The School Photographer

Written by Dick Coxxx / Dec 31, 2004


The School Photographer

By Dick Coxxx

Rodney Davis couldn?t believe his eyes. The announcement in the school newspaper said that they were looking for a photographer for the yearbook staff. Rod or ?The Rodman? as some of his friends called him, had been in love with photography ever since he was a little boy. His aunt had given him a little point and shot camera for his twelfth birthday. He fell in love with that little camera. Rod had taken so many photos with his new camera that he had to get a job as a paperboy to help pay for all the film and processing.

As he got better and better, Rod learned how to develop his own black and white photos. He would spend all weekend photographing places and things. He could hardly wait until the next weekend to develop and print them himself in his own darkroom and lab in the basement of his home.

Rod continued his paper route to earn money for new cameras. He also had taken several photography classes along the way. He certainly knew what f-stop meant. He also learned lighting and composition. Rod actually became quite a good amateur photographer. He enjoyed taking pictures of places and those ?Kodak Moment? shots but he really liked taking photos of people, especially good-looking white girls.

Rod showed the yearbook editor some of his photos. The editor, who was a senior, was in a bind and needed someone who already knew about photography. Rod got the job. He was given a new digital camera and an instruction manual to go along with it. He was now on his own.

His first assignment for the yearbook was to take some candid shots of the cheerleaders as they were practicing. This sounds like an easy assignment but it wasn?t. All of the cheerleaders were white. Rod is black. The little white girls didn?t like the idea of a Negro taking their photo.

It took a while for the girls to become more comfortable with Rod. After they saw some of his great photos in the school newspaper, he became somewhat of a celebrity. It wasn?t long before several of the cheerleaders even wanted photos of themselves. Some of the girls even imagined themselves as models.

On afternoon, Rod was talking to Julie Peacock, one of the younger cheerleaders.

He told her, ?Julie, have you ever thought about becoming a model??

?Oh, Rod! I have wanted to be a model ever since I was a little girl. We used to pretend dressing up all the time and having our pictures taken by the glamour photographers.?

?I can?t promise anything, Julie, but I do have some contacts with several modeling agencies. I would be pleased to photograph you and put your modeling portfolio together for you at no charge.?

?Really? No charge? Fantastic! You would do that for me??

?For you, Julie. I?d do anything. What are you doing after school this Friday night??

?Normally, I?d be leading the cheers at the football game but we don?t have a game this week.?

?I can borrow some lights and a backdrop from the school. How about my setting up a make-shift studio at your home??

?Rod, I need to check with my mom first. Sometimes she can be pretty strict.?

?Tell your mom that she is welcome to watch, Julie. She?ll have fun just watching you all dressed up.?

?I?ll call you tomorrow and let you know, Rod. You are so sweet. Thanks for the offer!?

?I?ll be waiting for your call, Julie.?

Rod had been called many things before but he had never been called ?sweet.? It?s usually, ?Hey, boy!? or ?Hey, nigger!? but never ?sweet.?

Julie called the next day and said that it was okay with her mother. Rod borrowed the portable studio lights and a black backdrop for Julie?s photo session. He made sure that he had a couple of extra memory cards for the digital camera and borrowed one of the school?s laptops that also had Photoshop on it.


Friday afternoon finally came. It was difficult for Rod to concentrate on his studies that day as he was thinking about the lovely little blonde cheerleader. Julie was pretty excited as well because this would be her first ?for real? photo shoot. All the ones before were just pretend and make believe.

Rod rang Julie?s doorbell. He had his arms loaded with equipment.

Julie?s mom answered the door.

?Mrs. Peacock?? asked Rod.

?Why yes it is. What do you want?? she asked rather gruffly.

?Mrs. Peacock, I?m the school?s photographer and I?m here to set up the equipment for Julie?s photo shoot today.?

?Oh, that?s right. I?d forgotten that it was scheduled for today. Her father just left on a week?s business trip. He won?t be back until next Friday but I guess it?s okay for you to come on in.?

?Why, thank you, Mrs. Peacock.?

Rodman had to smile to himself. Mrs. Peacock was really just a slightly older version of her own daughter, Julie. Both were very attractive. Both mother and daughter had shoulder length blonde hair. Julie was a little taller than her mother but her mother had more on the top side. Rod really wasn?t just a breast man. He looked for the total package. Thinking of both pretty blonde mother and beautiful blonde daughter made his big black cock stir in his tight jeans.

Rod followed Julie?s mom through the house to the den where he was to set up his equipment. He watched her tight ass through her skirt as she swayed before him in her high heels. He could see the outline of her tiny panties through the thin material. Mrs. Peacock showed plenty of her good-looking legs as her skirt came to a couple of inches above her knees. He also noted the outline of the white sexy bra she wore underneath the sheer material of her white blouse.

As Rod was bringing in his equipment, he stopped to watch Mrs. Peacock go up the stairs to get Julie. He stared at her tight butt as it moved up and down while she ascended the steps on the staircase. The Rodman knew where the lovely little cheerleader got her good looks and fabulous body.

?Julie,? Mrs. Peacock began. ?Your photographer?s here. Did you know that he?s, ummm ??

?Black?? Julie responded tartly. ?Mother, how about Negro? Maybe darkie, colored or how about just nigger??

?Now Julie, you know that I?m not prejudicial or anything. It?s just that a black boy has never been in the house before.?

?Mom,? Julie said in frustration. ?Chill out, okay. He?s not going to bite. He?s not some big dark monster who?s going to eat the pretty little Fairy Godmother like you. He?s just a guy who?s a photographer who also happens to be black. He?s a very good one at that. You?ll see.?

?I?ve made us supper. I hope he likes hamburgers. I?m starved. Let?s go eat.?


Hamburgers were fine with Rod. He sat across the dinner table from Julie as her mother sat at one end of the table. Her father would have sat at the other end if he had been there tonight.

Rod ate his delicious hamburger as he watched Julie and her mother eat their salad. That was all they had. Mrs. Peacock asked Rod what he would like to drink.

?Do you have any beer? Burgers and beer are one of my favorite meals,? replied the black school photographer. Mrs. Peacock got one of her husband?s imported beers from the refrigerator. Julie had a Diet Coke to drink while Mrs. Peacock had a glass of white wine with her meal.

After their quick dinner, Rod started the photo session with Julie in the outfit that she wore to dinner, just jeans and a blouse. He had already checked out his equipment and checked the area with his light meter. The Rodman was ready to go.

Rod had Julie take off her shoes and took several full lengths of the beautiful young blonde cheerleader. He enjoyed taking photos of women?s hands and feet because they are so intimate and personal. Rod then had Julie curl up on the loveseat and draw her legs up underneath her. The black photographer suggested several sexy poses and Julie followed his expert instructions. Mrs. Peacock was sitting towards the back of the den watching the Negro photographer giving suggestions to her daughter. The black boy would tell her daughter to do something and Julie would do it. Mrs. Peacock enjoyed watching them work together as she drank another glass of wine.

The Rodman kind of liked having Julie?s mother watch them. It gave him a big boner in his tight pants. He almost wished it was Julie?s father watching them together instead but that might have been a major disaster. Sometimes these fathers try too hard to protect their virginal young daughters from all the black rapists.

The black school photographer decided to push the envelope a little to see just how far the little blonde cheerleader would go. He had her unbutton the top several buttons on her blouse. Julie was wearing a sexy little bra and he could see the creamy tops of her budding breasts. He even had her pull the shirttails out of her jeans and tie the ends together at her waist to reveal her firm little bare tummy. She was wearing a belly ring sporting a half moon. Julie looked like the playful little sex kitten that all pretty young girls look like. Next the black photographer had her unzip her jeans so that her little white panties were showing. He didn?t want to push his luck too far, especially with her mother looking on, so he decided to quit while he was ahead.

Next up was Julie in her cute cheerleading outfit. He had her do several poses that he really liked. These would be some of the ones to be submitted for the high school yearbook.

Julie pulled her long blonde hair up into a ponytail and posed for the black photographer in some other outfits that were really, really cute. One of them was a white cropped tank top with ?Princess Kitty? on the front. Julie didn?t wear a bra for this one so The Rodman could see the outline and the curve of her perky little breasts. The cute little blonde cheerleader had on a matching pleated schoolgirl skirt that was a pink and black plaid to match the colors in the Princess Kitty. The little skirt was very short and The Rodman could see most of her bare legs up to her firm thighs. Rod thought that her mother might protest at Julie?s selection of such a skimpy outfit for these photographs but Rod just kept clicking away.

Julie had a pair of thin black knee-highs that she put on. She would point her little toes up in the air while she was seductively putting them on. The lovely blonde cheerleader would look over at the black boy behind the camera. Julie would smile wickedly and wink at him. The Rodman had a very raging hardon.

There was one last pose that her wanted the young blonde teenager to do for him in this outfit. He had her drape her arm over her head so that the thin top material would reveal her taut little nipple against material of the thin top. Doing this pose raised the bottom of her tank top to show the underside of her breasts. It also showed her freshly shaven underarms. The Rodman really loved to see the shaved underarms of attractive white women.

About that time the phone rang. Rod looked over at Julie?s mother. Mrs. Peacock?s skirt had ridden more than halfway up her bare thigh. Mrs. Peacock caught him looking and held his stare for a moment before she got up and ran to answer it.

The phone was for Julie. She came back in a moment and said that it was her boyfriend wanting her to go to the movies with him.

?I believe we?re finished with you tonight. You were great. I hope that you had as much fun as I did.?

?Oh, Rod, I did! I can?t wait to see the photos. I had a fabulous time and I?ve always wanted to be a glamour model.?

Julie left in a whirlwind. Rod was just about to pack up his gear when Mrs. Peacock offered him another beer.

?Sure,? the young black photographer replied to the beautiful blonde mother. ?I usually don?t drink while I?m working but I?ll make an exception this time especially for some one as good looking as you.?

The beautiful blonde mother felt flattered.

Rod followed the lovely Mrs. Peacock walk barefooted into the kitchen. She got him one of her husband?s expensive imported beers and poured another glass of wine for herself. Rod hadn?t been counting but it was a new bottle when she started. Now it?s empty.

Emboldened by his second beer, The Rodman said, ?I know where Julie gets her beauty. Were you ever a model, Mrs. Peacock??

?Why, no,? blushed the beautiful blonde mother. ?Like Julie, I always wanted to be one but the opportunity to become one never arose.?

?Say, I just started a fresh roll of film. I hate to waste any film as I have to pay for it myself. Why don?t I finish off the roll with a few photos just of you??

The lovely blonde mother blushed again and shyly smiled.

?Can you make me look pretty?? asked Mrs. Peacock.

?Mrs. Peacock, you?re already very beautiful. If I didn?t already know that you were Julie?s mother, I might have thought you were her sister.?

The lovely blonde mother smiled at the black boy and blushed again. ?Okay,? she replied. ?But only a few photos.?

The Rodman couldn?t believe his own luck. He just told her that he loaded a new roll of film that he didn?t want to waste and she believed him. ?Ha, ha,? he said to himself. ?I?m not using film, I?m digital.?

The Rodman moved the loveseat back in front of his backdrop. He posed the lovely blonde mother with her bare feet up on the sofa with her knees bent. Rod loved the white woman?s pretty little dainty painted toes. The polish was the same as that on her finely manicured fingernails with the same shade of red on her beautiful lips. The Rodman snapped many a photo of the lovely mother. There were four buttons along the side of her navy skirt. Rod had her unbutton two of them to show her trim white legs almost up to her hips.

?Mrs. Peacock,? The Rodman was pushing. ?Why don?t you go into the bathroom and take of you bra. Put your blouse back on and come on out for some more photos.

She did. He was always amazed. These women followed his every instruction.

?Mrs. Peacock, these next photos are for your husband, okay??

?Okay,? came the timid reply.

?Unbutton the top button on you blouse for me and hold it open.?

She did.

The Rodman worked his way down until he had the last button unbuttoned. Her taut nipples were poking out through the sheer blouse. Mrs. Peacock held her blouse open and her diamond wedding ring was clearly visible in the camera?s eyepiece. The Rodman?s big black cock was raging in his pants.

?Mrs. Peacock, turn a little more towards the camera and unbutton another button on your skirt.?

She complied with his instructions. He could just see the first hint of her little white panties.

?Are you wearing panties, Mrs. Peacock??

The beautiful blonde mother nodded yes.

?Take them off for me please.?

?Right here? Right now?? asked Mrs. Peacock.

?Yes, right here, right now.? The Rodman knew that this was the crucial moment. If she took off her panties for him now, she was his.

The attractive white wife and mother reached timidly up under her skirt and slowly slide the tiny panties down her smooth bare legs. The Rodman kept the camera clicking away.

The black photographer adjusted the camera and then put it on video mode.

?Give me your panties, Mrs. Peacock.?

The breathtaking blonde mother held out her dampened panties to the black photographer as if it were a peace offering.

The Rodman came into the video camera?s field of view. He took the damp panties from Julie?s very pretty mother and held them to his broad black nose. He loved taking a whiff of aroused white women. The Rodman put her useless panties in his back pocket for a souvenir of his newest conquest.

Rod knelt down in front of the beautiful blonde mother. He parted her legs to kiss the insides of her bare knees. Mrs. Peacock let her lovely blonde mane fall back as she spread her thighs wider. The Rodman pushed her skirt even higher until her beautiful blonde bush came in to full view. ?Man,? he thought to himself. ?I love to eat good-looking white pussy and this white pussy is prime meat!?

Rod spread her pussy lips apart as his tongue delved in and out of her heated pussy. The Rodman?s broad black nose was buried in her soft, curly blonde pussy hair. His long tongue swirled around the little erect bud of her clitoris as the blonde mother had her first true orgasm. Mrs. Peacock moaned in ecstasy. Her husband had wanted to go down on her before but she wouldn?t let him as she thought that it was just too nasty. Now a black man was between her widespread legs and feasting on her aroused blonde pussy! The big, bad dark monster really did eat the pretty little Fairy Godmother.

The Rodman quickly shucked off his clothes. Mrs. Peacock was both dazed and amazed at what she saw through her partially closed eyes. The Rodman?s stiff black cock jutted from his lean belly as if a third arm was rising from his dark loins. This gigantic black cock in front of her was more than twice the size of her own husband?s penis!

The Rodman kissed the mother?s bare belly. He then suckled on each of her firm bare breasts. The black photographer imagined himself as a black baby suckling on his white mother?s tits. The Rodman?s huge black cock bore into her smooth thigh as he longingly kissed Julie?s sex-starved mother.

?Put it in for me, Babe,? The Rodman hoarsely whispered into the ear of his next blonde conquest.

Julie?s mom reached down and felt the raging black monster waiting impatiently between her widespread legs. It felt even larger that what she had seen before. ?There?s no way that this big black thing will fit inside me,? thought the terrified mother.

The Rodman was knocking at Heaven?s Door. He was about to bust it down. Mrs. Peacock guided his giant throbbing black cock to her quivering little blonde pussy. It was going to be a very tight fit! He got his massive head inside her as he continued to push his thick dark rod deep inside her innermost being. Julie?s mom had another orgasm.

Her arms encircled his broad black back and her smooth bare legs came up to grasp her new black lover. Her sharp fingernails raked across his back leaving purplish welts. Julie?s mom was getting fucked like she had never been fucked before!

?Ohmigawd,? she shouted as she had another massive orgasm. ?Fuck me with the big nigger dick!?

He did!

The Rodman also got all of the beautiful mother?s first black fucking on video. Hell, he had this little blonde bitch in the palm of his big black hand.


They fucked for what seemed like hours. The Rodman even introduced Julie?s mom to anal sex. You should have heard her scream when he shoved his big nigger dick in her tight white ass! You could have as it was all on digital video. Rod had to hurry to get all his equipment packed away before the midnight curfew that her mother had imposed upon Julie. Mrs. Peacock also had to hurry to collect all of her clothes strewed all over the floor. Big globs of nigger cum dripped down her bare thigh as she walked naked to her bedroom. The big black stud practically wore out Julie?s pretty mother?s tight little blonde pussy. Mrs. Peacock would have a hard time walking tomorrow!

The Rodman wanted to stay longer to either fuck the mother some more or maybe get a piece of her delectable young blonde cheerleader daughter. ?Maybe another time - very, very soon,? he laughed to himself as he let himself out the door. He knew that he would be between the beautiful blonde mother?s legs again and would also score with her pretty young cheerleader daughter. Even the husband or boyfriend might watch The Rodman in action. They would learn something!
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