Our Trip to Visit Grandma

Written by Southboy / Mar 18, 2005


Our Trip to Visit Grandma

By: Southboy

I had just completed the eight grade in school and was looking forward to entering the High School in Summerton, Georgia the coming fall. Mom decided that we should go and visit her mother in Louisiana for the summer. Dad was working on a special project and would not be able to travel with us. He would join us in a couple weeks after he?d completed the job. Mom was a little upset being as we?d planned the trip months earlier but due to a last minute snafu Dad had to beg out in order to get the job done for his company.

Mom and Dad had been married for 16 years and to all appearances had a solid wonderful and happy marriage. They?d both grown up in deeply religious and moral families. They met while Dad was working on his engineering degree in Atlanta. Both were virgins when they married and neither had ever been unfaithful to the other in all the 16 years of their marriage.

Due to the stress of running his own company and being responsible for millions of dollars in contracts, Dad have neglected Moms? sexual needs for almost 18 months Mom was a very beautiful, extremely curvaceous sexy natural blond who had been lusted after ever since she?d began developing in high school. She?d kept herself pure and while at times letting a boy kiss her she never gave in to her hot nature. To say that Mom was extremely sensual in nature and loved having sex, as long as it was with Dad, would be an understatement.

I remember one time when I had heard noises coming from their bedroom and crept near their door so I could hear better that Dad had called her a nymphomaniac. Mom just laughed and said that she was but only for him. Mom often wore short and halters around the house and being as I was developing into a young man felt attracted physically to Mom but knew that it was wrong to think so. She had a very athletic well toned firm body and at 37 looked and acted much younger than her actual age. Her figure was the envy of many women, with a fantastic 38DD-22-36 super sexy body; she turned heads wherever we went.

The van was all packed and we left early that morning in June after school was out for the summer. Mom had taken a large amount of stuff to show grandmother almost filling the van up completely. We had planned to drive along at a leisurely pace and spend the night in Mississippi before going in to Louisiana the next morning. Mom had worn comfortable clothes consisting of a pair of shorts and a short sleeve polo type slipover shirt that showed off her midsection.

We had gone almost three quarters of the way to the motel we had made reservations at when we had a flat tire. As we pulled off onto the far shoulder Mom was upset even more so because Dad wasn?t with us to fix the tire. Mom got out and went around the back of the van to see about getting the spare tire out. She had just begun to remove some of the stuff she?d crammed into the van when a big truck pulled up in front of us and a very husky young looking black man got out and came up to the van. He walked up and offered to change the tire for Mom. At first she was somewhat reluctant but being as she knew nothing about changing the tire let him help. He yelled up at the truck and two other young husky blacks exited from the cab. They both looked to be in their teens and he introduced them as his nephews who were out from school for the summer and were helping him.

I could see the two young blacks really giving Mom the eye and I couldn?t blame them because she sure looked even sexier in her shorts and tight polo shirt. The older black was also giving her a lusty stare. After they had finished Mom wanted to pay them for their help, but they refused to take any money. They said that they were going up ahead to a truck stop to eat and if she wanted to pay them she could treat them to a mea;. It just happened to be that the motel we were going to stay at was next door to the truck stop.

When we arrived Mom was glad that we had finally make it to the motel without any more set backs. We went over and checked in to the motel before we went over next door to the restaurant where we met the three blacks. It was getting late and after we?d eaten we made our way back to the motel and went into our room. The room had two queen sized beds. There was a doorway between our room and the room next door. At the time we didn?t know that the three young blacks were in the adjoining room. They knew the motel owner and had requested it The whole time they had traveled to the motel after leaving us they had decided that they would like to hold a little ?party? with Mom. They had been able to slip a ?roofie? into her tea and would later enter our room and ?party? with my drugged Mom.

Even though I was very tired I was unable to sleep. When I heard the key being put into the door between the rooms I froze. Even though the drapes were drawn there was still enough light in the room that I could see plainly. The three young blacks entered the room and crept over to the bed in which Mom was lying. They looked over at me and figured I was fast asleep.

The covers were pulled off Mom. She was sleeping in a sleep shirt that came down to her mid thigh and had a pair of panties on under it. I watched as Mom?s panties were deftly removed revealing her golden bush. There was a collective sigh from the three young blacks. They then shoved up her night shirt revealing her full, firm 38DD white tits; again another collective sigh. I heard the older of the three tell the other two that he was going to fuck her first and then they would fuck her.

I noticed that all three were already stripped and were ready for the ?party.? My eyes widened in the semi-darkness when I saw the incredible length and thickness of the three young blacks cocks. The older had the larger but the other two were close behind. I?d remembered seeing Dad?s cock one time as he and Mom fucked and it was no where near the length and thickness of these three young blacks. They were at least twice as thick and long. Dad was about average, 6 inches long and 2 inches thick.

I watched, my eyes slits so as not to be spotted, as the older of the three young blacks spread Mom?s long sexy white legs and scooted up between them. His massive black cock was bobbing, pulsing as he guided it up to the entrance of her married blond 37 year old pussy. He rubbed the huge black tip up and down her slit his pre-cum lubricating it. Then I saw the tip begin to disappear as it forced apart her blond pussy lips and slip up between them. Mom stirred and moaned in her drugged state as the gigantic black cock slid up into her inch by inch. The black man hissed as more and more of his monster black cock disappeared up inside Mom?s married white pussy. He said that she was the tightest he?d ever had. After he was complete inserted into her he paused to let her adjust to his tremendous size. Then he began to fuck her with long white pussy filling strokes.

Mom began to moan as I?d heard her moaning with Dad. She raised her sexy white hips up to meet her black lover as he thrust up into her. She began kissing him and he her in lustful passion. Mom?s kept saying yes, yes over and over as they lustfully fucked there in the motel room. The young black kept hissing and moaning to her, telling her how mush he liked fucking her married white pussy. Mom would just moan and kept calling him ?darlin?? and what a good lover he was. It was at this point that I believe Mom finally realized that it wasn?t Dad who was fucking her so passionately. I heard her ask in breathless passion who he was but she didn?t stop her lustful undulations. Then she was able to see that it was a black who was giving her such pleasure. She said my god a couple times stating the obvious that he was a ?nigger? but then she?d tell him to keep fucking her. She told him that he was so big; that he was reaching places her husband had never reached and that she?d never been fucked so good.

They both stopped talking and began to speed up their paces, grunting as they raced toward an earth shattering climax. He moaned to her that he was going to shoot his nigger cum up inside her married white pussy. She moaned to him that she wanted him to shoot his nigger cum up inside her. With one last powerful inward thrust, burying his massive black cock completely inside her the young nigger spewed forth a torrent of his hot, virile, sticky, nigger cum. Mom gave a loud moan and groan as she felt the hot jets of nigger cum splatter up into her white married womb as her own powerful climax racked her super hot passionate lusty body. He long sexy white legs were wrapped tightly around his flexing black ass pulling him deeper into her, her white arms circling his broad black shoulders crushing him to her full, firm 38DD white tits. Their lips were locked together in a lustful slobbering kiss, their breathing deep and heavy as they steeped in their mutual climax, milking it to the very last drop.

Several minutes later the older young nigger rolled over onto his back, his huge, glistening black cock making a popping sound as it exited Mom?s gapping open swollen blond married pussy. An oozing mass of his hot, virile, thick nigger cum seeped out of her pussy and streamed down between her wide spread sexy white thighs and onto the sheets creating a puddle. Mom lay there, her breathing heavy, her full firm 38DD white tits rising and falling with each deep breath; her nipples were hard and erect. Her blue eyes were open wide, a hot smile on her full red lips as she turned her blond head to look at the young nigger who?d just fucked her so passionately. Mom felt a movement on the bed and turned to see another young nigger crawling up between her still widely spread white legs; his huge black cock throbbing as he guided it up to seat the tip between her puffy spread married blond pussy lips and thrust forward with one long powerful stroke. His was buried up to the hilt, his huge cum filled black balls slapped up against her pubic mound. Immediately he began to thrust back and forth sending his massive black teenage cock up into her sensitive responding white pussy. Mom moaned loudly as her white arms circled his broad black teenage shoulder. Her long sexy white legs wrapped around his thrusting muscular black teenage ass pulling him hard to her as he thrust forward. Again Mom began hotly, passionately kissing the young nigger teenager while moaning and groaning in utter lustful abandon as she undulated wildly beneath his furious teenage onslaught. Their bodies crashed together hard, each lost in the heights of erotic sexual pleasure. The pace was furious. I kept hearing the one who?d just fucked her and the other who was yet to, urging him on to fuck the hot assed white bitch, to fuck her good. The black teenager kept saying yea yea fucks da white bitch? I later heard him say that Mom was his first ever white pussy.

Hotter and faster the fucking between Mom and the young teenage nigger became. Their two bodies were thrashing around on the bed causing it to squeak and thump. Suddenly the young teenage nigger moaned loudly and thrust forward completely burying his massive black cock to the hilt. Mom locked her sexy white legs tightly around his muscular black ass pulling him deeper as the huge black teenage cock inside her married white pussy exploded. A virtual torrent inundated Mom?s already filled white womb causing it to overflow and some of the thick nigger seed was squeezed back out around the huge buried black cock and ran down her inner thigh and onto the already soaked sheets of the bed.

Mom moaned, groaned and hissed in total lust as she felt the heavy load squirting up into her causing her own powerful climax. Her vagina grasped and throbbed around the embedded black monster cock, milking it like a hand. They were kissing deeply, their breathing was deep and labored as their climax continued for several minutes..

The young nigger rolled off Mom, his young teenage cock making a popping sound just like the first one had. Before Mom could move the last of the young niggers was shoving his equally huge black teenage cock up into her white pussy and began fucking her hard. Mom went crazy with lust as she kept begging him to fuck her harder, to take her to the top of the mountain of sexual delights. She kept telling them how much she loved having them fuck her; how she wanted their big black cocks to fuck her all night. Several times they asked her if they were better than Dad and she kept saying that they were and that he?d never be able to satisfy her like they had. She kept saying that she just wanted big, young nigger cock fucking her from now on, that she loved having nigger cocks fucking her married white pussy, filling her with their nigger seed.

After an all night orgy with the three young niggers Mom slept in late the next morning, lying in the wet with nigger cum and her own juices. When she finally got up she smiled at me and I could tell that she knew I?d watched everything. She rushed into the bathroom and took a long soaking bath. She seemed to be the happiest I?d seen her in years. There was a radiant glow about her, her firm 38DD tits seemed to be firmer, her smiling full red lips fuller and her blue eyes sparkled. She told me that she?d hoped that I?d keep to myself what I had seen and that she?d make it up to me later if I would. I told her that I would. True to her word she did make it up to me once we got to grandmothers house. That night after everyone had gone to be she slipped into my room and got in bed with me. While I?m not as big in the cock department, I am bigger than Dad. Mom reached down and grasped my teenage manhood which immediately leaped to life. She whispered that it was much bigger than she thought. With that she positioned herself so her face was right over my throbbing teenage cock. Taking my cock in her mouth she gave me a hot cum producing blow job which she took completely and swallowed. After I?d regained a raging teenage erection she and I fucked not once but several times that night.

When we left to go back home life changed. Mom would spend more time doing volunteer work. I was able to follow her one day and saw her take the van into a black neighborhood. She went to the local teen center where some high school niggers were playing basketball and picked several of the up and then drove out into the country down an old logging road. Within minutes of stopping I saw the van beginning to rock and immediately knew that Mom was getting fucked by the young teenage niggers she?d picked up. I was able to creep up and look without being seen and sure enough Mom was on all fours totally naked. There was one young teenage nigger lying on his back and Mom was straddled him, his huge black teenage cock slicing in and out of her blond married white pussy. Another was behind her, his huge black teenage cock thrust in and out of her ass and a third was kneeing at her head and was fucking his huge black teenage cock into her hotly sucking mouth and down her throat. There were a total of six young teenage niggers with her and all six fucked her some twice or got a blow job the second time. This went on at least two or three times a week. Mom even left the area and would drive to a couple towns close by to get some fresh black cock. Dad was never the wiser. I continued to get my hush services from Mom and later some of her married friends.

Mom was even able to recruit some of her married white friends into the black cock lifestyle.
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