Gash for cash part 3

Written by Shooter3704 / Jan 24, 2005


Gash for cash 3

Jan?s story

It would be beneficial to read Gash for cash 1& 2, but not necessary?shooter

CHAPTER ONE some background

Over the past months I have asked myself at least a million times what on earth I was doing. I am a wife, a college graduate, and I had been gainfully employed before I became a whore. I call myself a whore because I tried all the other words, call girl, prostitute, hooker, etcetera, and came to the conclusion that whore suited me best.

At first I became a whore out of necessity. My husbands business wasn?t doing as well as we had hoped and we got into a financial bind. I was stupid and I borrowed some money from a loan shark only to find out that he was a mad killer. I was paying nearly one thousand percent interest and I couldn?t make the payments. I went to see a man named Dog who had been recommended to me by a man I knew. I had all ready made up my mind that I would become a call girl (call girl sounded better at that time) and my friend told me that Dog may be able to help me. Dog is a black man who runs a tittie bar in town. Dog explained to me that the loan shark, Crazy Larry, would mess me up and my feminine charms wouldn?t help me because Crazy Larry was a homosexual. Dog scared the hell out of me and when he offered me the position as his personal whore I took it. Within thirty minutes of our meeting I was on my knees sucking him off. Later that night he took me to a place he owns called the snake ranch where he fuck me for hours. Dog is a great lover because he takes his time and makes sure the woman is getting pleasure out of the sex. Dog is also a voyeur and it wasn?t long before he turned me out to two of his employees, Abe, a black man and Duck, a white man. I love it when Dog screws me because he is mostly gently. Abe is rough and I like that also. Duck is kind of fat, but he is a good fucker. Abe and Duck were the first to double fuck me after Dog turned me on to anal sex. I had let Jack fuck my ass but only because he insisted. I didn?t know it could be so good. Over the next several months I was fucked in ones, twos, threes and gang banged several times.

I suppose it was during the first couple of days with Dog that something within me awoke. I became totally insatiable. I craved cock and I didn?t care what color it was even though I prefer black. I couldn?t and still can?t get enough. I worked for and screwed Dog and his crew and started doing out-calls for him. I assumed that the guys I went to fuck were friends or business acquaintances of Dog. I didn?t ask after Dog informed me that what I didn?t know, I couldn?t testify to.

Things were going great for me for several months. I was so busy with Dog and the others I had to give up my full time job. I still worked part time to keep my benefits because Dog doesn?t offer health insurance. I couldn?t have scripted a better life for me until my husband came out of his business induced fog and found out what I had been up to. He followed me to the snake ranch one night and was witness to Abe and Duck double teaming me, and later, to Dog hosing me good.

What Jack saw nearly killed him. He wandered around in a stupor for a couple of days before I sat him down and told him the whole story. It made him angry and horny at the same time. When he realized that I had started out whoring because of him and his business, he quickly forgave me. It took a while longer to convince him that I wouldn?t?couldn?t quit my life style. I was hooked on cock, black cock to be specific. Jack was smart enough to realize that he wasn?t man enough to satisfy me any longer so he capitulated and now supports me in my work. I have even gone out on dates with some of his clients. Jack has watched me fuck two and more black men and was really turned on by the experience. I realize this isn?t the life I would have picked for myself and it certainly isn?t for everybody, but it is my life and I like it a lot.


Dog started trying to get me to do a video almost from day one. I was well aware that he had a video camera hidden and I was alright with that, but I couldn?t come to terms with setting out to make a triple x video. Taping us while we fucked seemed so much different then staging it. At first I was afraid that Jack would see it or someone would tell him about it, and then after he was on board with my life, I was concerned about family and friends recognizing me.

Dog was persistent and when I told him he would have to be content with what he had, he asked me to watch them. I?ll have to admit that I was turned on watching them with Dog and Abe. We didn?t make it all the way through the first one. Dog was stroking and playing with one tit and Abe was sucking the other one. After they got through fucking me I told Dog I would think about it and let him know soon. Something in his eyes told me that he was up to something. That took place Monday night.

On Tuesday I went to work at my old job. Two people were out sick and another on maternity leave. It was part of my deal with the company to fill in as needed and they would show me working enough to keep my health insurance in force.

That Tuesday a strange thing happened in the break room. I was just finishing up my lunch and glancing at a magazine someone left when Laura Wilson came over to the table. Laura was the secretary to the big boss. She is an attractive forty year old woman who dresses like she is sixty.

"Jan, may I have a word with you?" she asked.

"Sure Laura," I said. "Have a seat."

"I really don?t know how to?ah?well, something came up yesterday and I though you should know about it." Laura seemed flustered. I waited until she collected her thoughts. "I guess there isn?t any other way to say it except come right out with it. Hal Brooks, you remember him, a salesman? Anyway, he told me that he saw you downtown last weekend?on Saturday night." Laura was bright red now. "He said you were in the company of two black men, and he thought Mister Nolan should know about it." I felt a cold chill. I had taken great pains to keep my private endeavors far away from my work place. Laura Wilson cleared her throat and said softly, "I told Hal that that was impossible. I told him that you and I went shopping and to a movie Saturday evening and were together until very late. I chastised him for spreading vicious rumors. He left my office with his tail between his legs."

I was stunned. I?ve know Laura for a couple of years, but we hadn?t ever been close. I?ve never, ever gone shopping and to a movie with her. "Why did you do that, Laura?" I managed to asked after a long period of silence.

"I?m not quite sure," she answered me slowly. "I think it was because of the sanctimonious way some of these men act. All of the sales staff are back-stabbing jerks." She looked directly at me. "I recognize that it isn?t any of my business, but was he telling the truth? Were you with two black men?"

I wasn?t at all sure how to respond. I wasn?t any threat to her position with the company and she seemed like an ally, so I told her the truth. "Yes I was," I said without elaborating.

Laura was turning red faced again, "Are they friends of yours?I mean? Oh goodness that?s terribly rude of me. I?m sorry that is none of my concern. It?s just?" her voice trailed off.

"Just what Laura?" I asked.

"I don?t know," she said her face now flaming. "Every since my Donald left me I?ve been sort of?you know."

"Horny?" I supplied. She nodded and left her face downward. "How long has it been since Don left you?" I asked gently. I was aware of the office talk about Donald Wilson. Bits from the water cooler indicated that he had taken up with a younger woman and they took off out west somewhere.

"Nearly two years now," she muttered. Laura looked up at me, "When Hal told me about seeing you with two black men I got all tingly inside. It?s like I?m having a sex life vicariously. I?m not?" She stopped when two women came into the break room.

"Let?s go out to the smokers pavilion," I said getting my trash and tossing it into a container.

"I don?t smoke," she said following me out the door.

"I don?t either," I said. "I think we can have more privacy out there." The pavilion was empty except for a lone man who was puffing hard on a cigarette as if it was his last one. We went down to the far end and sat down on a bench. "So it excited you to think I was having sex with two men?two black men, huh?"

She didn?t answer right away and when she did she did with a harsh laugh, "I get excited about anybody having sex with anybody these days."

"You are a good looking woman," I said truthfully. "You look like you take care of yourself. You have a great figure so what?s your problem? Get yourself a man and live your own sex life."

She laughed that harsh laugh again, "I know it sounds so simple. Oh sure I?ve been hit on by several guys, but I guess my self esteem was demolished when Donald took off. Something just keeps me from accepting a date. Are you?"

"What? Having sex with two black men?" I said. "Would it shock you if I said yes?"

"I guess a little," Laura said. "Is it true what they say about black men?"

"I don?t know exactly what they said," I said laughing. "What do you want to know?"

"This is a terrible conversation," she said blushing and laughing, "Those two men you were with Saturday night. Was it good sex?"

"Shoot Laura," I said smiling at her, "any sex is good, but to answer your question the two Hal spotted me with were just dates. It was good sex, but not all that great. Frankly they were a little rough for my taste. I have some black friends that always give me super sex."

"I?m sorry," Laura said. "You said they were just dates. You mean you didn?t know them?"

"No, not until Saturday night. It was a couple of men that were in town on business and needed some company. Does that shock you?" I asked.

"Well I guess it does," Laura said getting to her feet. "I?ve been gone from the desk too long. I?ll see you later." She was almost running by the time she got to the door. I had shocked the shit out of Laura Wilson.

Truthfully I thought she would tell our boss and I?d get the boot, but nothing was said all the rest of the week. I wasn?t as worried as I had been. Jack?s business was big enough and he was shopping for an insurance carrier so that both of us could have health insurance, and I was making enough hooking to keep us in the chips. I didn?t need to work, I just wanted to keep my hand in it.

I was surprised when Laura came to my desk on Friday afternoon. "Hi Jan," she said. "I brought you some more work." Laura sat some papers down on my desk. "I also want to apologize to you for the way I acted the other day. That was tacky of me to run off like that. Frankly you floored me and I didn?t know how to respond."

"That?s okay, Laura," I told her. "I guess it was a shocker."

"Yes it was," she agreed. "Could?I mean maybe you?d like to have a drink with me sometime. I?m dieing to hear more about your?what do we call it? Extracurricular activities?"

"Sure I?d like to have a drink with you," I said somewhat surprised to find it was true. Laura Wilson intrigued me for some strange reason. I wanted to find out how it was possible to go without sex for so long. I knew I could never do it. "How about this evening?" It was the wrong time of the month for me to work at the extracurricular activities as she had put it. "We can have a few drinks and have dinner. How does that sound?"

"Oh?Oh yes, that sounds great," she said. We made plans to meet at the Dragon?s lair, a nice little Chinese place not far from the Doghouse. I had eaten there a few times with Dog or one of the others.


Over pre-dinner drinks I told Laura how I had gotten into the whoring business. She seemed totally captivated by my story. After the third round of drinks I got a lot more graphic with the details of my life.

"I can?t believe that your husband goes along with it," she said. "Isn?t he jealous at all?"

"Yes," I told her. "I think on some level he is, but he knows that right now this is how it is. Jack has adjusted and his love for me is greater then his jealousy."

Laura took a sip of her drink, "I can not even image how it must feel to make love to two men at the same time," she said. She gave a short laugh, "Hell, I can?t hardly image how it is to make love with one man."

Laura and I were sitting at a table in the very back of the restaurant and there wasn?t anyone close to us. "It isn?t love making," I told her. "It?s fucking. Low down, hot and sweaty, dirty, animalistic, get your face in it, fucking. Love making is what you do with your husband or someone you love."

Laura raised her glass, "Here?s to fucking," she said, her words getting a little bit slurred "What?s the best part of that low down, hot and whatever you said, fucking?"

"I don?t know," I said reflecting on her question. "I like it all. I like it when I hold a hard black cock in my hand and feel the heat from it. I like it when I can see when he sticks it in me and I can watch the black slide into the white. I like it when they come. There all different, you know. When Dog comes he likes to look you right in the eye. Abe?s eyes roll back in his head and he groans. Duck lets out a little yelp when he comes. I like to hold their balls when I suck their cock. I like the power I have over them for that brief instant. The best part is knowing that if they come and I?m still hot that there is another hard cock waiting to take over. There is something special about glancing over and seeing one or two guys ready and willing to keep you flying." I realized that I was getting tipsy. "We had better order dinner before we get shit-faced."

"Too late," Laura giggled. "I?m all ready there. You know, I envy you, Jan. You are a true free spirit. I would love to experience just a tiny bit of what you have."

"You can," I assured her. "You want some hard, hot black cock? I can make a call and make it happen."

Laura Wilson look panic stricken for a moment. "Oh no I could never do that. I mean I want to but I?d never?"

"Bull shit, Laura," I said, "You need a man. You need to break out of your shell and get laid and you need to do it now. Let?s eat and have a few more drinks and talk about it some more."

"I don?t think I can drink enough to talk myself into anything like that," Laura said.

Laura Wilson was wrong. After we finished our meal I took her to a bar just up the street from the doghouse. I thought it might be pushing it to take Laura to a tittie bar. While Laura went to the restroom I called Dog and asked him if he was busy.

"Never," he laughed, "never too busy for you. I thought you were on your break this week."

"I am," I said, "Should be back in business by next Monday. No, I have this woman with me and I think you might want to meet her. She attractive, white, and very horny. Poor thing hasn?t been laid in nearly two years. If you are interested come on up to Charlie?s bar."

"I?m on my way," Dog said. "Anything I should know?"

"She skittish so go easy," I said. "Just be yourself and you may get lucky tonight."

Laura had no more than sat back down when Dog came through the door. He must have ran the two blocks from his joint.

"Hey fancy meeting you here," he said coming over to our table. He gave me a quick peck on the lips. Laura eyes grew larger when she saw his huge form.

"Hi Dog," I said, "This is Laura. Laura this is Dog. Why don?t you join us," I invited.

"Hello Laura," Dog said holding out his massive hand. Poor Laura was as white as a sheet. She managed to hold out a trembling hand and Dog leaned way over and kissed her hand. I thought Laura was going to faint.

Dog sat down across from Laura, "It?s nice to meet you Laura," he said giving her a big smile. "Do you work where Jan does?"

"Yes," Laura said with a quiver in her voice. "Yes we work at the same place."

"I know you from somewhere," Dog said giving her a close look. "Now I wonder where that is."

"I don?t think so," Laura said. Some of her color was coming back and her voice was stronger. "I?m sure I would remember someone as?well, as large as you."

"I have it," Dog said with a laugh, "I knew I had seen you before. You went to Penn State didn?t you?"

"Yes," Laura said. "How on earth did you know that? She glanced at me.

"Don?t look at me," I said. "I didn?t know you went to Penn State." We both looked at Dog who was grinning big. If he was bullshitting her he was doing a fine job. I had not mentioned Laura to him and as far as I knew there was no way he could have researched her.

"I saw you at Penn State," he said. "I went there also. You don?t remember me because we only had one class together and I cut it most of the time. I played football until I messed up my knee. As I recall you didn?t care much for us jocks."

"How on earth could you recognize me after all these years," Laura said.

"Oh you haven?t changed all that much," Dog assured her. "Still pretty as a man?s second wife. Seems to me that your were dating a medical student back then. How did that work out for you?"

"Not great," Laura said. "Bastard took off with his nurse a couple years ago. They are living blissfully in Arizona or somewhere out there in the desert."

Dog leaned back in his chair and studied Laura, "Damn, I would have like to seen her before they took off. She must have been something to leave you for. That man has to be some kind of a fool. What are you ladies drinking?" He signaled a passing waitress and we ordered. If that was a line, it was a good one.

"I can not believe you could possibility remember me after so long," Laura said with a laugh. "How is that possible?"

"Easy," Dog said with a laugh. "I remember most of the pretty women I?ve run across. " He looked at her seriously for a moment, "I remember one time just outside the commons. You were coming out and ran right into me. I caught you as you started to fall. I managed to keep you from hitting the sidewalk, but I did so with one hand on your breast. I?ve thought about that over the years." He shook his head and laughed softly. "I don?t think you even noticed who caught you."

"No," Laura said excitedly, "I remember that incident. I remember you now. You had a team coat on and?oh my God! It was you." She laughed, "I wonder later if you did it just to crop a feel."

"No that was just a lucky accident.," Dog said with a smile. They continued for a while with the walk down memory lane. I wouldn?t have been surprised if they had taken out a yearbook.

"Jan told me you have a bar," Laura said.

"Yeah," Dog said. "That?s one of my enterprises. "I call it the Doghouse. It?s just down the street a couple blocks. You want to see it?"

Laura surprised me a little when she said she was curious about a strip bar. I walked a few feet behind them as we went to the Doghouse. I noticed that Dog touched her nearly the entire distance. I also noticed that Laura didn?t seem to mind.

Dog convinced a couple of guys to give up the best table and arranged for drinks to arrive. Laura watched in total captivation as one girl after another took the stage and disrobed. During a break in the music I heard Laura say to Dog, "I wish I could do that."

"Nothing stopping you," Dog said. "You can dance can?t you?"

"Not like that," Laura said with a smile, "I?m old enough to be the mother to most of them. No, I?m afraid that I?m past all that now."

"Did you notice the tall woman with the black hair?" Dog said. "She a grandmother and several years older then you. It?s not so much age as it is looks and attitude. Her name is Lila and she can get any man in the place if she wanted to. You have the body and looks for it, so why don?t you give it a try?"

"No way," Laura said laughing, "There is just no way I could get up on stage in front of all these strangers and take off my clothes."

"Well why don?t you practice in front of a small group of friends?" Dog said. "That way you could see if you could do it."

"I don?t know," Laura said slowly. I could see that she was tempted.

"Why don?t we go out to your place, Dog?" I said. "I?ll grab a couple of outfits from the dressing room. You?d dance for Dog and I wouldn?t you Laura?"

"Maybe," she said. "I don?t know if I could take all of it off, but?"

Dog rushed off to get some more booze for us to take with us and I grabbed a couple of outfits I thought she could wear and in a few minutes we were off to the snake ranch.


"I can?t do this," Laura complained. She was wearing a tiny little red bra and panty set with black fringe. Laura has a nice figure. Her breasts are not as large as mine, a thirty-two b I guess, but they are nicely shaped with oversized nipples. She has good muscle tone that comes with regular workouts.

I handed her another drink, "Sure you can," I encouraged her. "Just keep telling yourself that you want to. You look great, Laura and you can make any man sit up and take notice. Come on and let?s get on with it."

I already had the music picked out and the boombox was ready. I had used it several times to give the guys a private show. We went into the room where Dog waited with ill concealed anticipation.

"Damn girl," he said when he saw Laura, "You look better than you did in college."

I pushed the play button and the music started. Laura stool completely still until I went over and beside her and started swaying to the beat. Laura followed my moves and when she was comfortable on her own I went over and sat beside Dog. When the music picked up the tempo so did Laura. She had her eyes closed and seemed to be in a world of her own.

"Slide the bra straps down, honey," Dog said just loud enough to be heard above the music. Laura let first one then the other strap fall. She danced that way for a minute or two and reached between the cups for the clasp. I knew we were at the moment of truth here. If she took the bra off, Laura was fucked literally. Slowly she opened the bra and for a moment she hesitated and then let it fall to the floor. Her nipples were hard and sticking out like little pointers. She had not opened her eyes the whole time she had been dancing. I could tell they were throbbing. She opened her eyes and looked directly into Dog?s eyes. She smiled slightly as she reached for the clasp on the side of the panties. Laura undid both clasps and held them in place as she completed her circuit of the improvised dance floor. When she was facing Dog again she let the panties fall to the floor and kicked them away. Laura had transformed from a fumbling amateur dancer to a pro in a matter of minutes. Laura spun and danced nude a few more minutes, mimicking the dancers she had watched at the Doghouse. When she squatted in front of us I could see the glint of moisture in her womanhood.

The music changed into a deep jungle drum beat. "Give Dog a lap dance," I said to the dancing woman.

Laura, wearing only a pair of heels danced slowly toward Dog. She came up to him and straddled his legs as she moved and swayed to the drum beat. Dog gently put both hands on her thighs as she danced for him. Laura was smiling as he stroked her legs. I could see that Dog was developing a pup-tent in his pants as his cock swelled.

I knew that the music was about to change into a wilder beat at any moment, so I got up and stopped the music. "Change costumes," I told Laura. As we headed out of the room I looked back at Dog. "You too, big man." He nodded and smiled at me. I dimmed the lights as I went out.

I got Laura changed into a brief little tear-away outfit and let her wait at the door until I started the music again. She strolled out onto the floor like a pro and picked up the beat immediately. She didn?t notice that Dog was naked.

After Laura had danced a few minutes I told her to lap dance for Dog and let him remove the outfit from her body She moved over to him and that?s when she noticed that he was naked and sporting a hard-on. She lost the beat for a moment and her eyes were as big as saucers. She found the beat and once again straddled his legs. She couldn?t take her eyes off of Dogs massive cock.

Dog let her dance for him a few minutes then ripped the top off of her. He tossed it toward me and I caught it. He took both of her breasts in his hands and worked her harden nipples causing her to moan loud enough to be heard over the throbbing beat of the music. Soon he had the bottom off and was using a finger on her pussy. I felt like a fifth wheel but frankly I wanted to stay and see her first black fucking. I didn?t have to wait very long. They both were so hot they were sizzling. Dog pulled her legs toward him until she was over his pulsating cock.

"Help her, Jan," Dog said. I went over and reached between them and grasped his cock. I got it lined up with Laura?s pussy and gently pushed her down onto it. His cock had not penetrated her more than a couple of inches when she started to jerk and twitch. Laura was having her first orgasm in a very long time. Her orgasm was so intense I had a small one in empathy with her. I pushed her shoulders down causing Dog?s cock to penetrated her further. Laura yelled out something incoherent and dropped all the way down on his cock and went into a long series of orgasms. She was crying and moaning and laughing all at the same time. I couldn?t help but remember the first time Dog stuck it to me. I discovered that I was a voyeur. I liked watching them fuck and I did so for about half an hour. When Dog picked her up and took her to the large bed I figured it was time to go and leave them alone. I got Dog?s keys and left but not before I glanced at Dog who had just shoved his black cock in Laura from behind. He winked at me and I smiled at him. My time would come soon enough.


I didn?t see or hear from Laura all weekend. As I had agreed I went to work Monday to finish out the second week. I made an unnecessary trip to the executive floor only to find a temp in at Laura?s desk. I felt a mild concern for her. On Tuesday I had just gotten to my desk when Laura appeared at my door.

"Hi," she said.

"Hi yourself," I answered. Laura was dressed in a killer dress. And she was glowing! "have a nice weekend?"

"The greatest ever," she said coming into my office. "I called in sick yesterday because I didn?t want the weekend to end."

"I gather you and Dog managed to fill in the time all right," I said dryly. "Had quite the reunion, huh?"

Laura took a seat beside my desk and she was blushing furiously. "I couldn?t believe it?still don?t.." she lowered her voice, "I?ve never had sex like that before. Dog wouldn?t quit even if I had wanted him to. He?s a stallion."

"Yeah, that?s Dog all right." I was just a little bit jealous and I knew that was silly. "did you meet any of the gang?"

"Yes, I met Abe and Duck. They brought food and stuff. A few times." She said her voice even lower.

"Is that all?" I inquired. I knew it wasn?t because I knew Dog.

She shook her head, "No I guess not. Sunday night Dog made me have sex with Abe and Duck. He did it again yesterday and last night."

"Made you?" I said.

"When Abe brought our dinner, Dog and I were in bed. Dog went to the door to help him bring the things in so I covered up. Dog had introduced me to him Saturday so he wasn?t exactly a stranger. While Dog got the food out and was putting it on the table Abe came over to the bed and looked at me. He told me to lower the cover but I didn?t. He reached out and jerked it away from me. I tried to cover up but I didn?t have enough hands to cover everything. Dog told me to let Abe look at me. I was embarrassed almost to death. It got worse because Dog came over and pulled me out of the bed and made me walk around nude for Abe to see. I nearly died, Jan."

"So what happened next?" I asked.

"Dog held my arms while Abe played with me. It didn?t take long before I didn?t care what they did to me. Dog put me back on the bed and held my legs open for Abe. You are right about Abe," Laura said with a crooked smile. "He doesn?t have the gentleness or finesse that Dog does."

"Did you like it?" I said.

"Yes I did," Laura said. "Dammit, I like all of it! I liked it when it was just me and Dog. I liked it when Dog held me for Abe to screw. I liked it when I was being fucked by one man and sucking another. I liked it when Duck and Abe screwed me and Dog watched us. I now know what you were talking about. There is a feeling of power isn?t there?"

"Yes there is," I said laughing at her enthusiasm. "Even when you are helpless there is a feeling of power. Did they butt fuck you?"

"Yes and that was a first for me. I wanted Donald to do it to me, but he said it was nasty. None of the guys felt like that this weekend. I didn?t even have to suggest it." Laura said. "I didn?t like it at first when they doubled up on me. That took a while to get used to."

"Welcome to my world," I said, grinning at her. "My world of hard cocks and most of them black. Going to do it again?"

"Oh yes," she said. "I have to have some more of it. In fact I?m taking a weeks vacation next week. Dog wants to take me somewhere for the whole week."

"Yeah, he got a cabin up in the mountains," I told her. "Real nice place. I?ve been there several times." I looked closely at her, "Laura, I don?t mean to pry but what are you doing about birth control?"

"I?m barren," she stated in a flat tone of voice. "That was part of the problem with Donald and I. Birth control isn?t a problem."

"I?m sorry Laura," I said. "Like I said I didn?t mean to pry, but I thought you should know the boys aren?t much for condoms."

"I noticed that," she said her good mood restored. "I hate them anyway so it works out fine. I?ll see you later, Jan. I think I should go and at least act like I?m working."


I had a date Tuesday night with some friend of Dogs. His name was Albert and he was a heavy set black man. He was horny and so was I. He fucked me for nearly an hour and that was good enough to take the edge off of my appetite for a while. On Wednesday night I met with Abe and Jack at our house for some fun and games. I let Jack video tape Abe and I and that seemed to please him. On Thursday night I had another date for Dog.

It was the date that all whores, call girls or Hookers fear. It was a normal threesome for a while but when the two black men got through fucking me they used me for a punching bag for a while. It was a bad scene all the way around. They knocked a tooth loose and split my lip in two places. I had bumps and bruises all over my body.. When I told Dog what happened he was strangely quiet about it. He patted me on the shoulder and said he?d take care of it. Jack wasn?t as calm about it. He demanded that I get out of the business.

"They could have killed you, Jan!" he yelled at me. "It?d dangerous work you have to get out of it."

I told him I?d think about it. Right then I was of a mind to agree with him. On the other hand I had been dating for over a year and it was the first time that anything like that had ever happened. Another thing was, I wanted to move to a larger house in a better neighborhood and we couldn?t do it without my extra income. Not much, I know, but it was all that I had.

Friday I called in sick and lay around all day trying to recover and Laura came by that night to see how I was feeling. She was shocked at the sight of my face.

"What happened?" she said

"Date from hell," I said. "It not as bad as it looks."

"I hope not," she said "because it look real bad. What happened?" I told her the gruesome details. "Wow," she said. "I guess you were lucky at that. It could have been worse."

"That?s what everybody keeps telling me," I said. "I don?t think they meant to hurt me bad. So what?s your plan for the weekend?"

"I was going to see Dog tonight but he called and cancelled out on me. He said something came up and he had to attend to it." she said. "Abe and Duck are busy also."

"Good," I said, "Stick around and you can help me out tonight."

"Sure what do you need me to do?"

"Jack is on his way home and I had promised him some homemade lovin", I told her. "You can fill in for me because I?m too damned sore to wiggle."

"You are not serious!" she said. "I couldn?t do that!"

"Why not?" I said. "I helped you out in your time of need. Now you have the opportunity to help me. Jack is a good fuck and he?s a nice guy so what?s the big deal?"

"Oh my God you are serious," Laura said holding her hand to her mouth. She had turned beet red..

"Yes I?m serious," I assured her. "You?ll do it won?t you?"

"I?I?" she shook her head as if to clear her brain. "Of course I want to help you but?"

"Good then it?s settled," I said cutting off any other objection. "I can take the night off and recover and Jack can get some strange pussy and you?ll enjoy it. Win, win, win."


It was fun to watch Jack and Laura. They both are intelligent, educated and witty. They got along fine with each other. After dinner and a couple bottles of wine, they were really hitting it off.

I left them about nine o?clock and went to bed. The wine and the pain killers were about to knock me out. It was sometime in the wee hours that Laura woke me up with her delightful squealing from the guest room.


I woke up early Saturday morning and felt a lot better. I wasn?t as sore and a lot of the swelling had gone down. I showered and made it to the kitchen and got coffee started. While the coffee brewed I went out to get the paper.

I was just sitting down when Laura stumbled into the kitchen. Naturally she was wearing the same clothing she had on last night and her hair looked like a bird had nested in it.

"Good morning," I said. "How are you doing this morning?"

"Great," Laura said. "You know this should be awkward but it isn?t, is it?"

"No, not at all," I assured her. "Have a good time?"

"Yes I did. Your husband kept me awake until the wee hours of the morning."

"Yeah, I heard you," I said grinning at her. "Coffee is done, help yourself." I glanced at the headlines of the paper and was shocked to see, "Bodies of two men found hanging from the statue by city hall". I quickly scanned the story and then went back and reread it slowly. Two black men, identity unknown, were apparently beaten to death and hung from the statue of General Washington. I turned to the inside where there were photos of the two men. My Thursday night dates without a doubt. Now I knew why Dog and Abe had to cancel out on Laura last night. Apparently they had a pressing engagement to beat some guys to death.

"What?s so interesting in the paper?" Laura asked. I turned the paper over and showed her the headlines. "Oh, that?s terrible," Laura said sipping her coffee, "Crime is getting?oh my God! Is that the two men that beat you?"

"Yes, I think it?s them," I answered. "Apparently it doesn?t pay to fuck around with Dog?s whore. Dammit he didn?t need to go that far."

"What?s got you bent out of shape?" Jack asked coming in the kitchen. I showed him the paper. "Good," he said after reading the story. "Serves the sons of bitches right. Hey, you look better this morning," he said softly kissing me on my sore lips. "Swelling?s mostly gone now and you are down to a couple odd colors. How are you this morning, Laura?"

"I?m wonderful," she said smiling at him. "Jan, I agree with Jack. It does serve them right for beating the crap out of you."

"You don?t get it," I said. "There?s nothing wrong with me that a few days and a handful of pills won?t cure. This is so?final. A good beating would have been enough."

"There may be more to it than what your reading," Jack said. "Why don?t you wait to see what Dog has to say before you go off the deep end. Besides I have a real problem."

"What?" I asked alarmed

"I got a hard-on," he said.

"Oh poor baby," Laura said grasping him through his sweat pants. "You just hang on to it and I?ll come back after while and give you a hand."

"I don?t need a hand," Jack said grinning, "I have two of ?em. I need some pussy."

I had to laugh at that. My Jack had found a new toy. Laura left shortly after that announcement, promising to return after she had cleaned up and changed clothes.

She was back by two o?clock. "Hey guess what I found in your driveway?" she said coming in the front door. Dog was right behind her.

"Man you look like shit," My husband said to Dog. "Rough night?"

"Yeah rough night and a rough morning. Duck is in the hospital," Dog announced.

"What happened?" I asked.

"We located those two pricks that beat you up. We were going to have a heart to heart with them and one of them whipped put a knife and cut Duck real bad. Things went to hell fast after that. I guess you saw the news or read about it in the paper. Abe went berserk and beat both of them to death. Him and Duck are close friends."

"You mean Abe did it all by himself?" I asked.

"No not exactly," Dog said scrubbing his face with his hand, "I helped beat them but Abe finished it off. Didn?t mean to kill the jerk-offs. Just needed to make it know that you shouldn?t mess with my people. You got anything to drink around here?"

Jack went and mixed him a stiff drink and before he had even finished it he was asleep on the couch. I threw a cover over him and we went into the kitchen.

"Jan this is a pretty good argument for getting out of the business," Jack said.

"Not now, Jack," I said. "We?ll talk about it later. Right now I think I?ll take a pill and lay down awhile. You guys go play." Laura and Jack looked at each other and nearly ran upstairs. I took a pain pill and set down on a chair beside the sleeping Dog and tried to read but I couldn?t concentrate. After a while I went upstairs and watched Jack and Laura for a while. It was the first time I ever saw my hubby in action. The man does have some moves. Laura seemed to enjoy his efforts. To amuse myself I got Jack?s digital camera and took some photos of them getting it on. Laura didn?t seem to notice that I was in the room. If she did she didn?t care. Watching them just made me horny, but it didn?t seem right to horn in on their action right then. I was still, sore but not as bad as I had been.

I went back down to the living room and saw that Dog was awake. He had thrown the cover off and was laying there looking at the ceiling. He smiled at me when he saw me come in.

"High sweet tits," he said. "What?s up?"

"Jack and Laura are upstairs fucking, I?m horny and I too damned sore to do anything about it." I said. "If that?s not enough two guys I fucked a few nights ago are dead because of me."

"Now Jan," Dog said sitting up, "You got to get your thinking re-aligned. You didn?t have a thing to do with them two getting dead. It was just bad luck, pure and simple. Mostly their bad luck. Both of them fools knew you were under my protection. They both knew the rules. They chose to ignore that, and they hurt Duck, bad. The only way I can continue to protect you is show everybody that I mean business. Hurt one of my friends and you get hurt. That?s how it is."

"I guess I know that, Dog I said carefully sitting down beside him. "I still feel bad about it. How?s Duck doing?"

"He?ll be fine," Dog said putting his arm around me. "They had to put in about fifty stitches. It was a close call. Them stupid son of a bitches should have known better." He was gently rubbing my shoulders.

"So they asked for what they got," I said, "I?m still horny and I?m still sore."

"Is your cunt sore?" Dog asked.

"No that?s about the only place that isn?t," I said. He got up and knelt down between my legs. He carefully took off my panties. "Oh you sweet, sweet man." I said, "You?re going to eat me, aren?t you?"

"Yes I am," he said. "I?m going to suck your pussy until you scream for mercy. Until you forget all your aches and pains." He did, too.

Dog brought me to two little orgasms and one whooper. Dog is one of those wonderful men who truly like to eat pussy. He loves it and it shows. When I caught by breath I said, "My heart felt thanks."

"Most welcome," dog said getting to his feet, "I think I?ll go up and see if Jack left me any pussy."

"Oh come here," I said "I?ll give you a hand job that will take the edge off. My hand and arm are not sore at all."
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