A Shy Wife

Written by Karen Kaye / Dec 16, 2004


Jessica was standing in the front window watching the men unload the moving van that had been parked next door all morning as she stood drinking her coffee. Jessica was spending another weekend alone while her husband Don played golf with his buddies.

Jessica sat on the arm of the sofa as she crossed her legs and took another sip of her coffee wondering who was moving in the house next door. Jessica had just turned twenty-nine and she and Don had married right out of college and just calibrated their seventh wedding anniversary.

Of coarse, It was just like any other day at their house because Don spent that special day out with his friends again and forgot their anniversary all together. Jessica didn?t mind so much because she was getting use to it since it was the third year in a roll that he forgot and went out with his friends.

Being very shy all her life, Jessica didn?t get out much to meet new friends and had lost contact with most of her college and high school friends over the years. Don would bring home one of his buddies on occasion and watch football on the television while she became their waitress serving beer and snacks all day.

Don worked at an auto dealership selling cars and spent six long days a week selling cars and he always complained he didn?t have time to take her anywhere. He always seemed to make extra time to spend with his friends when he did have spare time.

Jessica?s parents both died and had left her enough money that she didn?t have to work outside of the house. She enjoyed selling crafts she made on the internet and developed some distant friends over the past couple of years.

Still sitting on the arm of the chair, Jessica placed the coffee cup down on the table next to the sofa and stretched one of her legs out feeling the little stubbles as she moved her hand along her leg and thigh.

Jessica was a very pretty blonde with long flowing hair and at 5', 8" tall with long slim legs and a natural thirty-six, c-cup and could have been a model when she was younger but passed up that opportunity to go on to college.

She glanced one more time outside at the moving van before getting up and walking into the bedroom where she dropped her rob and stepped into the shower. Jessica stood in the shower using th razor on the back of her legs thinking about Don again. Don hardly touched her anymore and when they did have sex it was over in five minutes. Seemed like it was just long enough for him to get on top and cum than getting off and falling asleep. Jessica tried to persuade Don to go to the fertility client with her but they?re always seemed to be more important things for him to do so she finally gave up on the idea of having children.

They had tried having children for three years when they first got married but they later found out that Don had a very low sperm count which made it almost impossible for them to have children the normal way.

Jessica finished applying her makeup and finished with the lipstick as she closed her purse and looked in the full length mirror on the wall at her refection. She had chosen a white pair of shorts and a green stretch top since it was going to be another hot day in South Florida.

She slipped into her heels on walked out the door and was ready to step into the car when someone yelled out. ?Hello.? Jessica turned and saw an attractive black woman standing in the driveway next door.

Jessica turned and stepped back out of the car as the woman walked toward her extending her hand out to shake hers. The woman said. ?My name is Jasmine and I?m going to be your new neighbor.?

Jessica smiled and took her hand noticing how attractive this woman that just introduced herself was. Jessica replied. ?I?m very pleased to meet you. I?m Jessica and my husband Done and I live right here. I was just going out to do some shopping and if I can get you anything while I?m out I?d be happy to.?

Jasmine raised her finger and said. ?Would you mind if I came along with you, it would only take me a minute to get my purse? Besides. These moving men can finish everything on their own. They don?t need me standing around here in their way.?

Jessica smiled and said. ?It would be nice to have you come along shopping with me.? Jasmine smiled back and said. ?Good. I?ll go and get my things and let these men know I?ll be right back.?

Jessica watched Jasmine as she walked back into her house and thought that they were about the same size including the shapely round tight looking butt that Jasmine had. Jessica always got many wolf calls out on the street when she was shopping and took pride in her figure.

Jasmine?s hair was even the same length as her own and when Jasmine returned back to the car she smiled and said to her. ?It?s really nice to have someone to spend a Saturday with for a change.? Jasmine smiled back as she got into the car and they drove off.

Jessica and Jasmine spent the trip to the store talking like lost sisters as they compared everything about their lives. Jessica had found out that Jasmine?s husband was in the service and was killed three years before in a military accident so she was living off the pension from her husband and worked at home selling on the internet just like Jessica did.

Jasmine even shared the same birth month as Jessica and both were the same age. The ride back was just as entertaining for both women until Jasmine asked Jessica about her husband. Jessica replied. ?He spends most of his free time away from home but I suppose that?s why we?ve been together for so long.? Jasmine didn?t reply but she could sense this woman lived an unhappy life with her husband and wish she could help her.

A couple days later Jasmine met Jessica?s husband Don and he only waved at her as he walked out the front door to play golf with his friends. Over the next several months, their friendship grew and they spent every day together working on their internet businesses, shopping, and taking day trips together.

It gave both women something to look forward each day as they grew closer together as friends. They now shared almost every intimate secret about each another as sisters would. One day Jasmine came over with a little present for Jessica and leaned against the kitchen counter as she watched her friend open the little box.

Jessica opened the lid and closed the box real fast as she looked at Jasmine with a gasp and said. ?What is this thing?? Jasmine laughed and said. ?Go ahead and take it out. It won?t bit you.?

Jessica opened the box again and looked inside with a smile and said. ?Oh my God. It?s a vibrator.? She smiled at Jasmine and said. ?What on earth I?m I going to do with this little thing??

Jasmine laughed as she walked over and hugged her friend and said. ?Do you remember how you told me about Don jumping on you like a rabbit and falling back over and going to sleep?? Jessica smiled and nodded her head in agreement as Jasmine continued to say. ?You can use this to make yourself cum when he?s not around.?

Jessica giggled and looked at her friend and said. ?I?ve never used one of these in my life!? Jasmine replied. ?Its about time you at least brought yourself a little pleasure. Your husband isn?t going to take care of your needs than you have to find other ways.?

Both women laughed as Jessica said. ?I better go put this away somewhere Don?s not going to find it.? Jasmine had a feeling that Jessica was going to get a lot of use over that little toy in the future. She thought to herself how a man could leave such a beautiful wife at home by herself all the time.

Two weeks later, Jessica had just stepped out of the shower and was drying off when she remembered the vibrator that Jasmine had bought her. Last night was another one of those five minute fucks that her husband was famous for and left her hanging again.

Jessica pulled the toy out of the drawer and laid down on the bed and pulled her legs up and rubbed the little toy along her pussy slit.

She closed her eye?s as she rubbed it in little circles rubbing it along her clit. She clicked on the button and wenched as she felt the tingling it was giving her pussy. She slowly pushed the vibrator into her pussy as she took her free hand and began to rub her clitoris. Jessica began to fantasize she was being screwed by some big jock as the tingling the little vibrator made her arch her hips up as she began to fuck herself with the little toy. The feeling was getting more intense as Jessica pushed the vibrator faster into her pussy as she played with her clit.

Jessica felt herself tighten up around the little toy as her legs went straight out and stiff and she began to orgasm. ?Oh Yeah . . . Fuck Me . . . God. Yes. It?s so good.? She was screaming out for her imaginary lover to keep fucking her as her legs relaxed but kept up the stimulation on her pussy with the little toy.

She held the little toy deep inside her pussy while she played with her clitoris bringing herself to a second orgasm than shutting off the vibrator while she continued to massage her pussy lips. This was the most relieved she felt in months as Jessica slowly pulled the plastic toy out of her wet pussy and laid back on the bed and rubbed her fingers along her tits making her nipples stay hard.

A few seconds later the phone rang and Jessica reached over and grabbed the phone next to the bed. It was Jasmine wanting to know what she would be doing this coming Friday. Jessica replied. ?I don?t think I have anything planned, just an average Friday with Don going out with the guys again.?

Jasmine replied. ?Good. Do you know that club we always pass on our way to the mall?? Jessica replied. ?You mean the place that you can see them dancing outside near the water??

Jasmine replied and said. ?That?s the one I was talking about. Why don?t you and I get dressed and go out and check it out on Friday?? Jessica hesitated and said. ?I really don?t know if I should. If I?m not here when Don gets home he?ll be mad.?

Jasmine replied. ?Tell him before Friday comes around that you and I are going out to a movie or something. Why would he care as long as you tell him your going out with me?? Jessica replied. ?I guess I could tell him we are going out.?

Jasmine said. ?Good. I?ll give you a call in the morning and we?ll go out and buy something to wear.?

Jessica felt excited but nervous because she had never gone out to a bar without Don before but she was getting excited thinking about going there with Jasmine.

That Friday afternoon Jessica was slipping on her new dress she had bout special for that night. Jasmine had helped her pick out the dress which was a nice contrast to her own.

The dress was low cut in the front with a very low back which came down to her waist in the rear and hugged her hips coming down just above the knees. Jasmine had picked out a similar dress in green that was made almost the identical way. Jessica remembered how they laughed when they both tried on the dresses and came out of the dressing rooms at the same time.

Jessica was just finishing applying her lipstick as Jasmine walked in and said. ?Don?t you look hot tonight?? She laughed as she looked her friend up and down and Jessica did the same with Jasmine.

Jasmine reached out and adjusted Jessica?s dress around her tits and said. ?We don?t want these things to spill out of here tonight do we?? Both women?s dresses showed off enough cleavage that would surely bring attention to any of the men in the club tonight.

Jessica said. ?I don?t think Don would approve of me wearing a dress this revealing out to a club. Even if he were with me.? Jasmine replied. ?Honey. Don?t worry about what Don would think. You look hot and you deserve to go out once in awhile and if he won?t take you, I?ll go with you.?

Jasmine brought her own perfume and gave herself a squirt around her neck while Jessica did the same using one of her favorites. Jessica slipped into a pair of black heels and they were on their way to the club.

They drove off reaching the club within thirty minutes as Jasmine said. ?See. If we drink too much, it won?t be that far to drive home tonight.? They both laughed as they got out of the car and walked toward the club. It wasn?t dark yet and anyone in the club could have seen them walking up to the building.

Jessica said. ?I hope there isn?t anyone I know here tonight.? Jasmine replied. ?Does it really matter in the scheme of things if there were someone you knew in there?? They both laughed again as they entered the building.

They were seated in a nice booth by a hostess and ordered their drinks as they looked around the club. There appeared to be both couples and singles as the women checked everyone out. Jessica looked toward the bar and seen a
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