger smiled and shook his head. ?No baby. We gotta find out if you got the real fever now or if this is just a passing fad.? She wasn?t sure what he meant but reluctantly agreed. The rest of the evening her pussy ached for release and it wasn?t until that night she knew she could get it.

It was after Roger had fucked her again that Megan felt any real satisfaction. She was kneeling between his legs, his semi-hard cock resting on her cheeks as she relaxed and Roger laid back, telling her to get on top. Megan got the cock hard, straddled him and felt the big dick slide up in her. As she humped on him, she became aware that they were not alone. Her tits were jiggling and her ass was churning when she felt another pair of hands on her. For a moment Megan got scared. ?Relax, baby,? Roger smiled. ?Just open your mouth.? Megan?s head was turned to the side and she faced a second black cock. Without saying anything she opened her mouth. Roger had invited three of his co-workers at the conference to join them. ?Let?s just check and see if you are a black cock slut,? Roger said, ?or if you just wanted my black dick, ok?? Megan could only nod and reply, ?MM hmm,? her lips were stretched around another cock. She sucked enthusiastically, stroking the dick as she watched the other two black men stare at her and tug their own cocks. She liked them looking at her body and cupped her tits for their inspection. Black hands fondled her, squeezing the tits, holding her head as she mouthed black meat. She was lifted off Roger?s cock and laid back on the bed, cock still in her mouth. Her legs were opened and another cock was inserted up into her. Megan laid there, body rocking, as a big cock fucked her and she sucked another. She was able to swallow most of the load in her mouth and fucked hard at the cock in her cunt until it spurted its load of semen deep inside her. Bodies changed position, Megan was rolled over and fucked doggie-style. She began climaxing quickly. Grunting, squealing and whimpering Megan worked hard at each cock. It didn?t matter to her where it came from ? they were all black, all thick and heavy and they made her feel so good.

Megan ended up staying in Roger?s room for the week. By week?s end she had been fucking all six of Roger?s co-workers. On the night before she was to leave Megan sat on the floor, her face between Roger?s legs, nuzzling his dick. She was nude and her hand idly rubbed her hairy cunt. It was open and the lips were swollen and distended. Relaxing in the room around her were the black men she had been servicing all week. Her face was creamy from Roger?s last load and her chin was covered in a mass of semen. Occasionally one of the black men would get hard and approach her. Megan would turn from Roger and open her mouth, accepting the black meat and sucking until its load slid down her throat. If one of the men wanted to fuck, Megan slid onto the bed and spread her legs, taking the cock, grinding under it, whimpering and groaning. ?Now you know,? Roger whispered in her ear as Megan rocked easily back and forth under her third black. ?Don?t you?? Megan nodded. ?I love black cock,? she murmured lazily. ?I love getting fucked by black cock.? Roger smiled and patted her plump, churning ass. ?Tell me what you know you are now,? he said. There was no hesitation. ?A black cock slut,? Megan said, gritting her teeth as another climax washed over her. ?A hot-ass white girl for nigger dick.? It had all come so naturally.

Steve knew something had happened the moment he met Megan at the airport. She had greeted him with a perfunctory kiss and gentle embrace, not at all what he expected. And she didn?t sit close to him on the way from the airport. They talked but it was all small talk, nothing important, no excited tales of the seminar. When they got to their apartment Megan claimed she was exhausted and needed a nap. She fell asleep on the bed after a quick shower and as she slept her legs parted. Steve, worried and curious, sneaked into the bedroom and lifted the sheets. Her pussy was big ? dramatically so. He knew what it had looked like and now the lips were enlarged and hung open and the hole was wide. When she awakened, Megan remained quiet and aloof. She blamed it on jet lag. That night Steve heard the phone ring and heard his fiancee answer. There was quiet talk and giggling and then silence followed by a muffled groan that steve knew was Megan climaxing.

By the end of the week Megan called off the wedding, leaving it to Steve to explain to everyone that she wasn?t feeling right about getting married. He was heart-broken. They decided to split up ? whether temporary or for good wasn?t discussed. As he collected his final things from the apartment Steve found a purse belonging to Megan and dug into it. Inside was a photo of Megan surrounded by six large black men. On the back of the photo, in Megan?s handwriting was ?For Blacks Only Now!?. He was speechless. It was only two weeks after moving out that one of his friends mentioned seeing Megan ? she had been with a black man in a bar, dancing. They ended up kissing and then getting a room together. The black guy had come in from across country, Steve was told and spent a week with Megan. That?s when Steve found out Megan had resigned from their company too.

The entire episode weighed heavy on Steve?s mind for several months. He just couldn?t get Megan out of his mind. And even when it seemed he was succeeding something jolted him back to her ? like the afternoon he had seen her coming down the hall. She had come to visit her former co-workers. She looked incredible, hair flowing freely, a bright smile on her face. And she was pregnant. Her belly was bulging roundly and heavily and her big tits were jiggling without a bra. She looked to be in her seventh or eighth month and was proudly displaying her swollen stomach. When he saw her, saw her condition, he turned away without a greeting. The pain was made worse shortly after when he found a small envelope pushed under his office door. Inside the envelope was a photo of Megan, nude, a black baby suckling from her left tit. Behind her stood an athletic black man, also nude. His dark cock rested over Megan?s shoulder and both of them were smiling at the camera. A second photo also showed Megan nude ? and pregnant. The same black man was with her, fondling a fat, milk-laden tit as his semi-hard cock rested atop Megan?s swollen belly.

Megan and Steve actually got back together. They are married and have a happy relationship together. Megan had a baby with Roger ? the result of their week together and had a second black baby with one of Roger?s co-workers. For whatever reasons they had, neither Megan nor Steve really settled down with anyone else and, as things do happen, they gravitated back to one another. Both had changed. Megan needed sex with blacks for satisfaction. Steve had difficulty accepting that but agreed to try. They have been married for four years now and during that time Steve has been inside Megan twice. She only dates blacks for sex and, as of this writing, continues to see Roger four times a year, staying with him two weeks each time. I was told that Megan is now four months pregnant with Roger?s second baby and that Steve is completely at ease with the relationship. These things actually happen ? not like many of us might want or with the frequency. But they occur just often enough to ensure that their stories will always be the stuff from which fantasy and secret desires come from.
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