Thanksgiving Leftovers

Written by Spa8110 / Nov 30, 2004


Thanksgiving Leftovers By Spa8110

Well, I finally did it. I ate my first creampie late last night. We are both 38 and married for 7 years. We have 2 kids. My wife Lisa had been seeing a guy from our health club for a few weeks after working out. I knew about him, and even saw her flirting with him around the equipment. His name is Terry. He is about 6 ft and has a strong build, and good rugged looks. I think he owns a construction company.

She got off work early and called me on my cell to let me know she wouldn't be home early tonight, and would I mind feeding the kids, and putting them to bed. I agreed and asked her be careful driving home. I went to bed around midnight after watching a movie and sports center. I remember hearing the garage door opening and her coming up the steps around 3am, far later than we would ever be out. Lisa wasted no time stripping off her clothes as she entered the room. I smelled alcohol on her breath and smoke from her clothes and hair. I was pretty sleepy, sat up and asked her if she was alright. She told me to be quiet and gently pushed me back down on the bed. She then did something she rarely does and began to hover above me with her facing my feet. She usually does not like to 69 unless she is on her side, as she says it hurts her knees.

She whispered that she wanted me to eat her pussy, and make her cum. Before I could even answer my mouth was covered with her very wet, slimy and hot snatch. Now she likes to shave, but there was wetness everywhere. I felt her lover's sperm slowly leak from her lips onto mine. I involuntarily swallowed, and she ground her hips back and forth on my face. She was being far more dominate, and literally bucked her hips on my mouth. The taste was bitter, but had her sweetness as well. I started to lick around her hole and felt like I was beginning to get her clean. I ate her for about a half an hour, and she came a couple of times before she rolled off me. As you can guess I was pretty hard the whole time, but she never touched my cock. When I finally got the feeling back in my jaw, I tried to roll over on her, and she pushed me away and slid down and cupped my balls. "Honey, I am sooo tired, could you beat yourself off for me while I squeeze your full nuts" I was somewhat disappointed, but stroked myself while she purred about the great "suck Job" I had just given her.

It took a few minutes to get off with the sperm shooting all the way to my face. I tried to get up to wipe the cum off me and brush the taste from mouth, but she threw a leg over me and told me ?I promised Terry that you would sleep with the taste of both us all night" And that is how I slept the remainder of the night.

When I woke up this morning on Thanksgiving, the first thing I did was get out of bed and washed my face and mouth. As I returned to bed I heard "Set another place for dinner this afternoon, we have a new guest". I guess I am the true Thanksgiving Turkey.

The Next Day:

Well as you can guess my wife's lover Terry had been invited to Thanksgiving dinner. My wife Lisa felt sorry for him since he wasn't married and his family lived several hundred miles away. I didn't think having him over was a great idea. My parents were coming over, and we made up a story about Terry being a bowling buddy of mine.

Everyone came over around 2 this afternoon, and us guys watched football, and ate around halftime. I saw Terry and Lisa give each other knowing looks several times when no one else was looking. But I knew what had happened.

My Parents left a couple of hours ago, and my wife and Terry went upstairs to "show him the house". I watched the kids, and cleaned up dinner. I couldn't stop getting hard, and it was terribly humiliating not knowing what exactly was going on upstairs. I put the kids to bed, and just as I was heading downstairs Lisa called me into the bedroom. I will never forget this Holiday image as long as I live.

My wife was on her knees, and Terry was boning her hard on the bed. He looked over his shoulder and said, "Are you ready for some Thanksgiving desert" and just then he grunted and shot his load deep into Lisa. She just moaned and bucked back to get his cock in deeper. He dropped his weight on top of her and pinned her to the bed. I stood there in shock, not knowing what to do next. Lisa asked Terry to roll off him as it was time for me to eat my holiday leftovers. His spent cock had to be 9 inches long, and was wet from their fuck. He had this look of satisfied confidence. Lisa moved down to the edge of the bed, and spread her incredible thighs and crooked her finger for me to approach the bed. "Honey get on your knees, and clean up this mess Terry made between my legs. You can't be that full from dinner, and I know how much you like eating my pussy".

I am still shaking from cleaning her up in front of her new lover. I kept looking up at her expression, and the smirking look Terry had about me eating his load. The taste was better, as his load and her juices her fresh. I finished up by cleanup duties, and Lisa asked me to leave them alone as Terry was hard again.

This may go on all night, as we don't have to work tomorrow. "Honey don't beat your meat tonight, I want you motivated to help me later, okay". I tried to smile and just said,

"Yes dear". Terry chuckled, and I heard him say that this gave a whole new meaning to Thanksgiving leftovers
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