Teacher Sarah Is Taken

Written by First But Not Last / Nov 23, 2004



By: First but not last

Hi my name is Sarah and I am a 26 year old school teacher in the UK. I stand 5?-10? with long dark brown hair, I am a size 10 with 34c breasts and a single mom. I teach a number of young men who are on our schools rugby team and love to tease them.

Well last Saturday my teasing finally got up with me. The rugby match had finished and we had won a hard fought game in the mud. I was walking down the hall to my class room to pick up some papers to take home with me when I was grabbed by several young men. Well before I new what was happening I found myself in the boys shower having my clothes ripped my body.

I tried to resist but it was no use they were to strong and within a minute I was completely nude standing under the hot water from the shower. I looked around to see seven nude young nude men staring at me, all with their cock?s rock hard. As hard as I tried I could not help but look at their manhood all standing at attention.

Most were average size but a couple of the guys were far from average. Billy and Jerome were both very well endowed and I mean at least 10 or 11 inches long and very thick. Billy was a well defined young man about 6-2 with blonde hair and Jerome was a muscular young man with his black head shaved smooth. The boys moved toward me and before I knew it their hands were all over me exploring every inch of my body.

As hard as I fought I could not stop myself from becoming aroused more and more from their touch. I saw one of the boys spread a couple of towels on the floor right under the warm water of the shower. The room was filled with steam as the warm water from the showers continued to run. The boys laid me down on the towels and then I had one boys each sucking my tits and on between my legs eating my shaven pussy.

God I was so far gone I did not care the pleasure was overwhelming my common sense. One of the boys knelt at my head and slid his cock in my mouth and I began to suck him like a true slut. My body was on fire and my pussy ached to be fucked. The boy between my legs worked in between my legs and in no time had his cock working in and out of me. God his young hard cock felt so good inside my pussy. I was fucking him for all I was worth. It did not take long before I felt the young man empty his balls into my pussy.

After he came and looked up at the rest of the boys and ask who was next. I fucked all the boys except Billy and Jerome. The boys flipped a coin and Billy got to fuck me first. Everyone gathered around as Billy placed the head of his enormous cock at the entrance to my cum oozing pussy. Then he slowly slid forward sliding 3 or 4 inches inside me. My fucking god I screamed, it felt like someone had shoved a telephone pole in my pussy. I was stretched so tight that my pussy was burning; I could not believe how big this 18 year old kid was. Billy continued to work his big beautiful cock deeper and deeper until finally with one last thrust all 10 inches or so of his cock were in me. My god the sensation was unreal every nerve and every inch of my pussy was alive with pleasure.

?Damn? Billy grunted ?no one has ever taken all of me before, now I am going to fuck your teasing ass like you have never been fucked Miss Sarah? With that Billy withdrew all but an inch or so then slammed back inside me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh godddddddddddd I screamed Yessssssss god yesssssssss fuck me Billy fuck me hard. Billy began pounding my pussy without mercy his tight muscled body flexing with each powerful stroke. I began to come over and over screaming at Billy that I loved his big cock. After about 20 minutes Billy emptied his large balls deep inside me and then slid out and had me clean his cock off with my tongue. ?Alright Jerome she is all yours buddy? Billy said as he stood up.

I looked up and saw Jerome stroking his big black cock, he must have not been hard before because his cock looked even larger than Billy?s. ?Teach I am about to give you 12 inches of the biggest blackest cock in this school, and when I?m done you ain?t nothing going to satisfy you expect a foot long black cock? Jerome got between my legs and rubbed the huge head of his cock up and down my slit a couple of times. Then he slowly began pushing in side me, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddd I screamed. Jerome was even thicker than Billy and my pussy was being stretched beyond belief. Ohhhhhhh god I screamed tooooooooo bigggggggggg I can?ttttttt take you to bigggggggggggg I screamed as Jerome pushed several more inches inside me.

I swear I was being split in two the burning was unreal as my pussy stretched to accommodate this huge cock. Jerome was only working 5 or 6 inches in and out of me but it felt like so much more. Several minutes passed and Jerome had managed to get 8 or 9 inches in me and I was still in pain but the pleasure I was getting from Jerome?s cock as it slide over my clit was growing.

Soon my pain was replaced by ecstasy as my pussy adjusted to his huge cock and I began to really surrender my self to Jerome?s cock. Ohhhhhhh goddddddd baby I moaned, so fucking good I love your black cock Jerome. Jerome had worked all but 2 inches inside my pussy when I began cumming and cumming. Every stroke of his beautiful cock made me explode inside, I was cumming so much I could hardly catch my breath. I wrapped my legs around Jerome and begged him to fuck me hard, Give it to me baby I moaned I want all you inside me.

With that Jerome lunged forward and with a pop slid all 12 inches inside my. I thought I was going to pass out the pleasure was mind boggling. Soon Jerome and I were fucking like mad slapping each other?s body against one another like mad. I love your cock Jerome, god I love your cock. Fuck me baby fuck me hard like the slut I am. ?Yeah you?re my slut now teach you will do what ever I say won?t you? Jerome grunted as he pounded my pussy. Ohhhhhhhh yessssss Jerome what ever you want baby I am all yours. Jerome fucked my hard for 10 solid minutes before emptying a tidal wave of cum deep inside me. Jerome was the first man I have ever been with that I could actually feel his cum hitting the back of my pussy, squirt after squirt, I came so hard I passed out.

When I awoke I was lying nude in the shower the cum running out of my pussy and dripping from my body. The boys must have cum all over me after I passed out because my body was covered in cum. I rinsed off in the shower and found some old clothes and rushed home. Jerome came by the next day to see how I was doing, my child was gone so I sucked Jerome?s cock till he filled my mouth and then with out missing a beat we got in bed and he fucked my pussy like it was his. I was hooked I would do whatever he wanted and he knew it. I had to have that big black cock as much as possible.

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