Soccer Mom Gang Fuck

Written by Dr. Bone / Feb 17, 2005


Soccer Mom Gang Fuck

By Dr.Bone who sez:

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Susan and Cindy were surprised to get an invitation to the Eastberryhill Soccer Club reunion. They had both been "soccer-moms" not only to their own kids but to other kids in need but that was more than twelve years ago. They were touched by being remembered and that they had made a difference in some kids lives that might have been otherwise wasted.

Two weeks later Susan and Cindy were at the party along with other "moms" of the neighborhood leagues. "Hey Mrs. H and Mrs. M over here." The women could not believe their eyes. It was little Kevin of the league, the one they called "Pee Wee" now all grown up. He was in his early twenties and now would be the last person you would call small. He even had out a line of exercise videos. He gave them each a hug. Soon they were joined by Gary G (a successful rap concert promoter), Jim (a who ran a popular downtown club) and Eric (who owned his own gym).

The guys gushed over the ladies telling them how much they had meant to them. They talked for hours and when the party was starting to break up it was Kevin that suggested that they head back to his house for a drink and to talk about old times some more. The women, glowing, did not mind.

In their car they talked about how cute and "hunky" their guys had become. They joked about how Eric and Kevin had had crushes on them, always sneaking peeks at them. Cindy confessed that once, Eric had tried to grab her tits. Susan had wondered why he had been suspended for a game.

At the house they talked some more and looked through the photo album the guys had put together. They had a glass or two of wine. Eric joked that it sure beat the ?bug juice? that they used to have.

Then Cindy said that she had always thought that Kevin had had a crush on her. The guys all confessed to having a crush on the two of them at one time or another. The women blushed. Cindy bought up Eric's "squeeze-play" which made him blush. "I still dream about squeezing those tits." he said adding that they still looked great.

"Really?" said Cindy. Eric sat down next to her. She got a little nervous. "Yeah I think they are great still. You know how many years I thought about squeezing them and sucking them?" Cindy said no, though her nipple were beginning to harden. She was flattered that this young man still wanted her, that she was the centerpiece of his fantasies. He then reached over and said "I have to do this." with that he reached over and grabbed her tits and squeezed them through the blue dress she was wearing. "Eric!" she screamed out startled, trying to get up but falling back onto the couch into his arms.

Eric grabbed her tits again, but this time he also kissed her on the lips. "Man, you are the sexiest woman alive, I've wanted you for so long." He kissed her again. "Eric, this is wrong I'm married."

Meanwhile Susan was being kissed by Gary and Jim. "Susan what are you doing? We have to leave here now!" Susan laughed and said "Why? When was the last time young men, or your own husband paid this much attention to you. Besides, didn't you once tell me you were curious about black men, I won't tell if you won't tell."

That last remark only encouraged the guys even more. Kevin sat behind Cindy and kissed the back of her neck. "Guys!" she yelled out. Eric started to undo the front of her dress. "I want to suck on those big tits." he said. She was outmatched as Kevin unsnapped her bra from behind. "Oh man! They are as beautiful as I imagined them to be." Eric lifted one to his mouth and started to suck on it while Kevin groped her other tit from behind.

The guys with Susan guided her hands down to their cocks. "Yeah that's good boys, team effort!" she said as she rubbed their cocks through their pants. Her blouse was pulled over her head and off followed by her bra showing her nice fat "mommy" boobs. The guys sucked on her tits and kissed her as her hands fumbled with their zippers. With a little help she managed to pull Jim's cock out and said "Goal!" She began to jerk it off. Soon Gary had his cock out and in her other hand. She marveled at how thick and hard they were.

Cindy began to weaken as one of the guys started to rub her pussy through her panties. "Good teamwork guys! Oh yeah!" Eric got up and pulled out his cock as did Kevin, Cindy tried to think of her husband but all her mind could think about were those two big cocks. She got off the coach and the guys helped her off with the rest of her clothes as Susan's two men did the same.

After another drink and after the four men stripped the women were led into the main bedroom with its huge bed. The guys switched around a bit. Gary kissed Cindy on the mouth as she shyly reached down and grabbed his huge cock and began to jerk it off as Kevin grabbed and sucked her tits.

Susan said "Let's see if you boys still have your game." she got down on her knees and began to suck on Eric's and Jim's cocks. "Man I have dreamed about this for years. Oh yeah!" they said as she sucked on their fat black cocks. The guys could not believe what an aggressive cock sucker their former coach was.

Cindy was guided to the bed and Gary got between her legs and began to eat her pussy as Kevin put his cock in her face. ?You are not going to tell anyone are you.? Kevin said ?No coach.? she began to suck on his wand. She felt guilty which only made her feel more horny. ?You won?t tell anyone that I am sucking on your big cock will you?? He gasped no! as she really went to town on his cock. Gary ate her pussy so hard that when she came her ass lifted off the bed.

?Way to go Cindy!? said Susan who jumped in bed next to her. She spread her legs wide. Eric was about to eat her pussy when she said "No! Stick that big black cock in me or I'll bench you." Eric asked her is she wanted him to wear a rubber or bareback, she told him she wanted his cock in her naked. Eric pushed his dick into the soccer mom as he always dreamed of doing. As he fucked her Jim humped her big soft tits.

Cindy got on the bed doggy-style and told one of them to fuck her before she lost her nerve. Kevin got behind her and pushed his cock into her. Her pussy had never been stretched so far, she started to whimper, Kevin asked her if he should stop but she said for him to start fucking her. Gary put his cock in her face and she started to suck on it.

After the guys came in and all over the women they switched off. Gary groaned as Cindy, all inhibitions out the window slammed up and down on his cock as she jerked Eric off all over her tits. Susan was on the floor as Jim and Kevin took turns pile driving their cocks into her.

This went on for several hours ending as the two best friends ate each other's pussies in a lesbian 69. The guys plugged both their pussies and mouths at times cumming all over their stomachs, backs and mouths and in their cunts.

After a shower and some deep good night kisses the two soccer moms got in their car and left, making a vow to come to next year's reunion.
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